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  1. Behold


    - There are many interesting and doctrinally/theologically accurate means to understand/comprehend Salvation. As the born again's eternal position in God's family , whereby we are eternally joined to God our Father through the Blood of Jesus, can be understood on many levels as an amazing spiritual mosaic regarding redemption.. Salvation....The Atonement....is multi-facited , it has many intricate and connected dots..... 1.) One way you can "see it", is to realize that God took upon Himself the sacrificial responsibility of our redemption, by Himself literally dying on a cross to bridge and thereby remove the eternal gulf that was between Himself and us that was our "SIN".. 2.) Another was you can view it is to understand that God's literal holiness is SO Holy, that it does not allow anything that is not equal in holiness to exist around Him..... So, He literally solves our unholiness that was the eternal wall between us and Himself, by dying for us and thereby GIFTING us with the "Righteousness of God, In Christ".....which is literally God's very own holiness becoming ours when we are born again. "the gift of righteousness".. 3.) And one more way to contemplate God's unmerited Salvation that He has gifted us with if we are born again, is Ephesians 2..... "God through Christ has raised us up together (Jesus and you) (Jesus is the resurrection and the Eternal Life), and made us 3 sit together.....(God, Christ, and the Born Again), > " IN Christ Jesus". Jesus The Christ IS God, and We the born again are "in Christ", (In God) and "Christ (God) in us IS the eternal and literal hope of Heaven, Eternal Life, & Glory". And how is this understood best?..... John 17:23.... "Jesus is inside the born Again, and God is inside Jesus, SO THAT the born again are ALL made perfect, as are all ONE in God...."""" <B><
  2. '2018 http://www.thecounciloftrent.com/ch6.htm CANON XX.-If any one saith, that the man who is justified and how perfect soever, is not bound to observe the commandments of God and of the Church, but only to believe; as if indeed the Gospel were a bare and absolute promise of eternal life, without the condition of observing the commandments ; let him be anathema. CANON XXX.-If any one saith, that, after the grace of Justification has been received, to every penitent sinner the guilt is remitted, and the debt of eternal punishment is blotted out in such wise, that there remains not any debt of temporal punishment to be discharged either in this world, or in the next in Purgatory, before the entrance to the kingdom of heaven can be opened (to him); let him be anathema.
  3. Behold

    I Lost My Father......

    Jayne, im sorry for your pain, and i understand the depth of your feelings. You love is showing by your pain, and you should show it all you want, as this it good..... Its good to feel and let it show. You are doing the right thing. But i hope you can take comfort in knowing, that you have not lost your father. He has simply moved. He is not gone. His is simply moved to where all Christians go, and if you are one, you will see him again. He's not gone, Jayne.....he's just moved.....same as we all willl... So, take heart in knowing that your parting is just temporary. God bless you, <B><
  4. Behold

    Babbling Against Tongues

    Here is a message from Bambi. 1.) 1st Corinthians 14: 22 2.) 1st Corinthians 1: 22 Now, put those together and you'll begin to know a bit about "tongues". And keep in mind that the "prayer language" that most pentecostals are worried about, is not the "gift of tongues". So, study that as well.
  5. Behold

    How do you deal with depression?

    If trying to deal with depression from the physiological standpoint... ....... Sometimes, our bodies are the issue and its not our spirit or mind, at all. It is a common knowledge in the world of health care, that many people who suffer from chronic depression, have a Vit-B deficiency. If this is the case, the way to find out, is get the person a really good multi-vitaman and add a B-Complex with it. (Extra B's.) IF they are already taking a multi, then change it to one of the Gummies that is created from fruit, and also add the B-Complex with it. The main thing is to get them on a Multi, and add the B's as this is often what is lacking and is causing the dark feelings. If they want to continue their same Multi, then get them the B-Complex and have them take it with their Multi. Health is chemistry......Our bodies are chemicals.....Our Brain is chemistry and chemicals, and if our Brain is not getting the right fuel, this usually plays out as anxious moods and dark feelings. The brain itself does not feel pain, so, when it is nutritionally suffering, it causes your feelings to be unhappy.........And this is nearly always related to what is missing from your diet that it needs to work its best. So, if after they get the B's they "come out" of their dark feelings, then the issue is diet related and supplement solvable. <B><
  6. Behold

