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  1. Question: There have been a number of changes to the Julian and Gregorian calendars since the time of Christ. In 70 A.D. the Jewish diaspora happened and lasted almost 2,000 years with no one in the land. Whom and where, was minding the Hebrew calendar of 360 day years cf. the Julian & Gregorian?
  2. Anno domini; in the year of our Lord. On the Julian and Gregorian calendars. There are problems and changes to the aforementioned calendars with accuracy [long story]. By our calendar of today, it's generally accepted by many scholars, Christ was born about 2 B.C., and went to the Cross around 31-32 B.C.
  3. To be a pastor, "it's a calling from God". It shouldn't take long for a Christian knowing his or her Bible and being a Berean, along with the Holy Spirit speaking to you; to determine where a pastors heart and devotion is in his sermons and teachings. Every Godly pastor I've listened to eventually gets around to his own personal testimony, Salvation story, his failings and what Jesus did for him. As Christian's, we should be able to identify raving wolves in sheep's clothing with false doctrines; and the prosperity Gospel preachers. Pastor's are the shepherds of the church and I highly respect them. Their qualifications are listed by the Lord in 1 Timothy 3: and are to be adhered to. A dedicated pastors life, called by the Lord himself, has to be one of the most difficult and emotional occupations there are. He is vested physically, spiritually and emotionally with his whole congregation. He too has desires, emotions, heart aches, loses, awesome responsibilities and duties and needs time off to rest and enjoy some time with his family. He needs to be fairly compensated to get through life also and not live in poverty, along with liberal time off with his family to maintain a healthy relationship . Getting called up in the middle of the night to go to the hospital, because a beloved member of his congregation isn't expected to live because of a car crash. Conducting funerals time and again of the church family and loved ones. Counseling and listening to members of his church with marital problems and hearing things that might make most cringe. You bet there's clergy out there that knowingly or unknowingly lead their flock astray, and for personal gain [Joel Osteen & Joyce Meyer among so many others]. Praise the Lord for the ones that are in His service, as the apostasy and false teaching is escalating in these last days.
  4. Seems we travel in the same circles. I can't tell you how many Dr. Chuck Missler videos I've watched, even the one with Setterfield. In fact, I gleaned a lot of my physics knowledge and opinions from Chuck and his teachings. He sure had the credentials and was gifted communicating his knowledge. Sure do miss Dr. Missler. Few things I can state with absolute certainty. In today's science and universities, if you're not an evolutionist, or even consider and look into the creation account, you're expelled, irrelevant, mocked and ridiculed, a threat to the system and a psycho, and don't make tenure or are removed from it. Peer review is already predetermined. Now what's tragically funny; with the advent of the discovery and working of DNA, science and evolutionists have no choice but to admit DNA could not have been created by chance, zero possibility. They are now admitting there had to be intelligent design. So where are they turning to now? Panspermia. Another form of evolution introduced by ET'S. Anything but the truth...
  5. God the Creator is amazing, and we know who holds it all together. Scientific man still hasn't grasped the complexity of creation and the subatomic quantum physics world and string theory. They are amazed at light itself, it will do unpredictable things against the laws of physics. They yet have determined if light is a particle, wave or both. They've discovered a particle can interact and know what each other is doing separated by a vast distances. Theoretically, if one struck their fist against a podium, their fist should receive no resistance and pass through unhindered. Physical matter consists of 99.9% of nothingness, due to the spaces between the atom neutrons, electrons and protons. Electrical magnetic forces is the resistance between matter it seems. All that is above my pay grade, the best minds in the world are puzzled; I don't try to understand it but it's amazing how creation works and is held together. I also find the words used by science to describe what holds the universe together and what it mostly consists of, the glue they call it. Dark matter and dark energy. The Light of the world that holds everything together is refereed to as 'dark'.
  6. Something I find unique and interesting. I'm not implying anything but, do you suppose we've seen the last of Judas Iscariot? Acts 1:25 (KJV) That he may take part of this ministry and apostleship, from which Judas by transgression fell, that he might go to his own place. [emphasis mine] This is the only person and only place in the Bible, where this is said of a person going upon death? I've wondered if this has any application to the tribulation?
