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  1. I don't disagree with you and I'm just as frustrated. But are we to just throw up our hands and give up? No! We are to be the salt and light, be a part of the political process and support and vote for the candidate that best represents our morals in the two party system. My analogy is; both parties are taking us to the same destination on a train, the Republicans are traveling on a steam engine, while the Democrat's are whisking us away on a bullet train. Those that claim they can't in good conscience vote for either major party do a disservice to our nation and waste a vote. By default the other party gets the vote. There is a 99% chance (normally) that either a Democrat or Republican is going to win the election. It's much more efficient to take back control of something existing, rather to demolish it and start fresh. Which of the two major political parties best represents a Christian's moral values? SCOTUS decisions have been reversed a number of times in history. There's always the possibility with a majority of conservatives on the bench, for them to accept and hear the case. We're in the Army of God, armies fight and do not cower or give up. Let's fight the good fight.
  2. Reading your post I couldn't help something coming to mind. I was brought up with the saying, "if you can't say something nice about someone, keep your mouth shut". Had Hillary become president my tongue would be bleeding from biting it with my teeth to keep my mouth shut... IMHO Trump has his faults and sins just as we all do. I've heard credible reports he accepted Christ as his Savior but only the Lord knows for sure. I do know a few things for sure about Trump; he has America's best interest at heart; he puts his money and actions behind his words supporting our military; he's a nationalist and not a globalist; he officially changed Happy Holidays back to Merry Christmas; he often respectfully invokes them name and help of God. I've heard at official meetings they open with prayer. He has accomplished more national 'good' under hostile political conditions than any other president in my life time. IMO is was divine intervention he won the presidency and God placed him in office for His will and purposes.
  3. Oops, just noticed PromisesPromises beat me to the punch Welcome back! a pure river of water of life crystal tree of life nations for ever and ever
  4. With each passing day that explanation is becoming more and more plausible and believable. The world has been conditioned to believe in ET'S and UFO'S for quite some time now. Signs and wonders, being deceived that; if it were possible even the very elect would be deceived, believing the lie, supernatural events coming upon the earth. Commanding fire coming down from heaven, etc. I've thought about what could be so powerful and believable that it would deceive the whole world myself and they would buy into the deception? Naturally I don't know for sure; but a strong pattern has developed and emerged; even the government is officially getting in on it recently and disclosing video and some information; and changing procedures for military encounters with UFO'S. I'm sure you're aware of all the fuss lately on major media outlets such as Fox News; and the release of classified secret video, active field grade military officer testimony, secret funding of UFO investigations and the public cry and interest of everything ET and UFO related? Even the worlds largest religion; the Vatican and their search for extraterrestrial life on Mt. Graham and the Popes bizarre statements about baptizing aliens. Is all this leading to something? The globe is screaming for someone to fix our numerous problems; economic, starvation and famine, global warming, NBC war, sanitary drinking water, civil unrest, global inequity, etc. We know whom this man will be and the powers he possesses. The people who receive his mark and worship him: We know all the events in Revelation occur rapidly; it doesn't appear receiving this mark whatever it is is drawn out over a period of time, but almost immediate. There has to be another great incentive other than buying and selling to rush and receive their damnation? They rejected Jesus as their Lord and Messiah, but will receive this man coming in his own name. Just my view as time and events are unfolding. Like I said, my thinking maybe totally out of the ballpark; but there's a pattern that is developing that points in this direction; the prince and powers of the air.
