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  1. And what make you think you are not describing yourself? Maybe you should take a closer look.... You are not using anything Paul Teaches to back up or reinforce your opinions. Until you realize this about yourself, you are going to stay stranded in the weeds, deep into the dark. Really.
  2. Yeah, im also seminary trained, and have taught all over the world. Sometimes i live in Israel, and i teach there also. Are you impressed? Neither am i impressed with your piece of paper. And as i said, your original comment was to state that the "church" doctrine, was not 99% given by Paul, or do you now agree that Paul gave the New Testament "church", nearly 100% of all REAL church doctrine, after he was personally taught it by Jesus The Christ ???? Do you agree now, or do you prefer to remain in your original point of view/ ? So, if your masters degree has led you to what you have previously stated about Paul, then i respect your degree even less. No offense intended, but, God does not care about our piece of paper(s) and is even less impressed when someone needs to post about it on a forum to try to garner credibility that they have not yet proven they deserve. Think on that.
  3. The Old Testament, that you keep talking about, is certainly valid regarding showing us the moral - lifestyle boundaries that we are to maintain regarding how we behave. (See the 10 commandments for the update). However, there are over 600 laws in the OT, and some of them, are uniquely bizarre, and are related to nothing that matters today in '2019, including keeping certain types of cloth or weaving materials from touching each other. So, a lot of the "Torah", regarding the "laws", is like that, and has nothing to do with how a New Testament Christian should behave. It is the Torah, the Old Testament, that provides the Psalms and the Proverbs, and these are simply magnificent "teachers" of moral behavior. All the Prophecies related to Christ are found in the Torah. Where the Torah can cause harm, is if the person is trying to justify themselves before God, by keeping it's commandments, as a way to prove to God that you are acceptable in His sight, if you do it. Paul did this. He kept all the "Torah", . was "blameless" and he teaches in Philippians 3 that all this is NOTHING to do with being Accepted by God. I dont think you are "blameless" regarding the Torah. I think you have broken some of the commandments, ither literally, or in your THINKING.......... However, Paul didnt do any of this. He is "blameless", according to Paul, yet he said all this is "dung"....with respect to the Righteousness that only comes from and Thru Christ.. "the gift of Righteousness".
  4. Every born again Christian has been made the Righteousness of Christ. So, this can't be undone later on down the line, if the person is a rotten Christian. The reason is, God didnt save this person because they later would not be a rotten Christian. He in fact saved them, knowing they would be a rotten Christian, later on. He saved them anyway, because they did what He said to do, to get saved. THEY BELIEVED, and God accepted this faith "as righteousness" that He supplied to them....right then, and forever. He ONLY saved them, because they gave Him what He requires, and once that FAITH is given = then God gives them what they can't lose, as they can't lose what they didnt do. Not only can't a person save themselves, they also can cause themselves to be UN-Saved. Thats how it works, because Salvation is not of US....Its OF GOD, THRU Christ.... ALONE. We have no part in the actual SAVING....You can cause yourself to be "born again"......our only part is to get it applied-supplied, and we do that by Faith. And once applied.....Once The Grace of God is applied to us, then Philippians 1:6 takes over, and we then are supposed to live a lifestyle that reflects WHAT GOD has DONE for us, as a GIFT. "The gift of Salvation", "The Gift of Righteousness". Some are better then others, regarding how they live and how they behave, but, in both cases, they are not saved or lost because of their performance. They are Lost if they are not born again, (according to Jesus) and they are saved ONLY if they are Born again. Being born again, is not related to how we perform our Christianity AFTER we are born again ..........
  5. The issue with many who are obsessed with the Old Testament (Torah) is that they want to try to create a "salvation blend", using it. They want to teach a religious man's idea of "the gospel". a type of hybrid salvation, which is, "sure Jesus saves, but be sure you do what the Torah says ALSO, = to be saved". And thats a problem, as that is Galatians 1:8, using the Torah to commit it. Because.... this is theologically lowering the Cross to the level of "the Law" as if the law is able to offer righteousness, which it can't. The Law can't save you. Only JESUS SAVES. The Blood of Jesus is the one time for all time SIN OFFERING< that no goat, bull, lamb, or other, could offer, in the OT. The OLD TESTAMENT is the "OLD", and the NEW Testament is the "NEW", so, it does not take an Einstein to see that something has CHANGED,.... but many Torah worshipers dont want the change, they dont want the New Testament, and they dont want the NEW COVENANT....they just want to keep talking about the TORAH, which is the OLD, and is not in EFFECT since the NEW TESTAMENT..(The Grace of God)= has replaced the LAW. And sure, Once Jesus is back on David's Throne, many changes regarding the fundamental operations of God's dealing with who are down here and not a Christian, will be IN EFFECT. But this is not yet. So, the NOW< is the Grace of GOD in the "time of the Gentiles", and that is what we are to teach, preach, and occupy, until Jesus comes back. If you ACTUALLY read Philippians 3. You'll discovered that Paul, who said he is "blameless in the TORAH Law",= said all this is useless. That the only thing that matters is not "law keeping" or Torah management, but instead, its CHRIST ALONE that matters regarding Redemption, and that is because you can't have God's "gift of Righteousness"......any other way. The Torah wont do it for you. Only the Blood of JESUS will do it for you, and that is why in Philippians Chapter 3, Paul explains that all the Torah Law-keeping you can do, is USELESS, as it can't make you RIGHTEOUS.
