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  1. Behold

    What Is A Christian?

    A Christian is a person who, by faith, has received Christ, and based on this Faith, God gives them His Righteousness and acceptance into His eternal Family. You are become a Christian, not because you live a holy life, but because God has redeemed you thru the Blood Atonement provided for you, for free, by Jesus's death and resurrection.
  2. Behold

    What is your view of hell?

    2 things we know Hell isn't. It isn't a myth, and it isn't the Lake Of Fire. Yeshua actually spoke more about Hell then He spoke about Heaven.
  3. What is God's perfect will for you? Live only to please Him.
  4. God didnt change, and Jesus is the same... However, there is a New Covenant, there is a "time of the Gentiles", there are a lot of changes God installed regarding the New Testament, including being saved by Grace through Faith. God never changes, but what does change is how He deals with Mankind.....This definitely changes, or you would still be cutting the throats of animals to worship the "Old Testament" God. Jesus is a mediator of a NEW Covenant, a NEW TESTAMENT.....He came to establish RIGHTEOUSNESS without the LAW, (Grace) .so, what you are saying/believing Abdicate, is simple legalism that is not connected with Paul's Theology, The New Testament, or the Cross.
  5. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2Tim 1:7
  6. An abortion stops a heartbeat, every single time. How can it be that a 5 month old, born prematurely, is legally defined a "baby", but if still inside the mother at 5 months, its not legally defined as a baby by those who favor using an abortion factory to stop a heartbeat as a literal "post sexual encounter" (legalized) contraceptive device. ? They want the sex, but they don't want the consequences, so they use the legal system to stop a heartbeat to avoid the responsibility. How can a baby only be defined as a baby, if its outside the womb? Thats not logic or logical....that is in fact moral insanity. An abortion stops a heartbeat, every single time.
  7. The "unpardonable sin" is spiritually existing within the state of not being born again. Every single unsaved person, is right this second committing the unpardonable sin. If they die in this lost spiritual state , they will be judged by God, not for their sins, but for the one sin that is unpardonable.....= Christ Rejection for salvation. Obviously this can't happen to a Christian. But if you wanted to see some people giving it a try, then go back in time 2000 yrs, and watch the religious leaders, (who knew Jesus was the Son of God), tell Him to his face that he was casting out devils and doing miracles by the power of the satanic, by manifesting the power of Satan. This is to attribute to Satan, the spiritual fruit of the Holy Ghost / Jesus. They were told that "in the world to come"......that is to say, everything following death, as well as the 2nd Advent, they would not be there with the redeemed, because they rejected the ONE who alone makes it possible for them to have this as their literal life after death.
  8. Behold

    atheism, how can a person believe in nothing

    Do you know how to fly on a jet? Can you know how, and not have ever flown? So, to "know" something, does not mean you have literal experience with it. "well hello Jesus, we heard all about you, we even spent a lot of time arguing that you didn't exist............"Depart from me, i never knew YOU". For unbelievers to "know God", means they understand, principally and intellectually, that there "must be" something "out there", but because their minds have been blinded, and because their pride KEEPS their mind's blinded.....................>. There is also the fact that Jesus said that the reason that people know to come to Him, but won't, is because they love darkness rather then light., and they also understand that to leave sin, means to have it exposed AS sin, and they don't want to leave it, or have it exposed, or admit it. So, all of this, and more is why a person can know all about "how to be saved", and why, and actually feel they could, and have a sort of lingering inner dread about "going to hell", yet, they will not come to the Light, even tho they know they should. Also, this verse you quoted, is referring to the fact that creation itself proves the existence of God, and Atheists know it, have no excuse, and that is why they try to prove that it's not true. Isn't it interesting, that....if you are arguing against something that isn't there........then why are you arguing? Its because it is there, God is real, Christ is risen, .... and they know it......
  9. Behold

    So is weed a sin or not?

