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  1. What is your earliest memory of Church?

    My earliest memory of church was when I was in the 3rd grade... my dad took my brother and I to church. The Good Shepherd Presbyterian church. He wanted us to have Korean friends and he wanted Korean friends. But I remember my Sunday school teacher. She was a Caucasian lady who was married to a Korean man. I got my first bible too! The Good News Bible for $3.50. My first story was the story of David and Goliath. Oh how I looooovvvved that story! I couldn't get enough of it. I had to keep reading! Then I went to my little neighbor friend and evangelized to her! LOL Still, to this day...David and Goliath is one of my favorite stories in the Bible.... but the one that inspires me most now is in Genesis...Enoch walked with God for 300 years. That just makes me awestruck.
  2. 2nd Post, Hello

    welcome again to Worthy!
  3. I think they are trying to bring in the nephilim . you mean transhumanism? people will be flocking to get that super chip put into them so they can download abilities right into their brain.... like the matrix movie. they will sell it like it to make life simpler, better , faster.... many are deceived..... people nowadays can't even go a day without their smartphone... they feel lost without them.
  4. Gender identity and transgenderism

    Also, we learned from our chickens, do you know that the mama hen has to keep turning those eggs for 18 days? she only goes out to eat, drink, and poop for 15 mins a day.. from day 18 to about 21 days, she does not move! no more turning those eggs, if they are moved, the chick in the egg dies! I know! cuz I messed some up the first time! The wonders of God's creation and how the miracle of a chick hatching is amazing!
  5. Did you ever see that CERN opening ceremony? CREEPY! From the pit of hell!
  6. I see MG..... starting to question what we are supposedly shown nowadays...taking everything with a grain of salt.
  7. MG, I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean? sorry
  8. thanks! I will check that out!
  9. Gender identity and transgenderism

    the chicken of course!
  10. Hello 1to3! Yes, I've been researching the various so called "moon-landings" The astronauts' demeanor look so significantly changed, their "before" and "after" Their body language and speech are as if they discovered a big fat lie, have to lie about the lie, and quite deflated. I think these poor men were true patriots that were disappointed and ashamed of themselves having to lie to the people and the country they served. I'm also questioning the sphere shape of the earth as well. All the translations in the bibles say it is a circle. A circle indicates flat. Still searching and asking the Spirit to lead. I think Satan has had his way for far too long with his lying deceptions.
  11. Gender identity and transgenderism

    I would venture to say here... follow the money trail... who is promoting such doctrine? Satanists, the Illuminati..... our own government.... They are trying to indoctrinate little children with such stories like two daddies .....It all comes down to this, Satan wants no more boundaries between the sexes... satan wants to so erase the lines so that everything will be ok to do (i.e. child rape/sex, beastiality,) this will corrupt men's thoughts even more.... as in Matthew, it will be like the days of Noah.... mens' thoughts being continually evil....... corrupting everything with perverse sexual debauchery. try stevequayle.com or skywatchtv.com
  12. Which picture are you referring to MG? There were a number of them..... I'm becoming more and more cynical of Nasa and our other government entities... I'm beginning to question everything. Terrible isn't it? LOL
  13. Feeling sad

    Sending prayers to you 4Ld! May you know and understand the great Love of our Father! Holy Spirit bind up the spirit of loneliness and replace it with joy. You are not alone! Blessings! FHG37
  14. I don't know if anyone noticed the name of the spacecraft? Osiris-Rex? seems a little suspicious to me with a name like that... just sayin
  15. Gender identity and transgenderism

    This whole transgenderism is the devil's plot to confuse everyone and to make God out to be a liar. It is used so that men are no longer strong and be the covering over the women and spiritual leaders. Look at all the shows on tv. They make the men to be stupid and are now feminizing them. Satan is terrified of the strong, Godly men because he represents the head next to Christ in the family. Satan hates the intact family. That is why he is trying his darndest to destroy all semblance of a strong Godly leader who would lead his family to the Lord and righteousness. My two cents.