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  1. I was wanting to post something along those lines, but you beat me too it. I think you can be a Christian and have errant doctrine, and that needs to be corrected, but too often instead of loving correction, someone faces condemnation.
  2. But that gives you a problem, as Antarctica also exists. Why does the needle of a campus point South when you cross the equator? Your argument holds up If there is only one pole, but there are two.
  3. I haven't heard about cathedrals being turned into mosques, I have heard of some churches. Though a lot of that talk comes from Americans saying about how the UK has turned to Islam, when it really hasn't
  4. The Babylon Bee just posted an article on the Word of Faith movement, it is a satirical website, but the post is a very cutting commentary on the Word of Faith movement.Bee explains the prosperity gospel
  5. Looking at some of the flights that fly directly over the North Pole is proof enough for me that the earth is indeed round
  6. Pasta based dishes such as spaghetti work well for church pot lucks and such, as it's fairly simple in large quantities.
  7. Famous in my own mind lol
  8. have you met any celebrities or people of note? you can drop the names here and we will be suitably impressed. the only one I have is the Rev Ian Paisley but most of you wouldn't have known him.
  9. I'm not buying it, my name means "strong ruler" yet I have very little leadership ability though one of my is "Yahweh is Gracious" which I agree with obviously.
  10. If you want to start a group I will join, I think it could be quite good
  11. From the article see the gentleman has scoliosis, (a curvature in the spine). I have the same thing, and find flying to be somewhat uncomfortable on certain airlines without and empty seat beside me. I can only image how bad it would be to be squashed between who very large passengers for such a long haul flight.
  12. She turned down outreach and other important ministries, ministries I personally think are more important than Sunday morning preaching (thought that is important) I think this person shows the lack of a servant heart. That is not to say that everyone is meant for every ministry. I personally cringe at the thought of doing children's ministry.
  13. I think the reputation comes from large church groups and people who pray before the meal. But i agree most Christians fly under the radar so to speak.
  14. Does people leaving a tract instead of a tip to a waiter or waitress really happen? I have heard rumors that is goes on, and know Christians have a bad reputation when it comes to tipping. However if anyone here has worked as a waiter/waitress has it happened to you? Do you leave a tract instead of a tip? or is this just an urban legand that someone thought up out of the blue?
  15. While it has been unedifying in some ways, at least the thread didn't turn into one man's opinion about women wearing pants, there has been able to be a more full debate on the issue of modesty, which would not have been possible in the past as the issue would have been sidetracked by the women in pants issue.