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  1. We know who brings fear, division and racism... The father of all lies, Satan himself and his minions. We were all created after His image, meaning we are images of the Lord (imagers) and He loves us all equally. For God so loved the world...
  2. Nor is He a repsector of persons.
  3. The beast of Rev chapter 13

    Yep! Whom would of 'thunk' 20 - 50 - 100+ years ago these things coming to pass right before our very own eyes? Sort of gives Daniel 12: 9 - 13 a whole new prospective doesn't it? These verses in Daniel have been opened to our eyes in this generation haven't they?
  4. Jesus loves every single person in the world

    Foreknowledge and predestination are not the same thing, we have free will just as the heavenly host and make our own choices and decisions. The Lord knowing everything from the beginning doesn't change our free will choices of accepting or rejecting Christ. Foreordained is the Lord's advanced knowledge of what our choices and decisions are. I don't believe that's the same thing. I believe God wanted a family, He created a spiritual family first, then a human family. He could have created His family like robots but He didn't. He wanted His children to freely love Him and come to Him on their own free will. At one time I had thought about the same things. Then reading and studying the scriptures made it clear. I don't pretend to understand how everything works, so that's how my faith in Jesus Christ comes in. One day we're going to get all the answers to our questions, and it's going to be so logical, crystal clear and divine.
  5. Did i find contradiction in bible ?

    I won't go into any detail of the significance, but the precise Jewish Jubilee cycles were lost through history also. Any seemly Biblical discrepancies are the result of various changes in the calendar throughout history. I would also think the diaspora added to the confusion. I'm of the opinion that had the calendar not been jumbled throughout the ages, it might be possible to pinpoint certain Biblical prophecies?
  6. The beast of Rev chapter 13

    Here's something that might be worth considering and watching pertaining to the presupposed "ten nations"? The ten horns are not necessary ten nations, here's my observations. We know the Antichrist will control all commerce, and without his mark no one will be able to buy and sell. Naturally for the A/C to do that, he has to have the technology and a structure in place. I think everyone would agree the technology is more than capable of accomplishing that right now, but something or someone has to monitor and enforce it. I don't believe humans have that capability, I think it will take artificial intelligence. And that technology has just had major breakthroughs and has arrived. A number of years ago the United Nations divided the world into TEN global economic zones, and the Law of the Seas for future nefarious reasons. Everyone knows the UN as it mission, the One World Government. So my point is, these TEN global economic zones fit in nicely with scripture and an efficient structure for administrating all individual and global transactions. Just something to keep an eye on... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Exclusive_economic_zone http://nuclearsuntan.blogspot.com/2011/11/un-divides-world-into-10-regional.html OH I JUST REALIZED!!! TODAY IS SEPTEMBER 23rd, THE END OF THE WORLD, GOT TO RUN
  7. The beast of Rev chapter 13

    That's plausible also. But based on the context of the scripture, especially hail, whatever it is seems to come from above and down upon the earth, a cosmic or supernatural event. If the 'blood' is not symbolic and is literal, the only thing I could imagine is the tens of thousands of people at any given time flying commercially on airliners? If it were a solar event, in this day and age one would think we would have hours of warning with the satellites and continual observation of the sun? Then again, if astronomers and the governments had only mere hours of warning time before a cataclysmic event of such magnitude, do you suppose they would announce it and cause a panic? Or would they quickly gather their families and head for their bunkers? In any event, the frequency and magnitude of natural disasters are ramping up. Even the television meteorologists are using words like unprecedented in meteorological history, since records have been kept, etc. There maybe some pauses between all these disasters occurring, but I suspect we're seeing just a taste of what is prophesied to come (birth pangs). It's later now than it has ever been. Tick... Tick... Tick... My faith in Jesus Christ and my pre-tribulation view (the blessed hope) gives me great comfort and faith with the things coming upon the earth as we speak. Everything, and I mean everything prophetic is "converging" at breakneck speed and is lined up or lining up, to numerous to write it all out, but to name just a few. The Ezekiel 38: - 39: Gog Magog invasion is easily seen with the players assembled and about ready in Syria. I expect Damascus, Syria to be a heap never to be inhabited again any day now (possible IDF nuclear strike). North Korea and Iran are in bed together, could this N. Korea thing be a distraction of forces and attention away from the middle east? Notice about every other word out of President Trump's mouth over the last couple of months is "peace and security" talking about the Palestinian solution, not to mention the United Nations hundreds of references? Elam (1/6 of Iran, S.W.) where the Bushehr nuclear facilities are located will soon be destroyed (potential earthquake or IDF strike)? This convergence of all end-time prophecy leads me to believe we are near the end of this dispensation, even at the door. Imagine, we are living in the times and witnessing what Jesus spoke of, and the nearness of His coming. No other generation has been blessed to witness and observe how all of God's plan is coming together. Past generations didn't have a clue as to how these things could occur. You would think the pagan and secular world would have taken notice by now what the Bible has prophecy thousands of years ago, and is exactly occurring today and wake up and smell the coffee. I suppose they are willingly ignorant or the Lord has blinded their eyes to what's going on.
  8. The beast of Rev chapter 13

