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  1. Behold

    2nd Timothy 3:5

    "having a form of godliness" So. what is this? What is this AS compared to being saved - born again? Its very simple.... a "form of godliness" is religion. All Religion. All Religion is a "form" of Godliness that isn't actually true Godliness. And what is the difference between Religion and Christianity? Well, Religion is man's self effort to touch God or become God. Whereas Christianity is God coming to Man, as a divine Man, to take man back home. Religion is man's self righteous effort to get in touch with God, and Christianity is God on a Cross touching humanity with the Blood of Jesus, the Righteousness of God, and the Love of God.. Its, "self righteousness", which is Religion. Look at that phrase..."self righteousness"......"self".."right'.......trying to make "self" "right" with God.......by SELF. (Legalism) By works, by lifestyle, by commandment keeping, and worrying about keeping the law to TRY to make "self" = "righteous". See it? All Religion is an effort to ither become Divine, or to join Divinity, by SELF RIGHTEOUS EFFORT... = trying to make "self" "right"......= Self-Righteousness. = Religion. And THAT.......all that is Religion, and it is what 2nd Timothy is defining as "a FORM of Godliness", that "denies the Power of God". So, what is the Power of God that imparts Godliness? It IS the only and sole means and method that causes you to become born again. This is being SAVED.... This is...God giving you HIS very Righteousness, which is the defining idea you are to comprehend so that you perfectly understand WHAT the Power of God is, exactly and in Truth. The power of God, is the ability of God to recreate you as a "new creation" "in Christ". So, this, once applied to you, is not a "form of Godliness", ... Its not self righteous effort .....Its not Religion, and its not something that you can do for yourself. Its something that God did for you on a Cross and then offer this Power, this Redemption, this BLOOD ATONEMENT, as a "free Gift", and when you by Faith trust in Christ, God then delivers the literal Power of God thru Christ that recreates you as born again and a "new Creation in Christ". To simplify...... "A form of Godliness" is Religion..... is Legalism....is trusting in SELF, instead of trusting totally in CHRIST to save you and keep you saved. Listen....if you are not trusting in Christ Alone to keep you saved, then you are not really trusting in Christ. Thats a fact. Real Godliness is Redemption. Real Godliness is God making you righteous and keeping you righteous, = through the Blood of Jesus. "A form of Godliness" is a person trying to be good enough, live holy enough, or reach high enough by self righteousness, as THEIR RELIGIOUS EFFORT to become one with God, and in doing this they are "denying the real power of God" which is......The Cross and God as Christ on it as total eternal Redemption offered as a free GIFT...= "the GIFT of Righteousness". . = (Grace).
  2. Are Believers in Yeshua supposed to become mentally controlled by knowingly ingesting something that alters brain chemicals, for the sake of this experience? If you vote.. "Yes", then here is another question. Are we, as believers, supposed to destroy, willingly, any part of our body, ? (Temple of God, Temple of the Holy Spirit). In the final analysis, if you the reader are a Liberal who watches CNN or MSNBC as if its the bible, then do consider this about "smoking" anything. You are ingesting burning substance, leaves, etc, into your lungs and you are killing cells and damaging your lungs, every time you take a drag, toke, or similar. This is an undeniable fact of smoking something that is on fire., and this hot harsh ingestion, is destroying the lining of your lungs, and your lungs in general, and your body's health over time. So, is this REALIZED destruction of your body, in God's eyes, acceptable to Him after He gave His Son so that you can be His child. (including your body)? Im a person who believes in personal freedom, and i belong to God who also believes in personal freedom for each of us, or He would not have given us "free will". So, living the lifestyle you want, including using intoxication substances, is your God given right, but, you have to understand that all choices come with a personal consequence, so, choose wisely what you choose to do as you and not just you, are going to have to live with the consequences of all you choose to do.
  3. People are drawn by the Holy Spirit to Christ / Cross, when they hear the Gospel. However, God does not force you to believe, nor does He force you to become born again. He offers Salvation as a free gift, using both the preaching of the Cross and the conviction of the Holy Spirit. The LINK, is ......your freewill CHOICE to believe. This is the "Faith" part of the Salvation Transaction. Salvation, is always available to every person who is born. It was a completed Atonement, finished by God on The Cross 2000 years ago, and it is available "to all who call on the name of the Lord". (Believe). However, God does not choose some to call, and others He chooses not to call.. What He does is OFFER the "Free Gift" of Salvation, universally. A person, each and every one, has the right of acceptance or the right of refusal. This is "Free Will". Going to heaven, is our choice. Going to hell, is our choice. In Eternity, after death, God honors our choice.
