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  1. An atheist will always tell you, no matter what you say, or what you show, ....that you have not proven the existence of God. And, even if you have proven it.. they are "mind blinded" by the god of this world.... So, all your arguing, can be considered as trying to explain what sunlight looks like, to a blind man. All we can do is lead them, pray for them, and love them. Our job is to share, and God's job is to Save. God leaves the effort to us, and we leave the results to God. What i do, is leave an Atheist or Agnostic with this thought i'll share, as, the truth is, only the Holy Spirt draws, and only God converts. I make them think one thing......i make sure i plant this one seed.......and its this......."Well, you can't prove that God does NOT exist.". Thats an irrefutable seed.....Thats a way for an Atheist to be forced to consider something other then their hardened opinion, or what they've been taught by other lying devils, to believe. Remember that little seed if you have the opportunity to discuss eternal things with an unbeliever who is hostile and hateful. Blessings, B
  2. God ither made people with Free Will or He didnt. So, if he didnt, as your "predestined elect" theology maintains..... then He can't hold people accountable for "rejecting Christ", as they would not be able to do it....as "rejecting" is a facility of FREE WILL CHOICE, ...YET... according to you, God made predestined zombie robots, who have no free will ...... and some of them He chose for Heaven and some He created to be burned for eternity, just because He can..... So, Your God is one cruel creator, and im so Glad the Father of Jesus and the born again, is nothing like this, at all.. That is your theology, and its not something that you should be telling other believers. Let me try again. Your theology, that you just stated in the "QUOTE".........is...."God decided that He will cause some to God to hell, only because He is God and can choose this for them, and they are just unfortunate to be born.......thats life".
  3. The heres, taught, regarding those who misrepresent "predestined elect" is always the same......Its the fact that they are teaching that God chooses some for heaven, and chooses others for hell. This is a lie. And this is, in fact, one of the ugliest theological lies the Devil has up and running. So, why is the teaching a lie? Well, first, the lie is based on a misunderstanding that leads to a misrepresentation of "predestined" and "foreknowledge", and so as they are both misrepresented, (heresy) and so.... once this is easily resolved, then the "predestined elect" heresy dissolves like a cloud in the heat of the sun. Simply... God knows the beginning from the end......so, the bible has a term for this, and its called "foreknowledge"......which is...that God has knowledge of all things, before they happen. So, this means that God knows before you are born, IF you are going to receive Christ, or not. And where the devil led heretic get this knowledge going as a heresy, is to teach that because God knows it, then He caused it.....and THAT, is the heresy, of "predestined elect"....its that God is being accused FALSELY of causing everything, because HE already KNOWS everything.. The truth is.....that God knows everything, but He does not cause everything....... especially regarding the FREEWILL of a human being. The reality is.....God, could not hold you accountable or judge you responsible, for rejecting Christ...IF HE CAUSED IT. !!! See it?
  4. Behold

    Abuse, Not just Catholics

    The CC created and continues to create its own pedophile problem by not allowing Priest's to get married. If they change this NT denying doctrine, 1st Timothy 4:2,3...... then they can heal their huge sexual misconduct issue. But not until.
  5. Behold

    Is it you?

    Amen, sister. And i love the way you describe our salvation as being a "work of God from beginning to end". If every believer could just get that revelation, that salvation is a gift.. If every believer would let God establish their heart with Grace.... As our redemption is created by God, offered by God, and completed by God, on our behalf, and all He asks is that we "believe". Believing the Gospel, releases the power of God unto our salvation, as a completed situation, that is as eternal and secure as the God who offered it and completed it because we believed. He who began a good work in us, will be faithful to complete it. Yeshua is the author and finisher of our faith. God does it all for us, as Jesus has already provided the means. = His Holy and beautiful Blood. It's God's blood that was shed for the sin of the entire world, given freely, poured out for us all. Thank you Yeshua for your beautiful cross and your beautiful blood. Matchless is the name of our Lord, whose Name is above every name..... and whom before every knee will bow and every tongue will confess, that "Yeshua Is Lord"., and there is no other name that is named in heaven or on earth whereby we all may be saved. Thomas said to The Christ......."my Lord and my God", and Jesus never corrected him, because Jesus is God manifested in the flesh, the Alpha and Omega, who Himself bare our sin and is our eternal life. Jesus IS the resurrection and the Life. The very and only reason that compassion, grace, mercy, pity, light, joy, peace, life and holiness exist, is because God and Christ who are literally all these things, have lovingly shared them with us. blessings, B
  6. Behold

    Is it you?

