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  1. I think many were built in the antediluvian period myself, by "Nephilim", I take Genesis 6: literally. It's clearly not symbolic or the line of Seth / Cain nonsense. Noah was perfect in his generation not because he was sinless, for we all sin and come short of the glory of God, but he and his family were the few or only ones left that their DNA wasn't tainted and corrupted. Why did the Lord also destroy all the animals with the line of Seth with the great flood? The Lord could have been selective in His Judgment, but it was so bad He deemed to start again fresh. I can find no instance of idolatry or idol worship in the Bible in the antediluvian period. I find no unclean spirits (demons) mentioned prior to the great flood.It suddenly starts to take place shortly after the great flood with Nimrod. I'm not talking fallen angel's, but bodiless demonic spirits, there's a big difference in order of rank. In addition, I believe all plant life, animals and even humans were much bigger than today. due to the enriched environment and extended life spans that existed prior to the deluge, as the fossil record bears it out. From a biblical perspective, our intelligence, life spans and DNA seems to have degraded since the Garden of Eden. Ever wonder how we received our technology in such a short blimp in history, instead of a natural linear progression? How suddenly metallurgy, cosmology, chants, science, etc. suddenly showed up in history, not in linear progression? Logically it would appear it was taught to us from somewhere and someone. Why was Nazi technology suddenly 50 years advanced beyond explainable reason, and the world? A little factual study of "Operation Paperclip", von Braun and other Nazi scientist recorded statements, of where and how they got their technology, will bring to light many mysteries. HINT: The occult. Since Peter and Jude both mention / quote the book of Enoch, I believe it gives us license to read the Book of Enoch to fill in some gaps. The early church fathers also read and were familiar with the Book of Enoch. As most, I don't believe the Book of Enoch was inspired or the preserved Word of God, but is useful for historical, cultural and belief purposes of the time. There is a boat load of physical proof still physically in existence today, along with documented photographs of "giants" (Nephilim) that have been unearthed with elongated skulls, six fingers and toes and measured to be 9+ feet tall. From as early as the sixteenth century, when the Vatican / Jesuits found these preserved bones in other cultures, and being worshipped, they either destroyed them or took them back to the Vatican, and converted that culture to Catholicism or death. In the last 200+ years when these Nephilim skeletons have been discovered, immediately the Vatican and/or the Smithsonian Institute shows up and these bones inexplicably disappear. What would happen to "the lie" of the evolution theory and factual history if these facts were introduced?
  2. Without any bashing, I'm going to strongly disagree about not being that far apart. Before suggesting the current dogma and climate has changed, you might want to check the official historical Papal Encyclicals that have never been rescinded or modified, and are still in force.
  3. With a pre tribulation Rapture viewpoint, I could use some insight on my question? In Revelation 14:4, we have the "firstfruits" of the tribulation, they are the 144,000 Jewish witnesses sealed by God. I take that to mean, they are the first peoples to be saved during the tribulation, thus firstfruits. The timing of these 144,000 firstfruits, seems to be around mid-tribulation but that's open to speculation and debate. One thing seems very apparent though, the sealing of these 144,000 Saints are well after the pre-tribulation Rapture, so there seems to be a gap of time from the Rapture to the arrival of these Saints. With the above in mind and a pre-tribulation viewpoint of scripture, here's the scenario and question. You have millions and millions of pretend Christians, those that fully know the Gospel but didn't accept Jesus Christ as their personal Savior, to include many pastors and clergy. Those people are at church, out shopping, traveling with their saved spouse / family or whatever. BANG-POW-BOOM, all of a sudden their saved loved ones disappear right before their very eyes. These spouses and loved ones are left behind, knowing the Gospel and scripture, but they never committed to the Lord and/or only though they were saved. The natural reaction would seem to be to instantly drop to one's knees in shock, and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Savior right then and there? If I'm interpreting Revelation 14:4 hermeneutically correct, no one can be saved until at least the point of the 144,000 Jewish Saints. What am I missing or not seeing here?
  4. Just a side note I found interesting. There's a number of scholars that think this "rich man" is one and the same from Matthew 19: 16-27.
  5. I might add, our Lord has a special place in His heart for the children, as expressed in scripture. And there's this little matter of "age of accountability".
  6. Here's something to ponder, an alternate view? There's only two geometric shapes that would conform to the dimensions of the New Jerusalem given in the Bible, and require a corner stone. A cube or a triangle. I'd bet my bippy the Egyptians didn't build the Great Pyramid at Giza. The preponderance of the evidence, in my opinion, is the Great Pyramid predates Noah's flood. Just as the Ark of the Covenant here on earth was a type of the actual Ark in heaven, I think the Great Pyramid is symbolic and a representation of the New Jerusalem possibly. The Egyptians worshipped everything from chimeras to dung beetles. Everything, and I mean everything they built had hieroglyphics and images of their gods. The only exception being the Great Pyramid, which had zero hieroglyphics or images, clean as a whistle, why? I could continue on how the chambers and paths represent Biblical types / symbols and the knowledge of pi during construction and the mathematical perfection of the design. I think the Great Pyramid was the original and the others copies and/or imitations, evidenced by the inferiority of the other pyramid's. But it's just a conclusion I personally reached. There is a minority of Biblical scholars that suspect Enoch constructed it under God's direction. It's interesting to think about the symbolism and typology associated with Enoch and the Great Pyramid. A good book to read on the subject is "The Great Pyramid", by Dr. Noah Hutchings.
