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  1. I know, this subject has been beaten to death more than my uncle's horse if he owned one, however, consider the following and tell me what you think? To me, Revelation 11:3, and 11:6 by itself names who the two witnesses will be just by the powers granted to them by God during their prophetic ministries. One central fact that's interesting and pertinent is, the Jew's have always required a sign and at least "two" witnesses if it comes from God. For clarification I believe the two witnesses are non other than Moses and Elijah for some other reasons I've not read on this forum. We all know at the transfiguration, Jesus was talking to Moses and Elijah, and that was witnessed by Jesus inner circle of disciples (Peter, James and John). What were they talking about, we are not told but I'll gander a guess based on the following? Whether you subscribe to Moses and Elijah, or Elijah and Enoch or whomever as the two witnesses in Revelation 11:3, they're Old Testament Saints / Prophets. What and why are Old Testament Saints doing witnessing the Gospel to the Jew's (Israel) and not New Testament Saints like Paul or John for instance? Anyone ever wondered about that? In light of the preceding, in Luke 24:4, we have two men in shining garments, and in John 20:12, two angels in white already in the sepulture of Jesus announcing to the woman He's not here but risen. To me, these sound like Saints who have already received their glorified bodies? I take it they were actual eyewitnesses to the actual resurrection. Could these two angels / men have been Moses and Elijah who personally witnessed the resurrection of Christ? That would fulfill the Jewish law / tradition of having at least two witnesses wouldn't it, and qualify the two Old Testament Saints / Prophets to proclaim the Gospel they never witnessed while in their flesh?
  2. From my perspective, if the foundation is based on a 'lie' (evolution), how trustworthy is it? Science use to be something that was provable, repeatable and observable. Today one can get a PHD in 'astrobiology', that would be the study of what, who and where? Mainstream science is trying its hardest to prove there is no God, and uses that premise as their foundation. I'll spare everyone how 'science' is trying to make us our own little god's with; humanism, DNA tampering, creating chimera's, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc. The theory being God didn't make us well enough or with adequate life spans, we can do better.
  3. For me, light is a fascinating subject, and the Bible has much to say about light. The properties and spectrums of light may not be finite from my studies, and we can only see a very small fraction of what's there, even with modern instruments. Anyway... I've always had many questions about the first chapter of Genesis. One of which is the 'two' different light sources, the one mentioned in Genesis 1: 3 (Strong's H216 Ore), and in Genesis 1:14-15 (Strong's H3974 our luminous bodies of light). Has anyone out there come to any conclusions or guesses as to what the light in Genesis 1:3 could be? I find very little even running a search on it. I listened to a program awhile back where they were referring to this light in Gen 1:3 as medieval light, also I've heard it called divine illumination. I heard one commentator mention it possibly could be the forces and laws of the universe may have been created first, and that could be a possible explanation? That sounds logical and plausible. Another theory I ran across, explains it that it may be a divine force that occupies everyone and everything, that holds everything together? That also sounds logical and reasonable. Anyone done a study on this and come up with any conclusions or ideas?
  4. Hi Missmuffet! I'll add that Enoch was a 'type' of the Rapture. He was Raptured (caught up) right before the judgment of God. The Apostle John was a 'type' being caught up in Revelation. We could get into Lot and his family and many others being rescued and removed from God's judgment. I don't believe these are incidental coincidences, but examples of God's love, and God's children are not appointed to wrath and judgment.
  5. May I add a little something to the above and numerous Bible verses that imply the church (Christians) are not appointed to the wrath of God? Jewish tradition. I don't recall anywhere in scripture where the bridegroom beat up and abused his bride before the marriage and feast. IMHO, the Rapture is a picture of the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. Everything from the bridegroom leaving to prepare a place for his bride, to suddenly appearing without warning to collect his bride, and expecting her to be watching and ready. In other words, the Rapture is a picture or type of a Jewish wedding or vice versa.
  6. Does anyone find it odd that 95% of the time, whether on national / local TV news, print media, etc. The face of Christianity always has a white collar on? Nuff said...
  7. Well, what if someone personally threatened you and your family, and were lighting off bottle rockets over your neighbor's house. With the direct intention of perfecting their bottle rockets to hit your house and your neighbors house South of you? You know the guy lighting them off is a tyrant, unstable and doesn't think rationally. Would you just sit back and hope he stops threatening you and lighting bottle rockets all over the place?
