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  1. Blood Bought 1953

    1 John 4:8 God IS love.

    One could fill a warehouse with Catholic errors.Only one is needed to show an absolute cluelessness about what Christianity is about.The belief in purgatory.one would be hard-pressed to find a better way to trample the Blood Of Christ.A fairy tale straight from Hell.
  2. Blood Bought 1953

    President Trump

    For all the trivia lovers out there—— Fidel Castro also claimed to be a Christian.You May call me a “ negative Nelly”, but I never bought it.......
  3. Blood Bought 1953

    How to believe in god again?

    Not a problem....God bless
  4. Blood Bought 1953

    Help! I have a moral conflict!

    Irony of ironies.......sinful,ignorant men questioning the integrity of a loving God.....the very fact that he allows that should answer your doubts about his kindness and patience .Read the book of Job....perhaps those who have the nerve to be God’s critics can answer the age - old question. Where were “they” when God hung the planets?Where were “they” when this mean old man in the sky devised a plan that would save anybody that would come to him with a contrite heart? The plan where “ HE” endured unimaginable torture to save you from a fate you more than deserved.He took your deserved punishment so He could give you His Righteousness.Isnt He just awful?Give me a break.
  5. Blood Bought 1953

    Ask a Catholic Anything!

    Do they acknowledge that they are lost , wretched sinners who need a Saviour? Do they add to Paul’s Gospel which would cause them to be “ accursed”? They probably do not concern themselves with such vital questions , assuming they are safe because they obey the false teachings of their “ church”. I suppose it doesn’t really matter if one believes in the damnable heresy of Purgatory.It makes up for the sins Christ’s Blood could not handle.Sickening to even type that out.
  6. Blood Bought 1953

    Ask a Catholic Anything!

    With all due respect.....your opinions on Pre Trib and OSAS are worth exactly what we paid for them —— nothing.Please back up with Chapter and Verse.....if you can.
  7. Blood Bought 1953

    Is there a better way to 'do Church'?

    At the risk of sticking my nose in where it does not belong, let me just say I do not only just fail at loving my neighbor as I love myself , I got a few neighbors around my home that I don’t care for at all. I also have an attractive neighbor that I looked upon with lust one time ( perhaps even twice ). I did not pluck my eyes out as I should have . Try as I might, I just can’t obtain the standard that is demanded. I need a Savior and I need Grace— plenty of it! Thank God, I got both . All I did was believe a Gospel thAt saves. I found it in 1 cor15:1-4..... as I said,sorry if I interrupted, but sometimes it’s like shooting fish in a barrel in here and I could not resist
  8. Blood Bought 1953

    How to believe in god again?

    ????...... please elaborate.....you lost me, but I can assure you I am not “ beating myself up”..... I rest in the finished work of Christ......it makes for a great life....I highly recommend it....
  9. Blood Bought 1953

    Why I left my church and family.

    Great to see that you escaped the insanity of your previous years.....no wonder you are happier.The charity and compassion of which you speak are great things......I hope you realize they play no part in your salvation...could you expand on the Red Letter thingy? What does it say about salvation?God bless.
  10. Blood Bought 1953

    Ask a Catholic Anything!

    What did Paul mean when he said one is “ accursed” if they add to the Gospel found in 1cor15:1-4 ?
  11. Blood Bought 1953


    This would appear to be an attack by Satan, aka “ the accuser”. If you are saved,he knows he has lost you and all he can do is try to make you miserable so you will not be able to exhibit the joy God wants you to have so that others will look on you with envy.You should be showing others that you have something that they don’t have and this could spur them on to find faith.You are no match for Satan, but “ greater is He that is in you, than he who is in the world.”Pray to God that he show you the truth of your standing— Satan is a liar. God has forgiven your sins and has cast them away “ as far as the East is from the West.” He “ remembers them no more”.Do the same thing with your sins that God does—- put them on the Cross—- and leave them there.A large portion of the Bible was written by murderers ( Moses, David and Paul). They are all forgiven because of their faith.....so are you. Put on the armor of God and tell Satan to go to Hell, along with his accusatory lies.
  12. Blood Bought 1953

    I am confused about salvation.

    Yes.....there is plenty of doctrine throughout the Bible, but how much is directed to the relatively new “ Body of Christ” .This is the group I am concerned with, seeing as to how this is where you and I are now.This group of Gospel Believing Christians was a secret known only to God until it was revealed to Paul by Christ.Anything before Acts would not be aware of this Body and some claim that the Books written beyond Philemon were written with future Tribulation Age Jewish Believers in mind.You won’t find Paul’s “ my Gospel” in any of them.So while these Books are great for instruction, etc they are not to be used for our Doctrine.
  13. Blood Bought 1953

    I am confused about salvation.

    Perhaps we should define “ doctrine”. I am referring to our instructions concerning salvation of the Body of Christ in the current Age of Grace.The Pauline Epistles are where we find this information.Pauls “ my Gospel”, given to him by Christ is what saves in the Age Of Grace and it won’t be found in the Epistles of James, Peter or John.That is not a criticism of that trio.They all have tons of good stuff that we need to know— but Jesus chose Paul to be His messager to reveal the Mysteries kept hidden by God for millennia—- the church,the rapture, salvation by grace for gentiles,etc Apologies for any confusion caused by me....I am heavily medicated....lol
  14. Working from an iPad.....I go to picture files and try to copy and paste....do you know what I could be doing wrong?
  15. Nice example of selective focus.....good pic!