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    “You Can Safely Assume
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  1. PlanetChee

    When the blessings don't come

    Thank you.
  2. June 9,2017 Variety Brian Steinberg CNN no longer believes in “Believer,” the non-fiction series it launched earlier this year with Reza Aslan, the Iranian-American author and religious scholar. “CNN has decided to not move forward with production on the acquired series ‘Believer with Reza Aslan,'” the network said in a statement. “We wish Reza and his production team all the best. ” Read More This is great. CNN apologizes for fake news against Trump and now this. If only Trump would clean out his White house of the Obama leftovers so as to better control leaks it would be a lovely bit of summer housekeeping.
  3. Yes, and yet Comey went on the Congressional record in January and stated this same thing. But the left slur media hoped and did succeed in finding a market of left wing believers who did not know that. And from there slandered President Trump and also Comey in fake news reporting implying just the opposite. The Left and Right wing have always been at odd's with one another in how best to run a country. Journalism is suppose to be neutral and simply report the news. With no passion or prejudice. That was the old days. Today the media networks clearly take sides. Likely because it was easier to be so bold after SCOTUS made their supreme decision that corporations were people. And therefore entitled to donate unlimited funds to the party or candidate of choice. And from there, media corporations have openly published their party allegiance. Even when that allegiance is one that is committed to slandering a President. Rather than reporting the truth.
  4. PlanetChee

    urgent prayer for the UK

    You're certainly welcome. Bless you for thinking of your country folk during this time. I'm surprised too being the terrorism that has been unleashing itself in Britain for awhile now. And especially in light of ISIS calling for even more activity in that regard during the month of Ramadan. Evil feels inspired it seems. May God defeat that many headed enemy that hides behind masks and a false god. Amen.
  5. PlanetChee

    When the blessings don't come

    I bolded your kind words to address what I wanted to speak to specifically. As sons and daughters of Christ our Lord's teachings certainly do make it appear we are the center of God's words of wisdom to us. We are alive redeemed and reborn as all peoples from all parts of this planet, sealed with God's Holy Spirit and with his laws written in our hearts so that they continue to apply as moral guideposts for us as we navigate this world where Satan roams like that hungry lion. His purposes for Israel are his own. As we are in Christ's hand God's purpose includes us as well. Meaning all Christians. Because we are all one in Christ no matter where we come from, no matter what gender we are. As we are told in his word.
  6. PlanetChee

    United Methodist Church appoints a transgender deacon

    Ah yes, that is how I read it also. I did want to make sure I didn't overlook though. Thank you.
  7. PlanetChee

    United Methodist Church appoints a transgender deacon

    Yes, it is. DSM-5 APA - Transgender
  8. PlanetChee

    United Methodist Church appoints a transgender deacon

    Forgive my overlooking this, who advocated shunning and not holding these people in prayer?
  9. PlanetChee

    Do Christians that commit suicide go to heaven

    I think this is a very sad topic to ponder. And yet one that needs attention if we have brothers and sisters in pain. I would say yes. God's mercy would come into this and he knows what they suffered.
  10. PlanetChee

    urgent prayer for the UK

    Prayers to the people of Britain. I think there needs to be changes there. Especially learning the people are indeed disarmed and have been by Parliament for some years now. In this crisis time that definitely needs to change. As does their seeming tolerance and concession to Islamists. God be with the UK entirely. Amen.
  11. I think our government sends "aid" to at least one terrorist nation too. Isn't that amazing!? They hate us but we pay them. Stop paying them and see how they operate on their own. Congress though is the platform of games anyway. This latest hearing with Comey? They knew back in January when Comey said Trump never asked him to stop his investigations what was up. But they sat back on their Hill and watched the fabrication fun factory media demean the leader of their party and country. And they thought it makes Trump look bad.
  12. PlanetChee

    Christian Persecution on Philippines

    Amen. We should all be grateful for those brave Muslim men and women putting their lives on the line. And hold them in our prayers as we do our sisters and brothers there.
  13. Remember years ago when a kindergartner's parents sued the school because they said their six year old son was a girl? And deserved access to the girls facilities? Six! Then there's the Minnesota charter school that was sued last year. School Sued for Not Teaching Transgender Studies... to 5-Year-Olds Remember when homosexuals were saying years ago that it's a lie by the right wing Christians that they recruit? There's a group that intends to gain access and is often allowed access to public schools throughout America and known as GLSEN. Acronym for Gay Lesbian & Straight Education Network. The straight is to make it seem like they're not agenda focused. Because their mission statement synopsis reads as, championing LGBT issues in K-12 education. Notice there's no "S" in the LGBT acronym to indicate Straight? I knew someone who's child was at school when there was an assembly called and a spokesperson for GLSEN addressed different classes throughout the school day. Her daughter is what we called a tomboy in my day. But to the GLSEN rep she was a closeted transmale. And shouldn't be ashamed to just come out and be open and tell her parents. Rather than "hide" her identity behind the mask of the label, tomboy.
  14. PlanetChee

    Security Risks

    Bill Gates has his fingers in a lot of pies. Not just commerce and outsourcing. He's a billionaire who's god complex is huge. Do a little digging. This is soft stuff compared to what Billy's up to. It is a true shame how far our education system , public education system, has fallen since I was in school. I think one day homeschooling will be outlawed. Currently there are eight states that are incredibly strict with those who would homeschool their children. If children are taught to reason rather than regurgitate rote programming they could be a danger to the conglomerates and special interest machinations currently working to craft the future. Look at how effective PC programming for the last 15 years has been in our culture. And now universities and colleges are churning out PC drones at graduation. It's uncanny how closely American society is mimicking the story line in George Orwell's Dystopian novel, 1984.
  15. No, I don't mean for Israel to surrender more. And yes, I'd think it a given that that is how negotiations start and progress. With this President I think Palestinians will be more open to altering their typical journey down that current path. As they have taken for years in these type negotiations.