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4Q246 "The Son of God Scroll"

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Among the Dead sea scrolls was one called the "Son of God Scroll", which is a short apocalyptic scroll. The text is found in the Wikipedia link below, and is read from right to left, the right one having parts missing.


Does this scroll say anything to you prophetically? Here is the text. The Bracketted words are the missing parts.

Column 1

                                                                        1. [. . . ] [a spirit from God] rested upon him, he fell before the throne.

2. [. . . O ki]ng, wrath is coming to the world, and your years

3. [shall be shortened . . . such] is your vision, and all of it is about to come unto the world.

4. [. . . Amid] great [signs], tribulation is coming upon the land.

5. [. . . After much killing] and slaughter, a prince of nations

6. [will arise . . .] the king of Assyria and Egypt

7. [. . .] he will be ruler over the land

8. [ . . .] will be subject to him and all will obey

9. [him.] [Also his son] will be called The Great, and be designated his name


Column 2

1. He will be called the son of God, they will call him the son of the Most High. But like the meteors

2. that you saw in your vision, so will be their kingdom. They will reign only a few years over

3. the land, while people tramples people and nation tramples nation.

4. Until the people of God arise; then all will have rest from warfare.

5. Their kingdom will be an eternal kingdom, and all their paths will be righteous. They will judge

6. the land justly, and all nations will make peace. Warfare will cease from the land,

7. and all the nations shall do obeisance to them. The great God will be their help,

8. He Himself will fight for them, putting peoples into their power,

9. overthrowing them all before them. God's rule will be an eternal rule and all the depths of

10. [the earth are His].[8]


To me This "son of God" sounds like the end time beast that rules for 42 months (Reign only a few years) Called the Son of the Most high referring to him declaring himself God, the tramples people reminding me of the time of the gentiles trampling the outer court in Rev. 11. 

Any thoughts?

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