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  1. Excited of heaven?

    I find it so exciting the mind can't even conceive. Those that were called up, I.E. the Apostles Paul and John, etc., where forbidden to describe the heavenly realm and everything they saw. Another one of those mysteries we'll have to wait on and see. I hear speculation we may be able to see millions of other colors in the light spectrum and visually see song notes and hear flowers that sing!
  2. Excited of heaven?

    I echo Psalms37:4 statement. However, while I'm still here on earth, I have to consider never again seeing my unsaved loved ones. That's a hard pill to swallow.
  3. Farside Hell Cartoons

    I previously tried to post a Youtube link to this site but quickly found out it was against the law, so I'll just describe it and you can Google it or Youtube it. I'm here to tell you, you don't want to wish your worst enemy to go to this place for all eternity, or even joke around about it. I bought this video from his website, but you can watch it for free at his website or Youtube. This is the best and most convincing testimony of Hell I've ever heard, and it sent chills down my spine. The video is titled "23 Minutes in Hell", by Bill Wiese. Whether his testimony is true or not, and I have no reason to doubt it but keep a little red flag in the back of my brain, it's the most vivid and scary description of Hell I've ever heard. The video is less than an hour and in my opinion a good witnessing tool. If you watch it, tell me what you think.
  4. Coincidence?

    I'm finishing up my yearly reading of the Bible in the Book of Job, and out of nowhere a weird thought just popped into my head. Then I thought about examples in 1 Kings, II Kings and the two Books of Chronicles, about judgments of some of the evil Kings and rulers. Now don't get me wrong here, I'm not calling anyone evil, but... As I was reading I subconsciously thought about William Jefferson Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama. Having no son's, only daughters, having no male heir or descendant of 'their' family branch. I just thought that was interesting and wanted to share.
  5. Who do you think negotiates the treaty in Daniel 9:27?

    Those are also my thoughts based on all the conditioning we're receiving via all those TV alien and UFO programs. I have a sneaking suspicion we will get a government UFO confirmation in the near future, or a perceived alien (demonic) visit. I'm also wondering about these confirmed and witnessed Mary aberrations and how these will fit into the mix, other than another great deception. Brings to mind the very elect would be deceived if possible.
  6. Spiritual Condition - Churches

    Any church or Pastor that states and / or teaches and preaches the Bible isn't the inerrant, inspired and infallible Word of God, and God made errors in His Word. Woe to him and those that believe that lie! Revelation 22: 18 - 19 comes to mind. The apostate and ecumenical church are becoming the norm these days, as people want their ears tickled to hear what they want to hear, and not the whole council of God and the narrow gate of Jesus Christ as the only way to Salvation. Who would of thunk the Bible has precisely warned us of the days we are now living in? Knowing all the preceding, not long ago I sincerely repented of my sins and worldly living and asked the Lord for forgiveness and return to His fold. Vowing to live the rest of my life walking after Him. I longed to attend a Bible believing Church that believed and preached the Gospel of Christ. With all humbleness and sincerity of a lowly heart, I prayed and asked the Lord to direct me to a church He would have me attend. Praise the Lord, He quickly answered my prayer and I almost immediately landed in a wonderful God fearing, Gospel preaching, filled with the love of Christ Church with loving brother's and sister's of the Lord. Amen! Shortly thereafter I came to find out this small country Church was established in 1824, with a history filled full of people and Pastors that were and are faithful to the Word of God and love Him. I don't attend Church to hear a message of what men think and their perverted opinions. I don't attend Church to hear there's more than one way to Heaven. I don't attend Church to hear Buddha, Allah, Baal, etc. are the same God by different names. I don't attend Church to make myself feel better. I personally attend Church to worship, praise and sing hymns and give glory to the One True Living God whom saved my worthless soul. To hear a 100% Biblical message from God's inerrant Word that applies to my life and improve my walk with Christ and the sacrifice He personally made for me. I love the joy, blessings and fellowship associated with the gathering of brother's and sister's of Christ, as we are the heirs and family of God. Satan and his minions are the princes and powers currently on this earth. Their demonic lies and false doctrines are deceiving many, many churches today. Being deceived means being lied to without you even knowing it because you want to believe a lie. Anyway, that's how I perceive what's going on in many of our churches today.
  7. Who do you think negotiates the treaty in Daniel 9:27?

