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  1. Joshua-777

    Saved and Healed!

    Come on, Yay Jesus!!!
  2. Joshua-777

    Epic Testimonies India/Indonesia

    I just went to India and Indonesia. In India I met a pastor who has lead over 500 Muslims to the Lord in the last month. He shared some amazing testimonies that are too amazing not to share. He kept receiving threats to stop preaching the Gospel and one day, one guy pulled out a gun and shot him close range, but the bullet never touched him. He also had a suicide bomber come in his church and as soon as he walked in his head felt hot and he ran to find water saying his head was on fire. Afterword he repented and told the pastor to call the police because he was there to bomb them. All through out Indonesia, God did many miracles, restoring sight, opening deaf ears, but one thing happened at a Church in Makassar, God's manifest presence showed up and the whole church got on their knees in tears crying for the great commission. Little kids, around 3 to 5 years old ran to the front and started crying out for God. Many people got healed, even demons cast out of people. Another island we went to we got to share a Muslim family, we prayed for one ladies back and all the pain left so she started getting her neighbors and they were getting healed also, two ladies had their eyesight restored, and I got to share Jesus when about 20 people came around us. They were touched, but no one responded to the Gospel. As I was praying why, I heard the Lord say, "Count the cost" For them, this can be a life and death decision. God was moving powerfully through the trip, but it was bittersweet. One thing that I was faced with that hit me more than it ever have. This Gospel costs something. I heard a story of one boy that gave his life to the Lord, he went home his parents found out because he was so joyful. They killed him. and and came home and his p Every Island we went to, I heard horrific stories of persecution from genocide on an island, to rape and murder on another. When I flew back, a pastor sent me pictures of three churches that got bombed by suicide bombers. In Indonesia, it's 80% Muslim and it is illegal to share your faith in Public. In America, we can open air preach with little to no repercussions. It's easy to get that people have laid down their lives to give us what we have.
  3. Joshua-777

    Kingdom of God versus...

    The Kingdom of God is the same as the Kingdom of heaven. Through Jesus the Kingdom was made manifest through healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead. In Heaven there is no sickness, there is no demonic spirits, there is no death. That is why he told the disciples after they heal the sick, cast out demons, etc. Say the Kingdom of heaven is at hand in Matthew 10:7-8. We can also see this in the Lords prayer, Matthew 6:10 Your kingdom come. Your will be done On earth as it is in heaven. and the reality of the Lords prayer is the Kingdom coming upon people Matthew 12:28 But if I cast out demons by the Spirit of God, surely the kingdom of God has come upon you.
  4. Joshua-777

    Our Father - Unfiltered Worship (anointed worship!)

    This is actually a friend of mine. The heart behind it is raw, pure worship. When they record, there is no do-overs, if there is a mistake, they don't cut it out in editing, it is capturing people pouring their hearts out to the Lord in Worship.
  5. Joshua-777

    "Simple Gospel"

    On of my Favorite songs!!
  6. Joshua-777

    Finding God in hard times

    Fixed it, the bottom video works
  7. Joshua-777

    Finding God in hard times

    The transfer from Final Cut pro to Youtube messed up the subtitles. I'm trying to get back on youtube with correct subtitles.
  8. Towards the end of this video, my friend Shawn testifies of God's power to change him. He gave his life to the Lord during the summer and the change in his life caused his wife to give her life to the Lord. Now he is leading people to the Lord all the time, sober, and getting off the street.
  9. Joshua-777

    Word for 2018

  10. Joshua-777

    RC Sproul 1939-2017- Answers: WHO is this GOD?

    That is such a powerful presentation of the Gospel! This is awesome.