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  1. False doctrine

    No argument....I am quoting the Bible which you are either incapable of doing or unwilling to do so..I recommend you read the Bible if you have one.
  2. SDA and the Sabbath keeping

    God commanded the Sabbath day...it is His holy day created at Creation, as the seventh day of the week...Genesis 2. Jesus keep the commandments and the seventh day Sabbath (even though it was not the way the Pharisees wanted it), and the Apostles kept it throughout their ministries and their lives..Acts 12 to 19... God's law is separate from the law of Moses...God's law was proclaimed in Exodus 20, written by God, Himself.
  3. SDA and the Sabbath keeping

    First of all let me say I am non denominational, but a Bible following Christian. I keep the seventh day Sabbath BECAUSE I am saved, as honour to God for my Salvation and for helping me through life... Sin is transgression of God's law 1st John.....the Ten commandments are God's law written by God Himself Exodus 20...Apostle John in 1st John also says those that say they know Him and keep not His commandments are liars and the truth is not in them.
  4. False doctrine

    The weekly seventh day Sabbath day is not the Mosaic law....it God's law, it is in the middle of the ten commandments. God wrote the ten commandments Himself on stone tablets Exodus 20...the seventh day Sabbath day goes back to Creation, in Genesis 2..He rested, blessed the day and made it Holy... False Roman based religious teachings have tried to confuse the issue and negate, by changing the observance day to the first day of the week (Sunday)..in honour of their pagan roots....mainstream "christianity" has gone for this hook, line and sinker, and chose to follow this Roman religious system.
  5. Pope

    Revelation 17 and 18 of the Bible exposes the Roman religious system for what it is...
  6. God is Exceptionally Good. Always.

    God has, indeed, blessed you abundantly Brakelite...continued blessings from God for you now and in the future.
  7. More false news? Conspiracy theory to justify the USA development and use of nuclear devices against other countries civilian populations.
  8. So far there is only one country on the planet who have used nuclear weapons against another country..do you know what it is? Paranoia should never rule the decision making of politicians of any stripe, but seems to rule the "hawks" in the USA. The false media originating in the USA over the Trump election seems to have taken hold on western politicians when dealing with other countries...grinding out false media as propaganda seems to be the rule of the day..never mind the truth, right and justice..they are all buried under the weight of gossip and the false propaganda, whether it is against President Trump, or other countries and their leadership...time to get at the truth...as Jesus said the truth will make you free.
  9. So what you are saying it's a coincidence then..okay thats your opinion....I will stick with mine.
  10. It is ironical indeed, that Iran and NKorea are two of the four remaining countries that do not have globalist Rothschild central banks, and those are the countries the globalist leader USA are targetting presently...Syria and Cuba are the other two left...seems to be a system of aggression against those "independent" countries...
  11. The Quran and the Bible -- revelations of God - PART 1/2

    You fail to deal with the issues...and continue to try and protect a globalization agenda that the USA is on...the USA is a puppet to the globalists to enforce this diabolical agenda...GW Bush by his actions proved to be the leader in furthering this agenda...Saudi Arabia was said to provide the "highjackers" for 9/11 and yet they were not attacked..obviously because of the Bush clan business interests with Saudi Arabia...OBL family was in the USA during 9/11 meeting with Bush senior....when no one else could fly in the country, they were given a leave the USA permission...no problem... Meanwhile Afghanistan and later Iraq were attacked...it was proven Iraq had no WMD's and were not involved in 9/11 but attacked them anyway...There were thousands of Christians in Iraq who were affected by this..but the USA administration did not care for their well being. Meanwhile as the USA society collapses under the homoseual/sodomizer agenda, they still find time to criticize Muslim, who are very devoted to their religion. If only christians had the same devotion..but the christian community has become secularized with the world being their major influence, and the Bible comes further down the list...time to wake up and get over the propaganda you have been subjected to, and start doing some objective thinking, or is it too late? Do you still find it a laughing matter?
  12. The Quran and the Bible -- revelations of God - PART 1/2

    It is no laughing matter...the USA has been taken over by homosexuals/sodomizers, abortionists, same sex marriages, illegal drugs, transvestites....look at what they are teaching the children in schools.....that all the above mentioned perverted activities are okay and anything against this is "hate".....it is entering the so called "christian" pulpits where there is an increasing acceptance of the demented behaviours mentioned above...do you still find it a laughing matter?
  13. The Quran and the Bible -- revelations of God - PART 1/2

    Do you think so called "christian' countries and religions have never been violent and killed millions to achieve their goals? Better do some research and see for yourself.
  14. The Quran and the Bible -- revelations of God - PART 1/2

    Wrong...the USA has been the largest terrorist organization for many years....look who created ISIS and other terrorist organizatons...the USA, Israel and Saudi Arabia...that hotbed of democracy that the USA keeps supporting for many years for business, financial and other nefarius reasons...For example Iraq had peace among many religions including Christians, but the USA and it's war mongering leader GW Bush decided with no legal authority to attack that country and depose it's leadership..since then it's been chaos for all religions, including Christians...the list goes on and on.
  15. Is there any arguments (Besides the bible) against Gay Rights?

    Did you read Genesis 2....the 7th day was made Holy by God our Creator..do you understand that? Come on try hard, and you will get it....you seem to like bashing anyone who follows God's law, the Ten commandments why? Do you sooner keep sunday the first day of the week to keep papal Rome happy? Obviously so.... You should try real hard and differentiate between the Mosaic law (the sacrificial, circumcison, food, festival laws give to Moses, which Moses himself wrote down, and the Law of God which God wrote Himself on the stone tablets.. You mentioned in an earlier post reply to O/O you believe in the Ten commandments of God, but only believe in following 9...seems you like to chose which you follow and which you don't...that is strictly your choice...you have free will to do as you want...