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  1. caption it.

    how would you caption the next scene. Best submission wins 10 no-prizes.
  2. actual story i witnessed being told

    just plain nastiness
  3. actual story i witnessed being told

    i actually heard this. it's amazing what dangers living Godly helps us avoid isn't it
  4. pharisees and tax collecters

    something i realised.
  5. Jonah

    lol. what gets me if he still ended up where he ran from. alot less comfortable too
  6. Jonah

    I love how reading bible stories shows usthat people will always be people and personalities havent changed much since the beginning. Take Jonah for instance....
  7. artificial insmination

    really. never noticed that . i mean that the ones taking the biblical standards to be angry. will check next time
  8. artificial insmination

    True but dont forget some kids at Sunday school aren't from Christian homes. so church and Sunday school are the only exposure they get
  9. artificial insmination

    actually im not watering downv anything. i just wanted opinions. often i see people put their biblical opinions on par with actual scripture and act like going against them is sinning. Personally, i think while i cant say its a sin cause i cant get a verse to base it on and would only be using my opinion, that doing this would be ill advised and could only result in bad. Like Sarah and Hagar. While i can relate to the lady's frustration, trying to help God do what we think He should do is usually a disaster.
  10. artificial insmination

    Actually i dont have a problem with ot. I myself got saved in a sunday school clss by a female sunday school teacher. Im wondering if we're disobeying Gods command. but now u explain that she cant teach men, i understand
  11. artificial insmination

    personally i wondered any of woman can't reach why do we let them teach Sunday school. not that I'm against it because especially dealing with young ladies , a woman may be a bettercteacihng choice. with regards to Sunday school. there's no verse forbidding it, and we all can see the utility of it. so there's nothing wrong with it. you'd be surprised how much things churches do that's not in the bible
  12. artificial insmination

    but where is the verse to back that up. I'm not saying u right or wrong but often people i find our their persnoal opinion with no scriptural backing and act like it's the bible they're quoting
  13. artificial insmination

    I got this question via whatsapp and decided to express it visually. Who do you think is correct? This let to some serious talk on both sides of the debate

    1. basically men who have swarms of kids from different mother's and just keep adding them on 3. there literally are stories of women like that i heard one of a win a who asked a man for $50 phone credit just minutes into their conversation

    nah it's an online storyboard maker I use