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  1. ForHisGlory37

    Hello everyone

    Welcome to Worthy!
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    Hello brethren

    Welcome to Worthy Lyke Japh! :D
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    Hello everyone!!

    Welcome to Worthy John! Have a blessed day! :D
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    Wecome to Worthy! :D
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    Jesus as my best friend

    Hi Happy Girl! Welcome to Worthy! I can tell that you are off to a good start (Happy Girl) You already acknowledge your need for Jesus. Repent, we need to turn completely to Jesus. You are greatly loved and when you surrender to Jesus, all the host of heaven will be rejoicing! I too was far from Jesus for a little while but returned but Jesus continues to show me how much He loves me everyday and He will do the same for you too! :D ❤️
  6. ForHisGlory37

    Jesus as my best friend

    Hi cameron02, welcome to Worthy! Ask for the baptism of the Holy Spirit who will empower you and equip you to live for Jesus! Ask and it shall be given unto you, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened unto you. Matthew 7:7 Have a blessed day! :D
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    Exposing the Democrats Dirty Playbook for Amerika's Future

    I wish I could believe that it would go badly for them, but if you look at the general masses, they are mind controlled zombies distracted by the so-called "reality shows" , video games, and have been brainwashed that they are stupid. The sheeple don't even know that they are losing their freedoms little by little.... look at the Patriot Acts, Homeland Security, TSA..... great examples.
  8. ForHisGlory37

    Quantum Effect or "Mandela Effect"

    It's like you are monitoring this thread to make sure that everyone will think it's a "conspiracy".... we all know that that term was coined by the evil people to make the sheeple think whatever threatens their lies "crazy".......who are you really? And those words like "snake oil you are peddling" are not becoming of a lover of Jesus..... Jesus is the Word of God (John 1:1) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. Jesus will never pass away.... these words on the books are only ink and paper....Hitler and all the other wicked people burned bibles... why did God allow that to happen? persecution only spreads the Gospel more. In Amos 8:11 God said there will be a great famine in the land in the last days. not for food, or water but for the hearing of the Word of God.... I am only a watchman......I see the sword coming and am warning..... test the spirits ....research.... Ask the Holy Spirit for truth. Anyone who can really see what I am writing about can see that I am not lying, I don't attack people personally but genuinely trying to speak truth.... Sojourner 414 and Shiloh 357 (for I think you are both one and the same individual) you have been warned, your blood will not be on my hands. Let him who has ears to hear and eyes to see...........
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    New! (sort of)

    Welcome to Worthy Rain! :D
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    Welcome to Worthy Fulldeck! :D
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    Over All I Know

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    O Church Arise

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    VERY Strange!

    Too bad we cannot get a hold of lead paint anymore.... that would block those out..... but we have Jesus! No weapon formed against you Abby-Joy shall prosper!!! :D
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    Hi Hayley! Welcome to Worthy! The Holy Spirit must be prompting you to read God's Word. May He open the eyes of your understanding and make the Scriptures come alive for you! I pray that while you are reading, that you would be able to see God the Father's great, perfect love for you and you would be drawn to the Lord Jesus. I just finished reading the Book of Genesis for a bible study and I so love the stories there. I would start with the Book of Genesis and then go to the Gospels. If you have the time, I would just read straight through the Bible. The Lord will bless you for it. You may not understand it all, but it's a start and also the more you read, the more hungry you will get for His Word!