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  1. LadyKay

    complete bible quotations rule?

    When something seems questionable or I need more info.;I just go look stuff up on my own. We have too many rules on this site as it is.
  2. LadyKay

    What opinions upon Halloween?

    Kind of hard to do when comments are directed towards me. Some of them by name.
  3. LadyKay

    What opinions upon Halloween?

    I liked how everyone just assumed that I was telling everyone not to warren about sin when I pointed out the importance of love. Oh well.
  4. LadyKay

    What opinions upon Halloween?

    I don't think I said any of that. I don't think I told anyone to not point out the Truth. If I did it is not what I meant. It saddens me that pointing out the importance of love gets me put on the "pretenders" list. Real is what I always try to be. Well if that is what everyone thinks. I guess that is how it is going to be.
  5. LadyKay

    What opinions upon Halloween?

    Hey! My here's the deal! My whole comment about love was in a reply to someone who gave their opinion about what should set us apart from the World. All fine and well. I have no argument against what they said. But then I gave my opinion about what I think should set us apart from the World. That being our love. That's the deal!
  6. LadyKay

    What opinions upon Halloween?

    By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.” John 13:35
  7. LadyKay

    What opinions upon Halloween?

    It's all well. I have been wanting to say this. I know I do not measure up to the what the ideal Christian should be by some on this forum. I will never been holy enough for some of you and everything I say will be met with comments of "you need to read your Bible". As if I do not do so. But I am okay with all of that. If anyone here wishes to judge me as less then holy there is not much I can do about that. I'm not going to go get all up and arms and go through the work of trying to prove my "Holiness" to you all or prove that my heart is right with God. If anyone here wants to think of me as one of "the lost",well then so be it.
  8. LadyKay

    I bought lottery tickets

    I was going to buy a new Jeep and a house with an indoor swimming pool and a bowling ally. 😊
  9. LadyKay

    What opinions upon Halloween?

    My kindness is a reflection of my Holiness.
  10. LadyKay

    What opinions upon Halloween?

    God bless you too sister. And my our Lord guide us onto the right path.
  11. LadyKay

    What opinions upon Halloween?

    What makes you think I am not? Other wise I would not say that kindness should set us apart. Love should set us apart. Anyone can follow the "rules". Not do this or dress like that. Not to partake in this or that. But to love. To have love to show love. That is prove of a heart that is changed and a heart that belongs to God.
  12. LadyKay

    What opinions upon Halloween?

    I consider the way we treat others and our kindness to be what sets us apart from the rest of the world. Not so much about how we dress or what holidays we keep or don't keep. Not telling anyone what they should do here but that is just my take on how we are different then the world.
  13. LadyKay

    Fall is upon us. Comfort food! Yum

    Oh yes beans lots of beans they are good for you and good for your heart. The more you eat the more you .......well you know the rest. 😊
  14. LadyKay

    What opinions upon Halloween?

    I just have a question. What is meant by Christianizing evil? Or in this case Halloween? I'm not going to argue. I just don't understand what Christianizing evil or Halloween is?
  15. Boy, the Republicans must really be shaking in their boots about the up coming election to be running all this fear mongering nonsense.