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  1. hope you are having a good Sunday :) God bless you sister!

  2. I'm Done!

    I'm done here! This site is being over run with rude, unChristian like posters.
  3. I Thes 5:22

    I WAS NOT MAKING AN ACCUSATION AGAINST ANYONE! I was not replying to anyone's post! All anyone ever wants to do on here is argue with each other! We are suppose to be Christians! I said what I said with the though that it would be a peaceful resolutions for both sides. Saying that no side is right and no side is wrong. Then you go off accusing me of making false accusations about people! I'm done! You all can argue with each other over this till the cows come home. I'm done!
  4. I Thes 5:22

    Well back to the original topic. I agree that it should be Abstain from every form of evil and not Abstain from all appearance of evil. With that said.I do not think that I will be tossed into hell for following the NIV translation of the verse. Nor do I think that those who follow the KJV of the verse will be tossed into hell for following the KJV. So we should not be condemning one another. I have no ideal why my fonts kept changing in this post.
  5. I Thes 5:22

    I think that is why prayer goes along with reading the scriptures. Along with meaningful time to think about things. So many times in my life I have open my Bible and have falling on just the right passage of scripture that I needed to hear right at that time. And the meaning was clear to me. I think that can only come from God.
  6. I Thes 5:22

    Here is a thought outside the box. You say that the some modern Bibles have changed the meaning of the scriptures. So here is my thought. Maybe they did not change the meaning of the scripture, but maybe what they did was word it in such away that the true meaning of the scripture became more understandable. Thus changing what you thought the meaning was suppose to be.
  7. Is it un-Christian to protest?

    Shouldn't that be what one should do for any protest?
  8. I Thes 5:22

    The thing is, is that I could take the time to research the true meaning of 1 Thessalonians and post what I find on here. Except I really think everyone has made up their minds as to what it says and refuses to listen to anyone else about it. It seems so far in this debate, that anyone who has a different view of the meaning of the verse is accused of not following the scriptures. So I am not going to put in the time to do my research and post what I find on here. No one is going to accept anything other then their point of view anyway.
  9. I Thes 5:22

    No one is understanding what I am saying. Oh well....carry on.
  10. I Thes 5:22

    I am going to ignore these accusations of judgment against me being told I am ignoring scripture and all of that. That is not what this topic is about. It is about what is the right translation of the verse. I for one would like to have an adult discussion on the topic without being judged and scrutinize from others about how well I follow scripture in my life. Now can we all do that?
  11. I Thes 5:22

    Yeah it could. Which is why I need to try not to get so carried away about things.
  12. I Thes 5:22

    What manner of living would that be? As nearly anything anyone does can be look at as evil by someone.
  13. I Thes 5:22

    So the original scripture was written in King James? Hmmmm........
  14. I Thes 5:22

    Yes. That is my understanding of what it means. As there is a lot of killing going on in the Bible. But murder is something else.
  15. I Thes 5:22

    Yes I read what you wrote. I really did not think my reply to this post was going to cause such an upset. Really I simply agreed with the Gator with what he said then I added a few lines of my own to say that the KJV may not be wrong. Just outdated in its wording of some things. Now here we are having this debate about something I am not even sure what. Over a post that took me less then 10 minutes to write.