    At the judgement seat of Christ, Jesus won't be concerned with if your pastor can speak Greek or if i have studied manuscript evidence. Believe me. He'll look into your heart and exactly at your true motive for all the service you ever did for him, and part II, is he'll ask you why you didnt bring many to Heaven when you had all your life after you were saved to do it....., or He will congratulate you for all those you led to the saving knowledge of him. He'll do the same with me. And with everyone else here, including the Mods, and the person who created this forum. Be prepared.
  7. Behold

    Is it you?

    What is your argument? Are you saying that the rule is, that God does not use people who are born again, most of the time, as his "reach through" to non believers? Are you saying that because you came to understand your need of Salvation, because God revealed himself to you through nature,... that the other 98% of the time God reaches the lost through what Paul calls "preaching", or witnessing, that what i have written that agrees with the "preaching of the Cross", does not agree with you?? Sister, my bible says that "faith comes by hearing", and "hearing by the word of God", and this is exactly talking about the Gospel of Jesus being shared, no matter if you define it as preaching, witnessing, sharing, ...etc. If you feel that this isn't how it usually works, then i can't agree with you. The Seed of the word <>HEARD<> ignites via the Holy Spirit within the heart of unbelief the Faith that God accepts to SAVE, and 100% of the time, this is produced by a person having heard the message of the Gospel. So, "leading a person to Christ", is in fact planting a seed in them, and i do not mean that at that moment, salvation comes or it does not. I am not saying, or implying, that you take a person, push them against the wall, shout "JESUS SAVES" in their ear, and that is the only way for them to find heaven and God's grace But the seed of the word, is in fact being TOLD something, and you can't have the telling and receiving without the message, the speaker, and the hearer. You would have never found your salvation, had you not understood about the Cross and the Love of God and the sacrifice of Jesus. Had you just nature to think about, and never knew the Gospel, never heard about Jesus, or the Cross, then you would be currently unsaved, as you have to believe in something SPECIFIC, to have the faith that God accepts to save you, and only knowing about Nature, wont do it. You have to have heard the Gospel, to believe it, and that is all i have stated, because it is in fact the reality of how a person comes to Faith, as "how can they come without hearing, and how can they hear without a person telling them"....Willa ??? Blessings, B
  8. Behold

    Is it you?

    Well, not quite, J5 We are called to witness. Or more specifically "go into all the world".. Therefore, if you are right, then God does not use any Christian to speak to unbelievers, and instead He brings all the lost to the cross without Preaching, Pastors, Evangelists, TV Ministries, or any other means where a human is the means whereby God THROUGH them, offering the GOSPEL VERBALLY, brings (leads) a person to the Cross. So, i'll have to disagree with your idea that God, without the use of his Gospel being shared by His born again, leads people to the Cross. I dont know how you were saved....but nearly every other person who has ever been born again since Jesus ascended back into Glory was "lead to accept Jesus as Savior" by a believer (person) sharing with them the message of God's love...(Gospel).... and within this verbal offering, the Holy Spirit of God, is able to recreate their spirit as born again, IF they believe.
  9. First of all. Jesus is the author and finisher of your faith....not you.... Hebrews 12:2 2nd, God who saved you, through Christ, completes your salvation.... Philippians 1:6 And lastly... You are not saved by faith.......you are saved by GOD , ONCE = THROUGH your faith,...... solely and completely based only on the finished work of Jesus on the Cross. So, if you are trusting in your faith to save you or keep you saved, you are trusting in the wrong thing., as Faith does not save or keep you saved.... Faith only meets the requirement that God requires for HIM to save you, based on the Blood Atonement.
  10. Behold

    Is it you?

    JPT, The best thing i can offer you, as a reply, is this... Never follow any man who constantly corrects bibles with,.. "the greek says". Here is why. Its one thing, and a good thing, to be trained in Hebrew and Greek manuscript evidence, but its another thing to pretend that you have the authority to sit in judgement of ALL Bible translations, (The Word of God) ... simply BECAUSE, you can read Greek and Hebrew...etc. One of the worst things any minister can do, if not the worst thing..... is to be a "greek" authority who stands in the pulpit , Monday - Sunday, and corrects the Word of God, with the "greek". And the reason this is such a terribly hurtful thing to the entire body of Christ, is because it casts doubt on the validity and inerrancy of all Bibles in the minds of the believers., and that, my brother, is the Devil's work, and anyone who for any reason causes God's redeemed to not have perfect faith in the bible they have in their hands, is absolutely doing the work of the Devil. Consider what i wrote. kind regards, B
  11. Behold

    Is it you?

