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  1. I ask for repentance every week. I go to Russian Orthodox Church.
  2. I'm working on it. To be honest a lot of those PhD students love working for our company. Specially in the UK, if you are a PhD students, you won't get a lot from university by part time tutoring at undergrad level. A lot of these PhD students work at Starbucks or Uber. But I had a conversation with our family priest last week. He is not happy with this. Although I am too old to start something new, I am thinking of starting something else.
  3. Thanks for your kind words. Nobody is perfect and I am not exactly a saint. I am trying to win living for my family.
  4. Clearly Orthodox church should not tolerate such a behaviour. It would be very difficult to restore a reputation when it's hurt. Take Catholic church as an example.
  5. It breaks my heart when I see such a sin is committed by a clergy.
  6. Serbian Orthodox Church Rocked By Sex Scandal https://www.rferl.org/a/serbia-orthodox-church-bishop-orgies-rape-scandal/24965214.html A friend of mine sent this to me. This is what he commented: It’s not to criticise Eastern orthodoxy, but to know that it’s not immune to corruption like any man made institution. What would you respond?
  7. I don't see a big problem with it. Universities are here to make money. Nothing else.
  8. I would like to share this article here: Is it Ethical to Use Essay Writing Services? https://www.selfgrowth.com/articles/is-it-ethical-to-use-essay-writing-services
  9. Very good answer. But at the end of the day I need to bring bread to the table of my family. I am not hurting anyone but the so called educational establishment which are nothing but debt creating factories.
  10. Hi. A bit pessimistic Jayne. The last thing I want is to advertise my business in a Christian Forum. I asked a genuine question. Thanks God we get enough traffic and orders and we really don't need to promote it here. Thanks for your reply.
  11. Not true. We get a lot of orders for editing and proofreading. Especially for dissertations. But in general yes. We also write everything from scratch.
  12. They will simply fail their whole course. They will never graduate.
  13. Thanks. Let me go more in details. There are certain people in my life I would never forgive them. I think quite a lot about them.
  14. I always have a puzzle about my work. I am not sure if it's totally moral or Christian as I consider myself a very devoted person to the faith. A few years ago I started tutoring for wealthy international students in London. Then I slightly moved to writing assignments and closing projects for them. Writing essays, editing their dissertation, doing coursework and so on. The business grew and I had to subcontract it to a few other writers (mainly PhD students in London to work for some extra cash) to handle the workload. Withing a few years we became one of the industry leading academic essay writing companies in the world now getting assignment and university essays from UK, US, Canada and Australia. I always have this question if what I am doing is right. Some people say this is cheating. Some people say we don't recognise universities authorities as they are here to make money (not educating). What do you think? Can someone be a Christian and still have an essay writing company? Please advise me.
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