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  1. Has a bill like this ever been presented to Congress to guarantee the rights of or honour Christians in the USA?
  2. So you are saying the Congress member who wrote this article is not telling the truth? Jesus said "know the truth and it will make you free" John 8
  3. Then the whole country is not christian, as it seems to be the pass time to spread gossip and rumours not only in the media, but on various so called "christian" forum sites. The result of this, is when the truth comes along, "christians" fail to recognize it or accept Jesus said in John 8 "know the truth and it will make you free"
  4. In denial? Did you read the entire article by the Congressman?
  5. Good for you...
  6. All I am saying is I believe in the rule of law and the constitution of the country..anything that detracts from that is bad.
  7. If what the congressman says is true this accepting Noahide law is certainly qualifies as a Conspiracy, and maybe a little bit of treason too...but then again, PC people are willing to accept anything their government tells them without question, especially if it's the right party...
  8. If what you are saying is true then you want a police state OO (as if we didn't have one already)....they need probable cause to stop you whether walking or in a vehicle..but beause of politially correct, limp wristed people they are able to circumvent the oonstitution and abuse everyones legal and constitutional rights...What a dreaded society!
  9. So you did not read the entire article and you can form an opinion ?
  10. So you do not know whether you agree or not?
  11. Paul said in Romans "do we make void the law through faith? God forbid. We establish the law. Sure does not sound like faith alone is the answer to salvation. 1st John said...this is the love of God that we keep His commandments and they are not burdensome.
  12. I have read the whole link, have you?
  13. That court should stop "monkeying around", it has thrown a monkey wrench into common sense.
  14. Why do you think everything that you don't believe is a "conspiracy theory"?
  15. It's a big deal when Jewish Noahide laws are officially enshrined by the government, and Christianity is not enshrined by the Government. This is especially true when Christianity is considered as idolatry by the Noahide laws and punishable by death.