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  1. Behold

    Salvation and Sin

    "go and sin no more"...as it applies to a believer, is our daily cost of discipleship. Its our "present our body a living sacrifice". Its how we are to live in the Light, as He is in the light and IS the Light.
  2. Well a few things. Im wary of a "brother" who decides what scriptures should be "left out" so that he can continue to adjust the bible according to his personal theology. And yes, we are told that he who believeth, shall do greater works then Jesus. And the NT says that "as Jesus is , so are we in this world." So, now that you have all that info, take it to your nearest hospital and begin getting them up from their sick beds and their death beds, ....rrobs.... instead of wasting your time here trying to twist the word according to your personal rewrite. Wait, what is that? You are not going to go and get them out of the hospital beds with your manifestations of the Spirit? You are not even going to go try? You say you prefer to just come here and direct us according to what scriptures you tell us we can use? I dont think so, but nice try. B
  3. I think what Unfailing Presence is hoping you will understand, is that there are "sign's of an Apostle", and also that the entire book of Acts is referred to as "The ACTS of the Apostles". Where the confusion comes in, is when someone (denomination) can't rightly divide the word and applies "sign's of an apostle" to all believers. Or as an apostle named Paul said...."Do all speak with tongues"? "do all have the gift of healing"?....and the answer is......NOPE. and This Apostle even tells us to desire the best "gifts", and tongues is not the best, according to the context of his statement, yet you have many Christians and many Denomination, that are totally obsessed with "speaking in tongues", as if its the only thing that matters within Christianity, and at the same time, they cant even understand the fact that the Gift of Tongues (Foreign Language) is not their "prayer language". And this confusion exists because new Christians have not been taught the distinction between a "prayer language" and the "gift of Tongues", as these are not the same, yet many new Christians, and indeed many denominations have never understood the difference. With regard to "manifestations" and "gifts"...... All of this comes from the same source, and so, its really just an issue of/with semantics that you are having, rrobs.
  4. Behold

    "Believe in me, or go to hell"

    Christ Rejectors, would not like being in a place for all eternity, where Christ is adored, loved, and worshipped. God is Love, but He is also the same God who does not accept as a family member, any and all who do not kneel (with understanding and faith) and with a thankful heart, at the feet of a bloody savior who hung on a Cross that they might have eternal life with God. So, there is a separate place waiting for all those who by choice, chose to avoid the cross and the One who hung on it, for them. And there is one more after that, as Hell is not their final destination.....Its just the next to last. Listen FOTW.....you are being addressed here by people who LOVE JESUS, who ADORE JESUS, and if He came to them, right now, they would fall at his feet, and cry and cry and thank Him and worship JESUS for what He has done for US, and for You. So, you might consider how we are, as compared to those who are on their way to hell and those who are already in it, based on their God given freedom of choice. (Free Will ). B
  5. Behold

    Preventing Deleted Threads

    When a Thread is "deleted", from the pages of this forum, its not erased. They simply move it to an area that is only viewable by the Mods and George. So, your Thread is not "gone", or "erased"....its just moved to a place where members can't read it, but mods and George can see it anytime. Im sure the mods and George wont mind you knowing this, as i dont think they are trying to hold secrets, and keep them from their members.
  6. Behold

    He that committeth sin is of the devil

    I'm not paying an awful price for my sin. And i wont be paying one after im dead. Jesus already did, on the cross, for me. Thats why He came. This is : Salvation. Its wonderful, and its FREE.
  7. Behold

    Musings in regard to Hell

    Hell is the first thing discovered at the end of a Christ rejecting life. John Lennon wrote...."imagine there's no heaven, its easy if you try, ... no hell below us.... above us only sky". This is sort of like the Devil's national anthem, and i bet, at this point in time, John wishes he had a 2nd chance at those lyrics, along with a second chance to BELIEVE. However, there is no 2nd chance in Hell, as its the end game for those who chose it for themselves.
  8. Behold