    Paul tells us not to use our "christian liberty" to enjoy ..................... So, all believers (daily) have to decide how to walk out their christian life, and how to manifest their born again behavior in a way that dignifies and glorifies the One who saved them. Sometimes, if you are struggling with wanting something, and feel the thorn of conscience......then ask yourself......"Would Jesus do this"? "Does this make God happy if i do it"? We are also to always be thinking of our influence on others and not to do things that would influence others in a way that would harm them literally or within their born again conscience, should they do what we do. All things in moderation, except for sin. It is a biblical truth that some things some believer's do are fine for them, but not fine for other believers, as this comes down to a matter of grace, wisdom, and conscience. Here is what we do know about using marijuana, ..... Its a gateway drug, that leads users into the acceptance of using other illegal drugs. It is psychologically addicting. And certainly when you inhale burning leaves into your sensitive lungs and body, you are harming your "temple", and that, is certainly something that a believer who uses this drug, needs to consider as well. ---------------- We live in a highly toxic world. It seems that everything, nearly, is some type of poisonous bait, that is designed to captivate and entice your lust and create in you some sort of condemnation or addiction. "the devil walks about as a roaring lion"....but he also walks about as dirty Cable TV commercials that grab your attention, when you are trying to only watch clean programming. Etc... "Toxic" is everywhere, and you have to keep yourself clean daily by using the Word of God as the holy water that cleanses you, even tho you are already blood bought and redeemed. Jesus washed their feet, as when you live in this life, in this world, you internally pick some things up and you need to use the bible, listening to preaching, spending time on Christian Forums, going to church, hanging out with other believers who love to talk about the Lord........all these things are how you wash yourself, even tho, you are eternally redeemed by the blood of the Lamb. "Walking in the spirit", is to keep yourself clean, and you do this by staying connected to the water of the Word/word, and the water is hearing the word, reading the word, fellowshipping with the Word, and doing the word. As soon as a JET stop moving forward, it crashes. Same with a born again believer. Christianity is pro-active, and when a believer stops being engaged, they are like a body of water that never is filled or emptied.........it stagnates. To stagnate as a believer, is to backslide 100% of the time.
  10. Behold

    What Church to look for? I have no clue

    You'll get a lot of answers here., and that can be a problem, because if you have 1200 people here, and they represent 20 different denominations and 200 different churches, or more... then, its unlikely that you are going to find a lot of agreement regarding a bible, a church, doctrine, or much else. That's just the way it is. So, let me answer you this way, and maybe this will help you weed through to the truth. As a matter of fact, when i was a baby Christian, about 30 yrs ago, i once asked God.... "how do you know who is telling the truth, what pastor, what church, as they all say they have the truth and teach it, yet, there is little they agree upon, regarding one denomination as compared to the next one a quarter of a mile away". And i got an answer, as i was really needing to know. I was told this......."When lies and truth have become so carefully entwined by teachers and preachers and teachings and doctrine, the way you find out what is the TRUTH, is to find out what is NOT TRUE< and then what is left standing IS the truth". Another way to think of it is like this. "Truth and untruth went swimming.....and when Truth's back was turned, untruth stole Truth's clothes, and left. So, now, untruth parades about as truth, while Truth goes about as the Naked Truth". And the last thing i would have you consider., is this. What is the point of your Salvation, other then you being saved? What is the purpose?......And where are you heading with this purpose? A.) You are heading to the Judgment Seat of your Savior, Jesus The Christ, and He is going to ask you one thing once you meet Him....."What have you done with your life FOR ME, since I SAVED YOU"? And so, what you do, is you look for a church that is occupied with THAT SITUATION.........and what would that be?.....It would be 2 things...... 1.) Soul Winning.....2.) Serious study of the Word, and holding the bible as the Final Authority, and not the Pastor, and not the Denomination. If you are find a church that has no interest in winning souls, reaching the lost, and if this is not nearly an obsession with the pastor and the staff, along with bible, bible, bible, then you are not in a church that is going to prepare you for your encounter with Jesus. God bless you, in your search,- B
  11. Behold

    What is your understanding of Faith?

