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  1. Inside the International Flat Earth Conference

    You are correct. Scripture tells us of a firmament above us -NOT the endless vacuum of Outer Space. Scripture NEVER tells us that the Earth revolves around the Sun, yet it describes creation in some detail, day by day, over six days and even describes the position of the stars, sun and moon. Conventional science tells us that everything came from the Big-Bang around 13,000,000, 000 years ago and around 4,000,000,000 years ago the Earth appeared. Scripture tells us that God created humans, starting with one man and one woman - Adam and Eve; - NOT that we evolved from monkeys... Conventional science tells us that Humans evolved over 100, 000 years ago from Apes Scripture tells us that there was a great flood around 4,500 years ago; - NOT that there was an ice-age 10,000 years ago. Conventional science denies a great flood, but instead speaks of epochs, eons, and eras that have no relation to scripture.
  2. Inside the International Flat Earth Conference

    The water is not always warm and it can't melt the wall. The wall is made out of whatever the firmament is made out of. It is actually the base of the firmament. Meteors and asteroids are all within. Genesis tells us that the sun, moon and stars are within the firmament - so I assume that includes meteors. Why should solar flares destroy the earth? The sun, moon and stars are much smaller than we have been told. Who says that solar flares even exist? I've never seen one.. Who says the moon is bombarded with meteors? That's just what they say to explain the apparent marks on the moon. They have an answer for everything. Have you ever seen a meteor hit the moon? As for the seasons and the earth being hotter at the equator, that's because the sun moves above the tropic of cancer, moves across the equator then over the tropic of capricorn and then back again, just as we observe it. We don't see the sun and moon all the time because they move out of range of our vision, just like any other object does. Rockets have never got through the dome. They can't. Nobody has ever broke through the ceiling.
  3. Inside the International Flat Earth Conference

    You can't see it. It's too far away. Mt. Everest is 29,000 feet high but I can't see it from my bedroom window. I can't even see it from Kathmandu in Nepal. But I can see it if I get within a hundred miles of it. If the base of the dome is fronted by icy land that stretches for hundreds of miles then there is no way that I can begin to see it unless I first get to the icy land. And I've already explained how difficult it is to get to Antarctica and then trek across it!
  4. Inside the International Flat Earth Conference

    There is only limited access to Antarctica. You can travel there but there are certain no-go zones which are forbidden. You can only go to approved areas, and if any ship approaches the coast without authorisation or a permit, it's not long before the military close in and either arrest the crew, or force them to turn back. There are approved tourist trips there of course, but they have been vetted beforehand. Permission is obtained from a body under the Antarctic treaty Organisation (I forget what it is called) which is administered jointly by several nations. Even visiting the research stations is difficult and for most of them you have to sign a confidentiality clause. Of course, none of this is suspicious in itself but it does prove that Antarctica is not the open-ended free access area that you would expect such a wilderness to be. When Michael Palin filmed his 'Pole to Pole' TV series for the BBC (you can find the episodes on YouTube), he visited the Scott-Amundsen research station along with his film crew, and he even said (speaking to the camera) that he got the impression that nobody who worked at the station wanted him to be there. He felt a certain hostility during his stop there. Again, there's nothing overtly suspicious about that in itself, after all maybe research scientists are an introvert lot and don't like strangers, but then again you'd think that maybe after seeing no outsiders for six months at a time, that at least one of them would have been more welcoming. What have they to hide, if its all just supposed to be environmental research? But scientists can be told anything - they don't have to know about the dome, they could have been told that their research is very sensitive information on rare micro-climates that could tip the fragile balance of ecosystems if outsiders are allowed access, or indeed any such lie. Whatever the reasons, Antarctica is something of an enigma to most people, and not just because of the harsh climate.
  5. Inside the International Flat Earth Conference

