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  1. In Scripture you see that the gifts of the Holy Spirit is an example of what is to come. Hebrews 6:5 calls it the powers of the age to come. For example, there is a grace for healing the sick, but when the fullness of the Kingdom is manifest on the earth with Jesus reigning as King, there will be no sickness. There is a grace of discerning of spirits, (ability to discern whats going on in the spiritual realm) but when His Kingdom is here, we will see the angels just as we see people, it will just be our normal sight. The Holy Spirit reveals things to us in part through prophecy and words of knowledge, but at that time we will know each other just as we are known (1 Cor 13:12). That is also why in 1 Cor 13:8 says that these will cease, because when "that which is perfect has come" what is in part will be done away with. These gifts or graces will no longer be partial but in fullness. The gifts demonstrate the Kingdom to come.
  2. This happened at a church in Brazil. This is also my first attempt adding narration to a video.
  3. Is the life that your living worth the price that He payed?
    - Todd White

  4. I love this passage. It shows God's heart and desire. Many people are wanting God to come back and judge this wicked world, but God is wanting none to parish, but all come to know Him.
  5. Hahaha! Come on, Love this video, praise Jesus!
  6. I've actually seen dealers come to the Lord while on the streets ministering a few times. A while ago a guy asked me if I wanted to by some weed and I said no but offered to pray for him and testified of what I have been seeing God doing. I got to share the Gospel with him and he gave his life to Jesus. I want to see more! I'm praying that God would open more doors to minister to drug dealers, gang members, prostitutes, new agers, etc. People who really need to know and experience the love of Jesus. If He opens the door, He'll get my back.
  7. Come on!!! Yay Jesus!!!
  8. Is the great commandment to love one another, John 13:34, John 15:12, 1 John 3:23 worth compromising over disagreements? We are to love even our enemies, if your doctrine causes love to be a casualty than your doctrine has become an idol. Unity is in Him, it's in His Spirit, it's in Faith in who Jesus is. It doesn't come from our understanding but from our exalting Him. If our hearts burn with passion and love for Jesus, we can always find unity in that place. Doctrine is very important but if unity is dependent purely on doctrinal agreement than we can never have unity until we know 100% what doctrine is true. But we are all in a process of growing, I held views that has changed the more I studied the word and drew closer to Him and that is true for every maturing believer. Unity is His Spirit and love for one another that holds us together when there is differences, and helps us to discuss and reason with one another without separating from one another.
  9. I didn't realize it was a drug deal until after he left. We tried to pray for him too, lol
  10. The other week, I was leading an outreach and we had a team from Bethel joining us. We stumbled across a lady who was in the middle of a drug deal and we asked if we could pray for her and bless her. My friend started getting words over her and started declaring how much God loves her and how she is more valuable than how she has been being treated. The Lord revealed to me that He wanted to be a Father to her and not like the example she's seen by her earthy Father. She started crying and rededicated her life to Jesus. Right after that, she had just bought three pills of ecstasy, and she crushed them up and said she wanted to give them up for Jesus. She started testifying to everyone walking by the max stop that she was giving up drugs for Jesus. I started playing nothing but the blood of Jesus and she threw up her pills in the air and she is still clean. Praise the Lord. Another young man had an upside down cross tattooed on his forehead. The Lord revealed many things about who he was and His plans for him, and his gifting in music. His back also got healed from a 5 year old injury. My friend asked him if he wanted to give his life to Jesus and he said yes, so he prayed with us to receive Jesus as his Lord. So many other things happened that day, the whole team saw about 6 salvations and one lady even broke her crack pipe and gave her life to Jesus. Just wanted to share this because this is something I have been praying to see more of in my prayer closet.
  11. I've been in there a few times. I love how every where you look in there there are scripture to meditate on and flags for all nations for intercession and prayer. There is also always worship music playing in there. The ball in the center is actually a fountain.
  12. According to Bill Johnson and the staff and Bethel, he's never taught, practiced, endorsed, and has even taught against the idea if receiving an anointing from the dead. I have also heard staff at Bethel preach against it and use scripture to show it's unbiblical. He did say he will visit a grave sight to honor past ministers who have done much for the Kingdom and use it as a point of reference to pray for God to do it again.
  13. I'm familiar with strange fire and kundalini warning and I strongly disagree with it. Much of it is either false information and misunderstanding. There has been no good fruit to come from it. It's fear driven and causes division, offense, accusation, judgement, anger, demonizing people and cutting off a valuable part of the body of Christ. You have not been given a spirit of fear, but of Power, Love, and a Sound Mind. Anyone who puts faith in the name of Jesus and believes that God raised him from the dead, turns from their old lifestyle and lives for Him is saved. We are to test the spirits, by the fruit they produce and by the name that they claim as Lord. That means, like it or not Bill Johnson is your brother in Christ. That means i also am your brother in Christ, even though I am a part of this charismatic movement. I believe in Jesus, I live for Him, I have turned from sin to serve the living God. I can see the fruit because I am around the fruit of it. Am I saved? What does it take to be saved? Do we have to believe in your interpretation of the bible to be saved or is it Christ alone that saves? If I am saved, is bearing false witness and sowing discord among brethren ok? Much of those videos are bearing false witness and sowing discord among brethren. Proverbs 6:16 These six things the Lord hates, Yes, seven are an abomination to Him: 17 A proud look, A lying tongue, Hands that shed innocent blood, 18 A heart that devises wicked plans, Feet that are swift in running to evil, 19 A false witness who speaks lies, And one who sows discord among brethren. But once again, can you listen to the short video in the opening post and let me know, from the video, not from warning links, is there is anything he says that is true or edifying or is it all from the pit of hell?