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  1. Sorry, folks, I am just not as spiritual as Peter James and Paul, and many of you. I don't rejoice when trials come. Yes there is rejoicing and worship in the midst of them because my God is worthy. But I still dread them and resist them. They are exhausting and often overwhelming. I know God loves me and will use them for my good. He will use me to comfort others going through the same afflictions. Counting it all joy is just not where I am at. Knowing that God does all things well and is doing what is best is somewhat comforting. He is a kind and merciful God. He walks with me through them and comforts me, but I don't enjoy physical pain or emotional pain and loss. It is called suffering for a reason.
  2. Welcome to Worthy, Ruth. My granddaughter had her first kiss after they were engaged.
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    Hi all

    Glad to have you join us, Bacopal.
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    How Old Is a Golden Oldie?

    Also older than dirt. It is getting much more complicated to leave the house now days. I have always been forgetful, but its getting worse. At one time I only had to remember my watch. Now I have to remember asthma treatments and medications. Then a few years ago they pulled 9 front teeth, so I MUST remember my false teeth. Then my hair got so thin you could see my scalp so I recently invested in a wig. And hearing aids. Can barely hear without those. There are my also reeding glasses to remember and car keys. I am not attached at the hip to my cell phone so it is something else to remember. So today I went to lunch and forgot my teeth! That's when you know you are getting old.
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    Glad to have you join us, Francesco.
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    Welcome to Worthy, Journey.
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    Derailing thread

    Not without Rodchester. OH RODCHESTER......
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    Local members

    Welcome to Worthy, Roy. Sorry, USA here.
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    Derailing thread

    Is that your best Jack Benny imitation?
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    Ask them to test your cat allergy. If it is bad enough they may have to treat that. Praying for God's wisdom for doctors, for transportation when needed, for financial needs to be covered, for God's grace, healing and deliverance from this infirmity, and for you for Gods peace that passes understanding in the midst of all the frustrations. In Christ's Name, Amen.
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    My sister

    Lord Jesus, we ask you to rebuke the enemy for us and set Wingy's sister free to hear and receive your grace to save and to heal. Father, please receive her into Your kingdom. In Christ Jesus' Name , Amen.
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    Also praying for salvation where needed, for health, faith and encouragement, for peace and healing of relationships, and God to be victorious in all your lives. Amen. Praise You Lord Jesus!
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    Hi ^^

    Welcome, Nika. I imagine it is not easy to leave your homeland to come here.
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    Pacifism vs Just War Theory

    I knew several conscientious objectors from the Viet Nam war. They were medics who became registered nurses that specialized in critical care. Some may go into rehabilitation. Many areas of need in veterans hospitals.