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  1. If a Christian is honest, not only with others, but with themselves, then they know that most sins they commit are not accidents. If a Christian is not honest, then they will pretend that all the sins they commit, are accidents, or happened by surprise. So, there is nothing that threatens "Salvation", unless Salvation is based on behavior, as a Legalist would try to teach you to believe. The GOOD NEWS< is that Jesus came to be our sin bearer, He has borne ALL our sins on the Cross and He is now literally our Advocate in Heaven. Romans 4:8 teaches that once you are born again, God does not "impute" your sin to you any longer in eternity. (charge you) and that includes the so called "willful sin" that heretics try to twist out of the epistle to the Hebrews. And why does God not hold you accountable in Eternity for your sin, willful, accidental, or however you describe your sinning? Its because Jesus has already died for them ALL. Every single one you have committed, are committing, or ever will commit. This means that God holds JESUS accountable for all sin, sinning, sins. No matter how you label them. Christ died for them ALL, for the "sin of the world", and that includes all of yours, all of mine, and any that we the born again commit after we are saved. Jesus said.. "if possible let this CUP pass from me" ... and the CUP is the full wrath of God's judgment against sin.. The Cross is the penalty JESUS paid for all our sin, for the sin of the world, and it has been paid in FULL. Thank you Jesus. !
  2. Legalism, is the theological position that Paul defines as "falling from Grace". Falling from Grace, in the case of a believer, is when they stop trusting in Christ , alone, to keep them saved. What am i trusting in to keep me saved? The Blood of Jesus. As this is the same that saved me. What are you trusting in to keep you saved? Well, you have quite a list. Its long, and you repeat it often on all the Christian forums you use, and none of it can save you or keep you saved. Salvation, is the effect of the Righteousness of God, being applied to you, the moment, you FIRST BELIEVED. It is heresy to teach that this Blood Atonement is temporary, and is only in effect as long as a person keeps the same faith., as what has happened here, what is being taught, is that "Faith" is the Saving Grace, instead of the Blood of Christ being the Saving grace. So, when a person is teaching that "keep on believing" is the means to keep on being saved, then they are now teaching that Faith is the savior, and not Jesus. James in the epistle of James said. "ill show YOU my faith"......in other words he would show the people who knew him, and by showing them, he was not teaching that he is saving himself by doing this. As he was already saved, and that is why he COULD show them his holy lifestyle...... Its because He already HAD Eternal Salvation, and now could produce the fruit that comes with being SAVED, in public. Faith does not save you. And keeping your Faith does not save you. GOD saved YOU, when you gave Him your FAITH. Your FAITH is accepted as Righteousness, the moment you FIRST BELIEVED, as that is WHY a person becomes BORN AGAIN, as this is the eternal effect of God accepting your faith to SAVE YOU. Falling from Grace, is how Paul describes the person who is back "into the flesh", now trying by effort, whether by commandment keeping or by any other self effort LIST, to try to maintain a Salvation that is only God's to give and maintain. Philippians 1:6 Being Born again, means that God has completed an eternal redemption, on the behalf of the one who has become "Saved". When you teach that "keep on believing is how you keep on being saved", then you are falling from Grace, have fallen, and are trying to get others to fall. Salvation is not a process that inches you toward it being completed if you just live right long enough........ Salvation is God on a Cross, paying in redeeming Blood for the REASON you have no relationship to His FAMILY. >SIN< And once this has been paid....Your SIN DEBT......once God accepts your FAITH, then ALL the ETERNAL Judgment for your Sin has been laid on Christ and He has died for them, = then you are now ACCEPTED by God, and this can't be undone, as God did it for you on the Cross, and its a finished Redemption that has been applied to a believer, as "the Gift of Righteousness". WE dont earn it, and we don't keep it. We are just GIFTED IT, as the "gift of Righteousness". And following this we need to live a life that reflects our "New Creation" status as an eternal family member, in God's Holy family. (Discipleship). So, when a person teaches that you can lose your salvation, then they are doing the Devil's work. You need to stop.
