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    Cleaving to my Saviour that by His grace and power I may be continually conformed to His image so that when He comes He may find me fully clothed in the wedding garment of His choosing...His righteousness...and urging others to do the same. No-one enters paradise wearing their own designer clothes.

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  1. Legalism

    Fair enough. Have you in any of my writings discerned any suggestion that I seek to obey God's commandments in order to be saved, or even remain saved? If I have, I apologise. It is our connection to Christ that ensures our ultimate salvation...and the works we do, whether in obedience or not, cannot be accomplished on our own because as Jesus said, "without Me ye can do nothing". Yet overcoming sin and obedience to God's commandments cannot be separated. But both are fruit of our connection to Christ. The law will always be the standard in the judgement...we are judged by our works...so if our connection to the Vine is wonky,so also will be our obedience....the law cannot save us, but it most assuredly will condemn us if we are not in Christ, and it is our relation to the law which is a direct reflection to the health and state of our relation to Jesus. Let me put it another way. David said, Psalm 119:11 Thy word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee. When we read John 1:1-3 we recognise that the Son of God is the Word of God, and by His Spirit He abides in our hearts. Thus is our ONLY means by which to overcome sin. By having the Living God residing in us. Walking with Him,communing with Him daily, "an ever present help in time of need". My friend,is this legalism? Is this salvation by works? Don't listen to anyone else's opinion of who I am and what I represent...take it from the horse's mouth.
  2. Legalism

    I don't believe I have ever suggested that we "strive to keep the law". I have always maintained that any law-keeping comes from, or is the fruit of, our relationship with Jesus...they are never born of a desire to be saved, that miracle has already been accomplished on our behalf by the shed blood of our Redeemer. It is the constant misconstruing of motives that appears to me to reveal a deep antipathy against the Sabbath...a reflection in fact of the same antipathy exhibited by Satan throughout history. The disparaging remarks concerning legalism and the demand that modern Christians, in order to keep the Sabbath must start sacrificing animals in the temple, is simply blind bigotry and ignorance. There are two parables regarding the bride which are yet to be completed. In one, the bridegroom is waiting for His bride, and in the second, the bride is waiting for the Groom. The problem the bride has continually had is her unwillingness to wear the wedding garment provided. This wedding garment represents the righteousness of Christ. That righteousness we accept by faith, through surrender to the Holy Spirit who then imparts to us the the character of Christ and we become partakers of the divine nature. We are changed into the image of the Son of God...into the image of the Groom. This does not happen overnight, however, abiding in the vine must produce fruit, and the foremost of those fruit is love for God which itself motivates the believer to obedience and surrender to the authority of God. Jesus informed His arch enemy that we are to live not by bread alone, but by every word of God. Are we to add a caveat to that counsel that only 9 of the 'words' of God apply to Christians, the 4th one to the Jews? We are not to fashion our own garment, nor mix and match with what is offered. It is Christ's righteousness or none. Nothing less will do. David rightly said under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit that all the commandments of God are righteousness. Remember the man thrown out for not being dressed appropriately? Do not accept a counterfeit garment. Christ's righteousness is perfect, sinless, law-abiding, holy, just, merciful, gracious, and faithful. It is, in short, His own character. The more we surrender, the more He will work in us to will and to do His good pleasure. Remember what His good pleasure was? Psalms 40:8 I delight to do thy will, O my God: yea, thy law is within my heart.....Isaiah 42:21 The LORD is well pleased for his righteousness’ sake; he will magnify the law, and make it honourable. If through close connection with our Lord and Saviour Jesus, that is His Spirit abiding within,how can we not in time, imitate His own character making His life our own? This is impossible through 'striving'. So in conclusion, how do we stop sinning? Or how do we obey? Surrender. Surrender. Every day. Every thing. Of course many will disagree with what I have written above. Others may even claim I am lying and that I don't believe any of it and that I am deliberately misleading people. That the above is not what I truly believe but I am simply saying that in an attempt to 'sound orthodox". What they cannot deny however is the Biblical basis for what I have stated.
  3. What is the temperature outside...

    LOL, used to do that with wild pigs in NZ. Lived and worked for a number of years in 16000 hectares of native prvate bush between Auckland and the Corromandel. Part of the job was to cull possums, goats and pigs. Best job I ever had.
  4. Legalism

