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  1. “ Grace”. A word never seen in anti-OSAS rants.I find that quite strange .Grace is what saved every person that was ever saved, yet it is never mentioned.Keeping a perfect Repentance ledger has replaced it as the means of staying saved.God have mercy on that poor soul who bumps his head, says a bad word, and then suffers a heart attack before he has a chance to repent . He’s bound for Hell. NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD..... “ AND” last - second lucky repentance . “ by luck you are saved......” Pray for a slow death so you can strive to repent from all sins......especially those one is not aware of.....I guess we should pray for a superb memory also while we are at it.Or perhaps do it God’s way— utilize the Grace His Son payed a terrible price for ......
  2. It could be relevant to note in this discusssion that “ God created Evil”. It’s Biblical. Is.45:7 says so.Any thoughts?On the surface, this is a troubling verse....
  3. I don’t know who to credit for this little gem............ “ Wanna make God laugh? Tell Him your plans.”
  4. I do not believe one can lose their Salvation.Those that disagree with me are not dummies.It IS true- they have their Chapter and verse and that is all that matters in the end.Any honest person trying to figure out which side of this debate to hang their hat on should readily admit that my side has chapter and verse also.I go with OSAS because there are roughly 400 verses that support it and all of these verses are VERY hard to argue with.How can anybody argue with this verse for example...... “He That heareth my Word and believes on the One that sent Me HAS everlasting life and shall NOT come into condemnation, but IS passed from death unto life” or how about, “ I write these things that you would KNOW you have Eternal Life.....” What on Earth does God, Paul , Jesus or John have to say to convince people? Those that Oppose OSAS have roughly 200 verses to support their beliefs.The difference is beyond the obvious number of verses, every verse they use has another explanation.They are all taken out of context or the verse is not meant for those in this Age of Grace who belong to the Body of Christ. Many fear that if the OSAS crowd is correct, people will go wild, sinning up a storm because they can sin and “ get away with”.That argument does not hold water—- you guys could also go out and rape, pillage and plunder and as long as you repent of those sins before you go to bed at night, all you have to do is ask to be forgiven and you will have your slate wiped clean......no different than the other guy who adheres to OSAS. As one who used to be in the non- OSAS crowd, I can understand both sides.Looking back , I now know that the root of the problem is ignorance about Grace.People have been poorly taught and they only understand and trust a WEAK GRACE , a false Gospel.If sin in our lives is to be diminished,trying to keep our Salvation by maintaining a certain level of our own righteousness( the reason the Jews were unsaved, according to Paul....you may want to ponder that a bit) the way to get a better grade on your “ good enough since saved” record is to realize that only Grace stirs up the Love that God desires.Sin.....Repent.....Repeat.....Sin .......Repent....Repent.......is a shoddy way to live a Christian life.....it may not even BE the Christian life.If you are not resting in the Cross you are an enemy of the Cross.Hebrews warns us—- we have the promise that we can now rest( Those that believe the Gospel ) .....But some of you should FEAR because you have failed to trust in this promise......just like the ancient Hebrews did at the Promised Land.....they entered not unto God’s rest because of their lack of faith.There is still a sabbath of rest for God’s people today and if you fail to trust in that rest ,it will be considered an act of unbelief and you will fall like the unbelieving Jews of Moses time. If you have not rested in the finished work of the Cross....as commanded.....make sure you keep your repentance ledger up to date and ask for forgiveness for unbelief .....OR join the crowd that rests and does not fall, the OSAS crowd.
  5. I listened to McGee on the radio for hundreds of hours.....I have all the books in His “ Thru the Bible”series....I don’t remember him saying this, but it sounds like some of his wisdom and insight......having said that, all I can say is “ AMEN!”
  6. Sometimes you have to deliver the bad news in order to get one to care about the good news.I am a subscriber to the Bad Cop/ Good Cop Method Of conversion.Jesus wasted no time getting to the scary stuff— read The Sermon on the Mound near the beginning of the first Gospel.Paul did not hesitate either—read the first two chapters of his first letter to us in Romans.One needs to see himself as a lost sinner before their heart is made contrite and ready for the Gospel Of 1cor15:1-4
  7. Ah yes.......that constant struggle between the old nature and the new nature.....words come out of my mouth at times that I simply do not believe.....I've been a Christian for a longtime.......I sometimes think that I would have been long past the point where my flesh could be so vile......when I sin these days,even at the slightest infractions , I just feel awful, but deep down I am a little bit happy......I know that years ago these pangs of sorrow and regret would never have happened......Better to have two warring natures than the single sin nature I was born with.....I have a Promise that the New Man will win.....In the meantime, I am covered by God’s Grace and I am going to need that Grace just as much on the day that I die as I did the day I was saved....
  8. I have seen it reported that presently, Iran is seeing more Muslims convert to Christianity than any other country in the world.....what great news that is!
  9. What is “ good” for all of us is the fact that God has more Power than any being in the universe.If God never had His Power, Satan would be in control of everything and the “goodness” of God would be a moot subject.Jesus declared that God— and ONLY God— was good.That is all I need to hear.Gods Power is what makes Him God.......the fact that He is good is the icing in the cake.We are lucky.
  10. It can never hurt to ask....... “ You have not because you ask not”
  11. Essentially, the long- winded story is just another variation on “ Jesus Saves—- BUT your behavior after you know that KEEPS you saved.” Just another false Gospel that adds works of the flesh. “ what has bewitched you ?Did keeping the Law save you? Why return to it to keep yourself saved?You finish the way you started— the just shall LIVE by faith.” Behavior is not what gets you to the narrow gate.....it’s the Path that you are on...that Path is the NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD PATH for Salvation....it’s a path of Grace which stirs up love for God and gives us the proper impetus to obey Him.
  12. Your son knows more than 75% of the Church world and Christian Religionists .That estimate may have been over generous.He has been blessed.You too! “ gotta get ‘em lost before you get ‘em saved”..... that is the true purpose of the Law.....to show one their hopeless condition and their need for a Savior....
  13. As a former wedding photographer......I never experienced the dilemma of having to photograph a Sodomite wedding....I would have refused to do it......I don’t hate that crowd, it just gives me the creeps to be around them....
  14. I am quite familiar with the crucial importance of being born again.....what I am NOT accustomed to is knowing the exact date of Salvation as proof that it happened or using it as a way to separate the Believer from the non- Believer .There is where chapter and verse is needed, in my opinion.I still think you are on to something. Oliver Greene, the late, great man of God always claimed if you were saved you would absolutely know it and remember when it happened- no question about it.When is was savedit was the most dramatic time of my life.....it took my life and divided it like B.C. Is clearly divided with A.D. It was that powerful.
  15. Interesting..... I tend to agree.....however, like all things related to our doctrines, we need to have chapter and verse.I can’t think of any.....
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