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  1. Just woke up and read this and I can relate to most of what you asked and said. I recently created a post titled " I ofter read of "God told me".". I have read and heard of many people who said right here of God telling them to do something and I was just wanted to know the method that God "spoke" to them. The answers were varied and and mixed. Probably later on I would say some more about your questions. I often pondered on the situation of David and the numbering of the people and as you said it had great consequences. I have had many battles in the spiritual realm that confirms what the bible speaks of in terms of evil and the wiles of the devil. Like you, I sometimes struggles with the lack of a personal intimacy with God, but my spirit would not let go of God as it sees the bible as the truth of our lives, even though we struggle with the parts that we cannot come to terms with or understand fully, even though others say they have. The question though is one of "doubt". It is one of the most powerful weapons the enemy uses to draw the believer away from the truth and back into the worldly kingdom with all the glitters and things that is placed seductively before us. A believer has to come to grips with the term " suffering". It is a part of the christian life and each would have his own to bear. Though Christ paid for it all, we are to endure hardship as a good soldier and not let the devil throw us of the pathway in our journey, which in the flesh is for a very short time. Things hope for, evidence not seen .....
  2. warrior12

    They don't know

    Daniel choose to be in the den with lions and face the consequences. He choose to trust in his God and even if it meant the loss of his life. Yes, when in the valley, the mountain top seems so far away, but one thought that the believer has to keep in his mind tucked away, is God is in control and nothing is too hard for him. It is through the trials that the believer faith is built stronger and he can encourage others in their time of difficulty as you have been through the battles. Stand strong sister, the devil comes to steal and weaken your faith, but we know he is a liar and the God is mighty to uphold his own. You have to remember to, that you are not alone in your struggles as many can give testimonies to that . The devil would surely like you to come back and drink from his golden cup, but you have to resist him and persevere in your walk. Don't give in to his tactics as I can surely testify the battles are wearisome, but he who endures to the end wears the crown of life. Matt 24:13
  3. warrior12

    Once Saved Always Saved Is It Scriptural

    Romans 6 King James Version (KJV) 3 Know ye not, that so many of us as were baptized into Jesus Christ were baptized into his death? Can the above be reversed. Think about it. The new birth is unique in that a door was opened and as you stepped in and witness what's inside, you simply cannot turn back, as the truth is now embedded in your very soul. The truth of the word becomes your reality and the evil that exist also reality. The fear of the Lord is now with you and so the journey begins. Yeh, satan would pull all his wits to deter you, but the Christian preservers through it all, determine to fight the good fight of faith till the end as teacher Paul expounds. Here Romans 8 King James Version (KJV) 38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, 39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
  4. warrior12

    I am getting dumber

    The whole thing is about doubt. The devil wants you to doubt the word of God as if is true especially when you see myriads of Christians seemingly happy and living fruitful lives and well, us, you, are in these lonely situation. The Lord will allow trials in your life to build you up and to show you truths so as to strengthen your faith. You have to persevere no matter what and know that your God is mighty in all that he have done and said he will do, even though you don't see the end of the tunnel. You have to let the devil know that your soul belong to the Lord and you are not going back to the old man. You also have to take care of your body and use a lot of natural foods to nourish and build up your immune system. Stay away from the junk food as much as possible.
  5. The thing is really, when one wakes up in the morning, what does he offers up as to prayer to his maker. I hope it is not words in vain and then depending on his own strength to do the rest. Do we really believe that God can protect and keep us in situations, or that we have to be proactive as the saying goes and have our weapons of war ready in case. Gideon did not know that there were thousands that were with him in battle, cause he could not see them, but they are there. Hypothetical situations like the one by the OP is in my opinion not for the believer to dwell on, as he would be leaning on his own strength. The Lord is mighty and a tower to the Daniels in the Lions den. His hand is not to short. Those who trust in his shall not want and when the terrors of the night come rushing in, he is their shield,strength and buckler ,for those who believe in him. There is your answer. No one knows the day of tragedy and though we can take humanistic measures to avoid some situations and like the wise man build his house upon the rock. But can we be like the Stephen and willing to be stoned for telling the truth. The real question is, what about the enemy that you cannot see and who comes to war against you, what do you do in those situations, and what are your weapons of choice.
  6. warrior12