  7. Speaking of these forces... I can only go by what I've learned and scientific explanation of how our earth's magnetic field operates. No need to talk about iron cores, floating magnum, rotation and the like; as we've been taught all that. But the point is; I've read a number of articles from top scientists claiming our earth's magnetic field has grown weaker and is rapidly dissipating. Ozone depletion in the upper atmosphere continues to be a problem. Something seems to be changing in nature at present. If true [and I don't doubt it], this would be a contributing factor of the sun in burning people in the tribulation, losing our protective canopies from solar radiation and solar wind? And who knows what else? I forget which major earthquake we had not that long ago, but I remember it said it effected the entire earths somehow? What would the grand daddy of all quakes cause the earth to do? Wobble, slow down rotation, polar shift. One that would level the mountains and cover islands? One that Richter didn't have enough fingers and toes to count above?
  8. Dennis1209


    Naturally I don't know when the Rapture will occur but, I have an opinion. I don't think the tribulation can start 'immediately' right after the catching away of the saints. I suspect there has to be an undetermined period of time between the Rapture and start of the tribulation with events in between. If my statistics are correct; there are many more true Christians on this side of the hemisphere than in Israel, Europe and the middle East. Therefore, this side of the hemisphere will be impacted greater than where the Bible focuses on, Israel, Europe and the middle East; the entire globe will be in turmoil and economic, transportation of goods and services, production and chaos following the Rapture. Logically thinking, it will take some time to sort things out, reorganize to the new one world global government and economic system, and restore a semblance of order and government. What religions will remain on earth after the Rapture and go into the tribulation? I can think of two major ones, and both of them seem to be coming together under one ecumenical movement that is being formed in the present. People are going to demand answers on what just occurred. There will be an unprecedented number of airplane, boat, train and automobile accidents; perhaps nuclear power plant meltdowns in areas unattended and many other tragedies with the sudden disappearance of millions of Christians? My interpretation of scripture suggests the Antichrist will not be revealed until he confirms a seven year peace deal with Israel and the many. My interpretation is clear that Israel knows it is making an agreement with the devil, but does it anyway? My thoughts are, there has to be something very serious and pressing for Israel to knowingly sign this pact with the devil. Perhaps it's that scourge heading their way? Yeah I know, my theology is not a one size fits all
  9. Dennis1209


    You've no option to click the little "this is Worthy" icon button? Your thoughts and biblical post exactly mirror my own. Can't add, debate or discuss anything you wrote. Reminds me of the old adage, "you're preaching to the choir."
  10. Hi Margo! I totally agree, all denominations have problems and have different views, some more than others. That's why we have so many 'denominations'. It has become almost as if it is us against them. If we have the same core tenets of our faith, that Salvation comes from Jesus Christ alone, believing Christ is our Savior; died on the cross for our sins, was born of a virgin, lived a perfect and sinless life, conquered death and rose from the grave on the third day, and have belief and faith of whom He is, "the Son of God", put our faith and trust in Him alone... We're all brother and sisters in Christ, and are family. I attend a Baptist church and became a member. Because their beliefs, doctrine, church covenant, preaching and teaching and statement of faith, mirror my own belief's. They are in my local community which I believe is important for a variety of reasons. Christianity is not a religion or a denomination or man-made traditions; it's a belief and faith in the One true living God, in three Persons; and what Christ did and suffered for us on the Cross. Believing it in your heart and following Him, putting your total faith and trust in Him, whom He says He is, what He has done for us, and what He promised He will do. I don't label myself a Baptist, but an unashamed follower of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Denominations are a division and not unity.
  11. Yep, that's another possibility. Think of the effect on God's nature and people if He used a polar shift and sped up or slowed down the earth's rotation. See my long post above on another thought I had before they pick me up.
