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Would I want to live in Jesus days when Jesus was on Earth? Well I have to admit I am used to modern technology running faucets, convenient ovens, air condition so on way of life. Maybe even a better question, would I even survive in Jesus days? I honestly at least say it would be a rough life compared to what I know now. . I think in truth I wish I can use the Time Machine as I started the Time Machine thread in the Fellowship area. So I wish I could go back in a time machine to Jesus days to temporarily see how it was for a month or so and return back to this time to have much fuller knowledge of things.


To actually say though if I was born in those days would I believe Jesus? Yes I would if the person Jesus healed is someone I knew a friend. And I would certainly believe if I myself was healed today. We are informed on TV about these side show acts. Back then in ordinary times who could do all these things.


Would I want to follow Jesus? It would be neat to be one of the early disciples. Even if not the twelve those at least who lived during that time.. . But imagine though what aspect the Disciples had to see every miracle He did..All of them seen Jesus calming the wind in a few seconds.. What would be confusing though is I wonder “ Why is Jesus saying these things? Where are these commandments written?


So I admit I may believe his miracles but I think I would not know what commandments He is teaching this New Covenant Laws. Since the New Covenant laws didn't exist how would I know to follow the laws that Jesus had the authority to teach these things?  Would I be able to live during those days? I don’t know. I would have to be there for certain to know how much I would handle and to see how much I would believe in His miracles and what of His teachings I can grasp.


I do admit for what we know today makes it easier to accept Jesus now because we have all the New Testament Books for which they did not have then, that we now have these days. I guess I think we have an advantage in some way of the proof we have now.

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Here are some questions that I was pondering on? I wanted to see how members here would respond and to see how they think and feel?

Here are the questions..


1. Would you ever want to live in the times of Jesus? Why or why not?

2.If you have never heard of Jesus and his teaching would you follow him if he came to your city?

3.To those that have heard of him and his Gospel before that believes what he says would you then help him to pass his Gospel message to those that don't know it?

4. Would you try to follow him city to city to see him perform his miracles?

5. Last to those that scoff at him would you then defend his honor or be just like the crowd?

1- No. The life expectancy wasn't great and many minorities were persecuted under the Roman Empire. Plus, I'm disabled. Neither the Jewish nor the Roman culture were very accepting of disabled people. In John 9:2, the people thought that the blind guy had sinned, and so was suffering a punishment from God. Jesus had to put them straight and tell them that a disabled person can bring glory to God, by keeping the faith even though God had created us this way. In some societies, the disabled were left to die to preserve the strong genes- even though they weren't aware of genetics.

2- I don't know, I guess I would. The Bible says that we only believe because the Father calls us to Salvation. I think if God had created me to exist then, He still would've called me to Salvation, but we all have a time and place. Our place is here and now.

3- Again, the guys that spread the Gospel message were the Apostles. I think it funny that Jesus taught the harsh truth about man's nature, but then only really taught that He was the cure when He was alone with His disciples, Jesus made His divinity claims in public, but how many times did He say to the public that His shed blood would expunge the faithfuls sin? He entrusted the Apostles to spread the entirety of the Gospel. So if Jesus had taught me as He had taught the Apostles, I'd like to think I'd do His will. Then again, Jesus didn't need 13 Apostles, only 12 to represent the Tribes of Israel.  

4- Honestly? Probably not. The distance from Judea to Jerusalem is 19 miles. He taught in Galilee, Northern Israel- He moved A LOT! It wasn't that easy to travel in those days, especially if you had a family or business.

5- Who knows? There's a song by Sidewalk Prophets called 'You Loved Me Anyway.' It talks about all those things we do, but still God loves us. One of the lines is 'I was the man who yelled out from the crowd for you blood to be spilled on this earth shaking ground. Then I turned away with a smile on my face, with this sin in my heart tried to bury your Grace.' We like to think we'd bend our knee and cry at the foot of the cross, but would I be brave enough to die next to Him? No, to be honest. Since God has called me, I believe I would've been reserved and distant, retained my love and faith, but not exactly yearning to be crucified right next to my Lord.

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