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    Blessings and healing flow from the LORD to me, and I worship Him for His goodness. (Exodus 23:25.)
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    My righteousness comes from Yeshua; and I am blessed with the Lord’s favor, which surrounds me like a shield. (Psalm 5:12.)

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  1. Justin Adams


  2. Justin Adams

    Five points of the Arminian heresy.

    I feel that what you are saying is less than charitable. It bespeaks a sad and almost Pharisaical outlook. A hurt soul perhaps?
  3. Justin Adams

    God and UFO's

    Coriolis is a self contained macrocosm and very difficult to model. And it does have a lot to do with gravity. It also has to do with centripetal and friction forces. It is hard to envisage but not impossible. And yes the self contained gravitational effects do pull differently in the south. Plus there is the surface resistance to contend with coupled with low pressure areas and high pressure areas. Weather largely flows from low to high. The albedo of the sun effects this continually as well. Subjectively, when you spin a gyroscope the 'top' spins opposite to the 'bottom' if you are standing alternately at both imaginary 'poles'. Clockwise versus counter-clockwise from the SUBJECTIVE standpoint they rotate differently. Take a circle on a piece of paper. Draw a heavy arrow clock wise (so it can be seen thru the paper circle). Now lift the paper above your head so you can see the arrow from the bottom. It is pointing opposite from the top. Your perspective has moved, but the paper circle is still oriented as when the arrow was first drawn.
  4. Justin Adams

    God and UFO's

    Since most of our weather is born from the equatorial regions, it makes sense the the Coriolis effects would be reversed (north compared to south). Take a trip to the southern hemisphere and experience this. It's kind of like, spin UP and spin DOWN type of effect. Try it with a steam spout at the equator of your world; however, since you cannot effect the gravity of a sphere on your desk, you will have to turn it upside down to see this effect. Flat earthers say there is only magnetism and no gravity. Why? Because 'la grange' points do not agree with their rhetoric. Coriolis effect is SUBJECTIVE. It can be experienced in both hemispheres but experimentation does not readily prove this. So go and take a look. It is worth the trouble.
  5. Justin Adams

    God and UFO's

    There is no question in my mind the the earth is a globe. Just like other bodies in our solar system. I have flown both polar routes and have been across the equator aboard ship twice. Yes the water does reverse down the plug-hole and yes the Coriolis effect is really obvious. In the southern hemisphere the cyclones and anti-cyclones are reversed from the northern. Just pick up an online version Of the Sydney Morning Herald and look at the weather section. I have flown small planes in both hemispheres and the prevailing system patterns ARE reversed there. If you look at the sky at night, sure enough the dipper is upside down. The earth is a globe. Pure and simple. These are fakers that say Nasa and the stuff we have been taught at school are all wrong. I never did learn much at school. This is all part of the end-times great deception - it began when the good friday thru Ishtar (easter) hoax was thrust up on us all along with SUN-day and the other nauseating pagan feasts. Especially the banning of Sabbath observance... Simple. But most of the flat-earthers have not actually left their armchairs. The dome-planet earth idea does come from the Tanach which presents just the early Mesopotamian mindset of the day. God did not give those writers a 21 st century scientific 'download'. Who would have understood it? God takes people where they are and how they are and uses them to write His message. Why would he care about scientific accuracy? He knows that later we will discover much and increase our knowledge. The idea of the earth being the center from which "God spread out the heavens.." Now that is an interesting idea. Not provable but nevertheless a thought provoking suggestion.
  6. Justin Adams

    God and UFO's

    Enoch gives us a clear understanding of demons. The disembodied (evil) spirits of dead Nephilim. There are also giants and other horrible concoctions. Greek mythology seems to be based on real beings that were destroyed (mostly) in the Flood. Tampering is what people do. Evil tampering is what fallen Archons do and their human partners. It has been going on for quite a long time. The High Council of the Lord God (psalm 82) is not altogether trusted (see Job) and therefore the Lord is quite careful in what He says to us. As Saul said, if they had known they would not have killed Yeshua. But the Lord is always many steps ahead of the evil in His Creation. He lets it run its course because He want to see what the righteous will do about it all. One very clever subterfuge of mankind has been to proclaim the 'flat earth' ideas. This get attention away from Antarctica. It is a major red-herring but has thousands of followers - some are professing Christians. What we think we know is probably the tip of the biggest iceberg that ever was. No doubt people will have heart attacks when faced with a reality that strains the senses. Operation High Jump resulted in a huge firefight. It has been kept mostly secret and all the kings horses and all the kings men could not put humpty-dumpty back together again. Majestic 12 docs seem to hint at this impasse. Our military is definitely on its 'back-foot'.
  7. Justin Adams


