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  1. Hi, I'm new here!

  2. Fear of the Unpardonable Sin

    https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCPkTFG8FeBL6iR8YemTaMYQ please check this out.....you will get some much needed relief....it is impossible for anyone to commit this sin unless they have a time machine—- and a VERY black heart. God bless.
  3. Is this racist?

    There is only one race that matters——The Christ Race. It is made up of all colors.
  4. Power of the Gospel

    Great verses.....thanks!
  5. Power of the Gospel

    Not really....I just thought you might enjoy it like I did....I found it very refreshing....
  6. Power of the Gospel

    Google this ——- harry ironside what is the Gospel
  7. Power of the Gospel

    Yowm......if you have not seen this, you will enjoy it......google Harry Ironside Gospel
  8. Is this racist?

    I sure hope you are proud—you have every right to be! The men who had the incredible guts to sit down at that lunch counter are beyond heroic.They should have a monument somewhere.They top a list that includes thousands.God bless you on your endeavor!
  9. Gods Word says if we judge ourselves, He will not judge us.......sounds like you have accomplished that—-too the extreme! Relax a little, God is not the Intergalactic Cop waiting to knock you over the head every time you say or think something that ain’t 100% proper.....God looks at your heart and I bet you got a good one.God bless you!
  10. Where is the verse? Somewhere in the back.......sorry, can’t resist the idiotic line of Homer Simpson
  11. Whose Struggle?

    When I sin I do the same thing with it that God does—- I put it on the cross.And leave it there.As far as salvation is concerned,God “ remembers my sins no more” .He does it “ for His own sake”. I hate sin ,I have no desire to sin,and I feel bad when I do.I worry about it to the extent that I may be chastised in this lifetime, but I sure don’t worry about like one who believes he’s going to Hell every time he has an unclean thought. If one chooses to worry about things that God’s Grace and Christ’s Blood cover ,well go ahead.I prefer to live a life of true sabbathing—— resting in what my Savior has done for me.Please spare me with the “license to sWsin” garbage. I desire that license like I desire a drano enema—— I “ could” do it , but who wants to? I heard a preacher say that OSAS is the narrow gate....the longer I partake of this life of faith the more I believe he’s right.we are saved by faith and worry is the opposite of faith—-time will tell who has the “ different spirit” living in them.
  12. Preacher, Teacher, Author And Christian Blogger

    Welcome, new friend....
  13. What drives people away from Jesus? Preachers that portray Jesus as a Cosmic Killjoy eager to beat you up if you make the slightest mistake—- kinda like a real mean cop watching you every second.
  14. I don’t think there is anything new under the sun..... better dirt bikes than booze,pot,acid,cocaine,meaningless sex and atheism that were my priorities in my misspent youth....kids need our prayers....somebody somewhere surely prayed for me