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  1. Dennis1209

    Just How Close is the RAPTURE?

    Allow me to explain before you join my other friend on the ignore list. The rapture can occur at any time, period. When you see these things happen (a convergence of everything prophetic), look up, your redemption draws neigh. End-time prophecy is being fulfilled right now and lining up perfectly to be fulfilled. All the exact players and countries are all aligned in preparation for the Eze 38: 39: invasion, to name but one example. Good bye...
  2. Dennis1209

    Just How Close is the RAPTURE?

    It is my opinion and belief the 'abomination of desolation' occurs exactly 3 1/2 years into the tribulation, and marks the beginning of the "Great Tribulation". The Antichrist will stand in the Jewish Temple and declare himself to be god, and the persecution of the Jew's in earnest will begin. This man of sin [Antichrist] will not be revealed until he "confirms" a covenant with many. Based on where we are at and biblical prophecy, the support of Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries for a peace agreement with Israel, and Trump's success and actions... I wouldn't be surprised if President Trump is the author of that peace agreement acceptable to Israel and many Muslim nations. Then confirmed by the AC somewhere in the not too distant future. Things are lining up and shaping up faster than we can keep track of.
  3. Dennis1209

    Pre-Tribulation Proofs

    ^ This is how I interpret scripture, the blessed hope. Yes, I'm an escapist too. Christian's are appointed to tribulation, but not The Tribulation. It makes no sense for the bride-groom to severely beat up His bride before the wedding. The traditional Jewish wedding process appears to exactly mirror the "Rapture" process. Everything from the bride-groom leaving to prepare a place for his bride at his fathers house, to his unexpected return to get his bride, and everything in between. I think if a person studies the traditional Jewish wedding, it's a mirror image of the process of the Rapture and wedding supper. As you mentioned, if the bride is getting severely beat up, it makes no sense and fly's in the face of logic that the bride should comfort herself with these words. The preponderance of scripture is overwhelmingly in favor of a pre tribulation Rapture indeed, including types, shadows, references and obvious omissions of the church. The Lord's tribulation 'wrath' is not against His bride, we are not appointed unto wrath, but against those earth dwellers whom have rejected Him, and to bring His chosen people Israel back to repentance, for them to realize the One whom they pierced and have been partially blinded to that fact. I ask myself this; when has the Lord not removed or protected His faithful servants before His judgment and wrath? That is the "blessed hope".
  4. Dennis1209

    Just How Close is the RAPTURE?

    Whatever and good bye.
  5. Dennis1209

    Battling With Shame

    I echo what Gary Lee wrote. Some of your posts are timely for me, as I was pondering the same thing here lately. It's good to hear, share and encourage one another in the faith here on this forum with other Christians experiencing these attacks, but especially encouraging attending church in person with our brothers and sisters in Christ and our Pastor. I really don't have any close secular friends anymore myself, mostly from choice. Seems when you truly repent and ask forgiveness from the Lord and change your 'want too's' to following Christ. From having a few beers and a wantonly sinful life of the flesh and old nature, your "friends" lose interest in you. I try to remind myself, I'm in this world, but not of this world. What a friend we have in Jesus. Yeah it can be hurtful at times losing or not having any close friends. But when I think on how much Jesus did and sacrificed for me, because of how much He loves me. The choice in this life is a no-brainer for me. Demonic attacks can't be defeated by our own will to stop them. We know and use the Word of God (the Armor of God), prayer and the Holy Spirit that resides in us to thwart off these attacks.
  6. Dennis1209

    Abraham Had No...

    Personally, I think if the method used was 'oral transmission' back then, people had to be much smarter, had better memory and brain capacity than today, and their DNA was not degraded like today. All secular oral tradition and history has not been proven to be accurate and faulty right down to Native American oral tradition. Sort of like lining up 20 people and whispering a long sentence to be passed down the line to the 20th person. By then it doesn't resemble the original sentence. I'm wondering if they had writings back then and were lost or misplaced when they turned away from the Lord? Case in point... 2Ki 22:8 And Hilkiah the high priest said unto Shaphan the scribe, I have found the book of the law in the house of the LORD. And Hilkiah gave the book to Shaphan, and he read it.
  7. Dennis1209

    Abraham Had No...

    Yes interesting! Other things I ponder are; during Adam's 930 years, a lot of the patriarchs lived during Adam's life time that may have knew him, or certainly knew of him. Being human and curious by nature, wouldn't it make sense the patriarchs, or for that matter everyone back then, to seek Adam out to ask a million logical questions they must have had? What was your first memory? How long did it take you to name all the animals? What was the garden of Eden like? etc.
  8. Dennis1209

    Abraham Had No...

