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  1. Mine has always been "It's a wonderful life, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/It%27s_a_Wonderful_Life but I can't forget the scene from, I think The miricl on 42nd street where the old painter dies after painting a leaf on the side of a building .
  2. Justmemyselfandi

    Trump's decision on Jerusalem makes Americans feel threatened

    AMEN, brother, AMEN
  3. Justmemyselfandi

    Trump's decision on Jerusalem makes Americans feel threatened

    AND? I am many times surprised at those Christians who are seeming so afraid of the deaths that will come from the adherents of a false religion, spurred on by the same Devil that has been the enemy of God, for so many years, when so many who cling to this false religion are so unafraid of the deaths that will be coming their way in the process. We either know where we are going or we don't. We are either ready to die for our causes or we are not. If that cause is to die the martyrs death so that the prophecies can be fulfilled, then I am all for of that, since we will be dying on our feet and not on our knees. BTW Welcome to Worthy CHRISTIAN forums.
  4. Justmemyselfandi

    Where were you when you first heard about 9/11?

    The face of Evil showed itself that day. Thank God there was a chapel there. I just wish that the attendance would be so numerous everyday of the year. I know in my heart if it was we wouldn't be looking at the same picture of the world as we are, today.
  5. For me, I was working for an over the road trucking company and had delivered a load, just inside the I-495 beltway. I didn't have the hours to make another run, so I found a side street where I could park and take a nap. There was another truck parked close by and I didn't really notice if the guy who came knocking at the drivers side door was from that truck or not. I was a little hesitant to open my window, because you never know who is out there. It could have been a crack smoker looking for loose change. I finally grabbed a hammer and slowly rolled down my window, expecting a hard luck story and a request for money, but the guy yelled out " The world trade center and the pentagon just had been hit by a plane". I said , "Ok!" and rolled back up the window. I thought he was some messed up addict seeing things in his mind. I watched him as he looked at me thought the glass and then he turned around and walked back towards his truck. I pulled the black out curtain around the sleeper bunk and tried to get some sleep, but the thought f what that guy said stuck in my mind. I couldn't sleep. It was then, I turned on the radio and the first thing I heard was about the very thing the guy was saying. I felt kind of bad that I reacted the way I did, but who can blame me. I was wondering just where you were on that day and how you found out about what happened. Thank you and God Bless.
  6. A dying vet needed CPR. Hidden video shows his nurse laughing instead. https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/to-your-health/wp/2017/11/18/a-dying-vet-needed-cpr-hidden-video-shows-his-nurse-laughing-instead/?utm_term=.09c7ed3e87bd
  7. Justmemyselfandi

    What is the Number One Sin of the Church

    The number one sin of any church would be to forget the Bible and embrace stylishness to gain people who don't know God but like to play around with that ideal in their heads.
  8. Justmemyselfandi

    When did you realize that you were old?

    Ten years ago I remember getting the piece of mail that I wasn't at all ready for. It wasn't from the IRS or my doctor stating I had some life threatening disease. It was from AARP stating I would be eligible on my next birthday to join their organization. "I'm not old" my mind rebelled against the unspoken accusations that this small piece of paper had made against me. I was actually mad enough to chew nails and I would have hated to be the mailman, who delivered that piece of mail to my house If I would have been there to receive it. lol. I look back at it now and chuckle at all the little things I noticed after I got that letter. I remember listening to the music, that in my youth would have sent me to Hell, according to my JW mother, when I was going up in an elevator. My daughter is mortified when I sing out of key a song that's older than she is and my Grand daughter tries to sing along with me, which makes my daughter even more embarrassed. I don't do anything to actively mortify my daughter, but I don't allow her hypersensitivity to curtail my joy. I was wondering if anybody else has their own story about how you found out that you were no longer a spring chicken and the world around you had changed without your permission. lol
  9. Will the racebaiters ever get tired of locating racism where it doesn't exist? http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/12/14/hallmark-christmas-movies-under-fire-for-spreading-caucasian-cheer.html "They brim with white heterosexuals who exclusively, emphatically, and endlessly bellow “Merry Christmas” to every lumberjack and labradoodle they pass. They’re centered on beauty-pageant heroines and strong-jawed heroes with white-nationalist haircuts," the Slate writer declared. There were complaints about the lack of gay people and feminists and Muslims in Hallmark Channel's movies. Slate also whined about what it called the network's "42 hours of sugary, sexist, preposterously plotted, plot hole–festooned, belligerently traditional, ecstatically Caucasian cheer."
  10. Justmemyselfandi

    Listen to this.

  11. http://www.foxnews.com/world/2017/12/15/miss-iraq-forced-to-flee-country-over-instagram-photo-alongside-miss-israel.html
  12. Justmemyselfandi

    Disney is buying most of 21st Century Fox for $52.4 billion

    I don't think this will effect Fox news
  13. Justmemyselfandi

    I need confirmation

    Thank you. I'm about to turn in myself. I've got to pick up a load of Hersheys chocolate and run it over to St. louis, mo for Friday. I'm trying to get home in Waco, tx on the 18th and that will be tight. Have a wonderful day. God bless.
  14. Justmemyselfandi

    I need confirmation

    I can do that, but a lot of times I post a question and am simply rolled over by those people in the midst of an ongoing debate. I've had that happen so many times because people get fixated on the one person they are arguing with and after a few tries, I just try to make what sense I can out of it or pm one of the people in the thread. I'm really thinking about just starting PMing either you or Gandalf for information. A lot of people will respond but many of them aren't very descriptive. A great many of them just post a scripture without even explaining what it meant to them and I'm supposed to figure out what that scripture has to do with what we are talking about. That's not very helpful.