  5. It's a good thing lead was removed from paint. I don't need that in my system from cooking bacon and eggs on the hood of my truck Seriously though; I remember as a kid living without air conditioning during extended periods of 107+ degree temperatures and trying to sleep at night. We are so blessed to live in this day and age of all the conveniences that make life so comfortable and easy. Getting into our hot automobile and flipping the switch and moments later it's nice and comfortable, going to Walmart to load our shopping carts full of delicious eatables. If I didn't know better, I'd say I have become 'soft'. Imagine what the population of Phoenix, Las Vegas and all the SW would be without air conditioning and the installation of dam's for an arid area? Yeah I know, but, but, but it's a dry heat
  6. I'm not exactly sure what the OP is discussing myself, but as far as feelings and emotions are concerned... We are imagers of God, we were created in His image, we bear all the feelings God has (love, hate , jealousy, compassion, wrath, etc.) and even a sense of humor. Sense of humor you say? Read the book of 1 Samuel 6: about when the Philistines took the Ark of the Covenant and the plague God sent to them. The emerod's (hemorrhoids) and five golden emerod's the Philistines made and sent back to Israel. That seems to be a sense of humor, imagine what those golden emerod's must have looked like? The Lord has a yearning, His yearning is for us to trust Him.
  7. I'm hearing the same reports from credible sources ministering to Muslim nations, and especially Iran.
  8. Wow Jane, that's an inspiring story that touches my heart. Thanks for sharing it! A representative of the Gideon's comes to our church annually and presents their message, goals and God's accomplishment through them. I'm amazed at the number of Bibles "globally" they locate and replace when worn. I absolutely love their factual testimonies and stories of those that came to Christ from the Bibles placed in offices, motels, etc. Their dedication to God's word and getting His word into the hands of the hurt and lost. There are no administrative costs whatsoever, each Gideon pays their own expenses; 100% of the offerings go to purchasing Bibles. Some things a person will never forget and are grateful for: Coming up on 49 years ago this October; I was at the Army induction center being processed for service to my country and would be departing from there; eventually going into harms way. To my shame, the thought about taking my Bible with me never even crossed my mind. Just prior to our departure from the induction center to basic training, we were given a nice care package from the Red Cross. We were also given a nice little New Testament directly from the Gideon's and it hit me hard. I have a special place in my heart for their organization and God's work. A curious habit: In my careers traveling I've stayed at a multitude of hotels / motels. One of the very first things I would do upon entering my room even before I unpacked, was to search all the drawers and see if the had a Gideon's Bible in there? In all my motel stays, I don't recall any of them not having a Gideon's Bible in the room.
  9. I see we read, study and understand the duel meanings and progression of the church age the same way. It even answers the question of "why" Jesus picked those particular seven churches as examples. I'd like to add a little more detail than you did for consideration, but I'd probably be wasting my time. I will say unequivocally; the deeper we study God's word, there's much more there to be discovered. The Bible is amazing; it's written with such simplicity a child can read and understand it. Yet is so complex, structured and detailed; there seems to be no end of what can be gleaned from it. With the passage of time and hindsight, looking back at history and comparing it to scripture: WOW! Looking at the events and culture of the present world today and the prophetic scripture yet to be fulfilled on the horizon,.. It's awe inspiring! A secular humanist or atheist with some historical knowledge; that sat down with no preconceived notions and an open mind, and read the Bible from cover to cover; would have to come to only one conclusion; the Bible was written 'outside of time'. That someone is the Alpha and Omega, that knows the beginning from the end. Human reasoning alone should verify there's a God; much less what we witness in creation, nature and all that is required just to sustain life on this planet. I wonder if not only God's chosen people (the Jew's) have been blinded in part, but many gentiles also. If this is not a part of the 'strong delusion' and 'believing the lie' God is going to send?
