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  1. Sometimes you just can't cast pearls before swine, You can only direct, plant seeds & pray at times Let the Holy spirit work, if they reject that is their choice, Down the track someone may water the seeds you planted.
  2. I'm sorry bother if it seems like we are ganging up on you 🙂 The fact that there is a seven day cycle to include the weekly Sabbath should prove that it is a 24 hour day. I'll not discuss this any more God bless brother
  3. So you don't believe the bible account of a 6 day creation then. Evening & morning was the firs day, Yom is the Hebrew word used the meaning is a 24 hour period. It is also a theory that is not supported by other branches of science. Life comes from life, non living matter just doesn't all of a sudden become living. A theory is just that a theory, it is yet to be proven. I'll stick to God thanks, & the mathematical probability of all the bible prophesies being fulfilled.
  4. I'll have to disagree with you, it is a very important subject. Evolution is a theory to diminish God power & authority & satin loves i. Look at what it has created around the world since it raised its head. God says he created ALL THINGS COL 1:16-17. not some things.
  5. Hi Betha, I enjoy our exchange some on this site I feel are aggressive & patronising id you are in disagreement. I'm still at a loss to see how Jesus was crucified on Wednesday. 1/ it was preparation day 2/ the ladies preparing his body stoped preparing His body (in there labor of love) because the sabbath drew near, Clearly here is a case for sabbath keeping alone, Jesus hadn't taught it was abolished to is closest loved ones. 3/ Now on the first day of the week (very early in the morning) the women came with spices to Finnish their burial preparation which they had to stop as the sabbath drew near. I'll say no more on the subject unless I get clearer light, I find those 3 points extremely strong to go against. God bless
  6. I like your articles Betha, but on Jesus rising on dusk on the first day of the week, I find no biblical support. Sunset Sabbath would be our Friday night. Yes, Jesus is the one who created the Sabbath & Lord of the Sabbath, & to honour him because He rose on the first day is outside the bounds of the new covenant by 3 days when His blood was spilt & the covenant ratified. Therefore this theology has to have been added by man & is not biblical. Regardless of some or even if its in the majority of church fathers writings, when has the majority been right throughout the bible. God bless, keep up the good work.
  7. Hello, All covenants Old & new were & are only made with Jew, we through the new covenant are now adopted, or we have now part in the new. So we may have to rephrase what a lot of people say.
  8. All quotes out of context, plus added words not in my bible, which is NKJ
  9. I believe in hell, but its not what most call hell, its all about what each persons perception & how they interpret it. I don't believe in an eternally forever burning hell by a loving God, that is not love in any shape or form, I believe the consequences are eternal. Like Sodom & Gomorra is not burning still but the bible says forever, there are other cases. I'm sorry I struggle at time to sit for long periods so I can't at time go into depth with quotes. The old testament 4,000 years of it never mentions a place of eternal burning punishment you could possibly wonder why God never once mentions through his prophets in the old testament. And don't try and tell me the Hebrew word Sheol in the bible means hell, regardless of what it is translated as in modern bibles. This all became popular through the catholic church, which probably all protestantism came out of & broke away from. I ask you to think, in your heart does it seem possible for an all loving God to punish people for all eternity, we are talking eternity here. Don't let the majority sway you, the majority was never correct in Jesus day & has never been & never will be.
  10. Hello Willa, I'm not to sure what you are getting at here? It could be two possibilities seeing we are on a post about the Sabbath. 1/ You may be saying that the ordinances against us is saying it has done away with the Sabbath. if so you are incorrect 2/ You may be saying that the ordinances are just that, the ordinances, and that has nothing to do with the decalog in the arc. the ordinances were placed on the side out side of the arc there is a very big difference.