    Do you actually know that until the eighteenth century (Captain James Cook in 1774) nobody could even sail to Antarctica - and yet you mention the Phoenicians. Nobody had even discovered America at the time of the Phoenicians, never mind reach the extreme south edge of the world. Nobody had even seen Antarctica or even knew that it existed until James Cook confirmed it! You have to cross thousands of miles of ocean just to get to Antarctica which was almost impossible in those days due to severe currents, cold temperatures and unpredictable winds; then you have to climb ashore and transverse hundreds of miles of frozen wastes enduring temperatures down to -50 degrees celsius and at altitudes of over 9,000 feet above sea level. Even when Captain Robert Scott allegedly reached the South Pole in 1912 he never made it back alive. He died from the affects of extreme cold and semi-starvation. When Admiral Richard Byrd explored Antarctica in the 1930s, and 1940s he claimed that there were massive areas of the Antarctic that were unexplored including an area the same size as the United States. God has not made it easy for us to find the edge! And yet, here you are claiming that you're not buying it that nobody has ever reached the dome, as if trekking to the dome is a stroll in the park! We don't even know exactly how far inland you have to go to find the edge, but you're sounding as if visiting the dome should be some sort of tourist vacation. Even today, trekking Antarctica is hazardous. There are people who still die attempting to do it and that's with all the benefits of modern technology. They're still finding stuff there today that nobody has ever seen before. Only recently they discovered a lake deep underground that nobody knew existed before. This lake (named Vostok ) was only confirmed in 1993, decades after the Antarctic Treaty was set up to prevent casual snoopers from exploring there without a permit.
  6. Inside the International Flat Earth Conference

    No it wouldn't be impossible. Seriously, how many times do I have to explain this? East-west (or west-east travel)is possible on a flat circle. Just check out the diagrams that I gave. You can circumnavigate a circle. you can travel due west from London (say) across the Atlantic to New York, across the U.S.A., then across the Pacific, then across Asia and then back where you started in London and you would have completed a circumnavigation without changing direction. In other words you set off in one direction and eventually end up back where you started! If you actually looked at the map you would see that this is possible: And I have explained about the ice-wall. To repeat myself, by quoting myself from my previous post (which you obviously did not read): Now if somebody has ever reached the base of the dome, I have no idea. But because expeditions to Antarctica are rare, sometimes banned by the miltary and only allowed over 'approved' routes, I suspect that even trying look for the dome is a futile task. They don't allow you to look for the dome. Try planning an expedition to Antarctica without official approval; you won't be allowed to, and if you are given permission you will only be allowed to travel over officially sanctioned routes that avoid travelling too far inland, or anywhere near the base of the dome. I'm really getting tired of repeating myself.
  7. Inside the International Flat Earth Conference

