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  1. I am having a dilemma. My husband works out of town and comes home on the weekends. This is for the most part our only time together. My step daughter who is a grown adult with a child of her own is having issues dealing with life. She can't deal with her child's behavior and freaks out about stuff. A weekend ago my husband and I agreed to take her child for the weekend for a sleep over with my kid who is just one year older. It was chaos! Two kids age 11 and 12 in an apartment making non-stop noise! Both of them have ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder. I took them both to church on Sunday and spent most of the service keeping them in line so to speak. It is a lot for me to deal with. Well...just now, my husband asked me about letting her stay again for the weekend. I was not too happy about this and told him we need our time to together! We had her over last weekend I do not what to be doing this every weekend. Then when I asked what is the reason for taking her this weekend his answer was to give her mother a break. My thoughts on that are I am a stay at home mommy. And since my husband works out of town it is just me and my kid all week long. There is no one I can pass my kid off too if I need a break. I just have to deal with it all on my own! Yeah I am a bit angry about things. Anyway, I want to be a Christian about all of this. But I am human as well. Would saying no to it be unChristian like?
  2. Modern fashion for women is frustrating

    I tell you what, I have not shop at the mall in years. Mall stores tend to cater to younger people. So yeah your going to find tight, skimpy and shot there. I don't want to scar people so I don't dress that way.
  3. Modern fashion for women is frustrating

    Frankly I do not know where you all are shopping at that you can't find modest clothing. Unless by modest you are looking for the Amish look. I have no issue with finding modest clothing. That is if what I am wearing is consider modest to you. The world is going to do what the world does. We can't control that. You can always buy clothes online if you can't find what your looking for in the store. I don't want to post links to sell sights. But just google modest clothing and sites that sell modest clothing will pop up.
  4. Modern fashion for women is frustrating

    Why is this a women's issue. What about men? Shouldn't they dress modest as well? I see them in their little shorts and no shirt and.........I better stop now.
  5. Modern fashion for women is frustrating

    It is really all a matter of personal view. What I might see has immodest someone else may not have an issue with. My grandma thought that shorts above the knee where immodest. While I do not have an issue with this.
  6. how would you interpret this?

    Explain please.
  7. You All Are Confusing Me

    Well we got 2 tithing threads and before that there was like 3 KJV Vs NIV threads.
  8. You All Are Confusing Me

    I'lll do that.
  9. We really need to stop having more then one thread on the same topic. I don't know who I am arguing with.
  10. too funny not to share 2

    Well all in all I guess, if you don't like a song you don't have to listen to it. Works for me anyway.
  11. It is wrong collect Tithes

    Looking over the post replies I think there may be some confusion as to what is meant by collecting tithes and supporting a ministry. Saying that we are no longer under the command of "tithing" dose not mean that we stop supporting a ministry.
  12. too funny not to share 2

    Well that is a lot of breathing. I check them out on Youtub and well.....not my cup of tea. But not all new Christian songs are like that. The ones I like don't have any one breathing on them.
  13. It is wrong collect Tithes

    While I will agree we are to support our ministers, I do not see where it is commanded that that would mean giving 10% of your income. I am also not sure I am up to taking on the tithing debate. As I feel everyone need to decided for themselves on this matter through thought and prayer.
  14. too funny not to share 2

    What song is that? What are you people listing too?
  15. too funny not to share 2

    My personal thoughts on the matter. I think that Christian bands are afraid to be "too different". To speak frankly, a lot of Christians are so very easy offended. If you do anything out of the "norm" you are look upon as acting "unsaved" or "worldly" I have even know some Christians who consider anyone who look a( as they would call it) "weird", meaning their hair is too long or colored pink as being "unsaved" or part of the "world". So I kind of think that many Christian bands are simply afraid to do anything too creative, for fear that their fan base is going to be offended and start burning their cd's! Again this just my own personal thoughts based on me.