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  1. Perhaps you dont realize that America had no business then or now, destroying a civilian population with an Atomic Bomb. How did we feel when 911 happened? It is morally wrong, to kill Civilian's with a Nuke, war or no war. The Japanese, were attacking a NAVAL BASE.....they did not try to kill parents and children in the middle of NYC. We did this to them. ! So, you can believe that Nuking a civilian population is fine as its "war", but i will never agree with you, so, lets agree to disagree, and leave it there.
  2. The word "Trinity", is also not in the bible, so, does this also mean to you that there is no "Father -Son - Holy Ghost"? And OSAS, is in fact, reality. And i think you don't understand what it is, and that is perhaps why you have such an issue with it. Let me explain to you what OSAS, is all about. Its simply the idea that a Christian believes that God saves them, and keeps them saved.
  3. Actually, a legalist is a person who is not trusting in Christ to keep them saved, so they have fallen from Grace, and are now trying to keep the law, the commandments, confess sin, and endure to the end, to get into heaven. And they will tell you that you have to do it also, and that is actually the "tool of satan", as a theology, as this is denying that God keeps you saved, and not yourself.
  4. The confusion about "tongues" is always simply one issue. Its the fact that you have a "prayer language", that is NOT the "gift of Tongues", as the "gift of tongues", is the Act 2 situation where unknown languages were being used as a "sign for the Jew". The personal "prayer language", that the Charismatic believer is interested in, is for edification of the believer, and is not a foreign language.> (Gift of Tongues) So, where all this becomes a confused mess, is when the gift of a foreign language, (The Gift of being able to speak a foreign language).... is being discussed/confused as the personal prayer language. They are not the same thing, and yet so many are not understanding this, and so, there is your confusion.
  5. Actually, James never says that. So, are you making it up? James says that pure religion, the purest of RELIGION< is to to live holy and take care of orphans and widows. So, this is not Christianity. This is Religion....its the idea of doing good works as a means of showing yourself to be good, but its a fail, because doing good is not the same as being made Righteous by the Blood Of Christ. Christianity, is not being kind to orphans and widows and living a good life. Christianity, is God coming to earth as a man, to bring human beings back into His family by dying for them. Religion, is what you do ... Christianity is what God did for you that allows you to be a part of His family, and no works are required. And you left out the word "Trinity", as its also not found in the bible.
  6. Which? There are "laws" in the OT that tell you to stone homosexuals. So, are you observing that one? There is a law in the OT that tells you that you can't let 2 types of cloth's touch. Are you observing that one? Would you like me to list 602 others that you are not observing, or would you like me to share the good news that we are ""NO LONGER UNDER THE LAW TO OBSERVE IT, OR TO KEEP IT, BUT WE ARE UNDER GRACE, AS Christ has freed us from the law.""" Also, let me give you a handle on Legalism, so that you can identify a legalist. A person who believes they can lose their salvation, is a Legalist. And why?...Its because a person who thinks they can be born again and also go to Hell with Jesus in them, (Christ in You, the hope of Glory), has concluded that they have to keep themselves saved. This is why they are obsessed with doing things that they think will help them get into heaven in the end, and if they dont do them all, continually........= hell. So, a legalist, is someone who is not trusting in God-Christ to keep them saved, and they are trying to keep themselves saved, by works, commandment keeping, enduring to the end, confessing sins,.. etc. A Legalist, has Fallen from grace, and does not trust God to keep them saved. A Legalist does not believe this verse Philippians 1:6..... "Being confident (Faith) of this very thing, that God which hath begun Salvation in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ".
  7. Whatever commentary you are using, you need to get rid of it, is poison. Ok? Listen, God does not impute or hold you accountable, in eternity, for you sin....ever again, if you are born again......and why?......Because Jesus has already shed His blood as the judgment for your sin was what killed him. So, if you sin, as the verse says......God does not impute them to you, and this is because Jesus has already died for them ALL. And because Judgement for a believer's sin has been paid for by the blood of Jesus, then God will never "Judge twice".......that is you.......as He has already Judged His SON.
  8. Ok, thank you. I appreciate that you spoke about the Bible. However, before there was a bible, there was a Jesus The Christ. And in case anyone does not have a bible, say, the first 1450 years after Jesus was resurrected, the world at large didnt have one. So, for about 1500 yrs after Christ was back in heaven, and all the Apostles were dead, and the Catholic Church was creating the "dark ages", you could only enjoy the idea of God by realizing that the love of God is expressed as Jesus on a Cross. These days, its a bit different. You have a bible, that you are talking about, and you can read that we can know the Nature of God, (my post), by realizing that the nature of God is Jesus. When you've seen Jesus, you have seen God. Jesus is the image, nature, and heart, of God. When you see Jesus, you see God.