  4. Behold

    The 4 Things

    We understand that if someone is kidnapped, and this person belongs to an important, powerful, rich, person, then the kidnappers will want a ransom. (payment) A "ransom" is a buying back, of something, or of someone. When you became born again, when you were saved, God paid a ransom for you, and this is the Blood of Jesus. "you are not your own, you are BOUGHT with a PRICE"....>"You are Christ's and Christ is God's". The Blood of Jesus, is the full payment paid for your ransom, that has "blood bought" you back to God from your "lost" , "separated from God by sin", condition. When a preacher or teacher uses the term "blood bought", they are referring to the ransom that God paid, ....a literal payment which is the cost of-for your sin debt that you owed God, that is Hell and the Lake of Fire. So, the Blood of Jesus paid the PRICE for the eternal judgement due you, so that you would not be eternally damned, and eventually end up in Hell <> Lake of Fire after you died. All This is the eternal consequence of the payment that God accepted on your behalf when Christ was offering Himself FOR YOU, bearing your sin, and in fact "Christ became sin".....on the Cross. This Blood Atomentment Payment is eternally applied to you, as a free gift, the same instant that you from your heart, "called on the name of Jesus", and "received Christ as your Savior". (Justification by Faith) = Alone. In the present, after you are born again, there are 4 main things that you are ransomed from, based on the Blood of Christ being your accepted "payment due" to God for your LIFETIME of sinning and unbelief. 1. You are redeemed (ransomed from- delivered from) your Adamic Nature 2. You are redeemed (ransomed from-delivered from) Sin's power. 3. You are redeemed from (ransomed from-delivered from) The Curse of the Law. 4. You are redeemed (ransomed from-delivered from) The Devil. Now there are other things that are involved in your ransom that would be counted as part of your redemption : Becoming an Heir of God and a Joint Heir with Jesus......and also, health, prosperity, abundant life, prayer's answered, etc.
  5. Demas, if he was actually born again, is currently in Heaven waiting for his new body. He and Paul had a wonderful reunion, and have had 2000 yrs to chat and hang out with Jesus The Christ and Father God. "Apostasy" if committed by a born again person, is just one more forgiven sin. Just like the rest. And its not counted against them in eternity, according to Romans 4:8. Apostasy the sin, is no worse then if a born again person watches "R" rated cable TV shows, or rents "R" rated movies. Or listens to Rap, Beyonce, Miley Cyrus, and Drake. Apostasy the sin, is no different and no worse then turning a blind eye and a cold heart to a person who is dirty, living on the street, and has a sign that says "hungry", and the born again person ignores them every single time, at every single opportunity..........for years and years. So, this idea of cherry picking "worst sins" vs "not so bad".......is something that a lot of Legalists do on forums, as they try to convince born again believers that ......"you have to be careful and not cross that line, because if you do, the blood of Jesus can't forgive THAT ONE". And of course, this type theology is poisonous and the person who spreads it should be thoroughly marked by believers as someone who is ither not Saved, or is saved and is completely engulfed by self righteous heresy. Its always good to refer back to Philippians 1:6, as a reminder that the Same God who saved us, is Faithful to Keep us saved". and this is "not of ourselves". it is the "Gift of God". "to as many as would BELIEVE In Christ".
  6. The best answer(s) you can give to an Atheist is first.... to point out that its impossible to prove that God does not exist. Its also impossible to prove that Jesus didn't exit incarnated to die on a Cross for the sin of the world. In both cases, the Atheist may not like to think about these facts, but, because they will, it can be the light that helps them find the Truth. John 14:6 These 2 answers provide the atheist with something that can be enlightening for them to consider that isn't related to endless meanderings about fossil records, the big bang theory, or the multiverse theory.
