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  1. 28 Then they asked him, “What must we do to do the works God requires?29 Jesus answered, “The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.” John 6 How do we understand these verses. Isn't this the thing taught through the jailer when aske what he must do to be saved and he was told to "believe on the Lord Jesus Christ." I am OSAS believer and look forward to all thoughts on this, is believing on the Lord Jesus Christ enough or did that jailer perish? A question if you would give your thoughts. There was a man caught in sexual sin with his step mother and they had let him continue in the church. Paul told them to put him out of the church but they were never to consider that he was not still a brother. Turn him over to Satan that his flesh be destroyed and his soul be saved. Is this not a glimpse of OSAS in Scripture?.
  2. If I am not mistaken there was a very famous Rabbi who took this passage and changed one word from Echad to Yachid. I am probably in error with their spelling. The original wording that Echad meaning something that is a Unity speaking of the Lord God as being one but three but one. The Rabbi changed the word to Yachid meaning one singular which would rule out a God that is One but three. So please if you plan on wearing this make sure you have the correct wording that does not deny the Trinity. If you are going to work from this as a way of reaching Jewish people you need to guard against a lifetime, in many cases, of teaching that one of their greatest Rabbinical teachers has for centuries denied the Christ using this very passage.
  3. The Law was not abolished. Two things happened with the call of it is finished rang out from the Lord. First, the Law was fulfilled for the Redeemed. For the unredeemed the bill for the wage of sin is still death. If you do not have the Lord’s paid in full Blood” you owe the life yourself. That death will be an eternal death in the Lake of Fire. the redeemed are not free from the Law we now serve under the Royal Law of Love as illustrated with the Beatitudes and demonstrated in the Lord’s life.
  4. I guess one of the big questions for me is ‘’When did the Lord forgive my sin?” It was about 2,000 years ago. When was I born, 1956. When I had been born my sins had already been forgiven for about 1,950 years. All my sins forgiven before I committed any sin.what must I do to be saved? ‘Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ.’ what is the only unforgivable sin? Unbelief. in my understanding we all had a bill waiting for us that not any of us could pay, the wage of sin is death. The Lord Jesus took our sin on Him and then paid that bill with His death. That bill paid in full is offered to every man and when you arrive at the cashier you either have the bill paid in full by the Passover Lamb or you pay it with your own death. The Lake of Fire the Second Death.
  5. Paul spoke of himself as being “the chief of sinners.” This was after he had been used to write the majority of the N.T. The more came under the Grace of God the more his view changed of himself. Under Law Paul wrote of himself as being “to the Law perfect.’ But under Grace he saw he was actually not only not perfect but there was not a sinner Paul was as sinful and most likely more sinful.
  6. Hi everyone, when we are dealing with unbelievers it is as if we are from a foreign land maybe like from another planet. We want to talk to one of these beings but there is a language barrier. We speak a language not heard or lived by. We must learn to speak in a manner that they can understand. That language is Grace. They will know you by our love one for another. The ministry of reconciliation has been given to us. Grace is not the walk of this world. When Noah came off the ark he did something that is not identified for us. Son number one discovers Noah in whatever condition his father was in and immediately goes out telling his brothers about their father. That is this world ever since the Fall. His other sons come in with a skin to cover their father and they are walking backwards. Grace is not how we are wired to walk in in this world. Lastly one problem and this seems to be quite the stumbling block for unredeemed people. The things that are often gods in this world, greed, anger etc are the very things we are called to put to death as sacrifices to our God. Some folks don’t like slaying what they worship. We are talking to those who made His sheep and we must learn to speak with His voice because His sheep will hear His voice.