    Most people who went around the world went east to west or west to east which is a circle. They did not go to the north pole. Nobody has ever circumnavigated the earth from pole to pole, but we may have been told that they have. If you actually read about every supposed North-South circumpolar event that took place there is something fishy about every account. We are either given no information about the trip (other than a name and a date - both of which could be fictional, because the person recorded is never mentioned again - no interviews, no photographs) or there are other pieces of information missing, or the attempts have failed.... (due to adverse weather conditions, or whatever). In fact, even trying to find information on the subject is difficult even using the internet. A google search under "circumpolar navigation" brings little results other than links to things that are not really what one would be looking for. However, there is some information - especially an account of the alleged circumpolar navigation by Ranulph Fiennes and Charles R. Burton in 1982. But then again, the account supposes that they reached the South Pole first before continuing onward and around to the North. But if the South Pole doesn't exist and is really an arbitrary fictional point, then they could have reached this point and then somehow changed direction and circled northwards again. Fiennes also has a reputation for lying, he appeared in court for faking falls and injuries during one of his expeditions in the Andes, and he is a Freemason (a member of the Belvedere lodge). In his book, he has many photographs but he has ZERO photographs of his time at the South Pole. You would think that going to the South Pole would merit at least one photograph. Let's put it this way, in an age when climbing Everest is now frequent, and we can bring electric power and central heating to the Arctic, and when planes can fly above hurricanes, effortlessly avoiding them, you would think that flying over the poles would be more frequent (especially over the north), but it isn't. In fact, flying over the poles seems to be something that still hits the record books or makes the news. We also have to consider why there is a rarity of such excursions. We have east-west circumnavigations taking place daily, hundreds of times due to international commercial flights, but circumpolar navigations are far from commonplace. Now some may say that this is due to the the harsh weather conditions that would be involved, and that circumpolar navigations are treacherous undertakings. Yet, we have supposedly regular flights to the South Pole, in order to bring supplies to the South Pole research centre - and none of these are considered 'newsworthy'. If a plane can cope with the harsh weather conditions above Antarctica then climate should not really be a factor when it comes to circumpolar navigation. In fact, I can't see why transversing the South Pole should not be more commonplace - it would reduce the flying times from New Zealand to Chile for example. At 30,000 feet you would be above the 'weather' anyway. But sadly, such routes are either unpopular, or forbidden for some reason. Of course, to a flat earther like myself, the routes are not used because they are impossible; because there really is no such thing as the South Pole, and we live in an enclosed system. Now if somebody has ever reached the base of the dome, I have no idea. But because expeditions to Antarctica are rare, sometimes banned by the miltary and only allowed over 'approved' routes, I suspect that even trying look for the dome is a futile task. I find it astonishing that Admiral Richard Byrd appeared on TV declaring how rich in minerals the Antarctic continent was; rich in uranium and rich in petroleum, yet even considering the greed of governments and companies, not one piece of Antarctica has ever been exploited for its mineral wealth. In fact, every important and wealthy country in the world has agreed not to to touch it (under the guise of environmental conservation). They can't agree to anything else, yet for the last sixty years, nobody - repeat nobody, has ever been allowed to set up a mining business in the Antarctic. What is the reason for turning Antarctica into a world conservation park? Apart from a few penguins along the coast there is nothing inland, no trees, no animals. They'll build oil refineries in the Arctic, but they won't touch inland Antarctica and never have done, even back in the 1950s and 1960s before Green activism became popular.
  8. Inside the International Flat Earth Conference

    No, you reach the base of the firmament. We live in an enclosed system.
  9. Inside the International Flat Earth Conference

    And Common Sense dictates that the earth is NOT a spinning ball. Every empirical scientific experiment shows that the earth is completely stationary. You won't find one that proves a spinning earth... not one. You will find that NASA, academia, astrophysicists, and conventional scientific teaching preaches a globe (backed up by fake photos, artist's impressions and CGI artwork) but no real scientific experiment that can be tested and verified shows that the earth moves at all. Every single scientific experiment proves that the earth is completely still. Then you have the word of God that tells us that the earth does not move.... Believe God or believe the fables of mankind. It's your choice.
  10. Inside the International Flat Earth Conference

    You can't reach the edge going east to west. East to west (or west to east) is merely a circumnavigation and you would eventually end up back where you started. Look at a flat earth map and think about it. We are told that the curvature of the earth is almost unnoticeable because the earth is so big that a curved line almost appears straight. Well, the same is true on a very large circle. The North Pole is in the centre, and all compasses point North therefore they always point to the centre of the flat earth no matter which part of the circle you are on. Travelling east-west is like a donkey tethered by a rope to a post in a large field with the post always in the centre. The donkey walks round in circles with the post always facing the inside of the circle that he walks in. If he walks clockwise, then the post will always be to his right, if he walks counterclockwise then the post will always be to his left. Imagine the post to be the North Pole. Here is a flat earth map (see below). Imagine travelling west (let's say for example from London across the Atlantic to New York, and then from New York to L.A., and then across the Pacific to Tokyo, and then from Tokyo across Asia and Europe and back to your original starting place in London). Plot that course on the map and see why you will actually circumnavigate if you do so.
  11. Inside the International Flat Earth Conference

