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  1. I know about winemaking and brewing but if you think I am wrong - look it up. We'll see who is right. Fermentation is fermentation. Ask anybody who knows about the subject and they will confirm that you don't know what you are talking about. And don't infer that I am dumb. The man who resorts to insults has lost the argument, even veiled ones! Facts are facts, and are not subject to change just because of your opinion of a particular person. Perhaps if you actually read up on the subject you will discover that you clearly know nothing about the biochemistry or the history of brewing and viticulture, as your previous answers clearly demonstrate. Maybe it's time to educate yourself. And even if you were right about modern alcoholic drinks being stronger today than they were 2,00 years ago (which you are not), the point is still irrelevant. 9% of alcohol is more than strong enough to easily get a person drunk; any stronger drink would just mean that you need to drink less of it. Regardless of it requires one pint to get you drunk or one-tenth of a pint to get you drunk, the wine in Ancient Hebrew times was still very intoxicating - whether today's wine is even stronger or not! This is not a flat Earth topic and FE is irrelevant to the thread and the subject of Flat Earth should not be introduced to it, but if that's the only way you can debate a subject by diverting the reader's attention to another one then perhaps you should politely bow out of the discussion and leave the thread to those who are capable of giving constructive answers.
  2. Fermentation processes are exactly the same today as they were then. Yeast turns the available sugar into alcohol. There is no more or less sugar in grapes today than there was yesterday. It is a natural process that hasn't changed. In fact the finestr wines are still fermented using the same processes that have occurred for millennia. However, bottling processes, preservative processes and production processes are different. These have no affect on the alcohol content. Average grape juice grown on moderate soil will still produce 9% alcohol by volume by natural processes which is still twice as strong as an average beer. Beer is more than strong enough to get a person drunk! It is not possible to produce a wine with more than about 16% alcohol because the excess alcohol kills the yeast. The only way to produce an alcoholic drink more than 16% is either by distillation or fortification, or other artificial means. To artificially add alcohol (ethanol) is expensive and unnecessary. Most wines today range from 9% to 15% alcohol by volume - more than enough to get a person drunk and completely within the range of natural fermentation. More alcohol means more duty tax to pay so manufacturers have nothing to gain by artificially increasing alcohol content other than pushing up the price. When it comes to winemaking and brewing, you have simply no idea what you are talking about! And you are suggesting that some Christians who occasionally drink alcohol are alcoholics. Shame on you!
  3. When is the Sabbath?

    And you believe Eusebius, a Roman Cathlolic historian? And who were these so-called early disciples? True Christians or Gnostics. The point is:- whatever was the original brainchild that invented a Sunday sabbath we may never know... but the RCC established it and made it official.
  4. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/889365/Pope-Francis-Jesus-Lords-Prayer-Bible-God-Catholic-scripture-religion-christianity
  5. When is the Sabbath?

    The apostles gave no instruction to change the day of the Sabbath. Please point out in scripture where they did. I'm not concerned about what charlatans may have proposed to be a good idea if their ideas conflict with scripture, and even if the RCC did not create Sunday worship - they promoted it, encouraged it, and at times persecuted those who deviated from it. Changing the day of the Sabbath was never an instruction from God.
  6. How do you know that Jesus never drank unfermented wine? By the way it was virtually impossible to store unfermented grape juice in those days, because if you store grape juice for any length of time it ferments, because yeast spores occur naturally on the skin of a grape and being a living, breeding organism is almost impossible to remove without modern filtration techniques or modern chemicals. In fact I will tell you that is easier to ferment something, than it is to prevent it from fermenting. I've found old bottles of fruit juice in my fridge that I had forgotten about and that have already fermented. When you removed the lid you could clearly smell the alcohol inside. Even apples that have dropped on the floor of an orchard have been found to contain alcohol after just a couple of days because yeast spores get just about everywhere. In fact you buy a carton or bottle of non-alcoholic grape juice you will find it contains artificial yeast-killing preservatives to prevent fermentation from happening! Such modern preservatives had not been invented in Biblical times. Jesus gave his wedding guests 'old wine' as well as new. What exactly is meant by the term 'old wine' if not referring to wine (ie grape juice) that is old, and therefore fermented? Many teetotal Christians pervert the words of scripture to justify the reason that even a small amount of alcohol consumption is a sin, yet what they don't realise is that the word 'wine' means 'wine'. It does not mean unfermented grape juice! If it did then the Bible would refer to it as grape juice, and not as wine!
  7. As explained MANY times before in MANY flat earth threads, a round Earth is not the same as a globe one. It is possible to circumnavigate a flat circle just as easily as it is to circumnavigate a ball. But of course, you've just proven my point that people don't listen especially when they want to twist the word of God into a false reality.
  8. When is the Sabbath?

