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    I strive to make Jesus number one in my life, i love to listen to worship music, and also to go to church. I like to write when inspired by the Holy Spirit

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  1. Prayer Cover for Book and Ministry

    Hey Folks, Looks like my book will be available for sale soon! Thanks for all your prayers. I cannot believe it is finally happening.
  2. Heavy on My heart...

    Yes I have talked to her. She has made up her mind this is what she is going to do to help her daughter with the baby... SHe assures me that nothing is going to happen with her and the ex. I am the one having the doubts. They are all going to be bonding without me. I just dont see me going over to his house even if he is at work.
  3. I am on my second marriage. My wife's youngest daughter is having a baby any day now. Our house is too small for a baby and we have 3 big dogs. They have set the baby's room up at my wife exes apartment. Which means that my current wife will be staying over at my exe's apartment even spending the night over there for several months. I have trying to wrap my mind around this for months when my wife told me....Coming out of my current illness with pneumonia....i dont know it has just stuck me again that I need to get out of this situation. Things are way over my head and I feel a heaviness. what would you do if you were in my shoes??? I just want to run away, and get myself out of this situation for my own sanity.
  4. Never Going Back (Ft Brock Human)

    I just love it too,,,,havent listened to this for many months....Thanks for reminded me of this powerful worship group.....I am listenening to them on youtube now!
  5. prayer request...

    They put me in the hospital Monday and I got out Thursday...The Doctor said the pmenonia was out of my chest. THis really threw me for a loop. I thought I was going to die.
  6. prayer request...

    had chest xray yesterday at doctors to find out I have pneumonia in hte lower etremeties of my chest.I will have to have a special breathing machine and a whole nother set of antibotics for ten more days....I go for a follow up on Monday morning. Thank you for your prayers. SG
  7. prayer request...

    Thank you all. I am getting there!!!
  8. prayer request...

  9. prayer request...

    I dont know if its the medicine or the worship music but it has soothed my chest and I am breathing better!!
  10. prayer request...

    I found out today I have bronchitis....I am wheezing and coughing a lot please pray that God's hand would reach out and heal me. Thank you.
  11. My disability

    Skillet, there is no condemnation or judgement here. I have schizoaffective and the Lord has brought me such hope and recovery.
  12. Prayer Cover for Book and Ministry

    everything is going well Paul. Thanks for asking!
  13. Prayer Cover for Book and Ministry

    Thanks Noone7 for your prayers. They are very much appreciated.
  14. Prayer Cover for Book and Ministry

    Today I come with a heavy heart and a urgency from God to fullfill the call of God on my life.I believe I am supposed to start a deliverance ministry to help those who struggle with mental illness find freedom. The book is going through the slow process of being edited, formatted and self published. It may take several months. I know that God has healed me of schizophrenia. I feel led by the Holy Spirit to taper off my medicine by faith and with the help of my doctor of course. Everything seems to be lining up for me to fulfill the calling on my life, except I do not know how my wife will take the news about me tapering off the medicine. She is a nurse, and has seen me at my worst. It has always boiled down to my wife and I not being on the same page. I believe that my schizophrenia was demonically induced. She doesn't believe in demons. I feel torn with with taking these leaps of faith or staying complacent and going nowhere fast. I am not getting any older, I am 54 years old and not getting any younger.I hope that everyone reading this can feel where I am coming from. I have not been able to hold down a steady job for years. Any words or encouragement and advice and or course prayers would be greatly appreciated. My wife is doing what she is called to do. I feel like being a nurse is a high calling. I'm just wondering where I fit in and what am I supposed to be doing with my life?
  15. Prayer Cover for Book and Ministry

    PRAISE the LORD!!!! I think I am beginning to feel all your prayers!!!!! Thanks so much for praying!!!