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  1. Listen to this.

  2. God will provide and then buy a sword?

  3. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/12/15/miss-iraq-forced-to-flee-country-over-instagram-photo-alongside-miss-israel.html
  4. Disney is buying most of 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion

    I don't think this will effect Fox news
  5. I need confirmation

    Thank you. I'm about to turn in myself. I've got to pick up a load of Hersheys chocolate and run it over to St. louis, mo for Friday. I'm trying to get home in Waco, tx on the 18th and that will be tight. Have a wonderful day. God bless.
  6. I need confirmation

    I can do that, but a lot of times I post a question and am simply rolled over by those people in the midst of an ongoing debate. I've had that happen so many times because people get fixated on the one person they are arguing with and after a few tries, I just try to make what sense I can out of it or pm one of the people in the thread. I'm really thinking about just starting PMing either you or Gandalf for information. A lot of people will respond but many of them aren't very descriptive. A great many of them just post a scripture without even explaining what it meant to them and I'm supposed to figure out what that scripture has to do with what we are talking about. That's not very helpful.
  7. I need confirmation

    My concerns are not about politics, but about Biblical teachings and wither my stance on such things are with Gods plans or against them. Like I said before. I need confirmation about what my stances are and information on what is out there that I don't even know about, that's written in the Bible. There is so much that is being discussed here about Christianity that is way over my head. What the issue really is is that I don't even know the questions to ask to get me to a better understanding of God and Christ.
  8. God will provide and then buy a sword?

    That my friend was awesome. I love your style of thoughtful responses because it places everything into perspective. Very thought provoking. I think we are destined to talk again, in fact I'm looking foreword to it. Thank you a God bless.
  9. I need confirmation

    I appreciate that. Do you know anything about this web site? https://www.christforums.org/ It says its a protestant site, but I think I've heard something about it being overrun by Atheists.
  10. How do most Christians see atheists?

    I said in the manner of him being on the road , on an animal and being detoured. I have read the Bible and know that God has interceded many times, but in this particular was and for the reason of Christianity.
  11. I need confirmation

    Guess I need to look elsewhere. Anyone know a good place to work on this, online?
  12. How do most Christians see atheists?

    I know all of this and I know that Christ particularly targeted Saul of Tarsus because of the man he was. From what I've gathered over the years, he was particularly zealous about his duties and he was that way because he believed God supported him. When Christ blinded him, it was only one of I think two or three times when God as you say apprehended, in such a dramatic way. The only other time I can think of is when the donkey saw the Angel of God standing infront of him and left the path. The guy struck the Donkey two or three times before the donkey started speaking to the guy.
  13. An eternity in hell for being human?

    I'm not saying anyone is above or below anything. All I am saying is that your Joy came from someone who is by far greater and more important than anyone who tries to take that joy away. People who do this don't deserve the satisfaction you give them by reacting to their slights.
  14. I need confirmation

    I really need expert help in searching out what I think I know from what is scriptural. I have ideas that I am uncertain of and since I brought them up, like my "Christians not being into politic" thread and I am highly concerned that what I stated may be catistrohically wrong and I don't want to mess up or even more messing up someone else. I think I need an ordained minister or three or five to talk to because a lot of what is being talked about here is way over my head.
  15. An eternity in hell for being human?

    Peace my friend. Have a plentiful life. Praise God.