  3. Hello, Here it the foundational viewpoint of the worst part of Legalism. Legalism is the belief that a person has to do something to >stay saved.< Legalist, who are saved, will agree that "Jesus's saves", but from this point, they depart from real faith. Real faith, is trusting in Christ , alone, to save you and keep you saved. Philippians 1:6. Hebrews 12:2 See that "keep you saved" part? Thats the issue that separates those who understand the Grace of God and those who currently don't., and will not accept it. Understand that the Grace of God, The Blood Atonement, Redemption, Justification by Faith, are all a part of the SAME THING. And that is, THE CROSS, and the eternal effect of God giving you the Righteousness of Jesus as the "gift of salvation", and this does not include anything you can do to keep it. Its already KEPT, because its a "finished work"..... Jesus finished it and we the born again have it, by our Faith that God accepted to give it to us. After this, we live a life that reflects our Salvation, but not to stay saved, but because we already ARE Saved. (Discipleship). The argument that a legalist will have is always the same....."yes, i know that Jesus saved me, but now i have to DO DO< DO >>>>>DO>>>>>>DO< this LIST I HAVE, that i use to try to keep myself SAVED , because if i dont do all these things, then i can lose my salvation"......... The list includes habitual "confessing of sin", and endlessly arguing about "obedience" while twisting scriptures in James and Hebrews and Matthew, and using obscure symbolic verses to try to literally prove that what Jesus started on the Cross you have to keep by self effort of all kinds, or you will be lost and damned in the end. And all this is heresy, and its a type of theological infection that can get into your head an just ruin your Christianity and your life. All Legalists start out confessing Christ, then end up confessing SELF RIGHTEOUS WORKS, to keep themselves saved. (Save themselves). The very second that a person begins to doubt that Christ keeps them saved, they then turn to commandment keeping, lifestyle, and every other type of self righteousness they can find, to try to keep themselves saved. "Keeping themselves saved", is in fact, to no longer trust in Christ., and thats a big big problem for a believer. So, JLB, believes that you can lose your salvation . And when a person believes this, then its inherent within their faith, that they are trusting in themselves to keep themselves saved., and so, they have now kicked Christ off the Cross, and put themselves on it.
  4. Here is a simple Thread concerning ONE always confused "lightning rod" topic(s).....3.) "What is blasphemy of the HS">. along with 1.) OSAS, and 2.) "losing salvation". And the lack of understanding about these 3 really defines the distinction between legalists, and the born again. It also exposes the level of New Testament understanding a believer or non, actually has understood, regarding The Blood Atonement and Redemption and Grace. The fact is... if you are not saved, or if you are saved but are religious..(Legalist) OR.... if you are very self righteous in both cases, then this comes to light very brightly regarding how you will react on Threads that deal with those 3 topics. Here is something to know... If you are a deep student of the word of God, then you are a deep student of Paul, of His epistles, = deep student of the Grace of God. If you are not a deep student of the word, you will not be familiar with Paul's teaching (Doctrine), and that is why you will have such an issue with understanding that Grace has replaced "works", and that is why so many argue endlessly on Christian Forums, trying to prove that the Grace of God is only as good as you are... regarding you "staying saved". Now think about that, and God give you light., if you are one of the many who is trying to keep yourself saved by your lifestyle. --------------------------------------- Ok, Blasphemy of the HS.. One way to think of it, is simply.... the act of being an obstacle between a person and them finding the Lord or being born again. In other words, if you or if anyone somehow creates a situation where someone would be blocked from their pursuit of Salvation. This is blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. And example would be an Atheist online, on a forum, telling people that God is a myth, Jesus is not risen, and Christianity is a hoax. If you are over 50, and you remember Peter Jennings, former anchor of ABC News, or Christopher Hitchens, a famous European Political Analyst... Well, just before both of them died, they decided to pursue , in public, the idea that Jesus is a myth, and Christianity is a Hoax. And they both died not long after they decide to preach this message of blasphemy against the Holy Spirit. So, its like i tell atheists on forums that are not Christian Forums.. I tell them that until they can prove that God does not exist, then its best to stand back from the pulpit where they are preaching their unbelief against God, in public, as God has shorter patience for this, ive noticed over the years. "God is not mocked". "it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God".......and that is a fact, regarding God who is Love. The best state of mind and mouth an unbeliever can have, is to think..."well, until i can prove that God does not exist, i will keep an open mind and a closed mouth regarding preaching my unbelief in public. I personally, have zero patience and zero tolerance for anyone who claims the names of Jesus, and goes on Christian forums and tries to talk people out of their salvation, by lying to them. And the lie is to tell a born again believer that they can stop being born again, if they behave badly, or dont have enough obedience, works....commandment keeping....etc. This really galls me, and fires up my Righteous indignation to the MAX , because its a so called "christian" doing the devil's work, on a Christian forum, and this should not be allowed, and i do my best to stomp on it, because its so harmful in its effect on weak Christians who are not grounded in Grace, and fall prey to these mind blinded workers of deceit. See, i dont think any of you have