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  1. My first attempt doing something like this, let me know what you think.
  2. Amen, Jesus prayed for unity in John 17, unity was His prayer for us.
  3. Joshua-777

    God provided

    I was ministering at a service, and a homeless family came in. We prayed over them and blessed them and then I heard in my heart, give them the offering. So at the end of the night they were blessed with some money. This was a challenging time for me because I had idea how my own rent was going to be paid, but I was obedient to what I heard. The next day I get a text from a church in another city saying, We want to pay your rent this month. Praise the Lord!!! He knows our needs and is faithful! When we trust Him and are obedient to what He says, we will see Him move on our behalf.
  4. I agree, This is a topic that Holy Spirit is highlighting majorly in the church around the world. This is such an awesome teaching, thanks for posting it.
  5. On the topic of cessationism (Spiritual gifts ceased) and continuationism (Spiritual GIfts are here today) The way we interpret one passage can change our whole lens of scripture. Here's an in depth look at that passage and definition to that which is perfect.
  6. Tanzania was amazing. God did many miracles and many came to know Jesus as Lord. One guy was completely paralyzed on one side and full movement after he gave his life to the Lord. Another girl was mute and received her voice after much prayer and not seeing breakthrough, the last day of the crusade she rededicated her life to the Lord and my wife prayed and she started shouting Alleluia. We helped with a pastors conference to train pastors and one of the first question the pastors asked was "Is it ok to kill witches?" We preached on the love of God and the whole room started sobbing and many got on their knees after God's presence filled the room. We stayed an extra week and went to the Maasai tribe. They live in the desert areas in mud huts. They were so hungry for the word we ended up doing services from 10 in the morning to 12 at night. Many of them turned away from ritualism and gave their life to Jesus and we got welcomed into the tribe. One lady received her sight back and her milky eyes started to clear up in front of us. We also did some deliverance and many people got set free from demonic oppression. We also delivered a few hundred bibles to the pastors. They dressed us in Maasai Clothes and said when you go back to America you are no longer American but Maasai. Thank you all who prayed for us going! I know that God answers prayers. We're wanting to get solar audio bibles in the hands of the Maasai tribe because many of them are illiterate and have trouble letting go traditions that contradict the word. They are hungry to know about God but rely on the pastors because they don't read. Keep us in prayer that we can go back and make a greater impact.
  7. We tried but the city owns the building closed the doors to bringing in the homeless.
  8. God is doing some amazing things in the NW, I have seen many churches come together for the sake of spreading the Gospel and bringing in the lost. Flying back from Indonesia, I had a really vivid dream where the Lord was highlighting an issue in the Church. Hope this blesses you.
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