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    Blessings and healing flow from the LORD to me, and I worship Him for His goodness. (Exodus 23:25.)
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    My righteousness comes from Yeshua; and I am blessed with the Lord’s favor, which surrounds me like a shield. (Psalm 5:12.) Jude 1: 24 Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy, 25 To the only wise God our Saviour, be glory and majesty, dominion and power, both now and ever. Amen.

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  1. God created us as IMAGERS of Him with freedom, reason and skill. If a person cannot look around and see that God exists, some fake 'angel' is not going to matter a hill of beans...
  2. Let us both pray and act to provide for Mel.
  3. They are still working on much of it, aided by special computer systems designed for the task. It did take a while to get all the bird and bat do-do off the scrolls. It took ages and then they found another cave or two. Funny you should mention Isiah. Until Qumran, many so-called 'experts' thought Isiah to be fake. God's timing is impeccable.
  4. The reformation did away with some books. The RCC got rid of 14 I believe as they did not agree with current Vatican thought. The Israelis got rid of Enoch because it talked too much about the second person of the Godhead and for this reason, the Septuagint was also dropped in favor of the 'new' massaged masoretic texts. Anything that smacked of Yeshua's advent was mostly expunged. However, Qumran and the second temple period literature did NOT get rid of all the the Advent allusions. The eastern church keeps most of the other books including Enoch which was highly regarded by the African church fathers. Even the 'reformed' bible we are all used to has had some modifications made to the original texts. Some good and some to just peddle a particular doctrine. (aka the Scofield ref bible) There have been dozens of KJV bibles published and later translation versions like the ESV and others have taken into account the Qumran discoveries and the later cuneiform language discoveries. If you research the matter for yourself you will find some very interesting variants that are rarely if ever preached about. Added: There is no 'Hebrew text'. it is all conjecture about a much later rendition. Much of the traditional views of who, what and where regarding scriptures is just that - tradition.
  5. God is good and faithful. Even to saving the repentant thief on the cross. We cannot plumb the depths of Yeshua's love for the lost. It is very hard to even 'get it' sometimes. It is often beyond our understanding and God's ways are past finding out. Nobody is saved by their own merit. It is a work of the Cross of our Lord. We just have to BELIEVE, and though prone to fail from time to time, it is ALWAYS a work of the Lord and not of ourselves. We have to hang in there and be LOYAL to our Lord regardless of circumstances, pitfalls and stumbling stones strewn in front of our pathways. Sometimes it don't feel good and smooth, but that is not the point. The 'feelings' often get in the way, and warm fuzzes do not speak of the Lord necessarily. We just keep on no matter what. Run the race to the finish line and let God be True and every man a liar.
  6. Dare I speak on this. Hmm, reluctantly because of others that read this. The world as we think we know it barely scratches the surface of the 'unseen real' as C. S. Lewis calls it. There is so much we do not know, so very much. I would not encourage anyone to seek anything except what the Lord wants us to have willingly. I have had odd occurrences and while they were scary and amazing at the same time, I have no desire to repeat them. Humans are prone to suggestion. Whole societies can be caught up in this unholy resultant and only later is it seen for what it really is. Its devastating results linger for generations. So my advice is do NOT look for 'interesting' revelations in this way. If God wants you to have His dream, then He will do it and there will be a very good reason for it. If it is just a human desire then I would not touch it with a 10 foot pole. Humans are easy meat for deception and seemingly grandiose revelations. That is territory we should approach warily for it borders on realms we know little about other than they are treacherous and dangerous to the unwary. Be content and do not look for extra experiences.
  7. Some well thought out answers here. In my limited but quite dramatic experience, the ones possessed do not seem to know it. And they would be the last to seek help. It requires discernment from an outsider to see this in my experience. The one 'infected' thus is flabbergasted when the demons are commanded to leave. They did not have it register in their minds that they were actually the victims. Such is the devious way these spirits often work. They might be 'outside' tormenting the victims and if the IMPROPER treatment is administered, a doorway can thus be opened and then they are inside.
  8. It gets posted on 'All Activity' so it is easy to click on and maybe get in the way...Again, sorry...
  9. Certainly higher than the current occupants, save maybe a couple. We (like HIm) have been made a little lower than the angels, but unlike Him (Yeshua) we will not suffer death like He did. We will be introduced in God's Throne Room with millions of witnesses, and He will call us brothers... presenting us to the One That Sits on the Throne, The Ancient of Days. And as Yeshua shares His Father's throne, so we will share His.
  10. Might have been. That idea was in the second temple writings. But Yeshua now is both human and divine. He was just like this when He ascended. We shall be just like Him in the end.
  11. I believe this is correct. He already had the 'sons of God' his elohim spirit kids (the good ones) and he wanted humans as well in a blended family of heavenly and earthly Eden dwellers.