    I don't see how that is a moot question. The whole Bible is divinely inspired and written by men; the patriarchs, prophets, apostles and disciples. The Old Testament first five books are presumably written by Moses. Where did Moses get his historical information from the founding of the world? Did Moses get the information from the Lord Himself directly, if so when? Was it revealed by the Lord all at once when he was on Mount Sinai, or over a span of time? Or did Moses have the preserved inspired records and writings of the patriarchs before him starting with Adam? It's not moot to ask how and when information and history was relayed.
  9. Dennis1209


    The ceremonial law and sacrifices were abolished with Jesus' death, burial and resurrection, but the moral law was not. The ceremonial and sacrifices appear to resume during the millennium that I'm not clear about when Jesus is reigning and ruling the world? My understanding anyway.
  10. Dennis1209

    Abraham Had No...

    Interesting question? But to answer that we have to ask; everything that Moses wrote, was it all divinely inspired, or did he have some or a lot of the patriarch's inspired written records? The Hebrew's / Jews were always meticulous in their records, oral history and genealogy, why would it be any different prior to the flood? Were those written records preserved by Noah through the flood on the Ark? Or did the Lord dictate all of history to Moses and he was the first to record it in writing? No doubt Adam & Eve along with their descendants were much more knowledgeable than humans of today. Adam himself named all the animals, probably including birds, fish and insects too. How would such knowledge be passed down by generation, committed to memory or a written account? Secular historians claim the first writing appeared with the Summarians? But if everything was destroyed in the flood...? Interesting to ponder, but we just don't know.
  11. Dennis1209

    Bible Trivia questions

    Try saying this ten times fast... Ish - Bosheth
  12. Dennis1209

    Science Disproves Evolution

    So, do you think they will go through the trouble and expense of rewriting the history books and change public school criteria from evolution to creation? Or come up with another false theory that explains and fits their evolutionary nonsense?
  13. Dennis1209

    Gog and Magog war and Rapture

    As far as what?
  14. Dennis1209

    Gog and Magog war and Rapture

    I believe the Ethiopia mentioned in the Bible is modern day Sudan. Yes, Russian now has a defense pact and allegiances with Sudan, Libya, Turkey and Iran, the major players of the Gog - Magog invasion. Turkey's radical Islamic leader Recep Tayyip Erdogan is fast turning the once NATO ally into a radical Islamic state, and wants to turn the country back to the Ottoman Empire (it's a long interesting history and story). One fact that's not well know, is Russia's military is comprised of about 40% Muslims, and Islam is the second largest religion in Russia. What do all these countries that's going to invade Israel have in common? I have no idea, but I have a gut idea the Rapture "may" occur just shortly before or shortly after the Gog - Magog invasion. Everything, and I mean everything is in place for that invasion to occur at any time. The rhetoric and threats of war and rumors of war are escalating. The discovery of Israel's Goliath oil and natural gas fields are probably the 'hook in the jaw' of Russia, among its fertile food production and unmatched technology. I hazard a guess that this will happen first: Isa 17:1 ΒΆ The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap. Israel has been conducting many sorties into Syria destroying potential threats to the security of Israel that is seldom reported here in the U.S. They are striking closer and closer to Damascus. I suspect something is going to occur that concerns Israel so much, that they drop a 'big boy' on Damascus. Time will tell and we will watch and see while we look up for the Lord's return. What's your thoughts??
  15. Dennis1209

    The Humanist Manifesto I ...debunked

    An honest person with eyes to see and ears to hear; witnessing the complexity, laws of nature and integration alone; using intelligent independent critical thinking and common sense, has but one conclusion. Satan has many ploys to distract humanity from the truth that God created everything that is. By whatever name; evolution, humanism, false doctrine, etc., his goal is to distract and deny the Creator of the Universe and His Son the Lord Jesus Christ. I believe humanism teaches we are our own little gods and there are no others. I think Satan is using humanism, evolution, etc. in institutions of 'higher learning', and producing dupes like Steven Hawking, Carl Sagan, Neil deGrasse Tyson, etc. to deceive and pollute the minds of our youth and our educational system. Another interesting thing I've noted and 'think' bears mentioning. If a person comes up to me and asks a complex question on a subject, my first response would be, I reason that, or I think. Have you ever seen the interview of today where they approach someone and ask an opinion or a question? More times than not, the first words that will come out of their mouths are: I feel that... Feelings, not critical thought or intelligent consideration but emotions. Interesting, educational and thought provoking thread there Yown. Rant off...