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  1. chongjasmine

    Have you committed the unpardonable sin?

    I believe if one asks this question, one had not yet committed the unpardonable sin. The unpardonable sin is simply the refusal to accept Jesus as saviour.
  2. chongjasmine

    Why will many fall ? (not be saved)

    Many fall because they are deceived. They thought that they can get to heaven on their own merits, and religions.
  3. chongjasmine

    So is weed a sin or not?

    I believe it to be a sin to smoke weed. Drug can be addicting, and God does not want us to love anything more than Himself.
  4. chongjasmine

    Samuel, The Child Of Prayer

    It is sad that today, parents don't pray for their children, or look into the spiritual welfare of their children. That is why witchcraft is popular among the youths of today!
  5. chongjasmine

    Christian beliefs on mental disorder

    I believe many of the mental illness today, are really demon-based in nature. Still, there might be some cases when the sickness is truly mental. It all depends on discernment, I guess.
  6. For me, before I go to bed each night, I will pray to God. Sometimes, I will read the bible. Occasionally, I will sing a song or two.
  7. chongjasmine

    Joseph Prince Sermons

    https://www.4shared.com/minifolder/udLq9fwE/_online.html?woHeader=1&onSimpleViewPage=1 You can find many joseph prince sermons in the website above. Just thought I will share.
  8. For me, I like songs like let me be, love me tender, Hotel California, country road, 500 miles. Not sure what genre they fall into, though.
  9. chongjasmine

    "Glories" of Mary

    Mary makes mistakes, too, as a mother. For instance, on one occasion, she travels ahead without the child Jesus. What mother will be so careless to lose her child like that? Yet, God sees Mary as the most worthy of woman. And therefore, she is a good mother in His eyes.
  10. chongjasmine

    Learning to play the guitar...

    Thanks for your reply. What are some easier worship songs to play?
  11. chongjasmine

    Learning to play the guitar...

    I am learning to play the guitar. Any paid or free online websites that teach one to play the guitar to worship the Lord?
  12. chongjasmine

    The Holy Spirit is a person and not a force

    I don't have to prove you wrong. I agree with you. The Holy Spirit is a person. I had heard Him spoke to me before.
  13. chongjasmine

    Will God forgive Satan?

    God created us with free wills. That means that at any point in history, Satan can choose to repent. So my question is, if supposed today, Satan chose to repent, will God forgive him? Personally, I believe God will forgive Satan. What about you?
  14. chongjasmine

    He saves sinners

    I am so full of praise for the fact that Jesus loves and saves sinners, regardless of how bad our sins maybe. He is able to do what I am not able, with my filthy rags of righteousness. I praise God that Jesus forgives and loves my older brother, who used to walk in an evil manner.
  15. chongjasmine

    A few prayer requests...

    I have a few prayer requests. 1) Pray that my family and mother's side relatives become Christians. 2) Pray that my older brother grows in his walk as christian. 3) Pray that I overcome my most common sin. 4) Pray that I will love Him(God) and people. 5) Pray that I will die a painless death and not have to go through operation in my earthly life as I am very scared of pains. 6) Pray that my older brother will give me permission to go to church on a regular basis and allow me to fellowship with other Christians. 7) Pray that I overcome my mental illness. Thanks.