    In the context of Christianity, when you are trying to define "faith", its a unique situation because we are required by God to believe in what we can't see or touch. Our faith, is built on those who came before us and said it's true, and were willing to die for this holy truth. The bible tells us to believe in the unseen, based on the "proof" of evidence that we are told to evaluate, like nature, or in general, "all of creation". So, as this is the case, "Christian faith" is basically 2 things......Its hope and trust. What we do know by evidence that is seen, is that everything that is here, started not of itself. You can't have creation, of any kind or sort, without a creator. Books don't write themselves. Paintings don't paint themselves. And Planets and Stars and the Galaxy didn't create themselves.. Everything that exists, has to have a creator. Everything that exists, was originally created, somehow, and as you go back in time and consider the creation of the universe, then this is where it becomes easier to Believe in God, as you consider it. And the reason is....... 2 things......... one is, there has to be a start, an original point where it all began, and two, is that what started originally, could not have possibly created ITSELF from NOTHING. It takes a CREATOR to create from nothing, all that began to exist. "The religion of Science", does not like this reality....the reality of "first cause"...so what they do, is smokescreen and veil the truth of "original creation", with "big bang theory" and "the theory of evolution", and others. And what this is, is the religion of Science pretending it ALL originally began, by misrepresenting (lying) about what was already HERE by calling it "the beginning".......as they can't deal with starting from the idea of how it all got here. As that would be the Truth. See, the " big bang theory" and "the theory of evolution", is the way science tries to falsely create the idea of the beginning, by starting their theories AFTER it was all here, pretending (lying) that this is the "beginning". See, you can't have a "big bang" unless you have something already HERE to "bang".......and you can't evolve unless you have something that is already here, to evolve. Science likes to start in the middle, because they can't deal with the beginning. The BEGINNING Is , "where did it come from"....but science pretends the beginning is "look how it big banged", which of course is not the beginning. But we we KNOW how it began.. "And God SAID"........."let there BE"...
  12. Behold

    OSAS by Hope

    What is "hope"? Hope, is faith in evidence not seen. Hope, is trusting when the proof of the end result is not proven, yet. If you are not born again, then "hope", to you, is luck, chance, a roll of the dice, and finger's crossed. BUT, if you are a born again Christian, then Hope, has a reality. Hope, is God. Did you ever read the scripture in a KJV< that says, "you are saved by HOPE"? Romans 8:24. So, in this context, we find our understanding that "Hope IS God", as it is GOD, who saves........So, "Hope", is God our Savior. God is Hope, and God is the reason for our Hope, as without Him, there is no Hope at all. Atheists have no Hope, because they have no GOD. But BECAUSE of Him, for us.....there is always hope., = because we have HOPE<>and God is our Hope...... and Hope is God. Prayers, are Hope that are based in reality and truth, because they are trusting in God, who Himself is Hope. Faith, is Hope......Faith, is trust, IN, the One who IS Hope. "you are saved by Hope"......means, you are saved BY THE ONE WHO IS HOPE, as without HIM, there is no Hope, and there is no Salvation. So, can you lose your salvation? No. Can you undo being born again? No. Will God ever unwash you in the Blood of Jesus, and put your sin back on you and take your sin off of Jesus who bore them, and died for them, and rose from the dead? No. And, if Jesus, who Himself IS Eternal Life.....If He is in you, and you are "in Christ", then you have Eternal life, because you have the one iN YOU< who Himself IS Eternal life, which is, a term for Salvation. So, can you remove Jesus from being inside you, once He as God lives within you, "sealed unto the day of Redemption"? No. The truth is, the only reason a person would worry about "losing their salvation", is because they dont understand WHO their salvation is, and WHO saved them with and through the Blood of Jesus. "My HOPE is built on nothing less, then Jesus's Blood and Righteousness". And this person, who believes they can lose it, needs to ask themselves......>"WHO saved me, and what keeps me saved, and if i DIED RIGHT NOW, WHO am i trusting to get me to Heaven"......and RIGHT THERE<...> is where they have not understood the "HOPE" WHO saved them. God is the One who is our eternal Hope. God is the One who saved US, through a Cross. God is the Holy One who said...>"if you take Jesus, i'll take you"...."all that come unto ME, i will never let go"..... So, God will never let you go, as to let you go would be to insult the price that was paid to save you. Think of it like this... Jesus is a Soul Winner, who uses His Blood and a Cross to save BILLIONS, and God His Father is not going to take a single one away, (whom Jesus died for, in agony), while suffering on a CROSS to win.....redeem. Not one. Ever. God bless, B
  13. Behold

