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  1. OldCoot

    Coyotes, problem

    I came across a couple of really good videos done by the Jefferson Country Conservation Folks in Colorado about coyotes. Perfect for those in urban areas that deal with these critters. A must see for anyone, and especially for the OP of this thread. They might help you get a better handle on the coyote thing. Video removed by Omegaman 3.0 - Videos are only allowed in the Video section of the forums. Those who wish to see this video, may do so by searching YouTube for "Coyote Country: myth vs fact" The following video is actually more about how to deal with coyotes in the urban area than about trapping........ Video removed by Omegaman 3.0 - Videos are only allowed in the Video section of the forums. Those who wish to see this video, may do so by searching YouTube for "Coyote Hazing Study Results"
  2. OldCoot


    You are confusing general tribulation and hardship with the specific period of time commonly known as the Great Tribulation. The problem comes from not grasping fully what the GT is all about, who it is intended for, etc. It is quite clear in both OT and NT that Jacob (Israel) is the focus. And why? As Yeshua told us in Hosea and Matthew, they have to be brought to a point where they as a corporate entity finally acknowledge Yeshua. Unfortunately, it will take driving them almost to the point of total annihilation before they get their mind right and petition for Yeshua’s return to rescue them. As arrogant as many in the church seems to think they are somehow the only focus of anything God does, Yeshua made it very clear, no ambiguity, that He is not going to return and plant His feet on this planet until collective Israel acknowledges their offense of rejecting Him, turns to Him, and calls for His return. And those that are part of the redeemed up to where all this starts and Israel becomes the main focus, are removed and hidden where the Lord is. Many, many passages in scripture say just that. The Prophets, the Psalms, etc. There will be those who figure things out after that period starts and turn to the Lord. And it is those who take the brunt of what goes on then. But keep in mind, they went into the GT initially as unredeemed.
  3. OldCoot

    Veteran Civilian Interaction.

    Came across this video from Wounded Warriors and, as a VN vet, I thought it hit the nail squarely on the head. Doesn't really matter when we served, this video captures the aftermath very well.
  4. OldCoot

    Is Communist China Christianity’s Future?

    The fascinating part was how the Chinese characters speak of the very same ideas expressed in the scripture. Not really sure that you actually watched the video to see what was being said as opposed to just what you wanted to think was being said. I think I know a con game when I see it, and this wasn't it. Everything they showed in the video lined up with the scriptures, including showing in the design of the Chinese characters the death and atonement of the one true God. If that is of Satan, then we are all in deep trouble. Proverbs 18:13 applies I think.
  5. OldCoot

    Is Communist China Christianity’s Future?

    Christianity in China is growing even though the latest crackdowns by Chairman Xi is hitting some areas hard. I came across a set of great videos regarding ancient China, the Chinese written language, and the one God.... Shang Di. Some great stuff that shows that ancient China actually was pretty close to the Biblical view of the one true eternal God. The one below is a very good one and fun to watch, at least for me it was. God in Ancient China
  6. OldCoot

    The stupidity of Scientists

    Many scientists believe is a God of some sort and some idea of intelligent design. But they don't make those views known because the system will find a way to mess up their life. Ask Guillermo Gonzalez sometime. A brilliant astro physicist that was marginalized and eventually forced out of Iowa State University because he wrote "The Privileged Planet" which simply made the point that things were set up in such a way as to suggest an intelligent designer. This all happened right next door to me here in Iowa. Truly sad what they did to Dr. Gonzalez. And the destruction of Dr. Gonzalez's career was started and led by the atheist head of the religion department at Iowa State U. If you want to keep your position, get tenure, or get access to research grants, you will espouse the party line and keep your own personal views to yourself.
  7. OldCoot

    When Nations turn against Israel

    And how it never seems to get reported (except maybe a slight mention on the back page of a paper) that Israel is the most compassionate country in the region. If a wounded Syrian soldier were to make it to the Israeli border, the Israelis will see that soldier receives medical treatment.... at Israeli expense. The Arab countries the region will not even take in their own that left Israel when it became a nation. Just keeps them in refugee camps while their supposed "Palestinian" leaders take all the money that is sent to provide for those refugees and spend it on weapons to use against Israel and each other, build tunnels, pay families to have their children blow themselves up via suicide bombings, or put it in Swiss bank accounts. As opposed to Israel, which absorbed 600,000 Jews from Arab lands that were expelled after Israel became a nation and paid for it themselves. And America and Israel are the bad guys in all of this. Over a million killed in the 1980's Iran / Iraq war. Israel and the U.S. had nothing to do with that. Over 100,000 killed in the Egypt / Yemen conflict. Again, nothing to do with Israel or U.S. How about "Black September" in Jordan? Or how Arafat and the PLO ordered "palestinians" who refused to go along with his insanity hung by the jaws on butcher hooks and had pregnant "Palestinian" women's bellies cut open and babies ripped out and killed. And the list goes on. The ruse that American involvement is the reason the Arab nations are miffed at us and Israel is a smoke screen. If they don't have the U.S. and Israel to rant and rave at, they have no problem killing each other. It is what they do. It is evil on steroids. It is just that simple.
  8. OldCoot

