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  1. Yep, we are told there will be great lying signs and wonders, and it would deceive the very elect if it were possible. "The lie" will likely be a doozy and almost beyond human comprehension I'm thinking. Personally, I can think of only a few situations so preposterous that it would deceive an entire world in short order. And the only ones that fit total deceptions are supernatural in nature. I'm sure you've heard of the 'principle of first mention', Like in Matthew 24:4. I consider that a separate statement (prophecy) ended by a period, and not connected to the following verse #5. I'm sure as time moves forward the pages of the Bible are going to unfold right before our very own eyes. Based on my understanding, the unbelievers and secular world will be blinded and not even understand what is actually occurring and by whom. I wonder what the explanation offered will be when the Bride of Christ is removed? It will surely have to be a supernatural explanation one way or another. What do you think?
  2. We do not know the day nor the hour of the 'harpazo', it's going to be a complete surprise when we 'least' expect it. We can only know the season. However, I strongly suspect from all indications, communications, actions and research, the Vatican and world governments know something we don't know and are not divulging it at this time. If you haven't noticed or are unaware, there has been a sudden explosion of construction on underground government bunkers and underground cities and 'seed banks' globally. Why all of a sudden are the global governments spending billions of dollars constructing and supplying these sites at breakneck speed? Why right now at this moment of history and with such urgency and financial drain? Since the governments (at least ours), are not hardening nor care about the threats of an EMP attack, CME or massive solar flare that would set us back to greet Fred, Barney and Wilma. I suspect we can cross that off the list of possible explanations. Is it possible they are preparing for a global thermonuclear exchange or plague, I highly doubt it for a variety of reasons. Could there be a single event(s) that could cause the majority of the world population / world governments to set aside their religious beliefs and differences, and unite into a 'one world' to defend against a common threat? I don't have no idea but just threw it out for speculation. I am convinced our masters know much more than they are telling though. Did you know once you remove the Reynolds Wrap from your head, it's also useful for storage and cooking
  3. Off the top of my head, I can think of a fatal head wound that will be healed in the future.
  4. Donating for the privilege to have your own throat cut, along with your posterity, yep, that's the American way.
  5. No. They were created for God's glory and man to have dominion over them for beasts of burden, clothing, eventually food, sacrifice and man's use and enjoyment. I heard a commentary on the topic sometime ago that was interesting. Animals have the breath of life and are alive. Animals do not possess the ability to choose or reason. Plants and insects do not have the breath of life, as plants chemically convert and most insects get their oxygen through their skeletons or other body parts. So a conclusion could be drawn that plants and insects are not alive. A seed must 'die' before it germinates and grows. Just thought that was interesting commentary I listened to.
  6. Put a stick outside in the ground on a cloudless sunny day in the morning. Every hour, place a rock at the very top of the stick shadow for 9 hours, or about 9,000 miles. Go to your garage and retrieve your builders square and measure your straight line. My world is flat when I draw stick people on paper in 'Stickland', to demonstrate my two dimensional views, in a four or more dimensional universe.
  7. I'll one up that, I double concur!
  8. Well that's sorta kinda like my point
  9. Personally speaking and not to argue, the Bible tells a story of the beginning to the end and what's in between. Every word, jot and tittle is there for a purpose and reason. I believe what the Nephilim were like is central to the story of satan vs. God. As satan tried to contaminate the bloodline of Christ with the introduction of non humans, and kill every Hebrew on the planet, as just a couple of examples. Certainly it is not a Salvation issue, but it is part of the history and story of the coming Messiah and the obstacles and stumbling blocks satan put in the path of God.
  10. I'm by no means an expert on the subject, but it makes me wonder about some of these skulls they find and try to make a family tree out of. If they're not extinct animals which is probable, could what they are finding be men of old, men of renown. In other words hybrids like the Nephilim? It's my understanding these offspring of the fallen angels mating with women (Gen 6:) varied in appearance, statue and size before and after the antediluvian period. As far as dating methods, everyone should know carbon 14 dating is a pipe dream and has been scientifically shown how water and the environment make it very unreliable. A little study on how things layer in the earth from a deluge discredits the earth layer fossil record also. If only science would approach "science" from a Biblical perspective, think of how much more our knowledge and advancement would be? While I'm thinking about it, how often do you hear about any testing and reporting of a DNA analysis? Skull, bone and teeth are often good candidates for extracting viable DNA from extended periods of time. No doubt when they can't reconcile the results to fit their evolution theory, the results are inconclusive or bad samples.
