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    Blessings and healing flow from the LORD to me, and I worship Him for His goodness. (Exodus 23:25.)
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    My righteousness comes from Yeshua; and I am blessed with the Lord’s favor, which surrounds me like a shield. (Psalm 5:12.)

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  1. Justin Adams

    Marriage After Infidelity

    I agree with Sister. Steer clear from the psyche self-help deep pit. If you find counsel, make sure its foundations are not Jung or Freud and the like (both Gnostic Occultists). As Christians, anything and everything may be forgiven and put behind you. However, it is hard for us humans to 'change'. Only the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) can effect lasting change, and even then the adversary will often come back and oppose us and bring to remembrance things that God has forgotten. Just beware of 'quick-fixes'. And find some believers that are not Cessationists and that will pray with and for you.
  2. Justin Adams

    Hello From Australia

    G'day and welcome!
  3. Justin Adams

    Feeling down

    It is horrible to be in this place. As someone suggested - if you can drag yourself in to doing something for somebody, then try that approach. It is also when we are at our lowest that the enemy of our souls comes to pay us a visit. You can give that adversary a black eye by saying what Job said: "Though He kill me; yet will I bless Him." Hang in there!
  4. Justin Adams

    Newbie to the forum...

  5. Justin Adams

    Need advice

    Welcome. "... and I will be found of you if you seek Me with all your heart." Jeremiah 29:13 (ASV) And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.
  6. Justin Adams

    New to the group...hello!

  7. Justin Adams

    Shy Stay-at-Home Mommy

  8. Justin Adams

    possibly scary censorship?

    Thanks for the input bro. The 'why' has been stated by certain members. But it does not really matter, it is just a sign leading us towards the end of all things. They know who they are. They are still smarting from their known error and will lash out and close threads with impunity. "Erase the messenger" seems to be their main thrust. You probably know who they are Steve_S. Peace.
  9. Justin Adams

    Suppression is real!!!

    God has not changed, but brazen mankind is hardening his heart daily. Psycho-heresy is the tip of a very wicked iceberg that attempts to 'fix' everything while excluding the Lord High God of The Universe. Like its Humanist and Gnostic roots, it is the antithesis to our Lord and therefore will fail at every attempt to become a salve. Instead, 'it heals my people slightly' and in its thrashing failures, points to more needed funding and more ungodly 'training'. End result? Nobody is responsible, everyone is to blame [NOT] and all is the fault of something or somebody else. Just pick your scapegoat. Men, Father, Husband, God, the Government, childhood abuse. Just name it and claim it as your 'cause'. BUT NEVER FIX IT. (we need the business) Only the Lord can fix it. End of story! There are no absolutes any more. They are despised. You have to be 'fluid' in your appreciation of what is RIGHT. Otherwise you ostracize and marginalize others. We now have a wishy-washy people of uncertain mind trying to pin the tail on a donkey they cannot see and that does not really exist. We have a nation of split-minded and fragmented personalities that call evil good and good evil and depending on the flavor of the week, might even embrace either depending on how many 'likes' they get on their media site. Spiritually dead. Is very, very sad. And Ha-Satan, the messenger of all that is evil and full of pride mocks us in our fallen and failing state. But The Lord High God still calls to us to continue the fight regardless of what we can see or feel. He is the unfailing Umpire of this human predicament and is NEVER confounded by His Creation. Just like Job, we must persevere even when we cannot see the reasons or causes. We just trust.
  10. Justin Adams

    possibly scary censorship?

    ... another thread just bit the dust and disappeared. I have often wondered if someone might have read it and benefited from it. But is is deleted, so it is no more. I wonder why? It seems that playing god is to be expected, but not enjoyed. Not allowing people to read other's opinions and suggestions seem to be bordering on a very dangerous downhill path. A path that those that propose 'freedom' seems to demonstrate just the opposite. What you do not know can hurt you.
  11. Justin Adams

    possibly scary censorship?

    Mainstream media is seen as a joke by many people. The media themselves seem to be the only ones that believe the stuff they report. What is the saddest? The information that is quashed before anyone can see it!! You cannot know what you do not know...
  12. Justin Adams

    Revelation and the Study of Woe

    Suggestions: 1) the 70th week is long ago done and dusted 2) there is no pre-trib as per the 15th century Jesuit and later Darby and Scofield 3) The Revelations are NOT supposed to be taken in a linear fashion 4) Yahweh does NOT require another temple. Yeshua said WE are the temple... 5) Matthew 24 gives us all we really need - why complicate it all with complex 'wisdom'? 6) there is no 7-year anything... 7) the BEAST is a system... not necessarily a 'person' 😎 HaSatan laughs at the prophesy racks of your local 'Christian' bookstore... (as the takings are banked) P.s. Run from anyone that says they have it all figured out.
  13. Justin Adams

    The Coming Alien Slave Trade

    Ya can lead a moose to water - but ya cant make him see. Yahweh has given us all the info we need if we care to study it and search it out. Any secret stuff our governments use comprises knowledge that we pretend we don't see. The so-called ancient aliens is just a smoke screen for diabolical designs that are being wrought on us even as I type this. The ancient ones and some of their progeny that are not human are for the time being immortals and are working marvels in the heavens. We should expect a whole bunch of smoke and mirrors - and 'technology' that we find hard to accept. Imagine every alien movie you have ever watched mixed with every horror movie you ever watched and add every zombie movie that made you feel really uncomfortable - imagine all that and the smells of burning flesh and putrefaction along with the screams... and MULTIPLY it 100 fold... then perhaps you are beginning to feel and understand the future that Ha-Satan and the fallen angelic hosts have in store for us and WHY the Lord High God has to burn it all in His Purifying Fires. In Psalm 82, the Lord High God declares their fate (after deceiving the nations for so long) God Presides in the Divine Assembly …6 I have said, “You are gods; you are all sons of the Most High. 7 But like mortals you will die, and like rulers you will fall.” 8 Rise up, O God, judge the earth, for all the nations are Your inheritance.…
  14. Justin Adams

    The Coming Alien Slave Trade

    The Watchers had off-springs that generally are just nephilim. However, one might suspect that they also had a kind of throwback of watcher procreation that was somehow more than just a huge intelligent beastie that we think of when we consider giants. That they would die and become wandering spirits (demons) is quite well documented, but... well think on this a bit. Are we sure all the Watchers came across as 'male'. If they were so wicked and perverted mankind, could not some have transformed themselves as female and had other off-springs - maybe creating a generation of Watcher Type off-springs that would have more of the attributes of their 'mothers'? To consider that there might have been a second generation of this type might indeed mean that these beings would have been taught the arts very thoroughly and been intent on perverting human DNA for even more generations. Even after the flood that they would have known about for sure. To keep the progeny going, they would have had probably more expertise than we would today on just how to do this. Some even surviving en-vitreo during the flood. Just a thought.
  15. In the scriptures it says someplace, bad company corrupts good people. It is rare that the converse happens. So take care!! Choose you company wisely.