    Not logical? First you say that flat earth can't be true and give a reason why (because the conspiracy is too big) then I explain to you why it's not too big and you say that globe or flat does not matter to a true believer... Maybe you're right, but if that is the case then why ever get involved with such a discussion yourself, if it doesn't matter to a true believer? You ask questions, I answer them... but suddenly it no longer matters! Sorry, MG but you either believe in God's word or you don't. Either there is a firmament or there isn't. Either the earth does not move or it does. Does God speak the plain truth or does he speak in riddles? Does this not matter? Come to think of it, does the timing of the rapture matter either? Pre-Trib, Post-Trib - who cares? None of this should matter to a true believer - believers are all saved anyway, aren't they? Do you reply to rapture threads and tell them that none of this matters to a true believer? If none of this matters then stay away from flat earth topics. They are obviously of no concern to you. I personally couldn't care less what you believe in, as long as you believe in God and believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, because if you believe in that then you are saved, and because I love you, I want you to be saved. But if I post a theory about something then I want to be able to defend it if I can, and if somebody criticises it, should I not be allowed to answer their criticisms? You're right, none of this should matter to a true believer, but what about a seeker, or a skeptic? Should the entire discipline of apologetics be abandoned altogether, because "none of this should matter to a true believer"? Faith is not blind just because so many Christians think that it is. The word 'faith' actually means 'trust'. We trust God because he tells us the truth, because he is logical and does not lie, and because time and again his word has been shown to be true. There are many discussions on this subject, and many appear on the Worthy forums - discussing God's word, what his word actually means, and using exegesis as proof of its meaning. Yet nobody says that none of this should matter to a true believer, do they? So why is the subject of the earth's shape any different?
  12. Why even bring it up? Because that's the question the OP asked!
  13. Adultery was never a crime in most Christian nations, to my knowledge, even though the laws of Judeo-Christian countries were originally built on the laws of God, such as murder and stealing. The argument was that there was a need to balance free will and liberty, against morals. So legislation against such transgressions as murder and theft were seen as necessary otherwise society would fall apart in a very short time. Adultery was seen as more of a personal choice, although the courts would legislate against it indirectly by making the guilty party suffer the most, in for example, divorce cases. However, I have a sneaking suspicion that the real reason adultery was not deemed to be a criminal offence was because even the legislators were at it. How many kings, prime ministers, lords, and so on... have had mistresses? Many, no doubt. It's probably hypocrisy that has made adultery a minor offence, or not even an offence at all. Of course, today things are even worse. The courts don't even seem to punish the guilty party when marital civil issues occur. In fact, settlements are based upon other things, such as the personal income of each party, and in many cases there is strong favouritism towards the woman, even if she is the one that cheated. I know of a number of cases where the wife cheated and the husband didn't, yet she still got half the house, forcing the man to lose thousands and move out of his home into a smaller place. Then of course, adultery is not even an issue these days as many people are choosing not to marry, and you can't commit adultery if marriage is not involved. However, I must point out that although single people having sex with other single people may not be adulterous, it is still fornication, and is therefore still a sin!
  14. Yes, here are some verses describing a stationary earth. He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth up the beggar from the dunghill, to set them among princes, and to make them inherit the seat of glory: for the pillars of the earth are the Lord’s, and he hath set the world upon them. 1 Samuel 2:8 [The Earth is set on pillars – it does not move] He set the earth upon her foundations, so that it shall never move. Psalm 104:5 [The Earth does not move. It is stationary] They know not and understand nothing: they walk in darkness, albeit all the foundations of the earth be moved. Psalm 82:5 [Hypothetical statement – ‘if’ the foundations were moved; which means they are not] There are other verses too. As for the firmament, Genesis 1 makes it clear that the stars, sun and moon are in the firmament (not above it) and that the waters are above it. So whatever the water actually is, it is above the stars, so the stars, sun and moon are closer to us than the waters above. The waters are still there by the way (they didn't all disappear during the flood) as testified by Psalm 148:4 which is written in the present tense and is a post-flood verse. I believe that although the firmament is solid, it is transparent like glass or translucent