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  1. Photographers' Lounge (and more)

    This is "Fessor"... taken from the root word "Professor" Not my cat, but rather a friend's cat that on some occasions, if I am in his vicinity with a camera, he will pose. Tho in this case, he's explaining to me with his expression, that he is quite bored with my camera. -
  2. "knowing you are saved"

    Regarding "knowing you are saved". - I hope this would help anyone who is uncertain of their salvation. God is Love:) If you as a Christian, don't know if you are , then you are ither dealing with guilt about something you did or are doing, which is leading to the inner condemnation that makes you feel unsure of your salvation, or, you are someone who does not really understand the Atonement. Perhaps you are both ? Listen. Let us understand together what Salvation is preventing, so that you can understand what the purpose of it is all about. Simply..... What is the only real difference between a Christian and a Non-Believer?......YET, the consequence of this single difference is like comparing Eternity, to a single day. A.), One is going to heaven after they die to live with God and Christ in Joy, and the other is only going there briefly to hit Revelation 20:11 and then they will be gone from Heaven., for eternity. Thats really about it. So, when we think of the purpose for Jesus on a Cross, ...there is really only one. Its to solve, as a gift from God, the ONLY reason a person will NOT go to Heaven to stay. This is why Jesus hung, bled, and died on the Cross... He is bleeding and dying there to offer a solution to the one issue everyone faces, that is keeping them out of Heaven, after they die, = unless they Let JESUS resolve it for them. And what is that Problem? That Problem is what Salvation takes care of, and once it does, then there is nothing left that can block you from going to heaven, and that is WHY, once this is solved, then you can KNOW you are going to heaven to stay, which is of course...> "how can I know I am saved". 1 John 5:13 So, what is the ONE issue that must be solved, by Jesus on a Cross for you, that if its not you will end up in Hell? Jesus explains this very simply in John 8:24...... """"" I told you that you would die in your sins; if you do not believe that I am He (the Savior, the Messiah), you will indeed die IN your Sins." So, do you see the issue? "SINS"...."SIN"...."dying in them"......this means, you are not forgiven for them, and In this case, YOU will pay for them in Eternity. See it? That is what SALVATION is given for to resolve for everyone who will be born again accepting Christ as their Savior" "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be SAVED" "SAVED" from the consequences of "dying in your sin". Get it? See it? That is what you are saved FROM. This is what Salvation is doing for you, if you are SAVED. So, there is only one reason you would not go to heaven, and that is ...... YOU SIN IS NOT PAID FOR by Christ on a CROSS. So, in that case, if you die, YOU WILL PAY FOR THEM, and that is definitely NOT what you want to do. !! So, how do you know if you are saved?.......How do you know if you are going to Heaven? The answer is.... WHO PAYS FOR YOUR SIN? IF JESUS HAS, Then your eternity is secure "in Christ", and you are currently "seated in Heavenly places", and will certainly be there literally once you are dead, with your body to follow later and you'll be given a new one that is "made without hands". See, its all about your SIN, as this is the block, this is the barrier, this is the issue that has to be resolved, so that you can KNOW you are saved. Take care of that, and you can Know that DAY, and everyday after that you are saved, "in Christ", and are absolutely going to Heaven to be with your Father and all other believers. Have you already?.....Have you been saved?.....Born again?.....Then you KNOW you will go to heaven, as the only thing (sin) that was keeping you out once you died, has been RESOLVED. So, Be happy about this. Relax. Enjoy what God has eternally done for you through Christ. Rejoice. And so , who are you now, if you are a believer? You are : "As Jesus IS, so are WE..........in this world". 1 John 4:17. This is explained as being "In Christ". This is why you are told you are "seated in heavenly places "... right now, even tho you are sitting there reading this Light I am giving you. Do you see the Light? Understand that what has happened to you, by being born again, is that you have been placed, by God,....... BORN AGAIN = into a new Kingdom........HIS. This is your new Identity.....you are no longer just a lost soul living inside your earth suit, experiencing the natural world, but now you have become a reborn part of a new Kingdom, and you have a brand new Identity, as defined by "Child of the Light"..."Son/Daughter of God"...."In Christ". This is who you are now become once you were born again into all of this wonder of God's Amazing GRACE. This is who God has recreated (born again) you to be, and when He looks at you, this is now the NEW YOU He sees... "old things are passed away, behold, all things <>YOU>< Have become NEW". You are a born again " NEW CREATION In Christ". And because you are, you now KNOW you are saved and eternally so. So, how does that feel? God is SO Good, isn't He? Think about this a lot. Meditate on who you are now, in God's eyes, as this is the Real YOU...... the eternal you. <B><
  3. Grace and the Law of God

