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    My righteousness comes from Yeshua; and I am blessed with the Lord’s favor, which surrounds me like a shield. (Psalm 5:12.) Jude 1: 24 Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, 25 To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.

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  1. God never says or does anything without a multiplicity of layers and meanings. His words are true to the uttermost and should be well examined. Especially leading up to "as in the days of Noah". This requires much thought and and understanding of the people to whom it was first addressed since they knew far more of the implications of this than we do some 2000 years removed from that context.
  2. The Gospel in a Tent. It is all there for us to understand. The Mercy Seat (throne) the Heavenly Throne Guardians, the Bread etc. Symbols that (believe it or not) show us that Yahweh Knew What He was doing all along. He is beyond understanding and is Our Great High Priest and Commander. God and man at table did sit down...
  3. I see some of this, but we are trying to be too 'physical' about it all. It will be COSMIC, just like the ancient Mesopotamian and Sumerian writings tried to portray the fall of the holy ones. It is well known (Enoch 1) ancient myth (Qumran) that earth and heaven will meet during this final conflict. "As in heaven, so on the earth". Just like Yeshua warned us, "as in the days of Noah". We cannot understand much of it unless we see the context of the writers and 'get inside their heads'. It is cosmic in scope. So many of the prophetic 'places' also refer to cosmic (heavenly) locations that bleed thru to earth where many of the fallen host were confined and remain. It is, after all, a battle for the Edenic Throne of God, and its physical location is Israel, Jerusalem, The city of our God, and the Heavenly Location is the Cosmic Divine Council, or Throne Room. "I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High". Isaiah 37:23,24 "Whom hast thou reproached and blasphemed? and against whom hast thou exalted thy voice, and lifted up thine eyes on high?" It will be a battle of heavenly and earthly beings against heavenly and earthly foes. It cannot be reduced to merely a physical human war on earth. It has a very strong supernatural component. Star Wars is tame in comparison...
  4. Some of what you say is correct. If you look at Leviticus you'll see that blood was not for washing but for purifying. On the nose and ear lobes to sanctify the priest and the very occasional symbolic sprinkling on the people. The blood cleansed the way and belongs to God. The life is in the blood and nobody was washed in blood. The cross: blood shed as an atonement for sin (as in the law) and as in the law sprinkled on the mercy seat and various THINGS (items of furniture), but not people. Thus the veil was rent and the WAY to the Throne cleansed and purified for believers, so they had full access. The comments about various texts is correct. All have been 'massaged'. Even the Jews were forbidden the Septuagint and they rewrote the Masoretic text making sure they removed any reference to the 'two powers in heaven'. But then Qumran, just as Yahweh designed. No scripture version is useful unless it has Hebrew (ancient), Aramaic, (Targums), Greek (old) and Qumran scholarship used in compiling it. No Augustinian theology is trustworthy and very little of the church fathers should be considered. Second temple literature (Hebrew) should also be considered in understanding the context of the scriptures, ancient or modern. Interlinear is good too. Check out 'monogenese' to see what I mean. None of the various church councils can be really trusted and bad theology (as a power base) was handed down to us. The various creeds and the Westminster Confession are all horribly wrong on several counts. It is what it is. And it is sad how the Lord is so wrongfully misrepresented in much of man-ology!!
  5. Without the understanding of the Tanakh, the new testament apostles' words fall flat. It takes a while, but the second temple Hebrew scholars knew about the second person of the godhead and much was written about this. It was only after they banned the Septuagint and rewrote the Masoraic text that their theology changed. (about AD 200) Due to the advent of our Lord, they removed the 'two powers' references in their general thought and called it Heresy. But if you look at the Q documents, you will see the evidence is very much there.. Many of the 'bread-crumbs' in the apostles writings put discernible hooks into the Tanakh. They read stuff that our churches disallow. Like Enoch, the Giants and other writings that the apostles allude to and even quote. They had a different approach to the way the world has gone wrong and do not just blame Adam, but also the many heavenly beings that left their first estate. If you study Gen 6 (the abridged version) you will see that Psalm 82 and Deut. 32 and Is. 66 (and others) all fall into place with a lot of the apostles' teachings. To a first century Jew, it was all as plain as day, but the principalities have done a great job of muddying the waters and largely obliterated the words of early church fathers. So today, many are in the dark. Later the theology of the church was well organized to remove most of the supernatural content that is very evident in the Tanakh and the later apostolic texts. To a Jew, there are three reason for Yeshua's advent: 1) regather the scattered tribes and nations, 2) Reverse the sins of the watchers, 3) save all mankind. Later, mankind will replace the ones that sinned and judge them in the Divine Council of Yahweh. That is why we are called 'the sons of God'. That is why Yeshua cast out demons, was transfigured on Mt Hermon at the gates of hell, and told Caiaphas 'you'll see me as a cloud-rider' next time. Any Jew would get that and the high priest did immediately. Only divinity rode on the clouds. Also see Yeshua's reference to Psalm 82 in the same passage... Unmistakable!!
