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  1. 1st Corinthians 15:3-4 Romans 4:5 Acts 16:31 John 1:12 John 3:16 John 8:24
  2. Tape OP Magazine
  3. - First of all, the bible is not a novel. You are not to "read it", you are to Study it.......2nd Timothy 2:15 2nd, you are to Rightly Divide verses, and this comes only by study and by God > Holy Spirit revealing the Light of the verses so that you understand them by Holy Spirit spiritual enlightenment. The issue you have, is you are pasting verses out of context that seem to be related, and in fact, are not. There is one more thing to consider.. No unbeliever can understand the Bible, as the word of God (bible) is "spiritually discerned", and can not be analytically comprehended by an unbeliever.
  4. Canine Convention. -
  5. - For most, going to Church and bible study, Sunday school, .....the usual, is more then enough to satisfy their particular depth of interest regarding , "Christianity". For others, who are not satisfied with the "usual stuff", and feel restless, even confined in the same situation...........then they need to become involved in the work of the Body of Christ that occurs outside the walls of the Local Church. Hospital Visitation. Prison Visitation Witnessing on the Street. Door to Door - Sharing the Gospel. Missionary Trips Even, getting some type of ministry started, that is a personal ministry. See, Some read the NT and the words of Christ that say "GO into the world", and they feel a tug. Some listen to a Missionary talk about giving "love , aid, compassion, and hope", to the Orphans in the Ukraine, and they feel a tug. Pay attention to your "tugs', as GOD is on the other end of the line. Let me tell you about my brother. (Robert)..... He was raised as a boy and teen within the Charismatic circles.....was a "Royal Ranger", grew up in the Assembly of God doctrine, Played Trumpet in the Church, then later Jazz Bass in college,(Belmont-Nashville), where he completed his studies a "Music Major - Business Minor". Right out of College he is hired by Hewlatt_Packard (HP) as a "middle manager".........making about $80-G a year right out of college. He has it made....Single, Handsome, working for HP, and also a good man, honest, trustworthy, Loves Jesus.... So he's there about 2 years-obo, still single, and one Sunday Morning in "Christ Church" (I believe it was)... a Presbyterian Missionary is the "guest", that Sunday AM service. He spoke for an hour, showed his video, gave his presentation for "$$$$$" Help for the street children, etc. That morning my Brother became a Missionary. ......was called. He instantly resigned from HP - from $80,000 a year, not knowing what would happen next, .....but he "heard the TUG", and said..."I'LL GO LORD". That is 20+ years ago. Today, he organizes and heads the Missionary "Dept" for a Large Presbyterian Denomination . He Met his Wife Andrea (married a little less then 20 years) on a Missionary Trip. He has built 2 Churches in Kiev, a soup Kitchen, and has helped thousands of Ukrainian Families, and has a special ministry outreach for the "Orphans" of Kiev., for nearly 2 decades. He trains "new" Missionaries that want to serve in the field, he also trains Local Pastors. And by the way, he has 3 Children, all Girls, all born in the Ukraine.:) Emily, Iris, and Abagail Isn't God good? And doesn't God make it all work out for us perfectly, if we will just LISTEN, OBEY, and BELIEVE? Here is his weblink, if you want to check him out. ---
  6. Its because the world is more worldly, while Christians are less Godly. There is a connection. There is a connection between the fact that at no other time in history is the carnality of the world more carnal, and this increases its ability to capture everyone's focus, (and not just unbelievers.) The other thing is.......of course preaching against sin is not very strong in the pulpit, but, really, its the fact that there are small screen devices that can Focus you instantly into the most depraved access areas, and everyone has "multiple" devices. We are trapped in a world of screens , of all sizes, that invite us into Pandora's box. (The Internet).
  7. Everything written in the New Testament, is as important today as it was the day it was written, tho not all of it applies doctrinally "today", and this is why we must "rightly divide the word". And no, my Thread, regarding the verses i posted from Thess., was posted to speak about the fact that there is coming a day when the vengeance of God will be found against those that "obey not the Gospel", as that is the context of the verse. I was only speaking to the context, and not trying to describe which group of christians might have read the epistle or at some other point heard Jude speak, etc. Obviously 2nd Thess is not speaking about this situation regarding any believers, and in fact it is speaking about a far far future event, at least 2000 years into the Apostle's future. Its interesting isn't it, that God's wrath is seen to be (universally) poured out (on earth) in various ways........ 2x without remedy , .. One being Noah's flood, and the second being the verses i quoted from Thessalonians. The other time God's wrath was poured out for the BENEFIT of mankind, and this is the "cup" that fell on Jesus as Judgment for the "sin of the world". There is another vs that speaks to the coming vengeance of God against unbelievers, and that is John 3:36. And then there is Rev 20 which is one more forewarned recompense against the Christ Rejectors.