  7. You can only be a backslider, if you are born again. As you are falling away from your "christian principles", you are letting go of your "christian discipleship" and living under the control of sinful desire. In this situation, if it continues, you'll lose everything, as the penalty for living in the flesh is always the same for the backslider. You will reap what you sow, and its going to hurt. The punishment for the backslider is.......consequences. The legalist, who does not understand that a born again person, is always born again, ... becomes confused about SAINTS who are not living right while saved, and think that these backsliders have willfully lost their salvation. This type of poorly developed theological thinking is always found in the minds of the self righteous, who really are not trusting in Christ, but are trusting in themselves, to keep themselves saved. This is why they can't understand that the blood atonement does not stop cleansing sin, the day a person is saved, and continues till they are in heaven. The self righteous legalists, believes that sin, and sinning, is able to undo redemption, as they have no true understanding of the blood atonement, or Grace.
  8. What you wrote makes no sense, and its not related to the topic of this Thread. So, can we stay on the topic? I did. You wrote that calling on the name of Jesus, is something we can NOT do ourselves. However, sure we can. If we could not call on the name of Jesus, of ourselves, then God would not be saving us by our Faith. God does not save us because we repent. God saves us BECAUSE WE BELIEVE. "FAITH IS >COUNTED< AS-FOR.... RIGHTEOUSNESS". """AS MANY AS BELIEVE.......GOD GAVE THEM POWER TO BECOME (BORN AGAIN) A CHILD OF GOD " GOD ACCEPTS OUR FAITH >ONLY< TO APPLY THE BLOOD OF JESUS TO OUR SIN, TO OURSELVES.....AND THIS IS REDEMPTION. SALVATION IS A "BLOOD ATONEMENT"......IS THE PRINCIPLE WHEREBY THE BLOOD OF A SLAIN SAVIOR (JESUS) IS COUNTED AS FULL PAYMENT AND FULL PARDON AND FULL JUSTIFICATION FROM OUR SIN, AND ITS FOR OURSELVES, FOR ETERNITY. SALVATION, BEING BORN AGAIN, IS NOT A TEMPORARY SITUATION THAT CAN BE WON AND LOST AND KEPT AND LOST AND KEPT AND LOST, AS IF ITS SOME FEATHER IN THE WIND. SALVATION IS GOD DYING ON A CROSS ON EARTH, SO THAT WE LIVE WITH HIM IN ETERNITY, FOR ETERNITY. The Wonder of Salvation, is that its Free. The wonder is, how can something that Cost God so much, be given so freely? And the answer is ...."God is Love".
  9. "Grace", in the context of SALVATION, is the righteousness of God, given as a Gift, = through blood of Jesus on the Cross. This is known as the "Blood atonement". The Blood atonement, also known as "redemption", is not a "spirit"... Its a DEED and a FACT. God created Salvation, of Himself, ONLY..... and uses the Body of Christ the Lord to manifest the completed work of redemption that is offered as a FREE Gift to the world. You've heard this? = "for God so loved the WORLD that He GAVE"?.........See that word "gave"?.......This is Grace. Grace, regarding Salvation, is an act of God, that is the LITERAL Love of God pouring out His blood on a Cross and before, to redeem all of humanity. This is Grace. Grace is Jesus. Grace is the Righteousness of God, offered as "the free gift of Righteousness" to any and all who will "Call on the name of Yeshua". One this has been applied (The Blood of Jesus) to a person in EXCHANGE for their FAITH, then they become eternally "born again"... As this is the RESULT of "Grace", regarding a person who has been redeemed by God's "Grace". If later, you and i sin, as we do, and we dont pretend that its always an accident, as that would be a lie, which is another willful sin...........If later we sin, then the consequence of this sin, is already dealt with according to Romans 4:8. So, as i stated before....... eternal judgment for sin is no longer a part of the eternal reality-destiny of a born again person. Their sin has become Christ on a Cross who bore it and became it, and was judged for it ALL, and DIED. This is why the born again can legitimately claim that God is FATHER......... whereas the person who is not born again, cannot. Every born again person will meet God as Father, and every Christ rejector will meet God as Judge. Hell and the Lake of Fire, is created for Christ Rejectors, Satan, and His followers.. As its ONLY the sin (unpardonable sin) of Rejecting Christ and never being born again, that causes a person to end up in Hell followed by the Lake of Fire. No Born again person will ever meet God as Judge in eternity.... because Jesus has already met God as JUDGE for them on the CROSS on the Earth.
