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    Cleaving to my Saviour that by His grace and power I may be continually conformed to His image so that when He comes He may find me fully clothed in the wedding garment of His choosing...His righteousness...and urging others to do the same. No-one enters paradise wearing their own designer clothes.

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  1. 1 John 4:8 God IS love.

    Quite. After inspection the fella without the right wedding garment was tossed out on his ear.
  2. There was posted by one of the above contributors a list of contradictions in the Bible. Discrepancies in figures and certain facts regarding certain events and statistics. No believer can deny these exist...unless one is burying one's head in the sand. So does the Christian believe that such discrepancies are the inspired literal words of God? Not this one, no. I believe the thoughts expressed in scripture are God's thoughts, but the words themselves, the means by which those thoughts are expressed, are the words of man. God did not dictate every single word to the writers of the Bible. It was the writers who were inspired...the prophets and apostles...not the words they wrote. Each had their own style, their own culture, their own perspective which brought the mind of God into human language, which in and of itself is entirely inadequate to fully reveal God's nature. But God has chosen to use fallible frail error-prone human instruments to reveal Himself as best we may understand, His nature and our own need of Him for without Him we can do nothing. The thoughts, ideas, and principles as pertaining to God found in scripture are accurate and true. The words that express them are not necessarily accurate and true. Thus we have 4 very different gospels in the NT. Each 'witness' of the events and teachings that pertained to the life and death/resurrection of Christ agree on most aspects of those 30 odd years. Yet at certain points, they differ slightly. The police, if investigating the life of Christ, would love these slight discrepancies. They make the gospels more credible. If they agreed word for word, and in every minutest detail, investigators would suspect collusion and reject their authenticity.
  3. 1 John 4:8 God IS love.

    Okay. Perhaps one day I may be motivated on starting a discussion on God's holiness.
  4. 1 John 4:8 God IS love.

    God's people everywhere, of whatever denomination, are being prepared for the second coming. The invitations have been extended, some have refused, some undecided, some accepted. Those who have accepted are now being appropriately dressed, clothed in Christ's righteousness. Some reject the garment offered, some have hung it in the wardrobe until a later date, some have accepted it. Those who have accepted it need to change their lifestyles in order to fit it. Here is where the loving discipline you so correctly remind us of, comes in. Some reject it. Some are uncomfortable with some aspects of shedding the old addictions, traditions and habits, some refuse new light on old beliefs, some commit fully and surrender the bodies living sacrifices, holy and acceptable unto their Saviour. When the bride is ready, fully dressed and without spot and blemish, the Bridegroom will come.
  5. 1 John 4:8 God IS love.

    Can the perfect expression of one exist without the other?
  6. For all Seekers.

    I'm sorry to hear that.
  7. pope tells boy his atheist dad is in heaven

    The modern Catholic church, despite her attempts to convince protestants otherwise still adheres to the council of Trent. That council affirmed that only through papal approval can anyone go to heaven. They hold the keys right? So if the pope says some atheist is in heaven, I guess it's because the pope used his authority to override the entire Bible and the government of God and sent that boy's father there cos that's the kind of good guy the pope is.
  8. To OneGodBeliever- the list you gave me

    When God says He gave His only begotten Son, I believe He had a Son to give.
  9. pope tells boy his atheist dad is in heaven

    The pope is a Jesuit. They make up their own rules. If it advances the cause of the papacy they will convince anyone of anything.
  10. Keep a Word - Change a Word

    Bar rain
  11. Who are you? Really?

    Animals can certainly sense our moods. I grew up with horses. My great-grandfather, grandfather, and uncle, were all renowned trainers in the racing industry in NZ. I visited the stables often as a youngster and could tell many stories of how these marvelous animals would interact with us. Yes, I remember as I buried my cattle dog, I wondered if by God's grace there was room for a resurrection of those animals that we were particularly close to. If so, would very much like to meet Watson. Oh, and you of course.
  12. Christian Unity

