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  1. Talking Halloween

    It's not a holiday to be taken serious!
  2. Talking Halloween

    I love Halloween, it's such a Godly day, it's all about the candy and dressing up like Christians. I loath so much that Christians hate so much. I pray the Lord returns soon too. But! Are you gong to be in denial when you're still here and the world looks like hell instead of halloween!!
  3. Antichrist/Sea Beast.

    The little, not America. The little horn comes from the geographical area of the ancient Grecian Empire. You are welcome to show me WHY you believe this. As of now, you're just telling me WHAT you believe. 'Babylon the Great' isn't difficult. It means, "A Large False religion." ISLAM!
  4. Antichrist/Sea Beast.

    So what's your point?
  5. Coming WITH His Saints

    I can prove they're not. Can you prove they are?
  6. Coming WITH His Saints

    How about coming for his saints with his saints.
  7. Coming WITH His Saints

  8. Does The Catholic church worship Lucifer

    What is it about JW that's a cult? That they have things right about the trinity and you don't?
  9. Does The Catholic church worship Lucifer

    The last Catholic service I went to my friend Dennis presided. We went to Catholic school together and his education is through the roof. He's a good man who believes in Jesus Christ with all his heart, and you condemn him. Then we have some on the forum who say when you condemn Catholicism, you're not condemning people. I guess Catholic school was better than public school.
  10. Does The Catholic church worship Lucifer

    What name calling? It's OK for you to condemn over a billion Catholics, riiight?
  11. Does The Catholic church worship Lucifer

    You don't see your judgmentalism. You assume Catholic's are perishing, but they believe in Jesus' death and resurrection just as much as any Protestant. You don't know who is perishing and who is not. If you were talking about Islam or any of the other major religions, yes they are perishing. If you don't know the definition of anti-Christ, you accuse and condemn a church of over 1 billion people. That's why I can't stand you guys.
  12. Does The Catholic church worship Lucifer

    You don't know what anti-Christ is. Catholicism, JW'S, SDA'S are not anti-Christ, though I know how good it makes you feel to build your arogant self up by tearing them down.
  13. Does The Catholic church worship Lucifer

    Well think about what you're saying about people who are brothers and sister in Jesus Christ. I know people of all Christian faiths and plenty of Catholic and JW'S. I don't condemn them, they don't condemn me. I don't question their salvation, and I don't tell them they're going to hell. Talking bad about Catholicism is slandering a religion where many people found Jesus Christ, and many people I know. You should be more focussed on taking up the challenges I put up to you. Like the many questions you've never answered, and the many verses I asked you to Quote to support what you believe. If I asked for scriptural evidence to support what bad things you've said about Catholicism, and especially how the Pope is going to be instrumental in creating a new religion, would you be ready to do it? The list of evidence I've found in the bible about the Islamic anti-Christ, his Islamic false prophet, Koran, and his Muslim followers, AND the limited region of his empire, is long and evidence enough for me to believe what I do.
  14. Does The Catholic church worship Lucifer

    Of course, it's the right thing to do. I'll go edit that. It wasn't right for me to say it because I'm doing the same thing I'm againsts.
  15. Does The Catholic church worship Lucifer

    Maybe you should look at some of your own statements. I don't know why I tolerate Christians.