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  1. Hey Episcopius, I guess we both had the same thoughts. I posted mine just as you posted yours...... Well, it's good to know we are on the same page.
  2. Hi Sister, The Greek Septuagint Old Testament indicates the 70th Shabua extends to the "end of time" "And one week shall establish the covenant with many; and in the midst of the week my sacrifice and drink offering shall be taken away: and on the Temple shall be the abomination of desolations; and at the end of time an end shall be put to the desolation".........Dan 9:27 LXX This was the Old Testament text of the early church. We cannot - and should not - ignore the Septuagint version. It precludes an historic fulfillment of the 70 Shabua. Everyone is in agreement that the 7 Shabuim ( weeks of years) and the 62 Shabuim, added together constitute the 483 year countdown to Messiah the Prince. So then, how is it that the 70th Shabua, the last week, 7 years, gets stretched all the way to the...."week ended with Jerusalem and the temple being destroyed in 70AD. "??? ...........That would account for somewhere around 40 (+-) years. How do you reconcile that? Where do the 483 years end? At the birth of the Messiah?...... at His Baptism?.....at the beginning of His ministry?.........on Palm Sunday?.......
  3. Hi Sister, A couple of questions: First, let's look at this scripture.... And he will make (Heb. GABAR, meaning “strengthen”) a firm covenant with the many for one week. (Dan. 9:27) If it’s the Mosaic Covenant, why is it allowed to extend 3 1/2 years beyond the death of Messiah? And how and why is it strengthened? If it’s the New Covenant in Jesus’s blood, how is it strengthened prior to Jesus’s death (which is the event that inaugurates the Covenant?) And why is it strengthened only for 7 years when this is an everlasting covenant?
  4. Hi all. I pulled this from....Gospelintheendtimes.com. It puts together where the Two Witnesses minister and how long they minister. There are numerous clues within Rev. 11 and if we assemble them together, they should give us a better idea which theory is more likely. Aspect of Ministry of Two Witnesses Ministry During the First Half of 70th Week Ministry from 3rd Year till 6th Year of 70th Week Ministry During the Last Half of 70th Week Do They Witness to the Jews? Yes Yes No Do They Witness to the Gentiles? No Yes Yes Is Their Resurrection Timed With Primary Resurrection? (Rev. 11:11-12) No Yes No Is Their Ministry and the drought associated with it timed with the Famine of the third year of the 70th Week? (Rev. 11:6) Yes Yes No Does their ministry coincide with the plagues of the second half of the 70th Week? (Rev. 11: 6) No Maybe? Yes Will the Nations be in a celebratory mood upon the death of the Witnesses? (Rev. 11:10) Maybe? Yes No Will the Nations be able to say “Peace and Safety” upon the death of the Witnesses? (1 Thess. 5:1-3) No Yes No Is an Earthquake foretold as part of the other events surrounding their resurrection? (Rev. 11:13) No Yes No Now with that said, let’s look individually at each clue: Will They Witness to the Jews? The Two Witnesses minister in Jerusalem. In order to witness to the Jews, the Jews will have to be in Jerusalem during the time the Witnesses are ministering. A ministry during the first half of Daniel’s 70th Week is required because the Jews are mostly killed or taken into captivity during the second half of the “Week.” Both of the first two options have a portion of the ministry during the first half of the “Week”. Will They Witness to the Gentiles? Using the exact same logic, it will be necessary for a portion of their ministry to be during the second half of the 70th Week in order for them to minister to the Gentiles who trample Jerusalem for this 42 month period. This makes a ministry solely during the first half of the 70th Week less likely. The ministry of the Two Witnesses includes the calling down of plagues (some of which mirror the plagues of Egypt). Doesn’t it make more sense that these plagues will be upon the Gentiles (just as they were in Egypt)? If so then the Two Witnesses must be witnessing during the second half of Daniel’s 70th Week since that is the only time the Gentiles are present in Jerusalem. Is Their Resurrection During the Primary Resurrection? This is an incredibly important but little understood point. Hebrew harvests have 3 components, a first fruits, a primary harvest, and a gleanings harvest. In order for there to be three and only three resurrections (not seven like many Pre-Tribulation Rapture theorists propose), the Two Witnesses must be resurrected during the primary harvest resurrection. If you are Pre-Wrath in your thinking, this means the Two Witnesses must be resurrected prior to the Second Coming by definition. This eliminates a ministry for them solely in second half of the “Week.” If you are Post Trib. in your thinking, I still think a solely second half of the “Week” ministry doesn’t work. If, in that scenario, Jesus physically returns to the earth on the 1260th day and if the Two Witnesses are resurrected 3 1/2 days after