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  1. Logan is still on a ventilator. He's been in the hospital a week so far
  2. He's in the hospital. He has the flu, that's really bad for him.
  3. My siblings and I go to blended school. 3 days a week we go to school at church with other kids, but it's still our parents teaching. The other 2 days we are homeschooled. I am 15 and this is the first year we have done this. So far it has been the best year of school I have ever had.
  4. Logan might come home monday...in the mean time he said tell you he's still last
  5. Lol I do not like them in a house, I do not like them with a mouse
  6. Logan said for me to tell you he is still last
  7. Thank you. It will be fun
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