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  1. Indeed it is easy to know because 1 Cor 14 says that tongues are for a "sign to unbelievers" not even a sign at all to believers. AND it says that if you speak in a tongue not known to the unbeliever then they will call you a pagan a barbarian you will be a "barbarian to the unbeliever" rather than a "sign that you are of God" In 1 Cor 14 the statement is made that someone in the room needs to know what is being said. In Acts 2 "They are all drunk" is the accusation made against them - because the local Jews could not understand the other languages. Just as 1 Cor 14 -- if the listener does not understand and does not have the gift of interpretation you will be "A barbarian to them"
  2. Now let's look at two examples - 1. Protestant Reformation - these were not "Lutherans" they were "protesting Catholics" saying to their own denomination "Truth matters"... "Bible Truth matters".. 2. The birth of the Christian religion --- Christian Jews (Apostles included) were saying to their own denomination "We have found the long awaited for Messiah of scripture" and "Truth matters even when tradition and church leadership reject it"
  3. And Jesus said "I AM the way the Truth and the life" John 14. So then "relationship with Jesus" and "rejecting Bible truth" are not compatible in that context
  4. I agree - and I also think the Protestant Reformation is not dead "yet"
  5. Ok - so I have started a new thread that is "all Trump all the time" so they can have at it - and hopefully get back to this thread being about who should represent Christians on the world stage when a world leader appears to want to meet with the 3 major monotheistic world religions - as we just saw this week.
  6. Indeed - all efforts at rescue failing so far.
  7. The courts and congress do not determine what is or what is not classified or what the President can share in a meeting with world leaders. Nor are citizens asked to "vote on it".
  8. The "acid test" for the Protestant Reformation is... Sola Scriptura Do both Protestants and Catholics now agree that "Sola Scriptura" testing of all doctrine, tradition and practice is the "gold standard" by which all must be tested? If they do and if Protestants remain unchanged on that for over 500 years- then the reformation is over because Protestants won. If they do agree and Protestants have shelved their Bibles on that point - then the RCC won and the Reformation is over. If they don't agree and both remain entrenched on opposite sides of that question - then the Reformation is ongoing.
  9. from 2014 article about Tony Palmer. "Palmer had a passion to bring Evangelicals and Pentecostals into visible unity with Rome. He and the Pope made a video for Kenneth Copeland’s ministerial conference in Texas earlier in 2014. During that meeting, Palmer told the audience, many of whom did not know, that the Catholic and Lutheran Churches had signed a declaration in 1999 saying they now agreed on the doctrine of justification by faith. "After sharing the video with 3,000 Pentecostal pastors in February, it went viral on YouTube. Palmer was inundated by requests from evangelical leaders to be included in the “convergence” movement, as it is sometimes called. Palmer cancelled his teaching commitments and other personal studies in order to keep up with the correspondence. He updated Pope Francis in a meeting in April. The pope expressed his amazement.
  10. As we enter the 500th year of the Protestant Reformation - is it time to declare its "demise" as Pope Francis announced a few years ago? "We are of the conviction that the papacy is the seat of the true and real Antichrist" (Martin Luther). D'Aubigné, b.6, ch. 9. By contrast 500 years after the reformation started -- who do Lutherans agree with? Luther? or Pope Francis? What about other Protesant groups - can any of them really get behind Luther's statement? In all fairness to Luther - the Popes had already been saying that same thing about each other - before Luther ever did. Maybe they were all wrong. OR where they? What makes anyone think that they might have all been right? What are your thoughts on this 500th anniversary year? ========================================== from: "Somewhere in Pope Francis’s office is a document that could alter the course of Christian history. It declares an end to hostilities between Catholics and Evangelicals and says the two traditions are now “united in mission because we are declaring the same Gospel”. The Holy Father is thinking of signing the text in 2017, the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, alongside Evangelical leaders representing roughly one in four Christians in the world today. Francis is convinced that the Reformation is already over. He believes it ended in 1999, the year the Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation issued a joint declaration on justification, the doctrine at the heart of Luther’s protest."
  11. And what if those are just two forms of error? John tells us that we are known by our love toward each other. Known for having the same gentle Christ-like spirit - as Christ himself. Can we have the disposition of the devil and yet speak the truths of God. James 2 says that the devils "believe and tremble". When given a choice of the "lesser of two evils" -- why not choose "neither"?
  12. John 8 Jesus said "you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free" John 14 "I am the way the Truth and the life" In your POV - does Truth matter? We know that a big gap in Truth - can be found between Christianity and Paganism, or Christianity and Hinduism etc. But we also know that not all Christian denominations agree on all points of doctrine. In theory none of them agree on "all points" of doctrine or the various ones that do - are redundant/unnecessary. So then it is common that we hear that "Doctrine does not really matter that much as long as everyone gets along". And of course - I am all for everyone getting along!! But still - not so comfortable with "doctrine does not really matter"
  13. As the OP states - the other thread is about the Pope representing all Christians - but as that thread is getting hijacked by the "all things President Trump" comments - I started this thread to give the folks a place to land that was actually about "all things President Trump" so that the other thread can get back on topic.
  14. I did not vote for Trump -- but I do know this ... Reagan tried to raise funds for fighting communism in central America. Nixon failed to admit that someone on his staff spied on the Democrats without his knowing about it. What did Trump do -- he dared to meet with foreign delegates as President of the United Stated without inviting democrat media interests to the party. And dared to not be happy about Obama spying on him during his run for presidency - and even after he was elected President. What did Clinton do - left a few Americans in Libya to die - in one of her embassies ... or was it the federal crimes related to state secrets and her email server? Can't remember which. And now there is a report that 55% of democrats have imagined to themselves that Russians twiddled around with voting machines to make the votes all come up "I voted for Trump". Even though none of their own actual DNC political leaders have come out and said anything like that as being the problem "in real life". We are getting to some pretty interesting places in American politics these days.
  15. I have a thread about President Trump visiting with Islamic leaders, Jewish leaders and the Pope where I ask how Christians like being represented by the Pope. But the mere mention of Trump is getting people side tracked on that thread -- so I am starting this thread -- that is actually on President Trump ... as President.. and not the Pope. (As a way to spare that other thread). First of all - I did not vote for Trump. Secondly - I agree that he has many habbits and personality traits I would not want in my children. Thirdly - But I am ok being a good citizen and supporting the President of the United states like a normal American. so then for those who may have been unduly influenced by fake news and fake media - I offer you this thread to come up with actual substance -- not merely preference or something like "I did not vote for Trump" -- Real substance. So far all Intelligence agencies admit - they have nothing on Trump. And nothing on anyone in his current admin.. and maybe nothing on anyone he knows so far. Every time they are asked in official capacity on TV or in a hearing .. they admit "they got nothing". Some of them have "I just have a sneaking suspicion" or "I get a bad feeling about this sometimes" or "I am curious" -- . This they did not do with Nixon. So then how many millions and millions of tax payer dollars have to be thrown down the drain to get more of these "we got nuthin" responses and then everyone is finally fed up being duped into imagining "just a few more investigations and they will finally find something to justify all of this"