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  1. ((please read back to rules 1 guess per person n only 3 at a time to give person chance to respond ty
  2. ill look into this one ty for the recommendation Recent Shows ive watched are ShadowHunters (the mortal cup) very fun to watch great story line to its on netflix
  3. Update : Still have blackouts awaiting to see the Neurologist about it appointment providing they dont cancel is April 4th please note i wont know whats wrong til He does tests
  4. Thankyou for the recommendation ill be certain to make a note an watch it sometime Movies i saw recently : Bicentennial Man very funny its about an android who is asked to do house tasks but then learns human emotions creativity music talent etc can watch on Netflix but im sure you can find elsewhere a must see Finding Dory was amazing if i remember the others ive watched in past few months ill be sure to edit this list
  5. Must be a word beginning with L geocentrical cant become Astronomy
  6. Bloods were fine saw drs last week and was referred to a neurologist he thinks im having fits when i blackout so more tests to endure im absolutely petrified if it is fits as it would confirm flashing light issues i have like strobes i cant be around etc
  7. An update in reguards to my health had bloods taken for allergy testing , a full scale general one to check everything is ok since im blacking out and dont know why and another to see if i was wrongly diagnosed IBS or if i truly have that or something else
  8. my mum had another fit not that long ago in reguards to tumours shes still fighting to hold on
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