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    Blessings and healing flow from the LORD to me, and I worship Him for His goodness. (Exodus 23:25.)
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    My righteousness comes from Yeshua; and I am blessed with the Lord’s favor, which surrounds me like a shield. (Psalm 5:12.) Jude 1: 24 Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, 25 To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.

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  1. Exactly. Why do they all preach the reverse? Then complain our works are not good enough - so make your check payable to....
  2. You might say that Belief is Faith in action. There is NOTHING we can do to earn or keep Salvation. Period. When you are saved you are no longer your 'own person' because you belong to The Lord. No human can change that. You cannot even change that because it requires and ACT OF GOD to save you and an ACT OF GOD to un-save you. He is NOT going to do that since He promised to keep us. Furthermore, the one thing that scripture says pleases God is faith. So keep your faith strong in your belief of His Saving Grace. Saul in Hebrews tells of the persecuted Israelis that were being enticed back into the old Judaistic methods of sacrifice in the temple. He says if you turn your back on God and do this, there is no further sacrifice that can be made for you since you have crucified the Lord anew and brought shame on His Sacrifice. This idea is bandied around in religious circles and used to hammer believers. Quite inappropriate. Belief is not something to disdain or want to lessen in any way. Your belief pleases the Lord and because He now owns you, you can rest assured in His Grace and leading and succor. He will lead you as far as He knows you can go, so jut TRUST and believe - two very similar things.
  3. The question is answered to the best of my ability. Do not listen to those that muddy this issue with their poorly though out reasons for not keeping the Sabbath. Look at it logically. 1) We need to be saved. In order to do so we must believe on the Lord Yeshua/Jesus. That is that. 2) Afterwards we ought to turn from sin in varying ways and by varying degrees. But this bears not on our Salvation since it is a free gift of Love. 3) Now along comes a thought. Wow, to show my Love for Him that first Loved me, I ought to obey His commandments. It is out of OUR love for Him that we obey, not so He will love us more or to make us more acceptable. It is purely a love thing and never a demand from Him.
  4. Some very good questions. We have to take the scriptures as read. If the Lord says we should or ought to do something, then we should choose whether to do it or not. Many people become Christians without knowing a thing God said. This is where His Grace comes in. When we are confronted with something, we then have to choose. Sadly the church and its many and varied doctrines have kept us from much truth because they like it THEIR WAY and not the way of the Cross. It is up to the individual to decide because as IMAGERS of the Most High God, we should follow the perfect image He gave us, the Lord Jesus/Yeshua. So because believers are at various stages, we cannot say that keeping the Ten Commandments will EARN their way to salvation, but we can say that doing as God directs will lead to their Sanctification. There are many confusing arguments about salvation vs sanctification. It is better not to get embroiled in them since it may lead to confusion. So, eventually we chose like Joshua did. "Choose this day whom you will serve; as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord"
  5. Remember, SUN-day was instituted by the Pope. By all mean follow the "vicar of Christ" who said that ALL authority had now passed to him and he could change scripture as he willed. Which he did. He readily accepted worship and claimed infallibility... Hmm.
  6. Yeshua/Jesus gave Moses the TEN, TWICE. It is not a 'work' as you would wish to impose on us, it is purely an honor to do what the Lord Commanded. Go read the TEN and see. Yeshua is the "perfection" for me and like Him, I observe that Sabbath knowing it was given for man. Has absolutely nothing to do with ordinances and your supposed "law" of "works". It is just obeying His Command to keep the Sabbath Holy. Set Apart unto God. Plain and simple. If you want to add to that all your reasons for NOT keeping it, that is up to you. It is NEVER a salvation issue that you now wish to drag into the conversation. "Those that Love me keep my commandments" is what He said. Go figure.
  7. Just one question. Why does it have to be all about us. Today. It was given to the Israelis. About them mostly. There is good reasoning to say that this stuff has already happened. The Israelis' "tribulation" is the exile, and it is being addressed by Pentecost's missionary outreach. The tribes have not all returned yet, so to Israeli thought, the tribulation is still ongoing. The Israelis' idea of the return of God in His glory to Zion, has been addressed by the advent of Yeshua/Jesus and His resurrection AND His anointing (return of Glory) at Pentecost. They have not quite gotten the plot yet, but they will. The '666' in some manuscripts is 616. Both can be applied to Nero, perhaps as a shadow of things to come. All the talk about today being what Daniel and Revelations is about is quite quaint really. It is not necessarily true either. If you read about desolation in Luke (the parallel passage to Matt 24) you will see a different emphasis. Luke pokes a big hole in our 'modern eschatology'. It talks about the destruction of the temple and the desolation and the continuing tribulation. Read The account by Josephus - it was a terrible time for the Israelis. Terrible. Let us look at it from the perspective of those to whom it was written.. It might no be about us.
