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  1. POWER in the NAME of JESUS......Hurricaine Irma

    There is power, power, wonder working power in the Blood, of the Lamb! Thank Your Jesus! Halleluia Jesus for taking care of our sister. Please bless and help all of your children in the same way. Please provide salvation to all who call upon Your Name. Please let these disasters not go in vain but use them to Your glory to call many to saving knowledge of You. Please provide food and water to those who are suffering, and shelter as well. Have mercy, Father God. Have mercy.
  2. Pregnant and Alone

    Welcome to Worthy, Aims. Jesus said to the woman caught in adultery, go and sin not more. Fornications, sex outside of marriage is also sin. I do pray that you come to repentance and be willing to take the earthly penalty of your sin, even if it to be alone. David was a man of God's own heart because he truly repented. He was an adulterer and murderer. But God forgive. So I will pray with you that God will provide a godly man to be your husband who will love you and your child. Many blessings, and welcome to Worthy, with much love and compassion, Willa
  3. If you could invent....

    I stopped ironing in the 70s. If it isn't drip dry, permapressed, or some other kind of cotton that doesn't require ironing, I don't bother to even buy it. I just pull them out of the dryer while they are cooling and hang them. Period.
  4. Derailing thread

    Yup! found him sort of unwelcoming back Warpy. Has anyone seen Shel lately? been missing her, too.
  5. Renewing my time here

    Welcome back, Warpy. Blessings, Willa
  6. Renewing my time here

    Nooby! We thought we had lost you! So glad to know you are OK. Love from Muffy, Ladypear & Willa.
  7. You sound like me except no osteoporosis, and my back pain comes and goes--just can't stand or walk for very long or I am suddenly in a lot of pain and can't make it out of the store so I sit down on a shelf. Some days and times of the day are worse than others. But my husband's osteoarthritis is very severe and he has nerve injury in his neck. It is partially frozen and can barely move his head; his right hand is useless and is frozen with arthritis. He copes by sleeping a lot. They won't give him anything for pain. Drugs that elevate my pain threshold are all they give me--like Tylonal. But God's grace is new every morning and He is so close to me. His very Presence is a huge comfort. Then I think of the sufferings of Christ. He is praying for us! Blessings, Willa
  8. If you scroll down you can post it in the video section--if it is less than 20 minutes long. Blessing, Willa
  9. The Liberals like Obama and Hillary welcome illegal immigrants and want to open our borders so the the middle and upper income people here can spread our wealth around to feed to poor from other countries. We already do that without it being stolen from us through taxes. We always give liberally to those in need due to disasters . Right now we are overwhelmed helping residents of our own country and territories, legal or not. Still, many are also going to help those in Mexico City. Christian countries have helped out in Tibet and other countries in distress. How much help do Muslim countries like Arabia and Egypt, let alone Iran and AbaDabu, and other oil rich countries help during these disasters? Even Venasualia has helped us in the past during the winter times when the demands were high for oil for heat, but not anymore. He is not Christian. Christ has changed our culture for good even though we see sin and evil around us.
  10. Grateful for God's Goodness

    Welcome to Worthy Theophillio. Can we call you Theo for short? After you have posted or replied here a few times you will be accepted to post on most of the rest of this site. We try to screen out solicitors and bots that way. Blessings, Willa
  11. It definitely has a middle eastern flavor to it
  12. Apocalypse: The Unveiling

    My foundation comes from the Lutheran Church and I owe it much. "What does the Bible Say" showed me to trust in the Word, and in God's grace as Luther also learned to do. The just shall live by his faith! And I still love some of the hymns that were based on the plains songs. Be Thou My Vision is one. Praise Ye the Lord, the Almighty King of Creation was another. There are several others. A mighty Fortress Is our God was a German beer drinking song before Luther sanctified it with a few sanctified verses and a lot of understandable condemnation of the pope for negating the Scriptures. The Free Methodist church's hymnal was much worse; the pastor only chose hymns of service and not any of worship and praise. When my husband was not saved I told him to choose a church and I would go with him. So we went there for 6 months till he was saved. I felt like I was drying up without a church in which I could worship and praise God. The Gloria burned within my heart. So while we no longer are Lutheran, I am thankful for the foundation they provided.
  13. It feels impossible

    I felt this way as well when I was a new Christian. But I had not surrendered my life completely to God. One day God used me to supply someone else's need before they knew about it themselves. I was there what they opened up the bank notice that they were $50. overdrawn with a $5. penalty. Would you believe that my friend provided the $50. and I had provided the $5? I had never heard of the people before and God had directed me to go to another town and give it to them. I hadn't even given to my church before, let alone to anyone else. But God made me aware that He would take care of me in the same way. Praise God.! I immediately started weeping and surrendered my whole life to Him. I had made such a mess of it I had nothing to lose. So I started taking my problems to Him and finding the solutions in the Bible. No longer was I so concerned about what others thought of me. I was most concerned about God. And He already accepted me because of Jesus' death on the cross for my sins. I was already His child! I was among those whom God loves. And what others thought, even other Christians, didn't count for much because God accepts and loves me. What matters is how much I love and forgive them. Jesus lives in me and He in me loves and forgives them for their being hateful and inconsiderate. He died for them, too. Even Christians can be cliquish and mean when they haven surrendered themselves to God. There but for the grace of God there go I. So He showed me my self righteousness that caused me to be unforgiving and unloving toward them. He showed me that only Christ in me can live the Christian life. So I was to allow His life in me to help me walk in the Spirit. The answer to Romans 7 is in Romans 8. Walk in the Spirit and focus on Christ. He will help you walk on the water like Peter!
  14. New User New Christian

    Thank you for joining us on worthy, Jotham. I hope we can encourage you, but since you stand on God's Word it is apparent that He is encouraging you. I am sure you will be an inspiration to all of us. Blessings again, Willa
  15. Apocalypse: The Unveiling

    I used to lead a hymn service in a nursing home. My 88 year old piano player kept asking if she was playing too fast and I would say "go for it". My grandma Willamina used to sing hymns like they were dirges. I didn't know they were joyful till much later in life. So in the nursing home we would sing those two hymns with gusto, praising the Lord with the joy of the resurrection!