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  1. OakWood

    VERY Strange!

    They need an excuse to close the observatory. Somebody shot somebody else - drugs were found in the observatory - terrorists were using the observatory as a place to plot - somebody was hiding stolen goods...... blah.... blah... etc. 'A janitor was downloading porn' is no excuse to shut down an entire observatory. Just arrest the man and be done with it. Why do you need to close the entire facility? There is a bigger picture to look at here!
  2. OakWood

    VERY Strange!

    The surprised reactions and misinformed explanations that appear in previous posts in this thread are typical of people today. It's only to be expected. But the fact that an observatory has been shut down by the authorities is no surprise to me. I half expected this to happen. Observatories are always under government scrutiny. A telescope so large that it is able to see for many miles straight across the earth (thus disproving globe curvature) is always a scary thing to the Satanists at the top:- that is why large observatories are NEVER allowed to point their telescopes horizontally; indeed their telescopes are deliberately mounted as to be unable to do so. However, even upward pointing telescopes are still a threat to the Illuminati elite and that is why they are always closely monitored. Maybe the folks at the observatory spotted something that they shouldn't. Maybe they realised that instead of observing an almost infinite universe of blackness and nothingness (which doesn't really exist), they had actually observed God's solid and impenetrable firmament above us. Maybe they zoomed in on a star - and discovered that instead of being a burning ball of nuclear fusion hydrogen that supposedly exists millions and millions of miles away; that it was actually much closer, and also a living, glowing celestial being (an angel if you like), just as the Bible tells us! Maybe the people who worked at the observatory had finally realised that they had been duped, and after peering into their telescope they had an 'ahaa' moment, and after a lifetime of believing the heliocentric lie, finally realised that all along they had been staring at nothing other than an illuminated moving ceiling. Observatories will continue to be a target of the Freemasons who run all world governments. This is just the start of something that is going to persist and be repeated. Astronomers worldwide are finally realising that they have been deceived. They are finally beginning to understand that they were deceived when they went to university and studied for their degrees in astrophysics, and that even their own professors had been deceived into just parroting a narrative that they too had learned, and they had naively assumed that what was supposed to be 'real science' was not actually science at all; because they had never actually tested it for themselves. As we enter the End Times, God is now opening people's eyes to the truth of his word; yet some people continue to reject it. Even some of those who call themselves 'Christians' are still rejecting the word of the Lord, preferring instead to believe in a diabolical universe of a black, vacuum of almost-nothingness; an almost empty universe peppered only with the occasional galaxy, which itself is almost empty, but also sparsely peppered with millions of solar systems, each with their own planets. Even those who claim to love God are rejecting the truth. Their excuse is that 'Flat-Earth' defies science (even though it does not - it only defies 'scientism'). They are quite happy to accept the truth that Adam and Eve really existed (even though it defies the scientific narrative of man's evolution from apes) and they are quite happy to embrace the truth that God created the heavens and earth in six days (even though it defies the scientific narrative of the earth being 4 billion years old). Yet they won't deny Heliocentrism because they are too full of PRIDE to admit that they have been deceived for most of their lives, and they love the idea of Outer Space too much to let go of it. Such hypocrisy!! The earth is unique, an apple of God's eye - and to say that God also created millions of other earths is a blasphemy. There are no other planets - they do not exist - the Bible refers to such things as wandering stars.. The earth we live on is stationary and fixed on pillars. It does NOT revolve around the Sun, instead the Sun moves across the firmament above us, and as the Lord opens people's eyes - many more of God's people are finally waking up to this truth, and they are rejecting the lie of Heliocentrism once and for all! And that is why we are now seeing a purge on large observatories (apart from the ones that are under the control of NASA or the despicable Jesuits who rule the Vatican). This is just the start of something big. The Satanists in charge of this world don't want the masses to discover the truth. They prefer the lie of Heliocentrism to the the truth of God's stationary Geocentrism. Heliocentrism, and the lie of a massive and almost infinite expanse of nothingness is a breeding ground for worldwide Atheism. Without it there would be no claim of a Big-Bang Theory and ultimately no Darwinism. Without the concept of a globe earth floating in outer space there would be no concept of intelligent alien lifeforms living on other planets. So-called 'extra-terrestrials' are really demons or fallen angels in disguise. They are spiritual and not physical. They exist in a spiritual dimension and are not from the physical fantasy of outer space. Forget 'Star Trek' and forget 'Star Wars'. You may love such things and maybe grew up watching them. I did too, but now I reject them. Throw away your Sci-Fi comic books and switch off your TV. Interstellar travel is impossible because there is no such thing as interstellar space. Nobody has ever been in Outer Space at all (because it doesn't exist), and nobody has ever landed on the Moon. It's all just a fantasy. Wake up! Rather than there being an ever-expanding universe of mainly nothing, Outer Space does not actually exist; yet many believe that it does because they have lived through a lifetime of indoctrination and propaganda. . But God does not create black, cold, nothingness; only the Devil wants people to believe that he does. God never put the Sun at the center of anything (nor did he create millions of other Suns). Solar-centric theories are the fantasy of Sun-worshippers such as the Pagan Greek mathematician Pythagoras, and the Sun-worshipping Jesuits. The stars in the sky are not distant Suns. They are not the same thing as the Sun. Our Sun is unique and there is no other. God created the one-and-only Sun for a purpose (to give warmth and to give daylight to the earth and distinguish day from night, according to the time zone where the Sun happens to be at any given time in a 24-hour cycle), and the stars he created for another purpose (pinpoints of light that pepper the night sky ceiling and tell us the times and the seasons). He created the Moon also; which is NOT a floating lump of rock, but a celestial entity that gives out its own light and does not rely on the Sun's reflection to do so. The people at the New Mexico observatory had pointed their telescope at the sky and they had observed the truth and what they discovered had shocked them to the core, and it shocked them enough to have a life-changing experience. They had finally discovered the truth. Maybe they had decided to whistle-blow. Who knows? But the FBI stepped in before they could. We are living in the End Times. Expect to see more of such things. Anybody who tries to expose the lies of 'Scientism' will be silenced if the 'authorities' have their way!
  3. OakWood