the 1260 days, then their resurrection takes place after the physical return of Jesus. Obviously this makes no sense. If the ministry of the Witnesses is during the first half of the 70th Week either they have a separate resurrection just for themselves or the 3 1/2 days their bodies lay in the streets is actually 3 1/2 years. This would also only work under a Post Trib. Rapture theory. Only a ministry that extends from the 3rd year to the end of the 6th year makes sense in terms of Resurrection timing. Does the Drought of the Two Witnesses corespond with the Famine of the Third Year? Scripture tells us no rain falls during the ministry of the Witnesses. It is most likely that a famine strikes in the third year. Even if this is controversial, nearly all commentators believe the famine is part of the “Beginning of the Birth Pangs” period and happens in the first half of the “Week.” This makes it much more likely for the ministry of the Witnesses to take place during some portion of the first half of the 70th Week. Plagues We know the witnesses cause other plagues as well. All of these would most likely take place AFTER the invasion of Israel at the midpoint when it is being trampled by Gentiles. This makes a solely first half of the 70th Week ministry very unlikely. Will the Nations be in a Celebratory Mood upon the Death of the Witnesses? We know the Nations celebrate and give each other gifts upon the death of the Witnesses. It is unlikely that the gentile nations will celebrate if the Witnesses die at the midpoint because the gentiles won’t have experienced the ministry of the witnesses. Why celebrate their deaths? It is also unlikely the nations will celebrate at the end of the 1260 days. At this point Satan, the Antichrist and the False Prophet are gathering the nations to fight against Christ when he returns. The nations have also just experienced/are experiencing the pouring out of the Bowls of Wrath. They have bigger problems than the death of the witnesses, let alone having time to give gifts. The only timing that makes sense from a celebratory point of view is at the end of the sixth year of the “Week” as we will see below. Will the Nations say “Peace and Safety” after the Death of the Witnesses? If the Witnesses have a ministry during the last half of the 70th Week, the Bowls will be in the process of being poured out and the nations will be gathering to fight against Jesus at his return. This is not a time when anyone would say “peace and safety”. If the Witnesses have a ministry during the first half of the 70th Week, the Antichrist wars against Egypt and the western nations will be ongoing. Additionally the Great Tribulation will have just begun. No one would say peace and safety at that point. Only a ministry that ends prior to the Resurrection/Rapture at the end of the sixth year could result in the Nations saying “peace and safety” after the death of the Witnesses. Is an Earthquake Prophesied to Occur in Conjunction with Other Events Surrounding the Resurrection of the Witnesses? We know from Rev. 11:13 that an earthquake occurs upon the Resurrection of the Witnesses. Might this earthquake be part of the any of the other earthquakes that are prophesied to occur during the 70th Week? It might be. If earthquakes are prophesied at the same time as Resurrection of the Witnesses (such as at the seventh seal or the seventh bowl) this would support that timing for the the ministry of the Two Witnesses. An earthquake is prophesied at the opening of the seventh seal (Rev. 8:5). This is consistent with a Ministry ending at the end of the sixth year. An earthquake is prophesied at the 7th Bowl as well, but this occurs at the battle of Armageddon at day 1260. If the witnesses are resurrected 3 1/2 days after this (consistent with a ministry of the last half of the 70th Week) then the earthquake will already have taken place. Only a ministry from the third year until the end of the sixth year is supported by the occurrence of other earthquakes prophesied to coincide with other events. Summary Looking at all the clues in Rev. 11, it appears it is most likely that the Two Witnesses minster from about the middle of the third year of Daniel’s 70th Week until 3 1/2 days before the Resurrection at the end of the sixth year. I’m not dogmatic about this timing but it makes complete sense and brings all the scriptures we know about this time into the best harmony.
  5. Hi dh, Well, I would really like to see them.
  6. Hey LD, I don't think that "the confirming of the covenant being the new covenant" can be the New Covenant that Jesus established. His New Covenant is an everlasting Covenant....not just for one week. I also don't believe that the 70th week begins with a peace treaty. You're right though, too many people are fixated on there being a peace treaty to begin the final week. Jesus never alluded to it, neither did Paul or Matthew, nor does Revelation. The only mention is in 1 Thes 5:3 "when they say peace and security, then sudden destruction will come upon them". I think that is referring to the time just before the Wrath of God kicks in.
