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    My righteousness comes from Yeshua; and I am blessed with the Lord’s favor, which surrounds me like a shield. (Psalm 5:12.)

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  1. "God provided His Lamb to take away the sin of the world" Indeed. He also reunited His lost people to Himself (should they accept this atoning act). Yeshua means 'God is Salvation'. He made it all and He redeemed it all. "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." He also reinstated humankind and seeks to bring back the lost tribes along with putting right the sins of the angelic miscreants. It is (as one might expect) a multi-faceted act or propitiation. The scattered peoples have been offered His Mercy and Blessings. He knew EXACTLY what he was doing. A MARVEL. Our debts have been wiped clean and the Justification (payment) for our sins has been accomplished. Our righteousness is now in His Christ - His Messiah. HIM. "The fullness of the Godhead bodily dwells in Him."
  2. Witches - twitches. Our church is responsible. I have seen demons defeated with my very own eyes. It is not rocket science. Where did our power go? Back to the grave. Our Lord seems to be worshiped in the grave and on the cross. Resurrection power ARE NOT US anymore. We live in the grave and have not appropriated His power over death, so we shuffle about in our worldly ways and just do not have the guts to oppose evil. Knowledge has increased, so we think we are in control when we are not. We are afraid to face off the demonic because many demonic systems are our bed-fellows. We are not a peculiar and separated people anymore, so the devils are mostly unopposed. This is so sad. Where is our courage and faith? Gone the way of easy-peasy living. Sorry to disagree with some posters, but just praying will not affect the demonic much at all. We are called to cast them out, and carry on. Nothing fancy, just do what the Lord says and do not give them a second thought. Too much Holly-weird has us all quaking in our shoes over much sensational garbage. A 'thing' only has power over you if you let it and invite it in. You can just as easily denounce it and clean house. Simple. Just like Yeshua said!! Get real and stop whining. Just DO IT. P.s. If we are risen with Christ, should we not step out of the grave and exist in Heavenly Places with Him??
  3. A question, whilst interesting is a little obscure. The Passover blood was to save from the angel of death. The yearly blood on the Mercy Seat appeased Yahweh for a year. It NEVER satisfied Him. When the Lamb was slain at the Crucifixion, once and for all His blood on the Mercy Seat TOTALLY satisfied the Lord God. "Forgiveness" is a most misunderstood concept. It was NOT free and it means 'wiping out debt'. Our debt due to our sins and sinful natures. God HAD to do it this way (check out Darius and Daniel). It has to do with LOVE. Nevertheless, JUSTICE has to be seen to be done - a Satanic trap is to attempt to put God on the spot. He cannot have MERCY unless He has Judgement. Without the shedding of blood there can be no 'forgiveness' or cancelling debt. It has to be paid in full by someone - This Someone is the Lord's Messiah, Yeshua. The Mercy seat is protected and watched over by those two cherubs. Underneath is THE LAW. The Lord High God does not 'see' the law when the blood is on the mercy seat for our sakes. We should realize that the 'Gospel of the Tabernacle' explains it all very completely in the Tanach. God told David 'in his mind' exactly what was to be placed in the Holy of Holies in the Tabernacle. It is MOST IMPORTANT we understand this thoroughly.
  4. We are not told to pray for whirled peas. We are told to pray for peace in Jerusalem. Take a look at the Adamic covenant and the others - no expiry date. Check out the fate of those that hate Israel and the Jews. Look at the epistles: written in part to woo the ten tribes (sometimes called gentiles). Check the language and see that it required a good understanding of the Tanach, which the scattered tribes would have known. The Lord used Judah to His ends and will also bring back the twelve. The new Jerusalem description indicates that all twelve will be reunited.
  5. Take a hole. Cut it in half and you still have a hole plus the half you cut away.
  6. Yeshua ate the Passover (Nisan 14-15 -a Wednesday), later was arrested and by 6am had been scourged and hung on the cross. Quickly buried before the official FIRST Sabbath (unleavened bread), he was in the tomb by the sundown of that day. He died about 3pm and the earth quaked and the temple veil ripped open from TOP to BOTTOM. The way now unblocked for all to approach that Throne of Grace. From the eve (end) of Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and up until sundown on the Sabbath (the second Sabbath as Young's Literal says) He was in that tomb. Three days and three nights just as He said. The Sabbath is the Lord's and He is LORD OF THE SABBATH. The RCC and others polluted that account so badly that most of the world uses 'easter' or ISHTAR as the Romans did to adopt pagan rites to the church. Good friday and Ishtar sunday are just a joke. Yeshua was slain before the foundation of the world. Yeshua means God is Salvation.
  7. I am half Israeli, half British and half American... go figure.
  8. It is a lonely road you now travel. However, you are not alone. No one can give you what you really need but the Lord. Those that try to be everything to their spouse will eventually fail. You are not responsible for ANYONE'S happiness. That comes from within. It has happened to me and it is a severe situation. But you WILL live thru it.
  9. Welcome. Humanity is roughly divided into camps. Those that are lost, and those that know they are lost.
  10. Get a Red Friday badge and wear it. Sadly there is a six-times greater chance of veteran suicides that other segments of the population. Remember this and pray continually for all our armed forces both at home or deployed. Any vet that reads this has my respect and heartfelt thanks. THANK YOU.
  11. I think we need a little more information about this in order to give a well reasoned reply. Blessings.
  12. The gold, brass bronze, silver etc that was sourced from Egyptians was used to make the brazen altar and other Tabernacle fittings and furnishings. They dragged a lamb to the altar, cut its throat and placed the screaming quivering beast on the the fiery grill. Covered in blood with the stench of burning flesh and blood they would observe that sacrifice on a DAILY basis - twice per day. The shadow of things to come when our Lord would likewise suffer. The Israelis were aware of the bloody sacrifice and the pain and mess of it all. This was before they could enter the Tabernacle and be bathed in the Menorah's light. We have lost the gravity of it all. Nothing related to our freedom is free of blood, pain and suffering. Our freedom is not free.
  13. Deborah in the Tanach proves that when the men cower, God chooses women for all kinds of activities. However, the spirit of Jezebel is rampant today, so I would tread very carefully here.
  14. I am amazed at people jumping thru hoops to defend their pet revelation and pet scripture versions. The Tanach is rife with people and their views and weird actions. Surely this speaks realms about our penchant to follow our hearts that are 'desperately wicked. Just read some of the 'Keeping Sabbath' posts. It is incredible how some will use doctrine to pretend that we are NOT to observe the seventh-day Sabbath of the Lord. It was instituted BEFORE sin and death, yet we still seem to want to pose an inquisition like Rome did (and others) for those that do not tow the 'modern doctrine' line. Absolutely STUNNING... I am aghast...
  15. Just DIY. The reason all has gone crazy is because we farm out stuff we are well capable of doing - then they OWN us...
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