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  1. Guns or security guards in churches

    If it your understanding, then have it your way. My thoughts, were if you have a whole nation with weapons, then it would be chaotic , that is what the term i used it in was meant to be.
  2. Guns or security guards in churches

    What are you suggesting. I am anti-American. No, i am not. The guy said even armed guards at the churches were being killed there.
  3. Guns or security guards in churches

    Folks. Just had a thought about this by myself and have come to realize this. Yes, a man should protect his family members and household by the means he chooses, be it guns, knives ect., as the world we live in is becoming a battleground of sorts. I myself can't stand the carnage guns bring with the bloodshed and all. I still believe in supernatural protection, but a believer would have to make provision for his protection if he thinks that threats are real to him and if he thinks it may save lives. This struck me as old school mentions the Christians being killed in those African countries as it is more pervasive there. May God help and protect us in the pathways we travel and our daily lives is my prayer.
  4. Guns or security guards in churches

    My convictions belong to me and I know where it stands. You can make all the suggestions and analysis, that is yours. Good night.
  5. Guns or security guards in churches

    I understand that. Thank you. It is everyone choice on how he does that.
  6. Guns or security guards in churches

    You asked the questions like you are interrogating me. So I gave the appropriate answers. It has nothing to do with being evasive. I am not playing any games. I have been through terrible things that all the guns in the world would be of no use. I have come to a realization, that it is the Lord that leads and protects in his own personal ways. Everyman has to take the steps that he thinks would see him through this life as it is real and yes full of robbers and thives. I am full aware of that. If a man thinks a weapon would help him in his living here, then by all means he should have them. Hope this answers you question.
  7. Guns or security guards in churches

    If it is ok with you. I give you a scripture verse what i believe. Matthew 10:28 King James Version (KJV) 28 And fear not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able to destroy both soul and body in hell.
  8. Guns or security guards in churches

    Everyone has his principles that he lives by. He makes his decisions.
  9. Guns or security guards in churches

    That is a hypothetical question, i do not dwell on that .
  10. Guns or security guards in churches

    I Lock my doors at night, try to walk in the pathways that are lighted and look my car door.
  11. Guns or security guards in churches

    Draw you own conclusion.
  12. Guns or security guards in churches

    As a believer, i don't need to carry a weapon.
  13. Temptation

    I have looked into that and that has been ruled out as far as my parents go, beyond that i don't know. There are a lot more going on here in this world that many, even believers know. It is not just me, but i can see it also incorporated the society as a whole. People don't want to talk about these things, but i know or should say believes others are affected by this and it is not necessarily a oppression, but could also be a battle that the Lord has allowed to come my way. One of the reasons, i don't have trust in weapons ect, as i have been in battles that weapons would be of no use, though it is spiritual, it also translate in the the tangible world in the actions to.
  14. Guns or security guards in churches

    Why you ask. I was replying to Hazard quote of scripture which is a parable really and he took it literally.
  15. Guns or security guards in churches

    What does these scripture verses really mean Hazard ?. What does this Scripture really mean? Luke 22:36, "Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one." Let's try again Hazard. Luke 11:21-22 does not mean Luke 22:36