    I am getting dumber

    Brother, your topic quote is what the devil likes to rejoice in. You have to stand strong in faith no matter what and know that you are a redeemed son of God, through Christ Jesus. The devil wants you to give in and go back to the way of the world. The battle is for the mind and you have to be strong in the Lord and the power of his might Ephesians 6:10. I have been in many many spiritual battles and it still goes on. It is something I would not go into detail on a forum, but yes, there are terrible things that goes on in the spiritual realm that many do not want to talk about as others cannot relate to them. I have been through situations where I went to the physican to do the test ect. to rule out medical conditions and were prescribed powerful drugs which I did not take because I knew it was spiritual in nature. It was a situation that the medical world has no help for, so they provide band aids that make things worst in the long run. I even had situation where I though I was going to die and I refused to take the drugs. Today I am standing and writing as I can feel your pain. I am not contemplating you don't take your medication, as I am not a medical doctor to advise you. What I am saying though, that the devil can do things even to believers that can be trying and very demanding on our bodies and mental state. I can understand that people would not accept this or those who knows about it would not want to write about it, but I have to be a witness and testify about what I have encountered in this very life that we live. I have had choking things to my lungs for about a year, went to the doctor and given a puffer. I did not use it as it would have to been used for life. It went away by itself although I did use some home made remedies which I am not sure cured it. I believed or know it was satan affliction to test my faith. There is a lot lot more to this than I can write here. I am saying, there are tremendous spiritual battles taking place and we may not know why God has given some to bear more than others. The main thing that has to be understood is that we have to stand firm in the word of God as the devil comes to play with our minds . He is not greater than the Lord and though we may not see our immediate condition improve, we have or must persevere. You have to keep renewing your mind and your position in Christ as a born again believer and know we are here temporal. Paul, a powerhouse servant of God went through many battles and served the Lord through it all, we have to be reassured that our affliction is for a little while and that God has promised us that he will never leave us nor forsake us. Stand strong brother and press on. The devil can and will use fear to intimidate us and it is through the battles when you stand firm, you get stronger, even though it seems wearisome. Here is a reply that I gave a while back where I said I though I was going to die, no kidding. Posted March 25, 2018 True believers would not take the mark as spirit of truth would be written on their foreheads. In the past couple of months, i have faced some spiritual battles that almost lead to death. Even as three weeks ago i thought i would not make it to see another day. If i could only describe the situations it would sound absurd, but nevertheless it is the truth. The devil can indeed put us through severe trials to get us to denounce our faith and go back to the old man, but i kept the faith and persevered. I was drawn out and so week that i had to take days off from work as i simply could not function. ´╗┐ In the past i have had many similar situations, but this time it was like indeed bow to our system or die. The days are certainly getting grimmer as government controls and the task of living gets more complicated with rules and regulations being implemented. The 5G wireless network implementation and the "internet of things" soon to be installed throughout the USA, would be a game changer indeed, as i understand that citizens would not have a choice as to these networks being installed in their neighborhoods. Some IT gurus are claiming that these wi-fi signals would do much harm to the human body. The speed though and the many uses would certainly be embraced by the most people and it's your call as if this would be a benefit or part of the mark of the beast system. What say you ?.
  7. The question itself is one that should not be entertained by believers in a forum like this as it plays into the hands of the enemy and can cause persuasion for or against. We trust God and petition him to guide and protect us from the many daily things that we do like driving our cars and keeping us safe ect. It is on the believer who reads the scripture and sees what it teaches us about our life journey here and how we are to live it to interpret that question that may pop into our minds. From country to country, there are many different situations that exist that may warrant a plan for the security and protection of a home and family. Some live in gated communities that makes them feel safe and secure . It is the world today. How then, that same believer who lives in that gated community is called to do missionary work in difficult places and would he be prepared to kill also to defend himself. The believer must come to truly understand that our battles is not with flesh and blood. If a situation arises, it is there and then decisions would be made as some don't have the courage to kill. Only at the occurrence of the situation would actions be taken. Many make and take precautions to safeguard their home and families and it is a natural thing to do. How far does one go is how he see the gospel and how to live his life here on earth . It is a matter of choice for every believer on whom they put their trust in for ALL matters of life. There is much talk of the Holy Spirit in the believers life. What is his role, is it not to teach and guide us and to help us in our time of fear. The devil would fire many of his darts, but it is the full armor of God we are to depend on. God sanctions governments and that constitutes armies. So those who are serving in an army is not killing on a willful nature, but under lawful command. The believer has to determine if he should serve in the army or not as to his spiritual conviction.
  8. warrior12

