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  1. I am sorry I have offended you folks.
  2. It is a joke and those are lyrics to an old song.
  3. We don’t need no stinking Nike’s. We have God power. :-)
  4. Where does the Bible say there will be a one world global government before Christ’s rule?
  5. Believe it not, I’m walking on air I never thought I could fell so free e e. Flying away, on a wing and a prayer Who could it be believe it or not, it’s just me.
  6. What is real cool is when they don't and you are not dreaming! LOL
  7. No I don't. Actually, the last time I heard anyone speak on such things was a bunch of years ago. It comes up once in a while, as a matter of course. As I have said in another post, for the Lord's own reasons, its not something that I have sought after for a very long time.
  8. As to the first, I responded with my reasons for thinking it is possible. As to the second part--your questions---yes I do. I think the scriptures are unambiguously clear on those things. Some folks think differently. I wouldn't argue the points, but I do want to hear what other believers are thinking, as I think, on such things an open mind is a good thing. You may notice that I wasn't emphatic. When I am sure of a thing, I will state it emphatically.
  9. choir loft said: Calvin was an anti-semite who hated anything that smelled of Jew or Jew law. The same is true for most Protestants today. This is absolutely false. I very much wish you would stop saying this. You are spreading hate and dissension, but continually stating such obvious lies.
  10. Sure----reading the historical record of Israel; an example is when it says that every man woman and child was killed and they weren't. Also, if you do a word search on whole earth--you will see the same thing. Scripture commonly uses a language tool that says a totality in order to make a point of many or much. It is like that all through scripture.
  11. I suggest that folks read a couple books by Stephen Meyers. 'The Signature in the Cell" and then the follow up which was a response to rebuttals of 'Signature'---called 'Darwin's Doubt'. Personally, I don't no believe in the theory of evolution. I do understand adaptation within 'kind', which is entirely different. I am convinced that everything including biological forms are experiencing devolution in fact. This is due to the law of entropy. In biological forms, one tool of entropy is mutation. Nearly all mutation is deleterious. Recent studies have even show that the 'rate' of mutation in the human genome is increasing in each generation. Note that word 'rate'. This is important. Death reigns and is effective in many ways....entropy.
  12. I tend to agree with the 'gap theory'. I also strongly suspect that there was a prior civilization of man before Adam.
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