  9. No, its not specifically stated as the word "legalism", sort of like the word "trinity" is not written in the Bible. Legalism, can be a non believer, trying to bond with God by doing religious works., as all religion is actually Legalism, as here you find people devoted to ........ works, purity of lifestyle, martyrs, or in some cases, they are devoted to killing Jews to please "allah". So, all this is working to be connected to, an idea of God, that has nothing to do with God. Islam for example, has the centerpiece of its theology.......that you give your sons to allah, and the extreme fringe form gives them in the form of some type of violent death. Christianity is the opposite of this, as in Christianity, God gives His Son to US...to the World. Christianity, is God connecting to US, ... coming here as a man. So, that is not a religion....That is God coming to the rescue of all humans, because He loves us that much. So, we can think of NT legalism, as "Falling From Grace", as these are believers who are "self righteous".....which means that they stopping completely trusting in Christ's imputed righteousness that is "made unto us" to get them to heaven, and have now become obsessed with ""making self right" with God, thru their works. And you will notice that in every post and in every thread, they mention Jesus in one line, then write 10x an many more lines about how invested they are in commandments, and keeping the law, etc. A legalist rejects OSAS, because they do not believe that God only accepts The Blood of Jesus, to allow them into his family and keep them in his family, whereas someone who understands OSAS, realizes that it simply means that we give God & Christ all the Credit for saving us and keeping us saved, as our hope is built on nothing less then JESUS'S BLOOD and Righteousness. When a person is teaching that you can lose your salvation, what they are trying to make you believe is that the Blood of Christ that God shed to save you and accept you, only begins your salvation, but it does not continue it. A legalist's theology is substituting self effort, in place of the blood of Christ, to KEEP you saved. All legalist's say that Jesus saved them, but none of them believe that Jesus keeps them saved. If they did, they would not fight against OSAS with such venom.
  10. Is there a Christian here, reading this thread, that does not understand that we are to present our bodies as a living sacrifice.. We are to abstain from the appearance of Evil... We are to live holy as God is holy...??? So, what babe in Christ, 3 week old born again infant in Jesus, does not know and want to serve God and Christ with our LIFE and LIFESTYLE ???. So, what you are saying Tigger56, is what nearly everyone who is born again is trying to do. tho some are backslid...sure. So, Legalism is not putting your hand to the plow and pushing thru and dying to self, as you are describing......as this is what we are all doing, and some better then others.. But instead, Legalism, is the idea that Jesus saved you, and then you keep yourself saved, by, all these self efforts. Legalism, is a person who believes that to end up in heaven you start with the Cross, and then YOU take it from there, and if you dont "Live it" well enough then you don't make it. And what this is doing, is taking the credit for some of what Jesus did.....and the "some" is the part where a person does not trust in Christ to keep them saved. Legalism, as Paul is teaching about it in the entire letter to the Galatians, is when a person starts with the Grace of God, and then gets into a carnal mind of flesh that begins to try to keep yourself saved by works, commandment keeping, and keeping the law, etc. And this is Falling, ..or getting away from, Grace. This is taking the Cross away from Christ and putting yourself on it, in an effort to try to do what HE DID already. This insults God and insults the blood of Christ. Thats legalism. And a legalist says...>"well, i know that Christ saved me, but if i dont do..............and do............and do.................and do.............and save myself............ . Thats LEGALISM.......That's falling from Grace.
  11. Jesus's death abolished the law and the commandments. And understand, that they were ONLY given to us to show us ourselves, vs, the Holiness of God. That is their purpose. They are a mirror to reflect our unholiness against the image of God's Righteousness, so that within this "mirror" we see our dirty filthy sinning selves, in need of a SAVIOR. So, its fine if you want to use the 10 commandments as a point of reference to established some type of lifestyle pursuit, if they mean so much to you. More wisdom is found in the Psalms and Proverbs, but if you like the 10, go with that......if you please. But better would be to do what God said to do, and that is to Let Love be the rule, you follow, ...Love God first, then all others. What you need to understand, is that the Law and the Commandments, can't produce any righteousness, and righteousness is what God requires of us to accept us. This is why He gave us His, thru the blood of Jesus. This is Grace, Redemption, and Salvation.
  12. Sure the law is abolished., this is why we are "under Grace, and not the Law". This is why God does not hold you accountable for your sin in Eternity, Romans 4:8, as he has already Judged Christ for your Sin, on earth, on a Cross. Jesus not only took the law away from the born again, He also removed "the curse of the law" that was harming us. But just ignore that verse also, and i'd post more, but you'll ignore those as well.....because if you read a NT verse that clearly says the law has been nailed to the cross, that is has been removed from its position to judge us as sinners, and you prefer to keep teaching your legalism and ignore Paul, then that's what you'll do, isn't it?
