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  1. confimation

    so.....you commenting that u not commenting.... so why bother then
  2. confimation

    Ive heard quite a few Anglicans speak of this. Proudly in fact, sometimes equating it with salvation. Its obviusly not, but can anyone explain what it entails. Whats actually said and told because from what i've observed, there are numerous issues with it. 1) seemingly some children were made to go to the classes by their parents (salvation is of free will) 2) Persons would say they were already confirmed (in one case as a response to being sent something encouraging them to accept Jesus as Saviour) but all the while be living blatantly sinful lives- partying, drinking, sleeping with boyfriends/girlfriends, questioning Biblical principles like how we know the bible is true etc. Its concerning because it seems as if its just another man made tradtition that gives unsaved people a false sense of salvation with their lives being a testament to the lack of the actual change
  3. church routine

    that's what i mean. how it should be sometimes
  4. church routine

    in that it can be repeated every week at every sermon with little to no variation
  5. church routine

    Something ive been thiking of recently
  6. Reasons to forgive

    pretty much. but practically it spares u alot
  7. Reasons to forgive

  8. too funny not to share

    funny but isn't it good when parents are this vigilant
  9. hearing but not doing

    nah... this is something i saw happene repeatedily in our church youth group. a recent convo with a young lady i know inspired it
  10. negative advisers

    i noticed this from testimony my friend gave. Basically hes a young man who married early. Hes currently building a home for him and his young wife after 5 years of marriage. He told us people are telling him stuff like she'll leave his as soon as their house is built. Reminded me of a post made earlier about a woman on twitter asking for recipes for sacks to make for her husband and then being bombarded by women who chiding her for doing is saying shes not his mother and his arms arent broken. So ummmmm...... if she doesnt mind doing it and it makes her husband happy? Why discourage her? Isnt it funny how some people will literally be doing something nice or positive for their spouse to help their marriage and people outside try to discourage them from doing it and encourage them to do somethin that would cause problems.
  11. church expressions

    but isnt that judging in itself?
  12. church expressions

    i visited it to attend a funeral. what's your point.
  13. church expressions

    Went to my grandmothers funeral at an anglican church (although i dont like to use denominational titles- i go to an independent Baptist church) Service began with a procession with people in long robes carrying crosses with poles At the front of a church was something like an altar with a gold cross with Jesus on it. Numerous times throughout the service the robed people passed in, whenver they did, they'd bow or kneel before it. Happened multiple times (we will use the altar only for prayer) Throughout the service as someone said something, the congregation would recite a refrain to it. Sometimes making the sign of the cross as they did. In the funeral pamplet , there was a series of mantras to recite, such as the apostles creed and a Nunc Demittis (we do no recitations) At the end the preacher came and put incense and sprinkled water on the coffin (no such thing doen at ours) There was communion in the service open to anyone (in m church the pastor specifies its only available to born again believers )
  14. church expressions

    was for a funeral