    As a Man Thinketh . . .

    I love this YouTube channel.
  4. OakWood

    How old is the book of Job? (pre-flood)

    Thanks for your input. I'll consider what you have said in your post.
  5. OakWood

    How old is the book of Job? (pre-flood)

    Actually, there's no evidence of any major ice age (apart from the one that Evolutionists tell us happened 10,000 years ago, which predates Moses anyway), so I don't understand how you come to the conclusion that dinosaurs lived after the great flood until the Ice Age. Job's references to ice, don't necessary refer to an Ice Age and if they do, which one is it? Is it one that we've never heard of, that neither Creationist nor Evolutionists have ever mentioned or envisaged? As for your theory about the King James translation of 'giant':- well if you read the Book of Job then it's clear that he is referring to a giant, as in - a very, very large person. The words 'mighty' and 'warrior' make no sense in the context of which he is talking about. Job 7 may refer to his affliction occurring only a few months, but he was still suffering his affliction during this time. However, you have made some compelling points about Job's lifespan. I'm not defending the position of an antediluvian book, just thinking about it and whether there is any evidence or not. In fact, since reading the book again, I've found more evidence that suggests that Job is NOT a pre-flood book, but I'm still keeping an open mind. Thanks for your input.
  6. There are a number of YouTube videos on this subject, but they are too long to post in the video section. Could the Book of Job have been written before the great flood? Was it brought across on Noah's ark, so that it could be preserved for future generations? I refer to three chapters in particular. Job 1 refers to Job's lineage and background - he has a lot of sons and a lot of land. People lived a lot longer before the flood. It takes time to produce children and generate wealth, especially when most didn't even marry then until they were around 50 years old.. Job 40 refers to the Behometh, possibly a large reptile (or dinosaur) which sounds like a pre-flood animal. (verse 15 onwards) Job 16 mentions a giant. After the flood the giants were fewer in number and God was concerned with wiping out the remnants of such races, but Job 16 mentions them as if they were something that Job would be familiar with in the world that he lived in. The time of Job's terrible trial and tribulation appears to be a very long one, lasting many years - only appropriate to someone with a very long lifetime. If we look at another verse: Job 42:16 Job lived another hundred and forty years - after his long trial and suffering, and after having even more children. Other facts: Nobody in the Book of Job is mentioned in the post-flood table of nations. Although certain post-flood peoples are mentioned in the Book of Job, these could be duplicates. Many peoples were renamed after people before them. One example is Job's friend Eliphaz. Here's another verse: Jog 15:10 This refers to living gray-haired men much older even than Job's father. If Job is old, then how old are these guys? The Book of Job does refer to a flood that happened before - but there is also another great flood before the flood of Noah! At the moment I'm sitting on the fence on this one, but I would appreciate more input on this discussion.
  7. OakWood

