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  1. "accepting Christ"? what is that? Its not a New Testament term, its not a bible term...... I wonder where you found it. ? Here is the situation. If you read Romans 4:8, and if you also come to understand "justification by faith", you will learn that Salvation excludes our behavior, and only allows for the redemption of the Blood Atonement as God's sole method to SAVE us. Christians who ither are not saved, or who are, but don't understand "Grace", will always talk endlessly about "but what if i do this"....>"yes, but, what if you do that".. And this is because they are not trusting in Christ ALONE to keep them saved,.....they are trusting in themselves and their lifestyle to complete their salvation. They are legalists, as legalists are "self savors". And that is not True salvation thru Christ, that is a person's personal religion pretending to be God's salvation, and it excludes the Cross, as the Cross and the Blood of Jesus does not accept any "help" from anyone to save them, or keep them saved. Salvation is something we RECEIVE....it is not something that we DO. "work out your salvation" does not mean you substitute your self righteousness for the Cross. It does not mean you start with Jesus and you end with YOU. It only means that you are to learn what Salvation means, and you are to discipline yourself to function in life as a Child of God. And then, the other issue with people who are always trying to teach works and commandment keeping in place of the Grace of God, (Galatians 1:8) is that they have never been taught that Christian Discipleship is what follows being born again, but it does not substitute for, or sustain it. Many Christians heretically combine God's Blood Atonement with their Discipleship as a sort of "The Cross + my Lifestyle is what God expects and accepts to save me"""". And of course this is exactly NOT what God accepts to save you or keep you saved. God does not share his Glory and Mercy and Gift of Salvation/Righteousness with someone's self righteous idea of their lifestyle being a part of God's Redemption. God's holy plan of Redemption, does not include your behavior. God's holy plan of Redemption, is Jesus.
  2. Actually, im not teaching that at all. You are just claiming im preaching it, but you dont quote me..........i noticed. So, its easy to just rant without a quote, and you are a professional when it comes to misrepresenting what i say, write, teach, etc. So, your comment......" a christian can lose their faith". And if this Christian is born again, then their Faith has already been accepted, and they are born again. And this means, that later, if they backslide, if they dont live as holy as they should.....they are still the "righteousness of God in Christ". And WHY is that? Because your works are filthy when it comes to comparing them to what Jesus on a Cross has provided so THAT you can be accepted by God. And Legalists, never understand this, because they are too busy worrying about the law and the commandments and trying to convince REAL born again believers that they can "lose it".
  3. You speak of faith as if its the Savior. ITs not. Faith is not the savior. Faith IN The Savior, is what released God to SAVE YOU. An "Alter Call" is an invitation to kneel at the Cross. Thats what it is., and when a person hears the Truth about Christ and about themselves, as sinners needing to be saved, and they kneel before the HOLY ONE who has the POWER to save them...= Repentance is doing this....... Repentance, for the unbeliever, is accepting WHAT God says you ARE (dead in your sin and LOST), and then kneeling before the Power of The Blood and The Cross to change you into what God will Accept = is WHY God accepts you, and at this moment He does (born again), you are given The righteousness of Christ, as a GIFT. Also, it is impossible for us to conform ourselves into Christ. The conformation process is something that God does. He molds the clay. God prunes the branches. The best we can do is try to present our lives and ourselves as much as we can, every second, in a way that would please God. But this does not conform us into Christ, it only proves we are sincere Disciples OF Christ. What we do, is become born again,understanding, that Jesus who saved us, keeps us saved. And once we see this, once we have this revelation, then we dont run around wasting the rest of our Christian lives trying to live under the law and under the 10 Commandments trying to keep ourselves saved. As This is Legalism. Its not Christianity. Grace, is God accepting us as His family, ONLY because of the Cross. And when a person understands this truly, they then become free from bondage to the law, free from self righteous bondage to their own Flesh (Galatians 3) and FREED INTO the Liberty (Grace) that is the Law of the Spirit of Christ. See......the LAW for the born again, is "Grace"......GRACE is the ONLY law for the redeemed. "you are Not UNDER the law............you are UNDER GRACE".....