  10. Why don't you just ask God & Jesus? I'm sure, if you are saved, they will tell you. We, on a forum, are not your final authority. So, go to the Final authority (God, Christ, and the New Testament) and get your answer, and then you'll know for sure.
  11. The day that a born again child of God can sin more then the Blood of Jesus has already forgiven, wont be a day that ever exists. Romans 4:8 says that God does not charge the born again with their sin, because Jesus has already died for whatever it is.... This is Grace. The only way that you can be held accountable for sin in eternity, is if you are not born again, and die. If you are born again, God will NEVER judge you for any sin you commit after you are saved, in eternity. The only consequences you , the born again, will face on this earth for your sin, is "sowing and reaping". So, in eternity, the blood of Jesus, has resolved your entire lifetime of sinning. This is why God STILL SAVED YOU while knowing all the future sin you would commit. But on the earth, if you sin, you will reap consequences for your sin......the Law of "sowing and reaping.. But in Eternity, you will never face judgment for sin, (if you are Born again), because Jesus has already faced it for you on the Earth. This is Redemption.
  12. Jesus is eternal life. If you have Him, (born again) you have eternal life.
  13. You are told to forgive, because you've been forgiven. Your forgiveness has to include yourself. You have to forgive yourself. Have you ever verbally said.......>"i forgive myself". "i forgive myself of my past mistakes, all sins, and, wrong decisions".??? You need to. Something else to consider is that God would not want you to live in the past, in your mind, in your head. He doesn't live there, and you are not to live there. One of the benefits of Grace, is that we become "new". And this is how God sees us, and never any other way. Another benefit of Grace is that God does not remember our past SIN. None of it... Not ever. Not today, not tomorrow, and not in Heaven when you go there. When God thinks about you, when He sees you, He beholds a person who has been washed clean, pure, and whole, in and by the blood of Jesus. Your eternal status in God's mind, is ....."New Creation in Christ". = Today, Tomorrow, and Forever. Ever heard this song... ? "what can wash away my sin, nothing but the blood of Jesus"... "what can make me whole again, nothing but the blood of Jesus..." The born again, in the mind of God ...have no sin, have no past, and have no condemnation, because OF the Blood of Jesus. Forgiving yourself, is what God wants you to do, needs you to do, and you should do it right now. The sooner you do it, the sooner you forgive yourself, is how you get out of the mind set you are in, where you have attacking "past thoughts" that are making you feel as you are describing. God does not remember your past, or your sin, and you are to have the "Mind of Christ", and never live in the past, which allows it to poison your NOW. God would not have you live one more second feeling poisonous negative feelings because of your memories... He does not have any of those about you, and you need to recognize that you have to let go of a poison past, as this is robbing you of your present, and its hindering you from being not only what God sees you as, but even moreso, its hindering you from the Joy and purpose "in Christ", that God on the Cross died to provide you. Forgive yourself. God already has, and in fact, He does not even remember your past......ever. This is the lasting effect of the Blood Atonement. <B><
  14. Bible "Predestination", is not like "Webster" dictionary :predestination.: So, when you are talking about the "foreknowledge of God", .. this is to be understood as a quality of God's "all knowing". And where this understanding becomes a problem for many, is when they are trying to define "predestined" according to "WEBSTER", instead of understanding the BIBLE context of predestined, = "foreknowledge"... So, to rightly divide the BIBLE idea of foreknowledge is to correctly interpret "predestined". So, here is how it works or does not work.. A person who does not understand God's omnipotents, thinks that when they read "predestined" in the NT, they are being shown that God chooses Hell as the end result for some who are born. This is your "dictionary" crowd, who have misunderstood the Bible's concept of Predestination, because they are carnally interpreting the idea of " predestined" though a DICTIONARY's SECULAR definition & understanding.. Others, who rightly divide the word, understand that "predestined ACCORDING TO FOREKNOWLEDGE"......is a simple concept........Its simply means that God who KNOWS EVERYTHING (Foreknowledge).....knows who is going to be saved and who is not going to be saved, even BEFORE THEY ARE BORN. BUT WHAT this does not mean, is that HE CHOOSES FOR YOU, where you end up, after you die. So, because God has TITLED the born again as the "elect", and because God knows EVERYTHING.....then regarding each person, He being GOD, knows if you are going to heaven or hell, right now, yesterday, and before you were born. But that he KNOWS IT.....is because He is GOD......