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  1. No one is trusting in OSAS. Stop talking self deceived nonsense on a Christian forum. See, what you said is just a sort of uneducated ramble definition, that is not connected to reality and is disconnected from Truth. Let me try to connect you. OSAS, is not a "faith" anyone can believe in. OSAS is just a simple understanding.......its this.......God saved you once, using the blood of Jesus, and God keeps you saved using the Blood Of Jesus. Is that too hard for you to comprehend? IF not, then why do you deny this truth and try to replace it all over forums, with your self effort, self saving, God denying Cross Rejection? Its all you do here., and not just you. LISTEN !! OSAS, is the understanding that God, thru Christ, has redeemed you using the Blood of Jesus, and this is an eternal Redemption. This understanding is taken from this verse. Philippians 1:6. "God who Himself began your salvation in you, will HIMSELF BE FAITHFUL TO COMPLETE IT". So, can you read that verse? Is that verse offering you the opportunity to save yourself and keep yourself saved with enduring to the end, commandment keeping, torah keeping, law keeping, confessing sins, or repenting? NO. That verse told you that God started your salvation, NOT YOU, and He will be FAITHFUL to COMPLETE IT, AND NOT YOU. So why do you keep trying to take the credit for this? Why do you keep showing us that you are trying to save yourself with your list? God is not interested in your self saving list, so why do you think any real born again Christian wants to hear about your list over and over? SO, that is OSAS. Its the fact that God said He started your salvation when you were born again, and will himself be faithful to complete it. The question then, is why do you deny this, and live on forums denying God's Grace, and instead rant that you are to save yourself by your list of twisted scriptures, commandment keeping, sin confessing, repenting, and all the REST of your SELF EFFORT CROSS REJECTING Theology? Here just do this, as its what you're doing and apparently have no clue. Just say....."NO< Christ does not keep me saved.....I KEEP MYSELF SAVED.....IM ON THE CROSS........THE CROSS IS MY LIST I CAN GIVE YOU OF ALL MY SELF EFFORT, AND HERE IS MY LIST, LET ME TELL YOU WHAT IT IS, FOR THE 5000th TIME,........... And now you want to tell us again? Really? SO, ITS, kinda like that, Legalist. Get off the CROSS. Stop trying to keep yourself saved. OSAS., That is GOD doing it, as He Told you..... Philippians 1:6 What, you will go now and find your 4 cut and paste verses and twist them to keep yourself on the Cross while you try to deny that one?
  2. Welcome, thanks for joining us. John 4:24 (KJV) 24 : " God is A Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." When we are born again, we are born OF God's Spirit and INTO God's Spirit . "In Christ". Christ is God, so to be "in Christ" is to be IN God., as Christ and God are "One". To worship God "in Truth"< is the same, as John 14:6 teaches, (Jesus speaking), "I Am THE Way, THE Truth, and THE Life"..... Also, "no one comes to the Father but THROUGH Jesus THE Christ". So, all our Prayers, Praise, worship, is involved with Jesus, going through Him, because He is In us... Sometimes a believer has the idea ..."well, i wonder if God heard my prayer, is He listening".... And how can He not, when He's inside you. God and Christ are not "out there somewhere".....not at all ...They are IN YOU......if you are born again. Jesus is our Holy access to God. He is our connection to God. Its the "Christ in you the hope of Glory", who is our divine connection to the Father. Jesus died to reconnect us to God, and its the Blood of Jesus that IS our eternal connection, and its the Grace of God that gave this to us as "the gift of Salvation".
  3. Behold


  4. So, you feel that its ok if you post your sarcasm to me, but if i ask you to answer a question, you will just "pass". That's excellent Christianity you have, that ive noted. Also, Im not supposed to "call out" a member by name..... so, "her". Also, its fine by me if you can't answer the question, as iv never met a Legalist who could even comprehend The Grace of God, much less try to explain it., and if they do, they'll say, but you still have to "self effort" "self save", or you'll go to hell. So, No need to sit there hoping no one else asks you. But if they do,........ I guess you better go online and Google "Grace of God" so that you can cut and paste it here hoping we'll believe you wrote it. Good luck with that.<
  5. You have never answered any question, specifically with an answer to the question. You talk around it, you dodge it with sentences, and then post " keep the commandments" " if the holy spirit tells me".... and so forth. Later, i see all that, ..... that you didnt actually answer, and i ask you in another post to do it , and you say.....>"oh yes i did, go find it". That's not honest. So, i'll go now and see if your helper can be honest.