    Tribulation is not Wrath

    Christ was slain on the earth so that no judgment for SIN will fall on the born again in eternity. When Yeshua said, "if possible, let this CUP pass from me".....He was speaking of the eternal wrath of God, against sin, waiting to be poured out against the innocent One, on our behalf. God will NEVER judge a born again believer in Eternity, because He has already judged His Son down here. One judgment for sin, (The Cross), provided one eternal salvation for "any and all who will come". "To anyone who worketh not, but BELIEVETH ON GOD who JUSTIFIES THE UNGODLY = their FAITH FAITH FAITH FAITH shall be COUNTED/Accepted, as RIGHTEOUSNESS". You take Christ, and God takes you. > Salvation.
  9. Behold

    Transubstantiation Unsubstantiated Substantially :P

    A C-Priest has no "power" to turn a wafer and grape juice into the literal blood and body of Yeshua. Mary is not the queen of heaven. Mary is not going to meet you at your death and lead you into paradise. Mary is not, and was not a perpetual virgin, and in fact had other children. Peter is not the 1st Pope. There is no such thing as purgatory. It is impossible to pray the dead out of hell, and to charge money for this service is the devil's work. Catholicism is a man made cult that forbids priests from engaging in (Marriage and the normal heterosexual sexuality activity associated with it) , and because C-Priest's are forced into this "doctrine of devils" (according to the NT) lifestyle, many or perhaps most of them find this unnatural restriction and unbearable suppression of their God given sex drive too much to bear, and many find relief and release at the expense of innocent children.
  10. Behold

    Breaking off the addiction

    An addiction as you are describing, is something that occupies a large part of a person's life, time, ect. So, what you have to do is replace it with something helpful, good, holy, and fulfilling. The reason people return to their addiction, sin, unholy lifestyle, is because once they stopped their addiction, they replaced it with NOTHING, and this is a void that will have to be filled, and the easiest and most obvious thing that will fill it, is to return to what was filling it, before. So, an addict, has to 1.) Stop.....and 2.) Fill this void.....with what is able to replace the addiction. This is the hard part, but it is the most important, also. You have to fill that void of addiction with a replacement that is good for you, and you have to maintain this for a time until the replacement becomes the habit. The best thing to use, to fill the void of addiction, is Jesus.
  11. Behold

    The myth of Pagan roots of Christianity

    It is interesting that Islam is actually nothing more then a cheap counterfeit of Christianity. You have a Jesus figure, who ascended to heaven. You have a reworking of Gabriel, into a "600 winged" angel who gave (dictated) the Bible (Quran) to Muhammad. Its interesting that Muhammad is given the title of "founder" of Islam, when in fact it was his tribe that designated him with the title.... and "allah" as the single God, after previously worshipping 36o Godz. "allah" is the "moon god", which is wby the muslim flag and most middle eastern flags associated with allah, show a moon, stars, ect. So, you have a counterfeit of Christianity, with a god, a prophet, angels, a bible, and other similarities. "nothing new under the sun".
  12. Behold

    John 19:11, veil, blindness

    Well of course what you said is not true. For example, God does not INTEND for a person to be born, so that they can go to hell and end up in the lake of fire. God is not in the business of bringing some into the world with His INTENTION of them going to hell. If God was like that, he would not be a Loving God, He would be a horrible manifestation of Evil....Cruel, Unjust, and mentally Ill......similar to the way your poison theology would paint Him and falsely accuse Him. Be careful.
  13. Behold

    Money: God or Mammon

    Money is not the problem. The person who can't handle their love of it, is the issue. So, if this is not an issue, then there is no problem with having a lot of money. Solve yourself, and most of your problems will disappear. "all things in moderation, except for sin".
  14. 1. Self Righteousness 2. Lust 3. Unforgiveness
  15. Behold

    the donald 1980

    What do : Homosexuals, Transgenders, Illegal Aliens, Non-Vetted Terrorists, Atheists, Socialists, Communists, Abortionists, Satanists, and Politically Corrected "Citizen of the World, Globalists", all have in common? A.) The Democratic Party......(They all own it).