  8. I do tend to agree, and I feel that sad pain that comes thru the writer's words. Yes, 20 years of pouring out ended with being discarded (last go-around). I understand the Edenic desires, but maybe on this earth it will not happen quite that way. However, I do not loose hope because God is Good - all the time! It is a pain filled path we all tread upon...
  9. All the nations given to the holy ones that transgressed (Psalm 82 and Deut 32) were scattered at babel. The Lord God at Pentecost began the work of regathering the scattered nation and the lost tribes. They all belong to God and He took a nation for Himself (Israel) to work out His Saving Grace thru them. The 'people' of Gog are just those that align themselves with the wicked archons (principalities and powers) and do the bidding of the underworld of death and the Great Chaos beast, Leviathan. It will be a battle involving humans and non-humans. It will be very intense and the Mountain of the Lord (the Throne of Eden) is the prize. They think they can win. They do not and God scatters their carcasses for the beast and birds to feed on. (like Jezebel).
  10. To understand the Tanach, one needs the apostles' writings. To understand the mindset to the original scholars, one must see the contemporary (Summarian etc) writings and recordings of their time frames and before. They were brilliant writers, and at many points poke their contemporaries and rework their ancient belief systems. They were astute and very clever. So much is missed today. Augustine pioneered the later adopted Israeli idea of "the sons of Seth" against the writings about The Watchers (Gen 6). The Psalm 82 and other well documented ideas were trashed by Augustine. I think he was a sick man. The principalities and powers did much to obscure their tracks. So much so that our church today has not got a clue about the heavenly realm and the supernatural dealing of out Lord God. As in heaven, so on earth is a lost concept. So we are led up the garden path, or up the creek without a paddle. We are SO ignorant.
  11. I just observe and venerate the Sabbath to my Lord. I do not jump thru Judaistic hoops and add ordinances to it. (like some would want to add) What does the Lord require of thee? To do justly to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God. Those that ignore God's Sabbath think up all kinds of insults and demands of those of us that do observe it. We do observe it and are not afraid to say so. I keep the TEN and when I fail on any point, I repent as I ought to do. Why, because if I fail on one, I fail on all of them. I am not telling others what to do. I am saying what I do as a witness to others. Keep the Shabbat Holy in as much as you can, because the blood of goats etc., do not impress the Lord God. But a meek and contrite heart does. So in faith I do this small thing to Honor my God.
  12. I see the issues facing you. I can maybe understand the way he feels powerless and less of a man than is healthy. I can say that you sanctify him, which is very important. Just do not quit. Fear is horrible and few that face circumstances like you have will not eventually fear. Do you have any mature Christian friends that can pray over your situation. People that have discernment and who are not afraid to use the tools Yeshua/Jesus gives us to fight for loved ones and friends. Reason I ask is due to a feeling of some spiritual sickness surrounding your husband. They will try to get at you thru him and are nasty stinky spirit things that thrive on pain and strife and upset. So do your due diligence and get some strong believers around you to pray. Also put your case thru to the prayer team here on Worthy. Ask them to intercede for you and your husband.
  13. Yeshua/Jesus, is the same person. Sabbath, Seventh day, is the same day. Sure, all days belong to the Lord, but He did set one aside for our benefit. Has nothing to do with "the Law" but has a lot to do with the Ten Commandments that were not really 'ten suggestions'. You all have to do what you see is right in your own eyes. Oh, and by the way, Judaizers were reprimanded nicely in the Hebrews scripture because they wanted the beleaguered and victimized saints to revert back to the Temple Sacrificial system. Nothing to do with 'law' as such, but so many just parrot stuff and do not see the significance of Leviticus and other books. To an Israeli, the phrase 'the law' most often refers to the Tanach as a whole. If we actually read the scriptures we might understand further. Take Leviticus 2-3 for example. It is about bringing a grain offering to the Priests and a handful to be burnt as an offering to The Lord. It signifies God's ideas succinctly. Namely, do not mix stuff with your offering but add salt as a confirmation of the Covenant and this demonstrates that unlike the pagans (who mixed in honey etc) your gift is to Me the Lord Your God. This was NOT an atonement thing, but a communal meal thing to celebrate God's good favor and thankfulness to Him. In other words, do NOT do as the pagans do, but do as I Require and let's have a party. God has not changed. He does want us to be Holy and set apart from the pagan world and their doctrines.
  14. Whichever way you care to stir it, Evolution is a theory and has so many pitfalls that I do not see its adherents as being so easily misdirected since most seem intelligent. Forget scripture in this discussion. The scriptures are NOT a scientific treatise and to treat them as such is a gross misunderstanding of their function. Scripture is theological and so if we want to answer scripture with science it will fail miserably. It is what is is. No more and no less. Theology. Added: Augustine's theology is not so good. Do not use him.
  15. Yes. That is correct. In the Tanach certain people were introduced to The Council in a similar manner. Not many but a few. Like Saul, Daniel and John, they had a heavenly "stamp of approval" on their ministry it seems. But as far as in our day, I am not so sure. There is scriptural precedent for this kind of thing, but only infrequent.
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