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  1. “ Turning to God” is the only Repentance that will save anybody. “ Turn to me and I will turn to you” Nice and simple....
  2. Here is something else that you need to answer.....Did He walk out of that tomb? Many scientist have come to Faith setting out to prove that the Resurrection never happened and after looking at the evidence, they decided he DID rise from the dead.If Jesus did not walk out of that tomb.....all bets are off....go and have a ball! However if the person that said He would rise from the dead actually DID rise from that grave— it would probably behoove one to listen to everything he has to say! Did He or didn’t He come up out of that Tomb. One’s answer to that single question determines EVERYTHING.......
  3. .....others say that if you do not KNOW you are Saved- you AINT!
  4. Here’s something to consider......I heard a preacher say that everybody in the New Testament That was Saved—- KNEW they were saved.Some May need to “ examine themselves” to see if they are “ in the Faith”
  5. When you get pulled over for something and the Policeman looks like a child.....I soon deduced that it was NOT the Police Force That had changed.......
  6. People can’t reject what they have never heard..... many churches, it not most ,never preach the Good News That Jesus actually will save those that come to Him as a lost sinner who believes that Jesus died for ALL their sins and rose from the grave.Too often , all they Hear is Juda-Anity - that would be Old Testament Law mixed with a little bit of Jesus to make it palatable.It sounds like this.... “Jesus Saves , But once you know that, you must quit sinning to “ prove” you are saved.Any sin that you forgot to repent of before you die will send you to Hell.You see, it’s all an “act like Jesus” contest and whoever puts on the best act gets Heaven as a reward for his deeds!This is what my old Methodist church preached .I am so happy I finally heard the Truth—NOTHING BUT THE BLOOD.
  7. I eat Spaghetti- O’s straight from the can, after the can has been in the fridge for a while.....mmmm......
  8. If one is saved, God puts His Holy Spirit in you .That Spirit will Transform you and you will “ find” yourself obeying God . God changes your “wants”. You “ want” to obey because you have been TRANSFORMED. This transformation is so vital Paul said that in the end, it is the only thing that matters.Sometimes this change is not apparent until much time has passed. Sometimes it happens quickly.The thief on the Cross did not get enough time to show how obedient he was or wasn’t .Something tells me he would have become an obedient man - obedience stemming from a New Spirit and a newfound Love .Just like any other Believer. It is true that Jesus does not force Himself on anyone.It is also true that “ nobody comes to God lest the Spirit draw him” The perogative belongs to God , not men.The Word is out there for anyone to accept .The Word falls “ on hard ground” of those whose hearts Satan has hardened and to whom the Gospel is “ foolishness” I am not smart enough to figure all this stuff out. It is God’s desire that “ no one should perish” — yet the vast majority do.Its like God is broadcasting in FM and the vast majority of the human race only has an AM Radio. It all appears to get back to that “ears to hear” thing.The why and how as to who gets the ears to hear is beyond me.I hope somebody Derives something of value from this meandering post.....I usually try to avoid such things.....lol
  9. The catholics have seven steps ( give or take a step or two) to “ earn” their Salvation.The Bible only gives one. The Gospel Of 1cor15:1-4.Paul says if you preach a different Gospel Than the one given to him by Jesus you will go to Hell ( did you here that, pope ) If you believe this false gospel ,you are “ fallen from Grace” and “ severed from the Cross”—- this is the current condition of all of those who buy into their “ works” Salvation Formula.They are not alone, of course.....millions of Protestants add to the Gospel Of Grace with variations of “Jesus Saves... B U T.” Give the catholics credit for this much—- they don’t try to hide their damnable doctrines— their false teachings are out there in th open. They are on record as to letting you know that if you disagree with them you are damned.It is in their Cathecism.Available for the World to see.Anytime.The catholics should be seen as a Mission Field, no different than any other group that needs to hear and believe the true Gospel Of Jesus Plus Nothing.
  10. Tithing was commanded as a part of the Mosaic Law.We are not under the Law.....all those under the Law are under the Curse of the Law. There is nothing inherently wrong with Titheing.....but if you tithe because you think you “ H A V E” to tithe to be saved or do it in order to STAY saved, you have put yourself under a curse.As I heard a preacher say once - Jesus Christ is your tithe- If you are saved.He never went into detail about that, but I found it to be an interesting claim....
  11. I can’t think of any catholic person that I dislike.....usually they are great people. It’s their Doctrine that I hate.It’s straight from Hell.The singular belief in Purgatory spits on the Blood Of Christ and proves that any proponent of it is absolutely clueless about Christianity.Research it . I did.It made me want to cry and vomit at the same time.Pure,Satanic, Blasphemy.
  12. Your “PRIORITY” should be JESUS......You Salvation is not about YOU.....It is a free Gift, given by His Grace to people that do not deserve it.People that do NOT work for it.Jesus did EVERYTHING.You did NOTHING.He lived a life that you cannot live. He payed a price you cannot pay.He took all of your sin and in turn , gave you His Rughteousness.Even when you had no use for Him.THAT is love....THAT is Grace.....THAT is why we Worship HIM.......You may want to mention some of that stuff when you stand before Him, trying to justify yourself with your puny performance...... “ Ye are to be perfect, Even as your Father in Heaven is Perfect. “ If you think you can reach the TRUE Standard of God’s Requirement for getting into Heaven , which is PERFECTION 24/7......have at it! For anybody who has an ounce of self - insight and knows that they are wretched sinners, without hope except for God’s Grace—- here is where you can obtain that Grace: 1Cor15:1-4......Believe it and REST in it , and it ALONE.
  13. Yawn......seen dozens of these deluded types come and go.....they fool nobody ....they are just like you and I , sinning every hour of every day.....Jesus made it clear that the thought was just as bad as the deed in God’s eyes, and all of these types have secret thoughts that would shame Hell itself.No better than you and I.And “ sins of omission” ? Do we really need to go there? Been busy at the local soup kitchen lately?How many strangers have you invited into your home to feed and clothe? All these guys do is bring the Perfect Law Of God down to a level that they think they can obey ,and then brag about how “righteous” they are .They know NOTHING about Faith or Grace . Like Luther said... “How can they pretend to preach it”
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