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    The Bible, and To come to a better understanding of my Creator and His will for me and His will for His Creation.<br><br>Gardening, like the organic way. A dream is to have a garden, like the garden of Eden. Lots of things for kids to do, lots of fresh produce and a real happy valley.

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  1. Theomatics

    Thanks again Steve. It just seemed that if the Bible had a sequential numbering system to it, that in itself was unique and that gave us further information about our Creator....why deny it. Yes I understand your statement about the originals not being around anymore...but i would have thought that those who were researching "theomatics", would also be aware of this and not spend hundreds of hours researching something that cannot be substaniated. I have not spent a lot of time investigating their research but was hoping someone had been down this road before and hence had more insight. I do understand that faith is the key...yet even this is a gift of God. Cheers
  2. Theomatics

    Thanks steve for your reply. The site I was reading was far from watering down Scripture. It actually was setting about to scientifically prove Scripture. I am genuinely interested in replies here from mature Christians who can discern the truth ... without automatically jumping to conclusions Here is their mission statement; Mission Statement -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is a serious site. It is also an amazing site. One that you will find very intriguing and fascinating. It is like nothing else on the internet. We are going to be looking into a subject with enormous implications relative to the Bible, which many people believe to be a direct communication from God ~ the very Creator of the universe. There have been some recent scientific discoveries made, that prove convincingly that the real Author and brains behind the Bible, could not have been the men who penned the text. The original 66 books of the Old and New Testament were written by some sort of "Super Mind" and "Extra-terrestrial Intelligence." However, there are only certain people we would invite to examine this site:
  3. Theomatics

    I have been reading the following website and am interested in those of you who have any knowledge on this subject. (link deleted)
  4. Evangaliseing in Aceh, Indonesia

    Great post Keith....yes to step out in faith is an awesome experience...i need to do it more often.
  5. Evangaliseing in Aceh, Indonesia

    That would be nice cats but doesn't God allow us to be tested and if we are seduced by other gods and follow them....this is a separating of the sheep from the goats. It appears that until God's Kingdom is returned to earth.... no nation is being spared from these choices, no matter how hard they try. These muslim clerics try hard to have no freedom of religion in their land....but Jehovah will not permit it ....as is often witnessed.
  6. Evangaliseing in Aceh, Indonesia

    Thanks cats and WIP, The thing that amazes me also is the attitude of these clerics. I mean if we had a natural disaster in our country and some muslim countries came over to help....I couldn't imagine our Christian leaders saying to them, do not evangalise. It just would not be an issue. People must decide their own fate...it is not for these muslim clerics to decide if Indonesions would like to become believers in Christ or not.
  7. Read this This story indicates that for those who are serving the needs of the Indonesians in Aceh...they should not evangalise while over there. What are your thoughts on this statement? I would find it hard not to evangalise if I was over there...I mean if I was asked why did God allow this or about my own beliefs...than surely this is a personnal matter between myself and the other person....and even if I wished to give them some spiritual comfort from a Biblical perspective...shouldn't I feel free to give it.
  8. Tsunami disaster

    Christian pastor survives tsunami This Christian Pastor and 28 orphans survived the tsunami. YHWH hand of protection was with this man at this time. We serve a God of justice and mercy....praise YHWH for his righteousness. Blessings
  9. Bitter Post

    Sounds like you would make a good Christian, Frog.
  10. Bitter Post

    Chazy...you are indeed young and as you grow in years I pray you will gain a deeper understanding of the meaning of life and why you are here. Without a Creator who created all you can see...this life is meaningless. My prayer for you is that life's true meaning for you will be revealed to you as your Maker has intended it for you. Bless ya
  11. Samuel 15:35

    Thanks Adstar...yes trying to understand why God Choose Saul...then repenting (regretting) for choosing him... is hard to understand. On another tack...Samuel must have felt very disappointed as a father of two sons who didn't measure up. I wonder where he went wrong...or was it nothing to do with his fathering skills...but rather their own bad choices?
  12. Samuel 15:35

    I have a question in regard to this verse. YHWH is all knowing....seeing the end from the beginning. I was wondering why the Bible says that YHWH repented...for YHWH would have known that Saul would defy Him. In fact why even choose Saul knowing that he would rebel. Just wondering?
  13. Freedom of Religion

    Some good posts here. Yep praying for his salvation is a good idea...also acknowledging his freedom of religion is another. I would be interested to know what they actually practice, teach, believe...if i was the commanding officer of the ship.
  14. Freedom of Religion

    I suppose the question would be...how does he practice his religion. The authorities have a dilemma...they cannot discriminate on a religious basis today, due to new anti-discrimination laws. So the question is ...when is a religion not a religion.