  4. The "prayer language" is a personal inner experience whereby the Holy Spirit in you has a special personal connection with the Almighty, that is for your edification. Its also manifested because a person sometimes does not know what they need to pray about, or for, and so, the HS does......and so, the prayer language bypasses the mind.....ITs not a mental exercise, and its not something that you practice. Tongues, are not this. "Tongues" are a Gift..........a spiritual gift, one of 9. 99.9% of Christians have never been taught that a "prayer language" is not the "Gift of Tongues". So, because they have no idea about this, they sit and listen to people, ministers, teachers, who also have no clue about this,.......who teach them that "proof of the infilling of the HS" is speaking in tongues".....Which is of course, is exactly wrong. The 9 Spiritual gifts are for a REASON..... and not for personal edification. The Gift of a Foreign Language.. (Tongues)....being able to speak a foreign language that you have never learned, is given to help the LISTENERS.......Its not for personal edification. Whereas a "prayer language" is not the Gift of Tongues (Foreign Language spoken that isn't learned). The prayer language is an inner intimacy with God that is a literal inner connection that does not manifest itself for the benefit of someone else. Its for you. A prayer language is for YOU. The Gift of Tongues, is for the LISTENER. Its for THEM. Acts 2.. Peter speaks in "tongues"........."and they all heard in THEIR LANGUAGE". Do all do these 2? NO. Should any worry about it? NO. Its probably the biggest rabbit trail of all. As so many "chronic seekers" of spiritual experience do nothing for God, nothing for Christ, yet they worry endlessly about "spiritual gifts", yet, dont even know that a prayer language is not one of the 9 spiritual Gifts.
  5. Here is what i believe about the Democrat Party. I believe that everything that CNN and MSNBC preach, and everything that Nanci Pelosi says, ......all of this, is like the Bible for the Democrat. I don't know of any DEMS who are FOR "adult gun ownership".....or any who are FOR "building the wall".....or any who are FOR "undoing Roe V Wade". I don't know of any Democrat who isn't for "gay rights", "transgender rights", and teaching 6 yrs olds in elementary school the idea that "gay is ok for them if they want to be"... I know of no Democrat who is not for Globalism or who isn't 100 percent sure the "Global warming" really matters. I know of not one single Dem who understands that there is no such thing as a "Palestinian".....That this is a term created about 45 yrs ago that was adopted as the ARABS new identity. But its just a very recent concept, yet, the Dems and the Dem party want to push Israel out of Israel and give it all to the Arabs...(Palestinians). So, all of this, and i could list a lot more, is what MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN. "NEWS" ... preach.....24/7, and every Dem i know watches them preach it as if its TRUTH. So, if you are not one of the above, then good for you.....
