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  1. Loyalty to the country always.....loyalty to the government when it deserves it——Mark Twain
  2. I am confident of one prayer that will get one to Heaven,if it comes from the heart... “ Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me, a sinner.” I know one guy in the Bible that Said pretty much the same and it got him home “ justified”.That means God viewed him as one who had never sinned.That is enough. It worked then....it will work now. Here’s one even simpler—- “ Jesus, save me” “ All Those that come to me, I will in NO WAY cast out” “Turn to me and I will turn to you” “ Anybody that ASKS to be saved WILL be saved” So simple , Children can understand it..........
  3. Thanks for the free publicity ! Don’t forget Andrew Farley and Paul Ellis, He Of “ escape to reality” fame. George knows how I adored Zola Levitt......Zola would applaud all of these God-Given teachers..... Zola was actually more radical than any of these excellant teachers......Zola said in one of his comments in his amazing “ Go tell it on the Mountain” series..... “Rules? There are NO rules in Christianity” I don’t know how that squares with the Command to “ love your neighbor as yourself” but he said it. i do not follow Yankee Arnold..... I follow Jesus.....Jesus said to follow Paul.....I listen to these teachers because their teachings are the closest we have today to Paul....... i listen to many preachers that I disagree with.....I want all the info I can get on a matter as vital as Salvation.Those that you loathe may just turn out to be right. The same goes for me too.I say check them all out, pray to God for wise discernment and get to work like a good Berean.....
  4. No........believe means to have faith, trusting a promise of God.Repent CAN mean turn from sins.....If the Bible ( the KJV) says “ repent from your sins) , that is what it means.No conflict. Repentance comes naturally from the Born-Again Believer ....AFTER he is saved .This type of repentance that consists of regret and sorrow may accompany the one who has had the “ change of mind” type of repentance that took one from unbelief to belief, the “ mind change” ( metanoia) That was the repentance that got him saved. Translators took three different Greek words and translated them all as “ repentance”. Let me see if I can illustrate this..... The sinful Publican cried out.. “ God, have mercy on me , a sinner!” He had a “ mind change” The day before, he was probably getting along fine.The day he repented, there had been a change of mind.Like most of the lost ( even today) he figured he was not perfect, but he was “ good enough”.It was the conviction of the Holy Spirit that got him to the point that he “ changed his mind” —- rescued from the Fool’s Paradise that allowed him to sleep at night in his delusion of being “OK” with God Just the way he was......he saw that he was a sinner that needed a Savior.Regret and sorrow was a part of this, certainly ......but sorrow did not save him......turning to God with faith did that. Judas repented— he even offered restitution! His repentance was guilt, regret and sorrow....better than nothing, but it did not save him.That is the second type of repentance.It occurs in the lives of saved ones as a part of the Sanctification process that makes sin detestable.It also can occur in the life of a non- Believer , like Judas ......commendable to a degree, but it does not save. A third type of repentance is the type that God Himself exhibited many times .It repented God that He had created man, for instance .He.considered destroying entire empires at certain times, but He had second thoughts and did not carry out things He considered doing earlier.Second thoughts.Another type of repentance that plays no part in what demands from man.
  5. I agree......nobody that has not repented ( turned to God as a lost sinner) will be in Heaven. oops......was that a “ double negative” ? I just had a flashback from high school English class ......lol.......anyway, you know what I mean.......lol....
  6. “ He will SAVE to the uttermost ALL that come to Him through Jesus”
  7. I read other versions for their ease of understanding......but if I need the final, authoritive word, I also go to the KJV....
  8. While you bite your tongue.....I’m going for a Harley ride.....Later!
  9. As much as you wish this was true......it does not “ make it” true......Actually, I don’t think you believe it in your heart......you are merely doing what you accuse us of doing....
  10. Paul is talking about the race to earn rewards......not to earn Salvation.
  11. If you believe what you just posted..... “ none of us are doubting our Salvation”—- that is exactly what the OSAS crowd believes.Why do you attack that Doctrine if you believe it?
  12. The following is Step 3 in the essay “ How to become an Unbeliever in three easy steps” Some people are playing with Fire and don’t even know it....l The only way to cope with bad questions and ambiguity is to embrace doubt as a virtue. “It’s in doubting that we grow,” says the philosopher. But doubt is not a stepping stone to growth. Doubt is a door that leads to faith or unbelief. Both religion and philosophy are fueled by doubt. Religion requires doubt to sell its work-based insurance products. “Are you saved? Are you sure? Have you confessed all your sins? Are you confident that Jesus won’t blot out your name?” By sowing uncertainty the religious doubt-dealer can capture a market in which to push his faithless goods. And by promoting doubt the philosopher can stay in the business of inventing and trading ideas, even ideas about God and his grace. Doubts are a fact of our uncertain lives, but doubt should never define your life. Doubt will take you out of the game, kill your dreams, and crush your creativity. You were born to fly but doubt will keep you grounded like a dumb, doubting duck. Choosing to live in a place of doubt is like spending your life at the airport. You may be packed and ready to fly but you won’t go anywhere. God gives us grace to conquer doubts and rise above our circumstances. His grace will help you soar in life, but only if you believe it. My friend Ed Elliott has said, “It used to be ‘feed your faith and starve your doubts,’ but there are some groups today that seem more interested in feeding doubt and starving your faith.” Such groups are doing the serpent’s work for they turn God’s exclamation marks into question marks. Contrary to what you may have heard, doubt is not a healthy aspect of any relationship. If you doubt your spouse, you will sabotage your marriage. It’s the same with your relationship with God. His love and your doubt cannot coexist. Either you will walk through the door of doubt into the resting place of trust, or you will keep the door closed, like an unbeliever. I’m not saying you will lose your salvation – your faith in Christ may fail but he remains faithful. Yet there are still consequences for Christians who stray. One step back to faith Ask questions that go nowhere, cultivate an appetite for ambiguity, and glorify doubt, and you will surely erode the confidence on which you once stood. If this describes your life, let me tell you – no, let me remind you – about Jesus, who is the Answer behind every good question, the Conviction that settles all ambiguity, and the Certainty to end all doubts. Jesus is still the Good News!
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