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  1. lack of either of them causes cramps; I only get foggy when I get fibro fog from my fibromyalgia. But some people do and it was one of the first thing I noticed in a patient at the hospital when I was a nurse. She had become quite confused. My mother in law also got confused and wasn't thinking straight when she was low in potassium. She was causing people to think she was getting senile. I have been transcribing my appointment dates wrong on my computer calendar. But that is more likely driver error.
  2. Thank you all again for your prayers. God is so amazing and so faithful. My potassium is normal but I still have to bring up my potassium and calcium, which I am working. Neck is much better on the right side but it has spread to my left side. It is not nearly as bad as it was at first. I am able to turn my head without much pain, and don't have to hold it with my hands when I sit or lie down. Lord, thank You for touching my neck and helping me. How would I live without you? Thank you for choosing me and making me Your own. Thank You for your Your grace.
  3. Also prayed. I agree that seeing your family physician might be the answer. I did that after the last of my family had died and he put me on an antidepressant for a month. It was enough to help me start thinking straight again and to enroll in college--to make plans for the future.
  4. Martin Luther certainly fought the doctrine, since the pope was supporting the sale of indulgences. He didn't make it a doctrine but sought to murder Luther because of his opposition and his promotion of salvation by faith, living by faith, and his publication of the Scriptures.
  5. It hurts me to the quick when I hear it. Sometimes I respond that He really loves you. Usually I just pity them and pray for their salvation.
  6. Willa


    Hi, footey. Sorry, fasting isn't a strong area for me. The only time I did was when I was praying so intensely for my husbands salvation that I couldn't eat.
  7. Hi Friday, and welcome! I also have been saved for a long time--1957, and have grown in my understanding of the Bible, walking in the Spirit and my love for God and others. It is exciting to find others who are seasoned Christians who love the Lord.
  8. God wants everyone to receive the saving knowledge of Christ, so we have to blame people. Sometimes it is pride the causes rebellion and unbelief in a person's heart. They may have intellectual pride and have been taught all their lives that "big bang" created the world, not God. So they don't even believe in intelligent design. Some people don't want anyone to tell them what to do or how to live so they rebel. They don't want to answer to anyone so they deny that there is a hell of eternal torment. There are probably other reasons, but that is a good start.
  9. Willa


    Hi JB, we are so glad to have you join us!
  10. We who are in the promised land are doing battle with the inhabitants of the land. They must all be eliminated or they will be thorns in our sides.
  11. They keep asking me if I am dizzy or weak due to my electrolyte problems being low in potassium and magnesium. It makes my heart beat very irregular. So do see a doctor if possible. A lady was in the next bed when I was in the ER and they wanted to keep her overnight. She had fallen under the same circumstances. Praying.
  12. This is true. The repentance that saves us is turning from unbelief to trusting in Christ's sacrifice for our sins as full payment that redeems us from the pit. Repentance without conversion doesn't save us. It is a worldly repentance. After we are saved God cleans us up and delivers us from our sin. But it takes a lifetime. We are righteous only because Christ has conferred His righteous on us.
  13. I hope your husband has not been abusive toward your daughter. If she ever tells you anything like that, believe her and be supportive. Meanwhile, she is coming to the teen age years when there are two women in the house. As much as I loved my mom, I still felt that friction and it wasn't till I had my own home that we became close again. So just hope that you will eventually become close again and pray for her. She may never be your little girl again but perhaps you can become close friends.
  14. Who would want an American flag in Wales???? but thank you for the thought.
  15. I love to watch geese and swans fly. You can identify them by their formations and their call. They take turns being the leader because he has to work harder and the others fly in his wake, getting a boost.
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