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  1. Blood Bought 1953

    The Christian Walk Isn't Hard...

    Jesus indeed said, “ Without me, you can do nothing” His indwelling Spirit ( forBelievers only) can not sin. The problem is we still have a constant battle with the Spirit we inherited at birth—- that “0ld man” in us that sins and loves to sin......that old man’s influence in the life of the Christian should decrease as God molds us into the image of His Son.As He has promised, He will finish the work He started.
  2. Blood Bought 1953

    The Christian Walk Isn't Hard...

    The main point is that Paul kept the OT Law or Moses Law even as a converted Jewish Christian, but 'Blood Bought 1953' had asserted that no one, including Paul and another giant of faith, could keep the OT Law. Paul had been saved on the road to Damascus many years( some say twenty) when he wrote the 7th chapter of Romans.Kindly review that chapter and then tell me Paul considered himself a good law- keeper. Near the end of his ministry he admitted that even he had not attained all that he should have.....he still fell short of the demands of the Law.
  3. Blood Bought 1953

    Where do Christians believe heaven & hell is?

    Samson killed himself......he is considered a “ Hero of Faith” That is why he is in Heaven today. His faith saved even him.He was a disobedient scoundrel all of his life, yet he was saved.Gods grace is truly amazing.I believe it to be a rarity—- a suicidal Believer—- but the same rules apply to all.Jesus died for every sin ever committed,including suicide.If this person had faith in the Blood Of Christ and that only for their salvation, they would be saved.
  4. Blood Bought 1953

    The Christian Walk Isn't Hard...

    Only Jesus “ kept the law”. Therefore this statement could not be taken literally.They never even kept the first and most important Commandment. Do you really think they Loved God with ALL of their hearts, ALL of their minds and ALL of their souls ALL of the time? Did they really love their neighbors as much as they loved themselves? You think every time they bought something nice for themselves, let’s say a stylish , Jewish first century hat , that they bought two so that they could give one to their neighbor?James says if you break one law , you have broken them all.Everbody is guilty.
  5. Blood Bought 1953

    The Christian Walk Isn't Hard...

    Jesus said to the best keepers of the word of the law that ever existed, the Pharisees..... “None Of you keepeth the Law”. That would include Paul, the Pharisee of the Pharisees The rich young ruler maintained that he kept the Law.......Jesus showed him otherwise.....the Law had done its job.... it took the rich ,young ruler and shut his mouth.....many today have not learned the lesson that guy learned the hard way... when it comes to law- keeping to merit salvation they would be wise to shut their mouths —— prove to the world the Law did its job in your life—- your type is not fooling anyone. If we knew you like God knows you ,we would vomit.That goes double for me.Go with God’s plan of Grace—- it is your only hope.
  6. Blood Bought 1953

    The Christian Walk Isn't Hard...

    Try this verse Acts 15:10-11 Peter said it, Paul never disagreed with it
  7. Blood Bought 1953

    The Christian Walk Isn't Hard...

    Sorry....... I never can resist Homer Simpson’s idiotic answer to Searching the Scripture
  8. Blood Bought 1953

    The Christian Walk Isn't Hard...

    Relevant Scripture? I don’t know.......somewhere in the back I guess
  9. Blood Bought 1953

    If we could see what God see's

    Jesus will only be taking the wives that have oil in their lamps ....”oil” is symbolic of the Holy Spirit in Scripture......How does one get that Holy Spirit? “Ask and you shall receive”......”Turn to me and I will turn to you” ——- That is the Repentance God demands for Salvation, the turning to Him part, not repenting of sins in order to be saved.That is not Biblical, believe it or not. It is not possible either.God never demands the impossible.Believe Paul’s Gospel given to him by Christ for your salvation 1Cor15:1-4......... and NEVER add to it.......you could wind up “ accursed”, damned by God to Hell......Paul’s words, not mine.
  10. Blood Bought 1953

    The Christian Walk Isn't Hard...

    The purpose of the OT Law was to show that you can’t keep it.....It was given to “ shut the mouth” of the self-righteous......Paul said the Law was to take us by the hand and deliver us to the Savior......he said it was an impossible system to uphold......Peter said that he nor his fathers could keep it, and that came from the only man whoever walked on water, albeit not for very long......good luck accomplishing something two giants of faith could not do.....
  11. Blood Bought 1953

    paranormal experiences

    .....or you could do it God’s way.......simply BELIEVE the Gospel in 1cor15:1-4 and don’t add works to it.Jesus promised to save you if you put your faith in this Promise Live the way God says.... “ BELIEVE in the One He sent” Sorry to interrupt the thread, but I detest Lordship Salvation, nowhere in the KJV does it say to repent of sins to be saved.......that’s like curing yourself of cancer and then going to the doctor
  12. Thanks a million shel ......I got more if you want to see them.....dramatic , back- lit shots like this are easy to take.....this pic was taken when there was plenty of light.....place your subject in front of a bright light source and you will get this
  13. Blood Bought 1953

    The Christian Walk Isn't Hard...

    Everything you said? I could have not said it better! Paul sounded exhausted at the end of his Galations Letter.It was If he was beating his head against the wall trying to get the legalism out of the heads of this church. He finally said in exasperation, it seems, to paraphrase.....Look, you guys — circumcision and other works of the law account for nothing—- the only thing that matters is a changed life.The ONLY thing, he stated, so obviously it was important. Very simple to understand. Many complicate it because they do not understand WHO does the changing.HINT—- it ain’t YOU! The change God requires comes from the inside out.That” inside of the cup” thing you may have heard about. Only God can perform it.If you trust Him it will happen.
  14. Blood Bought 1953

    The Christian Walk Isn't Hard...

    Exactly! How much fruit did the thief on the cross produce?
  15. Blood Bought 1953


    I have been riding since I was 15..... 50 years of riding and the only reason I am alive I s that I have learned to assume anybody at a red light or intersection that CAN pull out on me WILL pull out in front of me.I have my hand poised to pull the front brake and watch the guy at the intersection like a hawk.90 % of biker deaths happen to those riding less than 6 months— they never learned that lesson in many cases, until it was too late.I pray a lot too—- always before I leave my driveway.That is the best thing to do.