rock; and when you see the blue sky above you are actually seeing the mighty oceans above us. There are floodgates in the firmament though and God opened them when he caused the great flood. I also apply a little Common Sense here. God actually went to some trouble to describe the creation to us. He could have just said, "I created everything and that's that... you don't need to know anything else, It's my business not yours." But he didn't, he went into some detail, breaking it down into detail for each of the six days, even informing us of the position of everything. Don't you think if the earth actually rotated round the sun, he would have told us that? I mean, it's not a minor detail, it's a pretty huge thing especially when he has told us the position of the stars, firmament and waters in relation to each other, yet he somehow forgets to tell us that the earth is much smaller than the sun and actually moves around it. None of that makes sense. Besides how can the sun, moon and stars be inside the firmament above us, and yet at the same time we move around the sun, and the sun moves around the rest of the stars (the galaxy). It's impossible, unless God has lied to us. Didn't God know that we'd have the technology to find out for ourselves one day? Didn't God know that one day we'd invent flying machines and go up there and look for ourselves? Does he actually want us to think that he's a liar? Of course not. Well the truth is, we did find out! Or rather wicked men found out. NASA was founded by occultists (check out Jack Parsons and Werner Von Braun), and all the space agencies (even the Soviet ones) were led by Freemasons, sworn to secrecy. The diabilical heliocentric model had already been taught in schools since Copernicus invented it, but the early space pioneers discovered that God's word was actually true and the Heliocentric model was wrong. They had egg on their faces, and so did every scientist of the past hundred years (including Einstein). The secret had to be hid at all costs. It's no coincidence that the Antarctic treaty was signed at the same time as the space program was making most of these discoveries. Also check out Admiral Richard Byrd. He was an explorer who made some startling discoveries in Antarctica.
  15. Well the Bible does say that the Earth does not move (so it can't be spinning or orbiting anything). The Bible also tells us that God laid a compass over the face of the deep. This is referring to a compass used to draw a circle, not the magnetic compass used to navigate. Magnetic compasses were unknown in Ancient times. Any engineer will tell you that a compass has to be set over a flat surface. The Bible also tells us that there is a solid firmament above us and waters above that - so that rules out the vacuum of outer space then. And yes you are right, if you keep travelling in one direction you will come to the edge. It's called Antarctica, but the Antarctic treaty prevents any curious individual from finding the edge. If you travel across Antarctica without permission or without an authorised escort you'll be arrested by the military. You can visit the coast of Antarctica, but try trekking inland (apart from certain approved routes) and you won't get very far. Antarctica is a very unusual piece of land. It's entire coastline is around 2000 feet high. It's as if God made it extremely difficult to find the edge. Not impossible, but extremely difficult, and then there's the extreme cold and darkness and everything else that means that any jaunt out there is no picnic. Antarctica surrounds the earth, a wall of ice shielding the earth's edge from casual rovers. Somewhere inland, far, far from the coast, in the bleakest coldest, remotest outposts of the earth you'll find the edge of the earth. But you can't fall off because we're walled in. The earth is an enclosed system. The firmament above us is like a domed ceiling (which we call the sky) and the ends of the earth in all directions is probably the base of that dome. Somebody has found the base of the dome, probably the earliest Antarctic explorers found it first but they kept the secret. NASA know the truth (but the space programme is worth of billions of dollars in revenue to them, so they're never going to spill the beans). If the world's population ever discovered the truth then NASA would be rumbled, not only that but the lie of outer space would be exposed. Without the lie of outer space, there are no galaxies or pulsars or quasars, and no black holes. These fictional things would drop into the wastebin of false history. Without space there is also no Big Bang, and no Theory of evolution... Atheism would die overnight and people would turn back to God. The reason they are hiding the flat earth is because they are trying to hide God, and hide the evidence of his creative hand at work. The world is not ruled by people like us but by wicked people in high places. They know that the earth is flat, that we are all enclosed in, and can't get out. Even NASA's rockets can't force their way through the firmament (and they know it), so they just fly as high as they can, far from prying eyes on earth and fake the entire thing. It's not just the moon landings that were hoaxes, every single space mission in history has also been a hoax. They can't get higher than the upper levels of the earth's atmosphere. Nobody can!