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  1. Doesn't it seen so nowadays
  2. In comics Spiderman hasca spider sensecthatvwarns him of danger even if he can't see it right away. We christians have a spirit sense where we get an early warning from the Holy spirit about something that may seem mundane only later to see why God was warning us. Anyone ever had such a moment. What was it. 1. A man once sent me a pic of a beautiful lady and asked if I'd like to meet her (ie to date). It was an instagram screenshot and although there was nothing wrong with it. Something didn't seem 'right'. Sense was tingling Ishowed a co-worker it for a second opinion and she said she knows her. Goes on ig and later finds the profile-multiple bikini,lingerie carnival costume pics. Some with her holding liquor. Another coworker commwntes she knows her too-a hard drinker. When i confronted the man he also revealed that she goes fr men with money ,is (in his opinion )dumb and also said she's not sure if she was straight. True story. So any other examples.
  3. Something I found online and did a piece on. Isn't it amazing how easily we can fall for this trap. Note its not to say getting some of these things are wrong but it's just so amazing how these things happen. Even to the point where people may drop friends and switch churches whenas they climb the financial ladder.
  4. I once heard an older Christian say that this is one way to distinguish a backslider from a false convert who returns to their former lifestyle. What do u think?
  5. Develop urself personslly
  6. Yeah and i find we christians are so conditioned to believe its something we have to achieve. From observations and personal experiences it seems some o us are more concerned about getting a single married off that encouraging them to serve God or checking on them spiritually. I dont think its intentional but one seems to get way more attention than others.
  7. What do you think id this quote I heard online (from a non christian btw )
  8. I agree. Here's an example of how that happened. I want to a get together held by some friends. Almost as soon as i entered I passed a man talking to a woman. He then introduced her to me. I said hi, and went on in. Later after the lady left the guy announced to the other people-would u believe I introduced him to Sue (not her name) and he didn't stop to talk. Apparently it had been an attempt on his part to get me to start talking to the lady and he had expected me to jump for the opportunity to talk to the woman (although I had no foreknowledge) I explained I wasn't interested in talking with her. Only for a mob of other guests to literally make me the centre of attention bombarding me with reasons I should consider her -She's nice -She's serious about God. -You don't fall in love at first sight. All the while I'm telling tjem repeatedly i wasnt interested and was getting increasingly irritated. The effect was that I develoows more of an apprehension of ever talking to her afterwards.
  9. I didn't necessarily mean in terms of salvation only. E.g. life choices. Getting a job, choosing what to study,even romantic options. A good personal example is people who try to match make or suggest people to you and try to berate you or make you feel as if you're wrong because you don't have interest in their choice for you.
  10. i had an epiphany- tell me i you think this makes sense biblically. If God has something in mind for someone, he will give them a desire for it or make them aware of it. So while God may use us (by suggesting or pointing out) to open someones eyes to something it is not for us to try and pry them open by insisting or pressuring if they dont agree or take. So as much we think someone should do something or make a particular choice, if its the one God has or them, they will naturally gravitate to it or get a desire for it. Often we just want them to do what WE think they should and get critical i they dont
  11. Isn't it amazing how they do these things and we dont realise? I'm not defending or condemning trump but seeing how they did that is just devious
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