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  1. Joshua-777

    Urgent word for the Church

    God is doing some amazing things in the NW, I have seen many churches come together for the sake of spreading the Gospel and bringing in the lost. Flying back from Indonesia, I had a really vivid dream where the Lord was highlighting an issue in the Church. Hope this blesses you.
  2. Joshua-777

    Headed to Tanzania

    I'm going to Tanzania with my wife to help spread the Gospel November 10th - the 19th. We're going to be doing street festivals where normally about 3000 show up and many give their lives to the Lord. Pray that hearts are open to receive the Gospel, no complication with funds and permits, and protection. Thank you.
  3. Joshua-777

    Portland OR Flooded with the Gospel, Mass Salvations

    Many Churches all around the NW came together.
  4. Joshua-777

    The Light of Christ in Kuwait!

    Come on, praise God!!!!
  5. So, this last week was incredible. around 10,000 believers came together in unity to flood Portland with the Gospel. There was a news article that labled Portland Or, the most godless city in America. Each night hundreds ran forward for salvation, but was more incredible was how many people came to the Lord on the streets. We saw incredible healings, demons cast out, and people giving their lives to Jesus in tears.
  6. Joshua-777

    Isis Leader Comes to Christ!

    Come on!!!
  7. Joshua-777

    Bethel Church - A Different Gospel

    I'm going to step out of this topic. I have too many other things going on right now and it's easy for me to get one track minded. For me these people are more than just a Church out there but some of my best friends and family. I have had over eight years of experience of working with them and some powerful encounters with the Lord through their ministry and can say with confidence that many things they are accused of are simply not true, or misunderstood or twisted. Davida, God bless you bro. Sorry for dropping the hate word when I don't know your heart. I have just been seeing people praise God for the fires in Redding and declaring it's God's judgement against bethel, as well as many other things that would drop in the hate category. I personally believe that on the grounds of who Jesus is, and what He did for us, we can always find unity regardless what denominational life we fall in. I also believe the Church can have a greater impact on the world when one hand is not trying to chop the other hand off. I also will say that to Charasmatics who cut people off as well, we need eachother. The Charasmatic movement is strong in faith, prayer, and worshiping the Lord, but needs people to challenge it with sound doctrine and keep it grounded in the foundation of the Word.
  8. Joshua-777

    Bethel Church - A Different Gospel

    I think these parents had been fed a lot of fear and paranoia from heresy hunters and believed it. with what I disagree with, I don’t so much agree with sozo, (prophetic inner healing) I’ve seen too many people get weird with it. I have heard a range of eschatology out of bethel, many of them hold different beliefs from one another. A few other things im still searching to see where they stand on,