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  1. Strive (Try with all your mite) to enter by the narrow door (JESUS), for many I tell you, will seek to enter and will not be able. Matthew 7:21 Jesus said, "Not everyone who says to me LORD, LORD, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Indeed, Jesus said to STRIVE to enter by the narrow door. Jesus also Said to STRIVE to enter His rest. Maybe there is a connection between the two .If one is not resting, they are working.As I have noted before, Watchman Née said that the difference between trying and trusting was the difference between Heaven and Hell.Most Christians are still trying to be saved by “being good”..... working on the outside to imitate what should be the natural result flowing from the inside after God gives you a New Heart.In other words....Religion.If your idea of Christianity sounds like this.... “ Sure, Jesus Saves...BUT.....” you are a Religionist.......If your idea of Christianity sounds like this.... “NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD” ....you are a Christian.Tryers vs.Trusters.Maybe the Tryers can not enter The Narrow Gate.Just a theory of mine. God Bless
  2. Is there any place for faith and grace in your Doctrine, or has Repentance crowded out everything? We are saved by Grace through Faith.Is there a place for any of these most vital things in your “ Gospel” ?
  3. If everyone followed that rule, no one would ever give God credit for anything because how can any of us be “sure” He had a hand in something good that happened? “Every good and perfect gift is from above”. James 1:17
  4. Of course, only God knows for sure, but I am convinced that Oprah Winfrey is as lost as an Eskimo in a Sahara Sand Storm.She does not believe in the Divinity Of Jesus Christ.She believes merely that He existed and was a good and wise man.She does not believe that He is the only way to Heaven.Many roads will get you there, as long as you are a good and kind person. So what do we do with this beloved woman ?What is the FIRST thing we say to her to get her turned around, headed for those Pearly Gates? Some will say we must tell her to “ repent of her sins”. Others could say that she needs to “ change her mind” about who Jesus was and is.She needs to change her way of thinking— Jesus was God in the Flesh, Who Shed His Blood to save Mankind......not just a “ good and wise man”.Some might she needs to make haste to the nearest body of water so she can be baptized and receive the Holy Spirit... What does this crowd think? What is of utmost importance here? What MUST she do to be saved ? Thanking you all in advance......best answer gets you a free car!You go, girl !!
  5. Saw on the news somewhere that there is a pizza joint that will put grasshoppers on your pizza, if you like....
  6. Abuse of alcohol is responsible for more misery on this planet than anything than anything else that I can think of.Innocent people killed by drunken drivers, wives beaten by drunken husbands,children beaten, rapings......the list is endless.Marijuana is far from harmless, but every stoner I ever met just wanted to sit on the couch,watch TV and eat Cheetos .... I personally knew a guy who never drank, except for one time.The bars had closed, he went to an all night restaurant and some guy there “ rubbed him the wrong way”.The drunk guy grabbed a bottle of Heinz Ketchup and hit him on the head. The guy was dead instantly.So ya got one man killed for no reason and another guy sent to rot in jail for the rest of his life.All because one man drank too much.One time.Not to endorse getting high for any reason , but I can’t see a stoner doing this .I was going to make a point here, but I forgot what it was.....all you weed smokers out there will understand.....lol....
  7. To paraphrase Charlton Heston and his opinion of those that would confiscate his guns ..... “ They’ll have to pry that drumstick from my cold, dead hands .” Haha.....
  8. Yep.....I am sure their intention were honorable....but it changed nothing......all it did was put me through torture. My daughter is worse than me, but I don’t waste my time trying to force anything on her.It is not meant to be cruel but it is.
  9. I think that any drug use , be it alcohol,meth, opioids, or marijuana has one thing in common.They are all attempts to escape reality.If one’s reality is so unpleasant that there is a constant desire to escape it , you probably have bigger problems than drug use- the drugs are like a band-aid on a severe heart defect. The “ heart defect” could be a sense of guilt, it could be anxiety and/ or depression, it could be a way to escape boredom.God’s Word contain promises that deal with all of these “ defects of the heart”.Satan hands out the band- aids to keep one from having to deal with the real problem.God’s Word says to be “ anxious for nothing”, but instead , turn to Him in prayer for everything.On the other hand, Satan says... “ Go ahead, man— just take a hit or just take a swig”. Like all of Satan’s “ remedies”,they are “ fun, for a season”, yet they are really traps.Just ask the multi-year alcoholic or drug addict how much “ fun” he is having now.The underlying sin of all of this is ignorance of God’s Promises and/or failure to believe and obey them.Its the old cliche that one Is trying to fill a hole that only God can fill.The Bible puts it another way— “ Whatever is not of faith is Sin.”Peter said to give all your problems to the God that loves you very much.Satan hates us.We should never give in to his easy answers for the problems of life.This is what any drug abuse is about.Yes....it is sin.To anybody mired in drug abuse -Take it to Jesus.
