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  1. Lady with a past

    She didn't boast of it to me. I'll take some blame. I actually asked questions in convos. being a single virgin sometimes curiosity gotbrhd better of me . Something I need to work on
  2. Lady with a past

    I've seen growth and trying . As i said we are good friends and talk regularly. I wouldn't say she's trying to entice me
  3. Lady with a past

    A few years ago a lady visited our church and got saved. I felt an attraction from day 1 but never made a move as she was still with her boyfriend. We became fast friends And she being very open told me stuff about her past basically. She's very sexually experienced and has done alot and would do them with her husband . Now one might assume that is say I was totally disgusted by what i heard and turned my mind off of her but in the contrary , I'm even more fascinated and attracted and am probably pursuing her even more. I feel conflicted and guilty because Im not sure if I've grown to have more interest in her as a person or just am enticed with the notion of having the perks of having a wife who's so knowedeable in bed. And starting a relationship with said things in mind may not be the best thing u do if u want to stay pure. Thoughts?
  4. Logic is dead

    i learned of this from an argument with my cousin. They're pro lgbtt so they posted a story criticizing a comedian a was saying if he dated a woman obly to find out it's a man ,he's kill themm i replied while murdering them would be wrong, finding out hisgf or whatever was actually a man would easily make a straight man snap or go berserk. And that lying to someone like that is an awful thing to do.They responded with a whole heap of nonsense aboutpeople should check up on people who they date etc and if it were a long-term relationship yes,but not for a fling. It shows how more and more corrupt people's thinking has gotten . So now they don't have to tell people that they really are men?
  5. Logic is dead

    And thus logic has died. Lgbtt killed it
  6. Friends moving on in life......

    A single friend told me about her circle of friends. They woukd have known/hung out for years but as time progressed, alot of the members have gotten married some to each other She is now one of the few singles left and she realised that in some cases (not all)the couples have started to go out together but not invite her. I told her that that that was a sign for her to start looking for a new circle of friends. I'm not saying to cut them off as friends but find new people to hang with who won't exclude you. I'm wondering now, was that advice too savage or completely justified?
  7. Health Care

    Good luck with that. ....
  8. Preachers kid syndrome

    Well remember a Christian has chosen to commit to God this should follow the rules. A preachers kid hasnt necessariky made that choice but is still under the microscope
  9. Preachers kid syndrome

    This term is used to identify the tendency for some pastors children to completely reject or rebel from the lifestyle ideally pushed by their parents as church leaders. Recently a relative told me of how they had met a pastors son who was not living a godly life (drinking cursing smoking,child outta wedlock)and they asked him how he turned out like that (uncalled for i agree) But honestly,I pity children like that. Simply because imagine from day 1 your life will be held to a high standard not because of any choice you have made but because of who your parents are. Thus you're expected to be good cause your fsthers the pastor. You may not even be saved So any and every aspect of your behaviour dress, where u go,what you watch etc will be under the microscope and any infractions will be cannon fodder for the pastors enemies or anyone who he had to correct. Your behaviour might even be grounds for your father to be removed from office (keeping his house under subjection) While I don't agree. It's easy to see why some might totally rebel.
  10. Transgender People?

    a man who feels that mentally he is a woman or vise versa and wants to live as such. Sadly, the rest of society has to follow suit
  11. Scruples

    scruples are morals. which should for a christian be biblically based
  12. Scruples

    huh? why not just follow the bible
  13. picking sense from nonsense

    I learned that. Boy did ilearn
  14. picking sense from nonsense

    Have you ever heard something that makes no sense in its context but when applied elsewhere is pretty true? To explain, I heard n interview of a doctor who is basically all about black empowerment etc. He is totally against interracial marriage and of the reasons he gave was that a white woman cant relate to the black mans struggle, having not lived through it . so when a black man gets harassed by the police , his white wife wont understand the issues of being black thus wont be able to properly sympathise. Now this is obviously both prejudiced and ridiculous but, lets apply the same concept to Christians. With our relationships with the unsaved, whether business, friendships or romantic.Its good to recognize that they cant relate to our struggle to live Godly, their world view and perspective will be totally different, and theyll most likely give advice or encouragement whichll follow it which is why we have to be mindful of that fact. What brings this point home is when i remember they types of advice unsaved people, some whom I considered friends sincerely gave me which were totally unscriptural and would have led me down seriously destructive paths had I followed them (eg fornicate now so as to learn how to when I get married or my wife may cheat on or leave me. I need to go to a bar to look for women. I dont need a church girl etc) Just goes to show how the word of God stands so strong that even others can support it by not even referencing it
  15. Cremation - ok or not?

    honestly.... i think funerals etc are a colossal waste of money. we spend thousands of dollars on people who wont feel or experience anything as their soul is gone. Id rather my body be stuffed in an old fridge or fed to sharks and let my living relatives or someone who needs it benefit from the money that wouldve been used to do it