    - The NT tells us that we "are the righteousness of God"... 2nd Corinthians 5:21..... and that we are "seated in Heavenly places" "In Christ" RIGHT NOW,.... and that "as Jesus IS, so are WE in this world" = RIGHT NOW. So, >there< is our Salvation.....Redemption..... The ATONEMENT.......and our eternal position in God's family...... and so, We can't possibly achieve more of it by lifestyle, by discipleship, then being as Righteous as God, right NOW, = then has already been freely supplied to us when we became Born Again. The Blood Atonement does not run dry ...... The sacrifice of God on a Cross for us, is permanent....Its as permanent a situation for us, as completed, as God is eternal. This is not ordinary BLOOD that ran down a cross and dripped off the feet of the dying Incarnation..... This is GOD's BLOOD,..... HOLY, SANCTIFYING, REDEEMING...., dripping from the body of God's Son, who IS, "God in the Flesh", who "dwelt among us" and is alive and who is our Holy Advocate with the Father and who is making intercession for us right now. We are not redeemed by something ordinary.... and we the born again are not made righteous in God's eyes by something temporary... We are RECREATED by this Holy Blood of GOD and imputed with RIGHTEOUS EQUALITY to the very ONE who shed it for our SIN, and who "Became our Sin", in our place. And because of God's Holy sacrifice, we, as the born again, will never meet God as Judge in Heaven, and those who have never taken God's sacrifice for their sin, will never meet God as Their > Father< at all. We literally can't become, by lifestyle, or by any personal struggle to be good, any of this.....as its all a FREE GIFT....its all imputed, delivered, and done for us, by God through Christ. Salvation, Redemption, is GOD's IDEA.....He created this situation.......He is the ONE who personally designed Redemption, and BECAUSE HE LOVES US SO MUCH HE DECIDED = I will go to them, I will die for them, I will save them, and bring them HOME TO ME and never let them go. That is what our FATHER IN HEAVEN DID FOR US..:) THIS is who HE IS...... "God is LOVE". and within Him there is no shadow of turning, there is not an ounce of indecision. Our Salvation is just as perfectly prepared, and perfectly delivered, and perfectly eternal, as God is PERFECT. WE are told that our HEARTS need to be established by GRACE, and this is because if our hearts are established by Grace, then this frees us from the slow suffering bondage of trying to be good enough to be accepted by God, and instead we are delivered into the unconditional Love of God........ And from THIS, we can serve Him without worry and fear and doubt. Jesus said, "come unto me with your heavy burden of sin and worry and needless <> useless working to be good enough for God to accept you, and I will give you REST from all this misery". The Joy of the Lord, is REST from the endless EFFORT to be good enough to be worthy enough to be accepted by God, based on our own effort. The Joy of the Lord is the Beautiful Light of the Revelation that God has given us a Redemption that HE KEEPS SAFE FOR US, because HE IS THE ONE WHO DID IT FOR US on a CROSS. Philippians 1:6. = God started our Salvation with the Birth of the Incarnation, and He completes it when we meet Him by giving us a glorious new body that is "made without hands". Our Salvation, our Redemption is all of HIS CREATION, and we are the eternal benefactors, we are the permanent recipients, we are the BORN AGAIN INTO THIS GIFT OF LOVE AND GRACE AND ETERNAL LIFE, = and THIS IS the eternal "rest" that all Christians hopefully realize we have already in our possession, as this is how Grace is supposed to activate us, by giving us REST from ourselves and from our religious pursuits, by giving us "fullness of JOY JOY JOY JOY" that IS God's amazing Grace.
  4. Grace and the Law of God

