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  1. Can you lose your Salvation?

    Can you no longer be born? Let me ask you again.. Lets say that you decide today that you hate your mother and despise your father and you can't stand being their offspring. ... So, you decide to no longer be their offspring. You go to court, you divorce your parents, you cast them out of your mind, life, future, destiny, eternity. So, are you no longer BORN?....as you will have to become UNBORN to ACTUALLY no longer be the BIRTH CHILD of your parents. You are their BLOOD..... relation....relationship. Do you understand this?......Then if you do, you will understand that a BIRTH = Yours, has nothing to do with YOU, so YOU cant change it. = So it is with being BORN AGAIN. You can't undo this BIRTH, exactly as you can't UNDO your earthly Birth, as your Born Again Birth, has been achieved also BY BLOOD.... = THE BLOOD OF JESUS THE CHRIST. You are = BLOOD BOUGHT. = DONE DEAL. = BOTTOM LINE. And once you understand this, then there is no more argument or issue with your Salvation being once and for all, and eternal. The only way you could possibly undo your born again existence, (if you are saved), is to stop being born again, and this is absolutely impossible to achieve by you. See, you can't stop yourself from being BORN...........not on earth, or in Heaven., as its the PARENT who has created your existence. (not you). On earth (mama and dad) and in Heaven. (FATHER God). Therefore.....If you are earthly born, or born again by the Spirit of God, then you are in a permanent "born" situation. People that understand this, understand OSAS. People that dont, will continue to run to Hebrews, Matthew, and James, (where all the heretics hang out together) and continue to oppose REALITY.
  2. Prayer request for Pam

    Well, let me lay some info on you, so that you can see the situation im requesting prayer's for, more clearly.I would think that many of you, who are familiar with a more wholly "faith" based Christianity, would be familiar with a believer who is strictly going to "trust in the Lord" and has no use for health care, or medicine.You've known this type?You were this type?You are this type?We are speaking about the Pentecostal type, the Word of Faith group, or anyone who is a follower of anyone who is dedicated to the Kenneth Hagin type theology-ministry, especially where it deals with " faith healing".This is the Ken Copeland, Billye Brim, Creflo Dollar, Keith Moore, Jesse Duplantis, ..... group.....and others.And im not here to argue their theology with you, one way or the other, but i wanted you to realize the mindset of the person whom i know, who needs our prayers.Its a woman, she is 71.She's been saved since '1977.Very strong believer, and a very good Christian.One Child, 3 Grand Children, and 3 Great Grandchildren.Loves pets...........hugely adores animals, like they are her children.Great cook, great with conversation, loves the bible, and knows the word.Loves to share Jesus with anyone she can.She has studied K. Hagin theology (that started with EW Kenyon), and is ultra convinced its the truth.So, there is no talking to this person about going to a doctor for health care or getting any glasses for vision issues.Follow me?I eventually was able to get her to take vitamins, but it was years to convince her they are not drugs.So, ive learned that If i try to be direct and kind and even suggest she goes and gets help with an issue, she will become "off the chain" and will accuse me of trying to cause her to lose faith, or even worse, they'll just disconnect from me.4 times she has had a severe rapid heart rate issue.......im talking 22O bpm, for hours and hours, and finally i was able to drag her to the ER for a shot that solves this in seconds.But it would take me half a day or night.Very frustrating person, in this regard, and honestly at times this has squeeze my friendship with here into a very uncomfortable place for me.And once again, i'm not going to judge this behavior, as, there is no dealing with it, and i know this from much experience. = It is what it is, regarding these type Christians.But therein lies the issue.....The issue is that i noticed her bare feet today when visiting, and she has Necropathy in both her big toes.In other words, they are rotting on the ends, and probably from undiagnosed Diabetes, tho it could be a serious circulation issue also that is not related to Diabetes.But im pretty certain its Diabetes, as this person eats sugar constantly and sleeps way way too much in the daytime.And you cant talk to them about sugar, as they are convinced that as long as its not "white" processed sugar, then you can eat it all day and all night.She eats organic cain sugar and all types of candy, and will argue with you till your ears are ringing and tell you that the sugar in fruit is not the same that you read on a box that says "sugar".So.......very difficult.Very.Drinks Apple Cider vinegar likes its soda, using it on salads.So the issue is..... her toes are getting black and i could see the rot, ..Not pretty and needs to be dealt with ASAP.So, im really not sure what to exactly ask you to pray.But i think she needs to go get health care for this while there is some time and hope that the problem is not yet too severe to be controlled, but, no matter what, im not certain they will be able to save her right big toe.So, however you feel that she can be lead to get help, please pray for Pam.And i know you will pray for her healing, and i thank you in advance.She is just the finest person, but, in this case, she is going to resist and resist and resist me.Thats why im here.God bless,B
  3. Photographers' Lounge (and more)