  13. The good news is, Legalism is not a life threatening condition, but it is a spiritual and mental health issue. So, lets get right to it, so that if you have been infected with this heresy, you can begin to find your way out of its theological darkness. What is Legalism? Lots of Christians have random ideas about what it could mean, but here is what it is.......This is NT legalism as found within the belief system of any believer, who is a legalist. Its simply that they believe, that, the Cross and the Blood Atonement, began their salvation, but didn't complete it. So, they take it upon themselves, to finish their salvation by : Works. Keeping Commandments. Presenting an attempt to live a holy lifestyle. Holding unto their faith, in their minds. Obsessive confession of Sin. Chasing with their lifestyle some idea of what they believe "enduring to the end", means. Legalist's are trusting in and counting on their " religious behavior", to finalize what Jesus began and finished already for them on the Cross, which God gave them for Free, when they BELIEVED... ("Justification by Faith, without the deeds of the law") So, all of this SELF EFFORT, is denying The Blood of Jesus its FULL CREDIT DUE for saving them and keeping them saved. So, how did you get into this circular reasoning mind trap? Well, the main culprit is that you are involved with teachers and other believers who are also lost within this self righteousness maze, and so, because you are surrounded by them, you dont realize your situation. Let me now ask you a question. Do you believe that Jesus The Christ deserves FULL Credit, for saving you and keeping you saved? ????? If you said "yes", then why do you believe that you can undo what you can take not credit for, which is the Cross? Its because you have been taught to think of your Salvation as : 1 part Jesus... and the rest you have to do, to finish the job. You have been lied to, by people who also believed the lie. So, to be free from this..... what do you have to resolve within your belief system....what do you have to get the revelation OF, so that you can see what you have been believing, so that you stop giving the Cross some credit for your salvation, and your commandment keeping and works, all the rest? How do you stop taking some of the Credit for your Salvation for yourself, which insults God's Grace, and God's Son? How do you stop trying to make yourself right with God, by self effort, and realize and begin to trust in Christ Alone, now and forever, to be the only and sole reason you will end up in heaven after you die. ??? And THAT, is what you have to first realize you are doing, as until you realize it, you won't understand the depth of the insult you are committing against the very Blood of Yeshua. So, here is how you start the recovery. First.....you have to come to a full understanding of your position as God's PROPERTY, "bought with a Price", that has recreated your eternal Identity as, "IN CHRIST". In other words, you have to begin, TODAY, to see yourself ONLY as God sees you, and not as you see yourself, regarding your Born Again status. You have to learn to accept how God views you, and let go of how you see yourself. When you read....>"as Jesus IS< so are YOU in this WORLD".....you have to believe it. So... Start here: Colossians 2:10. "And you are COMPLETE in Him, (In Jesus)." Now do you see that word COMPLETE? Do you understand this word? Does it mean , partial, or, a work in progress, or nearly? ? And who are you complete in? And who is complete in Jesus?......= Its every born again Person......is that you? And why does the verse say you are "IN HIM"< as the context for "complete"? Its because this is your STATUS, according to God, as a born again family member of God. And what is it lacking, if you are COMPLETE?...... Nothing. And how is this verse to be understood, not only as your eternal "sonship" status, but also, your eternal Salvation, as they are THE SAME THING....... So, IF this verse tells you that you are not only IN HIM< but you are COMPLETE< in Him, "in Christ", then what verse explains how Jesus has become your SALVATION?....as Completed, as designed by God the Father? This verse : 1 Corinthians 1:30 : ""But of God, are ye IN Christ Jesus, who of God is MADE UNTO US = wisdom, and righteousness, and sanctification, and redemption". Now do see this part of the verse....>"who of GOD, is made unto us".... Thats the key, as what this means, is that God has taken righteousness and sanctification, and REDEMPTION , itself, and MADE IT unto us". In other words, WHO/What CHRIST IS, God has "made unto YOU". This is SALVATION....This is GRACE.....This is the Blood Atonement, as they have recreated you as "The righteousness of Christ". This is who you are now, since the day you were born again, and for all eternity. In other words, it has become, by God's power through the Holy Spirit , not just a part of us, but US......... WE have become what God has "Made unto us"...... We ARE =righteousness, sanctification, and Redemption, itself. THis is what the Cross has accomplished for us, when Jesus said ::"it is Finished" "Let the REDEEMED of the LORD...say so." So, Legalist..... what are all your works, all your good deed doing, all your commandment keeping, as compared to what God Himself has ALREADY made you to be, ....as COMPLETED, In Jesus?
  14. Try reading, then believing, Colossians 2:14.
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