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  1. Clinton/Bush/Obama doesn't matter they were proven to be marching to the globalist drumbeat... Mr Trump appears to be different...independent of the globalist agenda, and will to follow through on his promises especially "make America great again" by focussing on the country, instead of around the world and interference in every other country on the planet that does not have a government sympathetic to the globalist agenda....he has a "tough row to hoe" as the events of the last few days would indicate he is under intense pressure to resume the interference policies of the ones before him...we can only pray for him. Jesus said in Matthew 5 love your enemies, pray for your enemies...Paul said in Romans 12 if you enemy is hungry feed him, if he is thirsty give him drink..and in Romans 12..Paul also said do not repay evil with evil, but evil with good. 1st Peter 3 say the same not repay evil with evil.. If one is truly a Christian, they should be paying heed to those words, and quit continue advocating one is the winner in these confrontations and a lot of innocent people suffer...these people are God's creation as well as people of the USA and elsewhere.. The USA is a powerful country and can take care of any invaders to it's soil, with it's massive armaments and strike need going thousands of miles away to provoke and inflame already tense situations. Time to step back and see where tense situations which have developed in the past few years can be defused before the horrors of war are experienced. God bless us all...
  2. Where I live is of no relevance to the topic at hand... When one accepts everything their government does, and blindly follows it, and are unable to question government's decisions, then you have a totalitarian state, the same as the ones you are claiming to fight is a slippery slope to blindly follow what government does...I notice Mr Obama was villified, as was Ms Clinton..and I feel, rightfully a fan of Mr Trump I was happy to see him elected, as I felt common sense would prevail, and he would do what he said, "make America great again" and concentrate on the homeland, and cleaning up the mess he seems now the "false media" is leading him astray, and he is chasing "boogeymen" all around the planet. In my view this is not the way to make "America great again", but just carries on the agenda of the previous regimes.
  3. This is nothing about 'hatred" today the US...i love the country....but does that mean one has to agree with everything the government does? You seem to think so....i believe that people have the right under the constituion to have freedom of thought and expression of thoughts.....would you not agree?
  4. What defines a "rogue' nation as you put it? I guess it's a nation which does not obey the USA in it's quest to dominate the globe right?
  5. The passenger is not are..again.
  6. This is not about not following airlines "orders" it is about airlines stupidty and incompetence, overbooking the flight and then letting everyone on is totally United Resposibility and I hope he sues them into bankruptcy.
  7. The pasenger was in the right...once they let him board the plane they are stuck with him by contract....I hope he sues United Airlines into bankruptcy..they are totally incompetent and fraudulent.
  8. I repeat..tough talk..but no results...why do the "chicken hawks" in the USA keep beating the war drum? Guess it makes the international banking community lots of money, and good for the USA economy which is 60 percent mililitary industrial production..take that away and the country collapses...Eisenhower warned about this in his 1959 speech..but nobody heeded his warnings.
  9. As North Korea continues to be villified by the west, no wonder they want nukes for self protection...whats wrong with that..if USA, Pakistan, Israel et all have nukes, why not North Korea?
  10. Pretty tough talk from a "christian"? Little Viet Nam kicked the USA and it's napalm, agent orange, depleted uranium weapons, nightly rain of bombsh, and 500k troops out of their country...think what Russia et al can do so the so called "home of the brave".
  11. Who told you that? It is not Biblical.... I chose to follow God's word, and His ten commandments...Exodus 20, John 14.15 Matthew 19.17 and will continue to do so.
  12. God created the day as Holy at Creation, and commanded it be kept Holy in exodus 20, whether you believe it or not....
  13. You chose to ignore the teachings of Jesus and the Apostles, thats you prerogative..God gave us all free can believe the word of God, or believe the world..your choice...
  14. Genesis 2 God created the seventh day as a Holy day...He rested, blessed the day and set it aside for Holy is as much part of creation as we are... If you are in christ, you are grafted into the Israeli/Jewish per Paul... Hebrews 8 and 10....God says those who keep His commandments are His people and He is their God.. 1st JOHN.....this is the Love of God that we keep His commandments and they are not burdensome.. 1st John ...those that say they know Him and keep Not His commandments are liars and the truth is not in them....
  15. You are right....I think the President caved to the hysterical rants of McCain....He will lose a lot of support now and rightfully so.