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  1. 6 is more often the number of man and it appears Satan is a trinity of evil made up of Satan the father= 6 Satan the son =6 Satan the unholy spirit/ false prophet=6 Every angel, including fallen angels, have the ability to come as man.
  2. After has more meanings than what you are using. Look you don’t like what I believe you don’t accept the Old Testament prophecies and I invade yours and your friends playground. I did not come here to defend every inch of every post to you and your friends. If I stay on this site I get you don’t like what I believe so just let me be invisible to you. One of these days all will be revealed and I can’t wait to be among the rabble cheering you on. Have a good journey.
  3. the prophecy states the second group of years stops when the Messiah is scarified. It does not say when he rides in on a foal. There is no mention of His entrance in this prophecy.. cutoff is the key because we know the day He offered Himself as our Passover Lamb was Passover. Count out all the years forward or backwards and they all start and end on Passover. Doubt I will do the Isaiah study this evening..
  4. I must be a really bad writer it is if you look at it is saying the second group of weeks of years ends when Messiah is cutoff? Do we know what day that was?
  5. rev. 12: 1-5 is nothing like your claim that There is nothing strange for Zechariah giving a prophecy for events that had ended decades before. The word used in that Passage is “Man-child.” And is descriptive in nature
  6. I am confused with your reasoning. If Israel were to split today would the northern kingdom have enough people for each tribe to have their land and a ruler over each of the 10 portions of land? Does not the Lord have the ability to gather the people slow or fast like opening the Red Sea. If they are the faithful remnant, part of, all they need to be back for is when the faithful Remnant becomes the Royal Nation of Priests who serve the Lord in His temple and the Gentiles on the times they are required to come to the temple during the 1,000 years.
  7. you are talking about parts of the faithful remnant not the people in the land. The faithful remnant is not even saved out of Jerusalem until the Lord stands on the Mount of Olives. Who is resisting Him? I never suggest they are opposing Him. I said the apostate majority opposes the Lord big difference
  8. Zechariah preached and prophesied after the divided kingdom, even with the extra 130 years Judah last past Israel. It would seem untenable to have a prophet prophecy of that which has already ended. Would seem to indicate some, like all prophecies, for the future. Scripture also tells us virgin Israel will fall never to rise again. That the Lord will remove all memory of Israel, the apostate portion. if we consider all people born to Jewish parents to be Jews that is not the Biblical criteria, Romans 2: 28-29, Jeremiah 9:17 So how do your calculations account for all the Jewish people only circumcised in the flesh. The only Scripture I know on the Passovers is the prophecy itself. If it was a total of 483 tears from the command to rebuild Jerusalem until the Messiah's death on Passover then the decree had to be given on a Passover for it to land on the Lord's Passover. That leaves 7 years one week of years of 7 years that would have to pickup from the Passover of the Lord for it to align with the prophecy that began on a Passover, finished the rebuild on a Passover, Had the Lord cutoff on a Passover and has one seven year period beginning at a Passover and ending on the last Passover. Think about it. There is no day more uniquely the Lord's not counting His sacrifice, that is more uniquely the Lord's than Passover. God told Israel that the Passover was so important that it had to be moved to the top of their calender. That is why they have two calenders one religious and one secular.
  9. Hi, it tells right when it will happen "In that Day"
  10. Lets see if we can straighten this out. There are three sections that form the one prophesy. The first section has the decree of Cyrus and the rebuilding of Jerusalem. The middle section is to last 434 years and ends on the Passover the Lord kept before He was cutoff. If you go backwards from that Passover to the beginning of this 434 year prophecy you must end up on that Passover. Keep going back and the 49 years segment that kicked this prophecy of as beginning and then ending 49 years later on Passover. So first prophecy begins on Passover and ends 49 years later on Passover. The second prophecy begins on that same Passover lasts for 434 years and ends on the Passover where the Lord becomes our Passover Lamb. This leaves on week of years to be fulfilled. It will like the two prophetic periods before it will begin and end on Passovers seven years apart. With the Last or 490th Passover being The Day of the Lord. The prophecies were fulfilled just as they had to be an for it to be extended beyond the 490 years or for those times to be altered in anyway makes the whole prophecy suspect.
