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Tune into God and tune out the world.
The real work of the "body of Christ" happens outside the walls of your local Church building.
To Live to Give is to Live to make God Happy.
Grace, is the Best of God given for the worst of us....(this includes us).
Doubt is often the seed of evolving Faith.
Poverty enslaving you, is not Godliness promoting you. 
Religion is man's self made effort to save himself, to attempt to reach God by his own deeds, = to try to become like God through himself.

Time is a Light that God uses to show you the way forward.
Death is where we leave the thorns of this life and enter into the blessed rest of really living.
Death releases us from what is keeping us from enjoying our eternal life.
God leaves the effort to us and we leave the results to God.
Poverty has harmed more already then prosperity ever will.
All things in moderation, except for sin.
Everyone's tune changes, the longer they live.

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