    Hey Giller! True, America is not mentioned directly in prophecy and I've read some things recently that I've been pondering and chewing on. As we know, basically only the other side of the world is mentioned during the seven year tribulation. Scripture apparently records the sun is going to act up and burn people, or it could be the loss of ozone in our atmosphere or both? Early in the tribulation, the Bible records 1/3 of earths grass and trees are going to be burned up, and I assume everything living will die from this event. For many years I've wondered how this could come about and thought most likely nuclear weapons. But the more research I did on that, the more that seemed implausible and unlikely for numerous reasons. Many people did not hear about the solar event that was two weeks behind the earths orbit around the sun a couple of years ago. NASA definitely downplayed it and tried to keep a lid on it, but had the earth been two weeks back in its orbit, the 1859 Carrington Event would have been remembered as a 4th of July kids sparkler. Most physicists and scientists know the sun is more than capable of shooting out a CME or solar flare of "liquid plasma fire" for tens of millions of miles, with temperatures of 6,000 degrees plus, destroying everything they hit. North, South and Central America constitutes about 27% of earths land mass. I think it's one of the many plausible reasons our nation is not mentioned, were not capable of anything or not around anymore. Fire mixed with blood makes me think of all the passenger airliners in the sky all at one time? I've heard the theories of what top secular scientists think would happen when an extreme solar event hit our atmosphere and it's pretty complicated, but one of the outcomes is it turns the atmospheric moisture into 100+ pound hunks of ice. The explanation they gave is well above my pay grade and understanding. Anyway, if the Lord chooses to use a natural disaster or other means, we're not specifically told. Once the Bride is removed, who could tell the difference between the USA and Sodom and Gomorrah and the same judgment?
  9. False Prophecy: Sept. 23rd

    Yep! Tom Horn, his guests and crew on Skywatch TV are very careful not to set dates and expressly say so. For me, they present credible people and Bible based material and views, with a rare guest that might make me scratch my head. Not to go off topic too much, I'm assuming you've probably seen, read and heard of a Dr. Michael Heiser? IMHO he has got to be one of the most knowledgeable Biblical scholars in modern times? The guy makes my head spin.
  10. "Arm yourselves"

    You brought up something that possibly occurred, based on their hate for Jesus and His disciples. I can picture in my mind Malchus standing before the magistrate, and demanding Peter be tried and imprisoned for cutting off his ear. All the while the magistrate looking at both his ears and thinking he was mad. I chuckle at that thought. I think Jesus performed that miracle not out of compassion for Malchus, but to keep the prophetic Word. I personally suspect Peter was rebuffed not for trying to protect Jesus, but for unintentionally interfering with God's plan.
  11. Evidences For A Young Earth

    Firstly, we can all agree to disagree agreeably and civilly. It's not heresy or a Salvation issue to have a different hermeneutical view of Scripture. Personally, there's few things I'm on the 'fence' about pertaining to Scripture, but the young / old earth 'theory' is one of them. Excellent scholarly and academic commentaries have been written on the subject by both young and old earth adherents. Based on the preponderance of the evidence, the order of events in Genesis Chapter 1:, the literal Hebrew meanings of words like; form, void, darkness, deep and light (Gen 1: 3)... I would have to lean towards the old Earth point of view. It's crystal clear the heavenly host (ben elohiym) witnessed the creation of the universe (Job 38:4-7). One thing is for certain; for every argument for a young earth, there's a counter response. One other thing seems apparent in my studies. Prior to the 19th century and the advent of "the lie" of Darwin and evolution. I don't find much support for the old Earth theory. An interesting and comprehensive book by the scholar G. H. Pember, titled Earth's Earliest Ages, is a must read no matter which side of the equation you support and believe. This question is in the top 100 or so of the 742,601,337,551 questions I want to ask the Lord when I meet Him. Good thing eternity is eternal, or else I'd be hogging all your time to ask the Lord questions when we meet Him
  12. 23rd September 2017: the Sign for the End of Times?

    It seems to be in chronological order. Chapter 1... Things which thou hast seen (past). Chapter 2-3... Things which are in John's day (present). Chapters 4-22... Things which shall be hereafter. Chapters 7, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, are called parenthetical chapters, meaning they only provide / insert additional information for the prior or next chapter. It all make good sense to me now. Not trying to sell anything, but a good explanation of the structure and content of Revelation for under $20.00, is a Revelation Study Guide, 86 pages, by Evangelist Dan Goodwin if anyone's interested. As with many Bible teachers, I don't agree 100% with his theology, but I sure did learn a lot about Revelation and its structure.
  13. Well Last Daze, you posted this August 28th, and here it is September 10th. With Harvey, Irma and possibly more on the way... I think you might have nailed it!
  14. 23rd September 2017: the Sign for the End of Times?

    Yes, I could spend the time proving it beyond a doubt, but it would take up too much of my time. Ninety percent of my assertions can be researched on the official Vatican and Catholic websites.
  15. Disciples are to Cast Out Demons

    From an untrained unqualified layperson such as myself, I wouldn't begin to know the difference between mental illness and demonic possession, unless it smacked me upside the head. That's why Ephesians 6: 10-17 is critical for the Christian. Notice in the Armor of God, the first five are defensive and the sixth is the offensive weapon. I personally do believe a "layman" Christian full of faith can cast out a demon in the name of Jesus Christ. However, I also believe that unqualified person could likely cause more spiritual, psychological and legal harm with his / her involvement. I use to watch a lot of prison programs like "Locked Up Raw". Some of those inmates "appeared" to be demonically possessed as opposed to mentally ill. Some of the abnormal behavior included constantly cutting themselves, causing injury to themselves, smearing their own feces all over themselves and throwing it on correctional staff, etc. They are controlled with sorceries (pharmakeia), which we derive the word "pharmacy" or drugs. Treating the symptoms and not the root cause. The Word of God contains the Rx for a demonic / evil cure. One thing seems to be obvious though. The Bible states only a small fraction of Jesus' miracles and casting out demon's are recorded. When you look at the number of demonic possessions Jesus and the Apostles cast out, compared to the geographic area and population there at the time, it was significant. If that was the case back then and there, imagine how many people may be demonically possessed today? Just my reasoning anyway...