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  1. LadyKay

    Trump's Peace Plan? Any Guesses?

    I agree.
  2. LadyKay

    Trump's Peace Plan? Any Guesses?

    Peace, Peace they all say peace. But there will be no true peace until Jesus comes.
  3. OH My! .....that's all I can say to that. 😱
  4. Really? Are they using other books for study? Just wondering.
  5. So I have read that some of you complain that you have been unable to find a real Bible beliving church. So much so that some of you choose to not attend church because you do not feel they are doing what is right. So I was wondering, for those of you who feel this way;if you could share what you have seen these churches do to make you think they are not a Bible beliving church? There will be no argument from me about whatever you say. I am just interesting to hear why you feel the way you do. Also no need to name the church. I don't want anyone to feel offended.
  6. LadyKay

    Christians and drinking

    I dance. In my livingroom. And sometimes in the grocery store if they play KC & The Sunshine Band. As for the cartoon. I think drinking is like a lot of other things is a personal matter between you and God. But if you are crashing your car into a tree and rolling on the ground looking like a fool, you may want to consider giving it up. But a person having a drink like ONE drink. Dose not normally end up in an out of control behavior. As for me. I don't think God wants me to drink. It seems rather clear to me that that is a path he dose not wish me to follow. So I just don't. But I do not bash those who do. I simply answer them as I do now. It is between you and God, and of course your behavior. If you can have a drink and be at peace with that, then fine for you. But if you then go beat your wife and kids, then it is a path that God would not want you to be on. So that is my answer to your cartoon. Party on. 🤪
  7. LadyKay

    Christianity in the Matrix?

    Well shoot. I thought this was going to be an interesting post on Christianity and the Matrix. But all I got was some happy face with dollars signs. 😑
  8. LadyKay

    why are dragons and Leviathan in the Bible?

    Not to start a KJV Vs NIV debate(on please don't let that happen again) But the NIV uses the word "monster" instead of "dragon". Could it have been that way back then, that any unknown sea creature would be consider a "monster"? Then perhaps at the time that the King James was written, the right translation of the word would have been "dragon". Because maybe "dragon" was consider the right word for any unknown creature? This is just a thought? Not saying it is fact. Only a thought. A footnote I found says this: sea monster … Leviathan These were creatures from ancient stories. People believed that they kept the world from being a safe, orderly place. So this verse means that God controls every part of the world and everything in it. It was you who split open the sea by your power; you broke the heads of the monster in the waters. (from the NIV)
  9. LadyKay

    why are dragons and Leviathan in the Bible?

  10. I am now reading this thread for entertainment only. As Some of the "fear Facebook" comments are very entertaining. 🤪
  11. I'm not wearing socks.🧦
  12. Wow. You people got some judgmental issue concerning Facebook. I use it to talk to my family. Most of which are out of state. I also use it to check the school events, local events and small town happenings such as what time the swimming pool will open. Our church is on FB. It gets church info to the members and know about anyone in need of prayer. Or any other church info that is needed. FB is like anything else. It is all in the way you use it. Sure if you want to post embarrassing photos of yourself, it will come back to bite you. But FB does not make you post embarrassing photos. That is all up to you. And I bet nothing I said is going to make any difference to anyone here. Your all just going go back and spout off how evil FB is when I am done. 😵
  13. It is nothing of the sort. I freely post Bible verses and speak my thoughts on how I love Jesus with no issues what so ever. You get people who violate the terms of service, then when they get removed for doing so they cry persecution. That is what is going on.
  14. LadyKay

    New Trend or Am I Just Catching Up?

    I think in order to judge a hymn or a song or even a book, you must consider the time in which it was written.