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  1. Does anyone else play disk golf? I started playing a few months ago, my game isn't great but it's progressing.
  2. I'm in Northern Ireland originally but live in Texas now.
  3. Why do some denominations/churches prohibit dancing? I never understood that one.
  4. Darkest Red would be cool, but don't know if she is around anymore. Ladypeartree would be my second option, though id Scarletprayers was still about she would be a great option too, but she's not on here anymore
  5. We are having a German exchange student next year and we would like to learn a little about German culture and customs and such.
  6. I do to stand and even put my hand over my heart when the Pledge s done, or the Anthem is sung, but I will not lead either.
  7. I had to lead a service on Memorial Day, I did a did a section about Memorial Day, I read names of some people who lost their lives in the US armed forces and had a moment's, but as I am a non citizen I didn't lead the pledge, as I felt personally for me it was inappropriate to do so.
  8. Haven't read the whole thread, I was deeply involved in a political party that had many Christians in it (the Democratic Unionist Party/DUP), when I lived in Northern Ireland. (I would still be a member of the Party but emigrated to the US). I am still in contact with many of my friends from the party, who are very good Christians. That said in politics there is a lot of temptations, particularly the higher up you go. I personally believe we need more Christians in politics, as I see it as being salt and light in the world.
  9. Farther to what Shiloh said, if Christians are to be salt and light, surly Christians should be salt and light in every facet of Society, including political, judicial and police system. political figure, judges and police officers are seen as leaders in society, if these people are openly Christian and doing what is right and just I would imagine that that would show Christianity in a positive light. I think the more Christians in positions of civic leadership the better.
  10. I voted non denominational, our church is a curious mixture of Baptist and Church of Christ without the legalism and with musical instruments and without the belief in baptism being essential for salvation. Our leadership structure is more Church of Christ, and we have a great emphasis on unity, which was a very big thing in the early Church of Christ movement, though we believe in unity in diversity, whereas many Church of Christ congregations believe in unity in conformity, which had ironically (and sadly) lead to many splits in that movement. My wife had quite a mixed denominational background, from Baptist, to non denominational, to Church of God (Cleaveland Tn), whereas before I moved to the US I was active in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, then when I moved I joined a Baptist church, then went to a charismatic church, then back to Baptist, then our current church was formed a year ago.
  11. I think you should read my point again, I don't see it as a Biblical or spiritual issue, but as a law and order one, it you guys who seem to be raising it as a Christian one.
  12. But those are law and order issues. not really Biblical issues
  13. You took the first sentence of my post very literally, I do think he can read people very well. I think he is a student of sociology more than anything, and we able to articulate the views of a social section that felt left behind very well. I agree he is a brilliant sales man.
  14. I think it's because Trump was able to say what some people felt, he tapped into the hopes and fears of the guy who wears overalls with his name on it. I think Hillary also lost it because she just said stupid stuff about abortion that made people who are conservatives and thinking of voting third party rally around Trump, like the fact she believe unborn children do not have constitutional rights. That statement was very damaging in that a lot of people who did not like Trump on the conservative side felt that they had to vote for Trump for the sake of the supreme court, rather than enter a protest third party vote, as they may have been planning to do. The Emails saga was also a huge factor, she may actually have won the election if she was indited though as she could have span it as a politically motivated act, but she got away with it giving people the impression she was above the law. I personally think Clinton lost the election rather than Trump winning it.
  15. A lot of Christians who are Democrats look at the Democratic position on social programs and think they are more in line with Christs teachings on poverty. Here in the South there is still some older people who have never change from being Democrats since the 60s they may even vote Republican at the national level, but vote Democrats at the state and county level. On another note I have noticed that some are saying that support for open borders is a reason that Christians should not support the Democratic Party. While I disagree with open borders from a law an order standpoint, I am struggling to see how it is applicable from a Christian standpoint.