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  1. She's going to need that pray as she is not getting all the support she needs from her family as she recovers from this traumatic surgery. "prayer," lately autocorrect is killing my grammar.
  2. for both you and your daughter.
  3. I wonder what personality Donald was using when he repeatedly tweeted that France was no longer France? "In February last year he provoked ire saying: 'unfortunately France isn't what it was and Paris neither.' "And then in July, following the jihadist murder of a French priest, the newly elected president of the United States rammed the point home saying: 'I wouldn't go to France. France is no longer France....'" https://www.thelocal.fr/20170712/trump-president-france-is-still-france-whatever-donald-trump-might-say And then Trump went to France.
  4. Make that "her (Gina's) own condition."
  5. Paul, I'm going to give Gina some time to ascertain your own condition, which may include physical therapy.
  6. from AlterNet: "You can always gauge the temperature of a place by its spending habits. The years after 9/11 saw a precipitous rise in sales of the Hummer, a car more suited to combat than the suburbs, and the perfect emblem of the fear pervading these United States at the time. More recently, Donald Trump’s presidency has sparked new spending trends, all indicative of widespread cultural ideas—and mostly fears—of what his tenure in office will mean. And if we also vote with our dollars, these don’t appear to be ballots cast in confidence. "Here are seven products that have sold like hotcakes since Trump won the election...." http://img.alternet.org/election-2016/7-things-selling-hotcakes-trump-won I found this so unintentionally amusing that I put it in the humor forum, although many liberals may well be preparing for the apocalypse by investing in underground bunkers as well as more yoga classes and psychotherapy for the post-election "newly traumatized."
  7. "The New King James version uses the Stuttgart edition of the Biblia Hebraica, the Septuagint along with a variety of ancient versions of the Hebrew manuscript including manuscripts found in the Dead Sea Caves." http://www.bibleinfo.com/en/questions/history-kjv I read the KJV everyday in one hand -- but with an Amplified Bible in the other!
  8. The Unification Church, aka the "Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity" also known as the Moonies?
  9. Entirely relevant to the topic.
  10. My captain was bald.
  11. Their New World Translation suffers from both bad grammar and interpretation.
  12. I talked to Gina today and she is recuperating at Bridgeport Hospital after having surgery off-site when the AC in the scheduled OR went out! From what I could ascertain the surgery was a success and she is now be under 24-hour observation before being discharged. Thanks to everyone who cared. Joe
  13. So if you can't read the original languages or even if you can but only have copies of the autographs there is no inspiration involved? Sounds more magical than biblical.