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  1. Legalism

    I am not sure how any of my replies to this topic lead to all of that. I guess I must have said more then I thought I said. I have enjoy reading all of this and I do feel I have been educated. Other then that I don't really have anything else to say.
  2. Legalism

    I did really mean to debate anyone. I just wanted to post what I thoughts "legalism" is. But now here I am 27 pages of post later wondering to myself what happen.
  3. Legalism

    Yes. I would call that legalism too.
  4. Legalism

    I'm confused. I don't think I understand your question.
  5. Legalism

    I will happily answer your questions to the best of my ability. What do legalistic people call you ? (quotes if you have any, please)..........I personally do not know any legalistic people. So as far as I know I guess they don't call me anything. I could make a guess and say I think they would consider me to be lost in my sins or not a true follower of Christ. But as I said I do not know any legalistic. So I can not say for sure nor can I provide you with any quotes. What do the Apostles in Scripture call you ? (quotes please)........I did not live in the same time that they lived so as far as I know they have not called me anything. I would guess though that I would be called "Blessed" due to the the verse in John 20:29 says: Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed." I have not seen yet I do believe. There for I would think that I would be called "Blessed". Are 'legalistic' people right (1) sometimes (2) often (3) rarely (4) never (5) always ?.........I think it would depend on the topic. Am I always right? Of course not. Do I get somethings right? I would hope so. Do I know all things all the time and anyone who disagrees with me is wrong and lost in their sins? Of course not. My walk with Christ is always growing and I am always learning as Christ guides my steps. I hope we all feel this way. Are the Apostles in Scripture right (1) sometimes (2) often (3) rarely (4) never (5) always ? ........Yes I do believe that they are right. Though I do think that some of the things Paul said pertain to the time in which he said them. And that many of them have been taking out of that time and applied to our time, causing them to be misunderstood. Well anyway. I have tired to answer your questions to me as best as I can. Though I do not know why you question me as you did. But I do enjoy someone who gets my brain and believes a good work out. So I thank you.
  6. Legalism

    I guess it is a good thing that God does not run things like the DMV. But in all seriousness we should thank him for his mercy and grace.
  7. Legalism

    I try not to get caught up in all of this. I try to allow God to direct me in the way I should go. If others feel they should dress a certain way or not eat certain foods, well I just let people be. Maybe God is leading them on a path that is different then mine. After all he has his own plan for each of us. As I think we are all called to do different work for him.
  8. Legalism

    Well your telling us we must follow God's laws so I thought maybe you did follow all the Old Testament Laws. There are people who do I guess. I know there are many who follow some of them. And if you tell them they don't have to follow them they get mad at you and beat you over the head with the Bible. So I was just asking really. But if my asking is going to upset anyone I am sorry and you don't have to answer.
  9. Legalism

    Well I don't call people legalistic who don't agree with me. I may call them wrong though. LOL
  10. Legalism

    I did. Then when I got to the part about Sheep Dogs and birds with feathers I felt it was time to stop.
  11. Legalism

    So......You follow all the "Laws" of the Old Testament? There are a lot.
  12. Legalism

    What's an SDA?
  13. Legalism

    I am not sure what legalism as to do with Trump. But it seem all topics on here lead to him. Since I just came back out of hiding I am trying to avoid "Trump" issues for the time being. So I guess I don't have anything to say about that right now.
  14. Legalism

    I politely disagree. Legalism is missing the "true" meaning of a passage of scripture. If I can give an example without derailing the topic. (1 Peter 3:3 says: Your beauty should not come from outward adornment, such as elaborate hairstyles and the wearing of gold jewelry or fine clothes) Some have taking this passage to mean that it is a sin to wear jewelry or make up in church. When the real meaning is that one needs to have inner beauty from their heart having a gentle and quiet spirit, which is explain in the next verse 1 Peter 3:4. Yet you will find Legalistic people condemning women for wearing jewelry and make up to church and miss using 1 Peter 3:3 to back them up. That is what legalism is. ( As I said I do not mean to derail the topic. So if anyone would like to debate the meaning of 1 Peter 3:3-4 please make a new topic. I know how things can run a muck sometimes and I do not want that to happen)
  15. That's Right. I'm Back!

    Ah Yes. Jesus does love me despite all my short comings.