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  1. I forgot all about this thread. I just posted it then ran off and looked what happen. I need to stay on top of things.
  2. LOL ! I love this comment.
  3. I'm confused about the story. So the guy's wife is an American citizen I take it since she voted? I thought if you married an American citizen you could become an American citizen? Like I said I'm confused.
  4. How many post are we going to have on this topic?
  5. Well maybe that's how Trump won? Them 19 dead people voted for him.
  6. Well did 19 dead people vote?
  7. If I had won the election I wouldn't be going on about voter fraud. You know what they say about people who live in glass houses.
  8. No I never think these things when it is going on. And since I normally go it does not come up often.
  9. LOL Well that would go over good. Should I also add I was out parting last night as well? I know they mean well, and I know I have people issues. I just need to work it out.
  10. Actually I miss type kitten paws LOL!
  11. You know them things in the kitchen that help you take out hot stuff from the oven! You know kitchen paws. ROFL
  12. Uh. Mr Trump. LOL
  13. Well he seems to be a little thin skin. I don't think he takes criticism very well.
  14. Maybe not. But she is just 17. Sometimes though I do wonder if Mr. Trump would get upset about what some of us say on here.