    - I appreciate that Johann Arndt's writings mean so much to you. And im glad you have shown the rest of the readers here, what I already discerned about your OSNAS point of view, before you responded to me a second time and more openly revealed it. So, as your religion directly conflicts with Pauline Theology, then you have to decide which way you will continue to go. See, here is the issue.... Realist. "enduring to the end", is a means of self effort to make it into heaven, of one's own doing, and this doctrine is "another Gospel", as it does not agree with 'Grace Through Faith" because it negates the Blood Atonement and substitutes "self effort" for the Cross, and Jesus's finished work on it. Listen, read it like this, Realist, instead of just reacting with words about fight clubs and leaving the church., etc.. "IF YOU DO NOT ENDURE TO THE END < you will not go to HEAVEN". See it? THAT is NOT Salvation, through Christ. AS, where is the Blood Atonement in that religious mandate? = its substituted for "enduring to the end." And , Where is the FREE GIFT of Salvation, the "Gift of Righteousness" in that mess of a theology? = its substituted for "enduring to the end." And you cant say you are trusting in Christ and ALSO enduring to the end, to BE Saved. Its not both., and one is Galatians 1:8, when "enduring" is taught as Redemption = "The Cross + enduring"........as this is Grace + Works..........as this is teaching that Salvation is partly what Jesus did and partly what you do as a lifestyle...= which is a lie and an insult to the Blood Of Jesus. So, Brother, we are not in a fight club, but real Christians ARE in a war against anything that takes the credit for Salvation away from the Blood Atonement, away from Jesus The Christ, and redirects it and credits it ALSO to a person's deeds, works, or personal lifestyle or (enduring) as a part of God's Redemption. So, I invite you to get in the good fight, and that is the one that gives all the Credit due to Jesus on the Cross as the only means that God offers to accept anyone into His family. There is ONE WAY to heaven, John 14:6, and its not enduring, and its not holding onto your faith, and its not presenting your body a living sacrifice, and its not water baptism .....but the single means and method that God offers anyone so that HE can accept them, is for them to be given HIS very righteousness, and for this to happen, the Blood of Jesus has to remove our SIN. And once this has occurred , then Salvation (born again) has occurred. Eternal life with God, is not about enduring......its about RECEIVING....Its about God's very righteousness > becoming your new spiritual identity "in Christ"< through the Blood Atonement. - And here is one more thing for you to consider. The devil has created the idea and drives it home, often using "christians", that, if a person is trusting in Christ alone to get them to heaven, (GRACE) ..... then this is the same as teaching that you can live anyway you want, do anything you like, as its all covered by GRACE". However, this is simply the devil's way of blinding the self righteous from seeing the truth about (Grace) and eternal redemption. See, Satan's theology paints "Grace" as "license to sin", and deceives many believers with His idea and theology as a means to rob them of the truth of what the Grace of God has done for them. See, the devil does not want you to find out that the Cross and the Blood of Jesus = a permanent-eternal solution, and not a temporary one that is only active if you are "being good". "enduring", "working" "confessing sins", and all the rest of the "deeds" to (help Jesus) earn your own salvation. And right there is one of the wars that is raging within Christianity, whereby, people who understand Grace, and live Holy lives, are considered by those who are OSNAS Legalists to be instead raising hell and enjoying it all the way to heaven. So, its the DEVIL who is manipulating the self righteousness in many believers to blind them to the Grace of God, and has them bitter and has them deceived and has them doing his work of trying to harm other believers with his theology. And what IS "Self Righteousness"?........ Its more then pride....its the very act of trying to make YOUR-SELF Righteous so that God will accept you. See, Realist, its not the "enduring, or the "confessing sins", or the "holding unto your faith", or "holy living", that is the issue, ......the issue is the REASON you are doing it., as once a believer has become convinced that all those deeds are necessary to be saved, then the "Cross has become of no effect unto them", and they are "fallen from Grace" And what IS "falling from Grace"?......Falling from Grace is the mental point at which a person stops actually trusting in Jesus to save them, and they start trying to help Him with it, by their deeds. This is LEGALISM, within a Christian's HEAD, and its played out in REALITY by "enduring" and all the other works.... they BELIEVE are necessary for them to do, or they are not kept saved by the Blood Atonement. So, JESUS is GONE from that point of view...>He is GONE.....The Cross has been SUBSTITUTED by "SELF- Righteousness". Listen, ITS the GRACE OF GOD ALONE that IS the sustained sin cleansing blood of Jesus, which gives you the power to live a holy - sanctified life, and in fact has saved you. Its DONE. Being "Born Again" is not temporary and its not incomplete, and its not based on your lifestyle. And the reason so many dont REJOICE all this LIGHT im showing you, is because they are not experiencing the power of the freedom that is found "in Christ", because they are instead banging their legalistic head's against the wall of deeds and effort and enduring and works, and are getting NO WHERE except more and more and more religious, which is useless, as this can't SAVE you.
  5. Grace and the Law of God