  6. We misunderstand the OP statement often. Much was happening before the flood... To a Jew that had read (compulsory) his scriptures and understood what this meant from his historical and contemporaneous knowledge - well it would speak reams. Just imagine someone reading our history, and in passing someone mentions 'like in the days of 9/11'. Not much more would be needed to be said. Why? Because we all KNOW. We know to the minute where we were and what we were doing at that terrible time. But to someone that DID NOT KNOW, that might be just a 'throw-away' reference to them. To an ancient Israeli that knew all the Annunaki myths and the current stories of their day, they would see right away the importance of Gen 6 and the words of Enoch that were written down later but carried by word of mouth from Noah on down thru the ages. Enoch was Noah's grandfather and I am sure they all talked about it for a very long time. There is far, far more to Yeshua's words than we have been 'allowed' to understand by those that would rather it remain unknown.
  7. The Birth of Tammuz And Polytheism This Christianity beliefs video from The Fuel Project tells the story of Tammuz. Semiramus had became pregnant with an illegitimate son and Nimrod threatened to dethrone her and expose her past as a prostitute. She apparently then plotted to have Nimrod killed. Afterwards, she presented her son Tammuz as an immaculately conceived reincarnation of Nimrod. She presented him as the seed of the woman presented in Genesis 3, the messiah, and so Tammuz was the first Christ impostor, the first antichrist. After his death, Nimrod was revered as the god Marduk, also known as Baal – The Sun God, which is the primary name that other people would come to worship Marduk. Semiramus was revered as the Moon Goddess, Great Mother, Divine Mother and Virgin Mother. http://christianitybeliefs.org/thefuelproject/the-birth-of-tammuz-and-polytheism/
  8. Yes and the pagan festivals the church (unknowingly) participates in. Tammuz, the false christ killed by a pig, thus yuletide pig roasts... the list goes on and during halloween many more children will be sacrificed.
  9. That is true, without the legacy of death... BUT, the real horrors came from the holy ones that sinned. They taught us even better about how to be bad... and coming to a town near you very soon, you will see them once again I think. Make no mistake about it, they are mingling among today and as always, there is heavy gov complicity.
  10. Yeshua is as real and physical as you and me. He is seen anthropomorphically in the Tanakh many times. God, Adoni, haShem, The Father - He is Spirit. That is why He sent monogenes to demonstrate Him. Monogenes means THE ONE UNIQUE ONLY ONE.
  11. So the trees that are seen vertically thru the many 'layers'... Fossils have always been circular reasoning. No one knows how anything isotropically decayed and at what rate. The moon's precession rate must be limit its system to about 10k years. No way around that. Man's beliefs gave us the evolution theory and 'millions of years' of divine experimentation, leaving behind half formed carnage. (none of which has been found) Also some planets in our system rotate the opposite way to the majority. I do not care for a pointless discussion about this topic. I just point out some irregularities.
  12. I get this. We often talk of 'sin' etc but no one ever can really understand our penchant for sinning. We are so very clever at obscuring stuff to the point we latch on to some doctrine or other in order to remain 'stable'. Probably there are as many theologies as there are people. For me to sin might not be your idea of sin. We pass the buck with trite phrases that boil down to nothing. Even the OP title shows a certain fuzzy logic. Why ask the question? You'll get too many answers that are equally unclear to most. Fact is, until we die, we sin. We make 'holy space' an impossibility because we become 'unclean'. Daily we have to repent for our weaknesses, but never lose heart because that is what the adversary wants. So we maintain a certain dignity in Christ Yeshua because He is the only one that makes us purified. Sin in the Tanakh has to be understood by reading Leviticus and other passages. If we do not get this idea of what sin really is from the point of View of Adoni and Yeshua, we will be ignorant. And to some, that ignorance is deliberate because they are afraid of a Holy God. We all should be in reverential thought regarding the Most High. And when (not if) we fall short (sin) then ready repentance is the order of the day. God does NOT need us. He just likes us to participate in His Kingdom. So no matter how often we sin, our prime objective is to spread the Gospel. The news about His ONLY UNIQUE ONE - Yeshua.
  13. Yes. Take the plunge and stick with it. He thinks very well and his logic is as good as his Hebrew. He also can read cuneiform. He only deals in peer review scholarship and is therefore evangelical but not partisan.
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