    The myth of Pagan roots of Christianity

    Well, the story of Mithras, for example, was completely different to Jesus at one time, but later writers changed it and claimed that Mithras was born of a virgin. There are other examples that I can't think of off the top of my head. The point I'm trying to make is that Atheists used the revised versions of these myths, not the original versions of these myths, to claim similarities between the Bible and Paganism. But also as you have already stated, the Jesus story was changed too, to match Pagan myths. This has caused confusion among people who haven't bothered to check their history.
  8. OakWood

    The myth of Pagan roots of Christianity

    The problem is that Satan tries to reverse history and claims that the Pagan myths came first and Jesus came afterwards.But the reality is that Jesus came before the Pagan myths - or rather, Jesus came before the Pagan myths were rewritten and adapted to copy the story of Jesus. So, for example - there may be a Pagan god who was worshipped long before Jesus came, but his story was originally completely different. After Jesus came the Pagan god's story was re-written to roughly match the story of Jesus. This causes people to believe that the story of Jesus was copied from a Pagan myth because the Pagan god was being worshipped before Jesus arrived. The problem with Atheists and other mockers of Christianity is that they don't research their history - they just believe what they have been told by other Atheists. In fact, most Atheists and other scoffers are guilty of doing the very things they accuse Christians of doing. Atheists accuse Christian of being stupid, superstitious idiots who believe everything they are told without testing it, but in reality most Christians examine the evidence and use discernment. It is the Atheists who believe what they are told without testing it. They believe in Evolution, they believe in the Big-Bang, and they believe in false science. They are either too lazy or too afraid to test such claims. They believe in such nonsense because men in white coats with lots of letters after their names tell them that such a reality is so. In other words, Atheism is nothing other than a religion, because Atheists believe what the high priests of scientism tell them; and they believe it obediently and without question!
  9. Atheists and other Christian-bashers love to claim that the story of Jesus was stolen from Pagan religions, but nothing could be further from the truth. It is more likely that Pagan myths were later twisted to form a counterfeit of Christianity:
  10. OakWood

    Three Facts Those Promoting Transgenderism Ignore

    I agree with you. It is wrong for adults; but to set a bad example to children is one thing - to coerce or manipulate children into such depravity is quite another. I am reminded of Luke 17:2.
  11. This is probably coming next. Satan never stops sowing the seeds of depravity, and as we approach the End Times things are going to get worse. We must protect children from this evil.
  12. OakWood

    Three Facts Those Promoting Transgenderism Ignore

    You're right Shiloh, it's not. But at least an adult is old enough to be accountable for the fruits of their sins. To inflict such confusion upon children is a gross abomination worthy of severe judgement, and is far... far worse!
  13. OakWood

    North Star Never Moves.

