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  1. Dennis1209

    Why Neanderthals were not invited onto Noah's Ark?

    Who would know better than you? That's the stuff we're being spoon fed over hear, least most everything I read and hear. Thanks.
  2. Dennis1209

    Why Neanderthals were not invited onto Noah's Ark?

    Exactly! That's my whole point, and we all know the ending, our status and the Lord wins! It's the inbetween's we each have our own ideas about, what we see shaping up and occurring we disagree about. Technology is advancing faster than most can even keep up with, as with spiritual darkness; debased minds and the lusts of their own flesh becoming more apparent. BTW: In your lifetime did you ever imagine you would see the mayor of London being a Muslim (Sadiq Khan)? I read great changes are occurring to your laws, sovereignty and traditions because of the influx of Muslim's? It's starting to occur in the U.S. also in sections of the country.
  3. Dennis1209

    Who is the widow? What are the chosen ones crying for?

    Not to go off topic, but reading your post, three words popped into my head, "the dark age". What was dark about that age in reality? My opinion is; from Constantine and the marrying of church and state, to the Protestant Reformation, God's word was suppressed. No one other than the RCC was allowed to own the Bible or any scripture. It was read in Mass only in Latin, which very few could understand. It was interpreted to the Mass as the priest saw fit. That was a centuries long 'gap' that the Gospel was suppressed and the traditions of man gained steam. Much like what occurred with the Jewish Sadducee's and Pharisee's until Christ.
  4. In one word, "yes and no", OK, maybe three words 😁 I don't ever recall doing so to hear a corrupt message, and I can't think of a reason I would. I won't mention the denominations, but I have attended them out of respect for funerals and marriages.
  5. Dennis1209

    What kind of Bible(s) do you have?

    Yeah, I have a number of great computer programs and aids that are great and a wealth of study information. I don't know how I got by without them... But there's just something I can't put into words about holding God's word in your hands, wrapped in a nice leather bound cover, with you name embossed on it.
  6. Dennis1209

    What kind of Bible(s) do you have?

    I'm not going to disparage any other translation or get into any debates, everyone has their own preference. But I grew up with the 1611 Authorized KJV and have stuck with it for a number of reasons, one being Bible verse memorization among others. You could say I'm a KJV only guy. Singing off the same sheet of music: When our Pastor is reading from scripture during church or Bible study and he is using another translation other than KJV, for me it gets confusing and I lose my place if I take my finger off the verse. Reading along and listening to something different doesn't click with my brain?
  7. Dennis1209

    Why Neanderthals were not invited onto Noah's Ark?

    OK, I get it; temporary monstrosities 😀 You seem to be very knowledgeable on the subject, so let me ask you this? How far along is science with cross experimentation? What are the legal boundaries and limits they're allowed to go, and those whom don't follow any guidance or law? Whom hijacks this technology for good, and develops it further in DARPA and black op programs for the use in war and destruction? Information released to the public is generally only about 10% of how far the technology is actually advanced. See where I'm heading?
  8. Dennis1209


    I've tried growing them in five gallon "plastic" buckets myself with no luck. They start off great and as the summer warms up they die, even with tender care. I have a neighbor who grows all their tomato's and vegetables in very large clay pots (15 - 20 gallons maybe), and I'm here to tell ya, WOW! I'm thinking there's not enough soil in five gallons and the roots get too hot, or something plants don't like about plastic?
  9. Dennis1209

    Why Neanderthals were not invited onto Noah's Ark?

    Well Jayne, what would you think of another possibility? Noah was found perfect in his generation, the whole world was corrupt. We know Noah wasn't perfect sin wise. Could this "perfect" and "corruption" be referring to their DNA and crossing the "kind" boundary? I've often though about the minds that dreamed up these 'myth gods' of half human/ animal (centauroid, faun, pan, glastig, matsya, etc.) in the Egyptian, Greek, Roman and other cultures. To wide spread throughout the known world, cultures and time to not have kernels of truth behind them. The bull, goat, fish, frog, etc. gods even mentioned in the Bible. I think they were actually real beings at one time. If we take Genesis 6: 1-4 literally, the rest of the Bible makes perfect sense to me. Could the world be in for another repeat? "As it was in the days of Noah...". What differentiated the pre flood days of Noah from any other point in history? Violence, sodomy, morality etc., nope, they have been as bad during the post antediluvian period continually. Look at the genetic / DNA experimentation occurring today in the name of science for organ replacement, longer lives, super soldiers, survive the harshness for long distance space travel, etc. A little research reveals what monstrosities are being created; rats with human ears, pigs with human blood, etc. That's what we're allowed to know about in the name of science, what about what the dark side is doing, who's regulating it all? No one. Maybe I'm just watching to much science fiction stuff and need to get a grip on reality. But that's what I envision is occurring, and probably with the aid and help of the supernatural evil entities.
  10. Dennis1209


    No, too lazy and don't have a place to put them with sun. I buy those six packs already started. Put out 42 plants last year, in addition to the other stuff.
  11. Dennis1209


    I moved from the St. Louis area to northern Tennessee. Just a couple of hundred miles South and I noticed a big difference. Tried all my life to beat my friends and coworkers by having the first ripe tomato by July 4th, it never happened. Down here if the spring is normal, ripe tomatoes toward the end of June is easy. Seems it's about two weeks ahead weather wise from where I lived.
  12. Dennis1209


    Hanging between 31-33 degrees all day. Had a heavy powdering of snow late yesterday afternoon. Got an unusual call that Wed. Bible study called off because of the weather / roads. I was looking forward to see if I could keep the car on the slick country roads in the dark or not 😁 I thought I'd drive the wife's car, you know... Just in case. Maybe it's just my perception, but here in NW Tennessee, it seems we didn't have any fall, went directly from summer weather to winter?
  13. Dennis1209

    God and UFO's

    Genesis 3:15 (KJV) And I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel. As most scholars agree, a contest has started between Satan (the serpent) and the woman (Christ). The serpents seed is represented in Gen 6: 1-4 and elsewhere by the creation of hybrid Nephilim by 'the sons of God' mingling with women of their choice. A Satanic plan to wipe out the bloodline of the coming Savior.
  14. Dennis1209


    Well eileenhat, I'm not disparaging you or going to argue or debate your personal biblical hermeneutic views. But it seems our biblical views are a great divide apart and I wouldn't know where to begin anyway? God Bless
  15. Dennis1209


    I think I would have to agree with your above explanation, thank you. I had questions myself on exactly what the unpardonable sin was and whom it applied to? After much study, research, discernment and prayer; I came to the same exact understanding as you explained. Therefore, it stands to reason from scripture, "ALL" sins may be forgiven except for the unpardonable one. Now that I've thought it over more, I do remember seeing personal testimonies of people that were involved in satanic cults, and came out of them and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their own personal Lord and Savior. I think my question is now cleared up...