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  1. Well you could ise Gods word to point out whysaid behaviours are NOT ok. If you're not going to participate in the thread according to the subject ......why bother commenting in the 1st place?
  2. Something interesting I saw in YouTube. People were asked to say what types of toxic behaviour in their opinion have been generally socially accepted but in reality shouldn't be. Here are some of mine- Shaming people for their interests. Eg looking down for people who play video games or watch cartoons as immature while playing games like dominoes for hours or being fanatic about sports is accepted.So long as its legal and moral what's wrong with them. Criticizing racism but accepting nationalityism. I've had CHRISTIANS warn me off of certain nationalities (dating wise) because theyre 'tricky' one man ever saidwomen from my country (which he left as a child and hadn't loved in since ) aren't submissive and most can't cook so had never want one. Degrading men due to being a virgin. I had a birthday hangout ruined by 2 friends repeatedly doing this this me. Never held once since. Boasting about how drunk they have gotten or will get . What are some of yours?
  3. Was watching a video of people who escaped cults. The 1st cult features was the nation of Yahweh. It was a cult who's said blacks were the original Israelites and that whites were infidel and devils. The former member telling The story saw he was totally devoted even after the cult leader had former members killed, had him publicly beaten,kicked him out of the compound and even sent him away to new jersey from the compound for a year so he could steal his wife. Then one day because he didn't sell enough items,he was made to kneel for hours in a room. While doing this he had time to really think and realised-For all of the preaching done against whites all this suffering in his life -beatings humiliation loss of his family was caused by a black man (the leader). No white peraon had even wronged him. That is what opened his eyes and made him flee. I'm of course not preachiby racism but my point is this Sometime we go through certain sufferings or unwanted situations so that our eyes can be opened. Sometimes we can be so blinded by our circumstance that God in his goodness has to let something harsh or severe happen to let us realise. The cult is an extreme example but sometimes it can even be a toxic friendship or relationship or even a job that we need to see our need to escape.
  4. I've seen alot of stuff like this up. I used to agree with it bitbtjen i realised the flaw in logic. Anyone else can pick it up? (Ignore the fact that they're muslims)
  5. I think they got plenty. They respect her strength to stand up and not need outdated ridiculous patronising .
  6. I saw this post online. Tell me what you think.
  7. As the bible says there stories are given for exanples to us. Joseph's story shows us what can happen if. 1) Parents blatantly favour one or some children over others. (As Jacob did with joseph) . It can stir hatred between siblings. 2)When we don't deal with negative emotions. Joseph's brothers didn't deal with their envy and it turned to a murderous hatred. That could happen to any of us.
  8. Actually as I've readhe didn't use his money for the Not so fast there. I read that Al didn't actually use that much of his money for the donations rather he strongarmed other businesses to make "donations". So basically he was making a good reputation for himself off of other peoples back. Not that biblical is it now?
  9. This was based on one of my early experiences teaching. Basically both parents of a boy came to school in relation to an incident with the child. They mother looked and dressed like the one in the pic and the father...... looked and behaved like the one in the pic..... I just asked myself .... HOW????? I find it funny how Gods word hasa way of popping up in the funniest ways.
  10. But overwork and burnout aren't demonic. Just natural consequences or being overwhelmed.
  11. At a interview for a potential pastor, one of the candidates was asked what he thinks is the role of the pastor. His response was basically to lead the people's growth but then he in a nutshell added on that there was a need to wean people off of pastoral dependence i.e to develop them to basically stop coming to the pastor for everything. If necessary he can guide them to someone who can better handle their issue instead of him. I This kind of corresponds to something I read. The book (Pagan Christianity) basically said that in the early church ,the pastor was just a man selected to lead and guide the believers spiritually but as time went on , due to outside influences and tradition more and more prestige and more and more duties and expectations were piled on. THE RESULT: People expect pastors to do far more than reasonable: Along with the usual conducting of services, they'll be expected do counselling for all different types of people, deal with finances, chart the churches development, visit the sick, preach at other churches (some overseas) church expansion and repair etc. All the while, people forget he may have his own family and his own spiritual health to deal with. The youll have people that expect him to be on call 24/7 to deal with problems when someone else could.Case in point - A pastor oncce told me he was called at around 4 am and had to leave home and visit a house. Why? The wife found evidence that the husband was cheating and someone called him. Honestly..... dont they think the pastor needs a good nights rest and couldnt someone else (relatives? neighbours , police?) be called to help. THE RESULT(2)- Huge amounts of pastors report feelings of depression, burnout, neglected spiritual or family life,even suidical thoughts. While many members can be insensitive to how hard it can get . Ive heard someone ask something on the lines of-Why does a pastor need a vacation. Also, memebers who possess the training or potential to be used often sit idle POSSIBLE SOLUTION As impossible as it may seem. A fundamental change in the culture of some churches operate wherein theres a better division of work and more effective use of people rather than pile too much on the pastor e.g- rather than come immediately to the pastor (who may not even have children)about problems with your teenager, why not be directed to the older couple who successfully raised 4 into adulthood
  12. The point is this- Often times we as older christians clamp down on new converts or young people fior doing things, often forgetting that WE once were like that and we matured with time. Its just funny how forgetful we can become. Thats why the pastor showed her the picture to give her a reminder
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