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  1. In the days I wore contacts I lost one. I had put 2 in one eye and one was hidden under my eyelid.
  2. Welcome to Worthy, GOD;s servant.
  3. I have always loved spirituals and folk music. Most timely.
  4. Willa


    We welcome you with open arms, LadyNalle.
  5. Welcome to Worthy, Renee. Obey God at all costs. We are commanded to have no sex outside of marriage, or fornication. There will be no fornicators in heaven. We are also told not to be in a relationship with unbelievers. So if you are guilty of either your fellowship with God is broken. Your love for God needs to be more important to you than your relationship with a boyfriend. We are to love God with all our hearts, soul, strength and mind. On Gethsemane Jesus prayed : nevertheless, not my will be done but thine," Try praying that way. I urge you to surrender to Jesus Christ as your Lord, your Master, and your God and follow Him. Praying for you.
  6. Read the New Testament every day and focus on the things of God. Attend church regularly and fellowship with believers. Turn off TV that has to do with sex and lust. Praying.
  7. Willa

    Hi, I'm New

    Welcome to Worthy, Kevin. We look forward to reading your contributions.
  8. Welcome to Worthy, Bankrupt.
  9. Welcome to Worthy, Jared. We are pleased to have you here.
  10. Does anyone remember when drivers had to use hand signals to turn or stop? That how I learned to drive. There was a day when cars had no signals and you had to stick your arm out the window in even the worst of weather. All those who don't bother to signal need to start sticking their arms out till they find out what a gift they are.
  11. You have partly misquoted me. There are many cults and sects that are very unbiblical in the hidden section and these have done as much if not more harm to confuse ungrounded Christians than have atheist. I have met atheist who were very hardened and cultists who also were, with none of these confessing Jesus Christ as their Lord and Masters. Some of the apologists for these cults twisted Scripture and considered other writing and confessions to be superior to the Bible. They were very hard to deal with because genuine Christians use the Bible as their foundation and it is common ground, where cults do not. So I consider unbelievers to include the cults in that hidden area. I didn't bother to answer or try to correct you or explain since by that time you were becoming hostile and very defensive. What I said was pretty much what George and others had said. I am sorry you took offense. I am not one of the people who feels competent to deal with atheists. I can witness to them what God has done in my own life and tell them my testimony, but I cannot debate with them. This is the post you took offense to: "We have been there, tried that. We are a Christian forum. We found that many of the people in the hidden sections were trying to convert us to their unbelief or errors, and new Christians and even young teens who are not established in our faith were being confused if not led astray by some of those unbelievers. Many in that group are quite hardened. Nevertheless mature, solid believers here are trying to reach out to them and even disciple those who desire to be taught the truth. "
  12. Paul is referring to women teaching in churches. I do not believe this applies to secular situations. Some of the best secular teachers I have had have been women in public schools and state college.
  13. You are most welcome here, Silly Milly. You might compromise by attending Messianic Jewish service. They are Jews who have come to recognize Jesus as their Messiah.
  14. Welcome to Worthy, Philip. Omega has had Bible studies, and we have place for studies that usually has verses posed now. You can look back at previous studies there. Only Worthy staff can post the studies in that place. There is also a blog area where others might be able to post studies if they comply with out statement of faith.
  15. Your loneliness cannot be met outside of knowing God intimately. He fills the greatest longings of our heart. Asking a man to do that only leads to frustration and deeper loneliness. When my husband was not a Christian I was still lonely. After he received Christ and we grew more and more godly, my needs were met. After he died, my inner most needs are still met by communing with the Living God.
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