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The Wonderful Word of God

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Luke 8:11-15 describes the word of God as a seed that is sown into the heart of the hearer, which the devil immediately goes after to remove through lack of understanding, trials and tribulations, or through the cares and pleasures of the world.  However, the hearer who keeps the word with patience is able to bear fruit.


Every experienced sower understands that a seed comes with promises, that if planted in good soil, given plenty of water, and the right amount of sun, that seed will bear fruit in due season.  As the seed of God, the word also comes with an expectation of bearing fruit, that if watered by the meditations of the heart and rightly positioned in a heart that is filled with the SON, that seed will bear fruit of the promises of God in due season.  In my earlier posts, I described the root that keeps the seed in place in the heart as faith.  Faith is that stick-to-it-ness that doesn't let go during the trials and tribulations or to chase after the pleasures of the world.


While this seed of God is grounded in our hearts, it is watered by the continuous meditation of faithful thoughts and nourished by words of faith coming out of our mouths, while being protected by the steadfastness of faith demonstrated in our walk.  Patiently waiting for due season, faith holds the word in our hearts until harvest time.  We walk by faith and not by sight!!!


"Be a witness and witness God move"

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