    Book of Genesis

    The ancient Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible """"Generally speaking, Kabbalah is divided into three categories: the theoretical, which concerns itself primarily with the inner dimensions of reality; the spiritual worlds, souls, angels, and the like, and the meditative, where the goal is to train the person who is studying to reach higher elevated meditative states of consciousness and, perhaps, even a state of prophecy through employing the Divine names, letter permutations, and so forth. The third type of Kabbalah is the magical, which concerns itself with altering and influencing the course of nature. It also uses the Divine names, incantations, amulets, magical seals and various other mystical exercises. """""""
  7. Here is how to understand where the confusion comes from, when some try to falsely teach that God chooses some for heaven, and chooses others for hell. Its like this, naominash.. God knows everything, beforehand. This means He knows you (and all others) are reading what im writing, before you read it, and even before i wrote it, God knew i would write it. He know all this before we were born. Understand? God knows what you will do later, what you will eat later, and if you will sleep well tonight or not. He knows what you are thinking before you think it, He knows everything you will ever do, before you do it or think it or say it, and He knew all of this before you were BORN.... and that is because He is GOD. Now, apply this to everyone's salvation or to everyone who will die as an atheist... Apply it. Does not God know before you are born if you will be saved or not? Of course He does........GOD KNOWS EVERYTHING BEFORE IT HAPPENS... So, the bible writes about How God knows about each of us and whether we will be saved or lost, upon our death. And the bible uses specific terms for those who God knows will be saved.........The bible calls those "the ELECT"... And those who , even before they were born, God knew they would never trust Christ...... The bible defines these as "vessels fitted for destruction". and we think of them as "The Lost". So, do you see? And this ability that God has to KNOW everything, before it happens, ...the bible defines this as God's "foreknowledge"...... as this is God ability to know everything all the time, BEFORE it happens.. So, the bible would say that.......God's ability to know about a person, whether they will be saved or lost, even before they are born, is "fore-knowledge".......Or, like this, BE-FORE, it happens, God has KNOWLEDGE of how it will be... = "fore-knowledge".... (before it happens, knowledge). See it? So, be careful of anyone who does understand this, and would try to convince you that God CAUSES people to be saved or lost, as this is not only accusing God of a lie, but it is lying to you as well. Remember.......To "know" a thing.....before it happens......is not the same as CAUSING IT TO HAPPEN.... "fore-Knowledge"....Knowing BEFORE IT HAPPENS".....is not the same as CAUSING IT to happen....... = Knowing, is not causing.. <B><
  8. Behold

    Your best advice in 4 or less words?

    1. Never Repeat A Mistake 2. Finish What You Start 3. Never Betray A Friend 4. Think Before You Act 5. Always Tell The Truth 6. Maintain A Thankful Heart 7. Be First To Help 8. Let The Past Go 9. Don't Waste Your Time 10. Try Till You Suceed
  9. Behold

    You should strive to speak in tongues.

    Paul actually says you should pursue the "best" or "greater" spiritual gifts, and he is using the gift of tongues as the actual context for a gift that is NOT the best or greater. Also, in general, worrying about tongues, is a rabbit trail that leads nowhere. What is a better idea, and what is the best idea, is to realize one specific thing about your Christianity.....and that is...... You are going to meet Yeshua the Lord and you are going to give account of "what you did in the body".........In other words, what you did with you life, as an obedient sacrifice for him....... And He is absolutely not interested in your conversation about how you worried about "tongues" all your Christian life, instead of worrying about LOST SOULS, and Holiness, and growing in Grace and Love, and pursuing a ministry that helps people with their lives as well as their spiritual lives. So, you should spend your time studying Paul's doctrines, Living Holy, and winning souls, and serving the hurting., and try not to get caught up in rabbit trail christianity that in the end, will offer nothing to Jesus that would have been a credible discipleship. <B><
  10. Behold

    help me in my ignorance-Gospel of Paul

    Were it not for Paul, there would be no church doctrine entitled "Justification by Faith". Were it not for Paul, you would not have 99% of the "Doctrine" that we regard as Truth for body of Christ. Were it not for Paul, your New Testament would be missing about 70% of itself. The term "Pauline Theology", is really just another way of explaining how/that everything we understand regarding. "Grace", "The Atonement", "Salvation", "Redemption" "Justification", and on and on, would not be understood "doctrinally" were it not for the Apostle Paul. A Christian, does not even begin to comprehend their own Salvation, until they deeply study the epistles written by Paul. Jesus, Yesuha the Lord Almighty, Himself, literally took Paul and isolated him and taught him all that we understand regarding "The Atonement" and "Justification by Faith" alone. Paul is the only apostle who told you...>"be a follower of ME, as I follow Christ". Peter, in 2nd Peter, when discussing Paul's letters to the church, likened them to the TORAH, and evaluated Paul's letters as EQUAL to the "Scriptures".... (Torah). Paul is the only apostle who was raised from the dead after being stoned. So, there is no question that Paul is the center of it all regarding "Doctrine" for the Body of Christ. The greatest Christian who ever lived or will ever live, is the apostle Paul. <B><
  11. Behold

    Tribulation is not Wrath

    You should do a deep study of 2nd Thessalonians 1:8 regarding what you posted and see if it agrees.
  12. Take perfect care of all the children of anyone who applies for "status", = Legally. Otherwise, if a parent is trying to manipulate the system and the feelings of (sheep) people who are addicted to MSNBC and CNN, and therefore can't think for themselves, then all these Illegals (children included) should be deployed back to wherever they came from, ASAP, and without a second thought. "We welcome legal immigrants", does not mean the USA is a universal dumping ground for the illegally trying to come here ( trash of the world and their kids.) And you know, Mexico must be one horrible place to live, when everyone there wants to leave. Perhaps , Wolf Blitszer and Anderson Cooper and similar far left Christ Denying America Hating types, should be sent packing to Mexico to interview their president and simply ask him...>. 1.) "Why does everyone in your country want to leave your country"?
  13. Behold

    One God but different religions

    Its interesting that you think of Christianity as a "religion." I dont agree...........I dont agree that Christianity is a religion, as a religion is man made, and Christianity is not created by a man. Its created by God, who came here and walked as a man and invites us into His family using a Cross. Is there another "religion" that does this?.....Is there another religion where God Himself dies in a human body to forgive the sin of the world?........>If so, then you have a point, but if not, then you have a huge confusion & misunderstanding within your personal theology. <B><
  14. John 4:24 But here is the other thing. God does have a body.............. John 20:28