    Interesting. I totally agree with your proven assessment of the United Nations, and it's about as corrupt as is can get. No debate needed for that... You could be correct in your assessment the UN will have no role in the rise of the Antichrist. However, I personally don't know how else or what mechanism the AC could use to attain his goals without a system already in place, to enforce anything, with one possible exception, Ecclesiastes 1:9, 4:1, 6:1. By those scripture quotes I mean history always repeats itself. We do see a concerted effort by the Vatican making reconciliation to the 'Protesters' and drawing them back under the umbrella of their conceptual one true church, to include all other religions. No? Still, by what military might and weaponry can the soon to come Antichrist claim to use to begin his agenda? Seems to me we are so deep into the end-times we should be able to recognize or speculate where his military might comes from to control the "whole world". I don't see a hint of the UN becoming irrelevant, quite the contrary. Everything you see and hear today is globally based and one world this and that, and global peace and security the catch phrase. And as we agree on the issue of the UN greed, failure, crimes against humanity and oxymoron of their 'peace' mission... I see the United Nations as an instrument by which the Antichrist will us for his benefit, since no other military power exists at this time that I'm aware of to achieve his evil plan. My own personal opinion of the 'Ten Kings' is not individual or sovereign nations, but Ten economic regional zones created by the UN a few decades ago and easily looked up to their purpose and mission. Just what I'm thinking.
  8. Worldliness in youth ministry

    Hi bornagain2011, I'm not a Pastor or qualified to give you spiritual advice, but I'd pray and ask the Lord what He would have you to do. With that said, and your description of what is going on, I'd say the world has entered your church, replacing Jesus and the Gospel of Christ with worldly and carnal entertainment (itching ears). I hesitate to offer any advice other than what the Bible says in Ephesians 6: 10 - 17, to put on the whole armor of God. If you'll read and notice in these verses, there's no protection for you back, we are to face and 'stand' in the face of adversity. I assume you have a born again qualified Godly Senior Pastor, clergy and deacons in your church? Your church / denomination is not the first to experience real or perceived apostasy, its become an epidemic of Biblical proportions in this day. Again, take it to the Lord in prayer and dig into His Word for answers. He will surely direct thy path. God Bless You.
  9. Mental Illness

    Well I don't know, but I'll have to disagree with demonic possessions as being rare. The Bible records only a small fraction of the demon's and evil spirits Jesus and the Apostles cast out, and they were many. There's no way to prove it, but given the population back then and the percentage of evil spirits being cast out, leads me to believe the percentage of people possessed back then was high, and today might be much higher than we suspect? Today look at all the ways and means people are opening the door for demonic possession; worshiping other gods, money and objects; Ouija boards, Satan worship, palm readers, fortune tellers, astrologers and predictions, occult's and occult religions, etc. And I'll even throw in some Chinese fortune cookies for dessert. I'm by no means a professional, I don't even play one on TV, but watching a lot of those prison TV programs such as 'Lockup Raw' and the like. The things many of the incarcerated do to themselves and others, leads me to think many cases are much more than mental illness. The mass of horrendous things being done to people today, and that doesn't count what you don't hear about that happens locally and doesn't make national news, is staggering. In many cases it appears it has to be demonic possession, or at least demonic control of a persons mind. Demonic possession was not rare back when Jesus and the Apostle's walked the earth in the flesh. I have no reason to believe demonic evil spirits are not roaming the earth today seeking whom they may devour and destroy.
  10. Is Time Infinite?