    But regardless of such matters, it is an established fact that the Roman Catholic Papacy changed the sabbath from Saturday to Sunday, and this was during a time when the Jewish people were observant of such dates and knew exactly when the sabbath was.... so they had no excuse. Regardless of whether or not we should follow the 'law', or whether the sabbath is still sacred or not, the RCC still changed the day. Why would they do this? Why bother to change a day if the day is no longer important? And if they thought it was important to keep the sabbath then why not stick to God's ordained day rather than choosing a day of their own? These are simple but honest questions and they deserve answers like most simple and honest questions do. But, I suspect... as always; truthful answers will not be forthcoming.
  9. Probably because the Bible tells us that the Earth does not move, and that the Bible also tells us that there is a firmament above us with waters above that (and scripture never mentions a vacuum often referred to as Outer Space). Also the Bible reminds us that the Sun was created AFTER the Earth was created (on the fourth day) thus blowing away all cosmological theories given to us by astronomers and astrophysicists about the Big-Bang... and so on. Then there are the valid scientific experiments carried by a number of scientists who have empirically proven that the Earth does not move, and that have done so using real scientific experiments available for testing by the layman (ordinary Joe), and not the untouchable scientific experiments that require huge amounts of money that only the space agencies and the military can muster, and therefore we are forced to believe everything they tell us because we can't test otherwise. Of course, all that alone does not give any validity to this crazy man and his rocket. He could tell you what he wants to tell you and falsify his data if need be... but then again there's no reason to believe NASA and their falsified data either... So it all depends on who you trust. Do you trust the word of God or do you trust the false globe-earth theory? The Bible does not mention a globe nor does it tell us that the Earth moves round the Sun. However, it does tell us that the Earth is fixed and unmoving, and it does tell us that the the stars are IN a firm ceiling above us, not spread out over trillions of miles and spinning around in nothing. There is absolutely no Biblical reason to believe in a globe earth... not one.... and even if you think that you have found a verse in scripture that supports a globe earth.. then I can assure you that the verse you find is vague... and could refer to just about anything, and taken out of context also ignores the many other verses that support a stationary un-moving earth. One example is the reference to the "Earth hangs on nothing" but then again a banana-shaped earth could hang on nothing, so could a square-shaped earth... in fact things that hang are usually stationary because as I have pointed out before - "I have never seen a hanged-man spinning or orbiting his own gibbet". I have posted this information in a number of threads but few care to read them, because the proud man has already made his mind up. What is astonishing is that I have even discredited a globe theory only to find later on in the same thread that somebody has posted something without acknowledging what I had previously said, thus proving that they don't read anything that was written before... and as a result they have highlighted their own foolishness to those who actually care to take the time to read the entire topic. The earth is not a globe my friend, and the evidence of our own eyes and ears (the senses that God gave us) tells us that... but some people choose to ignore the evidence... and that of course is their own choice!
  10. Jesus David and Joseph nativity scene.

    I sometimes think that we shouldn't be posting such blasphemies as these. I was going to post the same article but felt uncomfortable about it. However, news is news and it is important that we document what we are up against. That way, no Christian can say that they didn't know. I expect there to be more.... a whole lot more. We are living in the End Times and Satan is running riot on steroids at the moment as he knows his time is short!
  11. Just when you thought that the World couldn't get more sick and twisted: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4839905/womb-transplant-men-can-have-babies/
  12. One World Church?