    Note: Saul's instructions were about false sabbath keeping and false food doctrines. He never said to ignore the Sabbath of the Lord. The seventh day. His entreaty was to get the people back on track regarding the Sabbath of the Lord. It came even before there was sin in the world. At the very beginning. Later in so many passages we are told to observe God's Sabbath. The RCC tried to change this to SUN-day - why? Because they could. God prophesied that they would 'change seasons and times'.
  8. Justin Adams

    God and UFO's

    Yes. Quite clear to those watching for it. Janet airlines and the Blue Boys (helio dudes) are becoming quite well recognized. There was a crash in the late 30's in Germany that I think the Nazi scientists had a good look at. I also think Yeshua's warning were poignant when He said "As in the days of Noah.." God never says anything without at least one very important inference. Operation High Jump showed the armed forces who was boss and I think that the many incidents that are now so commonplace that they are becoming 'old-hat' to many who just want to see sensational bloodletting in 3-D. The senses of the average person seem to be deteriorating to the point of a kind of mind-numbing trance that screams for more and more input to relieve the boredom. Since few can stand for anything anymore they will also fall for just about anything.
  9. Justin Adams

    God's love surpasses all understanding

  10. Justin Adams

    God and UFO's

    Right on the money. I see that our governments have been following in Hitlers footsteps regarding MK-Ultra and the 'other' discoveries that gave many Nazi scientists carte blanc regarding citizenship and housing and full US pardons. There is way too much evidence to be an ostrich over all this. We are being 'preened' and 'groomed' for the coming wave of ungodliness. ET will not be benign either, though at first folk will be sucked in. There are many dimensions that we do not know about and Robert Lazar gave us a glimpse of this by his reverse engineering. No. The first incursions had way too high a punishment (Tartarus), so 'they' are doing it with our 'cooperation' now and since humans are willingly involved, they have a clear road of 'permission' into our human species. Because they are so intelligent and know the true building blocks of God's Creation, they feel they can do just about anything - and they are doing this as we speak. The really neat thing is that the Lord High God is only too aware of the activities of the Archons and is not fazed in the least. He has just way too many tricks up His sleeves to ever be outwitted. It is His sand-box and those despicable ones are only playing in it by permission.
  11. Justin Adams

    Have you noticed this? Matt 24:43:

    Maybe gnats and camels? If my kindergarten child can understand this, then it is as written. Very understandable and straightforward.
  12. Justin Adams

    Bad scientific arguments against evolution: Part 2

    In the north, there are palm trees under the tundra. Ice core samples have shown 300 foot trees still standing. There were no massive climate variances in the pre-flood earth. It was all pretty uniform probably due to an ice canopy. Wooly Mamoth's epidermis was not created for 'cold weather' types of protection., say like a seal or a wolf. Too many facts are distorted by unbelievers and that is why I rarely bother with such postings as this one. Check the precession of the moon and ask why the moon lander's legs were 18 inches too long? Did NASA expect 65 million years of dust? See the footprint depth on the pictures. Mere millimeters!! (Oh and do not discount this by saying the Moon Landings were a hoax and that the ISS is a stage-set)
  13. Justin Adams

    Newbie here.

    Welcome from UK and USA.
  14. Nisan 14 Yeshua killed and buried before sundown - Wednesday Nisan 15 unleavened bread etc Nisan 16 Nisan 17 eve, before sundown, Yeshua Raised. YESHUA IS LORD OF THE SABBATH which HE CREATED. Nisan 18 Just on sundown the previous day the sheaf is gathered (ok for priestly folk to 'work' on Sabbath) Nisan 18 sheaf waved on daybreak signifying Yeshua's heavenly presentation. "Do not touch me" He said at first. Then later He appeared to them and it was OK to touch Him. There were two Sabbaths that week, year AD 32-33 depending on your calendar.
  15. Sorry, but this seems to be an example of a thin veneer of modern churchianity. Where is the RESPECT due to 'The Creator of heaven and earth and all that is, seen and unseen'? A Tanach-distortion to fit a lazy world-view that thinks it is smarter than the Lord High God.