  12. THE REVERSAL OF EVIL https://blog.israelbiblicalstudies.com/jewish-studies/1-enoch-and-the-reversal-of-the-evil/ We finished our last post with the thesis, drawn largely from the work of Dr. Michael Heiser, that Second Temple Judaism saw in Genesis 6:1-4, not only the story of a supernatural rebellion, but one of the central passages in biblical theology and in understanding God’s plan in history: “Yes, the entrance of sin into God’s good world occurred in Eden, but the unanimous testimony of Second Temple Judaism is that the Watchers are to blame for the proliferation of evil on the earth.”[1] Since the New Testament writers belonged to Second Temple Judaism, this understanding of the Watchers being responsible for the spread of evil on earth, and the theme of reversing the effects of this evil, had to be part of their theology. “Consequently, it should be no surprise that the sin of the Watchers was in the back of their minds as they wrote about what the Messiah, Jesus of Nazareth must, did, and would reverse at His coming and return.”[2] The New Testament writers knew that Jesus’ mission was the reversal of evil – and if they believed that the evil was brought and spread by the Watchers, then Jesus had to reverse what the Watchers did. Let us try to see the traces of this Second Temple theology in the gospels. We will discover the allusions to the Watchers and their sin and to the evil they brought, and you will be surprised to see that these allusions, once discovered, shed light on some quizzical Scriptures—all of a sudden, questions that you’ve tried to answer for a long time, will find clear answers. FOUR WOMEN And here is the first question – the one that has probably been asked an endless number of times by an endless number of people since the Gospel of Matthew was written: Why are the four women named by Matthew in Jesus’ genealogy, Tamar, Rahab, Ruth and Bathsheba? There are four traditional Biblical matriarchs in Israel: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah (we even sing a song about arba imahot –Four Mothers); if Matthew decided to include women, and to include four of them, would it not be more logical, to have these four mothers in the genealogy of the Jewish Messiah? Why aren’t the matriarchs mentioned at all, while these four women are named explicitly in Jesus’ bloodline? Let us have a quick look at these women. Tamar – the story of Tamar is found in Genesis 38. She is probably a Canaanite woman (although the text doesn’t say so explicitly); she is a widow; after the double tragedy she experienced (the death of her two husbands), it seemed that she would remain childless; however, she disguises herself as a prostitute and deceives Judah, her father-in-law, in order to have a child from him. “When Judah saw her, he thought she was a harlot, because she had covered her face.”[3] From this union, Perez is born, and from him will descend David – and Jesus. Interestingly enough, we find no condemnation of Tamar in the Torah, although it is clear that her desperate deed was not some regular, normative or exemplary action. Rahab – we find the story of Rahab in the book of Joshua, in chapters 2 and 6. Unlike Tamar, who was disguised as a prostitute, Rahab really was a prostitute. She lives in Jericho and she is certainly a Gentile. The Book of Joshua tells us that “Joshua spared Rahab the harlot, her father’s household, and all that she had. So she dwells in Israel to this day, because she hid the messengers whom Joshua sent to spy out Jericho.”[4] Ruth (from the book of Ruth) – Like Rahab, Ruth is clearly a Gentile, a Moabite. Her background itself is of interest: for Israel, Moabite women were associated with seduction and idolatry. This association comes from the well-known episode in the wilderness in Numbers 25 when the Israelites became involved with women from Moab and followed them into idolatry. However, besides her background, Ruth does something that, as in case of Tamar, should have an “improper” feel to later Jewish readers. In Chapter 3, “she went down to the threshing floor … And after Boaz had eaten and drunk, and his heart was cheerful, he went to lie down at the end of the heap of grain; and she came softly, uncovered his feet, and lay down”[5] . “The Hebrew word translated ‘feet’ (regel) is a well-known euphemism for genitalia in the Hebrew Bible… By uncovering Boaz’s ‘feet’ (genitalia), Ruth is, in effect, offering herself as a wife to Boaz. Given the patriarchal setting of Israelite culture, this was a transgression of the way things were usually done.”[6] Bathsheba – everyone would know the story of David’s adultery with Bathsheba and his murder of her husband, Uriah the Hittite (2 Samuel 11:1- 27) – and clearly, as in the previous stories, a sexual transgression is also evident here. Thus, we can see that all four women in Matthew 1 are connected in some way with illicit sexual relations. The New Testament scholar Amy Richter believes that what she calls the “Enochic Watchers Template” is essential for understanding the women in the genealogy of Jesus: “According to the Enochic Watchers’ Template, evil came into the world when the Watchers transgressed their heavenly boundary to engage in illicit sexual contact with women and teach them illicit arts…. The consequences of the Watchers’ transgression are violence, unrighteousness, evil, idolatry, and disease.”[7] She believes that all four women of the Hebrew Bible named by Matthew in his genealogy of Jesus are connected with the Enochic Watchers’ Template – and therefore they foreshadow the reversal of the Watchers’ transgression that the Messiah would bring. We can now answer the question why these four women are named by Matthew. The sin of the Watchers was sexual in its nature, and the consequences of the Watchers’ fall are evident in all the four stories, and this is the main reason for these women to be included in the genealogy of the Messiah who would bring about the reversal and repair of the consequences of the Watchers’ sin. An essential part of Jewish tradition is a belief that when the Messiah comes, all things will be repaired (even pigs will become kosher)[8]—and if we remember the fall of the Watchers, we can see this belief already reflected in Matthew’s genealogy. [1][1] Heiser, Michael S. Reversing Hermon: Enoch, the Watchers, and the Forgotten Mission of Jesus Christ (Kindle Locations 107).
  13. Understanding the Divine Council and the way God works is most important. Understanding the enemy is also important. Understanding WHERE human depravity came from is very important. I has all been falsely laid at the feet of Adam. Big mistake. Understanding principalities and powers and how they hold sway over the nations is very necessary. Know your enemy and sit down like Yeshua said and count the cost...
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