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    Christ, studying the Bible, I like to airbrush and pinstripe, I also enjoy playing the guitar and throwing Fruit Loops at my (4) kids :)

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  1. is
  2. was
  3. isn't it
  4. last is exciting
  5. never question my last
  6. good point.... but still not last
  7. It could be you ...it's probably just me... but I know for sure...you ain't as last as I am
  8. there is a time and place for everything....and the time is last
  9. long as it's last
  10. about this long
  11. it's last as long as it is
  12. Lingering in the last of the last
  13. I think I left my last laying over here....
  14. Insulting others is insulting others...no matter how colorful the language used. Let's consider this encouragement to better think our position on a subject and take into consideration what others have provided in retort to your statements. Instead of making a personal insult to those that disagree with you, and if you wish to continue to hold your opinion on the matter, provide factual proof or concede. Insults will not be allowed to continue. God Bless, Hip
  15. My hallucinations are even last