  12. Good cloudy rainy morning there Sonshine... Okay, I see what you're saying, then again I don't? Let's see if our eschatology is close in agreement. The time of Jacob's trouble, Daniel's 70th week, a.k.a. the tribulation is a seven year period. That seven year period can be divided into three sections I do believe; the wrath of man, the wrath of Satan, and the wrath of God. For our discussion, let's just divide it into two divisions; the first 3 1/2 years of the tribulation prior to the AC abomination of desolation [where the first 3 1/2 years Israel is under the covenant of the Antichrist and is living in relative peace. Then the second 3 1/2 years that starts at the AOD [the wrath of God] and ends with Jesus' 2nd coming with the saints. If I'm understanding you correctly so far, you're thinking the 'shortening of days' applies to the second half of the tribulation? Okay, either way let's stick to the last 3 1/2 year [1,260 days] period. There would be no flesh saved if those days were not shortened [1,260 days]; the entire human race would be killed and extinct. The Bible states this period lasts exactly 1,260 days, correct? People will be able to track where they are in the tribulation and some of the events to the day with a calendar and a Bible IMO. Now here's my $24,000.00 question: If those days were not shortened for the elects sake. When is or where and how are those days shortened? We're those days predetermined to be shortened before the Bible recorded 1,260 days. Will it be less than the 1,260 days recorded in the Bible. Or will those days be shortened supernaturally or how we currently measure a literal 24 hour day? The Lord did substantially lengthen the length of a day recorded two times in the Bible, why not supernaturally shorten the day? Here is a wild thought of mine, please don't call the loony bin and have me picked up okay The world tinkers with time for accuracy, production, coordination and to know where we are in 'time'. We have; global time zones, Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), Zulu time, daylight savings time; corrections to calendars, corrections to atomic clocks. In other words, time is always being tinkered with. Daylight saving time was established if memory serves around WW II, to get an hours extra production time for the war effort. All the judgments released during the tribulation do not suddenly stop before the next plague / judgment is released, they continue on and they're complied. One third of daylight hours are going to be lost and stay that way for the later half of the wrath of God. The natural cycle of day and night are going to be lost as we know it. The production and coordination cycles are going to be greatly hampered and chaos will ensure. It's complicated and would take a page to explain but, the days could be shortened by tinkering and adjusting the clock and the calendar of the new reality of day vs. night cycle, by one third. Got to get off, I hear the sirens...
  13. Just to piggy-back a little of what you said there BB, and say it a bit differently... God sends no one to Hell, we send ourselves. Romans 6:23 (KJV) For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. [emphasis added] Wages are what one earns, payment for something done, what we have earned by our own efforts, actions and inaction's. The Lord Jesus provided the 'payment' of what we can not earn or work for to get. Wages and price paid.
  14. I believe this is a model, a template if you will, on the structure of how we should pray; not to recite this repetitively word for word over and over again. There's a lot of information packed into this example prayer; for instance, what kingdom are we praying for? There are eight kingdoms listed in our Bible. 1. The kingdom of God. 2. Satan's kingdom. 3. Gentile kingdoms. 4. The Jewish Kingdom. 5. The kingdom of heaven. 6. Antichrist's kingdom. 7. Christ's kingdom, is the kingdom of God and the kingdom of heaven, with Christ as the visible head. 8. The Father's kingdom.
  15. Top of the morning to you there Melinda12! I'm hesitant to even speculate on such matters and experiences. There are a number of true NDE where people are revived and tell of things such as what they seen up above the surgery suite drop ceiling, out of place and unusual things on the hospital roofs, patient rooms, etc. Some hospital staff got convinced to at least check out their stories; and found the unusual items and things exactly as described and at the exact locations? I'm interested in the phenomenon myself but, I believe it is best not to delve too deeply into it. Perhaps a chemical electrical brain reaction? I believe certain medical death is defined as 'brain death'? Is the persons body not breathing and heart stopped, but there's still brain activity? But that doesn't explain the above. To explain something accurately that no one could know unless you've seen it and been there, and they certainly were not rooting around above the surgical room drop ceilings. One would probably think the spirit and soul would have to separate from the body? In summation: I don't have a clue, it's another one of those mysteries we will have to wait to find out. It's got to be biological or supernatural, one of the two?
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