    Thank you. and God bless you also. I honestly dont struggle with trying to make myself "good enough", as there is no such thing, regarding anything we can do that would cause God to accept us according to our own merit. Sometimes, an Atheist who has known you for many years might say to you...."well, I know you, I know what you were like before you got religion, and ive seen you mess up many times since you got it". And they would add, "so, im certainly as good as you are, and if God will let you into His heaven, then im sure he'll let me in also". But then.. Here is the problem with that darkened perspective... Its true that an atheist might be a much better person then I will ever be, even on my best day, on my way to Church, ....but, how does the atheist compare to JESUS? How do you compare to Jesus? The same as I do....... = WE DONT !!!!!. And that is the issue....as God's standard for what He will accept into HIS FAMILY, is....."the righteousness of Christ'.....and neither I, nor the Atheist, or anyone here, will ever have this, of their own accord. So, before you are saved, or after you are saved, ....YOU, OF YOURSELF, are not good enough, by yourself, to be worthy to go to Heaven. And because this is the case for us all, then we hopefully will come to realize that what Gets us in the Heavenly gate, and keeps us there, has nothing to do with US. Philippians 1:6 And once we see this, clearly, then we let go of all the earning salvation, and keeping salvation, and enduring to the end, and all this SELF EFFORT TO BE ACCEPTED BY GOD, as all of this is completely USELESS to save us OR Keep us saved. So, you ask yourself.. "what am I trusting, if I died today, to get me into heaven". And if your first thought is not...."JESUS"........then you have a religious issue and a theological problem that you need to solve, asap.
  6. A Beautiful Spring Day!

