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  1. Inside the International Flat Earth Conference

    No, you can't see the curvature of the earth. You can see the outside curve of the extremity of your vision which is where the horizon is; the horizon is merely the point of convergence of your vision (a vanishing point beyond which objects can no longer be seen by the naked eye). Don't forget that a flat disk has a curved edge too. If we were on a globe the curve would not just be 2-dimensional it would be 3-dimensional and would also curve DOWNWARDS, which it does not. It makes no difference if the golf-ball was at the same speed as the moon during take-off; there would still be a diversion in trajectory due to the moon continuing to spin as the golf ball slows down. The trajectory would also differ if the golf ball moved in the direction of the spin, opposite to the direction of spin, or somewhat traverse to the spin. Now use that same example on earth. Why do we not have to adjust our own flights, (or even when we walk) according to which direction we move? Walking in the direction the earth rotates would be a completely different experience than walking opposite to it. The Bible tells us that the earth is stationary and does not move. It tells us that there is a firmament above us with WATER ABOVE THAT. Where does the fake space shuttle go when it supposedly goes into outer space? Why does it not get wet? Don't forget too that the stars are IN THE FIRMAMENT and not above it, so the water is above the stars. Now tell me where in the Bible we are told that the earth revolves around the sun, or where God also makes millions of other earths, similar to our own. Are you saying that God went to the trouble of giving us a break down of creation, yet mysteriously, he FORGOT to tell us the really important details like telling us that the earth moves around the sun, or that he made millions of other planets like our own, so that we're not unique after all? Globe-earthers are merely adding to scripture something that is not there. They are adding to God's word, and twisting it to accommodate Heliocentrism. Then to top it all, they are then willfully ignoring his word when he tells us that the earth is stationary. No Christian ever believed that the earth was a globe until the Copernican theory was forced upon us in schools. Martin Luther for example, rejected the idea of a globe earth and so did countless other Christians. The Bible is clearly a flat earth book. Heliocentrism (which incidentally originated from the idea of sun worship) is completely alien to scripture. Even the earliest pioneer of Heliocentrism, Pythagoras, was originally taught astronomy by the priests of Heliopolis.
  2. Inside the International Flat Earth Conference

    And of course, you failed to answer my questions. Regardless of who says it and how they say it - the questions are still valid ones. If flat earth logic is so bad then surely you should be able to correct it and answer my questions. But of course, you can't... just as I suspected! And Christians are not to insult, but they are meant to call out lies; and to warn those who love the lie to wake up from their folly. I called out those who continue to reject the word of God, and quite rightly so. So - do you continue to accept the globe lie, or do you accept instead the word of God? The choice is yours.
  3. Inside the International Flat Earth Conference

    The curvature is not imperceptible over long distances, so you're just copping out here. A plane flying long-distance half way around a globe earth would notice a curve - a full semi-circle of a curve in fact. Yet it still has to make no adjustments for such a curve because no such curve exists. I'm really tired of this non-scientific, illogical nonsense. Globe-earthers are deluded and out of touch with reality ans scientific logic. Let us see if they are brave enough to answer this question or if they will cowardly run away back to the comfort of their satanic globe delusion. If the earth is spinning then why do planes not have to travel faster when circumnavigating in one direction rather than the other? If the earth is rotating at 1,000 mph then a plane traveling in the opposite direction that the earth rotates would only have to rise and hover in one place and the destination would arrive by itself. Likewise, if a plane is travelling in the same direction to the Earth's rotation it would have to travel over 1,000 mph to even get anywhere at all. You could liken it to a man jumping up and down on the spot... He would never land in the same place because the ground would move beneath his feet. But wait: the scientism satanists have already given us an answer to this. They claim that the atmosphere sticks to the earth due to gravity, and therefore pushes everything else along with it. Now this is impossible. Because the same satanists tell us that gravity is an incredibly weak force that although it acts over long distances is incapable of preventing even a butterfly from flapping its wings and rising upwards. I can jump up and down. Gravity is weak enough to allow me to, yet the satanists tell me that if I jump up and down, the air pushes me along with it. Yet I can still walk in the opposite direction without being forced back by the resistance of a 1,000 mph wind. Why does the air not push me backwards when I am walking in the opposite direction to its so-called movement? How incredibly idiotic and ridiculous is this theory? And even if the theory were true, then what about the Moon where there is virtually no atmoshere? Now here are the real questions.. (Cowards, deniers of the truth, mockers and scoffers - please leave now - I don't want to speak to you) We are told that the Moon moves too. It moves in space and it rotates around the earth; so we are told. I've seen the footage of the astronauts on the Moon, jumping and down and even playing golf! Why do they not land in a different spot after jumping? They should do if the Moon rotates. There is no substantial atmosphere to push them along. What happens to the trajectory of the golf-ball? Why is this not affected? I want answers. And don't avoid these questions by cowardly throwing back a question that exposes the flaws in the flat earth theory. Flat-earthers admit that they don't have all the answers and are still doing the research. If the spinning globe is proven to be false and impossible; then the spinning globe is the WRONG ANSWER. Just because you don't yet have the right answer, doesn't mean that you should scurry back to the comfort and safety of the wrong answer, especially when you know it to be false. That's no way to learn anything, it's just an excuse to live in ignorance and cling on to your pride. Mockers stay away. God knows who you are, and he will be your judge. The Bible tells us that the EARTH DOES NOT MOVE, so those who call themselves Christians should stop blaspheming his word and accept what he tells us. I am running out of patience with those who persistently reject the truth of his word, despite being told time and again.

