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  1. Does anyone else HATE these pictures. Under the facade if being spiritual, they try to guilt people into forwarding then and theyre also shoving Jesus into it. Instant delete for me
  2. i always wondered. Seeing as nooone is prefect but yet you still dont want anyone with any lifestyle picking up a ministry, how do you determine whos applicable and who isnt?
  3. Was she a poster here i assume
  4. You hit it on the head. What happened was someone posted this picture online and the lady got blasted for being an awful mother for spending her kids child support on nails and boots for herself. Then someone gave context- Juan is actually the posters father, not her ex child father (she didnt cll him daddy) She took the money he gave her and bought herself the nails and boots. Its similar to anaylsing scripture and people in general. Too often people write off certain verses as something because they didnt bother reading the whole chappeter but took the verse in isolation (eye for an eye for example). It shows without a full context, something can look totally different than it is
  5. Here we go.....
  6. im not atually. like i said. its perfectly innocent minded but theres something else to it people dont realise. But everyone else ignores that part i put
  7. Tell me what you think of this picture. Give me you honest opinion. Theres a point Im going to make. A very eye opening point but i need opinions first
  8. How do you know when and where its applicable?
  9. my qn. why does daddy have to dress up. Why not have him play a male character in the pretend and let the daughter know. Men are to always dress as men and women as women. something the world is trying to get us to forget.
  10. You're not getting me.... Im not saying HE is a transgender or he supports it. im simply saying this - its innocent make believe yes, but this stuf like the trojan horse, innocently seeming stuff can be used by satan to infiltrate our minds and make the wrong seem ok. The Word says t men and women dressing as each other is wrong, thats includes innocent make believe. there really are no bypasses. Its like years ago on tv theyd be the ambiguously gay character as comic relief, he was never said to be gay and his gay mannerisms were laughed at and we got accustomed. Then came the openly gay quirky chatacter. they siad he was gay but he didnt really do much of his lifestyle acts on tv. we were accustoemd so we accepted. Now were at the stage where we're so desensitised we have gay makeout scenes on prime time shows. If you get my point now
  11. Heres my thing. Daddy playing folks with his daughter is perfectly fine. But daddy cross dressing to play the role is innocent yes but its basically telling kids it's ok for men to dress as women,which scripture forbids. So this totally innocent activity could be used by the devil to encourage things God forbids. To add to it . I pointed out that a million different women have a million different concepts of What a real man is, and a woman replied. That her s be a real man if he dressed as a woman for himself. Femininity isnt only for women
  12. A very liberal friend put up a video online. It's of a man in a wig, make up and a dress . He put on all of this to play tea party with his daughter. The caption she placed was-A real man does this Isit just me or as innocent as it look there's a darker part to opinions and practices like that.
  13. I love to look at old movies sitcoms etc . It's like a time machine showing how life,society and morals have changed. Look at this advice column letter. Wow things have changed
  14. Thats y u dont get unequal yoked in the first place