    can a person stop sinning

    Actually what you believe, is not not why you remain saved. See, what you are saying, and believing, is that you are the one that keeps yourself saved, by doing something.........and that something is "confessing sin". So, if this is true, then The Cross is meaningless, the Blood Atonement is useless, and what matters, ONLY< is that you confess your sin, and by doing THAT, you are saying that God will keep you, as long as, and IF you continue to do it. So, you are basing your eternal life, and your eternal security on "confessing sin", instead of basing it ONLY on the Blood of Jesus being shed as the means to be saved and the only REASON that God will ever accept you on the day you are saved, or any day after. God will never accept you, because you confess sin. He will only accept you because the Blood Atonement has been applied to you., and you do not confess sin to get this, or to keep it. Its a GIFT, and has nothing to do with confessing, or not confessing...sin. So what you are believing is not salvation. Its not Grace. And it has nothing to do with being born again, or "staying saved". You do not confess your sin so that God will keep you saved, any more then you confess your sin to become born again. You confess your sin, if you feel you need to do it, because you have a guilty conscience that is interfering with your fellowship, with your "feelings" that you have, when you think about God and Christ. We do not save ourselves or keep ourselves saved, by confessing SIN. But rather we become born again and remain eternally born again for the very same reason, and that reason is because we trusted Christ as our Savior, and God then accepted our faith TO SAVE US.......and this is based not on "confessing sin", but its only based on the Blood of Jesus being applied to us, once and forever.
  14. Mine started with a "Chick" tract. I was about 6 yrs old and my mother and i went to a local Post Office, and i saw this "paper thing" in black and white, laying on the parking lot. I was an early reader, and an avid reader (at that time) of comic books, "Peanuts", etc, so, this was something to read.. It was the tract, "This was your life". I read it, i saw the athiest evolve, age, and die, and in the end he was cast into the lake of fire.......but, he was only seeing this in a sort of vision, and was given a chance to trust Christ. Made quite an impact later on, but not so much then... as at that time it simply planted a seed that was always there. So, that was my early introduction. Later on, it was during a Sunday morning service that i was truly captivated by a message, and felt such a pull to go to the alter and receive Christ. Did. But it was later, about 10 yrs later that i had a different and stronger experience, again at an alter, and this one led to miraculous experiences that i had for a year, following. I had been drifting farther and farther away from the Lord for some years, and then in 1987 i had an encounter with God, that was really just a year of strange, mystical, experiences, that i can't really perfectly explain, but they were supernatural. i'll tell you of 2. Some of you might have noticed that the color "blue" is often worn by people who are very devout Christians, or similar. There is something about this color, blue, that is connected with Jesus, with Christianity. You will see a lot of blue shirts, blue dresses, blue suits, in Church., as the color seems to have a supernatural connection with the Almighty. Maybe this is why the sky is blue. So that when you look UP, you are seeing the color that is absolutely connected with God, and this color is infinite. Its as far and as wide as your eyes can see. Its everywhere, once you look up. So, following my initial strong experience with God in 1987, i began to see this color. Not in the sense of ....ummmm, looking through a blue pane of glass like a filter, but instead, i would notice this color, everywhere, as if it was shining at me from billboards, commercials, movies, TV. It was everywhere, seemingly, that i looked, and it was not me causing it, and i had never noticed it before. Another time, i woke up, and the curtain in my bedroom was extended out, from the wall.....as if a wind was blowing it from behind, and i watched this for a while because i could see it clearly, as if there was also a light behind it............and eventually went back to sleep. I woke up next morning, went to the window and i already knew the window was closed...... Around this time, i began to work in a Christian Radio station, and i lived there, as it was a station and an apartment. So, i think the 2nd day i was there, i decided to use the vacuum cleaner, and when i got it out of a closet, i noticed that the cord was BLUE. Have you ever seen a blue cord on a vacuum cleaner? Royal Blue? God is very interesting when He is moving in your life, and it can be that he is moving in yours, and if so, whatever He is doing, is between you and Him, and can be very powerful, ....but only to you, and for you. God bless you, B
  15. Behold