  7. I have heard many different views regarding the Book of Revelation. Some say it’s to be taken literally, some say it’s all allegorical, some say it’s chronological, while others say it isn’t, and some say it’s too confusing and they don’t bother with it. I’ve looked at many interpretations and have read many commentaries, but they just don’t seem to hit the nail squarely. There were always questions unanswered. Traditionally, when the Book of Revelation is taught, what is happening in that particular chapter is gone over, but not where that particular chapter fits in the overall picture in Revelation. Now, I’m not going to do a verse by verse or a chapter by chapter. What I’d like to do is give an overall view as to how Revelation was written. This will probably be a surprise to many. But I think that this view will really make things quite clear. Let me say upfront that the order of Revelation is a great mystery and all of us are guessing to some extent. There are some things we can know and maybe some things we can’t. All of us should approach it with a humble heart. I don’t think any of us can be 100% certain of the order of events until they happen. So stay with me…..take off your pre-conceived glasses…..and consider this view. One important note before we begin looking at the timeline. John was instructed by Jesus Himself to write the visions he saw, but was not asked to interpret them. Rev 1:11…..” Write in a book what you see, and send it to the seven churches……” Since this was Jesus’ command to John to write down the visions without explanations, we have the book in exactly the form the Lord desired it. (We don’t know if John understood the visions or the order as he didn’t communicate that) If it’s mysterious, that’s exactly the way the Lord wanted it. When the disciples asked Jesus why certain things were mysterious and why He explained things in parables and symbols, He answered them….” To you it has been granted to know the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven, but to them it has not been granted”……..Matt 13:11 Revelation has over 500 Old Testament (OT) references, and it’s only 450 verses. The symbols are based on these references to the OT, the horses, the beasts, etc. So, believers with a good knowledge of the OT are in a huge advantage in understanding the Book of Revelation. Yet many only focus on the New Testament (NT) or worse yet, from the epistles of Paul. They miss the full council of God. The Book of Amos tells us that in there is coming a famine of the Word of God. It’s no wonder then that most don’t know or understand Revelation which is based on the prophetic passages in the OT. If we let scripture interpret scripture, it is quite easy to see, for instance, that Rev 6-8 have a 1-1 exact match with Matthew 24. There are 13 events in the exact same order in these two books. The statistical odd of these events in these two books not being the same events are 3 trillion to one. We can use these sets of parallel events to prove that Rev isn’t completely chronological. This makes Rev 6 a key passage because it exactly matches Matt 24. That means Matt 24:30, the return of Jesus on the clouds, and Rev 6:16 where He comes seated on His throne (in the clouds) is the same event. So let’s use this important analogy between Matt 24 and Rev 6. We know that this event, the return of Jesus in Matt 24:30 and Rev 6:16 occurs AFTER the Abomination of Desolation (A of D) and AFTER the Great Tribulation (GT)………YET, in Rev, there are 16 chapters still to go….still ahead of us. In Rev 12, there are at least 1260 more days that a person known as the ‘woman’ is nourished in the wilderness. And in Rev 13, we learn that only at this point is the Beast, the Antichrist, foreseen. So if Rev were entirely chronological, the Antichrist would come first on the scene after the GT, after the 7th trumpet, and after Jesus returns on the clouds. Do you see the problem with that kind of logic? Although Rev has a non-chronological section, the seals, trumpets and bowls are completely chronological. All the seals open before any of the trumpets, and then after the trumpets are blown, only then are the bowls poured out. When the disciples asked Jesus for the sign of His coming in the end of the age, He went into great detail the events that would happen before He’d return. These signs are the same as the first 6 seals of Rev….deception, false prophets, war, famine, A of D, martyrdom, and the celestial signs. However, Jesus didn’t give a single trumpet or bowl sign. The reason is the trumpets and bowls occur after His return. Either Jesus misled all of us by not telling us about things like 1/3 of the earths’ population dying, fire and brimstone, or everyone that takes the Mark of the Beast being stung by demonic locusts. In Luke 17, Jesus also told us that the unrighteous will be living fairly normal lives prior to His return. They will be eating and drinking, building, planting, and marrying. None of these things would be done if fire and brimstone were falling or demonic locusts were stinging everyone. So again, these things must happen after the return of Jesus. Revelation 1 is an introduction. Rev2 & 3 are letters to the Seven Churches. After this are 3 visions and the material in them is mostly chronological. The 1st vision extends from chapter 4 