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  1. Seen every episode. But I did stop watching when they all grew up and all the actors got replaced by some other people I don't know. Like them new people living in the old Ingall's house. Did watch the last episode though. Also a few years back, I emailed one of the actors who played "Carrie" and she emailed me back!. She was working at a normal job at an insurance office. I think I got the email off of a fan site. It was a long time ago. But anyway that was cool. I told her how much I loved the show and she thanked me for being a fan. In the reruns I can tell what the episode is going to be about just by the name of the guest star. That is how much I have watched this show. So.....Yeah I guess you could call me a fan.
  2. Yeah they let me stay. And I get on everyone's nerves.
  3. Feed Jake he was a good dog my best friend right through it all.
  4. That's I'm done. No more internet for me tonight!
  5. No that's not a troll. I express unpopular opinions all the time and I'm not a troll.
  6. Well no wonder he is not on tv again! If he thinks there is no such thing as global warming he clearly has no ideal what he is talking about.
  7. While I may not be able to save the world to last forever as you say. I do like to live in a clean world as long as I am here. Call me silly but I like having clean air to breath and clean water to drink. And I like trees! So thank you very much!
  8. I'm thinking the way things have been going I should just step off to the side for a bit. This place is giving me heartburn.
  9. This thread has everything, Abortion, bashing of Muslims, gay marriage, this list goes on and on.
  10. This is spreading hate and lies. If I get ban from this post for saying that so be it. But it has to be said. To accuse another group of people of falsehood dose nothing but spread hate for that group. Something Christians should not be part of doing.
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