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  1. creativemechanic

    Valentine Greetings

    thats nice
  2. creativemechanic

    Valentine Greetings

    Hate this day
  3. creativemechanic

    Christian cannibalism

    Something I saw in a book about toxic believers
  4. creativemechanic

    Dogs going back to their vomit

    While no verse is of private interpretation. It's amazing how many lessons can bevtajen from one verse. For example, this one in proverbs can be used to apply to us returning to our sins. But as I once read in a book, the folly can also be any person or situation that we were once in that was undesirable. I actually can be guilty of this and need to work on it more or deleting toxic peoplecfrkm my life only to bring them back in after a perii of time when the opportunity arises buecause the passage of time made me forget how they were.
  5. creativemechanic

    Anyone else hate when ......

    Thing is.some do it PURPOSELY TO SEE WHAT YOU'LL DO
  6. creativemechanic

    Anyone else hate when ......

    Unsaved people purposely set you up in questionable situations to see if you'll sin in it. E.g.. Offering you alchol despite knowing you won't drink. Sexy dancing on you (women only) Sending you pornography basically shows the depths of evil that can be found in man's heart. E
  7. creativemechanic

    God works in mysterious ways

    Have you ever prayed for something expecting God to solve it in one way but he does it in a completely differnt unexpeced way. Lets share examples. 1.A lady at my church prayed for years for her sons salvation to no avail it seemed. she died, and he accepted Jesus at hher funeral. 2. I was once strongly attracted to a female coworker. But felt strong guilt as she was married. Later i learned she and her husband seperated and felt tempted to approach. But i kept in prayer expecting the feeling to subside. Then one day i saw her behave in such an unpleasant manner that it turned me right off of her so that the attration while still there is signiicantly weaker. Any more?
  8. creativemechanic

    Don't let satin win

    To explain. i joined a christian singles faceebook page. basically its explicitly stated its not for dating or looking for people but to encourage each other. However its like a mental asylum. While some people stick to the rules- some are obvious unsaved people looking to troll christians, some are desperate people looking for relationships, others are people posting somewhat questionable pics and then there are crazies like this person who posted the get kids and defeat Satan or Satin in this case
  9. creativemechanic

    Don't let satin win

    Wear cotton
  10. creativemechanic

    Convenient theology

    Isn't it annoying But also humorous how some people will cling to or create their own explanations of often straightforward bible verses or principles obviously to justify their lifestyles or perhaps ease their consciences. The fact that the interpretations make absolutely no sense to anyone but them and explaininig them does little to change their mind as their hearts have pretty much been hardened. Examples 1. Racist Christians (yes they actually exist) who claim the ban on the Israelites from marrying the Canaanittes extends to this day and means that marriage between races are some even if the two are Christians . 2. I repeatedly butted heads with a person who professed to be saved (although I doubted it after a while)who was looking for a spouse but them being saved wasnt a requirement. They insisted be ye not unequally yoked mean dont marry persons whose personality didn't match yours. And every time their explanation was debunked theyd simply think up another even more far fetched one. 3. Person who (as shown in the cartoon) claim fornication doesn't refer to sex before marriage or say the biblr doesnt talk about sex which would be puzzling as it clearly does. Only to later be revealed as being fornicating. 4. A man running a gay Christian website claimed that he realised God was a God of love and would NEVER disagree with homosexual love. Rather the verse in the .O.t about man lying with man being wrong ACTUALLY mean a man should never sleep in another man's bed or something like that. Ever had any of these experences?
  11. creativemechanic

    Beware of balaams

    1st impression of spirituality. Since 1st impressions are lasting ones we may drop out guards because of them.
  12. creativemechanic

    Beware of balaams

    The explanation of this can be found in revelation 2.14 and numbers 25
  13. This is based on personal experiences. Wherein I was confronted with shock/ amusement at my aim to wait and having ni experience. But what pretty muchtook the cake was in the instances,both people were either processing to be saved it identified with Christianity. While it not for me to determine who's saved and who isn't, in both cases said person's attitudesand lifestyles were pretty suspect. Assuming that they weren't, it shows church attendance/participation means nothing,it's the presence of the Holy Spirit that make a the difference.
  14. creativemechanic

    All they may know

    Something I learned from working at vbs. Often it's easy to clamp down on the youth for their ofen awful behaviour as i was to one rude a bit forced matures young lady. But then the Lord pointed out to me-that's all she knows from her environment. So sometimes patience and understanding is needed. Not tolerance of the behaviour But just understanding and kind admonition.