    Sony RX10-III Jpeg - Friendly BF Very bright sun. (The Father does a good job with orange/white/& black. ) -
  4. Atonement

    - No,...... the way you are explaining it tries to promote the false idea that some are saved and some are lost, and there is no choice or free will involved. And thats not true and its not possible. See, here is the issue with predestination theology as you are trying to present it. You have not realized 2 things.....One...is that because God knows something will happen, does not mean He caused it to happen., as the foreknowledge of God allows Him to be able to know without having to be the cause. Second.....If predestination were true, then God would be unfair, cold hearted, and wrong.... and the reason is.......If, the way you unfortunately present the gospel were true (and its not).....that "some are born to heaven and some are born to hell", then this means that God is causing people to burn, and not giving some of them a choice to be saved.....And that means God is removing free will.........So, all of that does not happen, will not happen, and has never happened. Instead......God offers heaven and eternal life to every living human being who was or will be born.......Jesus died for the "sin of the world" and not just for the "chosen elect"....... Just remember that even tho God, in His foreknowledge KNOWS everything....this DOES NOT MEAN that He causes everything.....It only means that because God is God, He knows everything. Knowing is not causing.........Knowing is Knowing. = Foreknowledge. If you are saved, then He knew you would be, but He didnt choose your free will for you, ............But He did know you would choose Christ and become born again, long before you were found wearing your earth suit.
  5. What Water Baptism isnt.

    Maybe there is a clear understanding of "water", as related to baptism, and spiritual baptism, ...that we need to grab for the sake of clarity.So.....When we are talking about this, there is a CONTEXT that has to be applied, or else, this topic becomes a theological free for all.What is the context?The context is Jesus talking to Nicodemus , and when we look at that conversation, then we are able to find the simple facts.Dont go anywhere else in the bible trying to get the revelation about "baptism", as you find the facts coming out of the mouth of Jesus as they are being revealed to Nicodemus.... and this becomes the bible revealing them to you.The facts are...Jesus understood that Nicodemus could not grasp "spiritual rebirth", and that is why when Nicodemus said.."can i reenter the womb of my mother , etc"... = Did you notice that what Jesus did, is not correct him....but rather he only offered a simple distinction between natural child birth, and spiritual rebirth.Thats all he did, and THAT is the context of this issue, that has to be applied, or the entire conversation and theology regarding water, and baptism, goes off the chain and into the dark.Understand.....There IS NO 3rd option, and Jesus is not talking about being "washed by the water of the word"....so, no need to try to drag that verse in out of context, when the simple answer is found when you just simply ready HOW Jesus is explaining to Nicodemus, the distinctions between the 2 births.One is water, the earth birth.One is spirit, the born again birth.Thats it.Game over.Get get some chips and watch "Murder she wrote, or find a UFC fight"...whatever.You dont have to keep digging this up to try to confuse yourself, anymore, as its really too simple to miss it, and stay confounded, confused, and theologically inaccurate.See, Thats how simple this is, but people are mislead by commentaries and heretics, when all they have to do is just read this conversation.Nothing difficult about it.Jesus is simply making a distinction between natural childbirth, where the water breaks, and the baby is born, with.....the spiritual application teaching regarding = being born again by and in , the Spirit.Jesus is discussing and explaining 2 births, by making a distinction between natural childbirth, and the spiritual rebirth. (born again).So, when you see teachers, churches, trying to recreate some "water to be saved" theology, then you need to realize they are off the mark, and more then likely, not even saved.If that is your church, then find another one.Life is too short to live in a spiritual ditch., especially when you dont have to.
  6. Atonement

    The offer of the Atonement is universal. The acceptance and application of the Atonement is limited to "Faith".
  7. This topic is always found to be off course. The fact is, its a bait and switch issue. Here, let me show you. First, if you strip away the nomenclature regarding, "gay rights".....then you reduce the situation to the truth...The truth, is that its not about "gay rights", its about the rights of some to pursue HOMOSEXUAL SEX ACTS...... As this is what defines a homosexual.... So, to give "rights" to a "gay", you have thereby legitimized the idea that homosexual SEX, is normal, is natural, is moral. And right THERE, the wheels fly off this incredible mass of lies and misdirection that the politically corrected want you to continue to be consumed with, instead of just realizing what the truth is regarding this issue. The issue is.....to create "gay rights", you have legalized the idea that morally, gay sex, is to be treated as moral, and thus, legalized........ which then legitimized the idea of "gay rights" as equal to "civil rights". BIUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ............................ So, if we look at it from that POV, then it becomes a lot more clear, and certainly and finally, honest. Now, as per this discussion, .... lets get rid of the bible and God and holiness regarding sexuality as defined by those 3....and lets look at homosexuality as nature would and how of its own accord would absolutely deal with it.. When i speak of "nature", im thinking of "mother nature", the "animal kingdom" and how things work out if left to this situation. Think of this......"if you take all the gays and isolate them where they have access to health care, food, entertainment, quality living conditions, but, no access to "heterosexuals", then in 100 years, all gays are extinct. They're gone.....and that is because within their sexual behavior, they CAN NOT REPRODUCE. AND SO, WE FIND A LAW.....The 1st Law of Nature .... = that SEX is 1st and foremost IS DESIGNED to "replenish the species" and as GAY SEX cannot do this, then not only is it condemned as immoral, but its discovered to be unnatural..... as defined by the PURPOSE FOR SEX. Once you see this, then the blinders fall off and this issues becomes quite clear. See this clearly, dear reader......... = Gay Sex, (homosexual sexuality) DEFIES the very reason SEX was created., as it was created to REPLENISH the SPECIES, and homosexual sex, CANNOT DO THIS. ! THEREFORE, homosexual sexuality is NOT NATURAL or NORMAl according to NATURE, and its not Moral or Accepted according to GOD who created SEX = for the main purpose of replenishing the species. Homosexuality cannot replenish the species, which defines this type sexuality as unnatural.
  8. Homosexuality and Us

