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  1. You're at a doctors appt.. You get on an elevator because it's a few floors up. The first floor a married couple gets on with you. The second floor a man and a woman. For some strange reason the electric shutdown on the elevator. The emergency light on the elevator works. You're the only Christian. Maybe this is a good time to witness for God? The one thing though is you have no bible on you. So in this 3 hour dilemma being stuck on an elevator and having no bible simulate this situation in your mind. What do you say to these people? Imagine that these other people our members of worthy. Say all the things you would say to them.. whether bible scriptures etc. Remember this... since you don't have a bible on the elevator you also can't look up any verses. Try your best what you know about things you know about the bible, God, salvation,etc.. As I remember in the book of Peter we are to be ready with an answer.
  2. I first want to ask this. Why is it called the Dead Sea? Is there living fish and other sea creatures in the Dead Sea or maybe not at all? Who knows about the Dead Sea? My second question is what about the Dead Sea scrolls. What is the true history of the discovery of the Dead Sea scrolls? How do we know these scrolls are authentic real and genuine? What did they do to prove their validity to especially Christians and Jews who maybe most interested in these Dead Sea scrolls? What scrolls of the bible did they find? Were there books not found? Were there extra scroll writings there also? How accurate are the ancient words on the Dead Sea scrolls? Where are these scrolls at today? Can others look at them at some kind of museum perhaps somewhere in the world? Well just in general share what others here may know of the Dead Sea scrolls. If one has read about them plus also the Dead Sea also. Does it have life or not in that sea?. . What color is that sea? Is it blue green or anything else? You don't have to answer all questions if you can't. Just try your best what you may know of the sea and also the scrolls.
  3. As I was reading a book here at home Pastor Shane Pruitt was talking about some Christians trying to be super human. There are a number of clichés that make some Christians feel like they are invincible. In reality though God knows that we have fear of uncertain things in life. Well Shane Pruitt and his wife was feeling anxiety to adopt a child with severe disabilities. Those church clichés they heard never worked for what they heard. They would have to adapt to a life they never lived before. In the end everything turned out just fine. Although their adopted son in a wheelchair he can do a lot from it. I also want to say some of those in the bible had fears also. Abraham was afraid of being killed by the Egyptians because of Sarah his wife being fair. Moses was afraid and tried to be the one not to get the people out of Egypt. Obviously was Jonah was afraid because he took the boat to Tarshish. Daniel was afraid because Nebuchadnezzar was putting people to death. One of them was almost him. Saul who was Paul was blinded when he was on his way to Damascus. Last John in Revelation fell on his face when he saw the vision of the Lord. So you see fear can be helpful to us that in the sense we will do the right thing. On the other hand we should not be afraid of everything. There is many times we should have faith and courage in God. I leave with this verse Psalm 3 verse 3 You are like a shield about me Lord. You are my glory. The one who lifts up my spirit and keeps me going oh Lord.
  4. I am sure that most people have some kind of fears... It doesn't really matter how much someone says that they are tough. They still have fears. I'm not afraid to tell you my fears.. I've always been afraid of heights. If I were to be for example on the 2nd floor of the mall I wouldn't not want to look over the rail. I don't know why I would be afraid when I know I really wouldn't fall. I still however have been on rollercoasters and airplanes. On the airplane I sit on the aisle not the window. My 2nd fear is closed places. I imagine myself in really small type places. The good news is that it's never happened. The last one is I'm kind of afraid of dying. Whatever I have done in this life I am going to be judged. I am not one of those people that believe in the once saved always saved. There are more scriptures that can prove you can lose your salvation. To put it this way it's the fear of standing before God. I don't know whose names are in the Book of Life. Who am I to say if they are or are not? Would others here want to share your fears? It can be any fear you have. So who would like to answer next?
  5. Does anyone here know about the Jewish calendar? 1. How many months are in the Jewish calendar? 2 What are the names of all the months? 3 How many days are in each month? 4. Do the American Jews honor the Jewish calendar? 5. What are the similarities and differences between the Jewish and calendars of today? 6. Is the end of day on the Jewish calendar always sunset? If so why? 7. Do you or can you as a Christian honor this calendar? If so how do you go about it? If you aren't able to answer all of these answer the ones you can.
  6. It seems like online shopping is very popular these days. I don't get any rides anymore. So I have to get things online. Here's are the top 4 online shopping to go. Then I am going to ask others which one they like best and why. 1. Ebay 2 Walmart 3 Amazon 4 Craiglist Basically which one of these do you like and your family and why? If there's not one here which one do you go to? I will give my answer later.
