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  1. I only got 100% on Quaker and I'm not even a pacifist! Not very accurate here. I fit best in Calvary Chapel as far a beliefs are concerned.
  2. Some say the Bible CONTAINS the word of God. Then they pick and choose which things are of God. My friend doesn't believe what Paul said or what Jesus said, but she likes Peter. Some say the Bible IS the word of God and find that God speaks to us through it today. That is where I live.
  3. Willa

    My Testimony

    I had to chuckle. God had to teach me about His love, and He always sends the most unlovable people to me to show me the depths of His love.
  4. Probably our most Catholic hating members are those who came out of the Catholic Church. It is sad. There are many good things in their worship, some beautiful prayers in the rituals. I can worship to those songs from the bottom of my toes with tears streaming down my face, hands and face raised to heaven. The trouble is that most other people there are just mumbling the words and not worshipping at all, so I stand out like a sore thumb. Joining that church is out of the question for me because I cannot pray to Mary or any of their saints or angels. I also would believe the Bible over any interpretation in Catholic dogma or anything any pope proclaims to be true. So they wouldn't like me very well. However, you follow God in doing what He would have you do. Just block those who hassle you or annoy you. Let your light shine. Romans 12:9 ESV 9 Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good.
  5. That is what my pastor says; however, God has changed the things he wants to do so that they conform to what God wants him to do. His new heart desires to follow Christ and glorify God. He hates that things his old man did and has no desire to do them and reap the consequences of sin. People who do not have a new nature in Christ are perhaps not born again. They are not genuine Christians. People who call themselves Christian but continue to do evil things should be avoided according to Scripture.
  6. The first Bible I read was the Amplified NT, which was wonderful for me because I love word studies. I currently use NKJV, but often refer to the ESV because of the excellent way in which they translate the present progressive like tenses. It is easier for me to read Tyndale then KJV.
  7. All post will be hidden until the servants allow you be vetted. That may take time because they volunteer their time as I do. I approve the posts you make here. Sorry for the delays.
  8. This should have been destroyed long ago. He will be judged for this bitterness. I have often wondered if he was of sound mind when he wrote it.
  9. I brought my Boston terrier to visit and nursing home one time. A lady that hadn't spoken in several years suddenly started talking about her Boston that she once had. Times like these are moments that we can use to speak to them, such as how God loves her even more than her dog did.
  10. Willa


    We are so glad you have joined us Nedrah.
  11. You are welcome here God-believer. Foremost God wants us to love with His love, allowing Jesus to live in and through us. We are also told to make disciples, not just converts.
  12. We have a college and career group.
  13. Willa

    New here

    Welcome to Worthy, Sarina. We do have many Spirit-filled Christians here, but we also have unbelievers to witness to, liberal Christians, believers from around the world and believers in various stages of growth. You are certainly welcome as a member of our motley crew.
  14. I have only known one person who said he needed to hear about hellfire and damnation. He was a preachers kid who was backslidden. Apparently the message didn't help him. He isn't serving God today the last I heard. I still pray for him.
  15. Willa


    Glad you have joined us, Jehu.
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