  8. (Yeshua) = Lion of the Tribe of Judah > Revelation 5:5
  9. a bible study

    Regarding Soteriology, The way i find out if a person is saved and theologically correct regarding "Salvation", vs a Believer who is saved but has "fallen from Grace", vs a self deceived pretender who thinks they are saved and are in fact as lost as a monkey in a mall, is to have them answer a few questions. 1.) Who saved you. ?? 2.) How was this accomplished ? 3.) What are you trusting in RIGHT NOW to get you into HEAVEN if you died today. ?? So, not to take up a lot of your time trying to explain all the responses and what they mean....but if someone says....."Jesus saved me...BUT....i have to ...." Then i know this person is "fallen from Grace". If the person says anything but "Jesus", when i ask them what they are trusting to get them to heaven, then i know they are ither Lost, or they are fallen from Grace. If a person does not understand that GOD saved them, and not Faith, but God THROUGH FAITH, saved them, ..then they are ither Lost, or they are "fallen from Grace" or they just have been taught a pile of Legalism after they were saved and they are a "Christian Parrot" spewing out all the "works" and so forth they need to do to stay saved.... (And this person, might also be Lost), as its a thin line with them.... If a person says...."im saved as long as i hold unto my Faith", then this person is probably saved, but they are trusting in FAITH instead of, once again that is "fallen from Grace" and into a very common type of "faith legalism" that infects all who hate OSAS. Hope this helps:)
  10. "purgatory" as in the Catholic idea, is not Abraham's Bosom, nor is it "paradise" as you and i are discussing. We both know that, Right? "Purgatory" is a man made idea regarding suffering for your sins after you die till you are purified by that suffering which leaves you "cleansed and worthy" to THEREBY finally make it to heaven, ....and this (heresy) denies the Finished Work of the Blood of Christ, and "justification by FAITH"<..
  11. God is never responsible for what "free will" agents decide to do with their free will. Tho He certainly gets blamed for it. The fact is, you'll just have to wait till you meet Jesus to find out some answers to the "whys", regarding some things you might have questions about if you go deep enough into the type question you are thinking about, as you are really only tapping on the surface. Sometimes, the answer for now, and the only answer you'll get about some things related to God and things that happen or have happened is...."as the heavens are to the earth, so are God's ways and thought's higher and above ours". Our Human intellect, no matter how deep or well developed, just cannot fathom some things that God has done or will do . But when we are "changed", we will THEN understand all mysteries. Till then, its fine to speculate and have an opinion, but its never correct to Judge God for what He has done, or will do, as God is right always, no matter what He does, and no matter how we personally view it or feel about it. God is perfect, His ways are perfect.
  12. "Acceptable sins"? There are not any. God says..."Be ye HOLY as I Am Holy"......."present your body a living sacrifice to GOD"...."let not sin have control of your body or your behavior".....ect. However there is only one sin that will cause a person to end up in hell., and that is the sin of "unbelief"....... a "Christ Rejector".
  13. Here is how you can understand the answer to your question. You, are a living spirit inside an earthen suit. Your BODY, is not the real you....its the container of the real you. Your body will die, but your "soul-spirit", is eternal. So, when Jesus is speaking of "today you will be with me".......he is not talking about where His BODY is going to be, as obviously its going to be DEAD and hanging NAILED to a tree. (Cross) Understand? Instead, Jesus is referring to where His REAL "eternal self", His SPIRIT-Soul, is going to be heading.....and that is a literal place that the bible refers to as "Abraham's Bosom", as that is where Old Testament Saint's went after they left their DEAD BODY, and that is where Jesus is heading, and that place Jesus's refers to as "paradise". I hopes this helps. <B><
  14. - "Faith is COUNTED as Righteousness". Romans 4:5
  15. - What ive Threaded makes perfect sense if you approach the verse correctly and rightly divide it as ive approached it in the Thread. You have to view this verse regarding its "Application", and not regarding the specific group of hearers or readers that are being addressed. See, You are considering the verse as only referring to the immediate group Jude is speaking to as the focus of the verse, and that is not the purpose of the verse. Think of it like this Onelight......Let say you read 1 Tim 3:16, in a Thread here and i have stated...."This verse is declaring the Deity of God as manifested in the literal appearing of Jesus as a human being.... And you say...."no, the verse is talking to the people that are reading it". "thats what it means" See? So, that is what you are doing here, regarding my "Jude" Thread. The verse, Jude's teaching, is not designed for the 6 people that are listening to him, ither by direct contact or in a letter....But rather Jude is speaking of the EVENT and the Consequence of what is going to happen "universally" to all Unbelievers once God as Christ comes back regarding ALL those who "obey not the Gospel". So, THAT is what the verse is all about, and THAT is what im explaining by connecting it to Thessalonians. <B><