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  1. Hi. Looking over the replies it seems that some have missed the point of the post. Which was in a nutshell how laws and rules of our society seem to work against the poor. Then we criticize people who are forced to go on welfare because in our eyes they are not truly poor since they are not living as they do in 3 world nations. I just wanted to point out that many of our laws simply do not allow the poor of our society to live as the poor do in 3 world nations.
  2. Well thank you MG. Tho I have been in a bit of of mod lately.
  3. And this has what to do with the topic?
  4. Well I do know how to check the facts of what someone says instead of just going along with it.
  5. Well this whole post for me wasn't a debate on Islam or Sharia Law. It was about what was truth and what was being made up. (And yes I put in where I stand on such things as religions freedom.) But then somehow my point got lost and so it became a debate about do I support rights to this group for that group. When all I was trying to dispute of the reliability of the statements that were being made in the very first post. Rather or not such things were true.
  6. Well now. Just how did we go from there being no evidence to Trump asking about his power to pardon family members and himself? Seems like an interesting development to me.
  7. We're getting nowhere here so I'm just going to go. Have a good night.
  8. My issue is with false stories being pass off as truth. That was my issue. As for the Islam religion or not religion, my comments about religion freedom was made about Muslims being allowed to have a prayer room. As I felt there was nothing wrong with such a thing just as I would feel there is nothing wrong with Christians praying around the flag poll in the morning. Sorry for any misunderstandings that may have happen because I was not clear enough in my post before.
  9. Other one said Islam was not a religion. So what is it.
  10. I am sorry for the misunderstanding. But as I read the post it look to me as though Muslim religion was being mixed in with whatever Islam is.
  11. I looked at this photo and thought that somethings did not look right to me. No head coverings for one thing. So I did some research like I always do because I question everything. Here is what I found. The photograph, which seems to have come from somewhere in Europe around 2011, found new life in the summer of 2016 with the web site Conservative Daily Post claiming the photograph showed “Kids Engaging in Obama’s New ‘Cultural Immersion’ School Program.” The white supremacist web site, The Daily Stormer, used the image in a July 2016 in a post condemning “multiculturalism.” Note it says a white supremacist web site. Here is the whole story and yes it is from Snopes I do not care if the OP does or does not believe me. I only care that other people are not fooled by these untrue of half truth stories. That cause hatred and misunderstanding to be spread about a group of people.
  12. You need to read all the post to see what I was trying to get across.
  13. I tend to stick to the facts of things instead of flying off the handled and having a knee jerking resounds to everything I see posted online. I research the facts of the matter then I deiced what would be the best cores of action and from there.
  14. No one can forbid a student from praying if they so choose to do so on their own. Students can not be force into praying by having a teacher lead the class in prayer.