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  1. Riccardo

    Sabbath Issue

    I'm sorry I was just quoting the bible
  2. Riccardo

    Sabbath Issue

    And going against Gods commands kills. Having FAITH in what God has set out as his standard & trusting in him saves. You can't do away with all & say believing in Christs finished work is all I need where is the repentance. James2:14 Whats does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works. If you love me keep my commandments. God bless Brother
  3. Riccardo

    Sabbath Issue

    It seems there is SO much misunderstanding about the covenants. The old covenant was the ten commandments, (THAT IS IT) so simple. Gods moral standard. The blood was spilt & ratified at the ten Commandments, Nothing can be added or taken out of the covenant after the blood, it is the signed signature in blood . All the other laws & regulation were not placed in the Arc. That is why it is called the Arc, of (THE COVENANT) All the other laws relating to regulations & ceremonies, that includes ceremonial sabbaths with is completely different to the decalog Sabbath. It seems most are unaware of that or prefer to ignore it because it suits there theology to do away with the decalog. The new covenant, I will place MY laws in there heart. Question, what are Gods Laws? what were Gods laws? were they no good? did He make a mistake?was there anything wrong with the old covenant? NO answer Hebrews Finding fault with THEM, Hmm! it doesn't say His commandments were Faulty. Psalm 19:7 the law of God is perfect, how can something be perfect &faulty at the same time. So now He places His love & morality in our heart which was the ten commandments. The ONLY new commandment Jesus gave. JN 13:34 love one & other as I have loved you. TRY that one. Many say there are 2 new commands from or Lord. Deut 6:5 You shall love the LORD with all your heart & all your soul & all your strength Leviticus 19:18 Love thy neighbour How many time do we hear these 2 being miss quoted as Jesus new regulations, not to keep the 10 commandments. Jesus was asked what are the greatest of the commands & He quotes these 2 old testament statements, WHY, because the are love & on these HANG the law & the prophets. Hang means it encompasses the law it does not mean done away with. The Ten Commandments foundation is love. (HANG!) to hang a picture on a wall something has to support it & hold it in its proper place the picture cannot hang in space by itself. Similarly the ten commandments foundation is love, one cannot fulfil them correctly without love. The Sabbath question will always get back to the Gods commandments & it is no more legalistic to hold to the 4th commandment as it is to hold to any of the other 9. Some of the arguments I hear against it the commandments are sadly a joke. I even hear conflicting answers to why we go to church on Sunday, if any say there is biblical support for Sunday worship they are mistaken. As all major denominations to my knowledge concur with my statement. So what it basically gets down to, just about all views are relating to the Sabbath in one form or another. The three major views Christians hold are, 1/ the 10 commandments stand including the Sabbath 2/The 10 commandments stand but we only have to obey 9 excluding the Sabbath 3/ There are no commandments. Why because it doesn't make sense to have the commandments & choose the ones you like , so the only possibility for this group is there are no commitment to the commandments. So its up to each individuals idea of, DO the right thing, & it sure varies, but the Holy Spirit told me I hear. He told the other guy & me also but they conflict? How many people constantly say it was for the Jews, when it was instituted at creation 2 thousand years before there was a Jew. So here's some logic that will fall on deaf ears for 4 thousand years it was critically important. Most of modern Christendom, say its not relevant, but on the new earth, Isaiah 66:23 its important again & we celebrate it once more? So why Sunday, It wasn't added before the cross. The Lords Day most will say, well 3 days to late. Nothing can be added after the cross, the covenant was sealed with His blood. Anything added after the cross is mans doing regardless of you saying it is in honour of the resurrection, its not biblical. someone changed it & the Catholic church says they did. Look it up. And the whole world wondered after the beast.
  4. Riccardo

    Question about angels

    Good question, at a guess i would say they were already in the presents of God & rejected his ways Oh! I see One Light has just said the same
  5. Riccardo

    Judas Iscariot

    He was clearly sorry for his actions, but I don't think he was saved, he was a scoundrel, thief etc but was he growing as a Christian ? What we don't know is if he was trying to force Jesus hand, seeing they all believed he was to be king on earth at that time & they all would have high position. Just a thought.
  6. Riccardo