    What an interesting question. We live in a three dimensional world with 'time' as an additional dimension. Based on the presence of the princes and powers of the air that we can't visually see or sense, that occupy the same space as us at the same time... We have to conclude there is more than four dimensions I would think? We know the angel's of the Lord have their own habitation outside of time, and they can enter into our reality of a limited three dimensional world. As you said, time had a beginning when the Lord created the universe. My thinking is time is not the same for every living being and spirit. Time still continues during the millennium, as nations and people are appointed an annual time to go to Jerusalem. At the end of the millennium when we enter eternity a new heaven and earth is made, we will have no need of the light from the sun and reflection of the moon, as God is the light. If there is nothing to gauge time by, there can be no time. So my idea is when we enter eternity, we are outside of time since time has been destroyed and a new beginning and heaven and earth. My guess is during the millennium the raptured and resurrected Christians will enjoy the benefit of all the dimensions. As our bodies will be like Christ's and we will see Him in all His Glory and we will be with Him forever. Jesus appeared out of nowhere, walked through sealed rooms etc., and if we will be like Him, it makes sense we will have the privilege of moving about freely in dimensions inside and outside of time? Your question brings up additional questions I've wondered about? Do we Christians with eternal resurrected bodies in the millennium, need to partake of 'The Tree of Life' to sustain our immortality? We know that in our resurrected bodies we will have a feast and will be capable of eating food. Will food and water be required for our glorified bodies, or a privilege to savor the fruit of God? And that leads to a final thought, digestion? We may not know the answers to those questions until we get there. Good thing we will be in eternity, since I have so many questions to ask Jesus, if you are standing behind me, it's going to take an eternity for your turn
  11. Who do you think negotiates the treaty in Daniel 9:27?

    Yeah, I can visualize something along those lines as things are playing out. As far as the 80's idea of a ten nation revived Roman empire, yeah, my idea of that goes well before the 80's. I think Hal Lindsay's book "The Late Great Planet Earth" came out in 1973 or so. That was my long time held belief of a ten nation European Confederation, and I think it's still somewhat plausible. However, my thinking has changed the more I study and research and get older. Based on what and how the Antichrist is going to do, I'm now leaning towards something that was established a few decades ago, the ten global economic zones. Awhile back I read what they were all about and their mission and applied it to the end-time Antichrist. This looks like the ideal vehicle to get control of the global trade and global economies. Only God knows for sure, I'm just a watchman on the wall trying to figure out what I'm seeing according to scripture.
  12. Tattoo or tattoos what's your thoughts

    As one who made a mistake in the Army and got a small one in 1972... You can hardly turn on a TV program or go anywhere anymore and not see many people with numerous tattoo's and piercings. I suggest since this is so desirable and culturally acceptable these days, the coming Mark of the Beast will be much more palatable by the masses. My youngest daughter has been getting some tattoo's and it's driving me crazy! She wanted pierced ears when she was an early teen and I forbid it. Her mother overrode my proclamation and had it done behind my back. She wanted a tattoo when she was sixteen and I threatened to kick her and her mother out of the house if she got one. When my daughter grew up and left the nest she got her 'first' tattoo. I'm still stuck with the mother
  13. Who do you think negotiates the treaty in Daniel 9:27?

    Looking forward to it, thanks Marilyn.
  14. Timing of the Rapture

    Hi Psalms37:4, If I'm understanding your question correctly? My understanding is, prophecy is inspired and given by God to his profits, not so we can predict the future, but not be left in the dark. And when it comes to pass, we can look back and know it was the revelation of the One True Living God Himself, and give Him all the praise, honor and glory. The Lord says, my Grace is sufficient for thee, so the prophecy God elects to reveal will be sufficient for and to whom He reveals it. I believe Daniel revealed to Nebuchadnezzar everything God told him and my suspicion is Daniel himself probably didn't understand it either, based on the closing versus of the Book of Daniel.
  15. Who do you think negotiates the treaty in Daniel 9:27?

    Hi Marilyn, I'm a little confused about Last Daze question, evidently you understand it. You guys discussing the arithmetic of 1260 + 1260 not adding up? If so, I had the same problem with the numbers, and my inquiries leads me to think it might be for the judgment of the nations and setting up the millennial Kingdom. Am I off base with my understanding of the question and my thoughts?