    At some point all Christians are curious about a certain aspect of Christianity. "how does a person know if they are called into the ministry". So, let me first tell you, that if you are born again, you definitely are called into the ministry, as all believers are ministers of and for The Lord Jesus The Christ. We are all in His service, and because Jesus is God, we are of course talking about being enlisted by new birth into the work of God. God's work for us has only 2 parts. 1.) "the work of God is that you Believe on the One whom He sent" 2.) Lead people to Christ. Discipleship, is not a work, its a lifestyle.. and that includes "study the bible to show thyself approrved", etc... ...so thats a different thing, then God's Work that you are called to do as soon as you are born again. You are called to pray, teach, witness, and if need be......... die for your Lord. Believers in this world, died for Him today.....They die for him everyday, but you don't hear about this, ........but you can know its a fact. You are called to let the Light of God, which is the Truth of the Gospel, shine through you so that all who are in darkness can find their way out. You are a living transmission device, and God is the transmitter. You are an arrow that points to the "way" to Heaven...... and Jesus is THE Way........not "a" way. John 14:6 You are the only :body: of Jesus The Christ that an unbeliever is ever going to meet., as you and Christ are One, and Christ is in you, and you are God's body on this earth. You are a living extension of God Himself. But........what about that other thing. ??? That "5 fold" ministry thing.....where many are called and few are chosen........yeah, that one... are you that? Is that you?... How would you know? Well, i'll show you a way to think about it, and to discern it for yourself.... or for someone else who has not quite understood it about themselves, just yet. First, it will be God who chooses you for this, and if He does WILL this for you, then without a doubt and absolutely, He will confirm your "call" with circumstances and opportunities. You will see them happen in front of your eyes , in your life. BUT, what God wont do, is step into your call for you. You have to do that. You have to take a baby step, and then another......... and allow the progress to keep confirming the reality of God's call in and on your life. I have previously mentioned here that i have a younger Bro who is in charge of World Missions for a big denomination. He was called to be a missionary over 2 decades ago, one Sunday morning, during a church service. There was no doubt in his mind or heart that while he was listening to a missionary's story that morning, He was prompted by God the Holy Spirit, to become a missionary. Just like that. And just like that He went to Hewlett-Packard in Texas, where he was a highly successful and highly paid manager, and pretty much gave them his "2 week notice", and left. And i dont have to tell you that some of the Christian's who knew him were pretty much telling him that he was ither crazy, or just "emotionally caught up" or the usual stuff you hear when you decide to leave the world behind and really devote yourself to God and The Christ. And now over 20 yrs later, he has built churches in Odessa Ukraine, Preaches, Teaches, has trained many missionaries, and became the head of the Mission to the World for his Denomination, and also met his wife on the mission field and had 3 children all born in the Ukraine. And all because he responded to God and surrendered. Now, what if he had listened to his Step Dad when his Step dad was telling him...>"well, i think this is maybe kinda crazy, and im not going to support you with $$$$$$, so, you do what you want, but you do it YOURSELF"""""""" blah, blah, blah, blah, blah...............>. .... Yeah, that's how it can be when you know what you know, and God is not telling everyone else......just yet. But see, God didnt call the Step Dad, .. he called my willing and dependable Brother. Here is that link(s) to find him if you are interested in more of his story..... And if these links dont show up here, then ....sorry about that. https://www.mtw.org/missionaries/details/bob-and-andrea-burnham - http://burnhamsnapshots.com/blog/ - http://deercreekchurch.com/burnhams/ -------------------------------- Alrighty then..........moving on to the question.........Let's get going.... How do i know im called to be .........one of the 5-fold. ?? Ok, lets just look briefly at the (5 Fold) calling of a Teacher or a Pastor who is a Teacher, with a Flock. Let me show you what would happen to them when they are reading the scriptures, and this was happening to them before they realized WHY, and once they did, they realized this was something that God had done within them, that people who are not called, ....this does not happen to them like what im going to show you.. So, as they look back, and indeed when it was first becoming obvious to them, they began to and now fully understand that this was God's hand at work in a way that is very specific as a CALL. Like this.. If you open your bible to John 10:27, you'll read....... "my sheep hear my voice, and i know them, and they follow me..................and i give unto them eternal life". Now, did you read that? .........then lets wait a second..... wait. wait. wait. Give it a minute................. Ok, what happened to you? Anything in your head, in your Spirit? What do i mean? ??? Well, here you go.. If you are called to Teach or Preach.....Evangelist or whatever..........what happens is this.. In your head, in your heart, in your spirit. You read.... My sheep hear my voice, and i know them, and they follow me. And in your head, and not of you, ... you will see-hear-know .....something like this.. "My sheep hear my voice"............"oh, that is an unbeliever being called to salvation by the Holy Spirit," "that is the "word of God will not return void".... that is the "seed of the word". that is..."being born again, not of seed which is perishable, but imperishable, that is, through the living and abiding word of God"....."that is seed falling on good ground". You read..... "and i KNOW them"...............and you see-hear-know in your inner man........."depart from me, i never knew you"......for Christ to know, means that you are Born again, that He has become a part of you, and you are "in Christ", "bone of His Bones, flesh of His flesh", and " I am the Father are one, and you are in us"............so, to Know You, is for you to be KNOWN in the Spirit, born again, a part of the family of God..."translated from darkness to light"... "therefore my beloved, be steadfast, immovable"...."and if my Sheep, called by my name"..... You read.... "and they follow me".......and you hear - see - know inside......'Oh, that is DISCIPLESHIP"... That is "go into all the world and PREACH".... that is....>"present your body a living sacrifice"..... that is "mortify your members".... that is.... "obedience is better then sacrifice"...... that is "faith without works is dead".......that is "take up your cross and follow me"...... You read....."and i give unto them eternal life"...... and you suddenly see-hear-think inside......>"Jesus who IS eternal life"......."i am the Resurrection and the life"......"I give unto them eternal life"....>"that you may know that you have eternal life"...... "all that will come to me i will in no wise cast out".. "you would not come to me that you would have eternal life".. "if you do not believe that i am He, you will die in your sins"... Now, saint........do you see what just happened? What just happened is that all who are not called, read Jn 10:27 and then kept going to the next verse, just like always........they just read, think, move on... nothing explodes inside... But the person who is "called"...... This person..... They are given the means to read a verse, and it just opens like flower into a SERMON to be PREACHED. I just wrote for you a sermon, all the parts. Now all that is necessary is to just get it perfect, as the manuscript wrote itself in my head by itself. Just like that. And if this happens to you, just like it just happened to me, and you dont control it, but it just creates by itself, within you, all this connected understanding of bible verses that just connect and keep on going inside you like this, in your head, when you read your bible, ....And im not talking about running verses with a Concordance.....as you dont need it, if you are called, as God is your concordance and the Holy Spirit will FIRE the verses in an inspired way that just happen.......You dont do it.....Its not you. See? So, if you are called, then you will have something like this inside you, that happens..... that is an anointing, and its not you....it is Him......its is a "call". Does this happen to you? IF it does, then wake up. If it starts to, then remember what i just showed you, as this is one way to know. There are others, but i think you see what i mean......how to realize it. God bless you, B
  12. Behold

