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  1. You lust, and have not: you MURDER and desire to have, and cannot obtain: you fight and war, yet you have not, because you ask not. James was talking to Believers when he accused them of Murder.Shocking, But it appears to be in the realm of possibility of Christian behavior.......Grace sure seems unfair , but like it or not, “ where sin abounds , Grace abounds that much more.” That works out well for the rest of us too. If you have ever hated somebody , you are no better than a murderer in God’s eyes.We should be thankful that God extends Grace to those we would rather “ not” extend it to.
  2. God declared that Paul was His “ Chosen Vessel” to deliver the Gospel Of Grace to the Gentiles.....God also says we are to “ Follow Paul as he follows Christ” The Gospel was “ not given to Paul by man”..... it was given to Paul directly from Jesus.....
  3. I don't label myself a Baptist, but an unashamed follower of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Denominations are a division and not unity. When people ask me what I am, I simply tell them that I am a “ Jesus-Man”........
  4. The late, brilliant Bible Teacher, Dr.Gene Scott used to say this frequently. Is this the Paster that you were referring to?
  5. This is an excellent description of how True Christianity works.....brilliant post.....thanks..
  6. I do the same thing with my sin that God does— I put it on the Cross .
  7. I am paraphrasing here, but somebody of Authority once said of Catholicism —- “ let us have a child until he is 6 and we will have him for life”. Thank God that is not entirely true.Many “ do” escape their BrainWashing. I have never met a Catholic that I did not like.They are great people, for the most part. Their Doctrine, however is straight from Hell.....They preach a False Gospel Of Works For Salvation ( what is it? Seven sacraments you must perform to be saved) Paul said if you come preaching a different Gospel than he preached, you will be “ Accursed”—- that means you are damned forever if you teach it. For those that don’t preach it but merely believe it , they are “ Fallen from Grace” and “ Severed from the Cross”. Those that do not REST in Paul’s Gospel Of 1Cor15:1-4 are , According to God, are in a state of disobedience and UNBELIEF. Intelligent Bible Teachers disagree if all of this bad stuff means Damnation or not.Some say “ yes”, others say “no”..........I say “ why gamble ?” Pray for your catholic friends.
  8. Are you yourself without sin? “ If we say we have no sin, we call God a liar”...... How’s your thought life? Ever have an impure thought ?How about those sins of Omission? How many poor strangers have you invited into your home to feed and Clothe? Yeah, just as I suspected. None. The biggest surprise Bible-Ignorant Christians will have when they die is that God “ remembers their sins no more”..... even the ones they failed to repent from.....all along those sins were covered by Grace.....
  9. Christ was judged for my sins 2000 years ago....He got my sins and I got His Righteousness ....simply because I rested in His Gospel ....All that I can do is thank Him for His Grace- and I do.
  10. According to the list, thieves aren’t gonna make it either .Yet we know the thief on the Cross was saved .Could the Alcoholic not do the same thing the thief did and make it to Heaven.Common sense says so.Nobody gets saved “ lest the Spirit draw him.” How does the Holy Spirit “ draw” a person ? By the Conviction Of Sin. He opens your eyes to the fact that you are a Sinner that needs a Savior.The thief had a “change of mind” as to who he was (“ we are getting what we deserve”he said ) and as to who Jesus was.( he realized Jesus was God , who would rise from the dead and go on to rule His Kingdom) This is Repentance- Turning to Jesus with a Contrite Heart which lead him to become a Believer.All Believers are Saved. If a drunkard turns to God with a Contrite heart ( changed from a hard, unbelieving heart by the Holy Spirit ) and if he puts his trust in Jesus to save him.....he should be as “ fit for Heaven” as the Thief who made it to Paradise .Some drunks will put down the bottle immediately .....others take time.Given enough time, the Holy Spirit and God will “ finish the Work He started”. Grace will cover the drunkards sins- just like ours-and the drunk,after coming to God through Jesus will be “ saved to the uttermost.” Just like the rest of us sinners.
  11. Nobody keeps the Commands.....that is why God provided a “ loop hole.” It’s called “The Gospel.” Also known as “ Good News.” If interested, one can find it in 1Cor15:1-4. Rest in it and God will declare you “Righteous.” All Those Commandments you broke and are still breaking everyday? Countless sins .ALL of them were put on the Cross.Jesus got your sins and you got His Righteousness. Quite a deal,huh? All you have to do is Believe it.Your Salvation is a “ Gift”........and “ The Gifts Of God are IRREVOCABLE”.....that means it can NEVER be taken away—- for ANY reason . God bless.
  12. I was responsible for the death of Jesus.....what about you? My sins and your sins put Jesus on that Cross.....The Jews and the Romans were unknowing “ actors” in God’s Great Plan Of Redemption...Jesus died for the Sins of the World......If one is a sinner ( and “ all have fallen short ) , you played your part in the torture of the God of the Universe...
  13. I am not big on asking for dreams, visions, etc., but for what it’s worth, the great Bible Teacher Zola Levitt was an Atheist and asked God—- “ If you are there....show me!” It worked for Zola, apparently........just sayin’........
  14. Unbelief is what sends people to Hell.....God is offering the Entire World a Free Gift....acceptance or rejection of this Act Of Grace on the part of God is what determines one’ s Eternal Fate....The Sin Issue was settled 2000 years ago...one can either “ cash in” on what Jesus accomplished at the Cross or they can reject it.....God has given us the Freedom to determine our own fate.....
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