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  1. Oops.....just noticed that your name is Betha— not Bertha......you could probably care less, but I am sorry about that error .....
  2. True......and all saved by Grace through Faith,just like us......all sins covered by the Blood.....just like us....Almost all sin is Willfull and David’s sins were especially despicable....had he not been called out by the Prophet, who knows if he would ever be repentant.....he paid an extremely high cost for his willful sins, as will we.....It does not take away the free gift of Salvation .That was obtained by Faith.
  3. I do not believe that your take is Biblically correct either, so we will continue to disagree.Blessings to you.
  4. Of course......but interestingly, I don’t think we ever have it recorded in Scripture that Moses repented for killing the Egyptian slave master......the jerk probably had it coming...
  5. Not just anybody can be a preacher or even a deacon.....there are certain requirements that must be met, one of which is their reputation in the area must be stellar, nothing in their background should be able to come back to disgrace them- it could give Satan a foothold to sew doubt in the Message....Read Timothy....guidelines can be found in both books ....
  6. “........ and what is the Truth?”....... with that in mind, welcome , as we endeavor to separate Valid Doctrine from False Doctrine.....it’s worth debating some things.....erroneous doctrine can result in fearful, cursed lives......and MUCH worse....sometimes the apple cart needs to be upended....especially when Eternal Fates could be in the balance...sometimes people do not like to hear opposing views and get offended....Jesus upended the tables Of the Money Changers and I’m sure it offended many..... Hope I did not scare you off with all of that.....lol....once again, welcome, new friend ! I hope you learn as much from this site as I have ......you’ll not find a better one! God bless
  7. Out of context verse.....poor translation from the original Greek.....that’s my latest “ twist”....
  8. It teaches us that the Blood Of Christ covers all sins and that now “ Anybody that asks to be saved WILL be saved”
  9. Moses, David and Paul were all murderers . Where do you think they are at this moment? If you ever hated anyone you Are just as guilty as they are....you better pray that Gods Grace can cover them- and YOU! Personally, I am an adulterer.... I haven’t conquered lustful thought yet.....how about you?
  10. “ Fear Of the Lord ( and Hell) is the beginning of Wisdom” What Christianity all boils down to is- Did He Walk out of that Tomb or did He not? If not , ignore Christianity , it is all a lie.If the man that claimed He would arise from the dead and walk out of that tomb, actually did what He said He would do— you had better listen to every word He said.It would be wise to narrow the search down to this one thing— it determines everything else.
  11. Trying to make sense out of the Bible without the indwelling Holy SPIRIT is a Fool’s Errand.If you see reading the Bible as a chore, or if you think reading one verse a day , jumping all over the place is going to accomplish anything other that to say, “ hey! I read the Bible”, you may as well put it away.Get the Spirit Of God in you and that Book will come alive!How does one get that Spirit? Ask. “ Everyone that asks receives”.
  12. Way to go Bertha!!......every person on this planet says “ the proof is in the pudding”...... you got it right! Now if we can just get people to say “ couldn’t care less” when they say “ could care less” I could go to my grave a happy man....lol
  13. We can no more be “ worthy” to enter Heaven than we can be “ righteous”....God ,in His unimaginable Grace and Love was so satisfied with the offering of His Son, that He was able to “ declare” us “ worthy” and “ righteous” even though realistically we are light years removed from either of these descriptions. Fir the sake of Salvation, God considers us worthy ( even though we ain’t) If we believe the Gospel Of 1cor:15:1-4. I once heard a preacher say.....If you are going to be a Christian , BE ONE !!!! Straighten up and DO those things you KNOW you should be doing! DO the good works you were created for! DO the hard things of Christianity, like always trying to put others first, give to those that need it, put up with your weaker Brothers and keep your mouth shut if you have nothing to say that is edifying.None Of these things make you Worthy Of Salvation, But there are plenty of useless, saved Believers out there....don’t be one of them ! Do what you ought to do, even if it is not easy— this is how one becomes a “ a Worthy Man Of God”. Many will “ draw back” , come Judgement Day.Saved ,But Ashamed Of their half-A## performance sin their day of Salvation. Don’t live your walk of faith like a fool— Be a worthy Man Of God.
  14. Iwas just getting ready to post the final, absolutely without a doubt,unarguable,mouth- shutting,authoritative argument that would have my opponents groveling helplessly as the world saw their errant posts and they were humiliated to the point that they found themselves in ashes and sack cloth.....But since this thread appears to be going down in flames——- i’ll Have to save it for another time. Lol..... btw.....I harbor no ill- feelings against those I disagree with.Its just a debate and I could be wrong about everything I think,say and do.If we all met in person, I bet we would be good friends. “ I never met a man I did not like”, springs to mind...God bless all of you.
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