  7. I don't have any pets as of now. It's partly because I can't afford the vet bills. My girlfriend is also sad when the animals pass away. I did grow in a home with a lot of animals mostly dogs and some cats. I also had those boring goldfish. My sister once had a couple of parakeets for a short time. 2 white rabbits and 1 black rabbit, and 1 chameleon. The most 3 most memorable cats was Panther looked just like his name and was with us the longest. Once while going to school he started to follow me and decided to lie die in the middle of the street to clean himself while a car was coming. I told him to go home and he did. The next cat is Tazmo who had the same markings as Sylvester and from the same litter was Zeke. Zeke was mean but Tazmo was nice. As far as dogs go there was leighdie who was the mother dog. She 2 litters of puppies at 2 different times. My sister who put dogs in dog shows kept 2 from this litter. One was JD, German Shephard and the other Blitz. She put JD in the show and he did alright. She taught him in simple German commands. He was always kind of a pest though barking in Leighdie's ears. Then she got a Siberian Huskie named Koda. He had one brown eye and one blue. He howled but didn't bark. One time he ran away he was found at a hot dog stand named Foster Freeze eating French fries in the back. My mom's boyfriend had a Golden Retriever named Rebel. He may have been abused before because he may have been abused. The last 3 dogs were American Eskimos. Their names were Winston, Pretty, and Isis. Winston was my sisters favorite dog she ever had. He was also the smartest dog knowing a few tricks. We still talk about the memories of these dogs to this day. Are there any members here like to talk about any pets of any kind? You can talk about any you owned back then or ones you have now. Just in case you don't have any pets you may talk about someone else's pets. On your mark ..get pets.. Go!
  8. Well the priority for me is NKJV to study for accuracy in it's modern English from it's original KJV. Even sometimes I misunderstand things in the KJV. So in that case I also use the NCV New Century Version. I think this version cleared a lot of things up I didn't know before. Sometimes I look at the ESV for a backup. When it comes to the origins and accuracy of the bible then I use NKJV. These are 3 I hate. 1 Tyndale Bible I hate the way the words are twisted around and giving it another meaning. 2 the NWT New World's Translation read by the Jehovah Witnesses. I once studied with them in junior high. They take the word cross out of the Bible because they believe Jesus dies on the stake. In other cases it pretty close to the regular bible. 3 Last is the Message Bible. This Bible might as well be called The Romper Room bible. It's sounds like a little kids Bible with no advanced vocabulary. I think this is insulting to God making him to seem like he is stupid which he is not.
  9. It seems that churches and commentaries seems to disagree on their interpretation of Revelation. It seems like we don't understand them at times either. These are the things that churches and commentaries seem to differ to a certain degree. 1. The Beast with 7 Heads and 10 horns. 2. The Mystery of Babylon. Who is this woman really to be? 3. What do they mean about that Great City? Are they talking about Babylon or another city? So from what you studied what do you think these interpretations are?
  10. My favorite man in the bible is Daniel in the book of Daniel. As a matter of fact when I remember that Elton John song Daniel my brother who goes on a plane reminds me for some reason Daniel in the bible. Daniel wanted to eat vegetables. They thinking he was going to be weak. He was yet strong. And Daniel was very well read. And he was very prayerful. The lions did not harm him as he continued to pray to God. Also when he was sent to Nebuchadnezzar to interpret his dreams. That would become bible prophecy to us today. Of the Old Testament books Daniel says more about Revelation than most other Old Testament prophetic books. . My favorite woman in the bible is the woman who was sick. She found her way through the crowds. She did touch the cloak and or robe of Jesus. She showed great faith just by doing nothing. I mean not even one word was uttered from her. But saying only if I were to touch his cloak or robe I may be better. I wish I had faith as much as she did. That I guess I would not think that would be so realistic to happen. I probably would have been begging on my knees to Jesus like some others did. . But this woman had so much faith. She really totally believed in Jesus. This is the kind of faith all should have. But only if that were possible to be so that is. I know our faith can vary from person to person. She sets a good example for us. I once had a dream years ago. I was walking through a crowd. Suddenly unexpectedly Jesus was there. He almost fell down. I somehow had held onto Jesus arm that he would not fall down. It all happened so quickly in this dream. I was not knowing this to happen . . Jesus is the only one in my life on several occasions I have dreamt about. But I've also had some very eerie dreams of Satan and or demons in one way or the other coming after me really harsh that is . . including dreams both the number of the beast and the antichrist during the tribulation aspect. . So for years I'm a deep thinker. God on my mind much playing out in the dreams including the upcoming days of the great trib.
  11. Of course we all know that Jesus should be everyone's favorite from the bible. Now after Jesus who is your favorite? You can choose 1 male and 1 female.. You can even include any of the angels if you wish. Why do you choose who you did?