    Ummmm, I think you are going to have to explain the difference. God gives Moses tables of stone with commandments written with His own finger...are these the commandments of God or the law of Moses? Later God gave Moses verbal instructions which Moses wrote on paper ...are these the commandments of God or the law of Moses? Or are they both the commandments of God or both the law of Moses? Are we obligated to obey the commandments on stone, but not the ones on paper, or are we no longer obligated to obey any of them? Or all of them? esus said several times that the law would remain until heaven and earth pass. He also said that anyone not obeying that law, and teaching others to do likewise, would in the kingdom of heaven be called least. Looking as far into man’s future, the very verge of his horizon, Jesus assures us that until this point is reached the law will retain it’s authority so that none may suppose it was Jesus’ mission to abolish the precepts and principles of the law. So long as heaven and earth remain, so the principles of God’s holy law will also remain. Why is it that Christians today are so averse to obedience? What is it about the commandments of the God they profess to love, that makes the commandments so odious? The apostle John didn’t have a problem with obedience. He said the commandments are not grievous. And Jesus said “if you love Me , keep My commandments”. The Ten Commandments are Jesus’ commandments. They are HIS. They are God's commandments. Are you aware that f there was to be any change to the law, it had to be affected before Calvary? When did the lawgiver change His law before He died? I read quite the opposite....that so long as earth and heaven remained, so His law would remain. Once Jesus ratified the new covenant with His blood, that covenant could not be altered, abrogated, or removed in the slightest. It is contended that the church changed the Sabbath...or that Jesus did....if this were the case, then it needed to be done prior to Calvary.
  5. Legalism

    This ^^^^^^^^^ is Paul speaking of his life prior to his conversion. Later in Romans 8 he speaks of those who are dead in Christ...those who are no longer carnally minded.... 6 For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace. 7 Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. 8 So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God. 9 But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his. 10 And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. He says here that the carnal mind cannot obey God's laws. Which is what you correctly stated. But he added that we are not carnally minded of we have living in us the Spirit of Christ. Christ Himself abiding within writing His laws on our hearts...the very same laws that were written on the tables of stone. (Cor. 3:3). If the carnal mind cannot please God because he is unable to obey the law, surely the contrary is possible for those who are motivated by the holy Spirit of God living within?
  6. Legalism

    Now hold on a wee second. That is misleading. I do agree with the above in the sense that if one thought Sabbath observance brought about his justification, then sure, he would be like the Galatians who considered their law-keeping as essential to being justified. But what of the believer after he is justified? Does obedience, (or if you like submission to the authority of the Lord in day to day living) have any effect on salvation? What if we surrendered to someones authority over and above God's? What if we placed our own opinion and understanding of scripture over and above truth? What did Jesus say of those who kept the traditions of man, teaching them as doctrines all the while countermanding God's own authority? How far can we go our own way, doing our own thing, believing our own opinions, yielding to church/man's/popular opinion/governmental authority before our salvation is affected?
  7. What is the temperature outside...

    Until I moved to Melbourne I lived 3/4 hour from Taupo and the various hot water springs between there and Rotorua, and an hour from Papamoa. I gotta admit, that Australia pales in comparison as far as scenery and forest etc. But what they have here which I am loving is my family (of course) , the climate, and the birds. The bird life here is amazing...in NZ not so much. Of course there's things all over this country that want you on its dinner menu. That makes every excursion into the country or to the beach a tad more interesting. Even stepping outside the front door can bring surprises. That is another thing in NZ's favour. Could pick any tree in any forest, lie down and go to sleep under i and have absolutely no fear of being eaten or bitten by anything more dangerous than a sandfly.
  8. Legalism

    I cannot believe you wrote this without falling off your seat and grovelling on the floor in sackcloth and ashes. Your post here epitomises precisely the attitude of yourself and several others with respect to those who uphold God's commandments, by judging those you personally do not know that they are obeying the commandments in order to be saved, doing Satan's work by accusing them of heresy and legalism. Claiming that such are motivated to please themselves (to gain eternal life) is something you could not know unless you interacted with them in person on a daily basis.
  9. What did the rich young man lack?

    You have overcomplicated a simple lesson. While the young ruler may have kept an outward appearance of keeping the commandments, what he lacked was revealed in the Lord's final request, and the man's response revealed that what he lacked was the unselfish love which actuates any and all obedience. Love is the fulfilling of the law. This man may have kept the letter, but the loving spirit behind which all the commandments are dependant, was missing. Perhaps he could have learned more if he had been present when that other ruler asked Jesus "what are the two greatest commandments?", to which Jesus replied, "thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all they soul, strength, and mind, and love they neighbour as thyself....on these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets".
  10. What is the meaning of 666 in Rev.13:18?

    It is true that the gematria has been used to "identify" all manner of people. But what they all do is ignore all the previous identification criteria for the antichrist, of whom its number in Revelation is merely one of the final confirmations. As Enoch said, Nero is disqualified because he didn't die of a head wound and be resurrected. What we need to pursue is the criteria previously given us throughout Daniel, 2 Thessalonians and Revelation then apply the 666 number to ascertain or verify our previous investigations. This has been done already of course. Bible students before us came to a correct conclusion a long time ago. Sadly, and for a reason that completely escapes me apart from the likelihood of being deceived, the modern Protestant church has discarded those conclusions in favour of a future mythical beast/individual who cannot possibly fulfill even one of the basic criteria as given in Daniel nor any given since that time. As all have been already accomplished, specific prophecies regarding the Antichrist in history are impossible to repeat. History is the greatest testimony to correctly identify the Antichrist. Once accomplished, why do we need to look for another?
  11. What is the temperature outside...