    Rand Paul vs Israel

    Rand Paul on his blocking military aid to Israel: "We can’t be doing it forever". Kentucky Republican, who is holding up $38 billion defense package, says he’ll introduce an amendment shortly. WASHINGTON (JTA) — Sen. Rand Paul acknowledged that he had placed a hold on major funding legislation for Israel, saying he wanted time limits on assistance to the Jewish state. The Kentucky Republican also said he wanted cuts in aid to countries he says are hostile to the United States. “While I’m not for foreign aid in general, if we are going to send aid to Israel it should be limited in time and scope so we aren’t doing it forever, and it should be paid for by cutting the aid to people who hate Israel and America,” Paul’s office said in an statement. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Listen. ....We (The USA) should always "fund" and otherwise help our friends in this world. And in the case of Israel, if we stop helping them, then their blood would be on our hands. For example, their "Iron Dome" technology, ......without this, so many Israeli's become a chapter in the book of History, entitled...."what use to be". So, this ID Technology, ......without us funding it, and helping them continue it...... helps them to die..... Bad idea. Understand... There is a REASON that every single 16 yr old Israeli gets ready to join the Israeli Armed Services. There is a REASON for the fact that when you move to Israel, and you drive to Jerusalem or to a Mall or a parking garage, there are Armed Israeli 18yr olds (soldiers) who will stop your car, ask you if you "have a gun", and look in your trunk. When i first began to live in Israel in 2011, i went to a mall, my first time, and an Israeli soldier blocked me from going into the mall until i told him that i didnt have a gun. Same with going to a post office. And this is how they have to do it, so that they can SURVIVE. So, these are but a few reasons that Mr R. Paul need to walk back his ideas about "cutting funding" to Israel. We (The USA) have 2 "friends" in this world of countries, and thats it. 1. Israel 2. England
  13. Behold

    What do you think Jesus meant?

    The key to understanding all the "greater then"...."do what i do", in this verse... = When we "believe", we have become "One" with God and "One" with Christ. This is explained in 1st John 4:17 and Ephesians 5:30. So, Jesus is speaking from God's perspective of who we are BECOME..."In Christ". This means that when Jesus is speaking of the works that a born again believer will do, He is literally speaking of the power regarding all the later manifestations of His Spirit that is acting through us. In other words, its HIMSELF, the Holy Spirit, who is doing these works, as we are IN HIM, as He does them through us. He is saying, and i paraphrase....."now that i am gone, i will do MY NEXT WORKS through you"... = the born again.
  14. Behold

    Jesus (was/is) a Jew?

    Its a very good topic. Very interesting to discuss and consider. No need for rabbit trails that lead to nowhere .