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    Blessings and healing flow from the LORD to me, and I worship Him for His goodness. (Exodus 23:25.)
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    My righteousness comes from Yeshua; and I am blessed with the Lord’s favor, which surrounds me like a shield. (Psalm 5:12.)

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  1. In Job: New American Standard Bible "For there is hope for a tree, When it is cut down, that it will sprout again, And its shoots will not fail." and we are far more precious than a mere tree. That we may have been cut down, failed, abused, abandoned, whatever. We can still grow new tender shoots that have not been subject to old happenings. It is OK to try and understand the past, and the way you got where you are. However, in God's economy "new every morning is the day; our waking and uprising prove..." The tree story is one of hope, for that is the PRESENT that we should focus on. Let tomorrow take care of itself, and yesterday - horrific yes - is gone forever. So listen to your fellows; understand them if possible; and then urge them to overcome by the BLOOD of the LAMB. For in Him we live and breathe and have our life and our being. Cast your cares on the Lord and bare one another's burdens (even if you do not understand them fully).
  2. You are on a sticky wicket. I am glad you came here for ideas and prayer. Your situation is VERY common. It happens all the time and many cannot admit that events or even thoughts along these lines might daily dog us on this earth at this time. The adversary loves to twist our emotions and our need for love and its expressions. So long as you have been brought by the Lord to 'a place of repentance' then there is little else you should do. Do not make a sad situation worse by involving any but the MOST trusted friends into your confidence. Is adultery any worse than gossip? Any worse that stealing? Any worse than false witness or a false measure? Take a look at the list of things God hates and realize that your actions are just another playing-field for ha-Satan to have a field-day with. Once you are forgiven and have forgiven yourself, then move on in the 'righteousness of God in Christ'. And do NOT do it again thinking 'I am in love'. 'The heart of man (and woman) is desperately wicked'. It cannot be understood EXCEPT by the Lord. Peace to you!!
  3. Dreams can often be smoke and mirrors from the adversary, or from our own memories trying to make sense of it all. Firstly, do not worry about the re-plays in the mind. In time they will become passe. If there is any substance to them, do not overlook the possibility that the Lord is allowing them so that He can bring you to 'a place of repentance'. Secondly, the only job ever posted on the Lord's wanted ad is; SERVANT NEEDED. So thirdly, attempt to be a servant and in serving the Lord will watch over you even more and might even alleviate your suffering. Fourthly, and last. You are on a road that most of us are on or will be on sooner or later. Just remember that He will be with you in the Valley of the Shadow. It will not vanish, but it will become an interesting (if not scary) journey for Him to show you His Faithfulness. Waiting upon the Lord means SERVING the Lord.
  4. On a personal note, I have felt that the 'toxic' people often will label you thus without much thought. I do not like labels and have been the recipient of many. People do have certain tendencies and that is sometimes hard to deal with, but we must not dismiss anyone made in God's Image out of hand. Unfortunately, this set of labels has been loosely used as a panacea for all that are to some extent considered outcasts, untouchables and evil. I realize all have sinned and fallen short... etc and ANY righteousness is 'as filthy rags'. Thus, my message to anyone that has been labelled 'toxic' is to take note; take stock and remember labels are for soup cans. God does not do this but considers us all worth dying for. We are ALL of inestimable value to Him.
  5. Privately, I recall L.Ron saying he started that 'church' on a whim... as a bit of a jest.
  6. Welcome. Quit while you are ahead. Bad company corrupts good people... nearly always. Do NOT think that you are the exception to that Biblical Rule.
  7. The spirits of this world will try any which way to get their hooks into you. It is a good idea to renounce them for what they are and embrace the Wisdom of God only.
  8. I cannot emphasize enough that shrinkism and its accompanying state support (state is an incorporated and godless institution) is largely false and to be viewed with extreme suspicion. This so-called science has so permeated our society that the largely impotent church has included shrink departments and has embraced this false science hook, line and sinker. Our everyday language has been hijacked to include the labels and pills necessary for this scourge to self perpetuate. Kids are given drugs they do not need in order for them to be sucking on the teat of government handouts early on. Big pharma has invested in this scheme and is not about to give up the golden goose. Sadly, the social services that have all bought into the shrink version of their world-view, are heavily invested in making sure their questionable advice is taken by the unwashed public at large. It seems that no one is able to think for themselves anymore and rely on second-hand internet 'wisdom' to self medicate and self diagnose. The third, fourth and fifth generations of 'internet wisdom' has caused may a person to stumble. When they do, the 'benign' state is ready and willing to pick up the pieces and put them back together again in the wrong order. This ensures that they now have a hooked 'captive' society on which to experiment with even more shallow panaceas'. It seems that some, if not all, Christians cannot see that along with the FIAT currency they subscribe to, there is also a FIAT world-view that relies on numbers to be self sustaining. This is godlessness en extremis!! Faith in entirely the wrong entity!! If everyone is doing it, it might not be right or advisable...