(All KNOWING) (Foreknowledge)....but this does not mean He CHOSE IT for you........It only means that He KNOWS your end before you were born. Its just like this reader........ At some point in the next 12 hrs, you are going to eat. Well, God KNOWS what you will eat, where you will eat, and WHY.......but He is not CHOOSING IT for you. YOU ARE ! So the Foreknowledge of GOD.....the "all KNOWING GOD".....knows you are going to eat within the next 12 hrs.....but does that mean that because HE KNOWS, that He is CAUSING IT? EXACTLY. < = NO. So, its the same idea of "ALL KNOWING GOD"....(Foreknowledge)......KNOWING IT BEFORE IT HAPPENS..... = THE BIBLE IDEA of "predestined".......... when it comes to God KNOWING if a person is going to end up saved or LOST. The HERESY, is that some who do not understand this at all, will try to ACCUSE GOD of causing people to go to hell and then to the lake of fire and BURN, and they never had a choice, as He chose this for them. So, what is more Satanic then a theology like this, when God is LOVE. ? Its an incredible thing that some will talk about God choosing eternal fire and damnation for some..........for no reason.......... when in fact, This is the GOD WHO SENT HIS SON FOR US ALL. What a heresy is this "predestined elect" mess that some people try to get you to believe. Don't believe it. Never believe that God, who gave His Son for the sin of the WORLD, is on the other hand choosing some to burn for eternity. Just remember that God knowing everything, before it happens, is not the same as God CAUSING everything that happens.
  15. We are to "Delight ourselves, in the Lord". So, what does it mean to delight yourself in the Lord? A way to understand "how", is like this.. Have you ever swam in a pool, or a lake, or a river, or an Ocean? Did you go underwater? If you did, then you were totally immersed. Total Immersion in Jesus, is how you "delight yourself" in the Lord. How do you totally immerse yourself in Jesus? You do this by coming to a place in your heart, mind, and soul, where Jesus is your Favorite thing. The truth is, you are totally immersed into whatever is your favorite thing... And until your favorite thing becomes Jesus, then you are not immersed in him, and He is not your "delight". Whatever is your favorite thing, is the center of your heart. Is Jesus the center of your heart? Is Jesus your obsession? Are you obsessed with God? Do you pay constant attention to your thought-life all the time and try to keep it clean before God? Understand, that your real life will never be any more pure then your thought-life. Are you in awe of them, are you filled with wonder when you consider their Greatness? Do you have a sense of "WOW", when you see Nature, the Cosmos, and realize that God created it thru Christ? "Delighting yourself in the Lord", means that you are seeking God and Christ with your WHOLE Heart. This is an act of will, of effort, and of single minded purpose. What i have discovered over years and years, is that staying in the place of "delighting myself in the Lord", is the hard part.......as its often difficult to maintain the clear minded and absolute constant daily devotion to the Master because this world and our flesh are always trying to lead us away from our First Love and into being less then utterly devoted. Part time devotion is no devotion at all. Full time devotion is to "delight yourself in the Lord". All Christians become serious about the Bible and serious about the Lord when their life is in a Crisis. Just like the phrase "there are no atheists in a foxhole", its also true that there are no backsliders in an ER, and no backsliders found 30 seconds after they are told by their Doc that they have "Cancer". But this type of returning to the Master, is not the same as "delighting yourself in the Lord".... obviously. So, what is the "fruit" discovered by "Delighting yourself in the Lord" ? 1.) Peace that passes all understanding will become real to you. 2.) you will notice that you trust the Lord with your life. 3.) you will become much more "sin sensitive". 4.) you will be more forgiving, more compassionate, more like Jesus. 5.) You will make certain that you make time for the Lord every day........time for bible reading.....time for prayer........time for praise. 6.) You will notice that you stop trying to always figure it all out and you will start leaning on God and Christ more and more because you have come to a place in faith that is about trusting them to help, in all the ways you need, all the time.
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