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  1. i have a friend who i was challenging about God but he says he does not know, but he told me every night he says God is in heaven and all is well and in the morning God is on earth (cant remember the rest of it). but the fact he does this shows to me he has some faith but his mind is not convinced. is this what paul says in romans about those doing according to law but not knowing the law. is it possible for someone to have faith and not know it.
  2. u know lately i have been discussing with people whether we are in the tribulation times or not, but it occurred to me last night that the tribulation has been going on since Jesus ascended to heaven and will only end when he returns. the church has been persecuted throughout the last 2000 years and great events have happened. from false prophets to antichrists, wars and plagues it is all there in history till now. as for the specifics only hindsite will understand it all.
  3. well as the bible says, those who preach against stealing do u steal. this person has a trouble with addiction and u are right to be wary of him. and u are right to judge someone for wrong doing. i suggest that u take this up with your church leaders and if they do nothing find another church.
  4. lately i have been feeling that my prayers have been no more then a grocery list to God and that i had lost the means of intimate prayer with him as a use to. but yesterday after a prayer meeting after church i was wondering how to get that intimate prayer with God back. in the end i asked God into my heart as i did when i was young and i feel he has been listening to me since
  5. the best thing about tv is u can turn it off, maybe u should listen to the radio instead
  6. the sin is to call the holy spirit the devil and to do so publicly, i am sure u did not do that.
  7. i have found lately that a couple people have told me things they believe which i didn't think were true. one an atheist who claimed something can come from nothing, and two a bible study leader who believes the church will be taken away before the tribulation. the atheist was easy to refute as i asked for an example of where something come from nothing and all he could come up with was particles, but the bible study teacher was a bit harder as we were studying revelation and even though it talks about the great multitude from the trib, which she had a bit of trouble explaining as to her belief she still believed what she did. my point is this, make sure what your belief about God, Jesus and the bible, and life in general is based in truth and knowledge. beliefs that are not based in truth are easily refutable. we all believe certain things, i believe in the coming of a king the reaper, because of what i have read, if someone can point out why it is not so i am willing to listen. but it is said do not go beyond what is written and unfortunately many do or they misinterpret what is there. none of this really matters but interpretation is the cause of much error so simply take the message as it is written.
  8. u could try becoming a better person, the bible is about first dealing with sin, and then becoming more righteous and christ like, u start by praying to God about the forgiveness of sin, then u see what u can do for him and others.
  9. baptism of the spirit is when the power of God comes upon u. the fate of people who do not get baptized, well baptism is a declaration of faith, u are no worse off if u do not get baptised and no better if u do, it is if u believe Jesus is Lord is what counts who has the authority, well ministers or elders usually baptise in the church but any christian of maturity could arguably do it. with children when a parent has a child baptised he is dedicating that child to the lord which i think is a good thing. in acts whole families where baptised
  10. we had a woman minister that preached with such conviction and passion that it would had been a loss for the church not to have her, we have a new woman minister that i have no problem with either, i think there is nothing biblical against woman preaching in church. someone may point out timothy where it says a woman should not teach or have authority over a man, but first i think teach should be instruct which makes more sense to me and it is about women dominating men. and to be honest i do not feel any minister or anyone else has authority over me except christ. and i see no problem with women teaching men as it happens naturally, if u are married your own wife will teach u many things and u her. that is another reason why i think timothy was mistranslated and should be instruct.
  11. to me the church and those in the world are a crop, jesus planted the seed(and harvested what others had planted) and soon the reaper will come to harvest the crop, i find that the crop is still so young and is far away from being mature. lets us pray that the crop is ready for the reaper when he comes and produces mature wheat ready for harvest.
  12. who is this prince u refer to, do u also believe in the coming of another
  13. u can say this or u can say that but nobody really knows, u could be right but what u say has not been revealed. it is said do not go beyond what is written, who these men are will be revealed at its proper time just like the child that is born the rev 12. and we will not know until they come.
  14. i hope so, i see the church as a crop the has yet to ripen, Jesus planted the seed,(and the prophets before him) and one will come to reap the crop at the time of harvest, lets hope the crop will be ready and not destroyed by weeds
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