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  1. Through out history. Children have been put thirdly after God and their wives. To inherent what he shall give his children one day and make them fishers of men or kill the children and leave them soulless because God hath taken them. Truth is- we live in this world struggling because we know only what God hath commanded and Jesus is no longer here lingering but in Heavenly places until it is time for judgement day. He'll hear prayers and cries of repentance from above but he will not intervene some times. You just have to have faith and ask the Lord what he wants and what you may do for him under serenity. Stretch out your hands and pray after repenting for a life. If he believes in the christ- he believes in the marriage and children he takes care of. Anyone who steps beyond the marriage while in marriage seek eternal suffering and he who is divorced- is a relationship with God more worthy then a secondary marriage? We all suffer in our own ways. I shall pray for you and leave you with this: Roman 12:21 "Do not be overcome by evil but overcome it with good." which means find it in your heart to love your enemy enough to shew him away in kindness and meekness. Whose lower? Ye or he? For it is written that if he is lower- he shall be higher amongst all else. It also said by Jesus if he should be last- he shall be first before amongst all else.
  2. Before it was light and good sleep. Then last night a nightmare happened. Hopefully tonight i sleep better.
  3. Everything is settle but the trial will continue to go its route. A lot of temptation and even in my dreams has come for me but I rejected it. Had nightmares. The trials are rough.
  4. I know not. For I am still learning.
  5. I have been though. I take them out 5 times a day before and after their meals. Im telling you its Satan or my dogs sick.
  6. For it is written that he can do anything as long as he believeth in the lord and steadfast in the faith. Indeed you are correct when you say extended prayer is a must but he or she who prays to other Gods aside from the trinity will recieve no answer and will not be stronger the mountains.
  7. Appreciate it. God bless you. I hope and pray your day will be just as good as great sleep.
  8. I agree, the fact I woke up and felt anger to my Dog peeing and pooping on the motel carpet after i let him out 5 times a day is absolutely unrighteous in itself. I mourned greatly because of it. I shall say a prayer for my dog if he is not well or to keep satan at bay from using him to tempt me.
  9. Lord, I pray in this hour to which I hope I may sleep soundly and awake to continue the trials. Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul I'll keep. I pray those in these hours slept well and/or continue to sleep 'til it is their time to awake and do your will, Lord Almighty. You are good in all ways, you are he who righteous in all ways and above all else; you are a merciful God in the eyes of Gods children. I pray those that sleep dream as good as Heavenly places, Amen.
  10. Thank you, Brothren or Sistren. Bless it be he who prays for his brothren in the same faith.
  11. I awoken because I felt something bad was or is happening/happened and my dog was peeing after he pooped on the motels carpet. At that moment; feelings in which go against my very being started come forth and afterwards I had mourned in remorsed & prayed. I came on my phone to see if the wifi was on to write a testimony unto you all of Satans works. He tried to tempt me into temptation. Be weary Brothren & Sistren in these trial days. He tests us all and sees all before it happens and waits to see our results. STAND FIRM AND RAISE YOUR HAND TO SATAN AND CAST HIM OUT INTO THE COLD COMING WINTER WITH LOVE, PATIENCE, AND KINDNESS WITH BLIND FAITH IN OUR LORD & SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST, AMEN!
  12. Repentance is the act of remorse ones compelled and in act confess to those in higher places. To those being the trinity but more so; The Son of God. Did I get that right? O.o
  13. Was it not Harods wife who asked for John The Baptists head as a gift from Harod whom left Harod to mourn greatly because he knew John The Baptist was a true prophet for the Lord? Please quote me if I am wrong; Im still memorizing the new testament myself.
  14. Lord, please bless this man to be healed and get through his hardships. I know, I am going through my own hardships & trials but I am willing to pray for another aside for myself. Instead of blessing me to be protected from temptation of Anger- will you please bless he who works and knows much more then I in the faiths? Allow him to be free of this sickness that plagues him and be lifted from the oceans weight unto lighter clouds which make those feel great & healthy, that his wife also does not catch this sickness. In Jesus Christ name, Amen.
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