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  1. taking off with last won't last
  2. Logan is never last
  3. were last...yet again
  4. were last...yet again
  5. You ..."were" last
  6. maybe
  7. Invocation of Mary Not only do we honor Mary; we also invoke her or ask her intercession. Some objectors say that we should pray to God alone. Well, Catholics certainly pray directly to God, for they regard the Our Father as the best and most beautiful of all prayers and frequently recite it. But they pray also to Mary, asking her to intercede for them with her divine Son source: http://www.catholic.com/magazine/articles/devotion-to-the-blessed-virgin They start the article saying they don't ... but the article then goes on to illustrate how they "do" and call it other things. It's always been the same rhetoric ...venerable image... honor etc., but in the end they still pray to Mary and the Saints - whether it be for intercession or worship it's NOT praying to God thru Christ for intercession...which by any turn still means praying to someone other than Christ for intercession to God is not only blasphemous...but idolatry. Clark: Luke 1:48 He hath regarded - Looked favorably, etc., επεβλεψεν. In the most tender and compassionate manner he has visited me in my humiliation, drawing the reasons of his conduct, not from any excellence in me, but from his own eternal kindness and love. All generations shall call me blessed - This was the character by which alone she wished to be known; viz. The blessed or happy virgin. What dishonor do those do to this holy woman, who give her names and characters which her pure soul would abhor; and which properly belong to God her Savior! By her votaries she is addressed as Queen of Heaven, Mother of God, etc., titles both absurd and blasphemous. Barnes: Luke 1:48 He hath regarded the low estate of his handmaid - Literally, he has looked upon the low or humble condition of his handmaid. That is, notwithstanding her humble rank and poverty, he has shown her favor. And this example abundantly teaches what is elsewhere fully taught in the Bible, that God is not a respecter of persons; that he is not influenced, in conferring favors, by wealth, honor, or office, Rom_2:11; Rom_10:11-12. He seeks the humble and the contrite; he imparts his rich blessings to those who feel that they need them, and who will bless him for them, Psa_138:6; Isa_57:15. From henceforth - Hereafter, or in consequence of this. All generations - All people. All posterity. Call me blessed - Pronounce me highly favored or happy in being the mother of the Messiah. It is therefore right to consider her as highly favored or happy; but this certainly does not warrant us to worship her or to pray to her. Abraham was blessed in being the father of the faithful; Paul in being the apostle to the Gentiles; Peter in first preaching the gospel to them; but who would think of worshipping or praying to Abraham, Paul, or Peter? God Bless, Hip
  8. What? Huh ?
  9. I also would like to see sources...as I agree with Nebula... How can brothers be from separate tribes? God Bless, Hip
  10. I know who I am ...Pat does not know who he is
  11. who is me?
  12. disco ?
  13. pffftttt....last
  14. if Last were a Sandwich you all would be grilled cheese....
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