    Sabbath Issue

    I'm sorry brother but I must have taken the heart transplant statement the wrong way. I thought you were suggesting the Holy spirit has directed you & i if others don't understand as you they are wrong & the holy spirit didn't guid them. I have heard a lot of people suggest just that, how pompous can one get. That they are guided by the spirit & you are not if you disagree. WE may disagree on a lot of points, but we both agree we are saved by grace through faith. WE will always fail but it should be less & less thought the sanctification process. God say he won't tempt you more than you can deal with, some people seem to think that God can't keep that promise, the other misnomer, that you may not agree with is most think that a bad thought is a sin. If so tell me what is the difference between temptation & sin? because temptation is when a thought has entered the mine, James 1:12-18 goes into it. At that stage it hasn't given birth to sin, Christ was tempted beyond our belief, but it never bore fruit. Mathew 5:27-28 whoever looks at a woman lustfully Has committed adultery in his heart. Lets say I see a very rich man or woman drop there wallet & the money is bulging, I am in great need because of a debt, he think that will overcome all his problems I'm going to take it home for my family, but then he feels that is not right, so he picks it up & returns it to the owner. Most in Christendom will say he has sinned because of the thought? did he over come the temptation or not? Hmmm I got off track, I guess thats what happens to old blokes. I wish you well brother , Richard
  7. Riccardo

    Sabbath Issue

    My bible says it was given to point out sin, & show how much we fall short of the Lords standards & how much need we are of a saviour . You should get a new transplant after insinuating those that don't think as you need one. The Holy Spirit is telling me not to ignore Jesus teaching about the law still standing till heaven & earth pass away.
  8. Riccardo

    Sabbath Issue

    WOW! I hear the law was done away with everywhere . Not under the law, 90% haven't got a clue what this means Here is some indisputable statements from our Lord Himself. Do not think I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I did not come to destroy but fulfil. For assuredly, I SAY TO YOU, TILL HEAVEN & EARTH PASS AWAY not one jot or one tittle will by no means pass from the law till all is fulfilled. To me it still looks like its still here Rom 4:4 for where there is no law there is no sin. Without the law there is no sin. Romans 7:7-9 The Knowledge of sin comes through the law, apart from he law, sin is dead. was there anything wrong with the old covenant? NO, the answer lies in Hebrews 8:8 finding fault with THEM . Psalm 19:7 the law of God is PERFECT refreshing the soul. Can it be perfect & wrong at the same time. What then are we to make void the law through faith? CERTAINLY NOT! on the contrary, we establish the law. So what laws are to be written on our heart if they are not Gods moral laws??????? In the new covenant, God writhes His laws on out heart, WHAT laws if not his moral laws. or is it up to each individual to determine based on his standing & growth at a Christian, because it will vary. Not under LAW meaning WE are now not under its condemnation thanks be to God though his Grace, we now, through faith trust in Christs finished work & the promise. It does not give us a license to sin, sin is the transgression of the law, What LAW, your law.
  9. Riccardo

    Sabbath Issue

    Finally I have found someone that has a understanding of the covenant I believe, we may not agree on all points but at least your not placing the shadows or pointers, that point forward to Christ & He being the fulfilment, then saying they are part of the old covenant. The old covenant was the ten commandments, they are Gods moral laws unless his morality has changed they are still HIS standard. The old covenant was ratified by blood therefore sealed at that time. The shadows were added later & placed in the side of the arc it was the 10 commandments in the arc (of the covenant).
  10. Riccardo

    Sabbath Issue

    What is sin?
  11. Riccardo

    Sabbath Issue

    But Hazard told the ten commandments of the old testament were no longer in force?
  12. Riccardo

    Sabbath Issue

    Thanks Hazard, My friend was worried about his salvation because he is having an affair, I just needed clarification, I told him we weren't under the law so its ok.
  13. Riccardo

    Sabbath Issue

    Do the other 9 commandments still stand or is it just the sabbath that was abolished? If so when was it abolished?
  14. 2 Timothy 3:16 ALL scripture is given by inspiration of God & is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness. The old covenant was the ten commandments given at Sinai, it was ratified with blood,therefor sealed then. After there was other laws added, these were the shadows, pointers, pointing forward to the coming Messiah. They were placed in the side of the arch. The shadows are spoken of in Colossians 2:17 And is the key to understanding Col 2:16-17 where 95% of Christians miss understand. m The Old covenants problem was the people said they could follow the Lords instructions in there own strength. In the new covenan,t God said he will place the law in their heart. It is based on your faith that Jesus has fulfilled the righteous requirements of the law, this does not negate you from you obligation of upholding the Law, but if we fail as we will we have an advocate in Christ
  15. It is clear we will be judged on our works. Rom 2:6-11 james 2:14 faith without works is dead. your works WILL reflect your faith. It is also clear we are saved by faith through grace . In salvation God does ALL the work all you have to do is submit & not fight, let go your desires & ask your self will this action glorify God.