through 11. The 2nd vision is from chapter 12 to 15:5. The 3rd vision is from chapter 15:6 through 22:6. The 1st vision takes place in heaven. John is called up to the Throne Room of God and the entire vision takes place from that vantage point. This involves the Throne Room, Jesus opening up the 7 Sealed Scroll, the events that followed the seals as seen from heaven, and of course, the rapture. Then the 7 trumpets. It ends after the 7th trumpet when the Temple of God in heaven is opened at the end of chapter 11. John’s 2nd vision begins in chapter 12 with the sign of the woman clothed in the sun and ends when the Temple of God is opened in chapter 15. These 1st two visions end with exactly the same event…..the opening of the Temple of God in heaven. John’s 3rd vision takes place after the Temple is open. The Bowls of Wrath are poured out in chapter 16. Babylon the Great is destroyed. Jesus fights Armageddon. And the millennial kingdom is established. And finally, after the millennial kingdom, the eternal state is established when God the Father descends to the earth and dwells with man forever. So Revelation is comprised of introductory material and only 3 visions. The 1st two visions, chapters 4 through 11, and chapters 12 through 15:5 are two visions of the same events. They aren’t different. They are looking at the same things. Rev 12 through 15:5 is essentially a retelling of what takes place in Rev 4 through 11. The 1st vision is straightforward….it looks at the events. The 2nd vision discusses the various characters involved in the events, such as the dragon, the Beast, etc. Woman & Dragon Throne Room False Prophets War Famine Authority Martyrs Coming of Christ 144,000 Rapture Wrath of God Temple in heaven opened 1st vision 4-5 6:1-2 6:3-4 6:5-6 Rev 6:7-8 6:9-11 6:12-16 7:1-8 7:9-16 8:11 Rev 11:19 2nd vision Rev 12 Rev 13:13 13:4 13:16-17 Rev 13:5 13:15 14:14 14:1-5 14:15-16 15:1-4 14:17-20 Rev 15:5 The 1st vision ........... It begins with the scene in the Throne Room of God in Rev 4 through 5. Then Jesus opens up the 1st seal in the 7 sealed scroll in Rev 6:1 through 15, the 1st seal being the coming of false messiahs, the 2nd seal – war and bloodshed, the 3rd famine and economic distress, the 4th the granting of authority to the Beast, the 5th being martyrdom, then Jesus comes on the clouds in Rev 6:16, then the 144,000 Israelite's are sealed in Rev 7, then they and the vast multitude of righteous ones from all ages are resurrected and raptured to the Throne Room of God. We see this in Rev 7:9 through 17. After that, the Wrath of God is poured out in the form of 7 trumpets. After the final trumpet, the Temple of God in heaven is opened. 2Nd vision…………… It begins with a different introduction – the woman clothed with the sun, and the dragon. Then in Rev 13 we learn about the Beast and the False Prophet. Interestingly, we see all 5 of the first seal events detailed in this chapter----- We have signs and wonders performed by the false prophets of the 1st seal, war and bloodshed of the 2nd seal, we see the Mark of the Beast which is a reaction by the Antichrist to the economic warfare of the 3rd seal. We see the Beast given authority just as it is at the 4th seal. We see persecution and death in the martyrdom of the 5th seal, but unlike Rev 6 that simply shows the events, this chapter 13 shows how these events caused the world to worship the Beast. They show Satan’s purpose for these things so they’re adding to what we learned in chapter 6 in the 1st vision. Jesus comes on the clouds in the 1st vision and sure enough in this 2nd vision Jesus comes on the clouds as well. In the 1st vision, the 144,000 are sealed and raptured and in the 2nd vision we see the 144,000 again in Rev 14:1-5, they are on the heavenly Mount Zion. They are in heaven singing a new song to the living creatures and the 24 elders. We learn an amazing fact about them that they are ‘first fruits’…..they are the first raptured, fulfilling Jesus’ prophecy that the’ last will be first’. The last saved will be the first into heaven. Then the main rapture occurs as we see Jesus harvest the earth in Rev 14:15 through 16. In Rev 15, we see these raptured saints before the Throne of God just like we did in Rev 7:9. After this, the Wrath of God is poured out – in both visions. In this 2nd vision we see it in Rev 14: 17-20. And finally, the vision ends with the Temple of God being opened up, just like it did in chapter 11 in the 1st vision. Eleven identical events happen in the 1st two visions. Looking at the chart, how can they be anything other than 2 visions of the same events? 2 visions with different purposes – the 1st one showing the events – the 2nd one concentrating on the characters and purposes in the events. Now……we wouldn’t want to remove any part of scripture, but IF we were to remove chapters 12 through 15:5, we would have the exact chronological order to Rev that we have with those chapters in there. They are simply providing more info on that 1st vision. Many thanks go to my friend and mentor Nelson Walters for his spiritual insight and putting this together. This is probably new to you…..perhaps this is the first time you have had Revelation explained like this. When I first came upon it, it all made sense. I believe that the book of Revelation has finally been been deciphered.