  7. If I didn't know the communist philosophy of God, I'd say "Kim Jung Un is Ill" has his 72 virgins in mind?
  8. I don't want to argue or mince words but... How many top Generals and strategists in history, other than modern times, would consider fighting to a stalemate not a loss? Our military is crippled under the whims and restrictions in combat of a president, the Geneva Convention and public opinion. Discounting the extreme financial burden, but the cost of all those whom gave their last measure of self, for what, a draw? If it's not gain, it's loss. At any rate, it's just a cessation or pause if you will, as we are technically still at war with North Korea. No peace agreement was ever signed or agreed to. It's a foregone conclusion that N. Korea will eventually invade the South and most likely achieve military victory. As I stated earlier, our government and the American people don't have the resolve anymore to take the actions necessary to achieve total military victory and remain steadfast and loyal to our allies. Korea will go the way of Vietnam and the middle east before long. If history is our teacher, we will get involved in the conflict, spend billions of dollars we don't have, sacrifice thousands of our servicemen's lives, decide the cost is too great, have massive public protests and riots, lose our will and resolve, and both halves of Korea will be united under communist rule. As an aside, ever notice how many of the political elites, elected officials sons and daughters are war heroes, served any time in a combat zone, or even have been in the military? Compare that percentage to the general American population. What message should that send us?
  9. As a former military man, I would have to disagree about them being overrated. I believe Sun Tzu would have my back on that one. Being far superior militarily, superior technology and equipment and troops can't win a war alone. We lost the conflicts in Korea, Vietnam and the middle east. It's about impossible to win against a religion, gorilla tactics and terrorism no matter your military might. When 50% (more or less) of a country's population has lost its moral compass and is divided nationally and outraged, well, your defeated even before you start. I'm afraid the old days like the Revolutionary War, lining them up and mowing them down, are not combat effective and a strategy of the past. God who gave us life gave us liberty. And can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are of the Gift of God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed, I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that His justice cannot sleep forever. ~ Thomas Jefferson
  10. I know, this subject has been beaten to death more than my uncle's horse if he owned one, however, consider the following and tell me what you think? To me, Revelation 11:3, and 11:6 by itself names who the two witnesses will be just by the powers granted to them by God during their prophetic ministries. One central fact that's interesting and pertinent is, the Jew's have always required a sign and at least "two" witnesses if it comes from God. For clarification I believe the two witnesses are non other than Moses and Elijah for some other reasons I've not read on this forum. We all know at the transfiguration, Jesus was talking to Moses and Elijah, and that was witnessed by Jesus inner circle of disciples (Peter, James and John). What were they talking about, we are not told but I'll gander a guess based on the following? Whether you subscribe to Moses and Elijah, or Elijah and Enoch or whomever as the two witnesses in Revelation 11:3, they're Old Testament Saints / Prophets. What and why are Old Testament Saints doing witnessing the Gospel to the Jew's (Israel) and not New Testament Saints like Paul or John for instance? Anyone ever wondered about that? In light of the preceding, in Luke 24:4, we have two men in shining garments, and in John 20:12, two angels in white already in the sepulture of Jesus announcing to the woman He's not here but risen. To me, these sound like Saints who have already received their glorified bodies? I take it they were actual eyewitnesses to the actual resurrection. Could these two angels / men have been Moses and Elijah who personally witnessed the resurrection of Christ? That would fulfill the Jewish law / tradition of having at least two witnesses wouldn't it, and qualify the two Old Testament Saints / Prophets to proclaim the Gospel they never witnessed while in their flesh?
  11. For me, light is a fascinating subject, and the Bible has much to say about light. The properties and spectrums of light may not be finite from my studies, and we can only see a very small fraction of what's there, even with modern instruments. Anyway... I've always had many questions about the first chapter of Genesis. One of which is the 'two' different light sources, the one mentioned in Genesis 1: 3 (Strong's H216 Ore), and in Genesis 1:14-15 (Strong's H3974 our luminous bodies of light). Has anyone out there come to any conclusions or guesses as to what the light in Genesis 1:3 could be? I find very little even running a search on it. I listened to a program awhile back where they were referring to this light in Gen 1:3 as medieval light, also I've heard it called divine illumination. I heard one commentator mention it possibly could be the forces and laws of the universe may have been created first, and that could be a possible explanation? That sounds logical and plausible. Another theory I ran across, explains it that it may be a divine force that occupies everyone and everything, that holds everything together? That also sounds logical and reasonable. Anyone done a study on this and come up with any conclusions or ideas?
  12. Hi Missmuffet! I'll add that Enoch was a 'type' of the Rapture. He was Raptured (caught up) right before the judgment of God. The Apostle John was a 'type' being caught up in Revelation. We could get into Lot and his family and many others being rescued and removed from God's judgment. I don't believe these are incidental coincidences, but examples of God's love, and God's children are not appointed to wrath and judgment.
  13. May I add a little something to the above and numerous Bible verses that imply the church (Christians) are not appointed to the wrath of God? Jewish tradition. I don't recall anywhere in scripture where the bridegroom beat up and abused his bride before the marriage and feast. IMHO, the Rapture is a picture of the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony. Everything from the bridegroom leaving to prepare a place for his bride, to suddenly appearing without warning to collect his bride, and expecting her to be watching and ready. In other words, the Rapture is a picture or type of a Jewish wedding or vice versa.
  14. Does anyone find it odd that 95% of the time, whether on national / local TV news, print media, etc. The face of Christianity always has a white collar on? Nuff said...
  15. Well, what if someone personally threatened you and your family, and were lighting off bottle rockets over your neighbor's house. With the direct intention of perfecting their bottle rockets to hit your house and your neighbors house South of you? You know the guy lighting them off is a tyrant, unstable and doesn't think rationally. Would you just sit back and hope he stops threatening you and lighting bottle rockets all over the place?