  12. So maybe sometimes you go to your local restaurants. As you know people usually give a tip after they eat. Well the restaurants suggests about 20%. So that is equal to $2 for every $10. Fancy restaurants are asking for 30% but that is outrageous. So let's just focus on the standard 20%. I have 3 questions about tips.. No this isn't Game show Let's Make A Deal what's behind curtain number 1 curtain 2 or curtain 3 1 Are you the kind of person to try to get as close to 20% to leave a tip? 2 Are you the kind of person that will leave more then 20%? 3. Are you the kind of person that will either leave less 20%or no tip at all? Let me give you my answer first.. I fit most likely in category 1.. However since I am low income I usually don't get expensive food. So usually $2 or $3. I think there was one occasion where I left $5 but don't remember what for. Ok you get the idea.. Who is next?
  13. Well there are a couple of things that have caught my attention.. I know in the Bible it says we shall live in perilous times. I remember 3 school shootings for example.. The Florida February 14, 2018, at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Santa Fe High School in Texas 5-18-18 he was a loner and a social outcast. He chased his victims down and was laughing while shooting them. He also collects these demonic type symbols. Last is the Colorado Stem school shooting that happened this year May 8th. Last sign is that I have noticed is earthquakes.. That have been many and God said they would be diverse. Some of the most recent most severe have been in Alaska. While California has been having earthquakes they are not as bad as Alaska. There was one in the Philippines and the recent one in Peru. These are what I remember.
  14. Journey365

    Input needed

    First of all Willa I don't like your post.. This woman came here for the first time and confessed her sins. Even though she came to confess you are too judgmental. If I was a new member I would leave for good. Let's follow in Jesus example. Let's remember the woman in the bible that confess to Jesus she had committed adultery. The people that stood around her had said "She committed adultery . Let us stone her." But Jesus answered the people saying, " If any of you have not committed a sin then you be the one to throw the first stone." Realizing that Jesus the Son of God was right they dropped their stones and left. Therefore we shall have mercy and compassion to those that have confessed their sins. So Jeril therefore God knows your heart. You are forgiven. You are doing right by leaving the situation. The reason why I use username Journey 365 is because are walk is with Jesus everyday. So Jeril keep on your walk with God and everything will be well. You're not the only one that have slipped. I have and others too. Lastly, we are all Christians and walking in this journey to God.
  15. hi 4everyume. Many of us in life have been upset or angry towards God. . And because even sometimes we may have thought someone is to blame for what is going wrong in one's life. It is therefore common that people can say it is God's fault. Therefore as blaming God saying they hate him. Know however God is all knowing. He knows that this can happen just out of anger alone. Just like when two spouses married argue and say hurtful things. But then after saying hurtful or bad things to your spouse what then do we do? Yes we simply say sorry for all what I have said and done and from there things should be ok. That's all we need to say to God when we say we hate him or are upset at God for some reason. We are human and not perfect. And yet God is a perfect and also loving and a very forgiving God. So just tell your friend to sincerely say to God he or she was sorry for saying those unkind words toward God the Lord. And also just as important he or she to say I will not do this anymore Lord. When we turn from our sins this is also called repenting or turning back. This is just as important to do also to confess our sins. As for example in Matthew 3 when John the Baptist saw the Sadducee and Pharisees to confess their sins was yet not enough. It is however the first part of that process for God to forgive us. But John the Baptist also said if yo want to be forgiven even more then just being baptized and confessing your sins you also shall produce good fruits turning from your ways. So if your friend confesses to God their wrong in their heart of silence or in audible words and also not to do this anymore because not to do this anymore really shows we were genuinely sorry. Yes actions speaks as much as words. As other one says from that point study the bible and to know the Lord as your personal Savior and he does listen as a friend. The bible tells us that Jesus is even closer than a brother. That means he is so very forgiving. So tell your friend to worry no more. Just confess and turn from the sin and all will be well. No need of a special prayer, memorized or repetitive. In fact the bible tells us not to do repetitive over and over same exact ritual prayers. . Those kind of prayers actually are not sincere. Just pray and or confess naturally with your own kind and sincere words. Come to God in full honesty and the grace of God shall be upon you . . How do I know? I've been angry at God in my past too. I was also once afraid to face God. But it took years for me to understand that we can't do anything so wrong that God is not willing to forgive us. I tell you this by experience. When we confess and not do those sins anymore God completely erases them all. Isaiah 43:25 25"I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions, for my own sake, and remembers your sins no more. The local police stations will keep your records wrong. But God is greater then me. God erases all our wrongs and that is what is so great and wonderful about our Lord and Savior God. You are washed completely clean . Tell your friend let the joy of God be in their heart. God loves you and he forgives you. He has heard your heart to ask of him . . God is always there for us in all things and never be afraid to ask God. We can trust God more then anyone..
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