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  1. Finding God in hard times

    Fixed it, the bottom video works
  2. Finding God in hard times

    The transfer from Final Cut pro to Youtube messed up the subtitles. I'm trying to get back on youtube with correct subtitles.
  3. Am commenting on an old thread dated back to June 2015... on what the Kingdom of God means vs the Kingdom of Salvation.

    I agree with your interpretation and I must say much of this has been missed by many due to the spirit of religion which overtook the church and rendered it powerless.

    We are going to witness great works of the Holy Spirit as many learn of these truths of what the Kingdom of God truly looks like.  Thanks for the scriptures provided. 

  4. Towards the end of this video, my friend Shawn testifies of God's power to change him. He gave his life to the Lord during the summer and the change in his life caused his wife to give her life to the Lord. Now he is leading people to the Lord all the time, sober, and getting off the street.
  5. Word for 2018

  6. RC Sproul 1939-2017- Answers: WHO is this GOD?

    That is such a powerful presentation of the Gospel! This is awesome.
  7. Hope you have a great day. Happy birthday.

  8. tongues

    I enjoy speaking in tongues, it has been extremely helpful for me to connect to God and pray and worship on a deeper level. It's from God so it's good and edifying and for that alone it's worth perusing, but it is not necessary for salvation.
  9. I teach classes on the Gospel Monday nights and about a month ago I started doing them in the park and inviting all the homeless we've been witnessing to during outreaches to come. I was preaching on the Gospel and how the devils wants to display his nature in people. The devil is hopeless, he's condemned, he's angry, he's depressed, he's a murderer, a liar, there is nothing good in him and he wants expression himself through people, but Jesus restores us, fills us with hope, and brings us back into the image of God we were created in. At the end, I asked if anyone wanted to give their lives to Jesus and a few people rose their hands. One guy was a transgender in transition to becoming a woman and was passing through. He gave his life to Jesus and I asked him how he was doing and he said, "I feel free for the first time." Then proceeded to tell he that he had a demon living inside of him that is gone for the first time. Come on!! There is so much power in this gospel. Another lady was insane, out of her mind, and talking to herself. My friends ministered to her and cast demons out of her and all of a sudden she was in her right mind, talking normal, filled with joy and giving everyone hugs. God is moving! He is alive, and He is the same God today as He is in the bible.