  6. Noone teaches that you can live like the Devil and go to heaven, who understands the Grace of God. What I teach is Romans 4:8. So that is the context for teaching HOW a born again believer's sin is dealt with, in eternity. Legalists lie about this, and about anything else they can, as their needs direct. This concept you are describing comes from religious liars who say this that you have stated, as their way of trying to convince the simple that OSAS, is a "License to sin". However, noone who understands Eternal Security, who is Jesus Himself IN US, would ever say that we can live like the devil. This is just one of those fake ideas that Legalist use to try to convince real born again Christians that their salvation can be lost. Its just one more big fat whopping lie told universe wide, courtesy of the typical devout Legalist who has nothing better to do with their life then try to talk real Christians out of their GRACE in Christ. So, the answer to. "can you live an unholy life and go to heaven". A.) only if you are born again. Reason? Romans 4:8 is a good place to start. Issue? Sure, any Christians who does not understand Grace can't accept that you can be saved and not behave correctly, as this type of Christian is the type who believes that they keep themselves saved, and that is why they are all about lifestyle, and obedience, and commandment keeping, IN PLACE OF THE GRACE OF GOD. The only time a Legalist will refer to the Cross, is when they are trying to get you up on it, and Jesus off of it. AND THAT's a problem for them, Galatians 1:8..... as its their self righteousness that can't stand the idea that God's GRACE is going to cover sin and has redeemed all the born again from their sin, which means their horrible behavior, as well as everything else they do wrong. The grace of God is not a license to sin, but it is a redemption from them all, because it has redeemed the born again from the "curse of the law". More objections.? sure. of course. And here is the answer to all that......>"well, what if you just keep on sinning after you are saved".....then the Law of "sowing and reaping" comes into play and the Believer is going to get Hebrews 12:6 a whole lot more.... And if that does not turn them around then there comes that day when the harvest for that season of sinning comes to hit them in the face like a brick, and the consequences will not be undone by weeping tears. They will suffer the consequences down here for "living in sin", based on the spiritual law that is still in place..."sowing and reaping"....HOWEVER once they are Raptured or Die, they will meet God, just as redeemed, just as RIGHTEOUS, as if they never sinned another time after they were born again. And why? Because of the CROSS. It has redeemed them from God's eternal Judgement......and YOU TOO ! But it will not redeem you from the spiritual law of "sowing and reaping". BE SURE YOUR DEEDS (SIN) WILL FIND YOU OUT. Thats a fact.
  7. +1. Yeshua. He is "made unto us" THE "Righteousness of God". "For as many as received YESHUS, God gave to them, the POWER to become the children (Sons) of God". "the message of the Cross (THE GOSPEL) = is the power of God that saves" . 1 Corinthians 1:18
  8. The core theme of the bible is just one, "Righteousness".
  9. Letting go of someone we love who has died, is a process of letting go. During this process, many comfort themselves by trying to (inwardly) keep the person alive, and so, as they are doing this, they will say things and believe them, such as your friend is saying to you. They are trying to cope with the loss. You are witnessing a coping mechanism. Others would say something like. "i can feel my mother's presences all over her home when i go there". This is very normal, as coping with death is coping with shock, and shock.....this type, that is so painful, so overwhelming......... the mind does what it has to do to get through it. I would not be alarmed if i were you. Just realize the person is coping, and this is a process that can take years before they can let go enough to stop talking the way you are hearing them talk. Be a good friend to them. Be a shoulder. Be very understanding. Turn off all criticism. Let them be. Give them Jesus "who came to HEAL the Broken hearted".....like this person. Thats the only real solution, and even that one is going to take a while. Grief is a natural process of life. Loss hurts, and until it does not, its going to be an emotional sore spot.