    The number of Protestant churches that have joined in signing various declarations of unity with Rome, such as the Joint Declaration of Justification by Faith between the Lutherans and Catholics in 1999....the "Declaration on the Way--Church, Ministry, and Eucharist", more recently, are two of many such documents being bandied about. This latest document is a further capitulation by Lutherans regarding the truth of the gospel. Here are some examples of the fallacious so-called unity that is supposedly being negotiated...what they are as you will notice, is a complete turn-around from Reformation theology, soteriology, and several other "ologies". Not all Lutherans have signed on, but other faiths have signed similar documents with Rome, such as the Anglicans and the modern church in Europe that descended from Jan Huss. In the first section, Agreements on the Church, it reads: 4. Lutherans and Catholics agree that the church is in every age apostolic because it is founded on the apostles' witness to the gospel, and it continuously professes the apostolic and evangelical faith while living by mandated practices handed on from the apostles. Thus we recognize both in our ecclesial communities the attribute of apostolicity grounded in their ongoing continuity in the apostolic faith, teaching, and practices. (p22). 9. Catholics and Lutherans agree that the church on earth is indefectible, because it is and will be preserved by the Holy Spirit in all aspects essential for salvation. (The definition of indefectible is flawless...free of fault or decay.) Seriously? Lutherans agreed to this? Luther will be having apoplexy in his grave. On Authority of Ministry it reads: 20. Catholics and Lutherans also agree that the office of ministry stands over against the community as well as within it and thus is called to exercise authority over the community. (This is medaeval Papacy confirmed. The dark ages and the council of Trent affirmed). On Agreements on the Eucharist it reads: Lutherans and Catholics agree that in the sacrament of the Lord's supper, Jesus Christ Himself is present: He is present truly, substantially, as a person, and He is present in His entirety, as Son of God and as a human being. What can I say? Finally, after dealing with some of the more obvious compromises and capitulation of the Lutheran church, here is an outright lie, from section 4 under the heading of Church. Drawing on the writings of Luther on the means of grace and marks of the church and on VaticanII regarding tradition, the church, and ecumenism, Lutherans and Catholics today "mutually recognize, at a fundamental level, the presence of apostolicity in our traditions". Luther contributed to this insight "when he insisted that a manifold Christian substance must be recognized in the Roman Catholic Church", for he perceived there the true holy scriptures, true baptism, the true sacrament of the altar, the true keys for the frgiveness of sins, the true office of proclamation, AND THE TRUE CATECHISM". NOW LET ME QUOTE LUTHER. ..."nothing else than the kingdom of Babylon and of very Antichrist. For who is the man of sin and the son of perdition, but he who by his teaching and his ordinance increases the sin and perdition of souls in the church; while he yet sits in the church as if he were God. All these conditions have now for many ages been fulfilled in the Papal tyranny. (Martin Luther 'First Principles' pp196-197). How can there be any harmony between what Luther actually wrote, and what is being promulgated in the fraudulent document above? How can any true Christian align himself with Antichrist and remain true to the Way, the Truth, and the Life?
  13. Who are you? Really?

    I grew up in a coastal town and learned to swim in the sea. I was surfing by age 8, and a life-guard at 13. I competed nationally rowing surf-boats in my late teens, and am still mind surfing at 65. So, the surf. I can sit on the beach for hours watching dolphins surfing, and sea gulls skimming waves. Every wave is different, and when in the water, each one a different challenge. Favorite animal was a black cattle dog who was given me by the wife of a deceased farmer I worked for. So constantly willing to work and please. And when not working a great companion just walking through the bush or around the farm. @GandalfTheWise You'd love New Zealand. Lived there nearly my entire life and swore black and blue that I would never live anywhere else to anyone who had the time to listen. Now I live in Australia. But only because of my answer to number 5. Where I would love to go, well, equal first to two places. Jeffrey's Bay in South Africa (look it up on youtube and you will see why) and any game reserve in Africa. My favorite holiday is Christmas. I don't celebrate it as the birth of Christ, but it is a great family reunion each year with the added opportunity for witness as it is the one time of the year everyone is willing to hear the gospel without too much prejudice. This one was easy. My life at present is awesomeness. I retired from farming in 2016 and my daughter and son-in-law immediately invited my wife and I to come and live with them in Melbourne. We are now thoroughly enjoying watching 6 of our 12 grandchildren grow up at our feet. Well sort of at our feet. The oldest, at 17, is 6'5". The youngest is 4. Just loving life at the present. And they all love Jesus to bits.
  14. Who are you? Really?

    @Kaiallan Hi. Your posts, how well they are written, the expressiveness and emotional honesty they diffuse, the humility with which they are presented, seem in a sense diametrically opposed to the person you describe in them. You, sir, are a writer. An artist. An observer. And eloquent with it. Gifted.
  15. Who are you? Really?

    @Kaiallan Hi. Your posts, how well they are written, the expressiveness and emotional honesty they diffuse, the humility with which they are presented, seem in a sense diametrically opposed to the person you describe in them. You sir are a writer. An artist. An observer. And eloquent with it. Gifted.