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  1. stirstik


    Hello. After all is said and done from my last post, I decided to invest in a psychologist. Im being assessed for Borderline Personality Disorder and I'm hoping this will lead to improvement and that I'll be able to gain new tools and possibly repair relationship damage. It's new to me and I'm still researching/trying to learn everything. Just hoping to be able to maintain stability and to be able to absorb/implement things as they come. Not a major request, but wanted to throw this out here. Thanks
  2. stirstik

    A friends death has prevented mine

    meh. tired
  3. Hello. I am back after about a year of being on hiatus. I am currently on day 11 sober after a year long relapse. I still have my job and my place. 2 weeks ago, one of my best friends cut me out because of my drinking, I was, and am devastated. Two days later, my other best friend drank herself to death. I had known her for many years and this broke me. Her funeral was May 23rd and I have been sober since. I am struggling to cope and have been in tunnel vision for the last couple weeks. Thankfully, and weirdly I have had no cravings, which has never happened. Ive just been in a daze and havent really thought about it. I have insomnia and will often be up for a couple days at a time while still trying to function at work. I haven't been eating properly and stopped leaving the house after work and on weekends. I don't talk to anyone. I feel like something broke or shut down and Im having difficulty snapping out of it. The silver lining is that I am now sober, preventing me from causing my own funeral. I don't know what sort of prayer to ask for. Maybe clarity. Thank you
  4. stirstik

    Job/financial breakthrough request...again

    yea ive been out and about. doing alright
  5. stirstik

    Job/financial breakthrough request...again

    kwik, currently on emerg fund through social services. My fine has just expired so theres not much I can do at this point other than hope i have enough the next time I run into them
  6. Hello. I had previously submitted a prayer request for employment. Then I submitted a praise report as I had found a job. Well I have been laid off yet again this past thanksgiving weekend (minimum wage just went up, employers not happy)) and I have nothing to fall on. I literally have nothing. I don't even know why my internet is still working. I need a miracle at this point as well as some self control as I have a history of impulsive behavior/addiction under stress. I have nearly a year sober and am absolutely doing everything I can to keep it together. I also have a significant fine due in 2.5 weeks (related to a drinking incident 1.5 years ago) and if I dont find something asap to deal with that, I go to jail...which will also mean i will lose my apartment as i will have no way to pay rent from in there...or be able to work while in there. I've tried...and am currently in the process of trying every venue for all of these things including temp work and legal aid but I seem to be hitting a wall with everything. Needless to say, I'm stressed and need some divine intervention lol. Thanks for your prayers.
  7. stirstik

    Quick request regarding employment

    Good thanks. Found work last friday
  8. stirstik

    Quick request regarding employment

    Found a job Friday Not gonna make enough to cover all bill but its a start
  9. stirstik

    Job Update

  10. stirstik

    Job Update

    Hello. Quick praise report. I had previously written a prayer request to find work. After months and months of disappointment, I finally got hired by a company today as an auto detailer and already had my first shift. Thanks everyone
  11. stirstik

    Quick request regarding employment

    My province is in a a bit of an employment crisis which makes it hard getting hired anywhere. Instead of there being a few dozen people applying to each job, it more hundreds and even thousands for some. Employers have their pick of the litter. I am a jack of all trades and master of none, so its difficult. I don't qualify for a student loan because of my credit, which I completely destroyed during my drinking days. I also don't have a vehicle anymore, only because of financial reasons...nothing legal. But about 95% of the places I apply want you to have a car because its reliable (our public transit is just the worst) and a clean record. Depending on the job, some employers check my record (with my permission) before hand (I use to work in security/support worker/etc and so was applying at those types of jobs at first.) Some of the more common jobs simply just ask if you have a record on the application. I try to be honest and check 'yes' hoping they appreciate my honesty, I worry if I check 'no', they will check it later and I'll be fired for lying. I was also in a program for several months called "Alberta Works" its a work program specifically designed to find jobs for people who are having difficulty finding work. You go there every day, do workshops, rebuild resumes, apply online etc. They also are suppose to bring in employers weekly to recruit. The first 3 months I was there, they brought in 2 recruiters. Then my support worker who was helping me find work was laid off. It's bonkers. The other issue is that I've applied to places such as bottle depots, garbage pick up, literally ANYTHING. The jobs that require basically nothing and I have received Emails back stating they are only targeting aboriginals and those new to Canada.... even though they get more financial support than any other group in Canada. And I have those Email responses to prove that. It's crazy..I feel like I'm trying to break into the Pentagon just to find something.
  12. stirstik

    this is why i'm leaving the faith

    Hey. I hope you're doing ok. I've gone through withdrawals myself and know it can feel super tough and lonely. I know It can be really difficult and excruciating at times and so I'm here if you need someone to talk to. It can be about anything. Take care of yourself.