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  1. Injuries in lower abdomen (tears) Please pray that these are not serious and won't require surgery. I have scars all on my body. Mainly my arms(keloids), deep cuts/scars on my arms legs and other places. I used to self-injure. I no longer do, however, I would like it if God could heal these scars miraculously. I sense something is amiss with my spirit self. As in, my spirit body. Please pray that God's glory will rain down on me and fix it and make me WHOLE. (amen!) Please believe with me, through faith, that all of these requests will be known to God and that he will answer them, receive them, and heal me(mind, body and spirit). Thank you all very much.
  2. Welcome. I hope that you find support here.
  3. Welcome. I hope you make some friends here
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