  11. Especially seeing Hell was cast into the lake of fire? Revelation 20:14
  12. Muslims think they are worshiping Yahweh, our LORD, but its a different philosophy & God does not & has not change His way of salvation since the beginning, its been by faith, not works. Thats Old & new testament. I live in a Muslim country in a muslim village & have many muslim friends. Its extremely difficult to get through one reason is its cultural they are all muslim, its a disgrace for the family & you are shunned. As far as the catholic church goes there is no proof that Peter was the first pope & some to the contrary. Also there hasn't been a line of succession with the popes, it has been broken. With out looking it up I think there was 3 at one stage all saying they were the legitimate Pope. Peter was also not the leader of the Christian movement.
  13. I'm sorry I was just quoting the bible
  14. And going against Gods commands kills. Having FAITH in what God has set out as his standard & trusting in him saves. You can't do away with all & say believing in Christs finished work is all I need where is the repentance. James2:14 Whats does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works. If you love me keep my commandments. God bless Brother
  15. It seems there is SO much misunderstanding about the covenants. The old covenant was the ten commandments, (THAT IS IT) so simple. Gods moral standard. The blood was spilt & ratified at the ten Commandments, Nothing can be added or taken out of the covenant after the blood, it is the signed signature in blood . All the other laws & regulation were not placed in the Arc. That is why it is called the Arc, of (THE COVENANT) All the other laws relating to regulations & ceremonies, that includes ceremonial sabbaths with is completely different to the decalog Sabbath. It seems most are unaware of that or prefer to ignore it because it suits there theology to do away with the decalog. The new covenant, I will place MY laws in there heart. Question, what are Gods Laws? what were Gods laws? were they no good? did He make a mistake?was there anything wrong with the old covenant? NO answer Hebrews Finding fault with THEM, Hmm! it doesn't say His commandments were Faulty. Psalm 19:7 the law of God is perfect, how can something be perfect &faulty at the same time. So now He places His love & morality in our heart which was the ten commandments. The ONLY new commandment Jesus gave. JN 13:34 love one & other as I have loved you. TRY that one. Many say there are 2 new commands from or Lord. Deut 6:5 You shall love the LORD with all your heart & all your soul & all your strength Leviticus 19:18 Love thy neighbour How many time do we hear these 2 being miss quoted as Jesus new regulations, not to keep the 10 commandments. Jesus was asked what are the greatest of the commands & He quotes these 2 old testament statements, WHY, because the are love & on these HANG the law & the prophets. Hang means it encompasses the law it does not mean done away with. The Ten Commandments foundation is love. (HANG!) to hang a picture on a wall something has to support it & hold it in its proper place the picture cannot hang in space by itself. Similarly the ten commandments foundation is love, one cannot fulfil them correctly without love. The Sabbath question will always get back to the Gods commandments & it is no more legalistic to hold to the 4th commandment as it is to hold to any of the other 9. Some of the arguments I hear against it the commandments are sadly a joke. I even hear conflicting answers to why we go to church on Sunday, if any say there is biblical support for Sunday worship they are mistaken. As all major denominations to my knowledge concur with my statement. So what it basically gets down to, just about all views are relating to the Sabbath in one form or another. The three major views Christians hold are, 1/ the 10 commandments stand including the Sabbath 2/The 10 commandments stand but we only have to obey 9 excluding the Sabbath 3/ There are no commandments. Why because it doesn't make sense to have the commandments & choose the ones you like , so the only possibility for this group is there are no commitment to the commandments. So its up to each individuals idea of, DO the right thing, & it sure varies, but the Holy Spirit told me I hear. He told the other guy & me also but they conflict? How many people constantly say it was for the Jews, when it was instituted at creation 2 thousand years before there was a Jew. So here's some logic that will fall on deaf ears for 4 thousand years it was critically important. Most of modern Christendom, say its not relevant, but on the new earth, Isaiah 66:23 its important again & we celebrate it once more? So why Sunday, It wasn't added before the cross. The Lords Day most will say, well 3 days to late. Nothing can be added after the cross, the covenant was sealed with His blood. Anything added after the cross is mans doing regardless of you saying it is in honour of the resurrection, its not biblical. someone changed it & the Catholic church says they did. Look it up. And the whole world wondered after the beast.
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