  6. Lets say you were trying to explain salvation to a non-believer. If you start talking about "debt accrued" for sin, then they are going to change the channel. As this type of nomenclature is "christianese"...Its what we as believers use when we are speaking the "Jesus lingo" to each other, but, in the real world of lost people, they don't get it. So, try it like this.. simplify.... If they are willing to agree that there is a God, then have them try to understand that we are born disconnected from God's Family. Then you can tell them why... "Adam".. "Sin"... the fall., etc. And then simply explain to them that God Himself created a way for all of us to be back into His family, as the reality is....."Salvation" is come to us, when we are back into His family. That is what SAVED actually means, more then the rest, because its the most important part of redemption. Sure, baby Christians will want to talk about repenting, and being saved from hell......but unsaved people wont listen long if you try to get them out of Hell, as they are not going to stand to be told about this... So, a wise believer, one with actual experience.......not chatting endlessly on forums like this one.....but one who is actually doing something for God.........this person, understands that there is one universal thing that everybody is looking for......in this world........and that is........LOVE. Everyone is looking for LOVE........and so, for the looker, for the unsaved looker.......to find out about a Loving God and a Loving Christ who LOVE THEM SO MUCH, that they died for them............so that they could be a part of God's loving FAMILY..........this is their Salvation.....and this is what an unbeliever wants to know about, and this is what a Christian will explain = as their best way to offer salvation to a non-believer. "Christ came to SEEK and SAVED that , those, who are LOST"......and lost means........"separated from God and God's family". So, Salvation is the rejoining to God's family, BY the Cross and the shed blood of Jesus, as the only means to get you there..........and its the only WAY. John 14:6
  7. Amen.... And here is an interesting Thought........Christ Jesus THE LORD< is Lord..........no matter if a person believes it or not. !! "every tongue (believer or non-believer) shall confess that JESUS IS LORD".... Philippians 2:11 and Romans 14:11 THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN. But for now.....in the "time of the Gentiles", humanity is given the right to choose or reject This Great and Only Lord who is RISEN. This is the mercy of God that is STILL extended until its no longer extended, and then "vengeance is MINE say'eth the Lord"....."its a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the LIVING GOD". 2 Thessalonians 1:8 : """""In flaming fire taking vengeance on them that know not God, and that obey not the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ"""" See that "obey not the gospel of our LORD"? Well, the day is soon coming that God's righteous vengeance is coming to judge a world of Christ Haters.. It wont be a happy day for them.....nor their eternity that follows.
  8. Exactly. Jesus is the Savior. The Cross is our pardon. And there is nothing we add to it......to keep ourselves saved. Understanding Salvation, is to believe this verse. Philippians 1:6 "God who began your salvation, will HIMSELF be Faithful to complete it". Salvation is begun and completed by God. = Born Again. What you are to do, is recognize this, and live a life that reflects that you worship the GOD who saved you. "present your body a living sacrifice".....etc. (Christian Discipleship). The Legalist, is trying to live a life that keeps themselves saved. They have Fallen from The Grace of God.
  9. In the States, Americans are witnessing a milestone. It is the fact that the news media in the USA, has OPENLY and PROUDLY become the enemy of morality. The enemy of Jesus, of Israel, of the Constitution, of God ordained marriage and sex. The New media in the USA, is become a change agent, that is designed to destroy innocence in the young, and lead them to the Devil. The Gov, the Democrat Party, the majority of them, hate the USA, they hate what it represents, and they want to tear it down and rebuild it as a socialistic nightmare like you find in most other countries where Health care is awful, borders have no security, and morality is not even a clearly defined idea or ideal.
  10. Whatever commentary you are reading that is teaching you this, is harming you. What you are saying, is not found in the bible, but it is found in your commentary. For example, post for us, one verse found in the New Testament, where Jesus says....."i will not forgive willful sin". This is not stated by Jesus, and its not found in the NT. But yet, you keep pasting this over and over and over and over and over. Time to stop.
  11. Falling from Grace, is explained in Galatians 3:3. Paul is explaining that to fall from grace, means to SUBSTITUTE "lawkeeping, commandment keeping, and lifestyle", in place of The Cross. It means, that a person hears the gospel, and believes on Jesus, and is SAVED.....So, that is Grace. "faith comes by hearing"....then Salvation comes by BELIEVING.. and you are born again.....So, that is all of God, through Christ...........but then.........later....this same person (Legalist) (legalism) gets caught up in trying to keep themselves SAVED......and so, they stop trusting in Christ alone which is GRACE.......and they fall from this.....they get away from this understanding and become confused and theologically wrong minded..... And if they are born again, they are still born again, but they are no longer connected to the TRUTH........that ONLY Jesus SAVES and keeps you saved..........And they run around on forums, and their pastor and denomination run around teaching this "fallen from Grace" legalism, and Paul said to preach and teach this, is to be under God's curse. Galatians 1:8 Read Galatians. It will confirm what i am teaching.
