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  1. I pray this day that as you long and thirst for righteousness, may God Almighty strengthen you in your weaknesses and be your strength, may He give you the Grace to live a Holy life and may He help you grow in the truth, wisdom and knowledge of His Word In Jesus Name Amen. So, Don't force it, Just let God help you; Cast all your cares on Him. 😇
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    Welcome and God Bless
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    Praying! Never stop trusting God
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    I believe we all remember the “Parable of the Talents”, Matthew 25:14–30 which tells of a master who was leaving his house to travel, and, before leaving, entrusted his property to his servants. A master puts his servants in charge of his goods while he is away on a trip. Upon his return, the master assesses the stewardship of his servants. He evaluates them according to how faithful each was in making wise investments of his goods to obtain a profit. It is clear that the master sought some profit from the servants’ oversight. A gain indicated faithfulness on the part of the servants. The master rewards his servants according to how each has handled his stewardship. He judges two servants as having been “faithful” and gives them a positive reward. To the single unfaithful servant who “played it safe,” a negative compensation is given. We all have gifts and talents God has deposited in us to serve Him, to win souls and to make way for us and the only way to show how grateful and faithful we are is to search deeply within ourselves and discover this gifts and talents, use it and multiply it for the service of God as well as take risks for the sake of the Kingdom of God. Which brings us to the fact that we all are special and have purpose. I pray this day that God helps us to discover ourselves and open the eyes of our hearts to know our purpose and help us to use our gifts and talents to the glory of His Name. AMEN. God Bless 😇💕
  9. You are who God says you are

    It's an heavenly language 😃
  10. You are who God says you are

    Amen thanks alot Kara.. I am glad you were blessed..thanks to God😊..more blessings.
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    God never leaves us... Thanks for sharing