    Sony RX10-3 -
  7. Grace and the Law of God

    Because you wrote this, and your context is : how to stay SAVED. """"""""I think the easy believism teachings popular today lead people into dangerous conclusions about spiritual rest and enduring " But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved." Matt 24:13""""" So, THIS that you wrote is removing Grace from God's Atonement, and substituting self effort ("enduring") to try to prove that if you dont, then you are not going to heaven. And people who teach this are Galatians 1:8., of which I am not. Let me say this to you in the spirit of sincerity,..... let Grace be Grace, and let the Law be the opposite, regarding how, when, why, and WHO, saved you. Always remember that as soon as you start to attribute yourself with the capacity to keep your own eternal life, ( by enduring) (works) you have then removed the credit Do, the one who IS the Savior. See, this is the stinking elephant in the room regarding everyone who is tripping over Grace and the "free gift of Righteousness" trying to prove that believers can "lose it".... See, They dont ever seem to realize that the only way you can lose your salvation, is to take it from the one who Saved you, and try to do it yourself. (which is impossible of course)..but Glory to Hallelujah dont they give it their best shot. And this is why 100% of the OSNAS crowd always rant about "sinning willfully" and "enduring to the end", and "holding onto your faith"....and THAT is because all of them are obsessed with self effort to make it into heaven, which, low and behold, is exactly what FAITH IN CHRIST IS NOT.. You've probably not realized it, but everyone who opposes OSAS is : Galatians 1:8.,.... as everyone who is mad to oppose the fact that the same God who Saved you, is the same God in the Flesh who keeps you saved .... These OSNAS have literally denied the Blood Atonement's power to REDEEM So, when exactly does a believer actually come to the full revelation that they are saved and kept saved for all eternity by Christ alone.>? =. The very second they realize that they can't lose their salvation. Until then, they'll keep trying to keep themselves saved, which is exactly NOT trusting in Christ by Faith for Salvation and Eternal Life. Philippians 1:6 B
  8. Grace and the Law of God

    You would do well to study Romans 4:8.
  9. Romans 4:8 never stops being in effect for a born again Child of God. Also, because we are no longer under the law, ( we are under Grace) ( The law came by Moses, but Grace and Truth came by Jesus The Christ ) John 1:17 then the law has no authority to declare us to be "sinners". This is why Paul refers to our carnal acts as "works of the flesh" Galatians 5:19 So, what you have , when you sin, we I sin, or when anyone who is a born again, sins, is someone who is saved, redeemed, and born again, who is not behaving within their discipleship-lifestyle as God would want. However, He is not going to kick you out of His family because you are a rotten child, He will instead, treat you like a Father who loves you and wants the best for you (will treat you), and give you Hebrews 12:6., which you are going to get anyway, if you are actually Saved. So, a "sinning Christian", is just a believer who is caught up in works of the flesh, not living for the Lord, and is instead caught up in what this world has to offer. This person is simply a backslider, and yet, still a Son of God.
  10. ABC Boys Names

  11. Who are you? Really?

    WATER: Waterfalls, because its interesting when water moves vertically ANIMAL: White Tiger , graceful, beautiful, and rare. PLACE: Israel, because its where we are headed, and because I live there on occasion. HOLIDAY: Spring.....I always think of Springs as an extended holiday of flowers before everything turns Green again.. AWESOMENESS: Anyone who plays an instrument on a virtuoso level.
  12. A Beautiful Spring Day!

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  13. Questions about homosexuality

    :Yes. If we didn't need continual forgiveness, then there would be no need for the eternal blood of God to have been shed. Amazing is its power to reach our sin and continually continue to pay for them all, 2000+ yrs after it was shed.
  14. A Beautiful Spring Day!

  15. Is Mary a Intercessor?

    - If Mary were around today, here on earth, she would openly chastise the Catholic Church for twisting and knowingly creating such a rampant and dishonest false narrative (doctrine) concerning her "position". She would point out that she is not a "perpetual virgin", and indeed had other children, she would explain that she is not the "Queen of Heaven", and that she did not "ascend bodily" to heaven. She would in fact be shocked, saddened and angered, to discover that so many people are following the Pope's lead regarding worshiping her as "co-author" of your Salvation. She would point out that there are no nail prints in her wrists, and there is no cross that she ever hung on to save anyone, and in fact she needed her Son, just the same as you do, to redeem her from her SIN. And in fact, had He not, then she would be just as in Hell after she died as anyone else who never trusted in Christ for Salvation. If Mary were here today, she would not only condemn the Catholic Blasphemy that presents her as Heaven's Queen, but she would in fact happily admit that she is not a Catholic, and neither is her Son. She would explain that there are no denominations in Heaven, there are only the born again., "in Christ.".