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  1. The cross still stands. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/notre-dame-cathedral-on-fire-crucifix-altar-cross-paris/
  2. I agree. I worship Jesus on Easter Sunday just as I worship Jesus on any other Sunday or day of the week. The only difference that there are more people in church on Easter Sunday.
  3. Well....I am not going to post pages and pages of information on this topic like I have done in the past to back up my belive concerning this matter. Everyone here just has their own mind made up about this subject and we all refuse to change that mind regardless of how many pages of info gets posted on the matter. So I will just answer your question from my take on matters. So here goes: No. It dose not mean that a women can not write a book about Christ or have a Bible teaching on Youtube.
  4. Seems like that would be good advice for "everyone". Not just women.
  5. Thank You all. I thought as much.I really did question myself about this. And this was not meant to be a post about "oh look how holy I am." I was going to word the post in away that it did not include me in it. But I couldn't work out what to say that sounded right. So I just shared what happen. I thought is this a blessing from God or a test? I think it was a test.
  6. Update: It seems what happen is the owner of the shopping plaza canceled the grocery stores less. It seems the two were not getting along.
  7. I just got back from a grocery store. They had roast beef on sale. One of the roast beefs was miss marked with a price of .45 cents. I picked it up and put it into my cart and thought about it. After a few moments I thought "I can't take this, it is clearly a mistake and it just would not be right for me to take advantage of someone". So I pointed it out to the meat department guy who was very grateful that I pointed it out to him. But would it have been dishonest on my part to have snatched it up? I am thinking the cashier would have seen it and question it. But still. What do you all think?
  8. Well this one dose explain how Trump got elected. Oh come on now that was funny. You had to of known I was going to say that.
  9. I myself find it best not to trust Facebook memes for News. While it is good for a laugh and all. Some people actually believe these things and think they are true. Then they go off on the crazy train. We need to be careful what we pass along. Just a thought. Carry on.
  10. Really I think it mostly the owners fault. The prices of their items were twice as much as any place else. They started a remodel last year and got rid of a lot of brand names that people buy saying that they were getting new items in soon. Which seem to never come. So half the time you could not find what you wanted and they seem to have a whole space full of empty shelves. I hardly ever bought produce there because it was usually wilted and over priced. Which I never could understand because we have a huge produce farm right here that sells produce all over the country. It is kind of like living next to the ocean except it's produce and not fish. So produce shouldn't cost that much here. Though for some reason they never carried the local produce. Still though it did provide to the community a place to buy food. And I feel bad for the people who work there who are now going to be with out a job. Frankly I hope we get a Kroger. I love Kroger.
  11. I would say that I think there are many people of color who would disagree.
  12. It seems someone said it was a war cry and there for the OB is believing it to be so. Anywho that is what I think.
  13. Today I found out that my town's grocery store is closing its doors. We do have a small Sav-a-lot store, and a drug store that sells a few grocery items. But they both have very limited selection. This was a family own grocery store and has been here for 37 years. Now it is going to be just another empty building in town. No word on what happen.
  14. Not knowing much more about the church then what you have said. I think it sounds like they are scamming the poor, the sick and anyone else in need of help. You don't have to buy God's healing or your salvation. My advice would be if this is your only church choice. It maybe better for you to have your church at home. Even if it is just you and your own family. Maybe find another Believer who will join you at your home or their home. Jesus says " For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.”
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