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  1. Well. Word has gotten out around the apartment complex that I had a mouse issues. Today an elderly neighbor lady knocked on my door and gave me advice on what to do about the mice. LOL !
  2. Oh and one more thing to consider. This could open the church up to a law suit. If anything dose go on it could be said that the church had knowledge of his past behavioral and they could be held liable in a law suit should something happen.
  3. Now if he was wrongly accused that is something else. But you state here that he did do this. If this is what he did. Then I don't think I would be allowing my child to attend his youth classes. As for being a pastor. Well someone wiser then me should make that call. But again my child would not be attending cause this has red flags going up all over the place.
  4. Oh I do not think that would be good for me at all. I attended a church like that when I first moved from a small town to the Detroit area. The church seem okay but it was so large that it was very impersonal. I do not even think that the pastor knew I was even there. I went for a little while then found a smaller church to attend.
  5. I think you are to take this up with the pastor. Tell them what you think. Pastors can lose their way just like the rest of us. It could be that the pastor got off trek somewhere without realizing it. If after the pastor refuses to listen then maybe you need to find another church. That is up to you and how you feel about it. But this is what I would do.
  6. Anyway back to the topic. Twisted, evil people become mothers. Motherhood dose not take that away. They just become a twisted, evil person who gave birth.
  7. No that's not it. I watch all kinds of murder documentaries and I have not kill anyone.
  8. I could use some prayers. These past few months work as been slow for my husband and he is also dealing with some health issues. I have been dealing with depression for months now over all of this. Thank You and God Bless.
  9. Mine is still in a box somewhere. I might pull it out tomorrow sometime.
  10. Yes this is a good ideal. Except I am not going to be running around at night looking for glowing mice.
  11. I'm going back to my "Mouse In The Kitchen" topic. This one is far to intense for me.
  12. I should have been more clear and was going to. But just the thought hit my head to explain that, I got distracted by my daughter who was asking me why I told her she can't go outside right now. Then when I came back to my post I forgot all about it and went right on posting my reply with no thought that what I was saying was going to taken personally. So anyway. What I should have said but forgot to say is that my post is not directed towards you personally. Or anybody else for that matter. You just happen to say something that brought my thoughts to mind. Since your post brought those thoughts to my mind I quoted you then forgot to explain that it was not meant to point you out. So my post was directed towards this whole thread topic. Not anyone one person.
  13. Okay. Here is what I have to say and think about the matter of Halloween. I do believe that demonic things can and do happen on Halloween. Sure there are people who worship the dark side on Halloween. I know this to be true. I just don't see kids dressing up as their favorite super hero, or a panda bear being anything demonic or part of the worshiped of the dark side. Nor do I see anything demonic about neighbors handing out candy. In my small town trick or treating is a community event. People sit outside on their lawns passing out candy to whoever walks by. The police are everywhere and they too hand out candy. A lot of elderly people really enjoy this as they love to see children and love giving them candy. Even a few nursing homes near by have a trick or treat night. So that parents can bring their children to the nursing homes so the elderly there can hand out candy to the kids. There is much laughter and enjoyment in the event. Anyway that is what goes on here. To which I see no evil at play with any of that. Now with that said. If in your heart you feel that you should not partake in any of this. Then by all means do not partake. No one is forcing you to do so. No one is telling you to do so. I do not pass judgment on anyone who feels that they should not take part in any of this. So that is what I think about all of that.
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