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  1. Bible Translations

    True, I wasn't around then, even though my children, when they were young, thought that we were still riding dinosaurs when I was a child. I know that these same arguments were used by reading and listening to Greek and Hebrew scholars who have a vested interest in these issues. Also, it was brought out in the audio and transcripts of the KJV controversy debate that I linked to earlier. They broke it down on a point by point argument discussion and showed how many of the same arguments being used by the KJV only folks are strikingly similar to the ones used when the KJV was done. Even the KJV translators themselves said that they knew they were not producing a perfect translation, and expected others to correct portions they had done. They said so in their introductory editorial comments to the 1611.
  2. Bible Translations

    Never met the man. Have heard some of his talks, seen some interviews with him, and read some of his prose on various topics. As I stated, he seems to be a real man of character. I just disagree with him on the KJV only thing. I like the KJV. I grew up with it. I refer to it on occasion. But I also know that it is not perfect. One thing that has to be in view... if the KJV is the true one and only preserved word of God, then what the previous 1600 years? And most of the same arguments being made by the KJV only folks today against the newer translations, are the exact same arguments that were made AGAINST the KJV when it was done. During that time, it was the Latin Vulgate only folks and Luther Bible folks who had a fit. The LV was a version that had been around for 12oo years and now this KJV version shows up. Why do we need a new translation and it isn't faithful to the original manuscripts? The Geneva Bible already was a venerated English translation, why do we need a KJV translation? The very same arguments being used today. My, how history has a way of repeating itself.
  3. Bible Translations

    There are a number of instances where the KJV translators really stepped on their duffle bag. One is.. Isaiah 45:7 (KJV) I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things. The unbelievers, gnostics, atheists, etc over the years have had a field day bashing Christians over the head that God originated and created evil, when it is very clear throughout scripture that it is not so. What about this text? Well, the word "evil" here is out of context for the passage. The Hebrew ra'a can be translated as evil when the object it contrasts is good, like in Genesis 2:9. But the contrast to "peace" is chaos, disorder, or calamity, which is also the Hebrew ra'a. The newer translations all got this one right by using those types of words. If the KJV folks would have applied the grammatical application of the Hebrew correctly and done the same thing, that would have spared countless hours of debate with fools about whether God is the source of evil, since this is probably the cornerstone passage that atheists and others use to argue this point against us. "If God created evil, then how am I accountable?" And we have one of the big ones that Gail Riplinger, Joseph Chambers, et al have gone after the "new age" translations over.... Lucifer. That there must be a diabolical conspiracy to remove Satan from the text! Isaiah 14:12 (KJV) How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations! Contrast that with Isaiah 14:12 (ISV) “How you have fallen from heaven, Day Star, son of the Dawn! How you have been thrown down to earth, you who laid low the nation! Isaiah 14:12 (NIV) How you have fallen from heaven, morning star, son of the dawn! You have been cast down to the earth, you who once laid low the nations! Isaiah 14:12 (NASB) “How you have fallen from heaven, O star of the morning, son of the dawn! You have been cut down to the earth, You who have weakened the nations! It would seem that Riplinger, Chambers, et al are correct. Right? But what is the word Lucifer? it is the Latin word for morning star! It is not a proper name but a description. But many of the KJV folks have promoted it to a proper name and then claim that because it wasn't used in many newer translations, then it must be a satanic conspiracy to remove it from the text, when in actuality, the KJV translators were just lazy and stole the word from the Latin Vulgate. It is this type of nonsense that causes many to blow off the KJV only folks as nut cases, when there are some valid translational issues regarding the other translations that should be brought up, as all translations err in one way or another. One can cry wolf just so long before no one pays any attention to you. And that is the hole that the KJV only folks have dug for themselves and they want to cry foul. It is sad that we nit pick over these things, because the rest of the world just laughs at us and dismisses any credibility of Christianity.
  4. Bible Translations

    There is an excellent debate that John Ankerberg did, where he had the main editor/translators of the NKJV, the NASB, and the NIV on with some KJV only adherents. One of whom I deeply respect in many areas, except for the KJV only thing he holds. Joseph Chambers. Many of the arguments made by Chick were addressed in the debate and shown to be very hollow at best. I like Chick's products, but he has some issues I disagree with. While clearly a man of character, he also is a man with flaws like the rest of us. Since we seem to be in disagreement and sharing links, you can get the debate here, at least the transcripts. I have the audio. https://www.jashow.org/articles/general/the-king-james-controversy-revisited-program-1/ OOPS! I did find the audio and video versions..... https://www.jashow.org/resources/the-king-james-controversy-revisited.html
  5. Confused about prophecy

    To muddy the waters a little.... in the western mindset, prophecy is primarily prediction. In the Jewish mindset, prophecy is as much pattern as it is prediction. It is called Midrash. In other words, to more fully understand what is being predicted, one should look for similar patterns of past events in scripture to help define the future prophecy. Either way, it is a life long study, and I am quite certain that those who think they have prophecy figured out, don't. We all see thru a glass darkly, but one day we will all see clearly.
  6. Bible Translations

    How about the NKJV since it uses similar grammatical structure and the same source texts as the KJV? "authorized version" is a play on words. Just because King James authorized the translation, does not imply it is the only "authorized" translation. Authorized by men is not quite the same as authorized by God. It seems to be used more as a stick to beat others over the head with.
  7. Pre-Tribulation Proofs

    But perspective is everything. Since the focus of that 7 years is casting Satan and his cohorts to the earth, punishing the inhabitants of the earth for their rejection of Messiah, and driving the Jewish people to the brink and to cry out for Messiah to rescue them, what part of all that is the believing body of Christ deserving of? try not to confuse persecution of believers by evil with deserving punishment on those bent on rejecting Messiah.
  8. Reasons Why God Allows Suffering?

