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  1. Willie T


    As I said, show me the insults. I call many "Haters", and they truly ARE. That is not an insult.
  2. Willie T


    I honestly wish you guys would show me these insults. I have repeatedly asked to be shown what I said that was wrong, and thus far no one has not shown me one single thing. There may be some, but I have seen nothing but refusal to tell me what I have done wrong.
  3. He came to seek and save the lost (because of The Fall) by living and dying as a sinless man.
  4. Under what was being discussed, it seems to say that however The Word became the human manchild, Jesus, was something God orchestrated.
  5. I wonder if the Mexican men named Jesus carry the same meaning? Some I have met on construction sites sure don't seem like God with us.
  6. …… and, even "Yeshua" is not what I have seen His Aramaic name was. (That is just going by what I have seen online, so who knows?)
  7. Since you seem to like to play games of "splitting hairs", the humanly-born man "Jesus" did not exist until He (The Word. or Logos) was physically birthed and received the name "Jesus", that His Earthly parents were told to give Him. (and even though some of us think it was, His name wasn't even called "Jesus.")
  8. I'd have to say that maybe you haven't read it as closely as you could if you don't know that it speaks directly to "being made." (In verses 9, 10, and 17)
  9. But, understanding that scares some people. Remember, a lot of people's conversions were based mainly in fear, and I guess it is hard to break the mindset.
  10. Well, what you have done is frightened some people who automatically think it is somehow blasphemy to say that Jesus was made a man so that He could be a sacrifice for us.
  11. This is Biblically accurate.
  12. The Bible tells us the blood of animals was both temporary (had to keep being done periodically) and incomplete, in that it only erased some physical sins... didn't change hearts nor grant Salvation.
  13. I can see what you mean about a "human sacrifice" religion.. The Bible plainly tells us Jesus was a sacrifice.... and that such sacrifice had to be in blood (death) of a human being. And the Bible does tell us Jesus was fully human and fully God. None of those things can, IMO, be disputed.