  8. Yep... Also there is no direct mention of WWI or WWII either.
  9. To paraphrase, "If God doesn't judge America soon, He owes an apology to Sodom and Gomorrah." That was a quip from the great evangelist Billy Graham's wife (Ruth I believe) many years back he quoted. I personally believe, based on Biblical examples, God's judgment falls upon a nation when their "laws" turn from Godly to unGodly, legalizing evil as good, and good as evil. The people rejoice when they have Godly leadership (fear of the Lord) and mourn when they have wicked governments. Which class would you think we're in? I believe the Lord has turned his face from America some year ago and left us to our own vile imaginations. I believe we are living in the latter part of the end days, as evidenced by all the prophecies in Daniel, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Revelation, etc. Many nations and cities are listed in the Bible as participants and recipients of various events. However, the world's supposed superpower is not mentioned directly by name anywhere in the Bible, directly anyway. Personally, I 'suspect' we may have an implication as one of the young lions of Tarshish, but that's only speculation. Tarshish possibly being England and the young lions Canada, Australia and America. As a nation we have kicked God out of everything and mock Him. Our government has abdicated its Constitutional responsibilities, such as; handing over their responsibility to coin, print and regulated money over to a private for profit corrupt private banking system. Congress handing over the power to declare war over to the executive branch, a SCOTUS legislating 'law' from the bench, etc. Since WW II we have lost our will as a nation, became the world's police force at our own expense, and got involved in conflicts where we didn't belong and had no hope of winning. Since WWII we had no desire for complete military victory anywhere, including Korea, Vietnam or the middle East. Wasting precious American lives on the whims of American presidents. Just a cursory glance at the world's problems with Korea, Iran and the middle east, are problems of our own making and terrible geopolitical decisions. Rant off...
  10. Don't have to... Einstein figured it out and two jets and two atomic clocks proved it.
  11. Well, if God is not subject to time and space and lives in the third heaven... It seems reasonable to assume there is more than our four dimensional world of (length, width, height and time). It's proven time is not the same for everyone, therefor it's a physical property. In other words, my passage of time is not the same as yours. Light is extremely fascinating to me! The Bible has a lot to say about the subject of light, from Genesis to Revelation. It's another one of those mysteries that confounds scientists. Photons behave differently depending if they are being observed or not. Apparently, a light wave may not be finite, and we can only visually see, even with specialized optics a infinitesimal bit of it. Think of all we can't see. We're probably all going to be amazed at the colors and grandeur and astonishment of what things look like when we receive our resurrected / transformed bodies, isn't that going to be glorious! I highly suspect that before the fall of Adam and Eve, they could see into the spiritual world and much more than we visibly can discern today? I've heard we may actually "see" music coming off of instruments, see the actual colors of flowers and the creation singing visually. WOW! Several places in scripture state, for your eyes have not seen... At any rate, the preceding is well above my pay grade and subject to close scrutiny.
  12. Didn't Jacob and Esau fight in the womb? I'd have to look it up in the Bible, but there's no doubt whatsoever that life begins at conception. We are predestined and preordained to be born because God is omniscient, omnipotent and lives outside of time.
  13. Just an observation. Holy, Holy, Holy is the only attribute of God listed in the Bible three times for emphasis.
  14. I won't jump into the fray at the moment, as there's more opinions than Carter had liver pills, but... I find something sort of interesting that might factor into some end-time events. Someone previously pointed out that Rome's Army was not mainly composed of Roman's. It was contracted out and composed of foreigners, many of those were Assyrians. What's interesting at the moment is, according to sources I've seen, the Russian Army is currently composed of approximately 40% Muslims. The country itself will be a majority Muslim nation in the not too distant future if the trend continues. Interesting when you think about the Gog / Magog Ezekiel 38: 39: invasion of Israel along with the other Muslim nations. A lot of information can be gleaned and reasoned when you can determine who the TWO riders represent in Revelation 6: 8 (Death and Hell) on the pale horse. And what the "scourge" is in Isa 28: 15, 18, and it's not Islam. Israel know's it's making a pact with the devil by signing the seven year peace agreement, but this "scourge" is heading their way and they want to avoid it. Suffice it to say hundreds of books have been written on the subject by experts and scholars. If indeed we are getting close to the Harpazo and tribulation period, we should be seeing signs of things aligning. Indeed we do. Not to mention all the signs now coming about and increasing Jesus Himself quoted in Matthew 24:. If you're paying attention to the great ecumenical progress being made under the one who claims to be the only true church; the first time in history Russia has a military presence in the middle East, the military alliance pact Russia has signed with Iran and the Muslim nations aligning to the end-time scenarios... Personally, I didn't figure President Trump going on the offense provoking Russia and getting involved with Syria with a limited military strike. If the military analysts and former retired generals are to be believed, we will be taking military action against N. Korea in the very near future. Things seem to be rapidly escalating to the point of America getting involved in a multi pronged conflict and war we are nowhere ready for. I'm thinking we're about ripe for a national judgment from God in the form of a neutralization from being a world superpower. What shape and form this punishment will occur is naturally open to speculation. However, Russian officials have publically and openly threatened to nuke U.S. if we don't mind our own business. Then there's the cheapest, easiest and most effective way to neutralize U.S., exploding a nuclear warhead two hundred miles above Kansas. A number of enemy nations has that capability. Rant off...
  15. I'm guessing how they might manifest themselves, in their natural created state, or taking human form? Off the top of my head each time an angel appeared to a human in their natural created state, it seems the human did a face plant. Descriptions given when angels took on human form seem to indicate something was special and different about them. We are commanded to test the spirits, to see if they are from God. From that statement I would assume angelic interaction (good vs. bad spirits) with humanity would not be uncommon. The Bible says we are made a little lower than the angels. I've always wondered in what 'sense' that refers to? Another thing I've heard somewhere or read, angels are forbidden to preach the Gospel. If I remember correctly, the reason given was angels have no sin and are unfallen, and do not experience physical death so they can't relate to our nature. Yet in Revelation, there is an angel flying preaching the Gospel during the tribulation. I wonder whom this special angel might be?