  9. We cannot 'humanize' the Lord High God. He has mercy on whom He has mercy. End of story... He gave us a great deal of information about the horrors that were practiced in the Tanach. The killing of babies still goes on in our 'civilization' today. It began when angelic disobedience mingled with the human race and taught us things we had no right to get involved with. Then it spiraled out of control and we had a flood. That reduced the impact but did not eradicate it so the off-springs of demonic interference were defeated battle by battle. It is a very long story but it is all there if one cares to research it and seek it out. It continues today and is getting more and more prevalent daily.
  10. God has already paid the price for all of our sins. What we have to do is be brought to a place of repentance, one of His Graces. So the question is a good one and requires a good answer. You may intercede on behalf of others. You repent in their stead since sin is the big blockade to most. Ask you Advocate to take your case to the Court of Heaven. Come boldly into His Presence and plead the case of your loved ones. Confess their sin, known and unknown and allow Yeshua (your advocate) to present your case. Since haSatan and his minions have been rendered powerless by the Blood of Yeshua Sprinkled on The Mercy Seat for all people for all time, appropriating this blessed forgiveness is your job. As you pray, ask the Lord High God to bring your loved ones into their place of repentance; thus they may be forgiven. The holy Spirit is itching to get them into the Kingdom where they can see the Face of the Lord for themselves. Don't pray mindlessly for them, but pray with purpose and conviction and understanding.
  11. Sad to say, the drug-peddlers 'sometimes' get it right. Law of averages. But Freud and Jung were occultists and the science of the mind changes daily. If you are hooked on shrink's nomenclature, then sadly you will be in a blind alley. Sure, they 'might' point the way, but behind it all is a godless push to fix what only the Lord can fix. It is the new religion and a panacea of epic proportions supported by pharma of course and the neverendingstory of conjecture. Mental issues have always been a breeding ground for poor spiritual assessment by Christians that want to 'assist'. Would you rather a compassionate donkey or a helpful elephant step on you toes?? Some doctors do indeed have insight into a person, but maybe they would anyway since ordinary people, allowed to think, can have great insight. The shrink institution I have seen with my own eyes gave me the HORRORS. White-washed dungeons filled with spiritual sickness was my take. Could not get far enough away from that quickly enough. Unfortunately, Christian I have met have not got a spiritual clue about anything much and therefore tend to get the totally wrong idea of 'mind issues'. Their God is apparently too small to be able to deal with it and, hampered by doctrine and dogmas, the Christians cower behind second-hand thoughts that mostly originated with the shrink community. Go figure...
  12. What are "defenseless spirits"??? Problem with all the psyche stuff is that it has great labels and great pills but solves nothing. Not so long ago if you got an injury (from ANY source) you may suffer from gangrene. The gangrene often killed where the original injury did not. Satan and his minion spirits are like gangrene working on an injured soul.
  13. Firstly, you cannot out-sin God. That would be setting yourself up to be BIGGER than Him. Secondly, your wrongdoings are passe to the Lord. He already: ALREADY died and shed blood to COVER your sin. Thirdly, you CANNOT disown God anymore than you can disown the sky, the air, the cosmos. Fourthly, to the Lord you are more precious than anything material or immaterial that he has Created. Simply put: HE WANTS HIS DAUGHTER BACK. All you have to do is accept that by accepting His Sacrifice for you - FOR YOU PERSONALLY. He wants to be YOUR LOVE.
  14. Good questions. You have more understanding than some of the 'faith'. Yes, align yourself with Christians and discover their faith. We, as Christians, do not have any power except that given to us freely by the Lord High God of all that Is, Known, Seen and Unseen. In my mind, what I see in your questions, is that you want something to go away. What the Lord would want is for you to give yourself to Him and ask Him to take charge of your life. When that occurs all kinds of things will happen in the unseen realm, and perhaps in the physical as well. The Lord is not a slot-machine, but he is VERY patient and understanding. There is NOTHING that He does not know He and sees you as another lost child needing His Redemption. Talk to the Christians He has put in your path. Believe that this is not an accident but a design of the Lord. Do not agree to anything just to be free of the issues you have, but DO accept the Lord Yeshua (Jesus) and see what he can do in your life. He has ALWAYS had a plan for you, so you can rest assured that if you do your part by humbling yourself, admitting your sin and asking for forgiveness He will pick up the ball and run with it. It is no secret to the Lord what you are facing. He will work it all out for you if you let Him by taking a step of faith. He will do the rest.
  15. Justin Adams


    It is a seemingly good question, but underlying it might be an issue of reverence for ones parents, assuming they are of a negative stance regarding this. The Lord loves the 'systems' He has created and likes us to follow the authority structure those rules encompass. We are to reverence our parents and their directives. But today, being a rebel is seen as a badge of courage. Is it more courageous to follow the Lord or the thoughts and intents of our hearts? Interesting questions that will set us on our road to the future the Lord has planned. Thus I caution you to tread carefully.
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