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  1. A merry heart does good like a medicine. Solomon
  2. All my gray matter is growing out on my head!
  3. My favorites are mostly old and not limited to: 1. Disney's cartoon version of Jungle Book with Louis Prima--love the music, too. 2 Ice Age series 3. Arsenic and Old Lace & other Carrie Grant comedies 4. Support Your Local Sherrif, 5. Bringing up Baby, 6. A Shot in the Dark, 7. It's a Mad Mad World, 8. Born Free 9. Harry And The Hendersons
  4. Welcome, IamHis. The reason the Love chapter is placed in the middle of the books on spiritual gifts in Corinthians, is because the gifts should be motivated by and empowered by God's Love. It is the more excellent way. Blessings, Willa
  5. So glad you have joined us on Worthy, Mona. God is so good and faithful to us. He said to cast all our cares on Him because He cares for us! Bless His Holy Name! Willa
  6. Welcome, Bibanam. I look forward to seeing your work. Willa
  7. Hi

    Hi, Kidblue, and welcome to Worthy. It takes a few of us longer to learn how to do things here. You are not alone. Willa
  8. Welcome to Worthy, Cyril. Willa
  9. Christian faith is reliance upon the Persons of God, and upon the words of the Bible which He spoke. My faith is real and my God is real. Willa
  10. Hi

    Welcome, Xax, I was once an agnostic as well, and I am close to your age. Hoping you discover how much your Creator loves you, Willa.
  11. Sum1, there are probably a couple of reasons you don't know if you believe. 1. You are trusting in feelings instead of trusting in God. You already said you had asked Him to help you because you feel so lousy. If you don't believe He is and that He hears you. you wouldn't have bothered to pray. True faith stands on God's Word and acts in obedience to what you know the Holy Spirit wants you to do. To believe is to cling to, trust in and rely upon God. Then comes the obedience part. Are you angry at God for not immediately answering your prayer? Are you even rebelling against Him? These things can open you up for satanic oppressions--making you feel beat down, held down, and even attacked by the enemy. Maybe you even think God is like your dad and is acting like He doesn't care about you. That thought is planted by satan himself. Reject such thoughts immediately. He wouldn't have sent Jesus to die in you place if it were true. Satan is the father of lies as well as of pride and rebellion. When you reject God as your King you are by default in satan's kingdom. Jesus came to rescue you from his kingdom. Satan came to steal, kill and destroy, and he has stolen your joy. Jesus came that you might have life and have it more abundantly and fulfilling. John 10:10 Like I keep saying, the choice is yours. It is all about choosing and believing God's word. He is a good and merciful God Who is closer to you than you probably want Him to be. One of my best friends is angry at God for not saving here dad. So she decided she doesn't believe the Bible and she is making up her own religion. But she had put herself outside of God's Kingdom in doing so. She has horrible demonic nightmares every night and is terrified of going to sleep. She can't even confess Jesus as her Lord, she is in such bondage. I pray for her every night. I hope this has helped. Willa
  12. If you are born again, greater is the Spirit of Jesus in you than satan himself. Satan is only an angel. Jesus is God and the Creator of the universe. The Holy Spirit is God. Satan was given the death blow on the cross. He bruised Jesus heal but Jesus crushed the head of satan. Glory be to God!.
  13. You chose to hate your dad. Now you can choose to love him. It is a choice. You won't feel any different till you choose to act. Ask your dad to forgive you for being hateful toward him. It won't be easy, but it is what you need to do. When you make the effort, God will start giving you better feelings toward him. Corrie tenBoom speaks of doing this. She hated the prison guard who beat here sister when they were in Auschwitz prison camp in Germany. So when the guy got saved and asked her to forgive him, all the hatred came back to her. But she chose to forgive him and take his hand, and when she did God also gave her love for him. I backslid, and when I came back to the Lord God convicted me of hating my father in law, who was himself a hate filled person. I knew that I was lost because I couldn't love the guy. Someone told me to thank God for my father in law, and to ask God to love him through me. I did pray that, but I continued to struggle with my attitude till he died. He did not know Christ and he hated me for being a Christian. Your dad sounds to me like he is depressed. It is normal to get a little that way because he left his home and friends to go to a strange place as a missionary, and things might not have worked out the way he expected. A christian psychologist once told me that depression is anger turned inward. It sounds like you are also depressed. The same guy told me that we become like what we focus on. So if you focus on the person you hate, you become like himl. If you focus on God and His love for both you and your dad, you become like Jesus. Perhaps God will even give you compassion on your dad because you might now know how he feels. Rom 4:5 NKJV But to him who does not work but believes on Him who justifies the ungodly, his faith is accounted for righteousness, Rom 4:6 just as David also describes the blessedness of the man to whom God imputes righteousness apart from works: Rom 4:7 "BLESSED ARE THOSE WHOSE LAWLESS DEEDS ARE FORGIVEN, AND WHOSE SINS ARE COVERED; Rom 4:8 BLESSED IS THE MAN TO WHOM THE LORD SHALL NOT IMPUTE SIN." Sometimes God allows us to go through things like this to remove our self righteousness and judgmental attitudes. He chastens those He loves. And He is eager to welcome home His prodigals that are tired of eating pig slop. Blessings, Willa
  14. Probably the security on this web site does not allow us to open it, but I have a Mac. You, my friend, are making rash judgements upon some of the kindest and gentlest people on our forum who mostly work for the forum as well. This in itself would discourage me from opening anything you were to send. But I do not have access to your email anyhow. I would encourage you to apologize to my fellow posters. blessings, Willa
  15. Hi, Brees. Welcome to Worthy. I love to talk to God as well as to listen to Him. And I love Him because He first loved me. Thankfully, He hangs on to me tighter than I hang on to Him, but it is a mutual embrace. Blessings, Willa