  6. If you are born again, you are never out of the favor of God. He is never angry with you, He is never going to judge you for your sin when you meet Him. Has anyone ever explained to you how God saves a person? He does it by giving them what they dont have. They dont have any Righteousness of their own, and this is why we are all called SINNERS...It because we are, until we are born again, and then He only refers to us as "the righteousness of God...IN Christ". So, Jesus came to do 2 things. 1.) to die for your sin, and not just yesterdays, but tormorrow's....for them all. 2.) Jesus came to give you HIS Righteousness., and God gives this to you as a gift, and its called "the Gift of Righteousness". So, Salvation, this Gift from God, is Jesus earned and Jesus Given. This is why its called "the Gift of Salvation".. You dont earn it, you RECEIVE IT. Jesus did 2 things for you.. He took your sin and died for it all. Not just yesterdays....but all. And He gave you HIS Righteousness, so that now you are "the righteousness of God, IN CHRIST". So, every born again person has had all their sin forgiven, and they have been given the Righteousness of Christ......which makes them RIGHTEOUS. This is the "blood atonement".....Its the power of the blood of Jesus, to do all that, and it has been done for you, the second you received Christ as your savior and believed on Him. = BORN AGAIN. You would know when you did this, and that very instant, God took you into His family, and you are THERE. So, on days you feel distant from God, or if you have done something that was not your best choice, ... and you feel the sting of guilt.....then that is not you being parted from God, as that can't happen, but its just your conscience and how it reacts to some things we do. The conscience in a born again person is very sensitive. When you took Christ.......God took YOU........and He took you ONLY BECAUSE you Took Christ..... BELIEVED....not because of your works or deeds. But because you BELIEVED. God saw your faith, accepted it, and gave you His ETERNAL Salvation. This is "The Grace of God". And all i just told you is "The Gospel of the Grace of God". Its the Good News, that God is not angry with us, and He sent Jesus to die for us and bring us Home to God, and keep us there.
  7. I have a question for you. I asked "her" this, and she'll not actually answer it.. Let see if you dodge it, and after this one, i have another for you. Q : Can you Explain how the blood atonement that saved you, keeps you saved.?
  8. Let me help you. The person you are referring to, has avoided answering 2 of my questions, for a week. Today, she'll avoid the 3rd. She continues to deny the Grace of God in favor of commandment keeping and enduring to the end, as this is her savior. And at least 10 times, she's said that everything she does is "holy spirit led", or, "if the holy spirit tells me to stop".. or...."if the holy spirit, holy spirit".....etc etc, ad nausaem Now had she been honest about answering my question a week ago, or since, or had she stopped preaching that commandment keeping is what keeps you saved, or if she didn't keep telling me that the holy spirit..... Do you see the pattern? If you are honest you will see it , but i dont think that is why you are here, so, just do what you normally do, and its not problem.
  9. Are you judging me again? Go right ahead, its your gift. And while you do, we'll wait for her answer. She's dodged the other 2 questions and im sure it'll be more of the same.
  10. You have it. When you come back, if im not here , i eventually will come back and will see your post in my alert box and respond.
  11. People always blame when they are caught. Or, they blame others for their mistakes. I find it humorous that Atheists will blame God when their life falls apart into destruction. Its rare to find someone who takes all the credit for the mess they made. "Human nature" is the nature of the Devil. And the Devil is the father of lies, and is the most pride filled of all., so, this is why our adamic nature, our "human nature" always reacts with pride and blame, as the initial reaction. Finger Pointing is the Devil's "sign gift".
  12. One time when i was in Israel, God needed me to come back to the States, because someone who ive known for many years was in a bad situation. They didnt tell me because they didnt want to worry me, etc...etc. So, one morning early im reading the Psalms, and i happen to be reading a NT that i had loaned this person. And.... While they had it, they had written notes in it, underlined scriptures...the usual. Im reading a Psalm, and i noticed that at the bottom of the Page, they had written in a DATE... Like this... 08-32-1978. I noticed this for some reason. It "struck me" as odd.....and i have no idea about the date....or what its connected to.... 5 hrs later, im taking my Wife to a clinic for a check-up, and i open the door for her, and i look back into the street for some reason and there is my friend's car sitting in front of the clinic, parked. Same car they own, same year, same color, ...same car. So, i step away from the Clinic, and go to the street, and now im looking at this car and i notice the Tag on the Front. It reads. "08321978". Its the same DATE i just read in the Psalms, 5 hrs ago., on this persons same CAR., and they are 5000 miles away. I go into the clinic, and i have to get a ticket for my wife so that she can use the Pharmacy. This ticket is your number in line. I look at the ticket and its the Psalm's number i was reading that morning. I flew back to the STATES, as my friend was in trouble. And God did all that.... God is good, all the time. ------------------------------- Keep your eyes open and stay close to Him, and He'll show you things you would have never ever seen.... Take a stand for The Grace Of God, Lift up Jesus on the Cross, and don't ever stop. If you'll do that, then you'll be doing exactly what God is doing, right now. If you oppose that, then God will oppose you.
  13. God is Good all the time. His Mercy endures forever. Thank you = Jesus.
  14. There are no happy relationships that are not based on Jesus. And you can't tell a non-believer to go and find a believer Thats incredible that you think you could .... Listen, you dont mix light and dark. You can't mix oil and water. You cant put a square in a round hole. So, if you want to tell 2 atheists how to find happiness, then tell them to trust in Christ today, by faith. ... Otherwise......... good luck with that as they are only going to be found, as all non believers are found....sort of living in the ditch of life. They mostly exist to work, sleep, eat, fornicate, text, and worry. Its CHRSIT in us who elevates us to a better life, the life of Holiness and Peace and HOPE. Unbelievers can never have this, as it does not exist with out God and Christ. Unbelievers have no HOPE....NO HOPE AT ALL. So, in case your friends continue to deny the Truth, and exist in a limbo of unbelief and spiritual poverty and fear and hopelessness, you can tell them what i tell everyone who asks me about "how to be happy with her", "how to be happy with him". I tell them a simple fact. If you want to try to be happy with the one you are with, then find out what it is they hate, these things, and dont ever do those. And, find out what they love, these few things, and do them as much as possible. Thats the general rule that will help most relationships find some good times and a lot less war.
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