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  1. Idk...he couldn't dance before and I don't think they can transplant rhythm lol
  2. Yup, we are all great and my sister Jenna got saved last night at church. And my Dad said Logan is pretty much having church all the time down there and that the son of the dude across the hall from Logan got saved.
  3. Logan has moved to the rehab place. He's doing pretty great. He should be home in just a couple of weeks now.
  4. Logan is doing really well and may move to a rehab place later this week. He's been walking the halls and asked Pop to bring him his guitar and his dulcimer. And food lol. Uncle James is home and doing really well. He still has to take it easy for a while but he's in a good mood...well really he is most always in a good mood. We were going to go visit Logan for Christmas but the hospital says no one under 18 allowed to visit anyone because there is too much flu.
  5. Hi, sorry for the late update but Mum came home for a few days so I wasn't online much. Logan is doing really well. He is in a regular room now instead of icu. He says they are starving him though. Uncle James is good too. He is coming home tomorrow. He's going to stay at my grandparents for a little while.
  6. The Dr said Logan is right on track with what they expect and is showing no signs of infection or rejection. He's awake more and eating but he's still hurting a lot. James is out of the hospital and doing great.
  7. Logan is off the ventilator and breathing on his own
  8. In the morning they are going to take him off the ventilator if all goes well tonight. And uncle James might get to go home Sunday. But he will have to be out of work as long as 16 weeks.
  9. Logan is still on a ventilator and in icu but the Dr said he's doing very well
  10. Logan is out of surgery. He's in a recovery room and will move to icu next. They said everything went great
  11. My uncleJames is out of surgery and doing well. Logan is still in surgery.
  12. Please pray for my brother, Logan. He is on his way to Charleston with my uncle James. He is having double lung transplant and liver transplant. My uncle James is giving part of his liver so please pray for him too. And please pray for the family who lost someone today even though I don't know who they are. Thank you.
  13. Logan is still on a ventilator. He's been in the hospital a week so far
  14. He's in the hospital. He has the flu, that's really bad for him.
  15. My siblings and I go to blended school. 3 days a week we go to school at church with other kids, but it's still our parents teaching. The other 2 days we are homeschooled. I am 15 and this is the first year we have done this. So far it has been the best year of school I have ever had.
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