    When Nations turn against Israel

    Then why did all the surrounding nations attack Israel the day after its founding in 1948? America wasn't even part of anything in the ME. That was Great Britain. How about the attacks on Jewish settlements by surrounding folks before Israel was a nation? How about the Crusaders who killed thousands of Jews in the land on their various forays into the ME? Including one time where 20,000 Jews were rounded up, put in the Great Synagogue in Jerusalem, and burned alive while the crusaders marched around sinning "Christ We Adore Thee". Just a wee bit before America was even discovered. The world has been against the Jews and Israel for thousands of years. And today, Zechariah 12:3 is in full bloom. All the nations of the world, the late lights burn in their capitals as they all figure out what to do with Jerusalem and Israel. And there is no nation of Palestine. Never has been. It was a term coined by Rome to throw distain on the Jews. The land that is now Israel was initially both Jordanian and Syrian land under British control. Called Trans Jordan. There was no Palestine. Ask JD Farag, pastor at Kaneohe Cavalry Chapel, or Walid Shoebat. Both of them who thought they were Palestinian until they actually studied the history. Now they know they are simply Arab. This whole Palestinian ruse is straight out of the playbook of Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia that Hitler used to take over that area of the Czech Republic. As Solomon stated.... there is nothing new under the sun.
  9. OldCoot

    When Nations turn against Israel

    Unless one has been living a hermit's existence, all one has to do is turn on the daily news to see that most of the nations are against Israel. Most have been from the days of the Patriarchs. Certainly the United Nations is a bastion of Israel hating folks. If there has ever been a group that has experienced consistent hatred for thousands of years, world wide, I can think of no other group than the Hebrew people. And it was going on hundreds of years before some stupid idea that the hatred is because they killed Yeshua. Can anyone say Antiochus IV Epiphanes? The big question then becomes, why is it that so many folks seem to have such a severe distain for the Hebrew people that they get blamed for everything and come under such attack all through history. It clearly has to be a Satanic thing. One thing for certain, how the nations treated the Hebrew people will be the focus during the time when Yeshua returns to set up His kingdom and is judging the nations, and which people are worthy to go forward into the Millennial kingdom. See Joel 3:1-3 and Matthew 25:31-46. Should cause one to pause and wonder how Yeshua sees those who claim to believe and trust in Him that exhibit similar anti Hebrew/Jew/Israel sentiments. I often wonder about, say, Martin Luther "the great reformer" when he put out his pamphlet "Against the Jews and their Lies". It was a staple document that the Nazis used to justify their extermination of the Jews, and is still a staple document for various Jew/Israel hating folks. I have not seen a document since that is more full of vitriol and hatred toward the Jewish people, including Mein Kampf. The face to face confrontation between Luther and Yeshua.... I can say with assurance of the scripture, not good. And kicking the can down the road and claiming such things as there are no real Jews anymore is not going to be any better. It is just another variation on the anti-Jewish playlist. If there is no real Jew/Israeli left, then we might as well give up on this Christian stuff, because Yeshua is never coming back and we are wasting our time. Read Hosea 5:14-15 and compare with Matthew 23:37-39.
  10. OldCoot

    When Nations turn against Israel

    Jacob = Israel. See Genesis 32:28. One can say "Israel" and mean all the tribes. Israel in its simplest form is the name for Jacob, from whom all the tribes, including Judah, come from. All the tribes were commingled during, and technically before, the Babylonian captivity. Ezra called his returning remnant Israel 40 times and Jews 9 times. Nehemiah called his returning remnant Israel 22 times and Jews 11 times. From the Babylonian captivity onward, Jew and Israel have been interchangeable terms. Only those with some sort of agenda seem to be stuck on the two kingdoms / houses stuff. In 2 Chronicles, there are many instances where people from the nothern tribes migrated southward and joined with the southern tribes. By the time Judah went into captivity in Babylon, the population was a mix of all the tribes.
  11. OldCoot

    Coyotes, problem

    The idea is to not shoot at them but to actually shoot them. As in dead. They are over populated, a menace to people, pets, livestock, and property. And they upset a balanced ecosystem regarding wildlife. We can hunt and trap them year round in my area.
  12. OldCoot

    Coyotes, problem

    Well that would be something like leg traps. The Cougar urine might be worth trying or even bear urine. https://www.thepeemart.com/peestore/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=5_30 I may look into the Coyote urine to draw them in better along with predator call so that I can send them some #4 buckshot. The joy of living rural.
  13. OldCoot

    Coyotes, problem

    There are different size cans of the stuff and some have a trigger type of application. Check the major outdoor sports places or gun shops. You can find it online, but state laws may prohibit shipping. if one uses this stuff on a predator like a coyote (or even a two legged predator), it will definitely ruin their day.
  14. OldCoot

    Coyotes, problem

    Then I would suggest Bear Repellent. It is stronger and shoots a farther, more direct spray. It’s either that or start packing heat. Then all the neighbors show up to city hall with pitchforks and torches and demand your hired help take care of the problem or find another job.
  15. OldCoot

    Jesus (was/is) a Jew?

    There should be no struggle. Jacob = Israel. Same dude. Same Patriarch.