ever actually tried to help someone who believes they have lost their salvation, because some heretic idiot convinced them, usually by twisting verses in Hebrews, to cause this mental breakdown. And i mean its a mental breakdown that many born again have and are having., thinking they are lost and going to hell, panicked, living in dreadful FEAR....Dysfunctional human beings....ruined...... when if fact they are saved and are going to heaven. Ive seen the devastation of real Christians that is caused by this work of the devil, using a so called "Christian" to achieve it. And once you have seen this, you'll be a lot more anti-sensitive to these devils who hang out on forums like this one, then you are now. Real Christian Forums, should have zero tolerance for these heretics. ZERO. Their should be a statement of Faith that says....""We do not allow members to harass and try to confuse other members regarding the heresy defined as " losing your salvation". This is not tolerated. If you are discovered to be doing it, you will be warned once. If you persist, you will be permanently banned. "" ==================================== Ok, back to the teaching.... Now, when we want to understand what Jesus is talking about when He is talking to the religious leaders, of His day, about their blasphemy, then you have to stop right there, and see that this is a specific moment, with Jesus himself being accused of doing His works by the power of the Devil. So, ask yourself.... who isn't doing this, is who this verse does NOT apply to ???? That would be everyone who was not there at that time. Now why would what these Pharisees were saying to and about Jesus, "not be forgiven now or in the world to come".. and this is KEY.. If you can see this, then you will have a lot of light regarding something very simple that applies across the board to any and all Christ Rejectors.. Understand that this sin that they were committing by accusing the Lord of being the Devil's tool....... It isnt this specific sin that Jesus is referring to that would damn them that day, or "In the world to come"... So, what is the sin that Jesus is actually talking about, that is their damnation, as it is the damnation of all who commit it? Its the sin of rejecting Christ as Savior. Its the sin of dying unsaved. Its Jesus explaining...."If you do not believe that I AM the messiah, then you will die IN YOUR SIN(s)". (Unforgiven)... And this is explained technically and literally in John 3:36, where it says that you dont have to be dead to be damned, and that the judgment of God against your sin, is currently IN PLACE, regarding anybody and everyone who is not born again and is of the age of accountability. See a person who is damned, is judged by God as damned, and this is happening as long as they are rejecting Christ, which means, RIGHT NOW....The only thing that changes, is that the final end result is given to them for their Christ Rejection, after they die. = Hell, then the Lake of Fire. That is the eternal end result of Christ Rejection, that IS Damnation, that was already their's when they were alive, living and breathing as Christ rejectors. So, in the case of these Pharisees, their damnation, was not their accusation, but it was their Christ Rejection...(in this world and in the world to come) ......same as it is for anyone who is lost, and is not a Believer in Yeshua. So, they were blaspheming against the Lord, and against the HS< but this is just sin..........However, their damnation, that Christ is pronouncing against them, is based on their Rejection of Him......Their Unbelief, as its this that is causing their words. (Heart Unbelief) So, their words are a reflection of their unbelief, and its their unbelief that has them under God's judgment. John 3:36 So, if you are born again. you can't undo your salvation, because its not yours to undo... It is God's who did it for you, because its HIS, that Jesus earned and Gives. Salvation is not of you, or me.. We dont do it. We can't save ourselves, and we can't keep ourselves saved. Salvation is what GOD DID, its a Finished Work, through Christ, that He APPLIES TO YOU and ME. = Forgiveness of all sin..... No longer holding us accountable for them, in eternity, and does not impute them to us now. Romans 4:8 We are SINLESS, as if we never sinned, in God's perspective, because He has given us the Righteousness of Christ, and given our sin to Jesus, our sin bearer, who died for them all. And a born again person says....>"but what about this sin".......and the answer is always the same no matter the sin, ... Final Answer:) Jesus died for that one, and all the rest. Every sin, all sinning, has already been paid for by Jesus's sacrifice on the Cross, = His death. "but what if i".... = ALREADY Paid for, on the Cross. "but what if i".. = ALREADY Paid for, on the Cross. "but what about this sin, its a fancy one, its rare".... = ALREADY PAID FOR, ON THE CROSS. "SIN", ALL OF IT... has been dealt with on the Cross, and you are now a SAINT of God, a Child of God, and this for eternity, even tho you are not perfect. See, Jesus IS perfect, and His sacrifice was perfect, and God accepted His sacrifice, to accept you because of it. God does not accept you because of YOU.....WHO ARE YOU? Who am I? Understand.....God ONLY accepted you, and accepts you still, and always will, if you are born again, = because of the Cross. The blood and death of Jesus <> ALONE<> made you acceptable to God and keeps you acceptable to God.
  5. Behold