    can a person stop sinning

    In Romans 4, we are told that God does not hold us accountable , any longer for our sins". And why is this? Its because the law has been abolished, and the blood Atonement, has been applied to us, in place of the Law's ability to condemn us and to brand us and judge us as "sinners". Its a very sad , and truthfully pathetic situation, that in the Body of Christ, there is such a non-understanding of a few basic principles regarding "Grace, "The Atonement", and what this has done for us, the born again. And it is because there is such biblical ignorance, such weak theology, or worse....that believers, most, have no idea of their position within the Family of God. Most Preachers don't teach it, and Teachers dont preach it, and that is why there is just such darkness and doctrinal -theological misunderstanding, when it comes to the New Testament revelation regarding your eternal life and your STATUS as a "son of God". Very simply.....2 things to understand. 1. "Where there is no law, there is no sin.....no transgression"......and Jesus took the law, He abolished it.......He hung it on His Cross, and it is GONE, regarding its power or authority, to condemn you or hold you accountable as a "sinner". God cannot view a born again person, as sinful, or as a sinner, because the only means to judge you, THE LAW, ... has been removed by the Blood of Jesus. "Blessed is the born again person, to whom GOD will not hold them accountable in eternity for their SIN"..... This is Romans 4:8 See, it was the LAW that was accusing you, was condemning you, and was holding you accountable for your sin......as you were "under it".....you were under its authority to judge you, before you were born again. But thats GONE NOW.......there is no Law that can judge you a sinner anymore, as the law has been abolished......it has lost its power to judge, because JESUS has died for your sin so that the Law can no longer judge you for them, as HE has been judged for them, on the Cross. = Salvation. 2.) This means that God cannot hold you accountable in eternity, for what Christ has died for already, which is, your sin. Saint.......God cannot and will not judge you both., as He has already Judged Jesus for your sin on Earth, so that you will never face Him as your JUDGE in Heaven. This is why God is your Father, and not your judge, IF you are born again...... But if you are not born again, then your sin is not atoned for by the Blood, and if you die and meet God, you will be judged.. See, the Born Again will meet God as "Abba", as Daddy, as Father........ and the Lost, the unsaved, the Christ rejecting, will meet him as JUDGE...........John 3:36 The unsaved, "fall into the hands of the living God, and its a fearful thing.."........But the born again fall into the wide open arms of a Living Savior, who has spread them out on a Cross and paid the price for them so that they are eternally accepted by God, into God's family,= ALREADY... = Done Deal. You, the believer, the born again, the child of God, the Saint of God, the redeemed, should not even think of your misdeeds as sin. You should think of them , as Paul states, as "works of the flesh". And the reason is......you would call them sin, if there was a law that had the power to judge you as a sinner when you do these works of the flesh.......but, there isn't........the Law is gone......it has no power of authority to judge you......ever again. And freedom from sinning, from committing works of the flesh, from the guilt and condemnation that comes with this, is rooted in knowing how secure you are in God, and from this appreciation of what God has done for you, you will find that the love you have for God and Christ keeps growing,......... this great appreciation within you..... that comes first and then always with correct understanding and revelation of "GRACE", empowers you to live above the lost, and to WANT TO.....which is the main thing. Understanding Grace, correctly, empowers you to live the life "in Christ" that God would have for you , which is for you to be Holy. Understanding Grace, is the key to living the holy life. This is why you are taught in the NT....>"its good that the heart be established with GRACE, and not with theology, theology, theology, or law.....etc".