  11. I guess with Israel not living in the land for thousands of years was also to much to overcome so Israel has never returned to the Land. Oh wait the Lord was able to overcome that obstacle and they are back in the land. Surprise on me. How will God Almighty overcome your stumbling block and do exactly what He is shown doing in Zechariah 11 or are you saying this is a false prophecy that the Lord will not break those two staffs carrying out exactly as is shown by the Prophet's prophecy. There are more Jewish people living in the U.S. do you think the Lord will be able to get them for the Aliyah
  12. 5 “See, I will send the prophet Elijah to you before that great and dreadful day of the Lord comes." Mal. 4: 5 The apostate portion of Israel are waiting for the Messiah to come but more than that also. Before the Messiah can come the prophecy from Malachi 4: 5 must be fulfilled and Elijah must come. The reasons Elijah must come are extremely important and in at least one case absolutely vital. Here is how things will unfold apostate Israel will split into two Kingdoms Zec. 11 False Prophet makes himself known doing lying sign and wonders. Rumor has it he is the prophet Elijah come to prepare the way. False Elijah will bring fire down from heaven anti-Christ is said to come as lightening and this is the fire from heaven that false Elijah will bring down Fire from heaven confirms this is Elijah and the one who came as the fire is the one who rightfully owns the throne. Fire from heaven a must because no strange fire allowed by order of God. The beginning of Daniel's 70th Week of Years. Seven years from this date the Lord will return on what is The Day of the Lord. anti-Christ who 3 1/2 years in shows the Lamb he counterfeits is actual a ravenous beast. anti-Christ when he came up out of the Bottomless Pit came with all his angels just as Christ when He returns is coming with all His angels. The splitting of Israel into two kingdoms again is very important. The Northern Kingdom, Israel, has ten tribes. We are told 3 of their leaders are plucked up leaving the harlot 7 heads and 10 crowns to ride on the scarlet beast anti-Christ. Anti-Christ destroys apostate Israel and turns his attention to what is called a faithful remnant. The remnant trapped in Jerusalem is on the verge of being wiped out when the Lord returns to the Mount of Olives The mount splits in two forming a valley for escaping. This reminds of the Red Sea only this time with rock. The Remnant escapes. The Lord having returned as Lightening defeats anti-Christ, false Elijah and their fallen angel army with the splendor of his coming. After this there is no feast of the birds of the air because A,C., false Elijah and their army are cast into Lake of Fire Satan comes down from haven in chains and locked in the same Bottomless pit anti-Christ was in before he was released. For 1,000 years there will be no evil influencing men and they will reveal we are sin and not just sin being what we do. After the 1,000 years are done Satan is let out but no fallen angel army for him. Satan goes out and deceives the nations, the Gentile nations who are Gog and Magog Satan leads the Gentile armies against what will be the Millennial Temple at Jerusalem They will meet the Lord at Har Megiddo the Lord defeats Satan who is thrown into the Lake of Fire where anti-Christ and the false prophet have been locked for a thousand years. The Great White Throne Judgment is set up and all men stand before the Lord. Those not written in the Book of Life are referred to as goats and thrown into the Lake of Fire. the righteous have the works they have done in life tested by the fire some suffering loss of reward but not salvation. The new heaven and earth come down the old sin filled creation destroyed. After this the New Jerusalem and the Bride come down and the Bride has made herself ready. Ready for what? Lord spoke the night of the Passover that He would eat it again when it was fulfilled in heaven. The feast that will be eaten in heaven that fulfills the Passover is The Wedding Supper of the Lamb. Eternity
  13. You have to apply what we are given. We are being shown the nation of Israel becoming a divided nation one again. The divided nation was the northern kingdom of Israel who had 10 rulers. The southern kingdom called Judah had the two other tribes. Knowing the Lord appointed the tribes where they would live it is an easy step to kingdom made up of Israel as locked in. At this same time it is easy to miss the forest by the trees. If this isn’t hat end times entity who is she and what happens to her?
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