    John 6:51

    Jesus (God) always abides in the born again, but the born again do not always abide in Him. "I am the True Vine and you are the branches" " Abide in me, and I in you. As the branch cannot bear fruit of itself"" This abiding, is explained by "walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfill the lusts of the flesh". Notice that Jesus refers to the lust of the flesh as "the"......and that is because the lust of the eye, or lust to envy, or any of the 'works of the flesh" as defined by Paul that use to be defined as sin, before a person is born again, (because they were under the law and the law defined their deeds as sin), which it does not any longer after they are born again.......(Romans 4:8) ...But notice that Jesus refers to our adamic nature, as "The lust of the flesh", and that is because its the same in all human beings. The only difference is how each person gives in and becomes more depraved., or not as much. And this can happen to a born again person, who is not abiding, who is not walking with the Lord, and has backslidden. The only difference between a lost sinner and a backslidden Christian, is that the backslidden Christian is a Christian. The deeds will be the same, as in both cases the person is allowing their LUST to control their mind and this always controls their behavior.
  6. Behold

    Sin update

    I write fast, and i notice as im writing where i need to adjust later. Then when i post, i immediately edit. If there is any Error, then that would be related to the core teaching in general, and so, if a person has committed that, then simple edits of spelling or a sentence clarification edited later is not going to help. For example, there are still a few here on the forum who are trying to do harm to other believers by trying to convince them that you can lose your salvation, if you dont live a holy enough life, after you are born again. So, this is error, and its heresy, and no matter how much spelling editing they do, or sentence reconstruct, they are not going to be able to change the inherent falseness of their teaching.
  7. Actually, thats just legalism you are teaching. The fact is, you ARE saved......if you have been born again. There is no "will be saved". Salvation occurs, and being born again proves its happened. Has it happened to you yet? as you seem to think you "will be saved", sometime later, if you try to live a good life., as this is what you are teaching. So, whatever you are waiting for, has nothing to do with the Cross, nothing to do with Grace, and nothing to do with how or why a person is Saved. Your "gospel" is not Paul's, and it's certainly not the Gospel of Christ. "believe on the Lord and you shall be SAVED".......not still waiting for it, as you teach. Its Galatians 1:8 you are teaching around here and on other sites, and you should really not be here or there doing it over and over and over and over .................................................................................>
  8. "Cast thy burden (worries, fear, anxiety, dread, need) upon the Lord, and He shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer (allow) the righteous to be moved." Psalm 55:22
  9. Behold