    The word vicar is derived from Latin, as is 'vicarious' which means 'substitute' or 'in place of another'. So 'vicar of christ' means more or less the same thing as 'Antichrist'. The RCC did not form until the 4th Century AD (over two hundred years after Peter's death), and was really just a make-over of the Roman government - until then zealous persecutors of Christians. So Peter and his followers were persecuted by Rome until Rome decided (somewhat dubiously) to adopt Christianity. How can the RCC be the 'true Church' if it had been persecuting Christians for nearly three hundred years? Did the true Church at one time persecute itself? Despite the Vatican's persecution, torture and murder of those who refused to follow the doctrines of Rome, Christianity refused to die out, and that is why we still have the word of God today.. This is what Jesus meant when he said to Peter: "That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it." Catholics cannot use the claim that this sort of persecution no longer exists, because that's not the point. All the decrees to torture, burn and kill were done by Popes and Popes are meant to be infallible in matters of the word of God. If it is now acknowledged that those decrees were wrong (and in contravention of the Ten Commandments) then there is no such thing as infallibility of the Pope. In fact if just one Pope can be proven to have made a mistake in spiritual matters then the entire doctrine of infallibility comes crashing down like a house of cards, and there is absolutely no sound reason, (never mind a divine one) to trust without question the word of one single Pope. If one Pope is wrong, they could all be wrong! From the teachings of Catholics themselves (so they have no excuse by blaming these accusations on non-Catholic sources): Roman Catholics use Mary and other 'saints' to intercede with Jesus. This is clearly in contravention of scripture. 1 Timothy 2:5 tells us that there is "one God, and one mediator BETWEEN God and men, the man Christ Jesus". How many Gods are there? ONE. How many mediators are there? ONE. It baffles me how often Catholics fail to understand the meaning of the word 'one.' The Pope is called 'father'. Even lowly priests are called 'father'. This is in contravention of Matthew 23:9. I could go on, but I'll save it all for another time.
  5. Shh... don't tell anyone but..... It's all a farce. The world's a stage and the actors are just reading out their scripts. Just one more step towards the NWO.
  6. It's a joke, but strangely enough...... a joke that will probability turn out to be reality very soon.
  7. It used to be called Agenda 21 but the Illuminati realised that they couldn't make it by that date, so it's now been changed to Agenda 2030. There has to be a massive culling take place before they can establish one-world government. They intend to reduce the world's population to less than 1 billion. How they will do this is through war, starvation, disease, decrease in birth rates - however they can possibly do so, in fact. The key players behind this plot are the families of the Illuminati such as the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Bush's, the DuPonts, the Soros family, and of course the nefarious Rothschilds. The Jesuits and the Vatican are also key players; some believe that the Jesuits are the ones who are really in charge. Key personalities involved with this agenda include George HW Bush, Henry Kissinger, Jacob Rothschild, and the various living members of the Rockefeller dynasty. There are also other puppets being used such as Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, the Clintons, Al Gore, and a number of other wealthy billionaires. Organisations that are involved include the Freemasons, the Skull and Bones Society, the Bilderburg group, and the Council for Foreign Relations. They meet once a year at Bohemian Grove which is always heavily guarded and shrouded in secrecy. These people already control Hollywood; the mainstream Media (press and TV) in both the U.S.A. and the UK, and in most of the developed world; the record industry; the oil industry, the pharmaceutical industry and a number of other facilities. They have infiltrated most governments around the world as well as the military, the judiciary and the education system of all major nations. They are behind many other things too such as the 'Black lives matter' movement, and various other Left-Wing pressure groups. They are also heavily involved in human trafficking and child sacrifices. They are all Satanists and they intend to rule the world, making the rest of the population their debt slaves. We will have nothing, and they will have everything. We will be the slave workers and they will be the benefactors. They will introduce a one-world religion which will culminate in worship of the beast. Anybody who speaks out against this new religion will be persecuted. The United Nations was built on Theosophy, a cult admired by Adolf Hitler, and started by Helena Blavatsky. Theosophists worship Lucifer. The United Nations is a front for world peace but behind the scenes it has a completely different agenda. Whether Donald Trump is involved with all this is not known for certain. Some claim that he is fighting against the New World Order, others claim that he is merely controlled opposition who was voted into power to make right-minded people think that they had won the battle against lunatic Leftist policies. Only time will tell. Trump may well turn out to be a cuckoo in the nest; just another puppet. Don't forget that he received a Jesuit education. Others claim that Vladimir Putin is the real champion that is standing against the New World Order, but once again we do not know for certain. He too could be just part of the agenda. It's just another part of the Hegelian Dialect. Then of course, we have to consider Pope Francis and his role in establishing the NWO. He is the first ever Jesuit to sit in the top seat of the Vatican. A shudder runs down my spine whenever I think of that fact! Whatever the real truth behind this plot is, only Jesus will eventually set us free us from it. We might be able to delay the diabolical agenda of the NWO but we can't stop it from happening - because it's prophesied to happen!
  8. Has God sent Islam to punish the west?

