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  1. I don't trust anyone that denies evolution anymore. I also know that Noah's Ark didn't happen, and I can prove it. -How many insects were maintained by the pair by that many people?-All of the fossils found today were alive at once, 6000 years ago, and fit on the ark?-How did they build the habitats for polar bears, frogs, etc.? -Why isn't there one fossil collaborating the flood? -How did they survive there and back? -How did they get there and back? How isn't there a fossil outside their respective habitats? -How many people did all this? -What did carnivores even eat? Certainly not the other animals on their journys back? And they were back what did carnivores eat once their food sources reproduced to sustainable levels? lol -Light wouldn't have reached deep enough to reach the vegetation. Once the ark rested, how would the animals/insects whatever survived waiting for seeds to spring forth everything? -Dinosaurs were just forgotten? -Why are all fossils buried according to evolution? Why isn't there a layer of fossils collaborating the flood? -And salt water/fresh water mixing - ever notice that sea creatures are actually not all extinct? -How did they store the meat for food? How did the vegetation not rot up? -There wouldn't have been enough room on the ark for two giraffes to eat for that long.
  2. i hate myself

    I know Jesus is real.. I just can't accept that I won't get to Heaven. I don't have what it takes.
  3. help me

    I know He didn't show Himself to me because I have no chance.. but i'm just dumb or something. anyways.. take care guys. i'm going back to being an idiot.
  4. help me

    I have schizoaffective disorder bipolar type and schizoid personality disorder. I'm no Christian.. nor was I ever going to Heaven, right? There's no chance for someone like me. I just have to accept that I wasn't one of the selected.
  5. help me

    I'm in deep trouble, guys. I have mood disorders that no Christian should have. Will Jesus give me a pass if I can't get myself to leave the house? Or do I have a demon/ give into Lucifer's tricks? Ahhhh.. I really believe i'm in jeopardy of going to hell if I died now. I just can't accept that things happen according to the world's evils.. mainly. I keep thinking we should be living in a perfect environment, but I need to better grasp the fall of man or something. it's confusing my brain, man.
  6. help me

    I know Jesus died on the cross for me. I know it's all true, from cover to cover. Why am I still stuck in sinner mode? Am I just heartless and can't care about Jesus? Why do I want to go to hell? I know my souls trajectory right now.. and it isn't good. Why can't I care?!? I need some motivation or something. If hell doesn't work, what motivation is there? If showing Christ respect isn't motivation, what could someone say?
  7. Why do I want to go to hell?

    I know Christ is real. I know Christ died on the cross for me to have a chance. He showed me he's real.. and I wasn't indoctrinated into believing, he just showed up. What keeps me from going FULL BLAST JESUS MODE?
  8. I stumble 24/7

    I consider myself Christian every other week. It's really terrible that I can't get a profession and move out of my parents because of my disease. It isn't my main problem, as I struggle to give up certain sins. I always feel paralyzed as I think to move towards Christ. It's like I can't get started. Any advice?
  9. It's so grossly addicting. I can barely last 2 hours right now.
  10. God made my alcoholism go away!

    I always run from something so great. It's literally so idiotic to run from eternal blessings, right? haha. I am back and I'm not sliding away. I have to find the self confidence to quit smoking. I know it's easy with Christ, but I can't even last 2 hours.
  11. I'm new here and I'm glad to be a part!

    Hello there, partna. I like your name. welcome.
  12. God made my alcoholism go away!

    I can't believe I denied Christ to people.. after all He has done for me. I am ashamed. I even posted that I was leaving the faith because of this. He has showed me amazing things and there's no more half ways following Him. It's full tilt to the cross!
  13. God made my alcoholism go away!

    I swear, I was just admitted to the main hospital and then to the psychiatric ward, for alcohol abuse. Today I feel awesome and yesterday and the day before. Maybe I caught it in time, but I know a ton of people were praying for me.
  14. Do you go straight to Heaven at death?

    Heaven is very real and very close for every person alive today, if they wish. You worry about trivial things, OP. Since you're seeking, I hope you find.
  15. so, i have schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. my life was hell, i used alcohol to cope, and now i'm a massive alcoholic. my life is just over. i'm suicidal, not phoning the doctors. it's just bad. i just see so many problems with christianity that i can just no longer believe. i'm a deist now.