  10. Not very long ago I would have agreed with you. Things are changing faster than my mind can keep up with. But with what has and is occurring so rapidly I think our days of 1st and 2nd Amendment rights are numbered. Look at how just one crisis changed our freedoms with the Patriot Act. I believe just one more major national disaster, be it natural disaster, terrorism or man made; the opportunity will not be wasted. Look at the radical kooks recently elected to office spouting things that would have been treasonous not long ago, and being listened to and acted upon (the disease is spreading). They represent the thoughts and feeling of those whom elected them. The 'greatest generation' and their ideals and sacrifices are all but gone and hate is spreading like wild fire. Being replaced in our country by another generation educated by the state, atheists and God haters with liberal educations and socialistic mindsets. They're being pumped out faster than Carter produced liver pills so to speak. Patriotism and national sovereignty are rapidly being replaced by socialism, liberalism, entitlement, civil unrest and open borders. With each day, more and more God fearing and patriotic Americans are dying off and being replaced with the entitlement crowd, socialists, one worlder's and evolutionists. I personally think the coming 2020 elections as far as America is concerned; will be critical for America's fate (god is in control and sets it's global leaders for His purposes). Remember the recent two plus year ammo shortage where no one could find popular ammo? A weapon is useless without ammo; the government could buy it all, tax it beyond affordability, or any number of ways to skirt the 2nd Amendment. From my vantage point; it appears that about half of America now is divided between conservative and liberal, and liberalism is exponentially growing. Many churches and denominations have converted to political correctness and the ways of the world and are silent and of no effect. Yep, 49 years ago I took that oath and vow and not on my watch. But shortly my oath and all the others will be silent; and replaced by those who's oath and loyalty lie elsewhere. Without revival and repentance, the intervention of God's long suffering and Grace; I think we can guess the fate of our nation shortly.
  11. Wow... To explain it all we would have to go all the way back to Constantine in the fourth century and the establishment of the official church / state religion. Through the dark ages and inquisitions to the protesters - reformation and Martin Luther. And continue on through the invention of the printing press and all the 19th century changes that occurred; to include the many Bible translations and versions that suddenly popped up, and the big lie of Darwin's evolution theory to name a couple. Not to mention Satan's active role in attacking believers, dividing the unity of the church and especially attacking the Word of God. But basically it boils down to differences in: Soterlology (OSAS), core belief's, eschatology, church doctrine and hermeneutics. Religion is mans attempt to worship God under their own terms I do believe. Christianity is not a 'religion', it's a faith and belief in the One true living God in three Persons. That the Lord Jesus Christ is whom He says he is; and we have a personal relationship with Him. Having trust and faith in what He alone has done and the promises He made to those that have accepted and believed Him. There are scores of books out there on the subject.
  12. Yep! Venezuela is a prime example. A government that tries to give you everything you want, by definition, must take everything you have to pay for it. There's no free lunches. Socialism has never passed the test of time and has always failed. Maybe a different form of socialism?
  13. This is a multifaceted secular and theological inquiry with socialist overtones. The love (idolatry, hoarding, me, me, me) of money is the root of all evil. That hasn't changed over time and is getting worse. Charity is just that, charity; I don't legally or morally owe a living to someone else that can work. The man that doesn't provide for himself and his own is worse than an infidel. Taking away from someones own labor to provide for himself and his family by the force of law; and giving it to the politicians choice of beneficiaries is morally wrong. How much is too much; who should decide and how much should be taken away and given elsewhere? Capitalism provides incentive and opportunities; in Russian socialism and elsewhere they pretend to work and the government pretends to pay them. The poor and needy do not provide jobs, growth or opportunity; the poor will always be with us: Mark 14:7 (KJV) For ye have the poor with you always, and whensoever ye will ye may do them good: but me ye have not always. You have $50.00 on you right now; I'm hungry and need it worse than you, give it to me! Well why not? Liberals and socialism want to do good; but they want to do it with your money, not theirs. Being forced to provide is neither love nor charity. The beehive mentality has become; you have too much and a surplus, I'm entitled to what you have earned, I deserve it. The entitlement mindset; just because you exist, someone owes you a living. Or in the distant past generations well before you were even born; your ancestors were wronged; and you now personally are responsible for it and need to pay reparations. The word of God is clear on what and how Christians are to respond to the widows, orphans, starving and needy. Our government has taken over in the role our churches should be doing. Opinions are like noses; everyone has one, so I thought I'd stick mine in.
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