  10. Im certain a lot of believers here who understand that the Grace of God does forgive sin, will also tell you that God does not remember what the Blood of Jesus has cleansed from your History, future history included...... The Cross, and what is accomplished on it, does so many great and wonderful things for the born again. To start with, it redeems you from what was once judging you as a sinner. See, the reason you think of yourself as a sinner, and even understand what it means to SIN, is because the LAW itself has established how to perceive what we do, as "transgressions", AGAINST God. Before we were saved and we sin, its the Law that informs God and us that what has happened that we did, is SIN. And Sinning, ultimately is against God. Its the "sinful" act of disobedience against God's Holiness. This is sin, and its the LAW that reveals it. So, the GOOD NEWS IS : The Cross, And Jesus dying on it, has taken away the Law's ability to judge us as sinners. It no longer can. This is because Christ has himself become our SIN, removing the curse that we were under, and by doing so, we are freed from the curse of the LAW. This is why Romans 4:8 tells you that God does not charge you with your sin, once you are born again. And this is because God has already charged Jesus with them and for them ALL, and He has DIED FOR THEM ALL. This is GRACE. This is the GOSPEL. This is the "GOOD NEWS"........ This IS the EFFECT of the Blood Atonement, as it keeps us CLEAN in the Eyes of God, forever.... even tho we are not perfect. This understanding, once understood, has the power to make you SHOUT PRAISES TO GOD FOR HIS ETERNAL GOODNESS,....... that could so eternally solve our "sin issue".. So, the short answer is...>If you are born again, then Jesus is become your sin......Your entire lifetime of sin, and He has been judged for it all, and so.... you never will be.....in eternity. Once again, this is "shouting info".. It is amazing, this Grace of God, and what it permanently does for ALL the born again redeemed of the Lord.
  11. There are 2 reasons, and more, but 2 good ones, regarding why believers disagree over even the most simple aspects of Christianity. 1.) , is because all of us, all, are products of who taught us. We've all been taught, so, we are the end result of this...and if we were taught junk theology, then, this has been accepted as our truth, and so, thats a real problem for the rest of our lives, unless we leave all that and find the truth. Most dont. I've been at this a while, and i can know from listening to someone talk on a forum, if they are a baptist, a catholic, an assembly of God, a Berean, Devout Legalist.... etc, as this is obvious by their understanding of the bible, or lack of it. And they are all the same. They all believe the same, as they are all taught the same, so, i can hear it,.......and im not the only one. Most who deal with heretics like i do all the time, can pretty much instantly know where they got their "stuff". I'll give you an example. Lets say, "Maureen", shows up here, and wants to teach starting with post #3...Thread #1. (They get right to it)........ that you can lose your salvation, and also is obsessed with talking about "tongues', and "gifts of the spirit"... So, this person is Pentecostal, Charismatic, and probably Assembly of God , as they are , along with the United Pentecostal, or something similar like the Church of the Nazarene, always trying to teach that you can lose your salvation, and endlessly want to talk about gifts of the spirit if its a Charismatic or Pentecostal (Same thing)...... As This is what makes them TICK. They are not interested in anything else but that stuff..... They are lost in "rabbit trail Christianity" and legalism. Lost in it. Gone. So, thats just an example of how being taught something completely at odds with the New Testament.... by your denomination, creates all they think they know about the bible, and most of it, is dead wrong, or even worse, its attacks Grace, the Cross, and Truth Itself. 2.) The other reason so many are held theologically hostage by their opinions, is because their BIBLE is not their Final Authority. And here, you have to be careful of the bible, but, that's another thread that would need to be concerned with manuscript evidence, and deals with the fact that its the Devil who wants 300 conflicting rewrites of the New Testament and more on the way...... But as i said, that's another Thread, another time. However, if the readers ears just tuned in, If your Radar just starting beeping...... then i can tell you what bibles to avoid if you care to know. There are many...... So, here is how you do it. And. you'll have to just trust me on this, .... Go to 1 Timothy 3:16. And notice if the verse says...."God manifested in the flesh" ...or ... "He, was manifested in the flesh". It it says "he", then put that bible in your nearest dumpster and never look back. The short answer to why?.....is very simple. There is only one created being who would want "God" taken out of that verse, and replaced by "He". As there is such a difference related to doctrinal application that is ruined if "God" goes missing from the verse. Its in the Greek, so, it should be in that BIBLE....... And Satan would be the one who wants God out of the verse, and he'd take "JESUS" out of every verse if he could, and substitute them with "he" or "One"......and does in all the bad bibles. You thought that the Devil is not thinking, is not smart? You thought that He would not know = to mess with bibles is the #1 way to ruin Christianity, as a whole, related to everyone being on the same page, doctrinally, theologically"? Who do you think wants 500 denominations that all disagree? Its the same one who wants 300 bibles to do the same. Sometimes you have to wake up, look around, and realize that all this "Christian stuff", is FOR REAL..... The devil is ALIVE, just LIke Jesus, and he is not playing around. He is destroying everything he can destroy, and you with it, if you are not careful to know what you need to know to protect yourself. And thats why im here. Thats what im doing here. Thats what i do everywhere i preach, teach, sing, or just post.... Im trying to protect you the reader from being ruined your entire Christian life by bad theology, and people who do the devil's work on forums like this one, who HOPE they can ruin you.