    All roads lead to Rome..... and that definitely includes the roads that also branch off towards Hell.... Just saying..... Ignore me.
  13. Truth & Critical Thinkimg

    You've asked a good question and a very relevant one. I'm not going to chastise you for it. It's a question that everyone should ask. I will try to break down my answer into three points: 1/ When it comes to critical thinking, God has given us a brain. We can think logically. 2+2=4 and we know that. So why should we blindly worship a God whom we cannot tell if he exists or not? Well, the truth is, most Christians don't (although some may do). Many born-again Christians were not raised in the Church, some have come from Atheism or other beliefs such as Buddhism or Hinduism or Islam. The word 'faith' is a very misunderstood one. Many people think that the word faith means 'blind belief' but it doesn't. 'Faith' means trust, and real trust means believing in the tried and tested. Believe it or not, many Christians have doubted God until he displayed his love, and his verifiable honesty. I trust God because I have tested his existence and I know it to be real. 2/ History verifies the validity of the Bible. Historical prophecies have been fulfilled to the letter. This is true. Some may say that the Bible contradicts itself, but it doesn't. You have to read it to understand that... but many people don't bother to, instead they cherry-pick a few verses to their liking. Yes, there are a number of apparent contradictions in the Bible but they can be explained satisfactorily which is really another topic for discussion (and a very complicated but interesting one). 3/ If you are really unsure, then let God do all the work. If God really exists then it is his duty to reveal himself. Sit down, relax and pray. "How do I know that you are real?" Many have done this, but never got an answer because their pride gave them 'pre-assumptions.' They wanted to believe in a god made in their own image, a god that satisfied their own fantasies, desires and imaginations, and sadly they often got one, a false one! Be humble, like a small child.... knowing nothing but asking questions out of sheer curiosity. You have nothing to lose. If you are genuinely humble, God will answer you... not necessarily straight away; it may take days or weeks, but he will answer you eventually. Trust me. And even when God does answer you... keep on testing until you are sure that it is really God who speaks. There's nothing wrong with healthy skepticism. ________________ And finally, for all the Christians who believe that God should not be tested because of what they read in scripture... well, it doesn't mean that. God is not a performing monkey and you shouldn't test his powers or expect him to perform miracles at your request. However, you can test whether he really is the true God or not; based on truth, logic and humble conviction. Once you have found him and he passes the test then you need never doubt him again. Remember that there are a lot of false gods out there so the litmus test will reveal the true God, the only god who gave his only begotten son to die for our own sins.
  14. What is Blasphemy against Holy Spirit?

    Kind of spot on... I agree more or less. The Holy Spirit convicts. You can deny the existence of the Father and the Son (due to ignorance) and therefore blaspheme them... but once you've seen and touched the Holy Spirit, then you've been fully convicted and have been given solid proof, and have no excuse. I must point out though, that I think blasphemy against the Holy Spirit is almost impossible in this day and age (notice that I use the word 'almost'). Jesus no longer walks in the flesh as he did nearly two thousand years ago. The Spirit was with him when he did. The pharisees had a grandstand view of the Spirit, up close and personal, yet they were so wicked that they rejected it - preferring the Spirit of Satan to the Spirit of God, even to the point of confusing the Holy Spirit and failing to understand it, believing it to be evil. You also have to remember that Satan was on steroids at the time. This was a key point in history, and Lucifer knew it. He was desperate and working on overtime. He knew that the game was almost up so he tried his best to work his lies and deceptions. There was no way that he was going to let this 'messiah' tamper with his plans. But of course, he never saw the knockout punch that was to come... when Jesus died on the cross then subsequently rose again.
  15. They're all in it together. Trump is 'controlled opposition'. It's all theatre and fireworks..... pretending to be enemies, pretending to be friends. They're just following the script. Bill Clinton is Jesuit trained. Donald Trump is Jesuit trained. Hillary is a puppet of the Jesuit Illuminati. Okay, so maybe I'm wearing my tin-foil hat..... but ALL IS NOT AS IT SEEMS! Even the very elect can be deceived... but fortunately not where it really counts. We are only being deceived temporarily.. there's nothing to really fear.