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  1. There was no problem with MY post. I don't "follow" the Pope -- he's the head of my church, not an oracle. And the problem with the Catholic Church is homosexuality among its clergy, according to both John Jay studies. So homosexuality has everything to do with it.
  2. "Apparently"??? Using the Worthy Quote feature show us where I even implied that!
  3. The majority of the victims of homosexual Catholic Clergy are themselves Roman Catholic, or did you think that Protestants attend Mass?
  4. Then you have never seen my letters to The Connecticut Post. Why don't you Message me your mailing address, and I will send you a few copies.
  5. Is what OK? Homosexuality? "The Christian teaching from the outset, has been that no homosexual acts are ever justified, even the acts of someone whose inclination to engage in them is 'innate' (that is, present at birth) and, in one sense of the word, 'natural.' Accordingly, the [Catholic] Church’s Catechism reaffirms that every such inclination, whether innate or pathological, incurable or curable, permanent or transitory, is an objective disorder, an intrinsically disordered inclination." In a word, "no."
  6. There is nothing in the Catholic Catechism requiring personal fidelity to the Pope, i.e., this is not the Middle Ages. Are you "loyal" to your church pastor, or his God? To Donald Trump, or our Constitution?
  7. Why would I identify anti-Catholic bigots with Catholicism?
  8. It's a proper noun, so English grammar, not me, dictates that you do, just as you have done.
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