  12. You have a dead spirit that is created by being born with an "Adamic Nature". The Cross and being born again is the solution for this issue. Romans says that "all have sinned"......so, Paul does not agree with your Theology. I think what you are not understanding is something very simple. Its this...."where there is no Law, there is no Transgression"......So, during the time of Adam, Seth, Noah, you had no Moses, no law, no 10 commandments. What im showing you is...... the bible has to be rightly divided........to be understood. Satan told some listeners. "you shall NOT surely die", if you disobey God....and this was a clever lie.......because in fact, they all died 2x, once they ate that fruit. 1st, they died spiritually........The Fall of Adam......and because of this, the entire world became "adamic nature"........and then, they died physically, later on. So, the devil told them they would not "die", and in fact, they died twice.
  13. What you are trying to say, i think is this.......that saying, admitting, that Jesus is come in the flesh, is how to determine if someone is "anti'Christ". AS I can promise you that Satan is well able to say that Jesus is Lord. Keep in mind that the devil's best recruits sound exactly like very informed and sincere believers. Its an act. They can all speak "christianese", they are all well versed in scripture, but not well versed in rightly dividing them... and the reason they can confound and confuse and convince believers is because, honestly, most believers are not well taught or well trained. What happens most of the time, is that the believer is the product of their church and denomination. So, whatever "it" teaches, they preach'es. I dont want to hurt anyone's feelings here, but, in you own heart and mind, you can answer this for yourself.. Have you ever in your entire life, thought to examine what you have been taught to believe, that you have believed most of your Christian life? Have you ever wondered if the Pastor or Teacher or Church or Denomination that created in you your "theology"........did you ever have a second in your entire life where you decided to find out if what they taught was BIBLICALLY ACCURATE and TRUE? If your answer is "ummmm, not really", then you need to think about what i just showed you to consider, reader. If Catholics did this, there would be no Catholic church.....same with Mormons, JWs, and about 95 % of the "mainline denominations". Truth does not care about what you want to believe. Truth is only concerned with what God said. =as He intended it to be understood. So, THIS is why Christianity is a mess. Its because most believers. are not tuned into truth, they are only tuned into their opinion, their commentaries, and their church, pastor, ect. I have some news for you, from the Holy Ghost. He wants you to know that its more import that you know the TRUTH then it is that you know anything else. Jesus is THE Truth .. John 14:6... Jesus IS Salvation. And this IS the Truth.....However, you are free to read the many other Threads here, that talk about commandments and lifestyle that would seek to replace Jesus and the Cross. But you wont ever read one of mine that does this., as i know the Truth. Understand... most Christians have a christianity that is blended and mingled in with a lot of theological junk.
  14. My point is........what is the Gospel? Is the Gospel "believe on the Lord Jesus, and you shall be saved" ? or, is it. "without obedience there is no salvation". Now, im not certain if this is what you are trying to say, by showing that bumper sticker, but, there is no salvation in "obedience", unless its "believe on the Lord and you shall be saved" The reason we are saved, is because JESUS was obedient, not because we are. He went to the cross.......we didnt. So, Salvation is based on Christ and a Cross and FAITH. And your quote, has nothing to do with any of that, so, maybe im not understanding how you are trying to represent that quote. Being saved, is being born again. Its not about about how you behave later, after you are born again. God saved us, and knew when He saved us, every single sin we would commit after He saved us,..... and He saved us anyway..
  15. A born again person should , as compared to watching........read 90% more. A born again person (In the USA) should not watch any News program that supports democratic socialism. This would be : CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC. Start there, and eliminate other new programs that are against border security, owning a hand gun, and support gay marriage. That would be all of them, with the exception of FOXX< and this one is difficult to watch, simply because its so badly organized and presented. Do yourself a favor and make God happy. Watch less TV, Much MUCH less, and read more of Paul's epistles, and listen to more uplifting worship and praise music.
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