    I don't believe that God has sent Islam to punish the West but God is ALLOWING Islam to punish the West. When we turn our backs on God, he removes his hand of protection. Also, whenever we reject God, Satan steps in to fill the void. Now, I know that there are many righteous Christians still living in the West; but on the whole, the stronghold of Christendom that once was, has now fallen!
  9. California has introduced legislation that could eventually lead to banning the Bible: http://www.catholicworldreport.com/2018/04/15/california-assembly-bill-2943-is-a-direct-assault-on-free-speech-truth-about-same-sex-attraction/ http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/billNavClient.xhtml?bill_id=201720180AB2943
  10. Is the killing of children a sign?

    Let's get back to Disney shall we? Do you think it's perfectly healthy for kids to be told that witchcraft and magic spells are just simple fun? You seem to think there is nothing wrong with it. Disney have normalized such things and paved the way for the rubbish that we have today. And no, it's not a conspiracy theory, but everything that you can't understand seems to be a conspiracy theory in your eyes. I realise that your talent for mockery is greater than your talent for inquiry, but try doing some research for once. There are countless books and articles published on the subject of Disney's occult connections.
  11. Is the killing of children a sign?

    I think that it is related to living in the last days. There have always been murders, and there have always been child-murders. But this appears to have escalated in recent times. What is shocking is that there is evidence of ritual satanic abuse. The children are sexually abused first and then sacrificed afterwards. Satan always loves a human blood sacrifice. Every year thousands of children (usually from Third-World countries) are used in human trafficking. Many of them disappear without trace. They are brought into the West and sold to wealthy elites. Then of course there is Disneyland where a small number of children disappear every year and are never found again. Walt Disney, a 33rd degree Freemason (and according to his biographers, a suspected pedophile) set up the Disney corporation as a cover for some very suspect activities. It was Disney that introduced children to the world of witchcraft. Fairy-tale castles, magic spells, wicked witches... all of that may seem harmless enough but it was all intended to brainwash children into the world of the Occult. Remember 'Fantasia'?
  12. pope tells boy his atheist dad is in heaven

