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  1. A clear mind. I feel like I could focus better and get by in life better if my mind wasn't in such disarray. There's the line of thought that is in the moment and pondering what I'm doing, but then there's tons of other trains of thought going on in the other corners. What did I eat earlier, some random bug facts, somehow putting too much thought into how strange feet look, one corner seems intent on just making random noises like that one kid in gym class, there's a song in the back of my head and I can't remember what it's from and it's annoying, and so on and so forth. I like to think of it like a bunch of thought bees buzzing around my head, drowning out most of my focus.
  2. Beau. You and I haven't really spoken and don't really know one another, but from what I've seen of you around the forums, you seem like an alright guy. I can't even imagine what you're going through at the moment. I'm not sure if I've got all the details either, but what I've read... That's sad. I'm not quite sure of what to say, but I will pray for you. It seems you might be considering leaving this site, and while that would be sad, I guess that's your choice. Either way, stay or not, I wish you the best and hope you can find comfort and peace soon.
  3. I find myself in agreement with Mike 2. He was a criminal and he likely did those "good works" as a way of getting people to cover his tail. It's like Robin Hood - he's still a thief and the high taxes were due to the crusades, not necessarily any greed on Prince John's part. If Hood just stole from the rich for his own benefit, he would've been served up to John on a silver platter.
  4. They are wrong about the robbing, yes, but not wrong to be compassionate for another. Why not suggest alternatives like praying to God, starting a GoFundMe, getting into investments... For that matter, don't they normally treat the patient, and THEN send the bill? So it is the same as any other debt. No need for something so drastic when they're already treated and doing well. To me, it's a matter of how you perceive people. There are many different opinions and many different beliefs out there, it's true. You do have people that are only in it for themselves, who can't see beyond themselves, and wish only to see the world burn. However, most people generally wish to make a positive impact on the world. Many might be misguided or have differing views on how to do so, but in general, people do not wish to be evil. It's just how they define "evil". They simply have to come to realize that they are not per say "good people," and must be approached in a calm and considerate manner. I wasn't always a Christian and everyone makes mistakes. I just try to look at it like I'm still seeking answers, I'm not perfect, and these people are potential brothers and sisters. I've gotten upset too, but try not to get mad - have pity.
  5. Is it any wonder? I spend a lot of time trying to forget how I was when I was younger. I still have old essays and stuff I wrote, and everytime I read them, I feel like dying. I'm sorry my teachers even had to read such rubbish. I never truly forget, though. Not like I'm anything special these days either, anyhow.
  6. The RCC... I'd advise against it. You know all the stuff about not bowing to idols? Catholics do that all the time. You know how Jesus is the way, and the ONLY way?Catholics worship the saints are rather up-in-arms about Mary, for some reason. You know how the Bible says absolutely nothing about burying a tiny statue (idol) on your property if you want it to sell better? The RCC relies on "tradition" and has far too many extra-biblical practices and beliefs.
  7. You're looking at Matthew, right? Luke also has Jesus' genealogy and it follows the genealogy of Mary. Both list David. It seems many scholars are in disagreement and the differences in the two lists have been used to attack the gospel's accuracy. However, just cause we don't understand doesn't mean there is nothing to understand. Matthew and Luke must've clearly had a method and the veracity of the genealogies is either on scrolls lost to time or known by the believers then, but unknown among us today. To me, since David is on both lists, perhaps both Mary and Joseph had David's blood, but were so distantly related so as for it to not be yucky.
  8. The definition differs from person to person. Same thing with "time" or "fate". Words for vague concepts that can't be truly and strictly defined. In that sense, the quote is both right and wrong. The meaning is pretty straightforward. You peel a potato and expect to be greeted by a different colored inside each time, but true to life, it's just beige because it's a potato. Science is a bunch of trial and error and I can imagine it being fairly tedious at times. As for the job thing, if you aren't enjoying it, I'd try to find work elsewhere. Closer than an hour away, at that.
  9. The "American dream". A wad of cash, a happy family with a dog, a white picket fence, a classic Ford or Chevy... Part of that is marriage. I would call it a tradition, which has led to many forgetting it's religious roots. That's why you have atheists wanting to marry, and homosexuals, and people who just really love inanimate objects or anime girl body pillows, whatever the case is. It's just one of those things you do, even though one doesn't have to, even in a religious context. Maybe I just don't socialize much, but I haven't really experienced it. I know my grandma has asked me if I've found a girl yet... Like, once. Then a random woman at a garage sale had a picture of some girl on hand somehow (I can't remember if it was her daughter or granddaughter) that she showed me asking, "Do you think she's cute? Would you be interested?" I'd imagine it's because I'm not super appealing. Not to beat myself with low self esteem and call myself ugly, mind you. I just don't smile much and I think others get the idea that this here is a closed door. It pretty much is, really, near as I can tell.
  10. It's a win/lose situation. The UMC takes a bit of damage, but at least now they can successfully (hopefully) seperate more of the wheat from the chaff. That, and if the "progressive" churches are more obvious, they can be more easily avoided.
  11. Expression of love, I'd put it as. Either in word or by doing something for someone. Being given a compliment or getting a helping hand when you need it, that kind of thing. Me personally, I don't enjoy touch, or hugs. Even from sweet, well-meaning old women. Just makes me uncomfortable. I still try to be polite about it, but I'd rather avoid physical contact.
  12. I back up what other one has posted. If they do ask, tell the truth, but don't tell them what they don't need to know.
  13. I can understand wishing to keep details few, but any advice offered here would need more specifics. EDIT if you would rather not post it publicly, I can understand - You can always private message someone. I don't know if I'd be able to help, but I don't think you would have to worry about embarrassment. I've heard and witnessed things that I'll take to my grave, not to mention my own regrets.
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