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  1. Not just that. N AND K also are important. sometimes we say things which may be true but aren't really helpful or need to be said. Case in point. I had met a young lady and became friends with the hopes of gravitating towards a relationship. As life would have it, she and an old friend developed feeling and started a relationship . I knew this and accepted it but still felt thr attraction. They got engaged recently . How did I learn? On 2 separate occasions. Persons who knew I had been interested decided to tell me. Out of the blue. No context. No rhyme or reason. Then when I pointed out there was no reason to twll me and how ive been depressed over an extended period of time and they just lowered my spirit by telling me that there's not a hint of sympathy or apology, more of a you shouldnt feel so. This pic I drew a while ago best sums it up
  2. Legalism is putting restrictions on people that God himself doesnt
  3. Don't you hate seeing this at award ceremonies..... Singer who's music is totally ungodly-cursing violent sexually explicit thanks God for his achievement.
  4. Believe it or not. This is an actual social issue now. Basically people are putting up pics or snippets of their life online-having fun pics,romantic pics etc. Other people are seeing these and feeling inadequate or unhappy about their own lives of relationships . Problem is this -these pictures only show snippets. 1 second in time. The reality may be their lives or relationships are far less happy than the pictures show but people dont know that and are becoming depressed or even having relationship issues because of the fantasy portrayed by the pictures. Pretty much shows the dangers of covering and making comparisons in this case someone else's life.
  5. It's pretty obvious it applies to dating. It's a union isn't it. With intention to marriage. People tend ti dance around it and get technical if they themselves want to date an unsaved person and are looking for a loophole.
  6. Its easy to say but hard to swallow, especially when a person is craving the benefits of marriage- company, intimacy ,sex, someone to share your life with
  7. Seeing this opened my eyes. I actually beleived this unconsciously. Even to the point of thinking if I grew spiritually enough or worked hard enough for God ,that a spouse would be a reward and my currentnlack is the to me not being holy or righteous enough
  8. Something I learned from a video about depression. Sometimes we drive ourselves into despair and depression by looking at what others have that we dont or where they are that we arent. So thr less wectake our eyes off of others, the hapoier we will be
  9. Whats your perspective on Christians dating online. Watching a video on it pointed out 2 sides of it. 1) Christians dating online is a sign of desperation and a lack of faith in God to provide a spouse for you in his time and way. (i thought this was a personal opinion o mine but other christians have it as well it seems) 2. Its just another method of finding people and putting yourself out there thereby broadening your horizons. Just be sure to pray at every stage o it
  10. Something I saw in a book about toxic believers
  11. While no verse is of private interpretation. It's amazing how many lessons can bevtajen from one verse. For example, this one in proverbs can be used to apply to us returning to our sins. But as I once read in a book, the folly can also be any person or situation that we were once in that was undesirable. I actually can be guilty of this and need to work on it more or deleting toxic peoplecfrkm my life only to bring them back in after a perii of time when the opportunity arises buecause the passage of time made me forget how they were.
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