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  1. and you know it's not you ............
  2. Welcome to Worthy! ... Once you make 5 posts you can engage in other areas of Worthy Forums. That being said, something to think for a future discussion.... no other religion has "SALVATION" . God Bless, Hip
  3. Logan needs to learn how to supply his own cookies....
  4. I cannot give last back but I can give him some dinosaur cookies?
  5. not last you say ?
  6. Musta rode it all the way to almost last
  7. Is on Netflix and Pureflix
  8. It's also currently available on Netflix .... watched it several times it was so good.
  9. How ya figure?
  10. So far all of his posts are copies of his posts from over a year ago on another site....
  11. I don't need an interpreter to read Pat is not last
  12. newp newp newp noob
  13. Welcome to Worthy!
  14. there is much truth in your words.... not last
  15. Then there would be another ninja after the last ninja...they are sneaky like that