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  1. Revelation 17 gives a description of Mystery Babylon the great with her goldern cup and who the kings of the earth committed fornication and the inhabitants of the earth got drunk of the wine of her fornication. When did she appear in history and is she doing the above today. Well, i think it is obvious she is in the world today as she would be destroyed in the end time scenario. But how are the kings committing fornication and how are the inhabitants getting drunk with the wine of her fornication. Is is spiritual seduction, lust for worldly goods and treasures or others. what are your thoughts and some examples.
  2. Sounds like good fun Oo. About the only social media i use is "whatsapp", and off course email.
  3. Twitter. what is twitter ?.
  4. I will be brief with this statement . In my Christian walk, i have encountered spiritual things that would make the best caviar seem tasteless. I have encountered these spirits not by dabbling in any type of meditation, any practices and such. It still goes on and they are seducing spirits vying for the soul in deceitful ways. I will not go into explanation here about these things, but just to say the spirit world is full of entities that can play with your senses and body too. Doubt me, then so be it, i am writing with the Lord taking note of what is said here, i have to give an account for my statement in due time. I say this not to discredit your experience and acceptance of the gift as you so outline, but as a caution to letting entrance of anything that is not from God. I stand by my statement by saying, if the Lord wants you to have a gift, he will certainly make it clear that it is his to you. There are many counterfeits and the believer must beware of where he thread. There are things that i have experienced that just boggles the mind and sometime i wonder, how could these things be and exist, but it does . I ---- stop here.
  5. Ok, i read that in a American Orthodox site. So then, they do not actually speak in tongues, but believe it has not ceased. So they are one of the earliest churches and till today they don't actually speak in tongues. Just want to be firm on this as a fact. Good to know.
  6. Then i must say that you have not been to a real pentecostal church, because that is not the way it is manifested there. Sometimes the pastor would be preaching and would let out a few non-english words and it this could lead to others starting to speaking in tongues ect. No interpretation is given and the session can end and the pastor continue with the service. At the culmination of a pentecostal service it is usually heightened with energetic praise and worship and the eruption of tongues for those who speak would take place. The laying on of hands and the slaying of the spirit accompany this. This i found to be real spiritual forces, but is it genuine or false spirits. All this can't be happening in one segment of the church while other churches are rather passive and it is service as usual and then home. Edit. I should clarify my statement as i understand also there are many types of pentecostal church that has different beliefs in the tongue speaking and other items of beliefs.
  7. Just a side question sir. Do the EO believe in the speaking of tongues and have you ever heard of any that attends doing so. Does it occur in the service meetings ?. thanks.
  8. Fornication is a serious matter as outlined below. But there is also spiritual fornication, that is not a physical interaction, but of the spiritual world that is real real real. 1 Corinthians 6 King James Version (KJV) 9 Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind, 10 Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.
  9. Well there are millions of Fundamental Baptist and if the gift of tongues are being distributed or given by God, would it not be in masses and across every true Bible believers no matter the denomination. But this is not evident. A few cases like you mentions might be the case, but it is not something i have heard taking place in great numbers. Well God do as he pleases and he chooses who would receive his gifts. I just find the speaking of tongues to be absent in many of the segmented places of worship and sought an explanation. Everyone who demonstrate the gift of tongues has to be truthful about their experiences . From my experience, satan can do things supernaturally . Those who have actually engage with spiritual warfare would attest to that.
  10. While you statement above sounds reasonable, it is nevertheless still questionable. You are right, denominations is not Christianity, but we know and cannot pretend to bypass the fact that in some denominations, the so called speaking in tongues is not evident and you cannot suppress a gift that is given by God. According to my understanding and to Acts, the spirit falls upon that person and they speak the language and it is an automatic experience. My point was and if one put some thought into what i am portraying and also being realistic of the facts that some denomination does not have that evidence in their service and meetings shows a divide in this area of worship and the gift of tongues. It is an issue that has always intrigued me and thus my question. Most Baptist are loyal in their following and way of worship and to say many may or have left to go to churches where they can practice their gifts is questionable. You are right, the Lord knows no denominations, but his children, therefore his gifts would be given across the board to every segmented parts of his people. Therefore my question as to the divide in this area. As you know, the Pentecostal and Charismatic way of worship is quite different from, let's say a baptist service. The pentecostals use music and the tempo of [if i may use this term] invoking this spirit or as some would say inviting this spirit to come and fill the place. I have been in too much spiritual warfare situations and knows how satan and his minions tries to decieve, even the christian into his camp. while i can talk about those things, i choose not to do so on a forum. Who has the so called gift of tongues, then use it wisely, but as for me i have not received any of that and the gift of the Holy Spirit has been sufficient in my walk.
  11. The body of Christ is not buildings and membership.
  12. So then, you must go down to your local police station and ask that police offices pair up in equal sexes. After all this is their work place. How do you see offices who do their jobs with male, female partners ?. Look, i think most people who want to live a family life, would try to avoid the pitfalls that can come with careless attitude or a mindless one as of dealing with the opposite sex in the workplace. But, it can hinder your job performance also and be seen as a conflict in productivity in the non-Christian circle. You as a believer, must be as a candle on the lamp stand that shines and radiates. The would be perpetrators would know this is a serious individual and their attempts would be futile. You are a believer and pray to have a happy home and marriage ect, why have phobias about others who have no right to interfere in your life.
  13. Thanks for your acknowledgement of my observation. As others have said, since English is not your native language, then we have to be a bit more patient and ask for clarification if we don't quite understand the message or segments of it. I appreciate your patience with me and others here.
  14. Well all this is cleared up now and glad to see everyone in harmony . Sorry on my part for not portraying your question correctly . On the other hand it could have been an earthly figure the way the OP wrote it. That's under the bridge now and we can get back to ,Ah yes that word SIN and how to deal with it.
  15. When i first read this post, the title of the post got me to pause a bit and my replies were mainly to address the title. However the contents of the post are a bit sketchy or obscure and my first intent was to ask, if the OP was having an audible dialogue with God. I interpreted the post as Father meaning God and not an earthly spiritual leader or someone of that kind, or at lease i hope not. A post like this is bound to raise questions about the meaning or further explanation of what encounter the OP had and to be specific about the Father spoken about. Why not just mention God the Father to clear up misconceptions, rather than leaving the reader to wonder off thinking ?????. Be realistic, as we know also Catholics also call their priest that name. So the main question which Yown i think was getting at, is who is the Father the OP is referring to. YOWN , was correct in asking for clarification of whom the OP was speaking of really, though i would have phrased it slightly different to avoid any unwanted rebukes.