    The merchants of the earth

    If we look at current trade and world trade for that matter and how each country govern their trade by laws, we can see some isolation as in the current trade wars . Some time in the future those situation may not exist as if businesses and even country wants to survive and eat, then they would have to become part of a truly global or one world trading system and maybe governance. The term "Left Behind", would apply to those who think they can go it alone and thus starve. The Babylon system must be understood in spiritual tones too, as it exists just as the physical. The merchants became rich and by what "sorcery and witchcraft ". This has already begun to take shape . So, in the the end times, ALL who want to be part of the buying and selling would have to fornicate with the harlot to profit. You may then ask, if that would include christian merchants ?. I think at that time the world would be under the beast system and christian's would be forced out of the trade system as they would have to compromise if they want to participate. To understand how the merchants became rich by sorcery and witchcraft is key to understanding end time situations and it has a name "spiritual warfare". Who are engaged or are allowed into this arena will have the insights of how the merchants profited. If you look at the progression of AI [artificial intelligence ], you would see how many companies are being force to integrate by using robots that are being created to do just about everything. Small businesses and those who don't have the resources to purchase and incorporate these machines would wither away. It is happening before our very eyes.
  9. warrior12

    Who is the Whore of babylon

    Right in your assessment . This particular topic or thread would lead to a very wide spectrum of thoughts as it can be spread to many geography,religions, people, kingdoms ect. Many seem to have their version of interpretation as pat down and even a dogmatic view. When dogmatism is argued between many, then your analysis becomes so true. You have to persevere though, as it keep the saints engaged within the body. If apologies and pardons are issued where they are warranted, then the threads are just the threshing floor.
  10. warrior12

    Death, Hell, and the Lake of Fire.

    Revisit Luke 16:19 . The rich man and Lazarus episode. What did the rich man request from Abraham . The answer should be enough to answer your concerns.
  11. warrior12

    Merry Christmas to all at Worthy

    Yes indeed. A Merry Christmas to all.
  12. warrior12

    I Often read of "God Told Me"

    Thank you eileenhat for your reply and explanation. As I wrote in the OP post, many on utube have said that God told them about things that are going to happen and just wanted to get a feedback as in what manner, specifically if it was verbally. As others have mentioned and said that God speaks to us in many ways, like through the word, through people, sermons ect, I can have some relations with those. Revelations like those you have mentioned in the form of vision I personally have not experienced to that level. I don't know about Mark Taylor and I have heard you speak of him before on Worthy. I looked at a few of his videos . I do believe God can use men today for his purposes and in supernatural ways and we may never know those situations. Yes, I agree God is not static, but a living God who is in control through all this chaotic world affairs. I can tell you as a testimony, I have and is going through many demanding trials that are from the evil one and I pray and petition God to favor me as they seem endless. God bless and have a wonderful and blessed Christmas day.
  13. warrior12

    Not falling away...

    Every believer may have trials and situations that may be a bit unique to his spiritual journey. I think the very first thing after you have given your life to Christ is the read the bible from beginning to the end and have a basic understanding of what is Gods plan for a believers life, of course this goes together with prayer and petition to God for his divine wisdom as you go along. As we see the characters in the bible and the task some were given, like Paul, Jeremiah, Moses and others, you begin to see that the Lord can use anyone for his purpose and thus you have to be prepared for this, even in difficult circumstances. Faith must be the pillar on which you stand on all your endeavors as you would soon realize that the christian life is one of warfare with a world that is hostile to believers. There are much scripture to back that up, see the book of Ephesians. You may also find that your life as a believer may be quite different from another brother in Christ, in that, his might look to be all blissful, while yours with task that does not fit the christian model. You have to come to your conclusion that the life of a believer is to serve and obey the word as a life long journey till we are called home, even when the going gets though. Finally, you must realize there is a foe that does not want you to serve your God and he may come to set pitfalls at times and situations so that your faith would be tested. You have to stand strong in the Lord and the power of his might and put on the full armor of God in the battles that would ensue. Amen.
  14. warrior12

    I Often read of "God Told Me"

    I quite understand how God speaks to us as you have described it in your reply. The one sentence though that I ask you to clarify is the one I pasted in this reply here above. Was it a voice that you clearly heard, like if your dad was speaking to you for example. I mean real person to person. The contents does not matter at this point, but just to verify that you distinctively heard a voice that you confirm is from God and no one else.
  15. warrior12

    I Often read of "God Told Me"

    From another thread , this is a reply I got. I did not question it at the time and the thought stayed with me and then thought I would ask the question. As I said before it is not to question one's authenticity, but if indeed God "acutally " spoke in a manner that can be heard as someone speaking to you person to person. This is from another thread. I did not want to go this route ,but let readers express themselves. But below is just an example and again, not taking away anything form that poster, but seeking to get see in what manner it was told. Good day folks. "Amen, because God Himself told me also to write a book´╗┐,"