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  1. Reviews of Worthy Christian Forums

    There really needs to be a groan option for voting.
  2. Reviews of Worthy Christian Forums

    We had a chatter not so long ago threaten to have the Southern Poverty Law center designate us as a hate group.
  3. I covered those things in my second post.
  4. My view in the Finished work of Christ, and salvation by grace through faith alone is very Protestant.
  5. I an referring about the middle of the thread when people were talking about attacks on various translations. Maybe the fact that people are so quick to either attack modern translations, or indeed the KJV is a tool of the enemy it's self. The enemy loving division among Christians, and hates the Bible, so if he can cause division, all the while have people lose faith in the Bible in their hands, then it's a twofer for Satan. I am not saying all translations are perfect, but if someone has a Bible, weather that be a modern translation of the good ole KJV then we should encourage them to read and study it, then I think that is the more important issue.
  6. You are quite right, it was remiss of me to leave out the second coming of Jesus Christ, I also left one, perhaps, the most fundamental one, the believe in the need for salvation because of original sin and that unbelievers go to a lost eternity. With regard to your whole post, I really liked your thoughts on the subject, and agree with them, I should find a better form of words with regard to that point.
  7. In no particular order 1 the deity of Jesus Christ 2 the virgin birth 3 the bodily ressurection of Jesus Christ. 4 the bodily death of Jesus Christ. 5 the sinless life of Jesus Christ 6 Faith in the finished work Jesus, on the Cross is the only way to be reconciled to God. 7 Salvation is by grace though faith alone. 8 The inerrancy of the Bible, in its original form. Have I missed any? Do you agree or disagree with the list?
  8. It says a lot that in the city I work in, a pastor of a local PC(USA) church is the county chair of the local Democratic Party. If there was a Presbyterian church connected the the more conservative Presbyterian Church in America in my area I would consider visiting, but wouldn't set foot in a PC(USA) service
  9. As someone who used to worship in the Presbyterian tradition as a member of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland it breaks my heart that PC(USA) are hurtling towards the edge of the cliff. Actually PCI are quite conservative, they even stopped sending a rep to the Church of Scotland general Assembly, because of the Church of Scotland's acceptance of same sex marriage, even though there is extremely strong historical links between the two denominations. If I still lived at home I would still be PCI.
  10. As someone who used to worship in the Presbyterian tradition as a member of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland it breaks my heart that PC(USA) are hurtling towards the edge of the cliff.
  11. Favorite Bible Website

    I like the BlueLetterBible website, for me it is a valuable resource. I do think it is very good that they mave made so much of the content free, as have other sites.
  12. With all due respect the Episcopal Church isn't exactly a bastion of orthodox doctrine.
  13. There are some great prayers in the Book of Common prayer, but it is not inspired
  14. No Anglican would say it is inspired. (I know several good Christian Anglicans.)
  15. Do Not Celebrate the "4th of July"

    I will not be able to get to it this year but thanks for looking it up.