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  1. creativemechanic

    progressing past others

    i heard this illustration at our schools graduation and found it intriguing. The speaker was advising the kids to continually progress and gave this supposedly true story to illustrate. A man's girlfriend started to attend university. so every evening he dutifully leave playing dominoes with his friends to take her to class and return. Eventually, she graduated but he didnt progress academically in any way . Eventually she started to gravitate away from him because he wasn't at her academic and conversation level anymore and went towards towards men who were. This led to some jealousy from him. Eventually they broke up. Two school of thought from the village where they lived. 🙎🏾‍♀- She real cruel. Imagine she left him after he put her through school. 🙎🏾‍♂-Its his fault that she left. While she was developing he kept at the stage of playing dominoes and didn't step up to her level Ive actually heard of this happening before too. where women leave their boy friends who theycwerecfine with after finishing a course of study saying they we're no longer compatible. I even heard a woman say she doesn't want a man woth a lower degree if she gets her Masters. while all the examples are femaleit's not meant to woman bash . it could be both make it female. My qns are-is such a break off justified and how abt if they were married
  2. creativemechanic

    what the worst "biblical" advicd youve ever gotten

    i actually had something sorta like that
  3. every day we get advice some good,some bad, some making you think the person's out to kill you. what's the worse you've ever gotten? 1. "If you want a wife,just tell God if He wants you to kep serving him, he needs to give you one. 2.Me- I've heard people talk about going to strip clubs and I wonder if they really are all of that ( thankfully common sense kicked in and i never went) Person-Go ahead. you might learn someyhingvabout yourself. 3. Marry this illegal immigrant so she can get citizenship. Me-What? you crazy . Why would i do that Person-You said you fancy her right? What makes it funny iscall came from 1 person and said person professed to be saved. Eventually I had to write off any advice they give as nonsese before they gave it.
  4. creativemechanic

    resist temptation like joseph

  5. id reassess the friendship. to clarify tho. the same lady who invited the friend in panel 1 is the same one who wasn't told of the same friends wedding.
  6. what do you do in such a situation?
  7. creativemechanic

    church business

    Haa good one. but my point is this. careful what u say and church business outside or even in church.
  8. creativemechanic

    church business

    not literal business. moreso issues within that particular body of beleivers
  9. creativemechanic

    church business

    something we Christians need to be very wary of- letting info about our church' issues get out. sometimes maybewe let them slip in casual conversation or by directly telling non members about what has happened . some of the issues may even not be needed to discuss with each other. but they damage the overall ministry of our church by letting outside people know whatever issues or conflicts happen inside. i know it happens because 1. i carelessly did it ib the past,only to realise after and felt awful. 2. actually experienced situations when i was confronted by people who had either left the church or never attended about issues happening inside. just be careful
  10. creativemechanic

    Christians and drinking

    exactly. ..
  11. creativemechanic

    Christians and drinking

    See what I mean abt defensive. I anticipated this hsppening.Comparing it to non related things doesn't actually prove anything. While gossiping and overeating are wrong too, they're both linked to everyday activities that are necessary (eating and communication). You don't have to drink alcohol to live, do you¿ And tbh does a drunk or alcoholic start out downing a pint? No, little things become big ones, as we get more accustomed, its easier to go further and further down the path. To point out, my ( non-christian) grandmother became a serious alcoholic, to the point shed drink rubbing alcohol if she couldn't get rum. How'd she start out, my drinker grandfather would bring home alcohol and give her some. So....... Seeing there are verses about making provision for the flesh and the appesrsce of evil,why even run the risk
  12. creativemechanic

    Christians and drinking

    maybe it's my denominational values but i never got. why do some of us get defensive over thr ability to do this activity?yeah drinking itself isn't prohibited just excess but thinking abt it, there's no possible benefits only all negative ( unless dr prescribed )
  13. creativemechanic

    Things that make you cringe

    Christians who call the Lord's name in vain and are a accustomed to it in their daily language don't notice it. i actually saw it happen ONSTAGE DURING A CHURCH PLAY
  14. creativemechanic

    ever saw it heard of this happening

    not so much the first tome visitor part but I've heard pastors say they've been confronted by people claiming they were bad talking them in the sermon while the pastor had no clue of their actions. pretty much their conscience pricking them
  15. creativemechanic


    as in how Christians will often refuse to work with anx forbid or discourage each other on common goals eg witnessing. because "They dont teach what we do" If u look atvsay thr lgbtt. so many people with different perversions work together on one endeavour,they're a force to be reckoned with