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Has Anyone Noticed That Time Seems To Have Accelerated?

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On 2/9/2019 at 1:54 AM, Michael37 said:

Yes, JohnD. Of this it can be said either the velocity of the earth's orbit around the sun slowed or the distance of said orbit increased. Either way the division of a circle into 360 degrees, and hours and minutes into 60ths is related to early methods of calculating fractions based on the accepted 360 days of a year. (See below)  

Ancient Babylonians: hours and minutes

The subdivision of hours and minutes into 60 comes from the ancient Babylonians who had a predilection for using numbers to the base 60. For example, III II (using slightly different strokes) meant three times 60 plus two or 182.

"We have retained from the Babylonians not only hours and minutes divided into 60, but also their division of a circle into 360 parts or degrees," says Lomb.

"What we have not retained is their division of a day into 360 parts called 'ush' that each equalled four of minutes in our time system."

Lomb says it's likely that the Babylonians were interested in 360 because that was their estimate for the number of days in a year. Their adoption of a base 60 system was probably allowed them to make complex calculations using fractions.

Source: ABC Science: Why 24 Hours In A Day?

Some observers of the use of the number 6 in Scripture will enjoy this information. 6x6=36. 

Yeppers. And this is whee the Kaaba got it's 360 gods and temples before Mohammed smashed them and slew their priests

for the "monotheistic" al ylah (the moon god).

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Accelerated or decelerated depends on your wallet. The rich wants to live forever and they think time is short, the poor wants to die earlier as the longer they live the more they suffer.

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