    Taupo is beautiful alright. Cold in winter though with snow all around and constant wind chill. But it is wonderful swimming and/or boating in a volcanic crater 40 odd miles long by 30 wide and 150meters deep and no creatures to endanger your wellbeing other than the occasional man-eating trout. Or so the stories go. As well as having numerous hot spots everywhere.
  12. Supernatural & Lucifer: TV Shows

    The time is coming when demons will be openly walking the streets. They know their time is almost up and they will be using all their powers and cunning to take as many into perdition as they can...and much of the world will believe they are the planet's saviours....all the movies on ETs are merely preconditioning the world to accept these 'angels of light'.
  13. What is the temperature outside...

    I feel for you all. I hate the cold...and I have never been in anything below minus 4oC, or 24oF. But that was in spring on a fine day...just a temporary frost in the mornings. Would warm up to 60oF in the afternoon. But I hated it. Way too cold for me. I would die if living where you folk are. Last Friday I mowed the lawns at midday. Revelled in it. 43oC or 109oF. Love the heat. Right now its midnight and 22oC (70oF) with a humidity of 89%. Went for a walk outside a half hour ago and thanked God for the balminess. Won't be a lot of bedclothes on me tonite though...if any. Air con will be on all nite otherwise wont sleep. But will never complain because tomorrow another hot day to bask in. Sorry to have to inject all this into your current misery. Neither of us will have to endure what we have for very much longer. A blessing indeed for you, but for me, I could 'endure' our current warmth all year round quite happily.
  14. Legalism

    At least the Sabbath commandment is in scripture...it is your personal opinion that claims it doesn't apply to Christians, because nowehere does it say it applies only to Jews. Remember, the Gentiles met on Sabbath in response to Paul's preaching. As to the trinity. Yes, we believe the Godhead is comprised of 3 persons. The Father, the source of all things...the Son, through whom all things were created, and the Spirit of God or Christ by whom the power and life of God is dispensed throughout creation. But the trinity doctrine, as taught and made a test of fellowship and salvation throughout Christendom, goes way beyond what the Bible teaches and is an assumed doctrine and a man-made definition of the nature of God which all admit is a mystery. No man by searching can find out God. No creature can understand the Almighty to perfection. The finite man cannot comprehend infinity. Therefore in discussions about the trinity, about the nature of Christ, and the holy Spirit, are manifestations of gross presumption. Yet we make the belief in the trinity doctrine a test of fellowship. Now THAT is legalism. If I knew what you meant by the term trinity, I may or may not agree with you...everyone has different interpretations as what the trinity actually is. From the days of Athanasius until now all discussion and debate has been an attempt to define the incomprehensible. Thousands have been put to death for not professing belief in a formula which even its professors could not comprehend, nor state in terms that anybody else could comprehend. And yet even on this very forum it is made a test or criteria for being a Christian! That is way way more legalistic than any person could ever be in recommending obedience to a specific commandment of the Most High. Making up rules that need not be? That is the trinitarian doctrine, of whatever flavour or colour your particular interpretation may be. Legalism to the very core...and pure Romanism.
  15. Legalism

    So you have a problem with lust and anger? And because you have this problem, instead of in faith coming to God for strength to overcome, you claim those commandments are impossible to obey? You speak of repentance. Are you not aware that true repentance is a complete turning away from sin? What kind of tyrannical God demands repentance from sin which people cannot possibly stop? What kind of unreasonable God commands us to do the impossible? When Jesus told the prostitute to go and sin no more, did she reply that's impossible? As for your sentence "The impossible standard that God sent was to send proud, deluded “obedient law-keepers “ to their knees." is the most nonsensical statement on this entire thread. Yes, the law directs us to Christ. Because in our carnal nature and condition it is indeed impossible to obey God's laws. In fact, the carnal nature is at enmity against the laws of God. But we are not carnal! The old carnal nature is dead, the dominion and rulership of sin is now over, we are freed from that slavery of unrighteousness. We have more power abiding in us than was used to create the worlds. We have Christ Himself in us, His Spirit is within, God with us, which means that through faith and prayer we have at our disposal exceeding great and precious promises that through uniting with the divine, we can obey!!! If you desire to obey, you can. With the right mindset, those commandments become promises. You shall not commit adultery. You shall not kill. You shall not lust. You shall not covet. Promises, every one. The fulfillment of those promises is based not on our obedience, but on faith. We believe they can be obeyed, and we find we can do exceedingly above all that we ask or think. If you continue to believe that obedience is impossible, then your faith is lacking my friend, and you will never overcome. Not because the commandments are impossible, but because you believe they are impossible. And what you believe for, you receive.