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  2. I know that there is such controversy concerning this song, but if people would just get over the fleshy part of the words "reckless love of God" and know that it is not God who is reckless in His love for us but in our "human perspective" it does "SEEM" like it. The whole point is to show people that God loves us so much that He would go after YOU, the one who walked away, and leave the 99 behind to come after YOU, because of His great love for YOU. thanks sister for sharing! <3
  3. When that great shaking comes brother Frienduff, many will wake up and repent! Be encouraged brother, we can grieve but don't let it depress you! No, we must pray and be on our knees crying out to the Lord, and using our authority to speak against this lie!
  4. This is why "many shall fall away" ......... grieving in my heart....... Oh Lord have mercy on us all! help us, we must armor up! Holy Spirit, we need you to help us into all truth!
  5. Love you too brother!!! I thank and praise the Lord for you and how you are such an encourager!!! BLESSED BE THE NAME OF JESUS! WHO WAS, WHO IS, AND WHO IS TO COME!!! HALLELUJAH!!! <3
  6. You yourself say that he who endures to the end will be saved, but if you take the MOB, that is NOT enduring to the end. LOST FOREVER, NO REPENTANCE.
  7. I agree with you in most of the points you made. The last trump is the last trump...the same as the trump of God... but I just wanted to point this out, "He who endures to the end, he will be saved." doesn't this also include NOT TAKING THE MOB?
  8. Dear Sister Turtle, I mourn with you and I rejoice with you! May the Lord completely and overwhelmingly comfort you and your family with His presence and peace and love! ❤️ 💕
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