  8. Hi Dan, Inspiring testimony. A Huge Worthy Welcome to you brother.......
  9. JoeCanada

    Al Baghdadi.

    Hi William, "Turkey is not Yavan, which people are the Greeks, long time foes of Turkey. The Turks are from another race entirely." Yavan was a son of Yaphet (Japhet), Yavan is parallel with the Greek word "Ionia", which is the Greek region of Asia Minor, which is a portion of the land mass of Turkey. Indeed. Iran and its proxies have caused and are causing a great deal of trouble in the region. Things are heating up for a big war.
  10. Hi Cindy..... When you post or answer, look just above and you will see a smiley face. Click on it and you will find an array of emojis.
  11. A HUGE Worthy Welcome Cindy......
  12. JoeCanada

    Al Baghdadi.

    Hey Diaste, Getting back to the OP....., I've done a little investigative journalism on Abu Bakr al-baghdadi. Al-Baghdadi was hiding in the province of Idlib in Syria, just 2 1/2 miles from Turkey. Why did the US helicopters fly some 300 miles across Iraq and Syria when they could have flown from Turkey? Was President Erdogan supporting the Islamic State and its leader, Al-Baghdadi? Al-Baghdadi was a self proclaimed leader of the Islamic State (I.S.) since bursting on the scene in July of 2014. He proclaimed himself to be the Caliph of a new nation, the Islamic State. He was a world class terrorist who took brutality to a new level - burning prisoners in cages, crucifying young children, etc. Even though they took vast amounts of land, what really captured the imagination of radical Islamists all over the world, was their ability to rapidly defeat the traditional Iraq Army and capture territories. So much so that over 30,000 soldiers from around the globe joined their ranks. Remember that? They say that about 10% of the 1.5 billion Muslims are radicalized.....that means that 150 million radicals, the size of a nation. These radicals are dreaming of an Islamic Empire run under Sharia law, and although the I.S, has lost its territory and now its Caliph, they haven't lost their dreams. And this is key: The defeat of I.S. and the death its Caliph has created a vacuum into which those unmet dreams have fallen. The 'Caliph cat is out of the bag' and someone else is going to start another one to fulfill its dreams. There is a very real possibility that Daniel 8: 1-8 is a future prophecy (which I hold to). It describes a man rising in Iran (represents Media-Persia) claiming to be the 12th Iman, the Muslim Savior. This will infuriate Turkey (Yavan) because they believe that Sunni Muslims are the true Muslims, and that the Caliph should be base out of Istanbul. Perhaps this is why Turkey was backing and supporting Al-Baghdadi, a Sunni Caliph. So now, a vacuum has been created that needs to be filled. Stay tuned.....watch Iran.
  13. Hi Wesley, A Great Big Worthy Welcome to you ...... " This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine......................."
  14. Hey Uriah, When the Islamic Caliphate is re-born, and the 12th Iman, also known as the Mahdi - the savior of the Islamic world, is unveiled to the Muslims, and this Mahdi unites and calls all Muslims to jihad, it certainly wouldn't take much to find 200 million that are willing to fight for Allah. What are there, something like 1.5 billion Muslims? Take out the women and children, you could easy come up with 1 in 7 fighters.
  15. Hi Billiards Ball, No problem. I see you now have 888 posts. How's that for being a Billiard Ball!. Triple 8 ball.....
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