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  1. Recognizing Christmas

    Why don't you answer my question? You can't obviously....so you and the mainstream christianity think they can play God, and follow the pagan, non Biblical days and think you are "saved" and doing God a favour? 1st John says "this is the love of God, that we follow His commandments, and they are non burdensome"...you got a probblem with that obviously...as Jesus said "you honour me with your lips, but your hearts are far from me" Then I will say to you in those times, depart from me I never knew you, you who practice lawlessness"....Matthew 7... Remember always, Salvation is through the Son of God, God's grace and commandments and NOT the sungod/satan and his days of sunday, dec 25 and easter, all of which are NON Biblical and of pagan origins...
  2. Recognizing Christmas

    Can you tell me where "christmas" or dec 25th or any of your other pagan days are blessed, sanctified and commanded by God in the Bible?
  3. Recognizing Christmas

    Sin is transgression of God's law 1st John...and as Paul said in Romans 6 "do we sin more so grace abounds? God forbid"..
  4. What exactly are the Seventh Day Adventists?

    You obviously have a false sense of the Bible....the seventh day Sabbath comes from Genesis 2, when God created the seventh day of creation week as a restday, He blessed the day and sanctified it...it is the only Holy day in the Bible..yet you do not want to keep it...says a lot about the credibility of your spiritual walk....God made it the fourth commandment of the ten commandments Exodus 20.....you erroneously say it is a "mosaic" sabbath....wrong again....the law of Moses has annual sabbaths which were eliminated in ACTs 15....the seventh day Sabbbath is God's law which God Himself wrote. The "doctrine" comes directly from the Bible, not any individaul...you should know that by now. As the Holy seventh day Sabbath is part of the ten commandments, to break any one of these is to break them all..James 2....1st John says "sin is transgression of God's law (the ten commandments)...Do you think people breaking God's law will enter the kingdom of Heaven? Remember salvation is through the Son of God, God's grace and commandments, and NOT the sungod/satan and his days of sunday, dec 25th and easter, all of which are NON Biblical and of pagan origins.
  5. Who Is This Other Jesus Paul Warn Us About!

    Buzzzz wrong answer...give me Bible reference where God blessed, sanctified and commanded the first day of the week (sunday) as a holy day....BTW are you Cobalt?
  6. Who Is This Other Jesus Paul Warn Us About!

    Why do you continually avoid telling us where in the Bible, God blessed, sanctified and commanded 1st day of the week, Sunday observance....whats your problem don't know?
  7. Who Is This Other Jesus Paul Warn Us About!

    How do Sabbath keepers keep the Sabbath? Been there done that I told you on another thread....you chose to put on your Pharisee hat and say I broke tne Sabbath....but beware, what did Jesus call the Pharisees, and their wrongful judgemental attitudes "you brood of vipers, you are clean on the outside but dirty inside...so you do not seem to be in good company..Matthew 23.

    Wow..it's against the law to feed the homeless in Florida, and the cops are serious about it https://www.cbsnews.com/news/90-year-old-man-2-pastors-charged-with-feeding-homeless-in-florida/
  9. Of course, the USA is Netanyahu's puppet...thought Trump would be different but same old, same old...These globalists should not be telling Iran or any other country what they can and cannot do, but should stick to cleaning up their own countries at home.
  10. Allah the Moon god of Arabia.

    You obviously have not read the links I gave you, and do not understand what is happening in the world around you, and abroad...
  11. Allah the Moon god of Arabia.

    Now you should spend as much time researching your own religion, the Jewish Babyonian Talmud and the Roman Catholic religion if you want to see false gods...broaden your horizons don't just zero in on one religion...the others have more than their share of evil over the centuries.
  12. Allah the Moon god of Arabia.

    You should not add or subtract to the words of the Bible.....Jesus never singled out Muslims, they were not around at the time of Jesus you should know that....why don't you zero in on your "mother church" as per Rev 17, who follow their own perverted traditions, like most of mainstream christianity...the leader says now there is more than one way to God completely ignoring John 14.6...mainstream christianity leaders in the USA are joining in with him...the leader is embracing Muslims, Kharzarian Jews, and Mainstream christianity (the daughters of the harlot).....now if you want to argue and denigrate something, someone..try that arrangement. http://www.highstrangeness.tv/articles/catholics.php You might even want to broaden your knowledge by reviewing what the Jewish talmud book has to say about Jesus...http://www.realjewnews.com/?p=156
  13. Allah the Moon god of Arabia.

    Do you?
  14. The reason for all the infighting and hatred among mainstream christianity organizations is the roots are founded in the Roman/Babylonian religious system...Revelation 17 the harlot and its daughters...these organizations were conceived in hatred, violence and evil with minimal Biblical roots... http://www.highstrangeness.tv/articles/catholics.php