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  1. Being really poor is slow torture. The bible says that "poverty is the destruction of the poor" and i say that Poverty has harmed more already then riches ever will. I often wonder about people i see who are living on the street. After all, they didnt begin there, and yet, here they are... What happened?..... As certainly at one point nearly all of them had a better life, and maybe a home, and opportunities, and success.....Yet, here they are now with the sleeping bag and the tobacco for breakfast and the impossible life. What i try to do is remember that no matter why they are there, its a HARD LIFE, and we should give to them every time. Recently i was looking at a young man on the street, who was leaning against the side of my local WalMart Superstore. He had a beard, was wearing moccasins and fatigues. I drove up near him and waved him over and tried to hand him a bit of cash and he didnt want to take it. So, i insisted, and told him "it'll make me feel good for you to have it".... And that is a perfectly legitimate point, as it not only true, its scriptural...."its more blessed to give then to receive". I invite you to take every opportunity you can to give money to all the poor in your city, (when given the opportunity)= no matter what. = Proverbs 19:17 We are the most like God, when we give.
  2. Green D-Fly Panasonic GX85 Jpeg -
  3. Blue D-Fly Panasonic GX85 Jpeg -
  4. Absolutely.
  5. The most recent "Cinderella" is good. "The Book Thief" "The Letters" "Testament of Youth" "Fill The Void" "The Young Messiah"
  6. - You have those who knock on doors and you have those who only let their light shine for the Lord. Then you have those who sit and debate about which of those is wrong. Perhaps, the best ability you can have for Jesus The Christ, is availability. If you are Available, then He'll find a way to use you. If you are never really being used, then its because you are not really available.
  7. I thought this one would look good in a frame. Panasonic camera - early morning sun -
  8. Brother Bugs. Panasonic - Jpeg
  9. This bee is as small as a fire ant.:) Sony Jpg -
  10. Tiny Bee. Sony Camera- Jpg Too Sunny early am:) -------------
  11. The Joy of Salvation, is when you realize that God has created a relationship with you, through the Blood of Jesus, that once its applied to you, you cant undo it. In other words, God in his infinite wisdom, created a means to be joined eternally to him that a born again person can't mess up. You can mess up your fellowship with Him, and you can totally mess up your personal life, but that is ALL you can do. However, regarding Salvation, God created it so that once its applied to you, you cant mess it up. And its a good thing that He created it this way, as a human being would mess it up The Joy of The Lord Salvation lasts on your behalf for as Long as God LIVES. When a believer realizes that Salvation is not you holding onto God, but rather its God holding onto you........then THAT is a moment that will put a smile on your heart every time you think about it. "Joy of the Lord"
  12. Panasonic GX85 Afternoon Jpeg -
  13. Canon E5 - 22mm Lens Early am sun. -