  12. The best Christian i have ever known, was one of the the worst type people....before he was born again. This Guy, who, became famous worldwide, taught me. I sat at his feet for a few years.... and the Holy Spirit showed me Light. I stumbled across Him , because i had questions that needed answers, and He was the one who had them. God gave me a divine appointment, as if i was the only person on earth. As if i was the only one here with a problem that needed His answer. So, He sent me a teacher. A great one. And. what a great teacher is all about. They are great because God somehow takes their words that He taught them, and talks to the heart of a hearer. They dont talk to your mind, they talk to your heart,.... but its not them. Its their words yes....., but its God talking to your heart. Ive sat in church services and heard some amazing revelation about a verse or something related to understanding God, and this was not actually said by the minister. It was something that was shown to my heart by the anointing that was present on the words. An anointed teacher, or minster,......they can read a verse or post it, and then someone who has not the same anointing, can post the same, or even teach using almost the same words. And the anointed teacher, .. their words are like life and light. Big Difference....... You'll read them, hear them, and its like...****LIGHTBULB*****......there is just that ......something..........that something............and that something is God. So, this teacher, who built churches, and has missionaries like me all over the world.....he got saved after an all night drunk, kneeling by the toilet, .... sick, over 50 yrs ago. He got up from that bathroom floor, and Christ was ALIVE IN HIM !!! He was a preaching and teaching machine soon after that encounter. And why am i telling you all this? Because with GOD, all things are possible. ----------- So, .. you say you are not saved. Well, God is not looking for you to change yourself to BE saved. He doe not need you to have the right feeling. See, Many ignorant ministers think and teach like that...They want you to be worthy enough to be saved... Which of course is nonsense. None of us are worthy enough, but we are all lost enough, and Jesus came to seek and saved "that", (us) which is "lost". God is simply offering you what He offered me. The Truth A chance to belong to Him. A chance to be with Jesus after i die. And He offered me Love, which i didn't have much of in my life till i met God. Im not a product of a happy family or a happy marriage. Some children are not here by happy expectation. They are just here. And these kind(s) of Children need God's love the most, and He loves to be their Father and their family, ...let me tell you that for certain. To the Atheist God is "God the Judge"......but to the believer, God is "daddy"....He's daddy. And then there is this... We live in a horrible world. Its filled with liars, haters, and hopelessness. This world is a big con job. Its a big fat LIAR. Its a spinning ball of lies. It promises you happiness then delivers nothing, and then baits you to try something else that delivers the same emptiness, day after day, grind after grinding ALL LIFE LONG. That what this world is all about. Its all about burning you out on the inside, by the time you are about 40 or younger, having chased its lying promises endlessly until all your hope is spent. Everyone comes to a existential crisis sooner or later. And noone has any hope for tomorrow, if they don't have Jesus. That's just reality, Chris0699 A person is thinking about this stuff that we are talking about. And they think. "well, im only here 60-80 yrs, (if im lucky).... and then im on the other side forever. Today im talking to Behold on a forum, and then the next day, im on the obituary page and DONE.... """So, if i know this, then why is all this little bit of time down here convincing me that it matters more then what is coming to me after im DEAD.""""" Chris, a thinking person always comes to a specific type of math.. Its this....... The temporary, vs, the Eternal. Which is more important.......choose wisely. Now, you are here and there are no accidents in life. Things dont just happen. Chance, Luck, Fate....are illusion words. People dont just show up on a forum like this talking about God with people who love God, .....by accident. You remember that i told you that. Now, God is only wanting you to be His. Do you want to be His or not? You get to choose, and i promise you that God will honor your choice, now, and after you are dead. And whatever life you think you can have, whatever happiness, will never be as good as it could be be for you (down here) if He is not in it. I promise you that. And then, after you die, ...the life He has for you, ... there are no words to describe it. God is not looking for the right words from you, Chris. He is looking for you to be His. That's why Jesus went to the Cross. God just wants you to be a part of His family, and if you want to, then do what many do.. You just sincerely say ..>"God, take me, i want to be yours." See, you already know why Christ died, so, what you need to do now is accept God's offer of Love. Its a free Gift. Costs you nothing to get it, because it cost Jesus everything to give it to you . That what it means to be saved, Chris. It means that we turn TO GOD, and say...."here i am, take me'.......... = I did. He took me. And he'll take you. talk to you later, <B><
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