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  1. yes it is, Jesus was very clear that that is adultery, if u are divorced remain as u are and devote yourself to the Lord and your children if u have any
  2. i have a very serious question for u all and one u should think about, do u have fun as a christian, do u enjoy going to church every sunday singing praises to God or is it a chore, how many follow congregants have u laughed with. do u do things outside of sunday worship with them. i believe we have a really fun God who wrote a really fun book with exciting tales and has the same in mind for all believers. i am sure Jesus had a lot of fun with his disciples (walking on water anyone) and he wants to have the same fun relationship with all of us.
  3. i implore all on this thread to stay on your medication and take it if u have trouble, i have found my medication very affective and have no symptoms, i once thought about going off it and God made it clear to me in a dream that i would hallucinate if i did. i once had an encounter with satan for going off it and on something else and i never want a repeat of that. the psychiatrists do know what they are doing most of the time and the drugs are better then they have been, talk to your doctor if u are having problems.
  4. to some christianity is a spiritual journey to go on, to others it is a pursuit for study, and for many it is in the background of their life, something to call upon in time of need, but for me it is an all consuming way of life that permeates everything i do and makes me who i am. what is the faith to u? a way of life or just a part of your life? is it life changing or something u take for granted?
  5. God does not want anyone to go to hell, that's why he gave us his son so we may not go there and it did not end in his death but glory. and only people whose name are not in the book of life will be there, that is the like of fire, these are the rapists, molasters, murderers and all who do the worst evil. the rest will be judged and dealt with accordingly. and u do not want to go to heaven, that is up to u, no one knows what happens straight away or what choices we will have, and u sound very depressed so i suggest u do something that makes u happy like watch a movie, play a game or read a book or something else u desire, and look at all u have, open the fridge and see whats good to eat, go shopping and buy what u want and need, and do not worry about what u do not understand, that comes with time and experience and remember God loves u very much and no one u love will ever go to hell.
  6. there is a law that governs everything in life, from the stars in the universe to the ants of the ground. everything in life has a law or laws, from physic, to how your body works, try washing without soap and water and u will not get very clean, try eating something other then food and your stomach will turn, laws govern everything we do, even the spirit is under law(that is law of truth, as it is written God cannot lie). the greatest law is need which all other laws should be based on, if we need it it is lawful. this can be seen in samuel 1 when david ate the consecrated bread which was not lawful for him to do so but because of his need was acceptable. as Jesus said i desire mercy not sacrifice. but do not use this law to justify sin, because there is never a need to sin.
  7. well put, yes Jesus not only has done the hard task but continues to work in our lives
  8. the only thing that offsets desire is duty, sometimes we have to do things we do not want to do, this is seen in the story of Jonah. but when duty and desire coincide and what we have to do becomes what we want to do, then there is no conflict and work becomes a pleasure.
  9. desire is at the heart of everything we do and who we are, we all desire something and it motivates us to work and for play. many desires are futile and meaningless but others shape who we are. the desire to love and be loved, desire for companionship and to know God are common for most people. desire is at the heart of the bible, Jesus did not stop telling us what the kingdom of heaven was like and how we should desire it above all else.
  10. it depends who u know, i do not judge anyone but have hope for everyone, and my church accepts most people and are very loving, i think u need to find a better crowd and the fact is u are judging people for judging which is ironic. u need to be more forgiven and look past people's faults and be an example yourself, i always say it does not matter what people do to me, it does not excuse my own behavior.
  11. i have a question for u, what is love and how do u know how to love
  12. guilt is only good for telling us we shouldn't have done the thing we have already done, i come from a single parent background where my mother raised all three of us and she managed, i only had a father some of the time, but i always had a father in Jesus(and still do) and he can be your husband too it u let him and devote yourself to him. i suggest u do not try to find another man as they may present a danger to your son but work in the church with elders and youth leaders as he grows. and what done is done and cant be undone read the story of hagar the maid servant of Sarah and how to God looked after her when she was cast away with her child Isaac. God will always provide for u and your son and he will have many fathers in christ if u maintain church contact. your in Jesus, Nobleseed
  13. he who conquers rev 2 and the rider on the white horse rev 19
  14. being human is the greatest privilege in life and we are the envy of animals, what is man that u are mindful of him, we are made in the image of God, and God loves us so much that he gave his son so we do not go to hell but to heaven. just have faith and seek him and u will have the desires of your heart.
  15. what did u have for breakfast? was it your choice or determined, what did u wear to today, did u choose your own clothes or did God choose them for u, where did go to work to day? is that a job u chose, do u have a medical condition, that's fate, do u have siblings, that's determined by God, who are u parents, there is no choice in that.
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