  10. I was and still AM a very fussy eater.I do not eat ANY vegetables..... I refuse to eat anything that grows in dirt! Lol... on a side note....I prefer raw sewage to spinach, and even though I can not prove this- Brussels Sprouts came from Hell.
  11. 14 Now after John was put in prison, Jesus came to Galilee, preaching the gospel [a]of the kingdom of God, 15 and saying, “The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God [b]is at hand. Repent, and believe in the gospel Jesus was talking to a Jewish audience......Jesus commanded that they “believe in the Gospel.During Christ’s Earthly Ministry, the Jews he encountered ,staunchly believed in the Law Of Moses to save them, not the “ good news” of Justification by Faith.Jesus knew the true purpose of that Law.He knew it was “ too weak” to save anybody- all it could do is show you that you were a helpless, hopeless sinner.They needed to repent, or “ change their minds”.....turn from trusting in their works and ability to keep a Law that was purposely designed with a 100% failure rate to turn to the “ escape route” of God declaring one “ fit for Heaven” by their faith. Jesus never told anyone their “ Law- Keeping” saved them.Jesus never told anyone that “ being sorrowful” saved them.Jesus never said to any man that he was saved by “ getting their act together or turning over a new leaf” saved them .He never sad “ I know you can’t completely abandon all of your sins— after all , you are only human, but if you are “ willing to try” to quit sinning, then you will be saved. Jesus “ DID” tell one woman ,however , after she had wiped the tears from His feet with her hair....... “ Go in Peace, your “ FAITH” has SAVED you.” He did not tell her to be careful because He would look her up later to make certain she quit sinning or at least if she did sin , He would make sure that no sins were left off her repentance “ to-do list” lest He would take back all that “ Your Faith has saved you” business. Not much has changed over 2000 years.People still think they are saved by their ability to “ be good” , that is, keep the Law.The Jews then , and their legalistic offspring of today, need to “ change their minds” It ain’t “ The righteous shall live by law”. The Righteous shall live by faith.Faith in the finished Work of the Cross.Plus Nothing.
  12. “Not really a fan of fries” This May be the first time in the History of Mankind That these six words have been uttered. I am shocked and dismayed........lol....
  13. Turning “ FROM” sin is great, but it’s turning “ TO” Jesus That Saves.Nowhere in the KJV does it say to repent of sins to be saved.The Word “ repent” never occurs in the Gospel Of John, the Book that many are advised to read to learn about Salvation.Repent comes from the Greek Word “ metanoia” which means “ to change your mind”. A person that changed his mind about Jesus —- who went from unbelief in Jesus to belief in Jesus has changed his mind from the only thing that could damn him- unbelief— to the only thing that could save him— belief. Put your faith in Christ, get the Holy Spirit in you and “repentance of sin” will be a natural part of you life .Turn TO Christ for Salvation ( Lord Jesus, have mercy on me a sinner) , Turn From sin to please the One that saved you and reap blessings instead of chastisement.
  14. Phil3:12 tells us otherwise....If Paul could not perfect his flesh, do you really believe that YOU can? I find that doubtful I’m not there yet, nor have I become perfect; but I am charging on to gain anything and everythingthe Anointed One, Jesus, has in store for me—and nothing will stand in my way because He has grabbed me and won’t let me go. The entire 7th Chapter Of Romans deals with Paul’s on- Going war with sin.... “ What I WANT to do, I do not do— I find myself doing those things I do NOT want to do” Paul had been a Believer for at least 10 years when he wrote this..... We’ll know perfection “ over there” If we say we have no sin, we call God a liar..... All you out there that claim to be “ sinless”...... please allow me to talk to your Spouse for 2 minutes, then we will see....
