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  1. You don't like the Beatles? What on earth is wrong with you!
  2. So.....Where talking about The Beatles now?
  3. Well I guess I know when I've been told. Carry on then.
  4. I like your cartoons and I think it is good to talk about topics. But sometimes it feels like we are all sounded like "Christian snobs" looking down on others who are not doing things as we think they should. Perhaps you have a cartoon about showing compassion to others. Just for a change of pace. As I know as Christians we can forget to show that to people because we are so consume with pointing out to others all the sin that is in their life.
  5. Sometimes it is not so easy to follow. Not saying you should or shouldn't. I am just being real here in what I say. First you have to find someone who is a Christian. Then their Christian believes need to work with your Christian believes. What I mean by that is it would be unlikely that I would marry a Christian if say he believed that watching tv and playing rock music was sinful things. So let say you find someone who is a Christian and their believes line up with yours. Well then you have to fall in love. Then they have to be someone you want to marry and someone you can see yourself spending the rest of your life with. There are a few more things like employment and how many children you can agree on but I just wrote the highlights. Sometimes it all lines up and works out. Other times you find yourself having a very long search. Finding someone you can fall in love with and marry is hard enough as it is. Finding someone who shares your religious believes that you can fall in love and marry is very hard. Again I am not telling anyone what the right or the wrong thing is to do. But back before I found someone and got married. It was very very hard to find a suitable boy friend that I liked enough to be a boy friend and who also shared my religious believes. God Bless!
  6. And....I don't think people who voted for him got what they voted for. Some of them are slowly waking up and realizing this. Others are a bit slower.
  7. Well the people who didn't vote for him are getting it too.
  8. I posted a topic in here about how we are told we are not suppose to question a person's salvation. I'm sure this fits in there somewhere. Oh I just thought of it. I have to tell a story about it though. When I was in 7th grade I went to church camp for the summer. This whole thing about dating unsaved people was talk about a lot by the youth pastors there. Like a lot. Well on the last night of church camp, it was Friday Night Pizza Date Night. All the teens would hook up with someone for this Friday night church camp date night where they all would hold hands and eat pizza together. All over the place you would hear a girl or boy asking each to this Friday night pizza date and the question that always came after someone asking someone to Friday pizza date night was "Are you a Christian?" To which anyone who wants to have a date for church camp Friday night pizza would answer "yes." So I wanting to be the best Christian as I could be at the time. I was new to all of it and I didn't even have a boyfriend nor have I ever been on a date. So I asked the youth pastor"how am I to know that someone I am dating is a Christian? If I ask them they are just going to say that they are a Christian." Okay so this is where my topic I posted on here a while back comes in. The youth pastor told me that I would know that someone is a Christian by how they act and the things they do. Well I don't know how it all really fits in with this topic but I think it was a nice story. Oh and I did find me a date for Friday night pizza night and then we broke up a few days later after I went home and never saw each other again.
  9. I'm just going to say it. Pro Life people get into office then the they start cutting programs for the poor. Just makes me wonder is all.
  10. Well they are not free. Drug test have to be paid for. Just adding more to the cost of things if you ask me.
  11. I think you are allowed to say what you want in a store. You just can't scream it at other shoppers.
  12. I think that is why they did it. So why all this talk about free speech on here?
  13. If it is not your thing pick something else to listen too. Why do we need to run down something just because it is not to our personal liking?
  14. Well what are we arguing about then we agree with eachother. Without out of the way I can do the rest of my laundry.
  15. Yes I did see the video. I seen it a few days before on youtube. I'm not sure what that has to do with my post though. If I am misunderstanding you please say so but your saying that Wal Mart is violating her free speech by ban her but not by telling her to leave? Is that what you are saying? Or am I misunderstanding. Cause I do that sometimes.