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  1. sensitivity

    nah but i wouldnt call it singles. something about that label makes it seem demeaning or marginalising. Like so married couples have a group for them so well make something for you too. single people coulld mean male femal from 20 - 99. apart from singleness heres not much common ground
  2. sensitivity

    re-read the message under the the pictures. I specifically pointed both o your points out in that part
  3. sensitivity

    something I created based on personal experience and a sermon I heard afterwards. basically as a longtime single person it's kinda irritating to hear married people float about how great their marriage is continually in front of you. While nothings wrong with that and people should show appreciation for their marriage and spouses,sometimes they inadvertently go overboard. I've been in situations where being the only single person and have married persons start lengthy debates about marriage,loving their spouses etc. initially it wouldn't be too their sex lives much but then it'd happen repeatedly over several days. Not only are they rubbing what you don't have in your face but excluding persons in the group. I thought I was just being bitter or over sensitive til a recent visiting pastor preached about weighing our words before we say them. basically he said sometimes when people are going through things we inadvertently hurt them by talking about whats great in our lives in front of them making them wonder why can't I be blessed. Good point. again I'm not sayingmarried people can't praise their spouses or express happiness for them but everything in moderation and time and place
  4. running out

    my experience was actually that 2 women in separate occasions tried to incite relationships with me while still in current relationships. one was subtle ,the other more agressive one was even living and had a child with the man (now her ex). both were in problematic relationships and left the men some time after and hooked up with other men. I was told by persons that I missed the opportunities (Im still single)
  5. running out

    Ill let the picture speak. Basically whose stance would you agree with more on the topic. Bob or Mike?This is an actual topic ive spoken with other Christians with people taking either side of the debate. What do you think?
  6. The evils of sandwich making by wives

    This is stupid. It she's happy doing something for her husband then what's the problem. I wonder how many of those women are happily married
  7. bible parallels

    ????????? well... different strokes for different folks then.
  8. bible parallels

  9. bible parallels

    exactly, people have always dont that. Also they give silly excuses to oppose christians and christianity
  10. bible parallels

    im starting my own christian comic series about biblical parallels or the way stuff in the bible mirrors how people live today. any comments .What d you think of the point in this one?
  11. False sense of salvation

    Anglicans as well seem tp place salvation on being confirmed not salvation is self
  12. False sense of salvation

    I recently listened to a sermon. The pastor pointed out thatwe should be very careful of falling into the trap of thinking we are saved when we really aren't. Or some people think they are saved because they did something like obey parts the bible but never actually came to a place of acceptance or repentance. He then indicated that some people have even gone to bible college only to doscover while there that they weren't saved. While some actually came to the point of repentance, it is terrifying to think that some people actually think theyre saved based on church traditions or man made rules. A pastor even write himself that the religious regularly attending church goer is the hardest person to witness to. Case in point - I sent out a group email to people about the need to be saved, i got a response from a person saying they've already been confirmed.
  13. Ever saw this happen.

    Ps this situation is fake. I should've said so initially. I made u a whatsapp convo makes to make the point
  14. Ever saw this happen.

    To clarify I didntmean the exact situation but have u ever seen a situation where people side with the wrongdoerover the person trying to correct the wrong. As in There should be forgiveness and acceptance even though there wasntva smidgen of repentance