    Shiloh, you're talking nonsense. Your pride is driving you to blasphemy against the Lord. You've contradicted yourself in similar posts so many times that I'm beginning to fear for your soul. The Bible does not support a globe earth - PERIOD! Stop rejecting scripture and stop rejecting the Holy Spirit. You said yourself that the Bible is meant to be taken literally unless it says otherwise. Nothing gives support that the Biblical references to our earth are anything other than literal. The earth does NOT move. The Bible tells us that. Simple empirical scientific experiments prove that the earth does not move. This is irrefutable. You clearly know nothing about real science that is based on testability, observation and duplication. This is REAL science based on the scientific method. Not one single verse in the Bible tells us that the earth moves around the Sun. Stop calling God a liar!! Ancient peoples believed the earth was flat. They knew it was flat. You have provided no evidence to suggest otherwise. I can provide lots of evidence to show that the Ancients believed in a flat earth. Why do you persist in defending the satanic globe? What can you possibly gain from defending wickedness? As for your claim about NASA employees, well that's just naive. Do you not realise that most NASA employees are ground-based. They haven't a clue about their employer's deceptions any more than you have. It takes a lot of money. technology and effort to fly even above 100, oo0 feet. Most people have never been higher. Most NASA employees are not aware of the hoax. Instead of preaching 'critical thinking' to others, why not apply some critical thinking yourself? And as for your claim that people who believe in a flat earth have abandoned intelligent thinking, well that's disgusting. You're in for a nasty shock. Instead of being stubborn and arrogant, why don't you humble yourself and pray to God to tell you whether the flat earth is a lie or not, if you're so worried that it is just a false conspiracy? Pray to Jesus that you are not deceived. He will reveal to you whether the globe is true or not. Ask God to reveal the truth to you, and avoid yourself some great shame and embarrassment at a later date!
  14. OakWood


    The reason that their lifestyle has been given so much focus, and that they have gained so much power in the last few decades is because the elites that run this world have brainwashed most of society into accepting the 'gay' lifestyle. Don't forget that the 'elite' control the press, TV, Hollywood, and the music industry. Homosexuals are fooling themselves if they think they are on the verge of some future 'gay' utopia. They are 'useful idiots' that are being used to destroy Western society which was developed on Judeo-Christian morals. Once a one-world government is established, homosexuals will be among the first to be lined up against the wall and shot. The long-term plan of the Illuminati is to usher in the reign of the Anti-Christ, but they can only do this by destroying our current civilizations and making us submit to their rule. The plan was developed a long time ago. Its first goal was to use Cultural Marxism to reprogram everyone. One aim was to destroy the concept of the traditional family, and make children dependent upon the state. This has been achieved by rewarding fornication by encouraging single-parent families. There is so much divorce today. Another has been by the use of homosexuality which is being used to create the idea of alternative types of family by encouraging gay marriage and gay adoptions. The second goal of the 'elite' is a massive reduction in world population because they cannot enslave seven billion people - they want to reduce the world's population to a billion or less. They will achieve this through wars, diseases and famines but in the meantime they want everybody to get used to the idea of depopulation by making everyone think that there are too many of us on the planet already. They have already been successful to some extent by use of the environmental movement which uses the man-made global warming lie to fool everyone into thinking that human beings are parasites that are damaging the earth. This is in direct contrast to God's command to 'go forth and multiply'. Homosexuality is also a useful tool to help depopulation because they don't normally reproduce (new life cannot be created through homosexual sex). Once depopulation has been achieved, then reproduction will continue as normal in order to maintain the population status quo and replenish the world with a constant supply of slaves, but all children will be brainwashed by the state and effectively be wards of the state. They will be 'educated' from an early age by a state schooling system and be taught to love 'big brother'. They will report to the authorities anybody who is seen as being an enemy of the state including their own parents who will have been little more than 'baby-making machines'. The elites will live in luxury and the rest of the world will work for slave wages to cater for the privileged few. Dissent will not be tolerated. The gulags and the death camps will await anybody who dares to protest against the state. Christianity will be abolished and the last remaining Christians persecuted and murdered in the thousands, if not millions. There is nothing we can do to stop this, but Jesus will return and he will destroy the Illuminati and put an end to their world rule. At the very highest levels the elite Illuminati families are all Luciferans. They worship Satan, and they look down at the rest of us, seeing us as nothing more than 'useless eaters'.
  15. OakWood


    BECAUSE.... Thieves do not demand equal rights for thieves Adulterers do not go on 'Adultery pride' marches.... Liars do not lobby government to call for extra privileges for those who tell lies. To my knowledge, homosexual practice is the only sin that declares itself not to be a sin, and in some cases even declares itself to be righteous! Perhaps you should think about this, and then you will understand why there is so much Christian focus on homosexuality.