  7. Couple of really good books are where is God when it hurts” Phil Yancy. and Disappointment with God same author. the dry places in life are very tough. Scripture uses trees as representing men, the trees of the field clap their hands is the men of the world celebrate. When we remember the Lord was a carpenter. Makes useful, beautiful things out of dead wood. The Lord has to take us from our roots embedded in the cursed world getting all our nourishment from this fallen world. Once we are removed from the world comes all the planning of us that we will be perfect. All the things of this world are removed and we are covered with gold, the righteousness of Christ and we are ready to be part of the Tabernacle perfectly fitted by the Carpenter to be part of the wall and each tree/person is perfectly finished and fitted. Eventually we will change this tabernacle meant for the journey through the Wilderness of Son. When He has finished His work in us we will be living stones in God’s permanent dwelling. The Lord has wonderful plans for you. My favorite verse goes here “Be still and know I am the Lord.’ God bless
  8. Let me understand. When Isaiah shows her unbelievably rich, powerful etc on the day of the Lord you say she might had all that before anti-Christ would have made her take the mark. With not a drop evidence pointing that direction. Now you are shown Israel being made two kingdoms one of which has ten kings but 3 of hat ten have been plucked out and you claim this kingdom with ten crowns, 7 heads on the end times is not the ten king kingdom you are always trying to figure out the identity. Can’t figure out why you might be missing it. After all how many 10 king nations have there been in history. Just one and it is the same nation shown to you here in Zechariah. you do realize you claim the great city is spiritually Sodom, Egypt and mystery Babylon.and she is literal Jerusalem. So her excuse for being the harlot is “The devil made me do it.?” then my favorite you reject the prophet Zechariah’s claim for the splitting of the nation of Israel into two kingdoms but now have come to give a nod toward the great city being split. please take the passage from Zec. 11of the two shepherds and the splitting of the nation and place it on worthy and explain which parts I am reading into what the author isn’t meaning. Please don’t ignore this I need to hear this because if you are correct I need to know so I can examine all I believe. Thanks in advance
  9. you won't accept Zec. 11 where is the nation in the Last days is split in two with the northern kingdom have had ten crowns for the ten heads who have been reduced by three by the Lord leaving the required 7 unless I can be like John and get you and me in the spirit to travel I am out of luck. The rest of the questions I have answered over and over. So here one more time. She is shown to us three times her spiritual condition when first identified as Jerusalem she is shown spiritually to be Sodom and Egypt. This is when they say where their Lord was crucified. To men she looks just like men see literal Jerusalem. But the Lord lifts up the unseen curtain that stops us from seeing as God sees. The Lord knows her uncircumcised heart shows her to be apostate with the traits of these two enemies of God. When you get to Re. 17 we are shown the great city has not changed to Rome or Tel Aviv or some other fanciful city. Here Jerusalem is shown to be spiritual no different than Babylon.
  10. Talk about making stuff up "adam's lease paper that is one of the best I have ever heard. You need to check the things I tell you that Revelation like other prophetic books is not chronological Okay Bud what other book in all of Scripture was sealed with the call that it be sealed until the time of the end. Daniel was told to seal up the entire book I wonder what maybe in it that has not been revealed. Here we take a break for a math problem. The angel told Daniel there was going to be a time lasting 70 weeks of years or 490 years having to do with Daniel's people and city. The 70 weeks of years began when Cyrus gave the command for Jerusalem and the temple be rebuild. That took 7 weeks of years or 49 years. That left 63 weeks of years or 441 years. Of that 62 weeks of years 434 years was supposed to run until the Messiah was cutoff or crucified. This 62 weeks of years ended with the Messiah Passover and therefore had to begin on a Passover 434 years ahead of that. That also means that the command from Cyrus and been given 7 weeks of years ealier on a passover as well. With all these weeks of years and Passover's it can get confusing. The real important part is the end. There has been a break pretty much going on 2,000 years but all the need parts to fulfill the prophecy still exist. When this unannounced period of time ends the clock will pick up the Last Week of Years on the Passover it must begin on and it must end 7 years later on that Passover. If it does not happen in that way the prophecy is a false prophecy. Those shepherds down by Bethlehem must not have been told they needed special vison. All those folks who fell down and began worshipping them before being told not to do so had that special vision thing working too?
