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  1. Blood Bought 1953

    Salvation and Sin

    If my daughter gets caught with her hand in the cookie jar, I will let her off the first time .I will warn her not to do it again.If she does it again she will be punished.It is up to her at all times . She will commit other sins down the road-she is human, after all.Same principles apply to the adulteress.She got a warning for the one specific sin.Paul was “ chief of sinners” many year after he was saved.Was this woman or us expected to do better than he did?
  2. Blood Bought 1953

    Yom Kippur

    One can go to Zola Levitt’s website and order the book about the Jewish Wedding and how it is a picture of our Salvation..... a fascinating read.While you are there, watch his “ Go tell it on the Mountain” series.It will bless you.
  3. Blood Bought 1953

    Flat Earth Causing Issues

    “It’s the heighth of ignorance”......Big Foot
  4. Blood Bought 1953

    The Social Justice Gospel: The Dark Truth

    Sickening......makes me glad there is a Hell for those that pedal false gospels.
  5. Blood Bought 1953

    Sayings and Catch Phrases

    Naked as a jay- bird
  6. Blood Bought 1953

    Examples of ways you've grown in your faith

    The longer I travel this Faith walk, the more I understand why Paul counted all things as worthless in comparison to knowing Him.....in my better moments, that is all I want- it is the ONLY thing that matters in the end.
  7. Blood Bought 1953

    I need to be saved - Will someone please pray for me?

    Lost.....As hard as it may be to understand right now, you should be rejoicing! Why? You see the need to be saved— the realization Of That Truth puts you miles ahead of millions of others, Church- goers included.Who can be saved unless they first see that they are lost? It seems obvious that you have reached that point.The Holy Spirit has convicted you of sin.What you need now is a Savior. Thank God, we have been provided with one.He did everything you need for salvation on the Cross. All that’s left for you to do is to believe it.Jesus Christ, through the apostle Paul in 1cor15:1-4, made a promise that He can not and will not go back on. Believe that He died for your sins and that He was crucified, dead and buried and then rose from the dead.Simply believing that and not trying to add to it ,thereby perverting it, puts you into The Body of Christ where you are secure forever .Untouchable. Don’t beat yourself up giving in to temptations that are extremely difficult to conquer and are common to men everywhere .Those sins have been payed for at the Cross.Leave them there.The indwelling Holy Spirit you have if you are a Believer will change your desires given time, but be aware God may use chaetisement to transform you into what He wants you to be.Don’t complicate what God has made simple—— “Anybody that asks to be saved WILL BE SAVED”. God bless.
  8. Blood Bought 1953

    A worship team at the feet of a false prophet

    Sorry, but your first sentence is unclear and your second sentence about being no levels of right is silly unless you can equate listening to a guitar solo to killing Jews simply because they are Jews.There will be degrees of punishment in Hell just as sure as there will be superior and inferior rewards in Heaven.It’s that “ many stripes” thingy found in Luke12:47.
  9. Blood Bought 1953

    The Book of James

    I could not agree more.I regret now that I did not add my thought about the Book of James to my recommendation of the Book Of Romans .I sincerely believe the Book Of James is the LAST place an unbeliever should find themselves .Its always been the go-to Book for legalists, trotting out “ Faith without works is dead “ to negate everything Paul ever wrote.James is referring to Service—not Salvation.James is a great book , but we go to Paul, the Apostle sent to the gentiles, not James for our Doctrine.There are those that have been serious Bible students for many years that struggle with the writings of James and what sometimes looks like contradictions to the writings of Paul.The unbeliever needs to see the clear gospel and accept it with a heart that has softened by The Holy Spirit.There will be plenty of time in the future, hopefully for a babe in Christ to mature to the point that they handle what James penned. I also think the Book Of Matthew, with the Sermon on the Mound that raises the bar for those that think they dont need a Savior ( if you even “look” at somebody with lustful thoughts you are no better than an adulterer!) is a good place to start reading the Bible.No sense fooling around.Nobody has the desire to be saved until they see that they are lost.THAT is the starting point of true Christianity as opposed to adopting Christianity as your choice of religion among many others because you think you agree with its morality and by following its rules you can make it to Heaven.
  10. Blood Bought 1953

    A worship team at the feet of a false prophet

    Thanks teach.......now, please leave me alone ...there’s much bigger fish to fry.....
  11. Blood Bought 1953

    A worship team at the feet of a false prophet

    With all due respect , I think your lack of concern for the more vital things that could actually have a bearing on one’s salvation is not good.It appears we both have our own different battles to fight.Good luck with yours.
  12. Blood Bought 1953

    The Book of James

    I think the most important thing for the unbeliever to learn is that he is a sinner that needs a Savior.The first couple of chapters in Romans should convince anybody that they are lost. Subsequent chapters will reveal the remedy for being lost.Until one sees that he isn’t as “ good” as he thinks he is , understanding Christianity is impossible— it’s just another religion.
  13. Blood Bought 1953

    A worship team at the feet of a false prophet

    More like a spirit of insignificance....i like the lead guitar solo in the song, “Crazy Train-- nothing more , nothing less.Millions of church goers today listened to false gospels ,and many unsaved remained unsaved because of ignorance in the pulpit about how one finds salvation.The preaching of perverted gospels sends more people to hell than the foolishness of a rock and roll band.Ozzie Osbourne and his ilk are small potatoes compared to the real problems of many churches.Satan loves to see people dwell on these types of distractions instead of getting to the heart of the matter— bad teaching from self-called pastors as opposed to God- called preachers who preach the true Gospel of God’s Grace.
  14. Blood Bought 1953

    Sayings and Catch Phrases

    Full as a tick......
  15. Blood Bought 1953

    small families= selfishness?

    The saying, “ It’s none of your business” was never more appropriate .To speculate on the reasons why couples have two kids or twenty kids is the height of ignorance.