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  1. I had a dream as a small child that I have never posted before anywhere. The reason I’m going to mention this Dream now is because of all the earthquakes taking place now in California. I was about 6 or 7 years old when I had this dream. Dream I was living in St Charles Mo in the early 40’s and I was standing on a street corner in a strange city when chaos was happing everywhere around me, l was frightened by what was taking place, strange cars and motor homes where traveling out of the city as fast as they could, when someone called out with a Loud voice, hey kid get out of here and head for the mountains, End of Dream. If you have read my Testimony you know how the Lord moved me and my family here to Reno NV. and how I moved the family back to MO. then the Lord moved us back to NV. Well I can head for the mountains living here if I have to, and the strange cars and motor homes now exist so does that mean something could happen with all these earthquakes now taking place? As a Watchman on the wall and looking at the world we now live in, and we who know the Lord Jesus Christ as our savior are being persecuted and hated for loving our creator. Hatred and Greed is pretty much World wide now and complete CHAOS is on the Horizon, we are the last Generation that will see the Lords return, but be prepared for anything that could take place before He dose return. The rapture will not save you because this will not happen until the Last Trumpet is sounded. Read Matt 24 and be prepared for Tribulation as our Lord said. How much Faith will He find in His Church of true believers when He Returns??? Live our lives in Faith and Trust in Him until He Returns. Amen God Bless Everyone.
  2. Ok sorry won’t happen again didn’t know. God Bless
  3. Makes me wonder if Trump knows what going on with the Geoengineering Chhemtrails. How many of God’s Saints even know what’s going in theses last Days. I have been fighting this issue for many years, and many Christians won’t even discuss this topic of Chemtrails with me because they don’t believe they exist. Watch this video because it’s clearly showing us how they might be doing this, however it’s not good for our health and certainly not pretty for our Blue sky’s. God Bless
  4. People who don't care to study the Bible will always find fault with it. There's no need in arguing about it if you don't understand it to begin with. Jesus said THIS generation shall not pass. WHAT generation? The disciples came to him privately, asking what the end of the age is going to be like (Matthew 24:3) Jesus went on to explain what the LAST generation would look like, and what would be taking place at that time. He explained that those who are alive and see these events taking place, THAT generation will not pass until all of’ it is fulfilled. And as others have mentioned, you have been mentioned in prophecy as well: knowing this first of all, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own sinful desires. They will say, “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things are continuing as they were from the beginning of creation.” (2 Peter 3:3,4) Infanticide this really upsets me. If they are not wanted, they can be killed by lethal injection, dismembered in utero, or put to death after birth. If they are not wanted, abortion at any point in pregnancy is considered an acceptable means of “terminating a pregnancy.” This Generation has lost respect for most all of God’s creation and they have given themselves over to their reprobate minds. As a Watchman on the wall the Lords cup is full and time is short so be ready for His Judgements to begain. New York Should Repent for making Infanticide legal in that state and all the officials who vote for it. God has warned his people before, to get out of Babylon before it’s to late. But so many people believe the rapture will do it for them it’s not going to happen. Keep your eyes and ears open to what’s happening here in America and the world we live in. Saints of God seek His wisdom, and He has promised open your understanding to what Satan has hidden from you since the beginning of sin. God Bless
  5. Thank You Brother for your wonderful comments, our God/YHWH in heaven is the same today, yesterday, and for Ever more He changes not. Amen We are the last Generation and Jesus/Yahusha the Christ our Savior is returning sooner than many think and many are not prepared for His coming. God Bless Everyone here at WCF
  6. Be very careful of some who call themselves watchmen, check out their fruit, Satan is a big deceiver who likes to confuse God’s people. You must Always do your own research and pray for Holy Spirit guidance. God Bless
  7. Is it possible that we are becoming a Divided Nation? Many have had Dreams and Visions of America splitting in half by a huge Earthquake, but we could be on our way of being a two party nation with Trump on one side and Obama and Hillary on the other side. This could be a cliff hanger for all of us. God Bless This is something we need to read if you think this possible. http://allnewspipeline.com/Are_Obama_And_The_Globalists_Still_In_Charge.php
  8. A Watchman is one who stands on the wall and reports the news and warnings of coming events that could are will effect God’s chosen people. We must be prepared for anything at all times good or bad as we live and do The Lords will for each individual. A Watchman is never to be called a Prophet because he is not, he’s just one who reports things that could or will effect all true Believers. If you read my Testimony here at WCF you will see that has been my Calling since 1987, not a easy task to cover because most of the time no one wants to hear we are now living in THE LAST DAYS before the return of Yahusha/Jesus Christ. God Bless He is returning very soon. Amen We are the Last Generation.
  9. Trump is or was talking about going to Covington HS to give his opinion. We will see this Antifa movement spreads in America if no one does anything. God Bless Now Trump is not able to give the SOTU address in the Capital Building, we are becoming a divided Country going over the Cliff.
  10. Update We got great news today Betty doesn’t have to see her cancer Doctor until June, everything is healing as normally expected. Praise God and His answer to all our prayers for Betty We Love everyone here at WCF and appreciate all the prayers. God Bless
  11. Update Betty saw her Doctor today, he removed the drain tube and some of the bandages that was making it a little tough for her to function normally. She got a good report with no signs of infection, and everything appears to be normal for this type of Surgery. The other bandages that are still in place will be removed this coming Monday by her Doctor. God Bless everyone Praying for Betty. We appreciate your prayers. Our God is a Awesome God He Reigns with Wisdom Power. Amen
  12. Update Betty is doing good at recovering for her surgery, she has some soreness in her left arm and side. Her Doctor told her it was a good thing they removed her left breast because the Pathologist found more cancer in it. That is answered pray because we where all praying that we would make the right decision and we did. Praise God. We have to see her Doctor this Wednesday to remove the drain tube and bandages, I will update on what the Doctor has to say about it. Thank You Brothers and Sisters for your Faithful Prayers. God Bless everyone.
  13. Keep yourself informed on this group they are going to attempt a big takeover of this country. It seems the MSN media don’t want to cover any of their protesting. The Lord has shown me they will come to power if we let them. We need to Pray that don’t happen. God Bless http://allnewspipeline.com/Antifa_Uses_ISIS_Playbook.php Antifa groups not only are similar to ISIS terrorists in appearance, wearing black and cowardly covering their faces while conducting terror activities, but they are also eerily similar in the manner they go after those they have decided are the "enemy," as evidenced by their latest stunt of doxxing (revealing home addresses) the entire staff, including the advertising staff, of The Daily Caller.
  14. Update Betty had her breast surgery today all went well in the 2 hour operation. Good news no cancer was found in the limp-nodes so now she needs to rest and heal with a speedy recovery. Praising God for Answering all Prayer for Betty. YAWH/God is our Father and Creator. Amen God Bless everyone
  15. News From Germany Antifa is very much a live in many countries, just like the Lord showed me, we are experiencing this here in the USA not just in Portland Oregon and Berkeley Ca. It’s going to be in every major city here you need to be prepared. God Bless Magnitz (member of the German parliament) was badly injured in the German town #Bremen in #Germany, probably by three persons of the Antifa. Evidently a man (passer by) saved his life today at night.
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