    John 6:51

    John 6: 51 Lets look at this verse, as its a wonder... John 6:51. Jesus speaking...." I AM < (God) the living bread which came down from heaven;.. and if ANY man eat of this bread, he (they, you, me) live forever: and the bread that i will give is my flesh....which i will GIVE (salvation is a free Gift), for the LIFE of the world.. = "give for the life of the world" Jesus speaking : "I AM (notice that He uses this title a lot when talking about Himself, as this is God referring to Himself as "The Great I Am"). So, Yeshua is constantly reminding us that He is not just the "Son" , He is indeed and literally God Himself who is the One manifested in a human body .. 1st Timothy 3:16. And notice that this verse im about to talk to you about relates specifically to John 3:16. And notice that God manifested in the flesh is 1 Timother 3:16. And if you read John 3:16, you see how neatly and perfectly God is drawing a Divine String through His word, in these verses and many more..... always connecting the dots, always placing interesting CLUES and "light bulb" moments in His word for any and all who "study to show yourself approved"... Now, How to see this verse's main point using scripture to explain it. There is the spiritual way and means to understand all NT verses. In that you compare scripture with scripture... You use the Word to explain itself.. The word teaches you the word.. And the way God has implemented this is that He does not always or even often use a verse, followed by a verse, followed by a verse, in some type of continuing consecutive order, to explain a doctrine, etc.. No. What He does is put it all in a circle that you have to study to find and thus understand. In other words, He has created the NT to be a sort of spiritual puzzle and you are to SEE the Light more and more as you connect the pieces. And these pieces are scattered, as in a circle that is all over the NT. For example, you might discover a piece of doctrinal Light in one verse in Romans, and then later, in Jude, or in John you'll SEE another piece that connects, and then in Acts there is another piece that connects, and this is always how you "study"... Its by a lot of reading that God will show your inner- man all these pieces that keep connecting and connecting as you go through the word, again and again. So, lets look at this verse in a few parts so that we can see ....... 1. "If any man EAT of this Bread". And what is the Bread? and how do you eat it? Well, the "bread" of course is the body of Christ on the Cross. And symbolically its a part of Communion... Now, here we go.... Remember that Christ said... "Man shall not live by bread alone"?...... hummmm.. "but by every word that proceedeth from the mouth of God".... So, isn't that interesting? And how does that work, within the context of this verse? Well, how do you eat the body of Christ so that you (have eternal life) become born again? As in this verse the "eating" says that if you do it, you shall "live forever".. So how do you do this? Simple. the "eating" that allows God to give you "life forever", which is eternal life, is to have Faith in Christ. To Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved....(born again) And so all this is explained by this verse..... John 6:47. : Jesus says unto you, All that BELIEVE IN ME, = HAVE Eternal life"... So, you have this verse that says to eat the Bread who came down from Heaven which if you do, imparts a consequence.. And to eat Him, the "bread",= Jesus..... means to have Faith, to BELIEVE, (Having faith is spiritually eating) and by this spiritual eating, you then become born again, which means you "live forever".. And why? Because the One who is Eternal Life, the one you just ate, (believed on) (Faith), is now in you and you are "in Christ", so, because you have Him, you have Eternal Life, as He IS, eternal life. 1 John 5: 11-13. Read it. 2. "give for the LIFE of the World". This is interesting, because now this verse is speaking universally, with a condition, regarding giving Eternal Life to the "world". And here we understand that Salvation, The Blood Atonement, is Jesus dying for the "world". John 3:16 This means, the world of humanity, for all time, and especially subsequent to the lifting of the Cross and the bodily resurrection of The Christ. "I came so that you can have LIFE"... And who is "you"? = All that eat the Bread. (Faith), and what is the "life"? = Eternal Life, who IS Jesus, and when you have Him, its because you have eaten Him, (Faith), and now you are "in Christ", and Christ is "in you, the <>hope of Glory"<>", = This phrase, "hope of Glory"... is a true understanding of the One who is our Heavenly Hope, who IS our Eternal Life, living inside us, who is going to bring us to Heaven, because Jesus IS the/our "Resurrection and the Life". So, in John 6:51, we see that to eat the bread that imparts eternal life, simply means to "believe on the Lord, and you shall be saved", with its symbolic counterpart being taking Communion. And we see that this verse is speaking specifically and universally regarding the One who said, "I am the resurrection and the life", and "i came to give LIFE (eternal life) and that more abundantly"... to all of the world, with the condition being, that this gift of the One who Himself is Eternal life, has to be "eaten".....that is to say, believed on, = by Faith. So that is the eternal result for us, if we do what the verse tells us to do, with the opposite and dire consequence of you not believing or eating Him, who is the Bread of Life, is that "if you do not (eat) believe that I AM He, then you will die in your sin(s)",...... And also said in John 3:36, = that God's judgment and wrath is waiting to be delivered as an eternal sentence to ALL who lived and died and never ate the Living Bread, = died a Christ rejector and WILL face God unforgiven. This is damnation. This is Eternal, and its a FREEWILL choice that someone makes that God accepts. And this reader, is why a person who ends up in Hell and the Lake of Fire, can never honestly or accurately accuse God of sending them there, as all God does, is accept your FREEWILL choice, and from there, your choice while you were living decided where you ended up, after you Died. Choose wisely if you are reading this, and are not yet a believer in Christ. Trust in Christ today, believe on Jesus today in your heart, kneel at the Cross today, and later meet God as your Loving Father and not as your Eternal Judge. <B><
  10. Behold

    Sin update

    Everything i post here, or on any forum of any type, is what im thinking about at the time that i just write down as im considering it. I generally write quickly under a heavy dose of inspiration, and then i go back and edit after i Post, as i dont want to try to analyze it too much while im influenced by the leading to write it. 100% of my Threads or Posts are written this way, and for the next 10 mins after i post them, i'll go and make a few changes regarding spelling, or syntax, but rarely context as this is the inspired part. I own a bible, a brain, and an Apple Macbook Pro. I think, i meditate, i write. and you've read it. I dont own a concordance, and i dont use any commentaries. Sometimes i dont remember the exact number of the verse, so i'll post the verse thats in my head, then go later and find the exact number of the verse if i can't remember it at that time. If what i write helps, if it blesses, if it instructs, if it causes LIGHT, if God is able to use it for His Glory, then all that is my only intention.
  11. Behold

    Matthew 6:33

    I think any honest person would admit (regarding thinking about the actual act of dying), that unless you do it in your sleep while dreaming of the Rapture, it is filled with a wee-bit of apprehension. But, we the Saved, understand that death is but a door that leads us to the final and most beautiful Light.
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