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    Blessings and healing flow from the LORD to me, and I worship Him for His goodness. (Exodus 23:25.)
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    My righteousness comes from Yeshua; and I am blessed with the Lord’s favor, which surrounds me like a shield. (Psalm 5:12.)

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  1. Justin Adams

    Is is what it is, sometimes, unless it isn't

    Right on brother!!!
  2. Justin Adams

    Is is what it is, sometimes, unless it isn't

    C.S. Lewis called it the 'unseen real'. We do not know very much at all and when the divide is transparent, odd things happen.
  3. Justin Adams

    Bible Trivia questions

    Yeshua was about two. BC one was the conjunction of Virgo in the Leo constellation. A most unusual thing. September 11 was most likely his birth along withe Moses on Tishri one. The day that Kings are crowned. The wise men would have seen this clearly in the heavens.
  4. Justin Adams

    Restore my marriage.

    So sorry to hear about your trials. the Lord has a plan for everyone, hang in there and pray is all I can say to you at present. I have seen it from another perspective and it is so very sad. No one can give you happiness; that comes from within yourself. Even your man can not obtain your happiness. He might contribute to it, but your happiness is your responsibility. You and the Lord. Pray and make God happy with your praise - even tearful praise. See what happens.
  5. Justin Adams

    Mark of the beast

    If you try to preserve your life you may lose it. Try to preach Yeshua and Him crucified and forget the selfish aims of trying to avoid the so-called MOB. It will not be what you think anyway, so why bother spinning your wheels.
  6. Justin Adams

    Lost and alone

    Welcome. I do understand how you feel.
  7. Justin Adams

    Troops out of Syria..

    The adversary is not wise. As Saul said, had they but known... they never would have killed the King of Glory. Be of good cheer, God is in charge and much prophesy is hind-sight understood. (only)
  8. Justin Adams

    Did God Create Sin? by Dr. Michael Brown

    You logic does not hold water (pun). If I have a child, he or she will come into a world of sin. The babe is not a sinner (check out Jonah's story). The babe will sin, but I did not 'make' him or her a sinner. Bad company corrupts good people (Solomon). If you like you could say the babe was 'baptized' into sin. Yeshua baptizes the child out of sin when it chooses this on reaching the age of accountability. So often we give our Loving God such a bad rap. Why blame God for human activity? It is disingenuous to say the least.
  9. Justin Adams

    Anxiety, bitterness, anger towards MIL

    Forgiveness is an act of will. If you do not, you will suffer and (as in my case) the children will pick up on your attitude. No good thing comes from anger or bitterness, especially in your case. Be only angry at the Adversary, because he engineers this kind of thing. Prevent him from succeeding. If you husband is a man and you give it all over to the Lord God, then miracles can happen. If you harbor ill-will that will probably prevent your husband from hearing God's directions. You prayers may be hampered. This kind of poison (in my case) led to being totally rejected by ALL my family on her side. That is a lonely road to embrace, but embrace it I have. If you can, do not let it get that far. Submission to your husband is a very POWERFUL tool in the Hand of the Lord. Try no to circumvent God' plans by your emotions. Choose the right WAY.
  10. Justin Adams

    I am the vine, ye are the branches:

    Agreed. But you will see that these guys quoted heavily from books that are verboten. Modern linguists can see that the NT re-quoted from books and scrolls that we have and do not have yet, if it this is made known, most modern pulpit seminarians will have a fit.
  11. Justin Adams

    I am the vine, ye are the branches:

    Ahh. The caveat. All scripture that THEY had available... The Tanach, other writing uncovered at Qumran and many more that we 'moderns' sneer at. Take a peek at the Eastern Canon that Rome could not infiltrate. Are you getting the picture?? Expect other texts to be recovered to prove a point that God put in motion years ago... ask yourselves, why were the Qumran discoveries kept secret for forty years? We have much to learn.
  12. Justin Adams

    Did God Create Sin? by Dr. Michael Brown

    Demons are the disembodied spirits of dead Nephilim. These are the results of angels cohabiting with earthen women. Read Job and see that the Lord God distrusted His Council members. These were the angels tasked with ruling the nations. Instead they used their power to create a slave people to worship them. Read and study psalm 82. The results of this are seen in the dispersal or scattering at Babel (Nimrod, Semiramis and Tammuz etc.) Then the Lord chose for Himself a people beginning with Abram. Yeshua came and died to perform a three-fold mission. 1) regather the nations. 2) reverse the angelic incursions and those disasters. 3) redeem the whole world and save His Sheep - His people, working thru His Chosen nation Israel. We are all variously God's people - like it or not. It is His Plan. It is what it is....
  13. Justin Adams

    Did God Create Sin? by Dr. Michael Brown

    Angel are not demons. Fallen or not. Archons are the Principalities and Powers that still run the show on earth under God's constraints. There are a whole host of Angelic created beings. We have only been told what we need to know. It is a realm and hierarchy way beyond our understanding. God Created Hierarchies to do His Will.