    You're using an invalid argument. Just because it was wrong of the Pope to tell the young boy that his father was in heaven, does not mean that the only alternative is to tell him that his father is in Hell. There are many things that the Pope could have said to comfort the boy without lying to him. He could have said for example, that "God is loving and caring and always makes the right decisions" or something like that. You're basically accusing all those here who disagree with the Pope of believing that the Pope should have said the opposite... when there are many other things that he could have said. This is a straw-man fallacy. Try thinking first before jumping in with your emotions. And by the way, Pope Francis is a member of the Jesuits, one of the most deceitful and devious of all societies. As a religious order, the Jesuits have been expelled from no less than 83 countries in the last few hundred years because they interfered in the policies of state governments and spread lies and propaganda in their education systems. They were expelled from Brazil in 1754, Portugal in 1759, Russia in 1820, and France in 1880. Pope Clement XIV banned the order in 1773 and was subsequently poisoned by a Jesuit assassin for doing so. The Jesuits were not reinstated until 1814 (by Pope Pius VII). Francis is a trained liar; in fact all Jesuits are taught that lying is acceptable if it is for the common good (the common good being the supremacy of the Roman Catholic Church). Jesuits also take a secret oath which declares that even murder is acceptable if it protects the Church. The Jesuits are one of the most subversive and evil organisations ever created. They hide behind good deeds, as a cover for their real intentions. Never before in history has there been a Jesuit Pope, until now - Francis is the first. This is highly ominous.
  13. Using a Youtube channel to grow the kingdom of God

    Can I just add, YouTube is great way to spread the word of God, but get in there quick because it won't last long. As we approach the End Times the plug will be pulled. Like all of the Media, Christians who spread the true word of God are being censored more and more. Use what time you have before you are silenced from the internet completely.
  14. I think I've said this before, but I'll say it again: I personally believe that abortion is a human sacrifice to Satan. I'm not saying that everybody who partakes in abortion is necessarily aware of that, I'm just saying that I believe that it is. Satan loves it when an innocent human life is killed, and abortion is a great way to do this en masse, under the guise of something else. So not only is abortion technically murder, it is also a blood feast for demons and fallen angels. I honestly do not know what the significance of blood is, but I do know that the Bible tells us that blood contains the life force, and that some reason beyond my comprehension, evil entities seem to derive some sort of energy or pleasure from the spilling of blood, especially when it is dedicated to them. That is why every religion in history has used either human or animal sacrifice as part of its rituals. Whether it be the Ancient Greeks making sacrifices to the oracle at Delphi, or the Aztecs throwing children into the fire or cutting out the hearts of their victims, it's all the same thing. Only the Jews made animal sacrifices to the true God. But the Lord needs no more sacrifices, because the blood of Jesus was the sacrifice to end all sacrifices; a sacrifice to appease God for all time, and to wash away all sins, past, present and future. Providing of course, that you believe that the sacrifice actually occurred and believe that Jesus died and then rose from the dead. Demons still love it though, and it tickles them no end when a sacrifice is carried out. Any sacrifice will do, a chicken, a goat or whatever... but a human sacrifice is the big prize for them, the more innocent the human the better, and that's why the blood of children or virgins is better. I'm not saying that a virgin is without sin, but as long as you can guarantee their virginity, at least you can be sure that they've never committed the sin of fornication or adultery, and for some reason in Satan's warped way of thinking, this makes the prize even bigger. Fortunately human sacrifice is very rare these days, so they don't get the big prize as often as they like. That's where abortion comes in. Spilling the blood of an innocent unborn child is still better than nothing at all, and still quite a big prize as far as demons are concerned. You can't get much more innocent than an unborn. That's why I am doubly against abortion; it is not only murder, but it is also something much more sinister than that. At the very top, at the highest echelons, the people behind 'Planned Parenthood' probably know this, even if the ones below them, and the mothers who actually have the abortions are not aware of it!