  11. The key is the beast unlike any of the previous beasts. In what way is it different than the others. Find that difference and things begin to fall into place. What did the other kingdoms have in common? They were all world powers during their day. We are told whoever this kingdom is they had not been rulers and would rule with the beast/anti-christ for one hour. This kingdom is going to be the apostate portion of the nation of Israel. We are told in Zec 11 that the Lord will cause apostate Israel to break in two kingdoms. One kingdom will be the southern kingdom having two of the twelve tribes. The northern kingdom will have 10 tribes of which three have been plucked up leaving 7 heads and 10 crowns. This is mystery Babylon. She has ten kings, 3 heads, leaders have been removed. She is sitting on the 10 crowns, 7 heads or the northern kingdom on the scarlet beast
  12. Yes, "on the day of the Lord," but the day of the Lord may well extend into eternity - being a very long period of time. It STARTS with the earthquake shown at the 6th seal, fulling the prophecy of Isaiah 2. The DAY then extends for the time of the 70th week (7 years) and probably past that to the coming of our Lord as shown in Revelation, and probably on through the 1000 year reign. The Day of the Lord is at the end of the Last Week of Years Why do you ignore what is written? Read it again! 12 And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood; 13 And the stars of heaven fell unto the earth, even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs, when she is shaken of a mighty wind. 14 And the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; and every mountain and island were moved out of their places. 15 And the kings of the earth, and the great men, and the rich men, and the chief captains, and the mighty men, and every bondman, and every free man, hid themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains; 16 And said to the mountains and rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: 17 For the great day of his wrath is come; and who shall be able to stand? Now, either you think "the Day of His wrath" is not the same as "the day of the Lord" or you are faced with trying to rearrange the book, putting this 6th seal somewhere around chapter 19 in Revelation. Which is it? John shows is here at the 6th seal is the start of the Day of the Lord. (It is the same as the day of His wrath.) It is here in chapter 6 while Jesus coming is in chapter 19, and NEVER THE TWAIN SHALL MEET. Back up ten paces and see the forest: this seal is one of 7 that is sealing a book. That his their only purpose. once the book is opened, the seals are forgotten. Keep in mind, what we read in chapter 8 it what is written INSIDE THE BOOK. (That was the purpose of opening the seals: so the BOOK can be opened.) Note then that at the 7th trumpet (written inside the book) is where Satan finally gets dethroned: Jesus gets His planet back. This is the goal God is working towards as each seal is opened. I believe the entire 70th week is what is written inside this book. I could be wrong, but then, I could be right. It would be impossible then to move a seal from where John wrote it to somewhere else. Why? Because it is sealing the BOOK. God's goal is to get that book opened so He can get Satan kicked out as the prince of this world. Always remember, any theory that must rearrange John's God given chronology to fit the theory is immediately suspect and will be proven wrong. Therefore you are mistaken about the Day starting at the end. The truth is, it starts BEFORE the 70th week starts. probably 10 days before (the ten days of Awe.) Lastly no one [see?] can the unholy spirit All demonic spirits are invisible to the normal eyes. Anyway, show us a verse with this "unholy spirit." I have never heard of it. Of course, Satan himself is unholy and he is a spirit..... The Father has never been seen Again I must disagree; Both Isaiah and Ezekiel saw Him on the throne. But no one has seen Him clearly. Stephen saw Him on the throne with Jesus standing at His right hand. Again who walked in the Garden with Adam? Who met with Moses face to face? Of Course It is always the ROCK who is seen on earth. I won't disagree with you here. On the other hand, has the Father EVER been seen off His throne? there can be no worship until they possess the fire from heaven Re. 13: 13 Oh my! I cannot believe you wrote this. Perhaps you mistyped. The fire in 13:13 is FALSE FIRE. Satan is behind that. Please, answer this question: lev, 10 26 And the man [Abraham's servant] bowed down his head, and worshipped the Lord. 26 And the man bowed down his head, and worshipped the Lord. Was this true worship? Can people NOT BORN AGAIN worship God? The answer should be obvious. OF COURSE they can! My point is, people in Israel today - NOT born again - worship God. It is a fact. It is also a fact, some in Israel LOVE the Lord - with all their heart. They just don't know (yet) that Jesus is their Messiah. It seems some will not know until they SEE the nail prints in His hands and ask Him how He got those nail holes. this is why the false prophet, false Elijah brings fire from heaven. It will convince apostate Israel that this is Elijah preparing the way of Messiah. Sorry, but you missed it yet again. The false fire is to convince the world that the BEAST is the real God of the Jews - the God of creation. This IS the false worship that deceives the entire world: that the Beast IS GOD. The truth is, Satan is possessing the Beast so the world is worshiping Satan. They will be SO DECEIVED! e it is only now with what they believe is NOT strange fire would they re-start temple worship Sorry, computer locked up...had to quit. the object of that worship is what is false making their sincere worship false. Sorry, don't buy it. God will certainly accept their worship, but He cannot do much for them because they missed their Messiah. They are worshiping the very same God they have worshiped since Abraham. Therefore I disagree. Edited 14 hours ago by iamlamad it is only now with what they believe is NOT strange fire would they re-start temple worship Sorry, computer locked up...had to quit. the object of that worship is what is false making their sincere worship false. Sorry, don't buy it. God will certainly accept their worship, but He cannot do much for them because they missed their Messiah. They are worshiping the very same God they have worshiped since Abraham. Therefore I disagree.
  13. Hi, who was it that walked in the Garden of Eden? could not be the Father as no one has ever seen Him. Not the Holy Spirit as we can only see his fruit. Who met with Moses face to face like a friend. Again the Father and Holy Spirit are both ruled out. Every time the Lord appeared to someone it was Christ who did it.
  14. Your right on the money it is Isaiah. Thanks so much for your insights. God's blessings
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