    The book of Ruth is one of the examples in scripture that show individual suffering led to a greater good. If Elimilech and Naomi and their sons had not gone to Moab, then Ruth would have never come to Israel to be part of the lineage of the Messiah. Thru Elimilech's, Mahlon's, and Chilon's death, Boaz would never have become the kinsman redeemer to Naomi and Ruth and not the husband of Ruth and the lineage from with the Messiah would come. While we may not be aware of why suffering may be happening, we have to rely on the Lord's promises that all things work for good to those that love and trust Him.
  9. It is proof that one can be very sincere, yet be sincerely wrong. The adversary has done a quite a job in corrupting the Gospel. I was listening recently to an old teaching from Walter Martin, author of "Kingdom of the Cults", about how one should handle witnessing to LDS and JW's. It was a real eye opener. One has to take a very unique approach to it. These folks have been so mesmerized by carefully crafted teaching that trying to come at it in traditional ways will likely be unprofitable. And one thing also, we have to always be mindful that these are people who Messiah died for, just like us. In dialoguing with them, we have to actually listen to them to gain their attention and respect. If we act dismissive of them and don't ask them the right questions, in the spirit of genuine concern for them, that will cause them to have to think their theology thru, we will just shut them down, the barriers will go up, and nothing we say will cut thru. And in doing that, we have to be very foundational in what the Gospel truly is. We have to allow the Word of God, the sword of the scripture, to do the work. They have been taught well how to twist the average true believer into a pretzel over semantics. But we have to present that word to them in love and compassion. That is the one thing they typically are not used to dealing with. And another key is critical.... we must always act in a way that says we are not anti LDS or anti JW, but we are anti theology of the LDS and JW leadership. It is not the individual LDS or JW fault that they have been led astray by false doctrine. Some very crafty people have misled them. I highly recommend that one get some of Walter Martin's teachings on dealing with the cults. Souls that Yeshua died for are being lost. http://www.waltermartin.com
  10. Excited of heaven?

    I guess you didn't read the other posts. And like I stated, I really couldn't care less if anyone agrees with me. Christianity is not a popularity contest. Part of any dialogue is to also prove that the person making the assertion is wrong. You wish to put me on the defensive. Can't be done. I out grew that many years ago. We all base some of our theology on other scripture expositors. Anyone who thinks they don't is lying to themselves. The person who lives in a vacuum is usually wrong beyond all comprehension. Regarding the dimensionality assertion, It is true that I obtained that information from others. I am not a master in the Hebrew language, especially the original ancient Hebrew. And likewise, I am not a particle physicist. I saw a unique match in what Nahmanides found by careful analysis of Gen 1 in the original, ancient Hebrew, and that it was striking that modern science has arrived at the same conclusion after many years and at much expense. Everyone who interprets scripture is theorizing. No one person has a unique lock on what the Ruach intended to convey in every passage and every word of scripture. No one person has a lock on interpretation. That is not my idea or "theory", it was stated by the Apostle Peter.
  11. Excited of heaven?

    Yeah, I have never fallen for such dribble. I do see this kind of thing developing and have for some time. I think we can agree. I only brought up what I did because I hold a very high view of scripture. The Ruach's fingerprints are all over the scripture. And finding little nuggets from time to time is outright joy to me. It wouldn't surprise me that false systems would try to capitalize on such things and twist and use them to their advantage. Likewise, I think there is more to what the creation is than we can ever fathom. Dimensionality to the universe has been somewhat intriguing to me since my days as a student in college, back in the dark ages. You see, I am an old coot. A VN veteran, so that should give you and idea how old. Shalom!
  12. Excited of heaven?

    I have no knowledge of what group you are referring to. Did not even know of existence of such a group.
  13. Excited of heaven?

    Oh dear, yet again...... Gonna have a tough time convincing me that a bunch of Jewish scribes tried to hide the Gospel of Yeshua in the genealogical names in their Torah. Especially since we have copies of the Torah from before the days of Yeshua on the earth.
  14. Excited of heaven?

    Oh dear. Take a look at this.....
  15. Excited of heaven?

    I am not really concerned whether anyone believes me. I didn't write the scripture and I am not trying to sell anything. I have studied things long enough to know that, as the Hebrew scholars contend, that when Messiah comes, he will not only interpret the passages in scripture, that He will interpret the very words. And that not only will He interpret the words, but also the very letters. And not only will He interpret the letters, then He will interpret the very space between the letters. Sure, a 5 year old can understand the rudimentary concepts of scripture, but even the most learned scholar in history can only begin to grasp the depths of scripture. No one can know all that scripture details. How about the confirmation of scripture via equidistant letter sequencing (acrostics) of passages, chapters, and books? Are you aware of that? Like in one example, how every name of the book of Ruth is laid out in chronological order in Genesis 38 via 49 letter equidistance patterns, of course, only in the original Hebrew. And while the name of Yahweh is not mentioned once in the book of Esther, it is via equidistant letter sequencing in the book. And another unique thing about Esther, is that the method of equidistant letter sequencing spell out Messiah, Yeshua, and El Shaddai. How about that the entire Gospel of Yeshua is laid out in the 10 generational names from Adam to Noah. Most adults have vaguely a clue of such things, let alone a 5 year old. You might want to dig a little deeper before you make assumptions about me.