  15. “ The Gospel is foolishness to those that perish” On rare occasions , somebody in the audience will be given the microphone and if they refer to Jesus as anybody other than a “ good and wise man”, Oprah will cut them short and the majority of the audience will be offended.I refer to her pablum as Hogwash because I try to be a gentleman in a Christian Forum.The majority Of the World does not believe that Jesus was God in Flesh.Oprah has done many good things over the years.She will be shocked someday to discover giving away cars did not impress God that much.That, as well as all of her other good deeds are filthy rags.Her beliefs come straight from Hell.Its a shame her vast influence is taking many people to hell with her.
  16. True, but something happened that changed almost everything......the Cross.
  17. As Christians, we have to follow the Commandments of Jesus......we don’t return to Moses for the Commands Of Jesus......we only have two things to be concerned with— Believe and Love.That’s it for the Members Of the Body Of Christ. 1 John 3:23.......
  18. If you are a saved woman ,continue to pray and “ wait on the Lord”.Some prayers take time to get answered. If you are not a saved woman— get saved! Believe the Promise that Jesus gave to Paul to proclaim in 1cor15:1-4......Believe Jesus died for your sins and believe He rose from the dead.....Simple as that.You have HIS Word.
  19. You should deal with it the same way God does — Put it on the Cross....and LEAVE it there......why dredge up old sins He doesn’t even remember anymore.Satan’s little buddies are having a field day messing with your mind.Satan is “ the accuser of the brethren”.Jesus is the forgiver of the Brethern.Satan is the “Father Of Lies, There is NO Truth in Him. Jesus IS Truth.So who should you listen to?Go with God, Who when Satan gets done wasting his time reminding God of your sins, will reply to Satan—- What sins? I can’t seem to remember them since the Blood of My Son defeated you at the Cross.I can guarantee your sins would pale in comparison to mine.....give yourself a break. Read about Lot, David, Paul......the list goes on......all of them are forgiven and considered heroes......perhaps it is too late for us to be considered “ heroes of morality” Maybe we can be heroes of faith though, in our own small way.Start that walk of faith by Trusting God .Your sins are on the Cross . The price has been fully paid.Believe it!
  20. Make a sign.....hang it up where he can see it .....write on it—- “ Vengence is Mine, I WILL repay”.
  21. Unbelief in Jesus is what damns. Belief in Jesus is what saves.To repent or change your mind about whatever it is that keeps you from believing that Jesus saves ,to seeing that trusting in Jesus is the only way that God will deem you fit for Heaven is what saves. “ Turn to God , with faith in Jesus Christ”It is all up to God .If He has decided to bless you by sending His Holy Spirit to you ( Nobody comes to God lest the Spirit draw him ), you will be convicted of sin ( seeing you are a lost sinner who can’t save himself), then you will turn to God to be saved in the manner that He told us to be saved—-( the Gospel Of Jesus 1cor15:1-4) Once a person believes , God will put His Spirit in you and that Spirit will change you from the inside out, transforming you into the image of His Son “ HE will finish the good work He started” and He will “ never leave or forsake you”. This is the formula, this is the complete package.People can debate about the precise meanings of the words used to describe this Salvation Process, But The only thing that really matters is—- have you been THROUGH the process? God bless.
  22. The key is to repent.  You seem to ignore the obvious. I can’t find the SCripture that says “ By REPENTANCE you are saved, lest any man should boast” Is it somewhere in the back? Perhaps if one “ changes his mind” ( from the Greek Word Metanoia ) from UNBELIEF in Jesus to BELIEF in Jesus, maybe that is the repentance that saves.The Gospel Of John never once uses the word “ repent” Yet that is the Book most people send potential and new believers to.What a disservice we do to them! Unless ! Unless to Believe in Jesus has repentance built into it. You “ changed your mind” from who cares about Jesus to Jesus is my only hope of Salvation.Makes sense to me.
  23. If I lose my Salvation, God told 400 lies in His Word. ( give or take a few) It is IMPOSSIBLE for God to lie.Case closed. What do you want to talk about next?
  24. When I hear people say they are “ Spiritual”, I immediately assume it is some kind of variation on Oprah’s latest horse hockey.The annual switching from one type of Hogwash to another type of Hogwash.
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