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  1. What is your opinion on male 1 who was married but wife 1 divorced him, and years later male 1 met and married wife 2. Wife 2 was abusive for a year, would not get help, and children afraid. She was arrested and kicked out. Male 1 spent two years to divorce her for the safety of the kids and his own sanity. Not seen her in years nor know of her whereabouts. Now male 1 meets girl 3. Where does sin tell male 1 not to marry or to marry? He did not divorce wife 1 but did with wife two due to a situation that seemed like it would be continued pain. Sure, you can spend time helping someone, but kids can not keep baring that crap.
  2. I. Hate. Apple. I hated them before working for them. More so ever after! But, hey, I am pleased your laptop is fine.
  3. Looking is not a sin. Lusting is. Being single, looking at other women is just depressing for me know they are probably with another guy (or a girl converted to a guy or whatever sickos do these days). I hate to look at a lady and think some other person is hugging her and loving on her, and she loves him. So I have to do two things. > One, not look because it is depressing a lady who I find attractive is not with me. > Two, she probably has a bad personality and good thing I am not dating her.
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/colorado-christian-cakeshop-sued-a-third-time-for-discrimination/ar-AACJecD Hateful and disgusting people are not giving up on trying to force their sinful garbage on the world.
  5. Here is a shorter link. http://www.funnycatsite.com/pictures/hugggeeee_cat.htm I think it is real. Look at those eyes!
  6. I admire the ones who will pray with people. I am not good at praying for people, let alone myself. One of my "faults" maybe is lacking in praying properly with people.
  7. You could always share the link where you saw it online, or upload the picture to a site like Mediafire if you really needed to. I would not want to clean the litter box of that animal.
  8. Everyone has some really good responses here. I am still playing catch up myself and do at times wish I could assist the less fortunate than I but the way I live is knowing I may not have a job tomorrow. I want a home again. I want to get to a certain country I need to go to. I want to eat better tasting foods than Dollar Tree. But I am always trying to pinch pennies so I have at least a week or so of reserves in hopes that if I lost me job, God would give me a better one within a week (because that is all I still can muster for savings) than having me wait three years like the last time. Maybe making up some business card size, er, cards with a line from scripture and addresses to local shelters be good to have in car and pass out when needed.
  9. I hated them before working for them for a year, and even more so after the fact.
  10. Due to my 2011 layoff, I almost was as well. I lost everything. Not just money, but my 800+ credit, personal/sentimental possessions (I do not go buying things, but things I had for decades), vehicle, friends, family, reputation... everything. A country where many fill their bellies and toss out food, there are people especially children and pets starving. During my layoff I was hungry. Barely eating. Lost 40 pounds on the "laid off diet" plan.
  11. I had to access her profile to see that image a bit bigger too. Is that a real, living cat?
  12. Indeed. I was curious how others handle these situations. missmuffet, very nice on your phone comment. Growing up in Boston, MA I gave people now and then money. Over the years I learned of homeless scams and such. Once a bust in Chicago that took five years I think to crackdown on some scammers. People begging for money all summer long and they go to their homes in Florida during the winters. Now in Raleigh, NC, I see the same people all the time in the same areas. Many have to have something called a "pandhandling license" in order to ask for help without cops grabbing them each time (although I rarely see them paid police people doing anything anyway around here in such cases). Over the years I would give someone an unopened bottle of water if I had it while hot outside, but I can not afford to give them a bottle every day. I barely can survive off Dollar Tree myself. Despite my self defense training, I am not going to ask a guy into my car and offer to take him to McDs either. But I have with some individuals in the past under certain circumstances. Many times people have come up right into my face asking for something. I am usually in defend mode because a few have been, over the years, confrontational. One took out a knife. Another followed me. Each situation I had to deal with it my way, but you never know someone may have the upper hand one day. Ah, and similar to missmuffet again, once in Nevada somewhere. I do not recall where. I was driving. A guy came up asking for some money and help because he not eaten in "days." All I had was food as i was traveling on a mission and gave him a bunch of spare snacks. He was not very grateful. Am interested to see other people's thoughts/encounters on the subject.
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