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  1. Hah. When is a right time to talk about it? If he doesn't want to talk, then so be it. If I were your mother, I'd leave. He was given a chance and he blew it, so even if he apologized, I wouldn't believe him.
  2. Please, don't. Think about your family. Think about your friends. It may not feel like it, but you have people who care about you. Even all of these posts here. Would you really do that to them? Make them feel despair and loss? Surely there are things in life worth living for. It's not all grand, to be certain, but life isn't that bad when you stop focusing on the negatives. You say you are a senior. High school is a sad and tumultuous time. I'll let you in on a secret. I was a dingus in high school. I know it's one of those things, where everyone and their grandmother claims they were a loser in school, but I'm serious. I had long, greasy hair and lopsided glasses. Massive side burns. Slightly overweight. It was rather well-known that I liked anime and videogames (it was not as normal then). On top of all that, I was just... So awkward. I tried telling a girl that I liked her sweater, mumbled it to where she couldn't hear me, and then I spazzed out and waddled away quickly. I would spend lunch in front of my locker because I feared being around the other kids in the cafeteria. It sucked. Kids were mean. I wasn't a christian at the time and I was in a very dark place. Sometimes pondering harm to myself. Sometimes other people. I just couldn't see how life could get better. Let me tell you - high school does not last forever. I hated life so much and then, suddenly, I didn't have to be around those kids anymore. You will never see the vast majority of them ever again. I've since gotten a haircut, take better care of my hygiene, got slightly more in shape, and I've replaced the manga with scripture. Life isn't perfect. I can't even claim to be happy. But life isn't so bad. There's always tomorrow. If you want to be happy, you have to seek that happiness. Wallowing in your misery makes things worse, and taking your life solves nothing. You have to keep your chin up. It's not a matter of strength or weakness, it is a matter of resolve. If that darkness threatens to consume you, fight it. Roar at it. Pray for the strength. Pray for peace. I really hope you don't take your own life, Kenzie. I'll be praying for you.
  3. I think it's natural that we judge others based on appearance. Natural does not mean "good," of course, but I can't really post here and act like I haven't judged a book by it's cover before. I like to try and view things the way that famous MLK quote goes, "by the content of their character". Whether they appear pretty or ugly, rich or poor, fat or skinny, tall or tiny... The face is just a mask for that which dwells behind it. The lady sounds like a lovely person. To address the physical attraction, I don't think it needs to be 100%. Emotional connection is far stronger. When you feel strongly for her, you'll want to spend more time looking at her rather than whomever that woman you don't know is. Picture it like someone putting a plate in front of you with your favorite food on one side and your least favorite on the other; which one catches your eye, eh? Besides, something like an overbite can be an endearing feature. Like a big nose, or a billboard forehead. Just makes her all the more interesting.
  4. I reinforce what dhchristian has posted. Denominations are just words. Pretty little labels that rather oversimplify what isn't simple. If you look at any individual church, you will find a number of "schisms" between the attendees. Points here and there where not everyone quite sees eye to eye. It doesn't matter if they call themselves Orthodox, Protestant, Calvinist - What does matter is their character, how much they base their beliefs on the Bible and their faith in Jesus. There is only one true church and that is the one in scripture. I'm glad that you're reading and learning, though. I wish you good luck on your path.
  5. Perhaps i'm also being a damper here, but i'm a bit of a Scrooge. It's not so much the holiday itself, more just the people. I rather don't enjoy the "Santa" songs or ones which seem to center around the commercialism of Christmas. They start up their nonsense right after Halloween is finished (or well enough beforehand) and folks can get downright tiresome with their... Zeal. As if driving in winter isn't troublesome enough, one has to deal with overenthusiastic people and hearing Christmas music everywhere. At least the snow looks pretty, I guess. Only thing I like about this time of year. If I had to choose a favorite, I choose We Three Kings. I can't really answer as to why. Though, I suppose it's not one the stores blare too often. That fact probably helps.
  6. Perhaps not wrong, per say, but probably not terribly wise, if you ask me. If someone were strong in faith and could investigate without fear of confusion, sure, it could assist in being able to witness to members of another religion. If that strength were lacking and research would only serve to confuse them, then no, it doesn't do nobody much good.
  7. If they are Christians, point them to God. If they want to stop fighting, then they need to ask God for help. You can pray for them as well. A certain distance seems to be called for, at least as long as this issue persists. If they rely on you to solve everything and be there to seal up the leaks, then you become a crutch trying to support their weight. Might work for a time, but you are a person, not a crutch. It wouldn't end well for anyone. Then, if they persist in bashing skulls and don't seem to be genuine in wanting to stop, I think I'd cut off contact. Otherwise they'd just insist on trying you drag you into it.
  8. As long as someone's reading and looking for wisdom, I'd say that's good. Different folks, different strokes. I put limits on myself. I don't wish to read too much at once lest I take in more than I can swallow. I try to read every day, though; the few days I don't pick up my Bible, it just seems like my mind gets disquiet.
  9. Galleon

    My family

    A clog? Sulfuric acid drain cleaner might take care of that; it's got a wretched stench, though. You should be able to find it at Walmart or Menards. Probably cheaper than a plumber, too.
  10. I've never quite understood the train of thought. They disagree, so kill them? The dead can't change their conviction, and neither do their corpses win over any others. What a way to make a fool of yourself. Though, I suppose sin doesn't make much sense at the end of the day, anyway.
  11. I'm guessing your faith is somewhat new? It's fairly normal for things to be a bit messy at first. "Turbulance upon entry," I like to call it. The more you read and pray, the more things settle. I find it helps to think the prayer over beforehand, organize it a little. Write it down, if it helps.
  12. When they say the Pope is closest to God, but then you've got popes throughout history known for promiscuity or putting corpses on trial. Can't forget the time where there were about four popes at once fighting and denouncing one another, either. A real chin stroker how anyone buys into the practice.
  13. Turkey, preferably inside of a buttered Hawaiian roll.
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