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  1. I agree. I spent all the decades watching Star Trek and Doctor Who but as the ages go on, more and more of that content went into the shows. Where I could consider the original episodes (TOS) being more PG, TNG, DS9, VOY, and ENT be PG-PG-13. Discovery, with all the gay stuff I did not pass season 1. Doctor Who, this last season turning him into a her to satisfy the masses and the multiple gay characters in there, think I am finally done after 50+ years of it. So I agree. We are watching shows that were "good" until then started adding into story characters to satisfy society. Which is why i am even done with Frozen or the Marvel movies. They are going to be slapping kids and teens in the face with "it is okay to be gay and you should be."
  2. I am constantly annoyed about that crap. Not that i watch it but the new She-Ra has gays and queers on it. I was reading an article on MSN about marriage stuff and several pictures of happy gay (no pun) people (but most of the "straight" normal people looked sad). Society is adding more and more into as many shows and movies as they can. I was just reading from https://www.looper.com/175201/things-only-adults-notice-in-how-to-train-your-dragon/ "There are many memorable denizens of Berk, but without a doubt, the most adorable viking of the bunch is Gobber, the village blacksmith. He's played to perfection by Craig Ferguson, and beyond his numerous hilarious and heartwarming moments, there's also a brief moment in How to Train Your Dragon 2 that hints an additional layer to his character. When Hiccup's father, Stoick, is reunited with his missing wife, Valka, their interactions start off sweet for a moment, but then they start feuding pretty much immediately. This interaction leads to Gobber commenting, "This is why I never married. This and one other reason." At this point, Gobber gets cut off, and the issue is never brought up again, so we never learn why Gobber never married. There are a few different ways to read this unfinished statement, but perhaps the most interesting way to do so is that Gobber was about to admit to being gay. This interpretation was confirmed by screenwriter Dean DeBlois. Apparently, the line was ad-libbed by Ferguson in the booth, and DeBelois, himself a gay man, decided to keep it in, since it was an opportunity for a bit of queer representation in a mainstream film. Perhaps this is why Gobber is able to relate to Hiccup more than any of the other Vikings in town. He also grew up feeling like an outsider. While Stoick keeps trying to change his son, Gobber keeps telling him "stop trying so hard to be something you're not."" I am sick and tired and my kids are falling for it, especially my daughter who supports her friends, who are onily 13 and 14, in their "gay lifestyles" and their false religions wearing those damn toga or hat things and can not be seen in public without them crap.
  3. I saw it couple of years ago. Good flick. Do people still use "flick" these days?
  4. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/santa-clarita-shooting-2-teens-killed-attack-came-on-suspects-birthday-officials-say/ar-BBWKXvN?li=BBnb7Kz The last thing on these people's minds are Thanksgiving and Christmas and all that food and money stuff. I think while people are going along their merry days, they need to think about these people too. The victims. The dead and where their souls could be. The attackers. Stuff like this, and not going to explain why, never escapes my minds over these few decades. I am not big on July 4th, Memorial Day, Christmas lights and singing, and Mondays.... when I do participate in something, I feel guilty for the people just worse than when I see a beggar when I can not even afford food for my self of the kids most of the time either. I known a good amount of people who had family lose their lives, especially the holidays, over the ages. Hecky, just Tuesday was the one year of a coworker's passing of his three year aged daughter. So, I think people need a reminding that while they are going to buy food and presents, we have victims of another school shooing to watch and pray over, and am sure this is not the last one for 2019 in America either.
  5. Heh, in a Doctor Who episode "The God Complex" a character from a species of cowards who let their world get conquered over and over again: GIBBIS: Personally, I think you've got the right idea. Times like this, I think of my old school motto. Resistance Is Exhausting.
  6. The only reality I watch is when I wake up each day after 3h sleep and deal with life on this planet. Anything on TV is fake, scripted, or both (like the news).
  7. Mine is from the Borg of the Star Trek series: Resistance is futile.
  8. Oh. Guess I jumped in on the game too late. I only read the first few posts. Not all 199 pages of it.
  9. Pineapples. Would you rather be rich but can only eat fast food (McDonald's, Burger King, etc) for the rest of your human life span, or be poor and can only eat healthier foods?
  10. There is nothing I can think of buying with my letter. Thinking about the few items I do but, none even start with that. From Dollar Tree I buy bread and flavored water, sometimes canned black beans, and from overpriced super markets I buy cheese (for the bread so I can make cheese sandwiches for lunch) and frozen pizzas (dinner). Yea, that is pretty much what I can afford to buy and none with my letter.
  11. https://www.looper.com/168130/rumor-report-will-disney-finally-give-elsa-a-girlfriend-in-frozen-3/ Two of my kids are sick of this crap. All this gay and trans propaganda is ruining minds of children. The rebooted She-Ra cartoon has gay characters. Now my daughter who used to love Jesus is more accepting of her young friends gay lifestyles, as if these kids even know what sexuality should really be, than in God himself.
  12. Thank you. I just need a part time, on my own schedule, work from home tech job that does not require voicing to people. I can just access a system remotely and try fixing it. I need extra income and I have been looking for years for such a task form a valid company. I tried others that were just fakes.
  13. @George, I will try that. Thank you. @Repose, I have been doing all that for years. I also did mention LinkedIn in my post and I have made postings there too for years, even to Christian professionals, but no replies. So I came asking for prayers. Thanks, all.
  14. It took me years to finally get some decent pay after my 2011 layoff, but far from a proper living wage. I live very simple but sadly I live in an ever increasing costly apartment that I am stuck in until I can afford to buy a real home again one day. My current job (IT) takes a lot out of me because all my energy goes into the commute. Short commute, sure. But I hate driving. Idiotic people on their little mobile devices who are distracted without both hands on the wheel; onlookers seeing why a car is on the side of the road, not because they want to help but because they want to see if the girl is pretty or because their own lives are boring; people who dare touch their breaks on the highway. No, these are not dumb drivers, they are targets to me that I really want to eliminate. So, all my energy goes into not hurting anyone back and forth to work. The more traffic I deal with (yes, even at 5a) the more my hearts race. All my stress goes into driving only. I have no problem staying at work until 7 or 9p, just as I think about the drive home.... My job (my company is sadly very liberal) is demanding as well so I do not always go home "on time." So what I need is a job to work from home. I have spent years looking for a proper one. Simple, remote access computer repair. Not sales. Not cold calling something. Not be on the phone at all because, well let us just not get into phones (and yes, I have a home line). So I have asked around for years even on LinkedIn for a text/chat/email based tech support part time job I can do from home on my own systems on my own hours. I just can not find one. I can not, and will not, work a part time job when I do not have an exact work schedule now, and including traffic I can never promise when I will arrive to another place. I can not deal with people face to face anymore. No customer support or cashier or type jobs. No, I need to be able to work from home, which is when I am the most productive when doing a job. So I am asking for prayers that God can land me one. I am asking for prayers one comes to be because it is a job spending hours and hours searching online that I am not doing anything else, especially make any extra money. Prayers. A long shot I know. Thank you.
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