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  1. Trick or treating

    And its still just as ridiculous now as it was years ago.
  2. Trick or treating

    oh brother
  3. Trick or treating

    no, it doesn't. I did want some honest opinions, but some are going off on a tangent about how everything is evil. I never said that.
  4. Trick or treating

    MG, we need to buy them a night light and teddy bear. Some people really need to chill.
  5. Trick or treating

    Again, I've heard all the reasons why Christians shouldn't indulge in Halloween. BUT, its too easy to become legalistic when it comes to "pagan" activities. A desire to please God is one thing, but harping on trick or treating (or whatever) to attempt to show an outward sign of righteousness is something else. How many of you have admitted to going trick or treating when you were young, only to turn around and condemn people doing it now? I think you get my point.
  6. Trick or treating

    Amen to that! I went trick or treating and I'm not some maladjusted loon. I agree w/some of you. Satan is getting way too much credit here.
  7. Trick or treating

    I agree completely
  8. Trick or treating

    We've heard all the arguments against Halloween. BUT, do you allow your kids to trick or treat or attend a Halloween party?
  9. Soul Extraction Machine.

    I read it the same way in my bible, selling people.
  10. Soul Extraction Machine.

    This thread reminds me of the "Mark of the beast" that was supposed to be part of Obama Care in 2010. Remember? By 2011, everyone was supposed to be forced to have implantable microchips in their arms. NO CHOICE. People were hysterical in 2010 and completely missed what the ACA meant by "implantable devices" PACE MAKERS. Of course. it never happened. "Soul extraction machines" ranks among the hype and hysterics of folks with too much time on their hands. People can make the bible say whatever they want it to.
  11. I made an old lady cry today

    Thanks be to God!!!! Another lost lamb is found!
  12. Marge

    PRAYER REQUEST: A dear, saint lady is going to go home soon. Her name is Marge Randall and she's slipping from this world fast. Please pray that she passes in the Lord's peace. And that the Lord be with her family and all of us who had the joy of knowing and loving this dear Christian lady. Thanks
  13. Dating Sites

    I thought this thread was quite productive actually. I've seen allot of different viewpoints. Nothing wrong with that.
  14. Dating Sites

    MG, Catfish is a very good show. I met a woman like that. She said she had a "few extra pounds". All I could think of when I saw her was "Mount Reiner" or whatever. You're right, whacko.