    Im not certain that "reaping what you've sown" should be considered as punishment. its really not punishment, its more that the evil that you do recompenses your life with hurt, sorrow, and pain. So, its more a recompense, self inflicted, then "punishment". "punishment" would be the lake of fire, regarding the end result of rejecting Christ.....but even that, is self inflicted......Its the COST, of choosing to end up in that eternal situation. its very much...."choose this day"........as all final results originate with a first choice.
  9. Homosexuality and Us

    The blood atonement is the reason that a born again believer will meet God as Father, and not as judge, when they die. But on the other hand, there is a spiritual law that is fully functional in the earth, and that law is the law of "reaping what you've sown".. So, any person's lifestyle is a "sown" situation, (daily) and depending on the lifestyle a harvest is always in effect that reflects the exact " just due" (consequence) to be received by each person. Jesus certainly removed the curse of the law, but He absolutely did not remove the earthly consequence regarding reaping what you've sown. You, dear reader, decide that outcome.
  10. Unpardonable sin

    A person who has been born again, who is saved, ...... cannot commit the "unpardonable sin". The UPSin is simply to die (unsaved) = as a Christ Rejector., as in this case you have died without your sins being pardoned...........and THAT is the "unpardonable sin", or as Jesus explains it....."if you dont believe that i am the MESSIAH, the SAVIOR, then you will die IN YOUR SINS". So, every unsaved unbeliever is currently committing the Unpardonable Sin, whereas every believer cannot possibly, once they are born again.
  11. Salvation?

    A person's discipleship, is what they do because they are saved, but has nothing to do with saving them, or keeping them saved. WE are saved because God saved us, and outside of this, there is no salvation. Salvation, is not a work in progress, and this is understood by the term "born again". We are a work in progress, as we are being conformed to the image of Christ, but this is separate from the Eternal situation, REDEMPTION- ATONEMENT, which is a Gift that cant be earned and can't be kept. It is instead, ESTABLISHED and Sustained by the Blood Of Jesus, which cant be remitted or taken from us, any more then a birth can be undone after you are born.
  12. Salvation?

    When a person does not understand that salvation <> born again, cannot be undone, or "lost", then they will think they are lost every other day because of their behavior. Therefore, they will be endlessly going back to the alter to get '"saved again" and again and again, as they are lost again each week. To me the strangest part of these type (i can lose it) believers, preachers, and denominations, = is that they are absolutely ignorant regarding the Atonement, yet they will preach you a book about "tongues" "the holy Spirit", and "receiving the baptism".....Yet they can't even grasp "Grace"........they are still in baby diapers, 30 years saved. Interesting, isn't it?
  13. The Cup

    - God descended from Heaven, through the womb of a Virgin, to the earth He >created. < ... John 1:10 He sent Himself alone, as only God Himself could meet the requirements He himself established for righteousness. He met them on earth by living a sinless life, and offered this sinless life on a Cross as a gift of righteousness that is able to redeem and restore you unto Himself, for eternity. God becoming a man, understood pain and the consequences of bearing His own judgment against Himself for the sake of offering redemption to us all, as a gift. God's flesh reacted to the knowledge of the consequence of the act of sacrificing Himself on a Cross for the sin of the world. This is the "cup" Jesus is referring to, that He was up against, and it was agony to His soul even before He (Jesus) was arrested, as God knew what it would mean to suffer on a cross,= even before man , (as Adam), was ever created. (Foreknowledge of God) Jesus, as God, walked daily on earth for a lifetime, knowing what was coming to Him in the end. The "CUP". "For God so loved the world that He GAVE Himself unto death upon a cross (Cup) as the only begotten Son (Himself in human flesh)."""" John 3:16