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    Blessings and healing flow from the LORD to me, and I worship Him for His goodness. (Exodus 23:25.)
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    My righteousness comes from Yeshua; and I am blessed with the Lord’s favor, which surrounds me like a shield. (Psalm 5:12.)

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  1. Justin Adams

    Favorite Lines from Movies & TV

  2. Justin Adams

    Your best advice in 4 or less words?

    Micah six Six - Eight
  3. Justin Adams

    Problem with evolution

    Not to mention the cruelty of the interim species as they 'adapted' and died out horrible half-formed deaths - how then an offspring? Look at the source - Darwin, who even admitted that he could not quite understand. Intelligentsia, space aliens, evolution and the like stem from the same source. Oh, many are quite real, but not as explained in the pop-clever-press; especially the post-modern turn of phrase that defies logic. It often sounds 'convincing' but is just a mish-mash of second-hand thoughts that are poorly reasoned, but well parroted.
  4. Justin Adams

    The Sword is Coming

    There is no '7 year' anything unless scripture is twisted to accomplish this doctrinal 'fact'.
  5. Justin Adams

    New Here, Need Advice

    Welcome. Change church. Not because their dress code is dictatorial, but because of the spirit I sense. Really bad for you and your family. Leave, but not until you have one that is better. Churches are like people, some good, some bad and some indifferent. Church SHOULD support families. Often, like the government, they want to be your mama and papa. Blessings!!
  6. Justin Adams

    Wife fell out of love

  7. Justin Adams

    President Trump

    I am appalled here in the UK at how the Liberal media (it is all liberal here) love to SPIN our President as a bad guy. There is not an ounce of respect for his office or the American people. I am quite upset by this, but not surprised. The 'equality' people and the DNC are really quite sick - and do not know it. There is no such thing as 'mainstream media' anymore. Lies, lies and more lies. Sickening!!!
  8. Justin Adams

    The Reality of Hell: The Avoided Doctrine

    King James Bible Ro:11-22 Behold therefore the goodness and severity of God: on them which fell, severity; but toward thee, goodness, if thou continue in his goodness: otherwise thou also shalt be cut off.
  9. Justin Adams


  10. Justin Adams

    Relationship advice

    Welcome. We often put burdens on each other that are NOT the ways of the Lord. Some 'legal' papers often really mean nothing. What matters is the Heart of the Lord. What does He say about this, bearing in mind that He is quite used to the pit-falls of a fallen humanity? He is far more forgiving than most humans!! You would do well to find a GOOD GODLY pastor that is grounded in the Lord's Ways and has understanding of the Deep Things of God. Submit yourselves to this leader, and see how he directs you. Try to remember to acknowledge the Lord and believe that He will direct your paths.
  11. Justin Adams

    Multi-Culturalism: A Failed Policy

    Most multi-culture stuff appears to be Gnostic babble. If one is steeped in Freud and Jung, one is apt to stand for nothing in particular and fall for everything in general.
  12. Justin Adams


  13. Justin Adams

    Sci-Fi Movies

    Well yes, but they were not exactly people as we would know them. Maybe watch again and look for hidden allegories.
  14. Justin Adams

    Sci-Fi Movies

    Prometheus. Note the cross. The original screenplay had Christian overtones. Think of Genesis 6 when you watch. Its hidden meanings are quite unnerving!
  15. Justin Adams

    The narrow gate