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  1. Blood Bought 1953

    are you seeking the Truth?

    We must do what Jesus said in order to be saved.What did He say? “ Believe in the One God sent”.How do we do that? Believe Paul’s Gospel, given to him by Jesus (1cor15:1-4) Simply believe that He died for your sins and rose from the dead and you are promised Eternal Life.
  2. Blood Bought 1953

    American culture hates men

    “ Men are pigs?” Reminds me of an old saying..... “ Never Believe generalities- including this one.”
  3. Blood Bought 1953

    Romans 10:13-15

    Romans 10:13........ my favorite Bible verse.....the first Bible verse I taught my daughter
  4. Blood Bought 1953

    So is weed a sin or not?

    “ all things are lawful to me, not all things are wise” God blessed us with brains.....use them and enjoy your coffee and glass or two of wine each day. Stop “ majoring in the minors”.Jesus was called a “ glutton”. I bet He ate heartily and ignored the gnats that nit- picked Him.
  5. Blood Bought 1953

    The rise of the professional delusion

    I invite you to try one of my pills and if you think it is a “ placebo” i’ll eat your hat. Do you even know what a placebo is? Btw.....your sense of compassion is an inspiration for us all.....end of story.
  6. Blood Bought 1953

    Worthy Christians

    I am “ made worthy” by my faith in the Blood of Jesus .NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD......
  7. Blood Bought 1953

    Chrisitians, or slaves?

    Truth indeed......there is only one race today— the Christ race.
  8. Blood Bought 1953

    Jews With Out Jesus

    “ A Jew is anyone whose heart is right with God” By that Biblical definition there are many more Jews here than we previously thought. “ Repentance towards God, with faith in Jesus Christ”gets the heart right with God.I am proud to be a Jew if that is the requirement to be one.Apparently I have been one for many years and was completely unaware.Maybe that’s why the Jews hold a special place in my heart.
  9. Blood Bought 1953

    An atheist requires an answer

    Samson killed himself to avoid a future full of nothing but pain and torture.....Saul killed himself to avoid capture where he would have to endure a life of constant humiliation and pain. Sampson is in the elite “ Faith Hall of Fame” I am certain he is saved because of his faith, despite a life of constant disobedience.Some say Saul was saved and others claim he was not saved because he lacked faith. I don’t know- God will judge rightly, that we can be sure of . A non- believer who commits suicide will be damned because of his or her unbelief—- the only thing that ultimately that sends anybody to Hell.The suicide itself was neither here nor there.They got to their torment a few years earlier perhaps . I suffered a few years ago from extreme depression.I have studied hundreds of books and articles on this terrible condition and I have to say that almost nobody has a clue about it —- unless you have been there.Depression is not being sad— depression is about being dead.Imagine the top 20 things in your life that give you pleasure . Your spouse, your kids, your job , golfing, fishing, talking to friends, reading books, going for walks, grandchildren—- of course, the list is endless.Now imagine that you derive NO pleasure from any of these things. You’d just as soon sit on the edge of the bed and stare at the floor.Same excitement, same meaning.You are like a zombie.And that’s enough to make anybody sad, don’t you think.Everybody has a limit as to how much of this kind of “ life” one can endure.When utter misery fills the present and only fear and dread comprise the future— that intersection is where suicide becomes an enticing option.Thoughts of God , effects on the family, etc don’t even enter the mind— you just want OUT.When my fears and despairs were at their worst, I had a mouthful of pills and the only thing that kept me from swallowing them was cowardice.Its One heck of a jump to make the leap from contemplation to actually carrying out suicide.Looking back, I thank God that He granted me the cowardice to not carry out my plans, as crazy as that sounds.In the end , that is what is all about.Craziness.I thank God that He delivered me from it.I am completely back to normal now—- there is a reason to get up about of bed each day.I am at peace, I have an inward joy that can’t be thwarted and I am constantly growing in my faith and getting to know God, which is the point of everything .To those who now find themselves where I was......hang onto your faith with a fingernail if you have to! Keep praying.....keep trusting......go see a Doctor that can prescribe medication that can help more than you ever dreamed was possible.With the help of God,you can rediscover how great this life is. “Blessed men GO THROUGH valleys of weeping”...... “ I am the God that healeth thee”...... “ All good things ( like Doctors and medication) come from God”. Act on these great promises of God and He will get you through this Valley.God bless
  10. Blood Bought 1953

    An atheist requires an answer

    Report post Posted 2 hours ago What are you trying to imply? Yes, of course I have done things I'm ashamed of.  I wasn’t referring specifically to you.......sorry for the misunderstanding...
  11. Blood Bought 1953

    The rise of the professional delusion

    The benefits were not “ small “ in my case......there are so many different types of anti- depressant medications out there.....one must find the one that works for them......never stop praying and never give up.....don’t forget to thank God When He delivers you from this nightmare..... “ I am the God that healeth thee”
  12. Blood Bought 1953

    An atheist requires an answer

    I think suicide by anyone who is in the Body of Christ would be extremely rare.Having said that ,ALL of their sins are covered by the Blood.....including the terrible, heartbreaking sin of self- murder.If , at any time theses poor souls have come to Jesus as broken sinners that believe He died for their sins and rose from the grave after three days , their Salvation-is secure.They May stand ashamed when they appear before their Savior , along with Believers that are homosexuals.I got plenty to be ashamed of too.How about you? I thank God for His Grace “ Where sin abounds, grace abounds that much more”
  13. Blood Bought 1953

    Title: We are accepted and perfected In-Christ

    For all of those who have conquered sin......allow me to collect all of your thoughts for the next month , and let’s see if there is some way to display all of them for the world to see.....any takers out there? Who on Earth do you thing you are fooling? Not God—- not even this crowd.
  14. Naomi......I think what you need is a good rest- a rest in the finished work of Jesus at the Cross....ALL of your sins have been forgiven.As a Believer, God views you as “ perfect” even though the reality of that will not manifest itself until we get our New Bodies.God will “ finish what He started”.Not you. “ striving for perfection” would be an accumulation of dead works that God ain’t interested in for your Salvation.All He wants is your Trust.Give Him that- throw that heavy yoke away - and He will give you everything you are working so hard for.Jesus promised to save all those that believe His Simple Gospel.....He died for your sins and rose from the dead.It is NONE of you.Accept that, believe that, and rest in it.God will bless your obedience, but don’t believe the lie that your Salvation depends on it.I do not know you, so please forgive me if I am “ preacing to the choir”. Perhaps this post will be a blessing to someone else.I am praying that you find the peace God wants you to have. God bless.
  15. Blood Bought 1953

    The rise of the professional delusion

    “ All good things come from God”. Medication was a good thing for me.If you find a medication that helps you, take it with God’s blessing and thank Him for it.....ignore those who lack compassion and prefer to judge others out of ignorance