  11. The timing is not known, but this is one of the reasons I suspect the world be be back in the dark ages, with little modern electronics and machinery if you take the meanings and passages literally. I picture this battle fought the old way, with horses, draft animals and beasts of burden with lots of troops. What happened to the current and future sophisticate modern technology? The jets, missiles, computerized / electrical instruments of war? How many men and animals would it take to make a river of blood 4-5 foot deep and 22.7 miles long? That's a tremendous amount of blood and I don't believe it's symbolic. The only things I can imagine that would cause war and invasion to be fought like before modern technology is the destruction of that technology. Three things that could easily do that job are; nuclear exchanges, solar flares, corona mass ejection (CME), or numerous nuclear EMP strikes. And possibly the electromagnetic power generated by the rapture and transformation? Interesting to think about anyway... Rev 14:20 And the winepress was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the winepress, even unto the horse bridles, by the space of a thousand and six hundred furlongs.
  12. I didn't say that, I quoted what our Pastor said in a recent sermon. But to answer your question, it depends on what your criteria is on a better Christian, or what a better Christian is? I'm in no position to judge anything, much less anyone else's heart about our Lord, I'm the one who is going to be judged one day soon. Knowing myself and my past, I'm the least of 'better Christians' and will be judged and rewarded accordingly to my great detriment. Personally speaking for myself, it makes ME a better Christian learning more about the Word of God, not being selfish (as I once was) with the time God has given ME to set aside to worship Him with a congregation and in church. To take advantage of like-minded fellow Christians coming together to worship, learning more of the Lord, singing praises to Him, and gaining strength one from another and comfort from one another in the faith in Jesus Christ our Lord. The Bible is loaded with good, better and best Christians... And I'm certainly not one of them.
  13. I know exactly what you're talking about. As a matter of fact our Pastor just recently mentioned in his sermon about the attendance and we should attend morning, evening service and Wednesday Bible study. I have to agree with him that giving up just a little of our time to worship, fellowship, sing hymns and serve the Lord should be our joy, appreciation, debt, duty, privilege and honor. A number of times I've been tempted to mention that I missed someone at such and such event, but I did not because I didn't want them to think I was nosey or prying into their affairs and wanted to know why they were not there, or make them feel guilty. The reason I was tempted to tell them I missed them was, I genuinely like them and miss them, it's not their pattern to be absent, and most of all they are brothers and sisters in Christ and I have concern for them. It's my opinion the members or Pastor that asks about your absence has the best of intentions at heart. It's an outward expression that says you were missed, your accepted, we value you and your attendance. But like many, when on the other end of the query, the 'Old Man' in me wants to be defensive. I try not to look at it that way. When asked, I always consider my response and I won't plan on lying or being rude. The Lord knows our hearts, if we are to lazy to go, had other things to do that were more important than Him, had an emergency or was sick, is actually between us and Him.
  14. So, I assume what you're saying is, abortion for convenience sake is an acceptable form of birth control? I don't recall in American history where women in particular were required to wear slave tags, or listed as property owned. Please enlighten me.
  15. Certainly this is a step in the right direction and I'm tickled pink and sincerely hope and pray it happens and the Lord intervenes on our behalf, however... I don't think it's going to happen, and here's my thoughts. At this time, I believe the Lord has turned His face away from our nation and turned us and our nation over to our own devices. As every other great nation in history, that has turned their backs on God, and legalized acts that are an abomination to God, we are experiencing the exact same thing before national judgment commences. Which are: (1) Kicking God out of our schools, programs, public life and government.. Passing law calling evil good and good evil. Not allowing our officials or the military to invoke Christ's name in prayer. Forming to initiate the Bible and Christian preaching "hate speech" and regulated (Pagan / Heathen). Television programs, documentaries, government officials mocking our Lord Jesus Christ and our faith. (2) The legalized and government funded programs to slaughter millions of innocents in the womb (child sacrifice). Margaret Sanger is a goddess to many a public official and much of society. (3) Governmental legalization, encouragement for celebration, support, hate crime law, and equal rights for Sodomites (immorality). The historical pattern is crystal clear for the nations that legalized the preceding. The only place in scripture I'm aware of that the Lord withheld judgment was Nineveh, where they were going to be destroyed in 40 days, but they sincerely repented. I don't see U.S. as a nation repenting one iota, in fact I see our nation rapidly abandoning our God of the Bible, and promoting Allah, ecumenicalism, one world theology and wickedness of every sort. But these are just my observations and opinions.