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  1. What if

    Do you agree with me on this? I submit that Job’s wife was the stupidest person that ever lived.
  2. I watched a very interesting sermon given by the late Peter Ruckman .I don’t agree with some of his methods, nor do I agree with some of his biases.I DO believe he was a very gifted Bible teacher.He was very much a strong proponent of OSAS, yet he confessed that his opponents had verses that appeared to give them valid ammunition for their arguments.He was teaching on another subject, and in an off- hand remark said that the NOSAS crowd had 200 verses that proved OSAS was wrong and he could preach for hours in support of that doctrine.On the other hand, he said there were 400 verses he could have preached on OSAS that proved it to be the correct doctrine.So on what side do we land in this age- Old argument.Rucker said that all the NOSAS verses had at least one thing in common—— all of them were either taken out of context or the verses were not addressed to the Body of Christ.I agree with Rucker on this....what do you guys think?
  3. My favorite verse.....the first verse I had my daughter memorize at a very young age.....I told her to hang on to that verse no matter what anybody else said. So simple a child can understand it yet modern - day Judaizers think it symbolizes “easy believism”. No such thing exists. The One who paid the price to make this promise a reality would disagree.Easy for us — it is His desire that nobody perish. unfathomably difficult for our Savior unless one thinks crucifixion is an easy way to die.
  4. The purpose of the Law

    The Law was given so that “ transgressions might increase”.... kinda like kids will ignore my yard completely, but if I put up a “keep off the grass” here they come! God wants people to get absolutely sick of it,in the hope that they may abandon it.Another purpose of the Law (all 613 of them) is to show men that they can not keep it.Men need a Saviour, and if properly utilized, the Law will lead them to Christ.
  5. I Will Sin As Much As I Want—Deal With It!

    I thought I was being so outrageous and over the top that everything would be obvious to the reader. As many others know, it’s just the nature of the beast that things get misunderstood on e- mails and anyplace , as you say, body and facial inflections can not be seen.Your point was a valid one, one that I was aware of, and one that I will be more careful of In the future. Thanks for a timely reminder that I needed to hear.God bless
  6. I Will Sin As Much As I Want—Deal With It!

    Please refer to my explanation right before your latest post.please let me know if you have any questions. I am saying that I “ sin as much as I WANT” to draw attention to the fact that because I believe Paul’s Gospel ( that’s right—- PAULS Gospel) My desires have been changed and I don’t WANT to sin.I though my post was obvious—— WOW, was I ever wrong! Just out of curiosity, to restore my faith in the abilities of Mankind to reason, is there anybody out there that understands irony and knew the point I was trying to make using exaggeration?
  7. What must you do to Stay Saved..... ?????

    Let me state clearly so as to leave no doubt.....I bet I love God just as much as you do.... but to say honestly with All my heart,etc......I fail to do. My take is that it is impossible to do so as long as we are in these freshly bodies.With all due respect , I think you are scared to admit this truth because you don’t understand grace.If you have to admit that you can’t love God with all your being you will go to Hell, in your view.Therefore I believe you deluded yourself so you can sleep at night. I prefer to admit that I can not be what God wants me to be this side of the grave....that’s why He covers us with grace—- He knows we can’t do it and He sets up these impossible standards to make us come to an end of ourselves and utilize another option that we ARE capable of....FAITH! Paradoxically , because of our faith He puts His Spirit in us and we FIND ourselves loving God more than we ever would in a fleshly, Love Him because otherwise we are damned.I don’t think it is impossible to love a “ mean Cosmic Cop”—— some God that would cast us into Hell for failure to get in a last second lucky repentance. You say you love God, yet He would do this to you in spite of your obedience and love for Him.Over a technicality because you ran out of time? That is not the God I know and love.I would not even like a god like that......much less, love Him.I would fear Him.Thsts as far as it would go. One more thing. Assuming all you say is true, how about Part 2 Of God’s commands. Do you REALLY love your neighbor as much as you love yourself? Really? If he asks for your shirt will you give him your jacket as well? When is the last time you welcomed a homeless man into your home to feed and clothe him properly? Why can’t you see the IMPOSSIBILITY of God’s demands? He set it up this way on purpose.You are no good and you ain’t never gonna BE any good this side of Heaven....you can improve the flesh but your best efforts ain’t gonna get you close to God’s standard. We are all wretched and we need to faces it and cling to Gods grace —- it is our only hope—- it will get us HOME where we will be full of love for God and our neighbor.That “fullness” will be realize “ over there”, in Eternity.Could be time for Harley ride now.....I sincerely thank you for your prayers in that regard.You are a classy guy, you are just wrong all the time....lol....you know I am kidding! God bless.
  8. What must you do to Stay Saved..... ?????

    This would be what is known as a “ non-answer”....... on steroids!
  9. I Will Sin As Much As I Want—Deal With It!

    Right back at ya......no irony there...lol
  10. What must you do to Stay Saved..... ?????

    Please allow me to call you “4” .Can you honestly say that you love God with “ ALL your heart,ALL your soul, and ALL your mind? Be honest now—— God knows your heart. I believe only Jesus did this.Perhaps you are the Holy Spirit Jr. If not, go with what the rest of us do.....or at least some of us do.....trust in faith and grace
  11. I Will Sin As Much As I Want—Deal With It!

    Look up up the word “ irony” and try to understand it.....then you can answer your own questions. It is sometimes used to illustrate important matters.....it helps draw attention to them in an interesting manner....I am not the ogre you think I am......my intentions could not have been better.....I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me, it means the world to me! That was a little more irony,right there at the last.....lol.....try to chill a little and enjoy your holiday week-end.
  12. What must you do to Stay Saved..... ?????

    I think the the actual command from God is to love Him with ALL your heart, ALL your soul and ALL your mind. The first and most important commandment and you don’t even come close to keeping it. The good news for you is that no one else does it either.Why on Earth you and the other religionists here refuse to accept God’s remedy for this dilemma is beyond me.Its called “ grace”. You’d be wise to find something other than self-deception because when it comes to loving God the way He demands—- you ain’t making the grade.
  13. What must you do to Stay Saved..... ?????

    Wow. Butero...... I seldom agree with you but you need to take the holiday week- end off! Today’s posts make it appear you are not even “trying”anymore.At least you used to dig up scripture to back up you views, even if most of us disagreed.I am not trying to be a wise guy.....you don’t seem like your old fiesty self today.You are my favorite foil......you need to take care of yourself.God bless.
  14. I Will Sin As Much As I Want—Deal With It!

    I don’t understand your take on what I was trying to say.All I am saying is that Paul referred to the Gospel given to him by Christ 1cor15:1-4 As “ my Gospel”. I don’t know why.I’m throwing it out there because I think it is something interesting to contemplate because many never see it.Some say it was to differentiate between the Gospel preached before the Resurection and the one preached after.Let me emphasize—- I am just stating it.There are places one can go to for explanation.Try googling “Paul’s Gospel” If you find this interesting. aces