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Can I?

There are some threads that I'm not allowed to make a post yet but I'd like to comment, so I could either marathon post till I get over 100, or, I thought if I could have a blog.. I could make my comments there.

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    • By Anna Louison
      Godmorning to you all,
      I’ve been wondering a lot about the creation and life of dinosaurs seen from a Christian perspective. Is it possible that they never actually existed and that it’s a trick played on us by NASA, just like the earth is round theory? Or did God actually create these creatures on the 6th day? It just seems unnatural to me, that dinosaurs would have roamed the earth at the same time as Adam and Eve, but since God is almighty, would he have been able to create a hole in time and space and simply add these glorious creatures to a time before existence?
      I’m really looking forward to a nice discussion and some truthful answers, so please keep it light. Have a wonderful day!
    • By patrick jane
      How do we contact a staff member here? I misspelled a word in the title of a new thread I started today and I'd like to fix it. 
    • By Tyler22
      Hi.  im not sure if I'm saved or not.  Can it take a while to be saved?  Im trying to gain faith by reading Gods word.  I had an "experience" with Christ two years ago, where I thought I was born again, but I can say for sure.  So how long can a conversion take?  On trying to read the Word of God (for faith comes by reading the word of God) .  ice been doing this for so long though.  Help?
    • By Tyler22
      "His word judges the thoughts and intents of the heart."  My question is, when I read the Word, I'm not so sure if I am, like this  would imply, judged,  convicted, softened, by the Word.  This worries me cus I know the Word hardens reprobates, and only softens and convicts only believers and those who can still be saved...  Advice thoughts?
    • By nutsaboutjesus
      Hey I am new, I'm still figuring out how to use this forum. 
      I would like to join a mission organization. Any idea?